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					Multilateral Workshop

    December 1, 2010
               Priority MO‘s for SDC
ONU (25%)                 IFI (67%)                      Fonds globaux et réseaux
UNDP (incl. UNV)          Participation au capital :     CGIAR
UNICEF                    Groupe de la Banque mondiale   GFTAM
UNFPA                     ADB
UNAIDS                    AfDB
UN Women                  IDB
OMS programmes spéciaux
IFAD                      Contributions aux fonds :
                          IDA, incl. MDRI
                          AfDF, incl. MDRI
  Switzerland as shareholder – Board

• Our EDO (Executive Director’s Office) in Washington: 1 ED,
  3 Advisors, Deza, Seco
• In Bern, Seco is federführend, Deza has the $$
• CCM – will be elaborated soon for WB. Priorities so far:
  Climate change, fragile States, gender, inclusive growth

• CAS/CPS – based on PRSP;
   – lending envelope based on policy performance
• Few projects are discussed by the Board; most are
  approved under streamlined procedures
• Sector strategies
• IDA-16
     Switzerland as stakeholder
• Advantages of multilateral development
  – Scaling up: Infrastructure, sector programs,
    budget support, public finances
  – Policy dialogue
  – Donor coordination
  – Centers of competence
  Influencing the WB at country level
• Through analytical work, studies, including on our own
  experiences – it must be documented
• PCM – check the phases whether we should intervene
  more at the preparation stage, e.g. with studies, or at
  the implementation phase, e.g. by financing
  community consultations, evaluations etc.
• Specialize in a few sectors/issues. Don’t need to be a
  big donor to have influence, as long as we are flexible
  and support resolution of key bottlenecks. We must be
  very good at listening to our partners.
  Cofinancing with the WB / Multi-bi
• Reasons: scale-up Swiss experience, influence WB;
  support a WB/Government program that fits well with
  SDC priorities
• Get involved early, if possible at identification stage
• We need to be constructive, not distrustful; but also
  aware that WB staff can be good at promising the blue
  from the sky that later won’t materialize
• Co-financing (WB is responsible for money) vs. parallel
  financing (SDC is responsible for spending money) vs.
  SWAp’s with and without pooled funding
                 Practical issues
• The Bank is managed in a matrix: geographical
  and sector responsibilities
• Who takes what decision:
   –   TTL
   –   Sector Manager
   –   Country Manager
   –   Country Director
• Use of IT, virtual teams: get the right people, they
  don’t need to be based in your country; make
  extensive use of VC facilities
        Instruments of lending
• Investment lending – clear definition of
  interventions, WB procurement, financial
  management rules apply
• Policy-based lending
• Emergency lending after natural catastrophes or
• Capacity building credit as special case of
  investment lending
• Guarantees – important for private sector
• Non-lending instruments, mainly analysis, TA

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