2009 END OF YEAR by yaofenji


									 Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                                            End of Year 2009

Louis Pizitz Middle School                           Vestavia Hills, Alabama               End of Year 2009

                                                                                               Miles' Milestones
From the President’s Pen                  2                                                              David Miles, Principal
Pizitz 2009-10 Registration               4
                                              Wow! Another school year already "in the books"! And not only "in the books,"
Pizitz German Teacher                     7   but another year "for the books" in Pirate Country! Our Pirate Team -- teachers,
Receives Honors                               students and parents -- continues to accumulate undeniable evidence supporting
Pizitz Pirates’ Athletics and          8-9    our claim on the title of Best Middle School in America -- and here's just a sam-
Activities                                    pling of that evidence:
Citizenship Assembly 3rd Nine            10
                                              ♦   Jason Williams was named -- again! -- Metro-South Track Coach of the Year
Partners in Education                    11   ♦   Our Girls Track Team, under Jason Williams, Pat Ogle, and Tim McCaleb -
                                                  won third place in the Metro-South Championships, their highest ranking ever!
Counselor’s Corner                       13
                                                  And our Boys Team won the championship, for the second year in a row!
MATHCOUNTS and Math                    14
Team News                                     ♦   Our sixth grade Math Olympiad team, under Phil Vanderkamp, has com-
                                                  pleted a year's worth of competition, and is ranked among the top 10% in the
DATES OF INTEREST:                                world (yes, you read that correctly, the world!)
                                              ♦   Our own Jackie Mills, seventh grade math teacher, won the very prestigious
• 05.01.09 Enrichment Conference                  Edith May Slyffe Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching. Jackie is the
  “Arts & Humanities”
                                                  third Pizitz math teacher to get this award, which only goes to some 50 teach-
• 05.04.09 PTA Board Luncheon 11:00AM             ers in the US and Canada.
• 05.08.09 PIRATES’ DAY                       ♦   Our SGA, under sponsor Jennifer Young, spearheaded a Relay for Life fund-
                                                  raiser, and your incredible Pizitz student body responded by bringing in over
• 05.12.09 Spring Choir Concert 7:00PM
• 05.14.09 Pizitz PLC Late Start 9:05AM
                                              ♦   Pizitz ITS Angie Wilson has put together our beautiful new website, check it
• 05.14.09 Spring Band Concert 7:00PM             out, if you haven't already.
• 05.20.09 VH School Board Work               ♦   How about our terrific and informative new school marquees? You can thank
  Session - Liberty Park Middle 5:30PM
                                                  yourself for that, for the PTA, under Debra Pound's leadership, paid for both!
• 05.21.09 Last Day for Students

• 07.10.09 Pirates’ Pipeline Back to School   How 'bout them apples?! We are blessed indeed to have so many -- youngsters,
  Issue Deadline
                                              moms and dads, teachers and staff -- who are so ready and eager to work as a
• VHHS 2009-10 Registration for Outgoing      team to provide the very best for our children and community. A huge and heart-
  Pizitz 8th Graders
                                              felt "Thank you!!" from this grey-headed ole' man for just letting me be small part
            07.31.09 - Freshmen
• PIZITZ 2009-10 Registration                 of your work!
           08.04.09 - 8th Graders
                                              Have a safe and restful summer, and we'll see all of you back in our brand-new,
           08.05.09 - 7th Graders
           08.06.09 - 6th Graders             fully renovated beautiful new campus in August!

Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                         End of Year 2009

From the desk of …                                    camaraderie among the office staff. Each day par-
Tom Callahan, Asst. Principal:                        ents and students who stop by the “double-wide”
                                                      are greeted by the smiling and always helpful faces
Dear Parents,
                                                      of Wendy Kusta, Amy Barber, Tricia Vice, and
        Thank you for being so flexible with us
                                                      nurse Sotonia Williams. Thank you to each of you
during our renovation! When construction is           who make our day brighter!
completed and our new main entrance is opened,
we will continue to run morning and afternoon                 I am so grateful to Angie Wilson and Susan
carpool the same way: along the side driveway         Castleberry for the tremendous support this year.
                                                      With their help, PTA has launched our web-site
and on the back loop. Students will continue to
                                                      link and created the e-mail announcement option
enter the gym and lunch room from the side en-
                                                      for parents. Angie acts as our advisor for technol-
trances. The Main Entrance will be for check-in
                                                      ogy needs for the school and Susan helps with a
and check-out during the school day. We will          huge part of the Enrichment conference and our
have ample visitor parking in the front of the        website updates. You are both wonderful to work
school. Numbered spots are reserved for our fac-      with-thank you!
ulty, before and during school. We have added 45
                                                             Our school’s bookkeeper works quietly in
new spots near our back loop and tennis courts.
                                                      the background, but Helen Hickman has played a
Also, please do not pick up or drop off your child
                                                      key role in the financial health and accountability
in the office park behind Pizitz. This is private
                                                      of our PTA. Thank you, Helen for watching our
property, and we do not have supervision there.       monies and being such a good friend to us this
                                       Thank you.     year!
                                                              Thank you, thank you, to our PTA Execu-
        From the President’s Pen…                     tive Board, PTA Committee Chairs and countless
        Debra Pounds, PTA President                   parent Volunteers, who have worked willingly and
                                                      tirelessly on behalf of our PTA and Pizitz Middle
                                                      School this year. You have been incredibly flexible,
      “Dear Pizitz Family,
                                                      as we have undergone some changes as an organi-
        I am wondering where the year has gone.       zation and in the case of construction, sometimes
            This has been a delightful time and I     the venue of your event! Bless you all!
             am truly blessed to have sat in the
                                                              I am so excited to turn this wonderful or-
 President’s seat this year. I wish you all had the
                                                      ganization over to Krista Dennis as next year’s
 perspective I have had, where I have been able
                                                      President. She is a true servant leader, who amidst
 to witness the flourishing relationships between
                                                      an already full and busy life, said “yes” to the call
 our PTA members and our school’s faculty and
                                                      to serve in our school. Krista will do a wonderful
                                                      job leading our PTA.
         Thank you, David Miles, Andy Carpenter,
                                                             I appreciate the opportunity to serve as
 Tom Callahan, teachers, and staff for a wonderful
                                                      President of this wonderful PTA. It has truly been
 year. You keep on giving. It is obvious that you
                                                      an honor to work alongside each of you and I will
 believe in the unseen potential in each child who
                                                      always be grateful for the friendships I have made.
 passes through. Each of us whose children have
 remained under your care and teaching get a
 closer glimpse of what might be the finished         Sincerely,
 product somewhere in a later time. But, you do
 not have that luxury. You act on faith that what     Debra Pounds, PTA President
 you are doing will grow into a vital, wonder-
 filled young adult whose strength of mind and           PTA BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
 character are far beyond what you might see                     Monday, May 4, 2009
 now. Each one of you are “planting trees under                        11:00am
 whose shade you will never sit”.                              Home of Katherine Gorham
         This past year I have been amused by the
Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                  End of Year 2009

                                                   PTA DONATES MARQUEES
                                                    Construction is complete on the new Mar-
                                            quees marking both the front and back entrance to
                                            our school. I hope you all are enjoying reading about
                                            student activities as you enter and leave Pizitz. We
                                            have had so many wonderful and positive comments
                                            from our community about our signs!
                                                     This PTA project was made possible by part-
                                            nership with our school, our administration, the cen-
                                            tral office and our parents and volunteers. It takes a
                                            tremendous cooperative spirit to make a project of
                                            this size go from concept to reality.
                                                     I want to especially thank our Principal,
                                            David Miles and Assistant Principal, Tom Callahan
                                            for their input, guidance and help in bringing all of
                                            the components together.
            OUT WITH THE OLD...
                                                     Thank you to Dr. Jamie Blair, School Super-
                                            intendent, for helping offset some of the funding nec-
                                            essary to bring this technology to the school. Dr.
                                            Connie Bain, Technology Coordinator, and members
                                            of her staff, Kimball Clayton and Gene Gilmore
                                            lent their expertise to the project to guide us in the
                                            installation of the network components. Ed Varden,
                                            School Maintenance Supervisor, was our guiding
                                            hand throughout the building process. It is especially
                                            gratifying to work with so many different depart-
                                            ments within our school system—each with their own
                                            expertise! We really appreciate the central office
                                                Special thanks to Taylor Burton of Taylor Bur-
                                            ton Construction, Robert Thompson of Thompson
                                            Architecture, John Faught of Jenkins Brick for the
                                            donation of materials, time and labor to get this pro-
                                            ject off the ground. Thanks also to Joe Jenkins, of
                                            S.E. Message Centers for guidance and advice along
                                            the way.
                                                Last, but not least, thank you to these committee
                                            members who gave their time, talents and advice
                                            along the way to make this project a success: Krista
                                            Dennis, Beth Nuttall, Robert Thompson, Sandy
              IN WITH THE NEW!              Johnson, Susie Pugh, Marsha Baker and Sandra
                                                And THANK YOU to all parents for supporting
                                            the PTA!
   SUPERVISOR, DAVID MILES, PRINCIPAL AND                  Sincerely,
  DR. JAMIE BLAIR, SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT.                  Debra Pounds, PTA President
Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                               End of Year 2009

         2009-10 PIZITZ REGISTRATION
                                      August 4th, 5th, 6th
Registration forms can be downloaded to your home computer and printed on your printer. These forms should
then be completed and brought to registration at your student’s designated time. No student may complete reg-
istration without these forms. We hope this will save time and money and will supply a more reliable access to
these forms. We expect these forms to be available for download after June 25, 2009. A reminder card will be
mailed to your home during the summer. If you do not have access to a computer, please call the Pizitz Main
Office at 402-5350. Summer office hours are from 7:00-4:00 Monday-Thursday and 7:00-11:00 on Fridays.

                     Registration packets are available on the Pizitz Website
A note from your Principal…
We are looking forward to a great 2009-2010 school year! Please review carefully the important information
and dates below. All 6th-grade students, all students who are new to the Vestavia Hills School System, and
any student who has changed his/her residence within Vestavia must complete an Affidavit for Re-verification
of Student Residence. This affidavit is obtained in the front office at Pizitz when you present the following
documents: (one item from each category listed below – three total items)
         A. Current valid Lease, Warranty Deed, Settlement Statement, or current Property Tax Notice.
         B. Utility bill in your name for the current month showing residence property address.
         C. One other item that ties you to the residence:
            ♦ Proof of residency from the County Registrar of Voters
            ♦ Current vehicle registration showing residence address
            ♦ One other bill mailed to you at your residence address (NOT a phone bill)
            ♦ A cancelled check in your name for the current month showing residence property address
The affidavit may be re-verified and notarized from 7-9am and 4-6pm on the following dates: Tuesday June
16th, June 23rd, July 7th, July 14th at Pizitz Middle School and on Wednesday June 17th, June 24th, July
8th, July 15th at VHHS. Re-verification for all students in the family can be done at the same time. Also, you
will want to be sure and attend our Open House on August 17 at 6:00 p.m. On that night you will meet your
student’s teachers and hear about their class activities and curricula for the coming school year. Again, I look
forward to an exciting school year. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office at
                                                                                 David Miles, Principal
                                 PIZITZ REGISTRATION SCHEDULE
  New students (those who register for school during the summer) are invited to an orientation on Tues-
 day, August 4th at 12:30 p.m. in the Pizitz Media Center. Students from Central attended their orientation
                                  in April, and need not attend this session.

 Please note your ALPHABETICAL TIME LISTING. There will be close to 350 students enrolling in each grade
 period, so PARKING and LINES will be much less congested if everyone comes throughout their assigned hour.

        GRADE                   DAY/DATE                             A thru K        L thru Z
         8th *                  Tuesday, August 4th                   4 PM            5 PM
         7th *                  Wednesday, August 5th                 4 PM            5 PM
         6th *                  Thursday, August 6th                  4 PM            5 PM

 * Siblings may register on the same day provided class schedules are available. However, pre-packaged sup-
 plies will be primarily set up for the grade of that day.

Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                        End of Year 2009

       THANK YOU to our wonderful                      to plan the 8th Grade Party. It will be another
         PTA Committee Chairs                          wonderful event. Thanks Kelly!
         and parent volunteers!                            Pirate’s Day is being planned for May 8th by
                                                       Sabrina Hagen, Polly Perry and Carmen
         Fran Spina has kept her hand on the pulse     Clower. This is a favorite event with our kids and
of the Band and Choral departments this year.          will be so much fun! We all appreciate your hard
Thank you for reporting their needs and activities     work. Thank you, parents for helping out, too.
for PTA this year!                                              Leigh Belcher, as our PTA PIE Rep, has
         Debra Lamb and Kathy Swedenburg have          done an amazing job, contacting our Partners in
been responsible for the                               Education, securing donations, writing thank you
Citizenship      celebrations                          letters, and being so thorough in recognizing our
enjoyed by many of our                                 wonderful business partners! Bill McInnish plays
students this year. Hot                                a vital role in helping our school partner with local
pizza and other goodies                                businesses. Your contribution to PIE is huge and
have made for a fun re-                                we appreciate you!
ward. Thanks!                                                   Thank you, Amy Orr, for keeping us up on
         The Enrichment Conference was held on         Parent Awareness meetings. These are vital to
May 1st. Amy Owen, Elizabeth Dellaccio, Jennifer       parents and the community! And thank you for
Harvey, and Myra Trigger planned a fabulous            bringing water to our Board meetings this year!
event for our children and faculty. The talent                  Donna Porterfield assisted with our
was great and the students really enjoyed a vari-      school’s annual Scoliosis Screening. Our nurse,
ety of events. Everyone enjoyed hearing from           Ms. Williams, always appreciates your help.
Rick Burgess, of the “Rick & Bubba Show” as he         Thank you for helping out this year.
delivered our keynote address. And a big Thank                  Our annual Faculty Appreciation Break-
You to Susan Castleberry for all of her help in        fast, held in April, was planned by Susan Theiss
coordinating the student and speaker schedules.        and MaryLee Wyatt and featured a “Tail-Gate”
    Thank you to Steve Faber for serving as our        theme. Everyone enjoyed a beautiful display of
Faculty Rep this year. His help in organizing Pirate   delicious food. Leta Head coordinated gifts for
Pride night and other events was tremendous.           the Faculty and staff--each one received a Pizitz
         Carol Reed served as our Guidance Rep this    Pirate stadium chair. This was a great event, la-
year. Thank you, Carol for helping us with our pro-    dies!
jects, orientations, and many other important events            Long after we are all gone, Alisa Belcher
throughout the year.                                   will be hosting Pizitz’ End of the Year/Teacher
         Hospitality—Thank you to the hundreds of      Retirement luncheon at the school along with
you who baked and trekked around with dishes and       Principal David Miles. Wonderful food will be
beautiful decorations to make our events inviting      served to give our teachers a last thank you for a
and fun! Kathy Browne and Linda Barnett chaired        good year together. Thanks in advance!
this most-important committee—thank you!                        Erin Burton served as our Foundation
         Missy Kitchens showed up at each of our       Rep for the year. This very important organization
Board meetings this year ready to share an Inspira-    is vital to the health of our school system. Thank
tional Word. Thank you, Missy for always having        you, Erin for your faithful service.
just the right thing to say.                                    Becky Umphrey and Sabra Rodgers are
         Leah Ayers scheduled and coordinated          putting together a fabulous PTA Board luncheon
all of the wonderful, faithful, Library volunteers.    to honor those who have served this year, and
Thank you Leah, and to all of you who give an          welcome our new PTA Board members. Delicious
invaluable service to the school.                      food, served at the beautiful home of Katherine
         Kim Henson reported on happenings at the      Gorham, will be enjoyed by all. Thank you for
Park Board. With so many of us involved in sports      sharing your home and your culinary talents!
and other activities, we appreciate being informed.
         Kelly Bottcher is working with the school
Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                             End of Year 2009

 TSA                                                             On The Easel
 The Pizitz Technology Student Association
 team will be competing in the 31st TSA                  Rising 7th and 8th grade artists now is the time for
 NATIONAL CONFERENCE, June 28– July                   placement in the 8th period Advanced Art/Service Club
 2, 2009 in Denver, Colorado.                         for next year! This class is open to ALL students who
 The Conference Theme this year is "Shape             possess artistic talent and want to share their creations
 the Future". There will be around 2500               with others. A three piece portfolio must be submitted by
 contestants at this competition.                     May 8 to Mr. Larry Gibson for consideration in to the
                                  Bill McInnish       class. These three works will include:
                                                              #1) a self portrait in pencil
                                                              #2) a watercolor rendition of an animal or pet
SUMMER is ALMOST HERE!!                                       #3) an ink drawing of your home or a building
                                                      The 20-25 most outstanding 6th,7th, and 8th graders will
Office/Greeter Desk Volunteers                        be selected for this class.
Needed! Did you know that volunteering at Piz-
itz Middle School doesn't start when the school          The Adv. Art class and 8th grade classes recently
                                                      produced 50 beautiful wheel thrown bowls to donate to
year starts or end when the school year ends; it
                                                      the Magic City Harvest Empty Bowl Project.
goes through the summer as well. We are cur-
rently recruiting volunteers to work in the office       On March 5, several students were invited to attend
and at the new greeter desk for late July through     studio workshops at The University of Montevallo in con-
August. From July 27th until August 7th there         junction with the Alabama Visual Arts
will be two shifts/day; one from 9-12 and the other   Achievement Program. These stu-
                                                      dents were Jamie McClintock, Alexis
from 12-3. Starting August 10th and ending Au-
                                                      Gancayco, Madeline Cawley, and
gust 31st there will be the usual 3 shifts/day; 8-
                                                      Daniel Nagorneac.
10:30, 10:30-1:00 and 1:00-3:00. If you can help
out with 1 or more shifts during that time (this in       The 8th grade classes have en-
no way commits you to the full year), please email    joyed several recent field trips! On
me with your preferences and contact information.     April 15th they visited The Birming-
Also, if you know of someone who will be new to
                                                      ham Botanical Gardens and created a work “en plein
                                                      air” (drawing/painting outdoors.) On March 27th they
Pizitz or an "old-timer" who is coming back and
                                                      traveled to Atlanta to view “ China ’s Terracotta Army” at
think they would like to volunteer, let me know
                                                      The High Museum of Art, toured the CNN studio, and
that as well. I'll be glad to contact them!           later watched the Hawks and the Boston Celtics at Phil-
                                                      ips Arena. Also on March 10 they traveled to Tannehill
Jill Edwards 823-4550                                 Park to tour and draw/paint the old gristmill.

                    Our web address has changed! Visit
                     and checkout our updated website!

Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                     End of Year 2009


PARENT AWARENESS IS CHANGING.....FOR                 The AGP Education Committee awarded their
THE BETTER! MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!                 inaugural "Education Scholarship" to Kathy
Parents, the VHHS PTA and the VHHS admini-           Rogers, long time German teacher at Louis
stration are very happy to announce that the         Pizitz Middle School in Vestavia Hills. Kathy
Parent Awareness meetings will take place the        will represent secondary German teachers
first Wednesday of the month, September              from across the state at both the dinner and
through April, at the Board of Education on          business forum.
Highway 31. These meetings will begin at noon
and end at one, so that if you work, you can         The AlabamaGermany Partnership is an Ala-
still attend the meetings.                           bama non-profit corporation formed in 1998 to
The dates for the meetings are: September            develop and support relationships and friend-
2nd, October 7th, November 4th, December             ships between organizations and individuals
2nd, January 6th, February 3rd, March 3rd and        in Alabama and Germany.
April 7th.
                                                     The AlabamaGermany Partnership will cele-
As always, we have scheduled outstanding
speakers who will address relevant topics and        brate 11 years with the theme “Continuous
advise us on how to be an informed and re-           Improvement” at its annual dinner and busi-
sponsible parent in today's world.                   ness forum April 23-24 at the Renaissance
At our September 2nd meeting, Cas McWaters           Montgomery Hotel and Spa at the Convention
and David Howard will present the results            Center.
from the Pride survey. The presentation of
                                                     This annual event provides the opportunity for
these results will lay the foundation for the
topics we will cover during the school year, as      German businesses, educators, economic de-
we discuss pertinent issues and dangers that         velopers, and other members of the Alabam-
our children face on a daily basis.                  aGermany Partnership (AGP) to meet and
We look forward to an awesome year! If you           network with each other. Ms. Rogers is the
need more information, please contact JoAnne         first recipient of this inaugural scholarship pro-
Dorr 298-0774 or 370-3871                            vided by the Education Committee of the

                                                     Congratulations to our very own outstanding
  PIRATE’S DAY                                       German Teacher, Frau Kathy Rogers for re-
    FRIDAY MAY 8TH                                   ceiving this award.
 Reminder postcards have been                        For more information about The AlabamaGer-
 sent to those who signed up at
                                                     many Partnership, please visit the AGP web-
  registration to help. If you did not sign up but
   would like to help, contact Sabrina Hagen at      site: www.alabamagermany.org.
      dewhagen@bellsouth.net or 824-0045.
Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                 End of Year 2009

                                                     VOLLEYBALL TRYOUTS
  Douglas Burke
  Will Green                                         Tryouts for volleyball are April 27-29 for ris-
  David Henson                                       ing 7th graders and one more day for rising 8th
  Graham Spain                                       graders on May 21st.
  Tripp Spain                                                                       Coach Bridgman
  Gage Sumner
  Chase Trigger
  Will Walker                                          2009-2010 PIRATE GIRLS
  Josh Wall
  Thomas Woods
                                                               Congratulations to the
  THE BOYS GOLF TEAM IS UNDEFEATED SO FAR!                    2009-2010 Pirate Girls!!
                                                            Maria Alonso, Madison Browne,
                                                             Joan Cartledge, Abbey Donze,
                                                          Meredith Edwards, Morgan Evans,
  Grace Chandler                                            Amelia Haston, Bailey Holston,
  Anna Dennis                                             Brooklyn Hornbuckle, Mary Kash,
  Chandler Howard                                      Margo King, Juliana Kirby, Nolen Moore,
  Amber Huie                                               Lindsey Nelson, Christian Queen,
  Alisa Lamar                                            Taylor Ransom, Meagan Richardson,
  Anna Vorster                                             Sydney Shamblin, Emma Simon,
                                                          Embee Tatum, Lauren Thackerson,
  THE TEAM CONCLUDED THEIR YEAR AT                     Kelly Wilson, & Margot Blair Woolverton
                                                     Boys Basketball Spring Training
  TENNIS ANYONE?                                            Join us for Spring training for
                                                                   Boys Basketball
  The Boys and Girls Tennis teams did an excel-                   6th & 7th graders!
  lent job this year! They were very busy with ei-
  ther a match or practice everyday. They both             When: 7th grade, May 5-7 & 12-14
  ended with a 5-2 season. On Saturday, April 11,                6th grade, May 12-14
  both tennis teams competed in the Metro-South
  Tournament at Spain Park. They competed                  Times: 7th grade, 3:05-4:30
  against 11 other schools from the Birmingham                   6th grade, 4:30-6:00
  area. The girls placed 3rd, and the boys placed
  4th. The All- Metro players for this year were       Where: At Pizitz, first week in Old gym,
  Katherine Shunnarah, Kristen Romano, Jake                 second week in New gym.
  Bivin, and Garrett Fallon.                                       Coach Wyman

  Congratulations to everyone on a great season!
  Coach Rives and Coach Orr
Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                              End of Year 2009

                    Congratulations to the 2009-2010 Pizitz Middle School Football/Basketball Cheerleaders!
                                                                   We are looking forward to cheering for
  8th Grade Squad members         7th Grade Squad members
                                                                   our Mighty Pirates! To get ready for
  Devon Askins                    Ann Martin Alexander
                                                                   our 2009-2010 school year we will at-
  Emilee Benos                    Elizabeth Bennett
                                                                   tend a Team Building Ropes Course in
  Hannah Dean                     Carley Bivin
                                                                   May and Universal Cheerleaders Asso-
  Joanna Gaylard                  Gianna Blaudeau
                                                                   ciation Summer Camp in June.
  Emma Henry                      Carter Bozzelli
  Allison Howell                  Katie Brown
                                                                          A special THANK YOU to
  Addie Irvin                     Kate Bryan
                                                                            our 2009-2010 Sponsors:
  Haley Laywer                    Hannah Echols
  Sarah Caroline Padgett          Taylor Evans                            Bruster’s Ice Cream Vestavia
  Anna Cate Parker                Libby Franks                           El Poblano Mexican Restaurant
  Caroline Parrish                Haley Gentry                                     and Catering
  Addie Prewitt                   Pate Hudson                        Hays, Cheatwood, Cornelius- Electrical
  Haley Roth                      Savannah McCallam                           Consulting Engineers
  Alex Tankersley                 Caroline Tieszen                                 King Cotton
                                                                      J.R. Prewitt and Associates Insurance
                                                                         Marsh, Rickard, and Bryan, P.C
MAJORETTE NEWS                                                       McCallum, Methvin, and Terrell, P.C.
                                                                              Snap Fitness Vestavia
Congratulations to the newly elected
2009-2010 Majorettes!

                Grace Albright
                                                              TRACK AND FIELD
               Alaina Esclavon
                Ashley Hagen
                                                        Any current 6th or 7th grader interested in running on
               Margaret Ireland                         next year's Cross Country team will need to attend an
                 Kelsey Peake                           informational meeting on Tuesday, April 28th @ 3:15 in
                  Grace Pike                            Coach Williams' classroom (#148). Parents are wel-
               Hayden Yendle                            come to attend.

        We will begin after school practices            The Track & Field team is concluding another successful
at the end of April to get ready for a fun-             spring season. The team placed in the following meets:
filled week of Majorette Summer Camp June
8th-11th! The girls are also looking forward                               Hoover Invitational:
to trip to Camp Coleman with the Dance                                       Boy's 3rd place
Team, Cheerleaders, and Pirate Girls in                                    Auburn Invitational:
May. It will be a day of team building activi-                     Girls' & Boy's both won 1st place
ties and making new friends!                                               Mtn. Brook Relays:
                                                                   Boy's 1st place, Girl's 2nd place
        I look forward to working with this                              Mtn. Brook Invitational:
wonderful group of girls! I know it will be a
                                                                    Girl's & Boy's both 2nd place
year filled with great memories and lasting
friendships! For my current 8th graders, I
wish you the best of luck in all you future             FIVE (5) School records were broken or tied so far this
endeavors at VHHS! You will be missed!                  season. The team will conclude it's season at the Metro
                                                        Championship meet on April 20 @ Vestavia Hills High
Please continue to support the majorettes               School.
by buying Krispy Kreme donuts every
TUESDAY morning for 50 cents each!                      Go Pirates!
                               Rachel Rives             Jason Williams                                            9
Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                       End of Year 2009

                          Citizenship Assembly - 3rd Nine Weeks - March, 2009

                       6th Grade                    7th Grade                  8th Grade
                       Debbie Van Camp              Maria Alonso               Anna Barber
                       Nels Coker                   Claire Chen                Bailey Cadden
                       Scott Hardy                  Ry Esdale                  Hall Cartledge
                       Bobby Johnson                Reed Irwin                 Cayman Crowder
                       Mark Jones                   Eric Johns                 Marilyn Gray
                       Anna Michaels                Walt Johnson               Mary Elizabeth Harmon
                       Emily Mince                  Julia Kimbrough            Andrew Korn
                       Mary Kash                    Jack McDaniel              Nicole Lamb
                       Robert Sorrell               Lindsey McMahon            Connor Porterfield
                       Lillie Stephens              Alecia Moran               Ju Ju Ross
                       Anna Wall                    Josh Wall                  Christian Sitarz
                       Watterson Young              Hayden Yendle              Joseph Timberlake
                                                                               Kaustub Udipi
                                                                               Caroline Vinson
                                                                               Joe Joe Williams
 NEWS FROM OUR NURSE                                                           Connie Yen

 Please remember to come by the health room
 to pick up all medication before the last day of
 school. All medicines not picked up will be
 destroyed per Alabama state law.
 Also, your child’s blue immunization form may          Yearbook Ads
 expire over the summer; if so, look for a re-
 minder coming home with your student at the            Ad space for the 2010 Pizitz Yearbook, the
 end of the school year.                                PIRIVIA, is now on sale. If you are interested
 If your child will be on prescription medicine         in purchasing an ad in the PIRIVIA, please
 this fall, please pick up a medication form or         contact the adviser, Mrs. Button Smith, to ob-
 down load one from the website, and have the           tain ad guidelines and an ad contract. Ad
 doctor sign it for the upcoming school year.           prices range from $65 to $225, depending
 NO FAX FORMS will be accepted in the next
                                                        upon the size of the ad. All contracts, pay-
 school year per Alabama state law. Remem-
 ber, any over-the-counter medication (Tylenol,         ments, CDs, and wording must be received by
 Advil, etc.) must be in its unopened, original         Mrs. Smith no later than 3:05 P.M., Thursday,
 container.                                             October 1, 2009. No ads will be accepted af-
 Thank you for your cooperation and have a              ter this time. Please contact Mrs. Button
 healthy and safe summer.                               Smith       at    402       -    5350       or
                                                        smithel@vestavia.k12.al.us if you have ques-
 S. Williams
 School Nurse

Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                   End of Year 2009

                                                              THANK YOU to the following
       Pizitz PTA $ at Work                                   businesses for their partner-
             2008-2009                                       ship with Pizitz Middle School
                                                               by their participation as
Academic Teachers                    $5,604.00        2008-2009 Partners in Education:
Academic Support                        267.00
Asst. Principal /Testing              4,432.00             Adkins On Time Electric
Art                                   1,598.00                Bill Miller Photo
Band                                  2,023.00               Bruster's Ice Cream
Counselor Support                       471.00
                                                             Chick-fil-A, Hoover
Drama                                 1,219.00
Exceptional Ed                        1,973.00           Clark Browne Orthodontics
Foreign Language                        190.00    Eye Care Associates, Dr. Lynn Hammonds
Health Room                             414.00     Guthrie’s Golden Fried Chicken Fingers
Media Center                          1,334.00                  Jenkins Brick
Office                                  845.00
                                                             The Koch Family for
Speech                                  248.00
ISS                                     853.00
                                                          Koch Aesthetic Dentistry
Technology/Tech Lab                   1,999.00       Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Hoover
Scholar’s Bowl                          295.00                Magic City Webs
Special Projects (School-wide)                               McAlister's Hoover
           DVD Players               $4,248.00                Milestone Books
           Laptop / Software
                                                       Piggly Wiggly- Virciglio Group
           Webmaster                    989.00
           Sound System (Old Gym) 6,288.00                      Pinnacle Bank
           Microphones (Old Gym) 10,247.00                          Publix
           Media Center Screen        2,360.00        Sarver and Yanosky Orthodontics
           Installation TV                                     Sharp Cleaners
           Monitor/Cover Old Gym      3,600.00
                                                         Taylor Burton Construction
           Team Impact Assembly         500.00
           Teacher Appreciation Gifts 1,695.00
                                                               Tidmore Flags
           Two Marquees              30,791.00             Thompson Architecture
           Mobile Computer Lab       11,000.00            Vestavia Learning Center
                                                          Vestavia Fire Department
Total Special Projects             $71,718.00
                                                 Warren, Averett, Kimbrough, & Marino, LLC
                                                        To find out more about becoming a
Total Annual Projects              $95,483.00           Partner in Education, please contact
                                                 Leigh Belcher @ 967-3536 - leighbelcher5@charter.net
                                                 or Brad Clement 410-3735 - bclement@realtysouth.com
Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                     End of Year 2009

                    PIZITZ PIRATE                    VOLLEYBALL/WRESTLING
                     “TREASURES”                         CHEERLEADERS
                    DANCE TEAM
                                                   Congratulations to the following
                                                   young ladies who will be apart of
          The Pizitz Pirate “Treasures” Dance      the 2009-2010 Volleyball/Wrestling
          Team has already started practicing      Cheerleading Squad!
after school in preparation for our UDA Summer
Camp that we will attend June 8 - 12. We had       Kaori Amarilla
a wonderful time with the Pizitz Cheerleaders,     Anna Grace Beck
Majorettes and Pirate Girls at our annual team-    Madison Culbreth
building activity at Camp Coleman.        Team     Anna Kate Edwards
members are excited about dancing, making          Amanda Fitzgerald
friends, and supporting our school and commu-      Madison Harvey
nity.                                              Alisa Lamar
        We have located some wonderful spon-       Haley Miller
sors for this year’s team. Please join us in       Kelsi Olcott
showing appreciation with your patronage.          Nicole Pierluisi
                                                   Maci Sadler
                                                   Madeline Zaragoza
       •   Alabama Pain
       •   Birmingham Obstetrics/Gynecology        We will be attending UCA camp this
       •   Greg and Laura Champion                 summer in Auburn from
       •   Donahue and Associates                  June 10 — June 13!!
       •   Fun Stuff                               Courtney Simmons, Sponsor
       •   Issis and Sons Oriental Carpets
       •   Local Hearing Aid Service ~Vestavia
           Hills~                                 Pizitz Powerline News
       •   Los Arcos Mexican Grill
       •   Mr. Wang’s Restaurant                  We would like to thank the 2008-2009 Powerline
       •   PKA Architects, Inc.                   staff for their outstanding job this year. In addi-
       •   Rocky Ridge Animal Clinic              tion to creating quality daily broadcasts, this
       •   Sarver and Yanosky Orthodontics        staff showed responsibility, flexibility, and coop-
       •   Verizon Wireless                       eration while our school was under construction.
       •   The Snow Family                        Many thanks to the following students:
       •   The Thornton Family
                                                  Macy Blackburn, Layton Dyess, Haley Ev-
       Thank you for continuing to support our    ans, Maria Inman, Nicole Lamb, Hannah
team by purchasing Chick Fil A Biscuits on Fri-   Moss, Emma Rohrer, Maddie Shepherd,
day mornings. Chicken biscuits are $3.00, Sau-    and Haylee Traylor!
sage biscuits are $2.50 and Orange Juice is
$1.00.                                            The application process for the 2009-2010 Pow-
                                                  erline staff is still underway, but we look forward
Please visit our web site at:                     to building another great Powerline staff.
                                                  Make sure to tune us in at Pizitz Radio FM
                                                  95.1 next August!
Susan Castleberry
                                                  Susan Castleberry and Bill McInnish
Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                   End of Year 2009

                                                 call local plants to see if they offer tours.
                                                 You can also ask your local chamber of
                                                 commerce about historic sites in your
                    SUMMER LEARNING              town, such as battlefields and famous
                        Summer       vacation
                        gives students a
                                                 (Taken from Resources for Educators, a
                        chance to relax and
                                                 division of Aspen Publishers, Inc.)
                        recharge for a new
                        school     year.  But
                                                 6th grade counselor Pam Hess 402-5370
                        studies show that
                                                 7th grade counselor Susie Carlson 402-5369
                        children can lose one    8th grade counselor Carol Reed 402-5368
                        to two months’ worth                 Counseling secretary
                        of skills during the              Sharon Shaddix 402-5371
                        break. Luckily, par-
                        ents can help keep
their middle graders learning all summer long
with ideas like these.
                                                 2009 Miss Dogwood
Read great books
Encourage your child to start on summer          Pageant Winners
reading right away. Library waiting lists for
popular books can grow quickly, so have him      For the past 31 years, young
sign up early for ones he wants to read. If      women from our community
he’s stuck for ideas, he can ask friends what    have joined together in fun and
                                                 good spirit to compete in the Miss Dogwood Pag-
they’ve enjoyed. Or suggest that he look
                                                 eant which is a local youth development program
online     at     Web      sites    such   as    designed to give young ladies early goals in poise,
www.bookadventure.org or www.bookspot.com        appearance, social grace, and public speaking.
for best sellers, reviews, and book clubs.
                                                 On Saturday March 28th, 52 of our city's most dy-
Explore how things work                          namic young women competed for the exciting
Does your youngster know how planes fly? He      titles of Miss Dogwood Princess, Jr. Miss Dog-
can find instructions for making paper air-      wood and Miss Dogwood 2009!
planes at http://science.howstuffworks.com .
He and a friend might experiment with dif-       Congratulations to the young ladies at Pizitz and all
ferent designs                                   of the winners!
and then hold a paper airplane contest. For
explanations of how things like metal detec-              Jr. Miss Dogwood - Grace Baker
tors, polarized sunglasses, and fax machines
                                                    7th Grade 1st runner up - Mary Jane Young
work, have him check out The New Way
Things Work by David Macaulay.                            Miss Photogenic - Grace Baker

Discover your town                                     6th Grade Princess - Curran Umphrey
Look for unusual, educational places to visit.
You might tour a factory that makes interest-    Traci Zieverink
ing products (candy, glass). Find a list at      Miss Dogwood Pageant Director
www.factorytoursusa.com, or have your child      969-3336(home) 266-4181(cell & text)

Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                        End of Year 2009

                                                      Botong Ma, Yash Patel, Yue Shen, Patrick Sipe, Jes-
MATHCOUNTS                                            sica Sun, Manik Thorgaripally, Hebing Wang, Jenni-
and Math Team News                                    fer Weikard, JoeJoe Williams, Connie Yen, Gene Yu,
                                                      Tony Zeng, and Sis Zheng, and seventh graders
The Pizitz MATHCOUNTS Team placed first again         Pushkar Aggarwal, Claire Chen, Kelly Chen, Cody
                                                      Duan, Joey Hammers, Siyin Han, Gennie Huang,
at the state competition in
                                                      Silin Li, Andrea Lin, Jimmy Liu, Wendi Lu, Austin
Birmingham in March. The
team members are Farhan                               Owen, Jack Patton, Patrick Sanders, Ziqi Wang,
                                                      Sophie Wu, Emmy Ye, and Jamie Zhang. Out-
Khan, Botong Ma, Gene Yu and
                                                      standing Math Team Awards were presented to
Tony Zeng. Botong placed
                                                      eighth graders Gene Yu and Tony Zeng and sev-
fifth in the state, Gene placed
                                                      enth graders Pushkar Aggarwal and Jimmy Liu    Liu.
tenth in the state, and Tony
                                                      The Sixth Grade Math Team and Math Olympiads
Zeng placed first in the state.
                                                      Awards will be presented at the awards assembly
Being one of the top four in the state, Tony won a
                                                      in May.
slot on Alabama’s state team, earning an all-
expense paid trip to Orlando, FL for the national
                                                      Applications for the 2009-2010 math teams are
competition in May, as well as $100, and a graph-
                                                      now available for rising seventh and eighth grad-
ing calculator.
                                                      ers. Interested students may get an application
                                                      from Mrs. Mills in room 211. Summer practice for
The Pizitz Math Teams continue to win at tourna-
                                                      7th and 8th Math Teams will be held June 22-25
ments in Alabama and Georgia, with the Pizitz
                                                      from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Information and applica-
Seventh Grade (Pre-Algebra) Team receiving first
                                                      tions for the 2009-2010 Sixth Grade Team will be
place at each competition during 2008-2009. The
                                                      available in mid-August. Please email coaches
Sixth Grade Team won 1st place at the Pizitz Math
                                                      Nancy Chilton (6th & 8th) at chil-
Tournament. The Sixth Grade Team, along with
                                                      tonnm@vestavia.k12.al.us or Jackie Mills (7th) at
the Seventh and Eighth Grade Teams placed first
                                                      millsjb@vestavia.k12.al.us for more information.
at the Berry-Simmons Tournament. The Seventh
Grade and Eighth Grade Teams each placed first
at the Hoover High School Tournament and at the
GACS Tournament in Georgia. At the Grissom             Our student policies are reviewed annually
High School Tournament, the Eighth Grade Team                by staff, parents, and students.
placed second, and the Seventh Grade Team                  We welcome your suggestions or
placed first.                                            comments about the Student Code of
                                                      Conduct, Student Attendance Policies, or the
                                                           Pizitz Student Dress Code. Please
For the first time, the Pizitz math teams partici-
                                                          E-mail comments to Mr. Callahan at
pated in the year-long MathFax on-line math com-
petition. Both the Algebra I and Pre-Algebra                  or call 402-5373. Thank you.
teams won first place in Division 4. The 6th Grade
Team came in second place. Tony Zeng and
Jimmy Liu received individual trophies as the Al-      Interested in Boy Scouts?          Fifth and Sixth
gebra I Division 4 Champion and the Pre-Algebra        grade boys can join Boy Scouts of America to launch
Division 4 Champion, respectively.                     their path toward Eagle Scout! Based at VHUMC for
                                                       the past 50 years, Troop 4 is home to about 40 scouts
The Seventh and Eighth Grade Teams concluded a         ages 11 to 18. Call 205-823-2720 or email
successful year with the Math Teams Award Ban-         Troop4@charter.net for more information. Brochures
quet on April 14. Participation trophies were pre-     are also available through your school counselor.
sented to eighth graders Wendy Feng, Yifan Guo,
                                                       Open enrollment until May 10th!
Farhan Khan, Pent Korjedee, Amy Li, Evan Li     Li,
Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                                         End of Year 2009

                             8th Graders to HIGH SCHOOL
                                          VHHS Registration 2009
                          SENIORS                JUNIORS              SOPHOMORES               FRESHMEN
                         July 28, 2009          July 29, 2009          July 30, 2009           July 31, 2009
                           Tuesday               Wednesday               Thursday                  Friday
   Last name be-
                     10:00 – 11:00 a.m.       10:00 – 11:00 a.m.    10:00 – 11:00 a.m.      10:00 – 11:00 a.m.
   gins with A - L
   Last name be-
                     11:00 – 12:00 p.m.       11:00 – 12:00 p.m.    11:00 – 12:00 p.m.      11:00 – 12:00 p.m.
   gins with M - Z
                                 VHHS REGISTRATION WILL BEGIN IN THE NEW GYM
       VHHS Registration Packets are available on the high school website. Print, complete and bring to registration.
                         Students will only be allowed to register during the dates and times listed above.
               Failure to register at the designated times may result in you not receiving your requested courses
      or parking privileges. Make-up registration for all grades will be Monday, August 3, 2008 from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
                Pictures for everyone will be made during registration. Seniors can wear school approved attire.
                        Alabama Law requires school funds to remain separate from other fees collected.
                                  Therefore you may need up to four checks at registration.
         Any parent interested in volunteering during VHHS registration needs to e-mail your class coordinator
         by Friday, May 15th. The class coordinators information is listed below and she will respond to your
         request and give you more information. This year the volunteers will register their child or children at
         8:30 the morning that their child’s class registers. This is a change from last year, when all volunteers
         registered the same day. You will then be expected to work two days, one early morning shift to regis-
         ter another grades volunteers and the day that your child’s class is registering. Because we have a lim-
         ited number of positions available, if more people volunteer than is needed, extra names will go on a
         waiting list.
                                      SENIOR: Julie Duckworth                       juduck@bellsouth.net
                                      JUNIOR: Donna Porterfield                     daporterfield@charter.net
                                      SOPHMORE: Mary Ann Sherman                    mads1024@bellsouth.net
                                      FRESHMAN: Myra Trigger                        rtrigger@charter.net

 Gifted Education
 For rising 6th and 7th grade students participating in the gifted program – GEP (Gifted Education Plan)
 meetings for the 2009-2010 school year have been held. Mr. Brock and Mrs. Castleberry enjoyed meeting
 students and parents, and describing our new program options for next year. If you have not, please remem-
 ber to contact one of us about specifics regarding your child’s individual plans before the end of this school
 Current 6th and 7th grade gifted students finished their last compacting cycle. Students either created Web-
 quests, or a City of the Future, incorporating SketchUp.
 During the summer, if you need information about the Gifted Education referral process, please contact one
 of our guidance counselors. Please visit one of our web pages for more information:
 www.quia.com/pages/7thgifted.html                          www.quia.com/pages/brockgifted6.html

                                         Stratton Brock and Susan Castleberry                                       15
Pirates’ Pipeline                                                                                                            End of Year 2009

                        VESTAVIA HILLS CITY SCHOOLS
                          2008-2009 School Calendar

  May   14             Vestavia City Schools PLC Late Start
  May   20             School Board Work Session - LPMS 5:30pm
  May   21             Last day for students
  May   22             Last day for teachers

  “It is the official policy of the Vestavia Hills Board of Education that no person shall, on the   Pirates’ Pipeline is published by the
  grounds of race, color, disability, sex, religion, national origin, or age, be excluded from       Pizitz PTA to provide information on
  participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any pro-        school activities and events.
  gram, activity, or employment.”

                                                                                                          Please e-mail articles to:
 Vestavia Hills City Schools Foundation Announces...                                                   pizitz.pipeline@yahoo.com
 2009-10 Officers and Board Members
                                                                                                             Back to School
 Stephen Christie has been elected President of the Vestavia Hills
 City Schools Foundation for 2009-10. Ashley Thomson is Vice                                                  DEADLINE:
 President, Pauline Parker, Secretary, Stephen Schaaf is Treasurer,                                          July 10th, 2009
 and Lisa Lovell is Past President. Board Members are: Vic
 Adamo, Cindy Adams, Barry Brown, Erin Burton, Martha Cook,                                          Questions? Judy Cvetetic 240.4574
 Allen Dunn, Tahara Evans, Scott Ferguson, Carla Gale, Tripp Haston,
 Catherine Hogewood, David Miles, Jim Moss, Hopson Nance, John Smyth,
 Lindy Walker and Mark Yanosky.                Please visit our website at                              PIZITZ Phone Number
 www.vestaviafoundation.org for more information.                                                             402-5350

                                                                                                              Dated Material. Please deliver by May 4

                                                                                                             Address Service Requested

                                                                                                      Vestavia Hills, AL 35216
         Permit No. 85
                                                                                                      2020 Pizitz Drive
         Birmingham, AL
                                                                                                      Louis Pizitz School
         U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                                      Vestavia Hills Board of Education
         NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                      Pirates’ Pipeline

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