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					                                                                    Sarah Marshall, Sarah Smith
                                                                          Reading Assessment
                                                                                        Dr. Frye

                                  Interpretive Summary

       Our student is a fourth grader who is placed in an “on-grade” reading level

classroom. For privacy related reasons, we will call him Jake. The first noticeable thing

about this particular student is that he is usually rather zoned out (he is often starring

into space very blankly) and doesn’t usually seem to care about what’s going on around

him. When expressing a concern for Jake’s behavior, the cooperating teacher shared a

bit of his background. Jake suffers from severe A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder).

A.D.D. can be caused from a very wide variety of factors such as brain defects,

allergies, or giftedness. The teacher also shared with us that his parents and doctors

have been struggling to find the right amount of medication to help him. Jake’s changes

in prescriptions and dosages have created a stronger negative effect on him and his

school work.

       Despite this struggle, Jake is very smart. He usually works quietly (but slowly)

and seems to really know the content. However, his reading level has been

questionable because of his A.D.D. Jake has been attempting to read an over 700 lexile

rated book called Eragon (I was also notified that his lexile level is suppose to be

somewhere around 690). He has been carrying this book around, all year (even to

lunch) and is only currently on page 13. This is a book that his older brother (who loves

to read) has suggested for him. The teacher is quite positive that this book is much too

hard for him to comprehend and that he must be reading it on a frustrational level. After

asking him a few questions about it, we have determined that he is not sure what it is

about it his particular book that he likes (other than it being his brother’s choice), or what
                                                                     Sarah Marshall, Sarah Smith
                                                                           Reading Assessment
                                                                                         Dr. Frye
the book itself is about. Jake’s teacher has noticed him not taking interest and not

following along in the class reading of the Tale of Despereaux, and is beginning to

wonder if he is in the wrong reading classroom. This being said, it is definitely about

time to figure out once and for all, what Jake’s reading level is.

       The length of a passage seemed to provide difficulty for Jake. As the passages

became longer and more difficult, Jake’s reading rate significantly decreased and his

accuracy gradually decreased. He had a tendency to mispronounce words and

occasionally he would self-correct his mispronunciations.

       We started Jake with reading the level second passage. He had a reading rate

of 99.5 WPM and he had a strong understanding of the passage. As we progressed to

the level third passage, Jake’s reading rate decreased to 85.04 WPM, although it was

obvious he comprehended the text. Surprisingly, Jake had a reading rate of 88.2 WPM

on the level fourth passage and once again passed the comprehension check. It seems

unusual that Jake’s reading rate would increase from level third to level fourth. We infer

that possibly Jake was more interested in the content of the level fourth passage;

therefore he was more engaged in the level fourth passage than the level third passage.

       After Jake read each passage, we had him close his copy of the passage

readings and tell us what the specific passage was about. On the first passage, Jake

stared straight ahead and quoted words verbatim from the text. At first, we felt like Jake

was just memorizing the text and repeating it back to us. On the level third and fourth,

Jake retold the passage in his own words. On the level fifth passage Jake had a reading

rate of 57.3 WPM and he struggled to summarize the passage. As Jake’s reading rate

decreased his comprehension also decreased.
                                                                       Sarah Marshall, Sarah Smith
                                                                             Reading Assessment
                                                                                           Dr. Frye
       Although, Jake’s reading rate and reading accuracy did decrease with each

progressive passage, Jakes reading accuracy stayed a little more consistent. Jake

maintained acceptable reading accuracy percentages at level second, third, and fourth,

all the while he did not maintain acceptable reading rates at all of these levels. Jake

appears to be a slower reader.

       We completed a running record with Santiago’s Silver Mine, written by Eleanor

Clymer. Jake’s teacher informed us that this was standard third grade reading material.

He had an accuracy score of 94% and a reading rate of 62.5 WPM. Jake passed the

check for comprehension and he had six reading errors. Jake’s accuracy score and

reading rate declined in comparison to the level third reading passage on the IRI. We

concluded that Jake was uninterested and distracted while reading this particular exert

from Santiago’s Silver Mine, which led to his slower reading rate and diminished

accuracy level.

       Based on the passage readings, Jake is on a third grade instructional level and a

fourth grade frustrational level. Jake had a satisfactory reading rate of 95.9% and he

passed the comprehension check at the level fourth passage, however his reading rate

of 88.2WPM placed him at a third grade instructional reading level.

       In order to help Jake develop his reading performance, we wanted to find books

that are on Jake’s instructional level and books that interest him. We asked Jake what

kind of books he liked and he said that he enjoyed fantasy, football, and scary books.

The following is a list of quality literature at Jake’s instructional level that will hopefully

appeal to his interests:
                                            Sarah Marshall, Sarah Smith
                                                  Reading Assessment
                                                                Dr. Frye
The Lost World
By: Michael Crichton

Nick of Time
By: Ann Lindbergh

The Oracle Betrayed
By: Catherine Fisher

By: Obert Skye

Crazy Hair
By: Neil Gaiman
Illustrated by Dave McKean

By: J. M. Trewellard
Illustrated by Ian Beck

Football Nightmare
By: Hirschfeld, Robert & Matt Christopher

Dragon Rider
By: Cornelia Caroline Funke

Skeleton Man
By: Joseph Bruchac

Pleasing the Ghost
By: Sharon Creech

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