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									                          Promotion and Communications Group
                Confirmed record of the meeting of Friday 23 November 2007


           Kevin Ellard              (UCLan, Chair)        Peter Wynne       (NoWAL)
           Rachel Bury               (Edge Hill)           Gil Young         (NoWAL)
           David Orman               (Manchester)

PCG07/16   Apologies

           David Clay                    (Liverpool)
           Michael Dunne                 (Lancaster)
           Karen Haddon                  (UCLan)
           Julie Hitchen                 (UCLan)
           Andy Holgate                  (Lancaster)

PCG07/17   Record of last meeting

            (i) Action plan and time scale for the re-design of the NoWAL website

            (i) To approve the record.

PCG07/18   Matters arising

            (i) That Julie Hitchen will no longer be attending the meetings of this Group as Karen
                Haddon has returned from maternity leave.

            (i) To thank Julie for all her hard work and commitment to the Group.
                                                                                             Action: KE

PCG07/19   NoWAL Website

            (i) That the new website was now completed. Feedback on the site has been positive.

             (i) That a page bringing together all current job vacancies within the NoWAL institutions
                 would be a useful addition to the web site.
                                                                                               Action: GY
            (ii) That a link to the jobs page should be added to the Quick Links section on the left hand
                 side of the home page.
                                                                                               Action: GY
           (iii) To investigate the possibility of adding an RSS feed to the training and news pages.
                                                                                               Action: GY
                                         North West Academic Libraries

PCG07/20      Review of all PCG documentation including aims and objectives

                  (i) Terms of reference
                 (ii) NoWAL brand vision
                (iii) Communications vision
                (iv) NoWAL communications framework
                 (v) Target organisations - regional
                (vi) Target organisations - national
               (vii) Action plan - summary of methods
              (viii) Draft prioritised action plan
                (ix) Methods document organised by responsibility : board
                 (x) Methods document organised by responsibility : operations
                (xi) Methods document organised by responsibility : NoWAL sub groups

               (i) To update the terms of reference.
                                                                                                     Action: GY
                (ii)   That the brand vision was still valid.
               (iii)   To merge the communications vision and framework into one document.
                                                                                                     Action: GY
               (iv)    To update the target organisations document.
                                                                                                     Action: GY
                (v)    That the action plan - summary of methods was no longer required.
               (vi)    To update the draft prioritised action plan.
                                                                                                     Action: GY
               (vii)   That the methods documents were no longer required
              (viii)   To put all updated papers on the PCG section of the NoWAL.
                                                                                                     Action: GY
               (ix)    T o look at the web pages of the North West Development Agency
                       ( with the aim of seeing if there are any projects/developments
                       which would be of interest to NoWAL.
                                                                                                      Action: All
                (x)    To examine the possibility of creating a page on the NoWAL website which links to
                       information on the JISC site regarding current funding opportunities.
                                                                                                     Action: GY

PCG07/21      Any other business

               (i) There was no other business

PCG07/22      Next meeting

              The next meeting will take place at UCLan on the 6 February 2008 at 14.00.

                                                                                            GY, December 2007

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