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					 MARCH 20 09                                Vol. 31 No. 3

Kick Off Autocross

               President’s Column ........................... 3

               Calendar of Events ............................ 4

               New Members ................................... 4

               Meeting Minutes................................ 6

               Kick Off Autocross ............................ 8

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                                                                                           The President’s Column
                                                                                           Winter in San Diego. We’re not going to get too much sympathy from those
                                                                                           chapters in the east at this time. I mean, what’s the worst we can expect; three
                                                                                           inches of rain in two days (as a matter of fact, right now as I write the March
OFFICERS                                                                                   column it’s pouring down rain)? At least the days are starting to get a little longer
President:                                                                                 which means that Dan Tackett can add a few more cars to each Autocross and
  Mike Turpen ..........................................(858) 672-0070                     we can run a little later each day. It also means that maybe Rich Gehring can get
                                                        the trailer parked before it’s not completely dark.
Vice President:
  Bill Woolard............................................ (619) 390-9324                  Speaking of Autocross’, we have another one scheduled at Qualcomm on April
                              sd-vicepresident                               4-5. Yes, that’s right, a two day Autocross. Saturday will be our usual set up
Secretary:                                                                                 with practice runs first followed by three timed runs. Sunday we will be running
  Brett                             continuous laps. You can request an email reminder by sending your request
                                                                                           to Also on Sunday, April 5 we will have our San Diego
Treasurer:                                                                                 Chapter and Tire Rack Street Survival School. We will be hosting this event for
  Don Duncan.....................                                teen and young drivers. Check the Fahren Affairs and http://www.sdbmwcca.
                                                                                           com/ for details as how to sign up. You can also go to: http://www.streetsurvival.
Director/Newsletter Editor:
                                                                                           org/school-information.php?ID=119 and sign up on line.
  Lisa Goehring ...............

Director/Driving School:                                                                   We will have to delay our scheduled Car Control Clinic originally set for April
  Andre Pantic............................................. 858-538-6951                   14 to a later date. This was previously set to be run in conjunction with the
                                                              SoCalEuro event at Qualcomm but will now be run in possibly August. Again,
Director/Autocross:                                                                        check the Fahren Affairs or the BMW CCA San Diego Web site for further
  Dan Tackett ..............................................858-405-1502                   information for signing up.
Director/Social Coordinator:                                                               Our next scheduled Autocross after April will be May 16-17 with Saturday
  Ted Lange ..................................                        practice runs followed by three timed runs and Sunday the Cunningham
                                                                                           Memorial Runoff for the class winners on Saturday. Contact Dan Tackett at
Director/Wachsmeister:                                                            to sign up.
  Dennis Damon ..........................................760-598-8770
                                                                  I would like to recognize and thank all of our advertisers for their continued
Director/Webmeister:                                                                       support of the San Diego Chapter. Without their support in both our newsletter
  Jim Patterson ........................................                    and sponsorship throughout the year, we would not be able to conduct some of
                                                                                           the events that we have. They do a lot for us and I ask that you support them as
                                                                                           they support us.
  Matthew Kogan ..........................
  Nick Owen .............................                           The San Diego Chapter of the BMW CCA and Brecht BMW awards a service
  Ken Robb ...........................................                    award to the most outstanding volunteer on an annual basis. The first recipient
  Scott Sansom ...............................                          was Rich Gehring in 2004 and the most recent was Dan Tackett in 2007. The
                                                                                           2008 recipient can be nominated from any member in good standing who has
SERVICES                                                                                   contributed to the San Diego Chapter in a positive manner. We would like to
Commercial Advertising Manager                                                             make the presentation at an upcoming event and would like all club members to
  Chris                            provide a nomination along with a short write-up explaining their choice of the
                                                                                           individual. Send all nominations to:
                                                                                           Lots of fun events coming up so get your cars ready to run or call or contact one
Regional Vice President:                                                                   of the board members to volunteer your time but get out there and participate.
  Steve Johnson
Regional Tech Services Advisor:
  Carl Nelson ...............................................858-488-1555
                                                                                           Fahren Affairs is published by, and for, the San Diego Chapter of the BMW CCA. All information
Misc. Telephone Numbers                                                                    furnished herein is provided by the membership of the club for use by the members only.
BMW CCA National Office:                                                                   Unless otherwise stated, maintenance and modification procedures herein are not “Factory
   Membership (only) ............................................800-878-9292              Approved” and their use may void your BMW warranty. Ideas and opinions are those of the
   FAX ................................................................... 864-250-0038    writers, and no authentication or approval is implied by the editors or publishers, who assume
   General Info ...................................................... 864-250-0022        no liability for information contained herein. Material may be reproduced by other chapters
                                                                                           provided credit is given. The editor reserves the right to edit for length and quality.
San Diego Solo I ....................................................... 619-571-3811
San Diego Solo II ...................................................... 619-441-1333      SUBMITTING INFORMATION TO THE EDITOR
Cal Club Solo II ........................................................ 818-988-RACE     Please send us your stories, tech. tips, photos, etc. We welcome and encourage
Cal Club Solo I .........................................................909-947-0644      any material you think would be informative or interesting to other members. All
SCCSCC .....................................................................310-398-6556
                                                                                           information should be submitted to the editor directly. Preferred format is e-mail. The
Phoenix Solo II ........................................................602-860-4546
                                                                                           deadline for submitting information to the editor is the 15th of each month.

Fahren Affairs • March 2009                                                                                                                                                          3
                                           2009 Calendar of Events
March 10                                    be the Cunningham Memorial Runoff for
San Diego Chapter - Board Meeting           the class winners on Saturday. You may
The board meeting is open to all chapter    request an email reminder. Send your
members.                                    request to

April 4 – 5                                 May 24                                        Be sure to check the website
San Diego Chapter - Autocross at            San Diego Chapter – Car Show, Clean Car
                                                                                           for all the latest news and
Qualcomm Stadium. This will be a two        Contest & Auction at Spanish Landing
                                                                                             event announcements!
day Autocross. The Saturday event will
be our usual format with practice and       May 30-31
three timed runs. The Sunday event will     LA Chapter Driving School and Car   
be continuous laps. You may request         Control Clinic – Autoclub Speedway,
an email reminder. Send your request to     Fontana. See the LA Chapter website
                                            June 6
April 5                                     Saturday Night at the Padres – San Diego
San Diego Chapter - Tire Rack Street        vs. Arizona Diamondbacks at Petco Park.
Survival. We will host the Tire Rack
Street Survival School for teen and
young drivers.

April 14                                                             New Club Members
San Diego Chapter - Board Meeting
The board meeting is open to all chapter

April 18                                        Brindle, James            2000 528i,   1997 M3
San Diego Chapter - Car Control Clinic
We will have a car control clinic in            Malhotra, Amit            2008 M3 Sedan
conjunction with the SoCal Euro event at        Marshall, Daniel          1996 328IS
Qualcomm. Information on how to sign
up will be posted when available                Morse, Dan                1985 535i
April 22                                        Thackston, Russell        2003 330i
San Diego Chapter - Diesel Tech Session         Thornton, Fletcher        1974 2002,   1966 Mini
at Cunningham BMW

May 12
San Diego Chapter - Board Meeting
The board meeting is open to all chapter

May 16-17
San Diego Chapter - Autocross at
Qualcomm Stadium. This will be a two
day Autocross. The Saturday event will
be our usual format with practice and
three timed runs. The Sunday event will

       San Diego Chapter
     Monthly Board Meeting
    Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant,
    9353 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
    6:00 p.m. – Pizza & soft drinks
    6:30 p.m. – Meeting

4                                                                                                  March 2009 • Fahren Affairs
    • Full collision repair
    • Autos and motorcycles
    • Genuine OEM parts and accessories
    • Complete detailing
    • Paintless dent removal
    • Factory-trained technicians
    • Towing service
    • Direct repair for select insurance

                 CA L L TO DAY             7 6 0. 2 9 1. 2 8 9 4
      240 South Andreasen Drive Escondido, CA 92029

Fahren Affairs • March 2009                                        5
BMW CCA San Diego Chapter – Board Meeting Minutes for February 10, 2009
The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm                           Waxmeister Report:
                                                                    Car show is the third week in May. Dennis asked for
Board Members Present:                                              donations for the raffle. Should we have a club decal/badge?
Lisa Goehring, Dan Tackett, Bill Woolard, Dennis Damon,             Steve Johnson from National says to design one and not wait
Jim Patterson, Matthew Kogan, Nick Owen, Ted Lange, Mike            for National. The design/legalities were discussed. Dennis
Turpen, Don Duncan, Brett Litoff, Ken Robb, Scott Sansom            says he will have a cost breakdown/designs at the next
                                                                    meeting. Tommy brought up having members pay for the
Members Present:                                                    Xmas party. It was tabled till August.
Gordon Anderson, Jim Lloyd, Peter Winokur, Jame Emhurd,
Patrick Hogan, Ken Young, Gerri Young, Boots Cuatico,               Other Items for Board Consideration
Kristen Adams, Ben Carufel, Ramze Beydown, Tom Newport,             Mike stated that we are going to get a handle of our
Ken Robb, Steve Robbins                                             expenses before we donate more to charity. He asked
                                                                    that we budget more of our expenses. It was tabled. Lisa
Secretaries Report:                                                 suggested that we ask for donations outside our budget.
Street Survival is 60 dollars. It will be corrected. The minutes    Possible ideas includedcan drive at an autocross. Jim P. will
were approved with this correction.                                 look into some kind of a food drive. We will take nomination/
                                                                    vote for the Bill Brecht service award at the next board
Treasurers Report:                                                  meeting.
There will be a monthly report every month. We need funds
in the treasury for a lot of activities before we get reimbursed.   New Business
We need to take this into account before scheduling events.         Street Survival is up on the website. We
Newsletter, Driving Schools, Padres games are some                  want to market parents more than kids (trying to get them
examples of this.                                                   to see the benefits). It is 60 dollars, corrected from last
                                                                    months notes. Gordon wants a meeting for those that will be
President’s Report:                                                 volunteering at Street Survival. Possible Diesel test session
We are looking for an advertising director. Ted Lang has            at Cunningham. Name badges are 9 dollars a piece. Chris
volunteered to do it with an assistant, possibly Scott Samson       May and Steve Johnson are running for National Elections.

Vice President’s Report:                                            The meeting ended at 7:50pm
The next autocross will have the year of the cars in the

Webmaster’s Report:
Facebook group has been started. So far, about 35 people
are in it. He needs someone to manage it. Jim also asks that
people report problems to the website.

Newsletter Report:
The deadline is the 17th of the month for the following month.
Lisa asks that members forward stories. Brett volunteered
to write about why he ended up with a BMW/in the club. We
need to balance advertising with content.

Autocross Directors Report:
Dan Tackett is out of commission due to a mugging. He is
currently on the mend and will be out for 6 weeks or so.
He will be taking care of the April Autocross. The Sunday
autocross will be a looped event. Gordon stated that we
need to make sure we have a water truck. The week before
Easter it will be the Bunny Cross Autocross

Social Directors Report:
There are four people on the social committee.
Classic Car event has been postponed. The idea of the
committee is to come up with ideas for social events. Ted
stated that he wants the advertisers to end up doing events.
He suggested having the advertisers write articles about
what the do.

The Padres will allow us to buy tickets in a group of 10 now
that we have bought 25.

6                                                                                                     March 2009 • Fahren Affairs



                                      April 4th & 5th




                                     Qualcomm Stadium at                                    Spaghetti

                                           the Autocross                             Canned




















                                               Thank you for your donation!

Fahren Affairs • March 2009                                                                                                   7
Kick Off Autocross
    February 17, 2009

A – 4 Cylinder Stock
Walter G   1800    94.37    1st Place

B – 4 Cylinder Modified
Smith S    318is   84.459   1st Place
Steve F    318ti   88.872   2nd Place

                                        C – 6/8/12 Cylinder Stock
                                        Edward S     535i       83.833    1st Place
                                        Steven W     330ci      84.093    2nd Place
                                        Austin S     335i       84.548    3rd Place
                                        William W    330ci      84.565
                                        Jack R       Z3 coupe   85.024
                                        Charles H    550i       85.032
                                        Lisa G       325i       85.872    BMW Woman’s
                                                                          Fastest Time of Day
                                        Jeremy F     M Coupe    86.084
                                        Jason O      325i       87.257
                                        John B       135i       87.951    Novice 1st Place
                                        Ben W        335i       88.899    Novice 2nd Place
                                        Jason D      328i       89.047
                                        Vu P         335i       89.396
                                        Charles L    745 Li     91.391
                                        Rene N       325i       93.995
                                        Lindays D    325i       94.396
                                        Michelle F   328i       94.578
                                        Suzie C      528i       100.594

8                                                                                               March 2009 • Fahren Affairs
D – 6/8/12 Cylinder Modified
Bruce C      325i      80.173         1st Place
Ricardo G    328ci     80.737         2nd Place
Austin D     535i      83.515         3rd Place
kenny l      525       83.707
Brett C      650       84.674
Lawrence Y   328is     84.74
Satakal K    325i      87.494
Kyle M       325is     87.514
Michael N    325is     87.846
Brandon W    325i      89.825
Robert C     535i      100.985

                                                     MS – M Car Stock
                                                     Peter E       M3        81.444     1st Place
                                                     John Z        M3        82.404     2nd Place
                                                     Roland W      M3        83.386     3rd Place
                                                     Michael Y     M3        84.874
                                                     Scott S       M3        86.72
                                                     Veronica H    M3        88.182
                                                     Mitch R       M3        90.258

                                                     MM – M Car Modified
                                                     Damon M       M3         78.018     BMW Fastest
                                                                                         Time of Day
                                                     Mavricio M    M3         79.62      1st Place
MC – Mini Cooper                                     Geoff T       M3         81.935     2nd Place
Charles E    Cooper S        85.426      1st Place   Roland B      M3         82.314     3rd Place
Ambrus C     Cooper S        85.628      2nd Place   James P       M3         82.761     4th Place
Darren T     Cooper S        85.759      3rd Place   Jason B       M3         82.937
Fred B       Cooper S        87.622                  Steve P       M Coupe    83.016
Joe R        Convertible S   88.671                  Josh B        M3         83.37
Annette N    Copper S        89.338                  Nick O        M3         83.682
Bill W       Cooper S        89.574                  James C       M3         84.347
                                                     Kevin P       M3         84.416
                                                     Charisse C    M Coupe    84.442
                                                     Eric H        M3         84.459
                                                     Danial L      M3         85.221
                                                     Anish P       M Coupe    85.343
                                                     AJ Y          M3         85.485

                                                     X Non-BMW
                                                     Giovanni M    S2000               81.515   1st Place
                                                     Allan S       GT-R                81.689
                                                     Ardy A        S2000               82.012
                                                     Alexander F   Impreza WRX STi     82.361
                                                     Bob P         Z06                 82.852
                                                     Sean M        Impreza WRX STi     82.93
G Gold Class                                         Brandon R     S4                  83.314
Geoff S      318is     79.842         1st Place      Jason N       SRT-4               83.855
Neil D       325i      83.142         2nd Place      Kyle S        wrx wagon           84.704
                                                     Danel K       S2000               86.584
                                                     Randy S       A4                  91.368

Fahren Affairs • March 2009                                                                                 9
10   March 2009 • Fahren Affairs
Fahren Affairs • March 2009   11
12   March 2009 • Fahren Affairs
                                                                Sunday, April 5
                                                                  Qualcomm Stadium

    Do you have a teenaged driver or know someone who does?

If so, we have the program for you! Street Survival    The San Diego Chapter of the BMW Car Club of
is designed to be taken after a student has            America is holding a Street Survival School on
already learned to operate a car and knows all         Sunday, April 5, 2009. The cost of this one-day
the usual traffic procedures. Instead, this course     school is only $60 and includes lunch. Learn more
teaches teenagers through hands-on practice how        about Street Survival and register your driver
to avoid rather than just deal with accidents.         between the ages of 16 and 21 now at:
Street Survival provides trained and qualified
in-car driving instructors as well as classroom        The first 30 students to sign up will
experience for each student, a hands-on                be enrolled.
educational driving experience in real-world
situations teaching car safety and control, and        You may also send questions to the local registrar,
challenging driving situations such as skid control,   Gordon Anderson at:
emergency lane changes. All instruction will be
held in the parking lot at Qualcomm Stadium
where these maneuvers can be safely taught.

Students use their own daily drivers, and                 MORE YOUNG PEOPLE BETWEEN
parents are encouraged to attend the classroom
instruction and observe the driving. To participate,
                                                         THE AGES OF 16 AND 21 DIE IN CAR
students must present a photocopy of their               CRASHES THAN FROM DRUGS AND
valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and the           VIOLENCE COMBINED.
original signed copy of the Minor Waiver (if under
18). The Minor Waiver may be downloaded at:

Fahren Affairs • March 2009                                                                           13
             25th Anniversary Spring Fling!
         TWO Days celebrating 25 years of Autocross on April 4-5
       Choose either day or a 2-day combo—continuous laps Sunday!
       Register online Mar 14-28 at

 In 1984, before some of our avid autocrossers
 were even born, our Chapter conducted its first
 big autocross. And we haven’t stopped smiling
 and burning up tires since! We’ll celebrate with
 a special course and a special memento for
 each participant. Continuous laps on Sunday
 are back by popular demand. The Saturday
 format is the usual morning practice, timed
 runs in the afternoon, trophies for top finishers, and the first 10 non-BMWs to register for Saturday
 are guaranteed a spot. On Sunday, drivers who register online for both days may return with ANY
 make of car and get a spot. It’s your chance to drag out your other 4-wheeled toy. Sunday is a fun
 day with no “official” timed runs but as much driving as we can fit in. Saturday drivers returning in
 the same car won’t need to Tech again and won’t need Instructors (though some will be available
 for first-timers). We’ll still run in color groups, and we want you to keep your wrist band and car
 numbers from Saturday. You may participate on Sunday only, but BMW drivers who also signed
 up for Saturday get priority. Three sign-up choices are available: Saturday only ($60), Sunday only
 ($60), or both days ($115, all X-cars welcome Sunday for this option). We’ll also host an adjacent
 teen Street Survival event on Sunday.

 Recent autocrosses have sold out with online registration, so don’t miss out! Online registration
 opens March 14th and stays open until March 28th or whenever the 90 BMW openings and 10 X-car
 openings are full for Saturday. You can register for both days and select a BMW class Saturday
 and a non-BMW class for Sunday. We’ll still offer registration on-site if any openings are available
 for either day after online registration. Check for space availability after
 March 28th.

 You must be a BMW CCA member to participate. The cost for one year’s BMW CCA
 membership is $45, and you can join online at in advance. For this event, our
 Chapter gives priority to current members who are driving BMWs or MINIs on Saturday. Members
 driving non-BMWs may participate if space is available; the first 10 are guaranteed on Saturday
 and it’s wide open Sunday if you also register for Saturday.


14                                                                                March 2009 • Fahren Affairs
 When you arrive:
 1. If you registered online, stop at the gate to sign the waiver and notify the Gate Greeter. Your name
 will be checked off the pre-registration list. Members driving a BMW or MINI registering on site will get
 a BLUE gate card. Non-BMWs drivers who have not pre-registered will get a RED gate card. There is
 no guarantee that spots will be available for those who wait to register the day of the event.

 2. Empty all loose items from your car, then go through the Tech Line and have your car inspected.
 Bring your Tech card and you will receive Tech and helmet stickers.

 3. Take Gate card and Tech card to registration to get checked off for pre-registration or pay your $60
 entry fee. You will receive car numbers to place on your side windows.

 4. If you don’t have a helmet, you can rent one from the club for $10.

 5. Your entry fee of $60.00 includes one lunch and unlimited beverages for the event day. Additional
 lunches can be purchased at Registration for $5 each.

 Gates will open at 6:30am; tech and registration will open at 7:00am. Tech will close at 8:20am and
 no cars will be inspected or allowed to run after this time. There is a mandatory drivers meeting at
 8:30am and the course opens for runs at 9:00am.

 Car Classifications:
 Women drivers and Novices are classified based upon the car they are driving. We also award a
 Women’s Class trophy to the woman with the fastest time, and two Novice trophies to the two fastest
 novices. This means women and novices will be eligible for multiple trophies. For example, a very fast
 novice could win a novice trophy and a trophy in his car class. Remember, you are only a novice for
 the first and second time you autocross, and if you win a trophy, you are now a ringer, not a novice.

 Stock class may run any size wheel and tire, aftermarket shock absorbers, and any air filter or cat-
 back exhaust system. ANY other performance modification, including but not limited to springs,
 “R”-compound tires, and engine software, puts the car in Modified. We use the honor system.
 Please class your car accordingly.

         A       4 cylinder stock
         B       4 cylinder modified
         C       6/8/12 cylinder stock
         D       6/8/12 cylinder modified
         MC      MINI Coopers, normally aspirated and supercharged
         MS      All M cars, stock
         MM      All M cars modified
         X       All non-BMWs

 For questions about the autocross, contact Dan Tackett at:

 ATTENTION NEWCOMERS: See the Autocross Tips at to get a better idea of
 how to prepare for this wonderfully addictive sport for your first time.

 See you at Qualcomm Stadium!
Fahren Affairs • March 2009                                                                             15
     San Diego BMW Car
       Club of America

                    CAR SHOW
                        SUNDAY MAY 24, 9:00AM - 3:00PM

                               SPANISH LANDING
       West End on the Green, at the Bay, across from the San Diego Airport

                          Clean (interior, exterior & trunk)
                      Super Clean ( all of the above plus engine)
                Masters ( any previous 1st place - super clean judging)



                        JUDGING STARTS AT ABOUT 11:00AM


             INFO: DENNIS DAMON-760-598-8770,


16                                                                        March 2009 • Fahren Affairs
 Diesel Tech Session
                                                              Cunningham BMW would like to
                                                              welcome all BMW CCA members
                                                              to a Diesel Tech Session
                                                                  April 22nd @ 5:30 p.m.
                                                                  Cunningham BMW
                                                                  875 El Cajon Blvd., El Cajon, CA 92020

                                                              Cunningham BMW will have technicians on hand to
                                                              explain and answer questions about Diesel Technology
                                                              that BMW is now bringing to the states.

                                                              Food and Beverages will be provided, followed by test
                                                              drives in the new 335d or X5d. A sign up sheet will be
                                                              available upon arrival, test drives are on a first come, first
                                                              serve basis. It will be enforced.

                                                              Please RSVP to Nick Owen (

Why I Joined the Club and Drive a BMW
I joined BMW CCA in 1994 shortly after buying my 1980         virtually unbreakable and working on it was a DIY’s dream
320i. The 320i, with 206k highway miles on the odometer       come true. My current ride, a 1989 325i convertible, is my
when I bought it and questionable AC for our Southern         first BMW that is not a daily driver. I enjoy exercising it at
California climate was my first car. Over the years, I’ve     least once a week, weather conditions permitting.
moved around but I have always remained a member of
the club, even during the times when I was Bimmerless.        Currently I am privileged to serve as our Chapter’s
                                                              Secretary, so when you see typos in the minutes, you’ll
In my teens and early                                         know who to blame. I enjoy volunteering at Club events,
twenties, the Club                                            drooling over the classified section in the Roundel, and
gave me a chance                                              attending monthly chapter meetings. I invite all members
to hone my driving                                            to attend a monthly meeting and get involved, after all, it’s
skills at numerous                                            your Club.
autocrosses and
driving schools. I                                            — Brett Litoff
learned not to set the
parking brake after
a hot run and how                                               What’s your story? Tell us why you joined the Club,
to find the apex of                                             share a story about your car or an experience you’ve
a turn. I still have a cap from the 10th Spring Fling held          had at an event. Send stories and photos to:
at Jack Murphy Stadium (now Qualcomm). I also utilized           
the Club discount at the dealership on everything from
auxiliary cooling fans to ball joints. I graduated college
with that same 320i and sold it with 296k still running

In those early years, I was beginning to understand the
craftsmanship of a BMW. I worked at local import parts
store in Thousand Oaks, and later as a parts specialist
at Double02 Salvage in the Bay Area. These experiences
taught me the value of a BMW from the inside out. I
graduated to a 1988 e28 535is that introduced me to the
joy of six cylinders lined up in a row and the challenge of
filling its enormous trunk. That car’s mechanicals were

Fahren Affairs • March 2009                                                                                               17
                        C       L      A       S       S         I       F       I    E       D       S
Cars for Sale                                                        1990 535i
                                                                                               VIN #WBAHD1318LBF10722
2001 M Coupe                                                                                   Black on Black. 5 speed manual.
                            VIN WBSCN93491LK60083.                                             142K Miles, all maintenance
                            3.2 liter S54 315hp, Estoril Blue,                                 records, everything works.
                            Blue/Black interior. 112k miles,                                   $3000. Larry Hofstetter
                            excellent condition. There are                                     619-838-0863.
                            only two modifications that
                            deviate from stock; a light-weight       2002 525i
flywheel and adjustable shocks. We are the second                    VIN WBADT43462GZ96880, Toledo Blue over light grey
owners, the car has been tracked less than 10 times.                 leather upholstery with all available options for this model.
Very well maintained, new parts include: Koni adjustable             Excellent condition with original paint. New Conti treads
shocks and camber plates, M5 Clutch, UUC Light-weight                and chrome wheels. 88,000 freeway miles. This is a great
Flywheel, water pump, steering pump, Michelin Pilot Sport            driving car that has never been smoked in or abused.
PS2 tires (new fronts, 8k on the rear), OEM brake pads and           Asking $13,900. Call Peter at 619.274.6614.
rotors, camshaft position sensor/VANOS seal/smogged
June ‘08, constant pressure valve seal. Giving this up for           1999 M3 Coupe
a something that will fit a baby seat. Asking $22,000 here           VIN WBSBG9330XEY82307
(listed for more on Craig’s List). Call Dave, 858-518-4897 or        Cosmos Black with Mulberry leather interior. 72K miles,                                                   5 speed. California car; nearly always garaged at home/
                                                                     work. Alloy M wheels, minimal rash. Cold weather
1997 Dinan M3 coupe                                                  package. Minor body panel work; few paint scratches/
                           WBSBG9321VEY75922. 86K                    dings. Dinan software upgrade. Some wear on interior/
                           miles, 5 speed, Boston green              bolsters. Second owner; carefully maintained; all service
                           with rare Modena (Ferrari                 records available since our purchase at ~8500 miles.
                           tan) interior; chrome wheels;             Non-smoking, BMW-revering owners. Asking $12,000.
                           $5K in Dinan stage 4 engine               San Diego.
                           upgrades including cold air
intake, expanded throttle body, air flow meter, chip, and
tuned exhaust with Dinan trunk badge. Koni adjustable                Parts for Sale
shocks; aftermarket VDO gauges for oil pressure, oil
temperature, and volts; hand-made aluminum radiator;                                           Stock exhaust system (OEM)
short throw shifter. Six CD player. Meticulously maintained                                    from 2002 M Roadster S54
with synthetic oil changes every 4,000 miles; no accidents;                                    engine. Excellent condition
new water pump and almost new tires. $13,900. Contact                                          removed during upgrade. Held in
Gordon at                                                            storage since 2004. $250.00 for
                                                                                               pair. 619-850-9048 kimptojc@
2004 330i zhp                                                                        
VIN WBAEV53474KM07386. Imola Red/black Alcantara
suede & cloth interior with carbon fiber trim. Rare zhp                                        Bridgestone RE760 Tires
Performance Package. Harmon-Kardon, moonroof,                                                  Set of four....235/40 18”
& heated front seats. Like new inside and out. Runs                                            4000 miles, scrubbed with one
flawlessly. All scheduled maintenance. Oil & filter every                                      autocross on them. Lots of life
3500 miles. BMW CPO warranty ‘til 09-19-2010. 38,000                                           left in them. $450.00
miles. $22,900. Photos available. Richard 760-788-4337 or                                      Call Andre @ 858-342-5605

 Classifieds are free to all current BMW CCA members. Classified adds can be submitted via
 e-mail – Please note the new address: Photographs may be
 included at no charge, jpeg or gif format preferred. If advertising a vehicle, please include VIN.
 Ads run about one month on the web site and in the newsletter.

18                                                                                                     March 2009 • Fahren Affairs
Fahren Affairs • March 2009   19
20   March 2009 • Fahren Affairs
    BMW                             WATER PUMP
    • Up to 20% Flow Increase
    • Twice as Efficient as Factory Pump
    • Street & Race Applications
    • Stainless Steel Impeller
    • Heavy Duty Bearing
    • High Quality Water Seal

                                                 (906) 789-2816

Fahren Affairs • March 2009                                            21


CLUB MEMBER ADVERTISING                                                                COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING RATES
Classified advertising is free to all current BMW CCA members. The deadline for        Commercial advertising must be paid for in advance of publication.
Classified Advertising is the 15th of the prior month. Non-members wishing             For information, contact the advertising manager/editor.
to place ads must include a check for $15 to cover administrative, printing and        Description                          Size         $/Issue $/11 Issues
handling costs. Photographs may be included at no extra charge, space permitting.      Full Page, Inside Cover(s)       7.5” x 10.0”        $200          $2000
Ads run one issue. Ads must be printed clearly and you must include your               Full Page, Internal              7.5” x 10.0”        $160          $1600
membership number, name, address, phone number and VIN# if advertising a               Half Page, Inside Cover(s)       7.5” x 5.0”         $140          $1400
vehicle. Including non-BMW related content shall be at the discretion of the editor.   Half page, internal              7.5” x 5.0”         $120          $1200
                                                                                       Third page, internal             7.5” x 3.5”         $60           $660
                                                                                       Quarter page, internal           3.5” x 5.0”         $50           $550
                                                                                       Business card, internal          2.0” x 3.5”         $30           $330
                         Phone: 760-753-1568 • E-mail:

22                                                                                                                               March 2009 • Fahren Affairs
                                                                                  Cunningham BMW

Come See What’s New At
                                                                                                        The Ultimate
                                                                           Driving Machine®

7 2 0 E l C a j o n B o u l eva r d , E l C a j o n , CA 9 2 0 2 0 • 6 19 - 8 7 3 - 4 3 8 6
                                   Southern California’s Largest Certified Pre-Owned Center

                                                                 4 Full Acres

A l l N ew 2 0 0 9
B MW M 3
                                                              10% Off Parts & Labor
                                                              for all BMW CCA Members
                                                                Cannot be combined with other offers.
                                                                 Discount up to $100. Must present
                                                                     coupon time of purchase.
                                                                       Offers expire 12/31/08.

                                                                                    Pa r t s & S e r v i c e Ce n t e r
                                                                                    Mon - Fri: 7 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                            Sat: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

                                                                   to view our entire inventory, view specials and
                                                                          book appointments for Parts & Service.

                      8 75 E l C a j o n B o u l eva r d , E l Ca j o n, CA 9 2 0 2 0
                                                                                            U. S. POSTAGE
                                                                                            SAN DIEGO, CA
                                                                                            PERMIT NO. 532

BMW Car Club of America                                         DATED MATERIAL
San Diego Chapter
P.O. Box 87370
San Diego, CA 92138-7370

                           Vintage at the Vineyards
                           Sponsored by Liberty Mutual and BMW CCA
                           May 22-24, 2009 • Shelton Vineyards, Dobson, NC
                           “a gathering of perfectly aged BMW motorcars”

                           Vintage at the Vineyards is moving to beautiful and spacious Shelton Vineyards
                           in Dobson, North Carolina. The display area is open to all BMWs older than 1985
                           and e23 first generation 7-series up to 1987, e24 6-series up to 1989, e28 second
                           generation 5-series up to 1988, all e30s and Z1s. All BMW motorcycles up to 1985
                           are also welcome.

                           Participants of Southeast Sharkfest will be joining on Saturday that will round out
                           the 6-vseries display area. 250-300 vintage BMWs for 2009 are expected to show
                           up. Don’t think of it as a “car show”, think of it as a “car party”.

                           The event starts on Friday evening and concludes on Sunday at the Biltmore Estate
                           in Ashville, North Carolina. There will be scenic drives, live oompah music from the
                           11-piece Sauerkraut Band, coloring contest for the kids, hay rides, wine tasting and
                           winery tours, vendor/swap meet area, drives, raffle, and much more. The event is
                           FREE but please register if you are a vintage BMW owner.

                           For more info about Vintage at the Vineyards 2009 and registration check out the
                           new website BMW owners, book
                           your room now.

                           Event Hotel: Hampton Inn at Shelton Vineyards in Dobson 336-353-9400

                           Contact Scott Sturdy for sponsorship opportunities at
                           or 336.773.1809.


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