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					Welcome to the “Energy Efficiency Guide for Industry in Asia”!
This Guide has been developed for Asian companies who want to improve energy
efficiency through Cleaner Production and for stakeholders who want to help them.
                SAVE ENERGY
                REDUCE COSTS
                PROTECT THE
Companies that improve their energy efficiency can save energy, reduce
costs and protect the environment
So let’s take a look at “Where do you start?”
   Are you from the government wanting to help policies on to find energy
   Depending on who you are, you can click on a drawing improve
Are you are outside organization and developingthecompany energy out what is
      Or an financial a production staff atin industry
        Or a you a supplier or customer of industry?
                  Or Are                    a company?
   in this Guide as ainstitution a company manager?
   efficiency? for you. you investing centre, industry association?
efficiency, such       cleaner production
Let’s take company management as an example
 It then tells you what information in the Guide is most useful to you, for example,
    If the company manager decides he or she wants to start saving energy, here are
         studies of other companies
case First, the benefits of energy efficiency are explained.
    some suggestions of where to start
Clicking on any of these links will take you directly to this information!
For each of the other groups it is also explained what is in the guide for them
Let’s now have a look at the other components of the Guide. A methodology on how to
improve energy efficiency was tested on more than 40 companies
 The methodology the methodology
You can download consists of step 3
Or click on a step, for example6 steps
Under each step the purpose is explained, the tasks and how much time is
needed for each task. For example, under step 3 there are three tasks
  But you to identify possible options. If you go to this task there is a
Task 3b is can also find out how other companies applied this task in short
description of what to do.
Because every company is different
And you can download worksheets to help complete each task,
In this example, a worksheet to identify possible energy efficiency options
The Guide is developed for all industry sectors in Asia. However, more detailed
information is given for five sectors
The pulp and paper sector
 the cement sector
 For example, if you
The ceramic sector are a cement manufacturer
 and the iron & steel sector
The chemicals sector
You can download a chapter that describes cement production and the main energy
 You can also look at case studies of other cement companies
And click on a company name to find out what this company has done to improve
energy efficiency
You an download a summary for this company
or download individual options
But maybe you want to know about how to improve the performance of your boiler.
Then you can go to the energy equipment section of the Guide
And for monitoring equipment.
Technical information is available for thermal and electrical energy
Let’s have a look at “Boilers and thermic fluid heaters”
You can download a chapter that describes boilers and how to reduce their
energy consumption
And powerpoint training materials for this chapter
You can also download a checklist of boiler options
or case studies of implemented options
You can also click on Tools
This allows you to go directly to

All training materials

All case studies
To search for case studies by country, sector or
energy equipment
Technical tools
Such as option checklists and worksheets,
The contact database
Where you can look for consultants, government agencies, suppliers and
other organizations who can help you
Or to add your own contact details
The information database
Where you can look for publications or add your own publication
 Many parts find out more
        also course if you clickKyototranslatedand Bahasa
                   Guide have been
You canForOfof the change,is also financing energy efficiency options
 And about climate there abouton “Thai” function CDM
           example,        the a searchProtocol
 Indonesia, Chinese, Sinhala, Thai and Vietnamese
A list of translated materials is given that you can download for free.
The same materials are available in the other languages.
A summary of the guide is available as a publication, but you can also
order a CDrom of the Guide

The Energy Efficiency Guide for Industry in Asia can really help industry to

                      SAVE ENERGY

                    REDUCE COSTS


             save energy, reduce costs, and protect the environment.

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