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      Raden Putra was the king of the Jenggala. It was accompanied by a
queen, kind and a beautiful mistress beautiful. But, mistress of King Raden
Putra had an envious and jealous of the queen. It is a bad plan to the queen.
"Should I who became the queen. I had to look for a way to get rid of the
queen, "he thought.

       His mistress, conspired with a physician palace. It pretends to be
seriously ill. Court physician immediately called. The physician said that
someone had put poison in your drink daughter. "The queen was no other is
his own," said the physician. He became court physician angry to hear an
explanation. He immediately ordered patihnya to remove the queen to the

       The governor immediately bring the pregnant queen into the wilderness.
But a wise governor did not want to kill him. Apparently the governor was
aware that his mistress malice. "You daughter does not need to worry, the
slave will report to him that your daughter had the slave to death," said the
governor. To trick the king, the governor of his sword with the blood stain that
caught rabbits. King menganggung satisfied when the governor to report if he
had killed the queen.

       After several months in the jungle, was born the son of the queen. The
baby was named Cindelaras. Cindelaras grow into a child smart and handsome.
Since young he had a girlfriend with the animals of the Forest. One day, while
being fun to play, an eagle dropped an egg. "Hmm, well the eagle. It
intentionally gives the egg to me. "After three weeks, the eggs hatch.
Cindelaras diligently keep her infected meat. Chicks to grow into a cock nice
and hard. But there is a peculiarity. The sound of a rooster crowing is
wonderful! "Kukuruyuk ... Tuanku Cindelaras, the house in the middle of the
jungle, the roof of palm leaves, his father Raden Putra ..."

      Cindelaras very astonished to hear crow infected meat and immediately
saw the mother. Then, the mother tells the origin of Cindelaras why they came
in the jungle. Listening to mother, Cindelaras determined to go to court and
explain his evil mistress. After the let mother, Cindelaras go to the palace
accompanied by chicken males. While on the way there are some people who
are fight chickens. Cindelaras then called by the cockfighter. "Come on, if you
dare, chicken adulah jantanmu with ayamku," tantangnya. "Well," replied
Cindelaras. When the complaint is made, it appears Cindelaras cock fighting
camp in time, it can be victorious. After several times complained, chicken
Cindelaras not unbeatable. Infected meat really grace.

        The news of his prowess spread quickly Cindelaras chicken. Raden Putra
heard the news. Then, Raden Putra told hulubalangnya to invite Cindelaras.
"Servant facing Excellency," said Cindelaras with Destiny. "This child is
handsome and smart, like it was not the descendants of the people," he
thought. Cindelaras pitted with chicken chicken Raden Putra with one
condition: if the chicken he prepared Cindelaras lost his head chopped off, but
if infected meat will win half the wealth belongs to Cindelaras Raden Putra.

      Two birds that fought valiantly. But within a short time to conquer
chicken chicken Cindelaras King. The audience shouted for joy hail Cindelaras
and infected meat. "I will admit defeat. I will fulfill my promise. But who are
you, young man? "Ask him Raden Putra. Cindelaras immediately bowed like
whispered something in infected meat. Not long rang immediately infected
meat. "Kukuruyuk ... Tuanku Cindelaras, the house in the middle of the jungle,
the roof of palm leaves, his father Raden Putra ...," a rooster is crowing
repeatedly. Raden Putra was shocked to hear chickens crowing Cindelaras. "Is
it?" He asked amazed. "Yes, his name, Cindelaras slave, the slave is the queen
his mother."

      At the same time, immediately facing the governor and told all the
events that actually happened to the queen. "I've made a mistake," he said
Raden Putra. "I will give capital punishment in selirku," said he with wrath.
Then, mistress Raden Putra was the waste into the forest. Raden Putra
immediately embraced her and apologize for the mistake then, Raden Putra
and immediate commander invited the queen to the forest .. Finally, Raden
Putra, queens and Cindelaras to reassemble. After Raden Putra died,
Cindelaras the positions of his father. It ruled his country with justice and

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