The Deer and The Kulomang by r4m4b0ys


									                           The Deer and The Kulomang
      In antiquity in a forest in the Aru islands, there lived a group of deer.
They are very proud of his running ability. Their work other than grazing, is
challenging other animals for the contest run. If they can defeat it, the deer was
going to take their place of residence.

       The forest lies the sidelines of a very beautiful beach. There live sea slug
named Kulomang. Marine snail known as the beast of the clever and very
faithful friend. One day, the deer came to the Kulomang. Sea slug it challenged
for the contest run up to the headland to the eleven. The stakes are the beaches
where the sea slugs live.

        In his heart he felt confident that the Deer will be able to beat the
Kulomang. Not only the way very slowly, the Kulomang also shouldered shells.
Shell is usually larger than his body. Such measurements are caused by the shell
it is the home of sea slugs. The house was useless to resist in order not to float
at high tide. And it is useful to protect sea slugs from the blazing sun.

       On the appointed day the deer had invited his friends to watch it. While
the Kulomang has prepared ten friends. Each tail of his friends are placed
starting from headland to headland to two to eleven. He himself was at the start
of the game going. He instructed his friends to answer any questions the Deer.

       Once the game starts, the deer ran as quickly as possible ahead of the
Kulomang. Within hours is reached in the second headland. His breath panting.
In his heart he believes that the Kulomang may only reach a distance of several
meters. Proudly he shouted, "Kulomang, now Where are you?" Friend of the
Kulomang replied, "I'm right behind you." Surprise the deer, he did not break
but ran helter skelter.

      The same thing happened repeatedly to the headland to ten. Entering the
headland to the eleven, the deer had run out of breath. He fell down and died.
Thus the Kulomang can not only defeat but also to deceive the deer are

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