; Sesentola and Bird Garuda
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Sesentola and Bird Garuda


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									                 Sesentola and Bird Garuda

Sesentola is a young man who has a huge appetite. Because her parents
could not afford menghidupinya, Sesentola went from their homes.
However, it appears the state is willed disaster struck. Inhabitants of the
land only one person, others have died from being attacked by giant
garuda. What to do next? Listen the story of Jonah and the Bird Garuda
Sesentola below!

First, in Central Sulawesi province, a husband and wife live. Already tens
of years they were married but also has not been blessed with a son.
However, they never give up. Every night they pray to God that blessed
child, no matter how it is. Until at one point, his wife was pregnant.

"Thank you, God. Thou didst answer our prayers. If the child was born,
slaves pledge to treat and raised her with love, "said the husband.

A few months later, his wife already gave birth to a son they named
Sesentola. Since birth, saw no signs of magic on the child's self. It's very
hard to drink milk. Sometimes, they cry because of feeling less full. The
mother began to see how her confusion.

"Sir, we are still hungry children susuku when water has been exhausted.
What should we do? "His wife asked puzzled.

"We recommend that we give extra food only," said her husband.

"But it would not be harmful to our children pencernaannya if the infant is
fed an adult?" Asked his wife.
"We should be how more, Mom? If not given the supplement, it would
have to cry to, "said the husband.

The husband and wife decided to provide rice porridge to their children.
Apparently, a plate of rice porridge is not enough filling Sesentola. Once
eating, Sesentola still be able to spend 2-3 baby rice dishes. So forth, the
more days it is increasingly hard to eat. However, behind it, has
exceptional strength Sesentola unknown to the parents.

Several years later, Sesentola grow into teenagers. Eating habits much
deepened. Once a meal he could spend a basket of rice. That is what
makes the father began to regret because it was no longer afford to feed
her child.

"Mom, I was not strong with this condition. Our children more to eat. Our
own for a long time can starve to death, "sighed the husband.

Until one time, his father really is hard to face the situation. It was
intended to dispel own son's life. His wife could not do anything with her

One day, his father asked Sesentola for fishing in the river many
buayanya. Sesentola been obeying the call of his father. Upon arriving at
the river, the father immediately threw its way into the midstream. After
that, he ordered Sesentola to take the nets.

"Sesentola, quickly take the net! Must have been many fish in it! "Order
the father.

"Good, sir," replied Sesentola.

So Sesentola dive into the river to lift the net, the father quickly left. It
calculates the son must have been slaughtered crocodiles. When she
returned home, he was telling it to her.

"Mom, Sesentola must have been slaughtered crocodiles. We will not
starve, "said the husband.

Recently the husband said, suddenly heard shouts from the front of the

"Father, I am back! Look who I brought this! "

Husband-wife was startled startled.

"Sir, is not that the voice of our children, Sesentalo?" Asked his wife.
With anxiety, the husband immediately out. What a surprise because he
found a crocodile shoulder Sesentola is great.

"Look, sir! I was successful at catching a big crocodile, "said Sesentola.

The father was silent, could not believe what saksikannya. Profit quickly
realized it was not known until the path of evil by Sesentola. Because the
plan failed, he was soon to find other ways to destroy her life. He
remembered the huge banyan tree beside a river. So, the next day he
was invited to go cut Sesentola the banyan tree.

"Sesentola, let's help Mr. banyan tree is cut down by the river," invite the

"Good, sir," replied Sesentola.

Fathers and sons that also went to the riverside. The father deliberately
directed rebahnya Sesentola the tree to the stand. Similarly banyan tree
fell over, surefire Sesentola body was stricken trees.

"Aduuhhh ...!" Shouted Sesentola.

After that, Sesentola no longer speak. The father was counting his son
was dead. So, fast-fast is it back to her house and told the incident to his
wife. However, suddenly heard a voice Sesentola.

"Father, I am back!" Cried Sesentola in front of the house.

What a surprise when the father saw his son was carrying had banyan
tree felling. It is increasingly believed to see the strength of her son.
Meneteskan direct his wife in tears. It is pity to see the future of the
conduct of wayangnya only the husband against him.

Meanwhile, Sesentola have realized the malicious father began to regret.
However, it does not want to fight his father. It was felt that a better go
than to burden his parents.

"If Mr. and Mrs. are no longer able to menghidupiku, I might as well just
go. I will find his own life, "said Sesentola.

"Well, my son. Bring this inheritance thing, "said his mother while hand-
edged arrows and rings three inheritance.

"Remember, when you want to use these arrows must be accompanied
call the body of the enemy which you intend to aim. If you mention the
eyes, the arrow will hit the enemy's eyes. If you are sick, rendamlah the
ring into the water. Then teteskanlah the water at the sides, the sick, ye
shall be healed, "said the mother Sesentola.

"Thanks, Mom. Be mindful of getting good, "said Sesentola.

After farewell to my mother and father, Sesentola went to leave home. It
runs without specific direction to finally arrive at a capital of the kingdom.
But ironically, the city such as uninhabited.

"Hey, why the town is quiet once? Go to where the people? "Gumam
Sesentola by surprise.

After Sesentola around the city, behold a magnificent home. It is thought
that the house is surely the king's palace. With slow steps, Sesentola
enter the palace. However, no one saw. There are only a drum rasasa
therein. Out of curiosity, Sesentola no intention of hitting the drums. So
they want to beat him, suddenly the voice of women greeted him.

"Hi, do you beat this drum! I was in it, "the voice call," Come quickly
hide! "

Sesentola been obeying the call. So into the drums, he found a beautiful

"Who would you and why hide here?" Asked Sesentola surprise.

"Sssstt ...! Do it out loud, garuda later came to attack, "says the woman.

"Garuda what do you mean?" Asked Sesentola asked by the plan.

 "My name Lemontonda. I am the only living survivor of the state. Other
residents have died of bird garuda attacked very violently, "said

Hearing the story, Sesentola been intended to destroy the garuda.

"Do not be afraid, Lemontonda! I will give garuda education, "said

"Do not! Garuda was very magical. Moreover, she is not alone, and there
is still the King of Garuda named Vandebulava more magical, "said

"Quiet time. I will face them with this pusakaku weapons, "he said as he
pointed his weapon Sesentola.
A few seconds later, a garuda come and fly around on the court. Garuda
know Sesentola and her presence. With a valiant, Sesentola went out with
the aim points panahnya garuda. So regardless of the bow, the arrow
sped quickly and accurately on garuda points until translucent. Garuda fell
down and lost it for a while.

Knowing the news, Raja Garuda became angry. He immediately ordered a
garuda named Vandease to catch Sesentola.

"Arrest and bring the boy here! Otherwise, habisi she was! "What King of

"Good, sir," the Vandease.

Vandease been found Sesentola and asked him to surrender himself, but
young men do not want the magic. Sesentola then pulls bow and aim of
the garuda eyebrows. The arrow was sped and accurate description of the
garuda eyebrows to lose a moment. Looking at it, remind Sesentola

"Be careful, Sesentola! Raja Garuda is coming shortly. It's very magical,
"says Lemontonda.

"Well, please go get a glass of water to soak the ring!" Ask Sesentola
while submitting ring to Lemontonda, "If I blacked out, please water
drops into my eyes."

Not long after, Vandebulava came. Sesentola immediate aim of the
garuda neck. Son panahnya then sped penetrating neck Raja Garuda.
Because kesaktiannya, before falling, Raja Garuda managed to grab
Sesentola to swoon.

Viewing Sesentola unconscious, immediately Lemontonda estate ring
meneteskan water immersion to the point for the youth. A few seconds
later, Sesentola was insane. With Raja Garuda catastrophe, the state
returned safely. Sesentola Lemontonda been invited to get married. The
girl was willing, but with one condition.

"I'm ready to get married as long as you can afford to bring back my
parents and all citizens of this country," pleaded Lemotonda.

Sesentola even afford the conditions. That said, the kesaktiannya,
Sesentola successfully revive the state's entire population. It is already
married Lemontonda and turned into the king in the state. Furthermore,
Sesentola memboyong parents to the palace. They live happy.

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