Sicily,                       the               AmAlfi coASt & Rome
                                                                                “We celebrated our 25th anniversary on this
                                                                                cruise and it was well beyond our expectations.
                                                                               Your wonderful tour guides made sure everything
                                                                              ran smoothly and it was so nice to have everything
                                                                               included. We really felt like the King and Queen
                                                                               for the entire trip! – Peggy and Mark Quiniff, IL


                                                                                Maximum Elevation: 1,200 ft.
                                                                                                                Naples    Ravello

                                                                              MEDITERRANEAN SEA                      LIPARI
                                                                                           Castellammare           Palermo         Taormina
                                                                                                   Erice                  Mt. Etna


                                                                                voyage at a Glance
                                                                                M 7 Cruise Days aboard Le Ponant
Whether you are sailing into an idyllic island harbor or gazing down at the     DAy           DeStinAtion/hotel
sea from the cliffs of Taormina, Le Ponant makes it even more memorable
                                                                                	    1	     Arrive Rome / Hotel Majestic Roma
                                                                                     2	     Rome
                                                                                M 3	        Embark	Naples
                                                                                M 4	        Amalfi	Coast
                                                                                M 5	        Lipari	– 1/2 Day at Sea
                                                                                M 6	        Castellammare (Segesta	&	Erice)
                                                                                M 7	        Palermo	– 1/2 Day at Sea
                                                                                M 8	        Taormina
                                                                                M	 9	       Siracusa
                                                                                	    10	 Disembark	Valletta	/	Hotel Phoenicia Malta
                                                                                	    11			Depart Malta

                                                                       Tauck	Value	Includes:
                                                                       •		 ll	gratuities	to	Tauck	Director,	ship	staff	and	local	guides

                                                                       •		 rivate	Tauck	Shore	Excursions	–	$960	Value!

                                                                       •		 xclusive	after-hours	visit	to	the	Vatican	Museums	&	the	
                                                                          Sistine	Chapel	–	without	crowds	–	during	a	two-night	
                                                                          stay	in	Rome	at	the	Hotel	Majestic	Roma,	located	on	the	
                                                                          famous	Via	Veneto

                                                                       •		 pecial	Tauck	Experiences	include	traditional	Sicilian	
                                                                          entertainment,	a	night	sail	by	the	volcanic	island	of	
                                                                          Stromboli	and	a	visit	to	the	well-preserved	ruins	of	
                                                                       •		 board	ship	–	daily	cocktail	hour,	all-day	soft	drinks	and	
                                                                         wine	with	dinner
1. ARRive Rome                                                         •		 irport	transfers	upon	arrival	and	departure	as	noted
Tour begins: 6:30 PM, Hotel Majestic Roma.	A	transfer	is	included	
                                                                       •		 7	meals	(10	breakfasts,	8	lunches,	9	dinners);	service	
from	Rome’s	Leonardo	da	Vinci	Airport	in	Fiumicino	to	Hotel	
                                                                          charges,	applicable	fuel	surcharges,	taxes	and	porterage
Majestic	Roma	on	the	fashionable	Via	Veneto.	Join	us	for	a	
welcome	cocktail	reception	and	dinner	tonight.	Meals D

2. inSiDe Rome &           the    vAticAn
A	morning	orientation	tour	with	a	local	guide	offers	a	great	        and	cathedral	above	the	harbor;	see	them	today.	Tonight,	sail	
overview	of	Rome’s	landmark	sights,	including	the	Roman	             by	the	constantly	active	volcanic	island	of	Stromboli	–	its	fiery	
Forum	and	a	visit	to	the	Colosseum.	Free	time	precedes	a	very	       nighttime	show	is	a	truly	unforgettable	sight!	Meals BLD
special	Tauck Exclusive Experience:	a	guided	after-hours	tour	of	
the	Vatican	Museums	and	the	Sistine	Chapel	–	without	the	usual	
                                                                     6. M AntiquitieS            AnD     ARtifActS        of   Sicily
crowds	or	long	lines.	Meals B
                                                                     Dock	in	Castellammare	for	a	drive	to	Segesta.	A	major	city	in	
                                                                     its	heyday,	this	ancient	Sicilian	stronghold	was	the	site	of	many	
3. heRculAneum / M embARk le PonAnt                                  conflicts	between	conquering	powers	of	the	earliest	centuries	
Depart	Rome	for	a	journey	over	land	to	Naples,	stopping	at	the	
archaeological	site	of	Herculaneum.	While	Pompeii	is	the	most	
famous	of	the	cities	destroyed	by	an	eruption	of	Mt.	Vesuvius	
in	79	AD,	the	ruins	of	upscale	Herculaneum,	buried	that	same	
day,	are	better	preserved.	Enjoy	a	traditional	Neapolitan	lunch	
at	a	local	restaurant	and	a	sightseeing	tour	of	Naples,	before	
embarking	your	luxury	yacht,	Le Ponant.	Meals BLD

4. M the incomPARAble AmAlfi coASt
The	whitewashed	villas	and	astounding	sea	views	along	the	
Amalfi	Coast	are	the	stuff	of	picture	books.	Venture	ashore	
in	Amalfi	on	the	Bay	of	Salerno	for	a	guided	walk	through	
town	and	a	visit	to	its	cathedral.	Take	a	winding	drive	past	
villa-	and	vine-draped	hills	to	cliff-top	Ravello;	explore	the	
Alhambra-inspired	Villa	Rufolo	before	enjoying	a	lunch	of	local	
seasonal	specialties	in	Ravello!	After	free	time,	return	to	Le
Ponant and	set	sail	for	the	Aeolian	Islands.	Meals BLD

5. M enjoy       the   PleASuReS       of   liPARi
Largest	of	the	Aeolian	Islands,	Lipari	sits	on	red	volcanic	rock;	
archaeological	remains	found	here	include	Neolithic	stones,	
Greek	walls	and	Roman	villas.	The	Spaniards	built	the	castello	      Your visit to Villa Rufolo entices with a glimpse of daily life in Ravello

Call your travel agent or Tauck at 800-468-2825                                                                      33
                                                                       Greeks	and	completed	by	the	Romans.	Visit	the	old	town	and	
                                                                       take	a	stroll	along	Corso	Umberto,	Taormina’s	beautiful	main	
                                                                       walkway	lined	with	sidewalk	restaurants	and	boutiques.	Time	at	
                                                                       leisure	invites	independent	exploration	of	this	wonderful	town.	
                                                                       Have	dinner	at	sea,	bound	for	Siracusa.	Meals BLD

                                                                       9. M SAvoR       the   DAy     At   SiRAcuSA, Sicily
                                                                       Le Ponant	docks	at	Ortigia	off	Siracusa	today.	Once	the	most	
                                                                       important	and	powerful	Greek	city,	Siracusa	fell	to	the	Romans	
                                                                       in	211	BC.	Take	a	walking	tour	of	Ortigia;	visit	the	Neapolis	
                                                                       Parco	Archeologico	and	Teatro	Greco,	where	the	great	Greek	
                                                                       playwrights	staged	their	works;	explore	Latomia	del	Paradiso.	
                                                                       After	spending	some	free	time	on	Ortigia,	perhaps	taking	the	
                                                                       opportunity	to	see	the	sixth-century	Temple	of	Apollo	and	the	
                                                                       Duomo,	a	unique	example	of	Sicilian	Baroque	architecture,	
                                                                       return	to	Le Ponant for	dinner	at	sea.	Meals BLD

                                                                       10. DiSembARk le PonAnt / mAltA
                                                                       Disembark	Le Ponant	in	Valletta,	the	lovely	Maltese	capital	that	
                                                                       was	founded	in	the	16th	century	by	the	Knights	of	St.	John.	Take	
Get a close-up look at volcanic Stromboli as your ship captain         a	guided	tour	of	Malta	that	includes	the	medieval	walled	city	of	
positions Le Ponant for some amazing views                             Mdina	and	a	drive	around	St.	Julian’s	Bay.	Return	to	Valletta	for	

and	few	ancient	vestiges	remain	intact	–	with	the	exception	
of	the	Tempio	(Temple)	of	Segesta.	Dating	back	to	426	BC,	
the	full-size	temple	boasts	36	remarkably	preserved	Doric	
columns	which	still	support	the	structure;	the	interior	was	never	
completed	presumably	because	of	the	almost	constant	conflicts	
the	town	endured	in	ancient	times.	When	you	see	the	views	from	
here,	it	is	easier	to	understand	why	so	many	powers	wanted	to	
control	this	place!	Continue	on	to	the	enchanting	medieval	city	of	
Erice,	suspended	above	the	sea	and	surrounded	by	Punic	and	
Norman	fortifications	–	Baroque	balconies	and	flowering	vines	
line	its	narrow	streets.	Ride	a	cable	car	to	nearby	Trapani	en	
route	back	to	Le Ponant.	Dock	in	Palermo	tonight.	Meals BLD

7. M DiScoveR PAleRmo
In	1768,	the	German	Romantic	poet	Goethe	remarked	that	the	
best	way	to	appreciate	Palermo	for	the	first	time	is	by	an	arrival	
at	sea.	We	think	you’ll	agree.	Set	in	a	natural	amphitheatre	at	the	
foot	of	Monte	Pellegrino,	Palermo	was	once	Europe’s	grandest	
city.	Go	ashore	for	a	sightseeing	tour	that	takes	you	to	see	the	
Cathedral,	Porto	Nuovo,	the	Palazzo	dei	Normani	and	Fontana	
Pretoria.	Local	entertainment	aboard	Le Ponant showcases	
Sicilian	traditions	before	sailing	for	Taormina	on	Sicily’s	
northeastern	coast.	Meals BLD

8. M exPloRe hiStoRic tAoRminA
Views	of	Mt.	Etna	astound	as	you	approach	Taormina,	clinging	to	
the	cliffs	high	above	the	sea.	A	delight	to	visit,	Taormina	boasts	
white-sand	beaches	and	fascinating	relics	of	centuries	past.	
Anchor	at	Giardini-Naxos	and	ride	a	tender	boat	to	shore.	Enjoy	       Standing as a testament to time, the Tempio (Temple) of Segesta
a	guided	visit	to	the	third-century	Teatro	Greco,	begun	by	the	        reveals ancient architectural mastery – and panoramic vistas

                                                                       View the timeless grandeur of the Roman Forum... and the Trevi
                                                                       Fountain... which also inspires with the art of romance!

                                                                                 11 DAyS fRom $7,390 PluS AiRfARe
                                                                                       (10 Breakfasts, 8 Lunches & 9 Dinners)

                                                                                  beginS Rome                       beginS mAltA
                                                                                Southbound from Rome               Northbound from Malta
                                                                                    Sep 19 Oct 3                          Sep 13, 27
                                                                       Go	to	for	up-to-the-minute	space	availability.

                                                                                  lAnD / cRuiSe PRice PeR PeRSon
                                                                       M	Category A
                                                                       	  Double	$7390	                  Single	$10,090	             Triple	$6997
                                                                       M	Category B
                                                                       	  Double	$7620	                  Single	$10,320	             Triple	N/A

                                                                       Dates in red indicate special departures where the Category A
                                                                       single price is $8490 and the Category B single price is $8820.
                                                                       International Airfare is additional.	Call	Tauck	for	special	rates	on	
a	walking	tour	and	a	visit	to	the	elaborate	Co-Cathedral	of	St.	       international	air	for	travel	originating	in	the	U.S.	(subject	to	availability).
John.	Your	accommodations	tonight	are	at	the	historic	Art	Deco	
                                                                       Land / Cruise Price includes	everything	outlined	in	General	Information,	
Hotel	Phoenicia	Malta,	set	amidst	7	acres	of	mature	gardens	and	       private	Tauck	shore	excursions,	cruise	fare,	port	charges,	applicable	
located	within	walking	distance	of	island	sights.	Please	join	us	      fuel	surcharges,	daily	cocktail	hour,	all-day	soft	drinks,	wine	with	dinner	
this	evening	for	a	farewell	cocktail	reception	and	dinner	at	your	     aboard	ship,	entertainment,	and	gratuities	to	Tauck	Director	and	ship	staff.	
luxury	hotel	at	the	City	Gates	of	Valletta.	Meals BLD                  Departures	will	be	hosted	by	one	Tauck	Director	for	every	40	Tauck	guests.
                                                                       Travel North or South	–	Cruise	operates	Northbound	from	Malta	and	
11. jouRney home                                                       Southbound	from	Rome.	Sightseeing	is	identical;	northbound	itinerary	is	
                                                                       available	at	or	upon	request.
Tour ends: Valletta, Malta.	Fly	home	anytime.	A	transfer	from	
Hotel	Phoenicia	Malta	to	Malta	International	Airport	is	included.	     Please	ask	about	additional	hotel	nights	before	or	after	your	cruise	and	
                                                                       about	our	comprehensive	Cruise	Protection	Product.
You	should	allow	3	hours	for	flight	check-in	at	the	airport.	If	you	
wish	to	spend	more	time	on	Malta,	inquire	at	the	time	of	booking	      Go to for Le Ponant’s deck plans and ship
about	additional	nights	at	the	hotel.	Meals B                          specifications.

Call your travel agent or Tauck at 800-468-2825                                                                                   35

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