King Behaviour Leik The Vile by r4m4b0ys


									                          King Behaviour Leik The Vile

Leik behavior is a cruel and greedy king of a kingdom in Belu, East Nusa Tenggara. Because
of greed, he wants to be king for life. For that reason, he did not want to have a boy.
However, God wills other things, the queen gave birth to a son. How the fate of the boy
next? Check out his story in the story of Vile Kings Practice Leik below!

Formerly, in Belu, East Nusa Tenggara, there is a kingdom ruled by a king named Laku Leik.
He is a ruthless and cruel king. He did not hesitate to persecute, even kill another person's
life to fulfill all his will. He also likes to gamble and have a greedy nature. He wants to be
king for ever and did not want to have boys.

One day, the King Code Leik want to travel far with his bodyguards. They would go hunting
in the woods in the kingdom. The trip was of course will take a long time. Before framed,
the king commanded the queen, named Naifeto, who was heavily pregnant.

"Hi, Permaisuriku! I will leave this palace in a few days. If you later give birth to a daughter,
treat it well. But, if the baby is male, then habisilah his life and his body buried under the
stairs of this palace, "the word of the King Code Leik.

"Well, Kanda," replied Naifeto.

Actually, Naifeto disagree with her husband's request, he certainly would not have the heart
to kill his own child's life. However, because of fear of her husband's cruel, he was forced to
agreed message.

Not long after King left, Naifeto gave birth to a boy, handsome and healthy. The baby was
named ONU Muti. How happy to have her child. He wanted to care for and
membesarkankannya. However, on the other hand he must carry the message of her
husband. In a state of hesitation, he prayed to God for guidance.
"Oh God, give thy servant clues to this problem," pleaded Naifeto.

Naifeto then pensive for a moment. After thinking hard, he finally found a way out.

"Hmmm ... I know how. Instead, my son kuganti with a dog that will be buried under the
stairs, "she thought.

Naifeto was soon caught a dog, then buried under the palace stairs. While ONU Muti he
handed over to the King Code Leik brother named Feto Ikun to take care of.

"Please take care ONU Muti, but do not let the King know the secret! If the king knew of this
problem, then the ONU Muti lives will be threatened, "said Naifeto.

"All right. I promise I will keep this a secret, "said Feto Ikun.

Since then, ONU Muti stayed at her aunt's house. A few weeks later, the King Code Leik had
returned from hunting. Knowing that the empress had given birth, she was immediately

"Where are our children, Permaisuriku?" Asked the King.

"Sorry, Kanda. Our children are boys, "replied Naifeto," In accordance with the message
Kanda Dinda child was buried under the stairs. "

Heard the statement, the quick-quick check of the King went down the stairs. Behold him a
pile of soil that is marked with a tombstone on it. King believed that if the marker is the
tomb of his son. Thus the secret was kept stored until the ONU Muti adolescence.

One day, ONU Muti with her friend, One Mea, were playing a top near the palace.
Incidentally, a top ONU Muti was thrown away and the head of a grandmother who was
drying green beans. The old woman became angry.

"You're a lost child!" Cried the old woman as she went.

Grandma turned out to go to the palace to complain to the King. Arriving at the palace, he
opened a secret about a lie Naifeto far.

"Please, Lord King," kindly old woman.

"What the hell?" Asked the King of Practice Leik.

"Actually, Your Majesty has been deceived by the Empress," reported the old woman.

"What do you mean, Grandma?" King of Practice Leik again asked, puzzled.

My grandmother was also talked of ONU Muti for the king. Hearing the story, the King
became furious. However, he did not dare to leap into action because of his sister
reluctantly, Feto Ikun. Thus, he held a closed session with some of his loyal bodyguards to
make a strategy. During the session it was agreed that they were planning a hunt by getting
ONU Muti and One Mea.

On the appointed day, ONU Muti and One Mea came to the palace to carry hunting
equipment. The two children also each carry a rooster. Arriving at the palace, they were
mingling with the King's entourage headed to the woods. Arriving in the forest, they start
hunting until the afternoon. The results they get quite a lot.

As it grew dark, the King ordered ONU Muti to rest in a small cottage that had been
prepared by the king's bodyguard. Meanwhile, One Mea and the king and his entourage to
sleep outside. When everyone was asleep, the King Code Leik slowly crawled into the hut,
then decapitating ONU Muti. Head of the innocent child that was separated from his body.

The next day, everyone is panicking, especially One Mea. She screamed hysterically when
she saw her friend's head severed. After the bodies are buried Muti ONU, the King's
entourage returned to continue the hunt. Meanwhile, One Mea secretly binding Muti
rooster in the ONU's cousin's grave and then quickly returned to report to the foster mother
ONU Muti, Feto Ikun.

"Auntie ... Auntie ... Aunt Feto "he yelled with hie," ONU Muti is dead! "

Surprise, heard the sad news Feto Ikun it. He knows that the culprit must be the King of
Practice Leik.

"Then, where his body now?" Asked Feto Ikun.

"The body was buried in the woods," said One Mea, "I've tied a cemetery headstone of a
chicken on it before coming here, but I forget where exactly."

Heard the statement that, Feto Ikun immediately prayed to God to beg a clue as to
existence of the tomb. Thanks to a solemn prayer, the instructions that came through a
dream that night. So, the next day, Feto Ikun invite his brothers to look for ONU Muti grave
in the forest. After finding the tomb, they then pray to God that resurrected bodies Muti

Once they are 4 times to pray, ONU Muti back to life. All that can happen thanks to the
power of God. Feto Ikun care for the little prince was very careful not to get caught the King.
Until a few years later, the ONU Muti has grown into a handsome and dashing young man.

Meanwhile, the King Code Leik an increasingly elderly increasingly delirious. His behavior
became increasingly. The habit of gambling with the chicken fight was never stopped. He
always challenged his opponents with high stakes.

One day, came to the Muti palace ONU bring chicken masters to challenge the King. He was
posing as a wealthy prince from across the country. Leik was the king of Conduct accepted
the challenge.
"Hi, young Prince. How much property do you have? How dare you challenge me! "Asked
the King Code Leik a disparaging tone.

"Please, Your Majesty. Treasure servants have today as much treasure that will sire stake,
"said ONU Muti.

To her surprise, the King Code Leik hear the young man. Do not want to be embarrassed in
front of his subjects, he accepted the challenge. The King immediately ordered his soldiers
to prepare chicken masters to compete with Muti ONU's cock. The entire people of the
country were flocking thronged the courtyard to watch the match.

Once everything is ready, the game begins cockfight. Both cocks immediately released in the
middle of the arena. Not long after, they attacked each other. However, just the fight lasted,
rooster owned by the King Code Leik has lost. Not wanting to be humiliated, held the King of
Practice Leik returned with a bigger bets again. However, always lose. So forth, during the
fight, victory is always there at the ONU Muti.

Ruthless king who was also bankrupt, impoverished life, and finally did die. Throughout the
kingdom, including the palace was finished at stake. In contrast, ONU Muti became wealthy.
Kerjaaan it was already his. The entire people of the country applauded the victory. They
also named the ONU Muti king to succeed his father cruel. Unlike his father, ONU Muti led
the nation with the wise and prudent. Subjects were affluent and prosperous life.

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