Joseph Louis Lagrange

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					Joseph Louis Lagrange

 By Daniel Tovbin and Wenjun
       Ouyang of 701
    Life of Joseph Louis Lagrange
   Joseph Louis Lagrange was born on January 25,
    1736 in Turin, Sardinia.
   Lagrange died on April 10, 1813 in Paris,
    France. He was 77 years old when he died.
   He was influenced by the work of a Halley’s
    1693’s work on the use of algebra and optics.
   Lagrange was 1 of 11 children.
   He was married to Renée-Françoise-Adélaide Le
      Education and Career
Joseph Louis
  Lagrange was
  educated at the
  college of Turin.
He was then offered to
  work in the Berlin
He was a founding
  member of the Royal
  Academy of Science
  of Turin.
What was Joseph Louis Lagrange famous for?
 Lagrange was one of the creators of the calculus
  of variations, which is a field of mathematics that
  deals with a functional.
 He also invented the method of solving
  differential equations.
 He proved that every natural number is the sum
  of four squares, which is now known as
  Lagrange’s four square theorem.
    More Accomplishments

• Lagrange solved the resulting system
  of the n+1 differential equations.
• He applied his methods to the study
  of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s orbit.
• He also reduced the equations of the
  quadrics into their canonical forms.
Awards and Prizes
Lagrange was awarded the Grand Croix Ordre Imperial
   de la Reunion.
He was awarded the 1764 prize of the French
   Academy of Sciences for his memoir on the
   libration of the Moon.
He won the 1772 prize on the three body problem with
He had won the 1774 prize for finding about the motion
   of the moon.
He also had won the 1780 prize on perturbations of the
   orbits of comets by the planets.
          Interesting Facts:
Some interesting facts about Joseph Louis
  Lagrange are:
• Lagrange had worked for Fredrick II of Berlin
  for 20 years.
• In his appearance, Lagrange was medium
  height with pale blue eyes and a colorless
  complexion. In character, he was nervous and
  timid, he detested controversy, and he allowed
  others to take credit for things he has done
More Interesting Facts:
   In 1810, Joseph Louis Lagrange was only able to
    complete two-thirds of the Méchanique
    analytique before his death.
   Lagrange published 2 volumes of his calculus
   Lagrange’s nervous system was put on too much
    pressure and the doctors said that they would not
    be responsible for certain illnesses. They
    recommended for him to rest. In 1813, he died in
    Paris, France.
Picture of the mathematician:

        Joseph Louis
        Pictures of Inventions:

                    3 = 12 + 12 + 12 + 02
                     31 = 52 + 22 + 12 + 12
                     310 = 172 + 42 + 22 +
Calculus Of         An example of the
  Variations         four square
  Equation           theorem.

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