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					Pilar Pereda


My name is Pilar Pereda and I am from Espinosa de los Monteros in
Burgos. I was born there, and lived there until I was 16, but then I moved
to Madrid to continue my studies. I live in Barakaldo from 2 years ago.

I have 3 brothers, all of then older than me. I have one niece, called
Maitane, she is 5 years old and one nephew called Markel, he is 2 years
old. My mother works in Espinosa together with 2 of my brothers in the
family company. My other brother works and lives in Miranda de Ebro.

I work for an Austrian company, in their office in Bilbao. I work in the
customer service department. Sometimes I have to travel to Barcelona, to
do some courses about my job.

I have been learning English for 10 years in the school. When I was 20
years old I went to England in summer to work in a hotel during 2 months
and when I was 24 I went to Ireland to finish my studies. My main aim this
year is to able to improve my English.

I have very little free time but when I can, I go to the cinema.

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