Courageous Tauke From Batavia

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					                          Courageous Tauke From Batavia

In the Dutch colonial era, many employer (traders of Chinese descent) who lived in Batavia (Jakarta).
They are compact and help each other live. Apparently, the cohesiveness of the Chinese boss is not
liked by the Dutch because they are often detrimental. People are the Company also intends to
divide and destroy the boss of China's enterprises. What is the attitude of the employer faces the
threat of the Dutch Company? Check out his story in the story of the Batavia Tauke following

In the 8th century AD, Batavia was in colonial Dutch Company. However, the trade sector remains
dominated by ethnic Chinese traders or the employer. The employer has a solid organization and
built neatly up to the corners. If prices rise, the employer also raised the price to gain profit.

Apparently, the presence of the boss infuriated the people the Dutch Company. They do not like the
actions of the employer. To that end, the Governor-General Baron van Imhoff as rulers of Batavia at
that time held a joint meeting with officials of other Dutch Company.

"What must we do to confront the boss, sir," asked an officer of the Company.

"We must act immediately. We muster the slave as much as possible to work as a rough sea and
watching the behavior of the boss. But, they must first be trained as guards who are ready to die,
"said the Governor-General.

Batavia was the ruler's decision approved by all meeting participants. After some time later, the port
of Batavia was controlled by the slave-slave Dutch Company that have been trained. Seeing the
situation, the employer did not stay silent. They also held a meeting to confront the Company and
beliannya slaves. During the meeting the employer together with villagers in Batavia agreed to bring
in martial arts teacher from the country of China (China).

"To deal with the slave Dutch Company, we must equip ourselves with the martial arts. Thus, we
must bring in a skilled martial arts teacher here, "said one employer.

"Agreed ...!" Said meeting participants simultaneously.
Martial arts teacher that they wanted finally arrived. The taukue exercises were then held in secret
at night. At noon, they are still trading as usual. One of the most prominent employer in the exercise
was a man known by the nickname of the length.

Previously, the length has long followed the practice of a martial arts university college Ivory
Jasmine. He has mastered the basics of martial arts, and even mastered a few moves that kill.
Because of his ability, he was appointed to replace those teachers who have returned to China.

The length of the highly respected by his friends and have pinned their hopes for the employer
against the Dutch. As the leader of a wise and prudent, the length of the mandate and always give
advice to his friends.

"Although the Dutch Company has always acted arbitrarily, we should be friendly to them. You
already have friendly relations with them, continue the friendship, "said the Long," In addition, we
must keep improving our trading business. "

Once it was afternoon, the boss had to close shop or stall respectively. In the evening, they gathered
in Ivory Jasmine with food and drinks for the benefit of society. Before starting the exercise, the
length of the back advises his friends.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Who among you who has a boat in the harbor? "Asked the length to his

"I, the Chairman," replied the boss, holding up dozens of hands.

"All right. I hope we can provide a special boat that later we can use in emergencies, "said the

"Well, sir," the boat owners agreed.

The length and then invites his friends to start martial arts training. They practice in earnest and
energetic. However, without them knowing it, there is a slant-eyed man who was stalking their
movements. He is Liu Chu, one of the spies are deployed by the Dutch Company. Moments later, the
spy was promptly report to the Governor-General Baron van Imhoff.

"Sir, I found a gathering place for the boss," reported Liu Chu.

"Where did they get together and what do they do?" Asked the Governor General with the curious.

"They were practicing martial arts in Ivory Jasmine in Gandaria area. Every night they always come
together and practiced in that place, "said the Dutch Company's trust agent," they are led by the
Association Long. Even more followers. "

"What else do you know about their activities?" Governor-General asked again.

"They also collect various kinds of sharp weapons," said Liu Chu.

Heard the statement, the Governor-General shall immediately call a meeting with officials of the
"The employer can not be tolerated. We must stop their activities, "said the Governor-General.

"What should we do?" Asked one official of the Company.

"We go where they congregate. If the employer can not be controlled, we excluded them to Ceylon
(Sri Lanka), "said the Governor-General.

Governor-General immediately ordered his soldiers to go to Ivory Jasmine with a full arsenal. There
was also carrying a pistol and a rifle equipped. That night, the employer and other merchants are
feasting. On the orders of the Governor-General, the Dutch soldiers surrounded the place. Once the
feast is finished, they immediately arrested the people there. Furthermore, people were herded into
the town hall, and then handed over to the security patrol that had been prepared on the riverbank.
Arriving at the mouth of the River Ciliwung, they were transferred to the warship to be brought to

Apparently, the length and some of his friends not seen among the prisoners. Apparently the magic
swordsman was no other purposes, so he did not share his friends in the Ivory Jasmine. Meanwhile,
among the prisoners there are 4 people who managed to escape. They were immediately returned
to the Ivory Budget to report to the length. Upon arrival, they found the Long and several other

"Hey, you guys from? Then, go to where our friends the other? "Asked the anxious length.

"Sorry, Chief. That was a lot of Dutch soldiers come and arrest us all. The four of us managed to
escape, while our friends the other will be exiled to Ceylon, "reported one of four prisoners who
escaped it.

"Yes, sir. We can not do anything. Dutch soldiers were equipped with rifles and pistols, "replied the

Heard the statement that the length of his colleagues immediately collect the remains, including the
sailors rantauan. Next they headed to the port to free the imprisoned colleagues. Upon arrival, they
immediately attack.

Resistance by the Long and his colleagues were making increasingly infuriated the Dutch Company.
They continue to pursue and arrest the followers of the length. However, the length of the magic
was always in the forefront to liberate his colleagues. Similarly, his colleagues never afraid to face
the Dutch Company. That is the courage of the boss of the ground-handedness kesewanang Batavia
facing the Dutch Company in the land of Batavia. Although in the end the battle was won by the
Dutch, but not the least of the Company were injured and even killed.