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									Table of conTenTs

What is 30 hour Famine.................................................................... pg.3

planning your

  night oF the



This guide will help you as you plan and prepare for the 30 Hour Famine. And
if you need more info or help, visit, or call us at 1-888-8FAMINE.
What is 30 hour Famine?
It all started 40 years ago in a Calgary basement when a small group of teenagers decided
to do something about the famine in Ethiopia. Today, the 30 Hour Famine has grown to
more than 1.5 million youth from around the world coming together to save lives.

hoW does it Work?
Participants collect donations then go 30 hours without any food. It’s all about experiencing
hunger first-hand while helping those who live with hunger every day. During your Famine
event, your group will get together for an unforgettable night and take a stand against world

Why do it?
You can be the difference in the lives of children who desperately need your help. In just 30
hours, you can change lives.

Where does the money go?
For the first time ever, your group can choose the cause you want to support:

Food & nutrition                                      child protection
Over 8,000 children under the age of five             Every child deserves a happy, healthy
die every day from malnutrition. By funding           childhood. But many children live in a world
Food & Nutrition programs, you’ll help                where prostitution, rape, and a life on the
communities around the world receive the              street are all too real. Funds raised for child
education, tools and supplies they need for a         protection programs help save and heal
healthy future.                                       traumatized children.

education                                             Water
Tens of millions of kids around the world             Almost half the world’s population
don’t ever get an education. Poverty robs             doesn’t have enough water for drinking
them of their right to learn. By choosing             and sanitation. This leads to poor health
Education as your cause, your 30 Hour                 and disease, an inability to grow crops,
Famine funds will build and fix schools,              and death. By dedicating your 30 Hour
provide uniforms, books, supplies and help            Famine to Water programs, you’ll help
hire teachers.                                        provide desperately needed clean water to
                                                      thousands of people.

                           Find out more on donating your funds online at
When planning your Famine event, be creative and have fun. Here are some checklists,
schedules, and promotional tips to get things rolling.
Stay organized

Three monThs beFore the Famine,
you should:
    • Check out all the resources at
    • Get support from your school administration.
      (See additional resources for templates)
    • If you have a big group, you might want to put together a team to help.
      Jobs might include:
           • public relations – to get the word out to the media and the
           • administrator – to stay on top of donations and make sure
             everything gets tracked
           • promotions – to help hype your Famine event and spread the word
           • event co-ordinator – to help you organize the Famine activities

Two monThs beFore the Famine,
you should:

   • Sign up your group on
   • Book any facilities and equipment you’re going to need.
   • Contact local businesses and ask for support or donations.
     (See our sponsor letter/email template)
   • Set a fundraising goal for your group. Hang a poster showing your goal in
     a place where people can see it, and direct people to your personal
     fundraising page online.
   • Start promoting your event. Hang posters, make flyers, send emails, etc.
   • Check out all the resources at
one month beFore the Famine,
you should:
   • Set up sign up tables in high traffic areas and start recruiting participants
   • Hand out Donation Sheets and Disclaimer & Release forms to participants
   • Use your Track-it-all form to keep a list of all your participants, their email
       addresses, and their donations.
   •   Send participants an email with everything they need to know about the
       Famine like:

             • How to set up their personal fundraising page online.
             • Getting their parents to sign the Disclaimer & Release form
             • The prizes that can be won by raising funds for Famine
               (Need a hand starting this email? Check out our email template)

tWo Weeks beFore the Famine,
you should:

   • Send a media release to local papers, TV and radio stations so they can
       cover your event. (Check out our media advisory template)
   • Get your group to hand in their donations, Donation Sheets and Disclaimer
       & Release forms if they haven’t already.

during the Famine,
you should:

   • Collect remaining donations and required forms. Keep them in a safe,
       locked place.
   •   Assign an official Famine media person – put them in charge of taking
       photos and video, tweeting and creating posts on the Famine Facebook
   •   Follow the plan you set out (the events you organized and the times you
       think they should start).
   •   Keep checking out the updates at
               sample schedule
               Check this out for some scheduale ideas. For extra help with your
  day 1        planning, look out for your Famine Event Kit in March 2011.

12:30 P.M.      Enjoy your last lunch!

01:00 P.M.      Collect any remaining forms and set up the equipment you’re going to
                need for the Famine broadcast. Introduce your official media
                representative (in charge of photos, videos, social media, etc) to your

01:30 P.M.      Welcome everyone and go over what you have planned for the Famine.

02:30 P.M.      Check for videos and activities, and start the first Famine

03:00 P.M.      Get everyone together and take group photo.

03:30 P.M.      Take a juice or water break.

04:00 P.M.      Let your inner rock star shine. Get a Rock Band competition set up or
                invite everyone to show off their talents in your own Famine Talent
                Show. Encourage them to use costumes, props and sets.

05:30 P.M.      Take a juice or water break.

06:00 P.M.      Create a Cultural Dance – now that everyone is in the musical spirit it’s
                the perfect time to create your own official Famine dance. Work on it
                together, or divide people up into groups.

07:00 P.M.      Post photos and videos of all the action on the Famine Facebook page.

09:00 P.M.      Take a juice or water break and work on the latest Famine Activity.

09:30 P.M.      Wind the day down with a Film Screening – show a movie that’s fits
                with the Famine. (see the Activities in Part 2 of this guide for

 11:30 P.M.     Get ready for bed, or start heading home for the night.

12:00 A.M.      Lights out.

 Note: Many schools do not allow overnight programs. If that’s the case, participants
 can head home, then come back the following day to complete the Famine.
              sample schedule
              Check this out for some scheduale ideas. For extra help with your
  day 2       planning, look out for your Famine Event Kit in March 2011.

09:30 A.M.     Rise and Shine. Start the day with some juice or water.

10:00 A.M.     Check your Famine Event kit for your morning activity.

11:00 A.M.     Take a juice or water break.

 11:30 A.M.    Play a round of Famine Jeopardy to help remind everyone why
               they’re raising funds and going hungry.

12:30 P.M.     Take a juice or water break then do the next Famine activity.

02:00 P.M.     Create your Famine poster(s) to say what this experience has
               meant to you as a group, or individually.

03:00 P.M.     Take a juice or water break.

03:30 P.M.     Set up a Famine Mini Olympics. Divide up into small teams and play
               sports, board games or charades. If you’re feeling competitive,
               eliminate the teams that lose and hold a championship round.round.

05:00 P.M.     Check your Famine Event kit for your final challenge.

06:00 P.M.     Decorate your space with your Famine poster(s) and start cleaning up.

07:00 P.M.     It’s been 30 hours! Congratulations! Thank everyone for coming
               and then it’s time to eat!

09:30 P.M.     [Optional Event] - The 30 Hour Famine Dance – invite your
               friends to a dance. Celebrate and share your experiences with
Promotion and fundraising
 neW contests and prizes:
    Make sure to tell your participants about the new gifts for this years
    Famine - check out for details on how you qualify for ...

    •   Famine contests like a trip overseas to help out communities in need
    •   An opportunity to be a Youth Ambassador and join a trip to Africa or South America
    •   One of the two student scholarships awarded every month
    •   All new Famine gifts and African jewellery available when you bank your money

 promotional tips:
     • Download the new promotional videos to your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, and share
       what Famine’s all about.
     • Put up Famine posters around your school, church and community.
     • Create a Facebook event for your group.
     • Post Famine flyers up at local businesses, on telephone poles and leave them on
       tables in the cafeteria.
     • Change the screen-savers in the computer lab or the library to Famine screens.
     • Get some sidewalk chalk and draw a sign where you know people will see it.

 Fundraising tips:
    • Create your own personal fundraising page on Encourage everyone
      in your group to do the same.
    • Use your goal poster to show everyone how your group is progressing.
    • Offer incentives to top fundraisers. These could be donated gifts, or
      free lunches prepared for them by the rest of the group.
    • Set up a piggy bank at the end of the cafeteria line and encourage people to
      donate change.
    • Contact local businesses and ask them to make a donation or, better yet, match
      your group’s fundraising goal.

  Find more ideas and tips at
media guide
Getting media coverage is a great way to spread the word about poverty and help with
fundraising. Here’s how to hype your Famine event to the media:

    Step 1                                         Step 2
create a contact list                            get in touch With your
                                                 contact list
Timing: 1-2 months before your event
                                                 Timing: 1–4 weeks before the event
Find out what newspapers, magazines, and
websites are based in your neighbourhood.        Use the template in the Additional
Start creating a list of their contact details   Resources section to create your own Media
(addresses, email addresses or telephone         Advisory letter to send to your contact list.
numbers).                                        Mention all your event details like: date, time,
                                                 location, contact information, what the event
                                                 is, who will be participating and how people
                                                 can donate.

    Step 3                                         Step 4
FolloW up                                        send a thank you message

Timing: 3 days before your event                 Timing: 1 week after the event

Call your contact list and confirm they          If someone covered or attended your event,
received your Media Advisory letter. If they     be sure you send them a thank you. Check
have a moment, talk up the Famine. Mention       out the Media Advisory template for some
why it’s of interest to their readers/viewers    hints on what to say.
and why people would want to attend your
event. If your group is large enough, you
may want to appoint a media spokesperson
to handle this - this could be a friend,
a student organizer or someone who
is doing the Famine.
Get people interested
here are a FeW talking points
For you :

• 8,000 - 12,000 children under the age of 5 die each day from complications related to
                                                              - World Vision, Alive at Five 2008

• 8.8 million children die every year before the age of 5. That’s one child every 4 seconds.
                                                                                    -UNICEF, 2009

• Over 25,000 children die every day due to extreme poverty. If that were happening only in
  Canada, the population of Saskatoon would be wiped out in one week.
                                                    - UNICEF (Child Survival and Health) 2009

• 1,150 children are infected with HIV every day.
                                                                           - Joint United Nations Programme*

• 923 million people suffer from chronic malnutrition. That’s roughly 3 times the population of
  the U.S.A
                                                    - United Nations World Food Program 2008

• Child soldiers serve in the armed forces in 36 countries. But there are only 15 UN
  Peacekeeping missions right now.
                                                                           -Human Rights Watch**

• It would take only 0.5% of the world’s global arms spending to provide basic education for all.

                                                   -Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, 2009

             **Human Rights Watch, Facts about Child Soldiers, 2006; United Nations Peacekeeping operations, 2009
               *Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), 2007 AIDS Epidemic Update: Global Summary
Here are loads of ideas for group activities that will help your group stay
motivated and inspired. Also look out for our new Famine Event Kit with all new
activities and ideas for hosting your event. Check for updates in
March 2011.
famine activities

bring Water to the Well
Feel the difficulties people face in getting clean drinking water.
Put a large bucket or drum somewhere in your school, church
or community centre, far away from a tap. Have your group fill it
using only a small drinking bottle they carry back and forth from
the tap. You could even turn this into a race.

                                   create a cultural dance
                                   Create a ritual dance all on your own. Divide into several groups
                                   and vote on the dance your group likes best.

rockband competition
Set-up a few consoles so participants can show off their skills or
compete with each other. Tell people ahead of time so they can

                                         take back the night
                                         Rally together through local neighbourhoods or city
                                         streets to show support and raise awareness.
take a Whack at hunger
Whack a Pinata or whatever else that’s fun like an old car from a

                                 the 30 hour Famine dance
                                 Get other students in the school involved in Famine by hosting
                                 a dance for everyone. Decorate the gym with the Famine
                                 posters you create. Charge $2 and put that toward your Famine
                                 fundraising goal.

name that tune
Play song clips or have participants hum or read out song lyrics
and NAME THAT TUNE. For an extra challenge, play a song, press
pause and have participants try to sing the next line.

                                     Famine movie night
                                     Watch a movie with a social theme. Some ideas: Gandhi
                                     (PG ), God Grew Tired of Us (PG), The Girl in the Café
                                     (Not Rated), Life and Debt (NR), Lost Boys of Sudan (NR),
                                     Blood Diamond (14A), Born into Brothels (14A).
mini olympics
Challenge your teachers or each other to a competition. Play
anything from sports to board games to video games.

                                     volunteer locally
                                     Help out at a local soup kitchen or nursing home. You
                                     could also collect cans for a local food bank.

create Famine posters
or a graFFiti Wall
Get everyone to write why Famine is important to them.

                                 Famine Jeopardy
                                 Create a quiz show around global issues. Make it interesting by
                                 having one teacher, one student and the principal participate.
                                 Or divide your group into teams and give everyone a chance to
Here are step by step instructions to help you wrap up your Famine event. Don’t
forget to send Thank You letters to everyone that supported you.
If you have any questions, find us online at, speak to your Famine rep or
give us a call at 1-888-8FAMINE.
wrapping up
So you’ve raised funds and lasted 30 hours without food. To make sure the money you
raised can start helping right away, we need you to wrap your Famine.

Wrap your Famine by May 15th, 2011 and qualify for all new Famine contests including a
trip overseas to help communities in need as well as other amazing gifts and prizes.

here’s What you need to do:

  Step 1                                                Step 2
Collect the following from your                  Step 2: Complete your Track It All Sheet
participants:                                    and write which prize each participant has
                                                 qualified for. Leaving the space blank tells
a. Cheques and money                             us a participant doesn’t want a gift.
b. Donation Sheets (both used and
c. Online donation confirmations
d. Signed Disclaimer and Release forms

  Step 3                                                Step 4
Deposit all cash and cheques at the nearest      Using the postage-paid envelopes provided
TD Bank using the Deposit Slips from             in your Kit, mail the following to World Vision
your 30 Hour Famine Leader’s Kit. Call           Canada:
1-866-222-3456 for your nearest TD Bank
location.                                        a.     All used and unused Donation Sheets
                                                 b.     A copy of the Track it All Sheets
                                                 c.     Copies of used and unused Deposit slips
                                                 d.     All signed Disclaimer & Release forms

 Send everything to: World Vision Canada, 1300 - 1 World Drive, Mississauga ON, L5T 0A8
             COVER PAGE to come

We’ve put together some Additional Resources and tools to help you run your Famine
event from beginning to end. These include letters, emails, volunteer hour forms, and
Letter and emaiL tempLates

group Welcome email

  [subject: Welcome to our Famine group]

  Hi [name]

  Thanks for getting involved with the 30 Hour Famine.

  I just wanted to get in touch with you to pass on a few pieces of important Famine

  Create your profile on - Find our group’s Famine Profile on,
  so you can make your personal fundraising page. It tells people about yourself and
  lets you set a personal fundraising goal. Plus your profile page is the easiest way
  for people to donate money to your Famine.

  Get your parents to sign the Disclaimer & Release Form – Once it’s signed, return it
  to me - you can’t do the Famine without it.

  [email/phone/text] me if you have questions.

  Thanks for signing up (And start collecting those donations!).

  [your name]
group reminder email
About a month before the 30 Hour Famine, it may help to send out a group reminder email. If you
want, cut-and-paste the text below into your email, fill in the blanks and send it off.

       [subject: one last Famine reminder]

       Hey [name]

       So the big night is almost here. I’m hoping you can help me take care of all the
       last minute details. To help out, make sure you:

       • Give me your Disclaimer & Release Form, signed by your parents

       • Submit all your donations and your Donation Sheets

       • Go to and check out the Youth Ambassador Program (every year,
       young people get selected to go to Africa with World Vision. And if you do the
       Famine, you’ve already compleated one of the requirements)

       Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again for being a part of our
       Famine team and I’ll see you on [date of event]

       [your name]
letter For school administration
If you think the letter would have more impact coming from you personally, feel free to re-write it
and put your own name and title at the bottom (for example: Jane Doe, Famine Group Leader).

       Dear: [name]

       Last year, thousands of Canadian youth chose to take part in World Vision
       Canada’s 30 Hour Famine®. They took a stand against hunger, poverty and
       injustice. This year, students at your school have decided to take part in the
       30 Hour Famine and raise funds for projects that provide nutrition, education,
       protection and water for children living in poverty.

       I am writing to ask for your support during the Famine event. It provides excellent
       leadership training for your students, and they can earn volunteer hours. What’s
       more, it gives your school the opportunity to be a leader in the fight against
       global injustice.

       In order to help your students hold a successful Famine event, please consider
       giving participants permission to use their class time during the 30 Hour Famine.
       You might also consider allowing them to use school facilities – such as the PA
       system, AV equipment, gymnasium, and school grounds before and during the
       Famine event.

       If you have any questions about the 30 Hour Famine event or World Vision
       Canada, please contact

       1-888-8Famine or visit

       Thank you for your support.


       T.J. Grant

       30 Hour Famine, World Vision Canada
sponsor letter
You might want to send this letter to people and businesses in your community.

       [recipient name]                                                             [date]


       [company name]

       [street address]

       [city, province postal code]

       Dear: [name]

       Last year, over 100,000 youth across the country did the World Vision Canada 30
       Hour Famine, raising millions to help children and communities in need around the
       world. This year, students at [name of group] are taking part in the Famine.

       I am writing today to ask if you would consider donating [list specific items] to
       help support our event. In return for your generosity we will [list specific ways
       your group can promote the sponsor] If you need more information about the
       Famine, or you’d like to make a donation to our Group, please visit
       You can also contact me at [your contact info].

       Thank you for your consideration.


       [your name]

       [name of group]

       [street address]

       [city, province postal code]
sponsor email
If you think a person or business would prefer an email, cut and paste the text below.

        [subject: support our 30 hour Famine]

        Dear [name]:

        Every day, more than 9.2 million people go to bed hungry every night. The
        students at [name of group] want to do something about this. We are collecting
        donations and on [date of event], we will fast for 30 hours to experience hunger
        first hand. The money will go to helping children and communities all around the
        world, including Canada.

        We’re also looking for donations of [list specific items] to help us run our event.

        In return for your generosity we will [list specific ways your group can promote
        the sponsor]. You can donate to our group and find additional Famine info at, or you can contact me at [your contact info].

        Thank you for your consideration.


        [your name]

        [name of group]
media advisory
Remove any information that isn’t relevant for your group, and add any extra information that is.

       Attention: [assignment editor/news editor/city editor/other]

       [your community/school/church group] youth show global awareness

       On [date of event], youth from [your school/community/church group] are
       participating in the World Vision 30 Hour Famine. They are raising funds to
       address important global issues such as nutrition, education, child exploitation,
       and safe water around the globe. Participants will go for 30 hours without food,
       consuming only water and juice, so they can understand what it’s like to live with

       WHAT: The World Vision 30 Hour Famine

       WHEN: April 8, 2011 [start time] to April 9, 2011 [end time]

       WHERE: [location]

       BEST TIME TO ATTEND: [time & event media should attend]

       INTERVIEWEES: [Name(s) of the Famine Leader/School Principal/Famine
                      Participant/Media Liason]

       This year, more than 100,000 Canadian youth are expected to participate in the
       event through their schools and churches to help raise more than $5 million.
       For more information about how to get involved in the 30 Hour Famine or to
       participate, please visit

       If you would like to set up an interview, please don’t hesitate to contact:

       [add your contact information here]
legal stuFF your Family should knoW

We understand that there are risks associated       releases and discharges such persons from all
with participating in the World Vision 30 Hour      claims, demands, damages, actions or causes
Famine. Participants will not eat solid foods for   of action whatsoever, and absolves such
the duration of the Famine (with the optional       persons from all responsibility for any injuries
exception of one bowl of plain steamed white        that may arise in any way in connection with
rice) and will only drink water and fruit juice.    the 30 Hour Famine.

Participants are asked to consume a minimum         We further hereby undertake to hold and save
of six ounces of liquid for every hour they         harmless and agree to indemnify all of the
are awake. Minors under the age of twelve           aforesaid from and against any or all liability
are advised not to participate or are asked         incurred by any or all of them arising as a
to pursue an alternate activity. In addition,       result of or in any way connected with my
persons who are pregnant, diabetic, recovering      participation in the 30 Hour Famine. We also
from surgery or experiencing chronic illness        agree to the potential recording and use of the
or gastro-intestinal disease should not do the      Participant’s image and/or comments. World
Famine. Please consult your physician if you        Vision Canada and its authorized partners and
have any medical concerns or questions.             licensees may use, reproduce and communicate
                                                    footage, recordings, images and/or comments
The undersigned acknowledges and voluntarily        of the Participant identified below acquired
assumes all risks associated in any way with        during the 30 Hour Famine, in whole or in part
participating in the 30 Hour Famine. The            or in combination with or as part of another
undersigned hereby waives for themselves,           matter.
their heirs, executors, administrators and
assigns, any recourse he or she may have            By submitting this registration form, we
against World Vision Canada and its directors,      acknowledge having read, understood, and
officers, volunteers, organizers, employees,        agreed to the above waiver, release and
sponsors, successors, assigns and agents, and       indemnity. We warrant that the Participant is
                                                    physically fit to participate in this event.

    Group Name: _________________________________________________________________

    Signature of Participant: ________________________________________________________

    Name of Participant: _________________________ Date: ____________________________

          Signature of Parent/Guardian if Participant is under 18: __________________________

          Name of Parent/Guardian: _________________________ Date: __________________
volunteer hours/community service
Name of Individual: _________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________ City: _______________________

Province: ___________________ Postal Code: __________

Home phone number: _________________________ Email address: _______________

Name of School/Church: ___________________________________________________

Name of the 30 Hour Famine Group Organizer: _______________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________ Province: ___________________ Postal Code: ____________

Home phone number: _________________________ Email address: ______________________

Date of Famine event: ____________________________ Today’s date: ____________________

Attn: Supervisor of Planned Community Involvement for Students or other

(Individual’s name) _________________________________________________

10 hrs of community service        40 hrs of community service          Other

Through the efforts of this individual, a 30 Hour Famine event was completed, and funds have
been received by World Vision that will be used to fund programs for children in need worldwide.
If you have any questions regarding this letter or our program, please contact us at Thank you for your support of our program and for this individual.

30 Hour Famine
World Vision Canada
1 World Drive, Mississauga, ON L5T 2Y4

Signed by authorized teacher, school representative, or other authorized individual who will
confirm that you have completed the 30 Hour Famine (must be 19 years of age or older):

______________________________                   __________________________________
Signature                                        Name/Title (please print)

To top