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                  CRICKET CHIRP
May 2010                                                                                                                          Fall Creek Schools

 FC Spring Play                            Child Development Day
                                          Wednesday, May 12, 2010
                                          2-6 PM Elementary Gym
                                      WHO: Developmental Screening for children:
                                              2 ½ years old to 5 years old (4 & 5 years old
                                              not previously screened)
                                      What to Expect:
                                      When you arrive you will bring completed forms that
                                      will be sent to you when you call to register. You will
                                      have a chance to meet with the interviewer who will
                                      discuss any questions or concerns you may have and
                                      talk with you about your child’s development. Your
“You Know the                         child will be encouraged to participate in a playgroup
                                      where early learning skills will be screened such as
Old Slaying…”                         communication, motor and social skills. You can
                                      expect to be here for approximately one hour.
A traveling theatre group gets
                                      Learn About:                                              Kendra S, Canyon S, Kyle S, and coach Dean
ready to present their play, when
                                      •     Head Start and Birth to Three programs              Laube
one of the actors is murdered! As
                                      •     Local daycare providers in the area
the rest of the cast retraces their
                                      •     Normal child growth and development
steps to track down the culprit,                                                                    Kendra Stuttgen Makes
the audience helps determine
who the guilty party is. Audience
                                      NO INDIVIDUAL LETTER WILL BE SENT                             Power Lifting History at
participation is a must in this
murder-mystery, comedy. Please
                                                                                                        National Meet
                                      PLEASE CALL Melissa Schmidt at Fall Creek
attend this enjoyable evening of                                                                The United States Power Lifting Association held
                                      Elementary from 8:30 – 3:15 Monday through Thurs-
one-liners and who-done-it and                                                                  their annual national meet March 26-29th at the Ka-
                                      day. The phone number is 877-3331 extension 382,
be apart of solving the mystery.                                                                lahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells. This prestigious
                                      or send an email to: melissaschmidt@fallcreek.k12.
                             Please indicate Child Development Day in the        event brings in participants from all over the coun-
  Friday, May 7th - 7 pm              subject line. Children are scheduled every 30 minutes     try. Our very own Kendra Stuttgen made school
 Saturday, May 8th - 7 pm             and time slots are on a first come first serve basis.     history by placing third in the nation in the 123 lb
  Sunday, May 9th - 1 pm                                                                        teen division. The atmosphere was pressure packed
   High School Auditorium             We will also have a drawing for some neat prizes!         but Kendra performed at a high level. She set per-
                                      We look forward to meeting with you and for this op-      sonal bests in the bench press and dead-lift and just
Tickets on sale at the door.          portunity to learn more about your child.                 missed a national teen record in the squat.
            Adults $5                                                                           Congratulations to Kendra
          Students $3
   Children (5 and under) $1                               High School                                    Athletic Code Meeting
Produced by special arrangement
                                                           Graduation Exercises                            Wednesday, May 26
with Heuer Publishing LLC of                               Saturday, May 15, 2010                                6:00 p.m.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
                                                           1:00 pm
Cricket Chirp - 2009                                                                                                                               1
                                                                                         Another event that is coming up is the week focused on driv-
                                                                                 ing called “I Got Caught.” Every day of this week will have a different
                                                                                 theme, whether it is distracted driving, drowsy driving, or drinking and
                                                                                 driving. This week is meant to have some influence on teenage driv-
                                                                                 ers and the decisions they make behind the wheel of a car. There will
                                                                                 be different events throughout the day, and the week will end with a
                                                                                 special event. We hope that these events will show teenage drivers how
                                                                                 important it is to be alert and focused when driving.

    SADD male leaders sharing information from “The Perfect Girl”

                        Current Events in SADD
                         By Dan Bagge

 The Fall Creek High School SADD group has been busy recently and
 has put on three presentations for both the middle school and high
 school. The first presentation was titled “The Perfect Girl” and focused                 High school SADD leaders at one of the presentations
 on societies views on what is “perfect” The second presentation was
 “The Perfect Guy” and was similar except that it focused on males. The
 third segment in this series was called “The Power of Our Words” —
 how we view ourselves and what others say about us often influences
                                                                                                        SADD Donations
                                                                                                         By Karen Stuttgen, SADD Advisor
 the decisions we make. The last upcoming event is an entire week
 focusing on teen driving with the theme “I Got Caught.”                         We would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for
         “The Perfect Girl” presentation came first, and this one focused        supporting the SADD program this past year. We have so many goals
 on society’s perception of women, and what is “perfect.” Every day              and could not achieve them without their support. Please thank these
 girls see so many ads and commercials focused on looking younger or             individuals and businesses. We would also appreciate that you would
 more beautiful; it’s a constant reminder stressing at the fact that “you’re     patronize these businesses. ~ SADD members
 not good enough.” In fact, a recent survey showed that over 90% of
 women are dissatisfied with their appearance. This is not helped by the         Clean Works, LLC.**           Culvers- Brackett & Golf Rd.**
 fact that most models are in their teens and are portraying women in            Scheels**                     Festival Foods**
 their twenties and thirties. This presentation strove to get girls to realize   Unity Bank**                  Sam’s Club
 that they were all made differently and to accept themselves for who            Fall Creek Mutual Insurance   Fazoli’s
 they are.                                                                       Culvers - Hallie              Family Video
         “The Perfect Guy” presentation followed, and this presenta-             Greng’s Theatres              John & Lynn Gunderson
 tion was somewhat similar, although guys do not see the constant                Marv & Sue Schmit             Dean Laube
 media barrage of ads directed at them. This presentation focused more           Peggy Hagberg                 Dan Anderson
 on the fact that guys are not always showing what they are truly feel-
 ing. Sometimes, they are scared and confused, and try to cover that up          **These businesses have been extremely generous in supporting SADD.
 with acting tough or like they don’t care. Many times, guys just want           We feel they need to be recognized beyond listing them. Because of
 to be acknowledged and know that people care. This presentation also            them, we have been able to have the game night, the “Perfect” Girl
 stressed that girls appreciate a guy who is willing to show his true emo-       presentation, the “Perfect” Guy presentation, “The Power of our Words”
 tions and act the same around is friends as his girlfriend.                     program, “I Got Caught Program,” and Karl Randall. Their support is
         The third and final presentation in this series was called “The         immeasurable and impacts so many students. Thank you, thank you!
 Power of Our Words.” This presentation was the longest of the three,
 and by far the most reaching and impacting. This presentation was for
 the entire high school and entire middle school, not just SADD mem-                         Annual 5th Grade vs. Staff
 bers and regular attenders of meetings. Some features of this presenta-
 tion include showing just how much our words can impact other peo-                             Basketball Game
 ple, both negative and positive. Many stories were given to show the
 impact of other’s words and actions, to make a difference. At the end           The annual 5th grade vs. staff basketball game was held on Friday
 of the presentation, every student had to select someone that they could        afternoon, April 9th. Elementary students had the opportunity to sing
 praise or apologize to for past behavior. These slips were given to these       the national anthem and school song, as well as practice good sports-
 individuals with the hope of truly making a difference.                         manship. The 5th graders prevailed in a hard fought game by the score
                                                                                 of 28-26.
Cricket Chirp - 2009                                                                                                                                    2
                                                    Our Journey to Italy

                  Assisi, Italy                               Gondalas in Venice                                   Venice, Italy
A unique class offering we have here at Fall Creek High School is a combined History and English course, Italian History Through Literature which is
taught by Katie Watters and Jessica White. This class explores how closely literature and history are connected and it offers students the chance make
the information that they learn about come alive by traveling to the very place that they study.

On March 25th 19 students, 7 adults, and 3 teachers set out on a journey to tour the beautiful country of Italy. The whirlwind tour began in Milan. The
first afternoon was filled with travel to the romantic city of Verona which is where Romeo and Juliet’s balcony is, an attraction that they visited. The
first evening was spent just outside of Venice. The next day the group spent the entire day on the island of Venice enjoying the uniqueness of this Ital-
ian treasure. Gelato, gondola rides, exquisite gardens and breath-taking architecture filled the day. After a long bus ride to the busy city of Florence,
the group had the opportunity to experience the heart of Italian art.; with amazing sculptures, paintings and fantastic shopping. 2 great days were spent
touring the city and enjoying all it had to offer.

The journey then continued on to the historic city of Rome and the country of the Vatican City. Touring Rome on foot meant 8 long hours of walking,
but each step was well worth it! Sites included were: the Roman Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and ancient ruins of the city of the past.
The Vatican City was an experience like no other with the astounding ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. We even caught a glimpse of the Pope giving his
Wednesday address to the public.The city of Assisi was the next stop. Nestled in the country hillside, stepping into Assisi was like stepping back in
time. The pace of life was slower than the cities visited thus far and making your way to the top of the hill was well worth walking up the winding

The final place that was visited was Sorrento. The beautiful white cliffs and the cobblestone roads added to the experience of this captivating city. It
also included a day trip to the island of Capri. Though the trip to the Blue Grotto was cancelled due to high tide, a boat ride around the island gave a
sneak-peak to the amazing homes built into the cliff sides. The final excursion was to the ancient of city of Pompeii. The ruins were humbling; re-
minding all who visit of the incredible destructive ability of the great Mount Vesuvius. It truly was a city frozen in time.

It was an experience of a lifetime that all who had the chance to embark on will never forget!

                                                                                                            Balloon Stomp
                                                                                                         Middle School Students
                                                                                                            Come Together
                                                                                              In January the sixth, seventh and eighth grade students
                                                                                              were challenged to help raise money for the Red Cross
                                                                                              Relief Fund for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Stu-
                                                                                              dents paid $1 to participate in dress up days related to
                                                                                              Haitian culture. At the end of the week, students donated
                                                                                              $1 to take part in a balloon stomp. Balloons littered the
                                                                                              high school gym, some with prize tickets inside. Around
                                                                                              100 students gathered to pop 300 balloons in about 30
                                                                                              seconds! The students had a great time and ultimately
                                                                                              raised $602.00 which was donated to the Red Cross.
                                                                                              Thank you to all students and parents for their generosity.
Cricket Chirp - 2009                                                                                                                                       3
                                                     ing. All of the Fall Creek ensembles had excel-
                                                     lent performances and represented their school
                                                     and community with pride.
                                                     Congratulations, musicians!

                                                     District Solo &
                                                     Ensemble Contest
                                                     Fall Creek hosted the annual WSMA Dis-
                                                     trict Solo & Ensemble Festival Contest this
                                                     year, and performed 89 events between band
                                                     and choir. The day was very successful with
                                                     twenty of our events advancing onto the State
                                                     Competition which is held the first Saturday
Back row: Miss Weber, Ralph K,                                                                         Back row: Mikayla H Devan G, Arianna K.
Turner S, Collin W. Front row:                       in May at the University of Eau Claire. The       Front row: Jessica s, Megan S
Katelyn D, Jacquieline T,                            following students are advancing to the State
Taylor l, Kaitlyn S                                  Festival:

Middle Level Honor’s
                                                     Isaac Addie—Vocal Solo & Musical Theater          FCHS Band Students in
Choir A Success!                                     Jessie Bergbrader—Vocal Solo & Vocal Duet         Luther College Dorian
                                                     Megan Bergeron—Vocal Solo
                                                     Clara Buch—Vocal Solo                             Honors Band
On Thursday, April 8th, seven of Fall Creek’s
                                                     Danielle Cote—Vocal Solo
finest middle school choir students traveled to                                                        Five Fall Creek High School Concert Band
                                                     Brendon Downs—Trombone Quartet
Shell Lake Arts Center to take part in a once-                                                         students – Arianna Kuhnert, Devan Gal-
                                                     Jenni Geske—Saxophone Quartet
in-a-lifetime experience. The Honor’s Choir                                                            braith, Mikayla Hardy, Jessica Schummer,
                                                     Marissa Hageness—Vocal Solo & Vocal Trio
consisted of 130 of the area’s most talented                                                           and Megan Schuknecht – were selected as
                                                     Blake Herbison—Vocal Solo
6, 7 & 8th graders. The guest director was                                                             members of the 61st annual Dorian Band
                                                     Arianna Kuhnert—Flute Solo
Mr. Paul Gulsvig, a nationally sought after                                                            Festival which took place at Luther College
                                                     Alex Lahr—Saxophone Quartet
choir clinician. During the day the singers                                                            in Decorah, IA, on February 28-March 2.
                                                     Karisa Manor—Trombone Quartet
rehearsed six pieces that were sung at the eve-                                                        The students performed as members of two
                                                     Kat Manor—Saxophone Quartet
ning’s concert. Some students also sang their                                                          of the three festival massed bands, which
                                                     Ben Messerschmidt—Vocal Solo & Alto Sax
solo and ensemble piece for a vocal coach.                                                             were under the direction of Frederick Nyline
Both Katelyn Delzer and Turner Steinke were                                                            (Luther College), Andrew Mast (Lawrence
                                                     Breana Meyer—Musical Theater Solo
honored with the opportunity to sing their solo                                                        University), and Milton Allen (Eastern Il-
                                                     Kara Meyers—Vocal Solo
in front of the audience during the concert.                                                           linois University). This year’s Dorian Band
                                                     Brandy Morrison—Vocal Solo
All that were in attendance were amazed at                                                             Festival included over 625 high school
                                                     Ashley Ritsch—Vocal Solo
what middle school students could accomplish                                                           students from 142 schools throughout the
                                                     Kelsa Rubeck—Vocal Trio & Saxophone
in one day. The concert was a huge success                                                             Midwest.
and we were all very lucky to be a part of it!
                                                     Megan Schuknecht—Horn Solo

Large Group
                                                     Jessica Schummer—Trombone Quartet                 FC Band Students Repre-
                                                     Cody Voetmann—Vocal Solo
Concert Festival Results                             Kayla Voetmann—Vocal Solo                         sent Community at Clover-
                                                     Kayla Volbrecht—Vocal Solo & Musical
                                                                        Theater Solo                   belt All-Conference Band
On Thursday, April 15th, just over 200 Fall
                                                     Abby Williamson—Trombone Quartet
Creek Middle and High School musicians                                                                 This past winter, the FCHS Concert Band
traveled to Gilman to participate in the annual                                                        was well-represented by eight band students
WSMA Concert Festival along with musi-                                                                 - Devan Galbraith, Katie Glass, Arianna
cians from Cadott, Stanley-Boyd, Gilman and                                                            Kuhnert, Alex Lahr, Jessica Schummer,
Altoona. Throughout the evening, our band                                                              Karisa Manor, Megan Schuknecht, and
and choirs performed for three judges and                                                              Mikayla Hardy – at the Cloverbelt All-
received ratings based on their performance.                                                           Conference Band at Osseo-Fairchild High
The ratings range from 1-4, with 1 being the                                                           School. The Band spent all day rehearsing
best possible score. There are also different                                                          a very difficult program of music under the
classes which reflect the difficulty of the piece.                                                     expert direction of former Eleva-Strum band
Our Middle School Choir received a 1-Rat-                                                              director, and current Chippewa Falls educa-
ing, and our Middle School Band received a                                                             tor, Mr. David Mueller. The All-Conference
2-Rating. The High School Concert Band and                                                             Band, All-Conference Choir, and faculty
Concert Choir both competed in the Class-B            Back row: Mikayla H, Jessica S, Karisa M,        Jazz Ensemble performed to a packed house
category, and both received 1-Ratings. The            Devan G, Alex L, Arianna K,. Front row:          that evening of appreciative parents, commu-
High School Women’s Choir competed in the             Katie G    Megan S                               nity members, and students. Congratulations
Class A-category, and also received a 1-Rat-                                                           to all involved.
Cricket Chirp - 2009                                                                                                                              4
                                                                                          Fifteen new members
                                                                                    are inducted into the Fall Creek
                                                                                         National Honor Society
                                                                             On Tuesday, March 23, fifteen new members were inducted into the
                                                                             National Honor Society here in Fall Creek at the annual banquet and
                                                                             induction ceremony. The keynote speaker for the evening was retired
                                                                             Fall Creek teacher Mr. Tom Mlsna. Newly inducted members this year
                                                                             were selected upon their application completion and meeting of the
                                                                             four facets of the National Honor Society: scholarship, service, lead-
                                                                             ership, and character. This year’s newly inducted members were the
                                                                             following: Tabatha Ballentine, Crystal Bauer, Nick Berg, Lexi Brown,
                                                                             Megan Hanson, Lydia Klingbeil, Brandon Mielnik, Lauryn Miller,
                                                                             Kelsa Rubeck, Michael Schmit, Courtney Strasburg, Kendra Stuttgen,
                                                                             Brianna Volbrecht, Taylor Wekkin, and Paige Williamson. Many of the
 FCHS Music Students Tour                                                    new members will participate in their first service opportunity on May
                                                                             2. On that day, the NHS students will be volunteering at the Eau Claire
 Washington D.C. and Cleveland                                               Marathon as they support a water station and that afternoon they will
                                                                             “Adopt-a-Highway” on the organization’s segment of County Highway
 During Spring Break, ninety-six Fall Creek High School music stu-           SS. These new members will undoubtedly continue the rich tradition
 dents, faculty, and parent chaperones traveled on a music performance       of this organization here at Fall Creek. Finally, thanks to the following
 tour to Cleveland, OH, and then on to our nation’s capital, Washington      senior NHS members who will be graduating in May for their partici-
 D.C. The students, who paid for the trip with money from various            pation and involvement in this organization: Christie Cline, Stacey
 fund-raisers as well as generous donations from the Fall Creek Music        Duncan, Devan Galbraith, Jessica Gilbertson, Mikayla Hardy, Alex
 Parents, were treated to a wonderful six-day tour to the Eastern part of    Lahr, Breana Meyer, Megan Schuknecht Anthony Schumacher, Jessica
 the country. The trip was designed to be equal parts: educational, fun,     Schummer, Kayla Volbrecht and Amanda Von Haden.
 and performance oriented. Highlights of trip included:

 •      Dinner at the New Orleans inspired Fat Fish Blues restaurant in                    Fall Creek Students
        downtown Cleveland, OH, complete with music provided by a
        terrific professional live jazz and blues band.
                                                                                        advance to National History
 •      A tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH.                           Day State Finals
 •      Tours of the Smithsonian Museums, National Archives, the
        National Holocaust Museum, and National Mall.                        On Friday, March 26, a number of Mr. Prissel’s American History
 •      Attendance of the incredible performance of the musical “Little      students participated in the National History Day regional competi-
        Shop of Horrors,” at the historic Ford’s Theater – the historic      tion at UWEC. As part of a classroom assignment, the students con-
        venue where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in April of             ducted extensive research and constructed a project in line with this
        1865.                                                                year’s theme “Innovation”. The following students/groups qualified
 •      Visiting the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington        for the state competition held in Madison on Saturday, May 1: Jessica
        Monument, Iwo Jima Memorial, Vietnam Wall Memorial,                  Schummer--website category; Kelsa Rubeck, Dani Cote, and Sarah
        Korean War Memorial, and World War II Memorial.                      Andres--performance category (unable to attend the state competi-
 •      A walking tour of Arlington National Cemetery, including visit       tion); Paige Williamson and Brianna Volbrecht--exhibit category; Sarah
        ing the Kennedy family graves and observing the changing of          Kragness and Taylor Wekkin--exhibit category. This year marks the
        the guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.               third year that Jessica Schummer has competed and reached the state
 •      Concert Choir and Women’s Choir performances at the historic         level. From this state competition, national qualifiers are selected to
        Old Post Office and the National VA Hospital of                      compete in Washington D.C. in June. Fall Creek has been represented
        Washington D.C.                                                      at the national level in 2008 by Jessica Schummer and in 2009 by Ben
 •      Concert Band performance on the steps of the Lincoln                 Messerschmidt and Cody Voetmann. Will any of this year’s competitors
        Memorial.                                                            reach the national level? Thank you and congratulations once again to
 •      Photo stop at the White House.                                       this year’s group of students who advanced to Madison and will repre-
 •      Meals at many fantastic restaurants and venues, including the        sent Fall Creek.
        D.C. Fish Market, the Italian Buca di Beppo’s, and the
        Washington D.C. Hard Rock Café.                                           Elementary                         May 7th - Kindergarten
        Guided tour of Gettysburg National Military Park.
        A Fall Creek dance and pizza party at the Westin Hotel.
                                                                                Spring Progams                       2 pm Mid School Gym

 •      Swimming at the Kalahari Water Park in Sandusky, OH.                                                         May 20th - Grades 1-5
                                                                                                                     7 pm High School Gym
 All of the students and adults had an incredible time visiting our na-
 tion’s capitol, and would like to thank all the individuals who made this                                     May 24th - 4th & 5th Grade Choirs
 learning experience possible.                                                                                         7 pm Auditorium

Cricket Chirp - 2009                                                                                                                                 5
                                                        In the Spotlight
                                Jessica              My husband, Dan, and I have four children.
                                                     Our oldest son, Joe, is in his second year of
                                                                                                        I remember walking through the high school
                                                                                                        end of the library when I stopped in my tracks
                                White                college at the Milwaukee School of Engi-           and did a double take. I saw across the room a
                              English - major        neering. Our son, John, is a senior in high        high school student sitting in the recliner with
                              Library Science        school. Our son, Matthew is in 8th grade and       their shoes off, curled up, reading a novel.
                                   minor             our daughter, Annemarie, is in 2nd grade. We       Having searched high and low for a variety of
                             Years of service at     live on a 40 acre farm in Chippewa Falls. We       comfortable chairs and trinkets to mix among
                               Fall Creek: 5         raise beef cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens.      the tables, I wanted a certain atmosphere in the
                             Years Teaching 6        We enjoy being involved in outside activities      library. This student was the picture I had in
                               Teaches High          and attending sporting events.                     my head when the transition began, and it was
                              School English                                                            quite exciting to see it happening.
                                                     There are many exciting things happening
 In high school and throughout college I             in my first grade classroom. Miss Bethany          When I began teaching high school English
 worked as a lifeguard and swimming instruc-         Goettl, a student from UW- Eau Claire, is          it was considered quite high tech if you took
 tor. In college I worked at the Eau Claire          student teaching in our classroom. The             your classroom to the computer lab more than
 YMCA as the Pool Supervisor and I also              children and I are enjoying working with her.      once a year to type their papers. This was not
 taught CPR and lifeguarding classes. Before         First grade is an exciting time of children’s      researching using the computers - just to sim-
 coming to Fall Creek I taught English at Gil-       acquisition of and growth in reading skills.       ply type in a word processing program. Now
 manton High School for one year.                    All 3 first grade classrooms have 4th grade        classes can use the computer to research infor-
                                                     reading buddies and Kindergarten pals to get       mation, create presentations, contact experts
 I’ve had the amazing opportunity to take            together with each week to share their reading     from around the world, and chat with an entire
 groups of students abroad in correlation with       skills with. It has been exciting to watch these   class about their reaction to a story!
 a cross-curricular literature and history class.    positive friendships grow and the students’        Also each teacher just got a brand new com-
 In spring of 2008 we traveled to London and         reading skills strengthen during the year. My      puter in their classroom to try something
 in spring of 2010 to Italy. All year we study       students also share their reading skills with      called “email”. Everyone kept the “thing” in a
 the country, its history, its literature, and its   the Early Childhood students. This year I am       corner because they had no intention of taking
 culture and then we take a trip to see all of       learning how to integrate the new technology       time to learn it - after all, we just got a brand
 the things we’ve learned about. Seeing the          of a Mimio into my lessons. A Mimio allows         new phone system that had voicemail feature.
 students’ faces as they see the history and         for interactive activities using a white board     That was certainly going to be all we would
 literature come to life has truly been one of       and computer. The Mimio has been an excit-         ever need. 
 the most rewarding experiences of my teach-         ing and interesting educational tool to learn
 ing career.                                         how to use.                                        What has been your most exciting vacation?

 What is your typical weekend like/ life out-        My most exciting vacation was when my              It may have been the trip to New York City
 side of school?                                     husband and I went to Norway for five weeks.       when we visited the Bronx Zoo. After a great
                                                     We had an exciting time seeing all the beauti-     day at the zoo, we ran up a flight of stairs to
 Wait, I have a life outside of school? No,          ful sites and enjoying all the delicious food!     catch a subway. At the time we began to enter
 really… much of my time is spent creating                                                              the car, we thought we had plenty of time to
 lesson plans, grading papers, traveling to                                                             make the train, but the doors closed before
 forensics meets, building sets for the musical,                                                        the usual announcement to warn passengers
 etc. When I’m not doing those things, mainly                                                           to clear the way. Unfortunately, my husband,
 in the summer, I enjoy spending time with my                                                           Scott, was already inside the car and our two
 husband, camping, biking, traveling, scrap-                                                            daughters and myself were not as the door
 booking, and working on my family geneal-                                                              slid shut. Our eyes met as the subway pulled
 ogy.                                                                                                   away. Scott immediately pulled his cell phone
                                                                                                        out of his pocket and called my phone to make
                                                                                                        a rendezvous plan only to hear my ring tone
                                                                                                        coming from the backpack on his back. There
                                                                                                        I was standing on a subway platform in the
                                                                                                        Bronx with my two daughters and a water
                             Julie Rider                                                                bottle. Everything else was in the backpack.
                             Special /Elemen-                                                           That was en exciting moment to say the least!
                             tary Education                                                             Fortunately after some swift train hopping,
                             Years of Service at                                                        Scott made it back to us and we finished the
                             FC: 20                   Teresa Kramer                                     day with a great dinner. We love New York!
                             Years Teaching: 23        Major: English Minor: Psychology
                             Teaches 1st Grade        Years of Service at FC:5 (English)
                                                      3 (Library Media Specialist)
                                                      Years of Teaching:16
Cricket Chirp - 2009                                                                                                                                   6
                                                  FFA and Ag Department News
Agricultural Technology
                                                                                                     FFA Awards Banquet
Contest at UW-River Falls                                                                            The Fall Creek FFA held the annual awards
                                                                                                     banquet on Sunday, April 18th. Members,
This year was the 50th anniversary of the Ag-                                                        alumni, and parents were recognized for their
ricultural Technology Contest held on the UW-                                                        participation and accomplishments throughout
River Falls Campus. This contest is open to all                                                      the year. Kirsten Konder the state FFA Trea-
agriculture students where their knowledge of                                                        surer from Glenwood City gave a inspiration
agriculture is tested in 16 different contests.                                                      greeting on behalf of the Wisconsin FFA that
Fall Creek participated in the contest and had                                                       focused on the corner stones of our town. She
six teams compete in the contests.                                                                   encouraged everyone to be the cornerstone
                                                   Reid Geiger, Nick Kurth, Kyle Gilbertson, and     of the FFA and agriculture in the community.
                                                   Kyle P. Mayer competed in the Nursery Land-       Thanks for all the hard work of everyone
                                                   scaping Contest and placed first to advance to    involved.
                                                   the state competition in Madison. Kyle Mayer
                                                   placed 1st individually. Congratulations and      Food For America
                                                   good luck at the state competition on April       The FFA officers are planning this year’s
                                                   30th!                                             Food For America program for May 21st with
                                                                                                     the third grade. During the Food For America
                                                                                                     program officers teach elementary students
                                                                                                     about where their food comes from, as well
The following students participated in the                                                           how important agriculture is in their lives.
Wildlife Contest: Matt Kinderman, Greg                                                               Students will learn about how to milk cows,
Schreiner, and Ben Grohn. These young men                                                            sheep, goats, calves, and chickens. Food For
studied animal tracks, skins, and pictures                                                           America will be held on Doug and Lynette
along with traps, history, and regulations                                                           Knuth’s farm again this year.
related to wildlife to compete in the Wildlife
Contest. The team finished 16th out of 32
teams. Best of luck next year!                                                                       FFA Corn Drive
                                                                                                     Remember that every fall the FFA sponsors
                                                                                                     a corn drive in the Fall Creek School district.
                                                   Davon Schlewitz, Sam Schumacher, and Joey
                                                                                                     Members will be coming around collecting
                                                   Smith competed in the Agronomy Contest and
                                                                                                     aluminum cans, old batteries, corn, hay, straw
                                                   placed 12th. These men had to identify com-
                                                                                                     and donations. All proceeds from the corn
                                                   mon agriculture crops and pets. Congratula-
                                                                                                     drive are donated to charity. Remember to
                                                   tions and good luck in the fu
                                                                                                     save your cans and batteries…we look for-
                                                                                                     ward to seeing you this fall!

                                                                                                     Upcoming FFA Activities
Jake Brown and Brandon Behlke competed                                                               Food for America            May 21st
in the Forestry Contest and placed 15th. Part                                                        End of Year Member Picnic May 26th
of their competition required them to identify                                                       Tractor Safety       June 1st – 5th
common Wisconsin trees and forestry equip-                                                           State FFA Convention June 14th –17th
ment. Congratulations!                                                                               FC Fun Fest Game Night      June 24th
                                                                                                     FC Fun Fest Parade          June 27th
                                                                                                     Corn Drive                  TBD – Oct/Nov
                                                   The Livestock Evaluation contest requires
                                                   contestants to examine and rank various classes
                                                   of beef cattle, sheep, and hogs. They must
                                                   have an understanding of animal conformation,
                                                   breeding, and industry trends. Ashleigh Schle-              High School
                                                   witz, Kari Knuth, Cole Schiefelbein and Matt
                                                   Jackson were members of the team. The team
                                                                                                               Awards Day
Dalton Hardy, Josh McCormick, Josh Wan-
                                                   placed 4th and advanced to the state competi-            Friday, May 14th
                                                   tion. Congratulations!
gen, and Justin VonHaden competed in the Ag                                                                      8:00 am
Mechanics Contest and placed 12th out of 25
teams. They competed in a series of individual                                                              in the Auditorium
and team problem solving activities. Congratu-
lations and good luck in the future.
Cricket Chirp - 2009                                                                                                                               7
                          “A Night With The Stars”
                                       Prom Royalty 2010

                                                                          Prom Court
 Queen Danielle M                          (Front to Back) Danielle M & Jesse G, Mckenna W & Trent D, Jettessa C & James
 King Jesse G                              “Bobby” B, Mesada A & Ben G, Jenna I & Brandon W

                                                Fall Creek’s Elementary Artists
                                                  are Springing Forward!!!!!!
                       As we move into this beautiful time of the year full of growth and wonder our elementary artists are also
                       demonstrating growth in their art skills and understanding.
                       In Kindergarten we got lost in the jungle with the artist Rousseau.
                       1st grade has been painting posies
                       2nd grade is looking at the work of Eric Carle in the book “Papa Please Get the Moon for Me” and creat-
                       ing some pretty impressive collages.
                       In 3rd grade we are looking mixing things up with “Picasso Like Portraits”.
                       4th grade is working hard with paper mache’ creating a weather mobile based on the artwork of Alexander
                       Calder and the science teachings of Ms. B.
                       5th graders have traveled to India to learn about the most amazing Banyon Tree.
                       Hope you are enjoying the beauty of the season as the earth opens and new life unfolds. The air lingers
                       with the smell of freshly cut grass and a sensation of color appears before our eyes. If you visit the school
                       please take the time to walk through the halls and enjoy the kids work.

Cricket Chirp - 2009                                                                                                               8
                                                                   7th Graders and FACT Students Talk with
                                                                           Congressman Ron Kind
                                                            U.S. Representative Ron Kind met with the Fall Creek 7th grade students on Tues-
                                                            day, April 6th in the Fall Creek High School auditorium. The students had written
                                                            letters to their Wisconsin U.S. Congressmen earlier in the school year about current
                                                            issues that they thought were important. Congressmen Ron Kind wanted to stop by
                                                            Fall Creek to personally answer the questions and concerns many of the students had.
                                                            The students enjoyed and appreciated the chance to meet and ask questions to a U.S.
                                                            Congressman right at their school.

                                                            Also the FACT (Fighting Against Corporate Tobacco) advocacy group spoke with
 Travis M, Tabatha B, Makkena W, Sarah K, Shianne R and
                                                            Ron Kind. The group discussed their opinions on the Smokeless in Wisconsin law
 Dillon L
                                                            taking effect on 7-5-10.
 Fall Creek FBLA
 56th Annual State
 Leadership Conference
 The 56th Wisconsin Future Business Leaders of
 America (FBLA) State Leadership Conference was
 hosted in Wisconsin Dells on April 12 and 13, 2010.
 The State Leadership Conference brought outstanding
 young adults together for an unforgettable experience
 of FBLA enthusiasm. This year, over 2,800 students,
 advisers, and guests participated in the conference.

 FBLA members from all areas of the state gathered
 in Wisconsin Dells at the Chula Vista Resort to at-
 tend workshops and three delegate assemblies, and
 compete in competitive events such as Accounting,
 Desktop Publishing, Personal Finance, e-Business,          Back row: Ralph K, Beth K, Rachel K, Dani D, Bridget S. 2nd row: Lisa B Jackie T,
 Banking & Financial Systems, Cyber Security, Web           Teagan M, Hailey S. Front row: Mrs. Leonard, Sierra D, Ron Kind
 Site Development, Introduction to Business, Computer
 Applications, Network Design, and Entrepreneurship,
 just to name a few of the categories. In most competi-
 tive events, the first- and second-place winners will be
 advancing to the FBLA National Leadership Confer-            What is Fact?
 ence that will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, from         Fact stands for Fighting Against
 July 14-17, 2010.                                            Corporate Tobacco. This year we are
                                                              focusing the upcoming law on 7.5.10.
 The keynote speaker this year was Jonathon Sprinkles.
 Jonathan has quickly become recognized as one of             7.5.10 is…
 the most sought-after and well-respected speakers and        •        7/5/10 stands for July 7th 2010.
 entrepreneurs in the country. His keynote message,           That day is when Wisconsin becomes
 “How to be a Change Maker,” was both motivational            smoke free in every public, indoor
 and empowering.                                              place.                                    What we’re up to…
                                                                                                        Our FACT group has recently been
 Our Fall Creek FBLA Chapter sent three students to           •        People will still be able to     working hard to get our message across.
 represent our school in the competitive events. We also      smoke in outdoor public places (parks, We want to inform other people about
 invited four additional students to attend the confer-       streets, etc.)                            the dangers of smoking. The way we are
 ence as guests. Sarah Kragness, who placed 1st at                                                      doing this is by making posters, putting
 Regionals in Somerset, competed in Introduction to           Our Goal                                  ribbons on the fence, meeting with Ron
 Business; Travis McCann, who placed 4th at Region-           Our goal is to inform people about the Kind to present ourselves, and speak-
 als, competed in Cyber Security; and Dillon Larson,          dangers of smoking. We also want to       ing to the classes about our group. We
 who placed 1st at Regionals, competed in Web Site            talk to our representatives about their are continuing to do more “factivisms”
 Development. Although none of our Fall Creek FBLA            choice of making Wisconsin smoke          around the school.
 competitors placed high enough to advance to Na-             free.
 tionals this year, we are still extremely proud of their
 accomplishments throughout the season.
Cricket Chirp - 2009                                                                                                                               9
Technology and Engineering Education News                                                                FCSH Forensicators
                                                                                                          State Meet Results
                                                  Car Care: Students spent third quarter
                                                  learning about how a car operates and the          Congratulations to the Forensics team who
                                                  systems in the car. Students performed tasks       competed at the State Meet in Madison. Re-
                                                  like changing their tires, checking fluids, and    sults are as follows:
                                                  basic car maintenance. Students also have been
                                                  working on replacing the entire brake system       Bronze Medals: Gabby Tuminello, Katie
                                                  in an 87 Chevy truck. Students also got to         Bornick, Tabatha Ballentine. Silver Medals:
                                                  learn and see new automotive technologies.         Kayla Kettering, Alex Emmerich, Katherine
                                                  Local dealerships brought in new cars for the      Sorenson, Danielle Cote, Andi Fuglsang,
New Technology Class: Students start-             students to see.                                   Brianna Volbrecht, Lydia Klingbeil, Dustin
ed the semester by learning about construction                                                       Goodman, Cody Voetmann, Jay Fuglsang
and engineering by designing bridges on the                                                          And, earning Gold Medals, with PERFECT
computer and building balsa bridges to test in                                                       scores of 25 points: Isaac Addie, Taylor
the lab. Ben Fox built the strongest bridge                                                          Wekkin, Sarah Kragness, Tina Hawkins,
holding 59 pounds. Students then designed                                                            Marissa Hageness, Danielle Murphy, Ben
and built hydraulic powered robots to test in a                                                      Messerschmidt, Ryan Lehmann, Alex "Fez"
head to head competition against other groups.                                                       Lahr. Congratulations on a TERRIFIC sea-
                                                                                                     son Forensicators!
Applied Power: Students have been
learning about designing with computers.
Students designed locker organizers on the
computer and then built them in the lab. The
class then learned about trebuchets, designed
trebuchets on the computer, built trebuchets
and tested them out. Students modified the
trebuchets to make them perform better and
created challenges for them.                      Yard barn built by: Ryan H, Jake B, Walter T,
                                                  and Greg S

                                                  Construction Technology: Stu-
                                                  dents completed the storage sheds they have
                                                  been working on this year. Students did great
                                                  and have had many compliments on their
                                                  sheds/playhouses. Students will be finishing
                                                  out the year learning more about energy ef-
                                                  ficiency, finishing structures, designing homes,
                                                  building codes, surveying, and buying a home.

              Alex S and Ryan H

In April, four students went to CVTC for their
annual welding competition. Students had to
read a set of plans and weld up three metal
parts according to the plans. Although the
students didn’t win the competition they had
fun, did a good job, and got to work on their
welding skills.

Material Processing: Students
spent third quarter learning about manu-
facturing by building bookcases. Students
learned how to measure, read plans, stick
with a plan, safely operate equipment and
                                                    Playhouse built by: Back row: Cole A,
complete their project. Students did a great
                                                    Scott R, John G, Tyler S, Alex S. Front
job. Fourth quarter students are learning
                                                    row: Josh B, Brandon B.
about plastics and metal working. They will
                                                    Not pictured Jay F, Casey G
be welding, working with sheetmetal, and
forming plastics.
Cricket Chirp - 2009                                                                                                                          10
                       High School A & B Honor Roll
                          3rd Quarter 2009-2010
   A Honor Roll           Brandon Mielnik       Kayla Johnson        Catrina Hawkins
                          Lauryn Miller         Hope Kinderman       Nathan Henrichs
Grade 12                  Kelsa Rubeck          Andrew Kragness      Ashley Isaacson
Kassia Anderson           Courtney Strasburg    Andrew Lierman       Courtney Kinderman
Kayla Anderson            Kendra Stuttgen       Daniel Long          Morgan Kinderman
Megan Bergeron            Ethan Van Goor        Celia Masel          James King
Joshua Bronstad                                 Kyle Mayer           Justine Knutson
Jessica Gilbertson        Grade 9               Jacob McCormick      Sarah Kragness
Mikayla Hardy             Emily Anderson        Cameron Nyseth       Dustin Kuhnert
Arianna Kuhnert           Landen Brown          Jordan Reetz         Justin Longhurst
Alex Lahr                 Clara Buch            Megan Rene           Joseph Mabie            BOOSTER
Ryan Lehmann              Britta Burghardt      John Santa Cruz      Ashley Mason
Charles Mabie             Carly Cline           Katarina Schieffer   Konnor Meyers
Breana Meyer              Austin Dehnke         Larry Schnack        Jeremy Noble          GOLF OUTING
Kara Meyers               Alexandria Emmerich   Megan Schuknecht     Cali Olson
Brandy Morrison           Benjamin Fox          Michael Stelter      Matthew Olson
Scott Reetz               Sheridan Fox          Samantha Strasburg   Sara Paudler           Sept. 18, 2010
Anthony Schumacher        Karlie Ganzer         Jiaqi Liu            Alexander Queen
Jessica Schummer          Alyssa Geiger                              Shianne Reidt
                                                                                              3:00 p.m.
Katrina Strasburg         Jordan Huettel        Grade 11             Cole Schiefelbein
Kyle Stuttgen             Connor Ische          Jared Anderson       Michael Schmit
Luke Tweed                Nicole Jaeger         Daniel Bagge         Samuel Schumacher
Kayla Volbrecht           Brett Johnson         Katherine Bornick    Gabriella Tuminello       Pines
Amanda Von Haden          Dillon Larson         Jettessa Connell     Brianna Volbrecht
Claire Chevalier          Cheyenne Lierman      Trent Dehnke         Taylor Wekkin
Coskun Islek              Sarah McInnis         Katelynne Folkers    Ryne West
CarinaWinter              Brenda Schmid         Kylia Frase          Makkena Westphal
Francesco Zaghini         Ethen Schoen          Jay Fuglsang         Paige Williamson
                          Katherine Sorenson    Reid Geiger          Mark Zimmerman
 Grade 11
                          Tyler Stanek          Jennifer Geske                                Last day
                          Jackson Stearns       Jesse Glenz
 Mesada Anderson
 Crystal Bauer
                          Kayla Voetmann        Benjamin Grohn
                                                                     Grade 9
                                                                     Isaac Addie
                                                                                              of school
                          Eve Wassenaar
 James Bluem
                          Jordan Wassenaar
                                                Ryan Hermann
                                                Daniel Huettel
                                                                     Jonathan Becker           Friday,
 Jeremy Burns                                                        Mitchell Benner
 Blake Herbison
                          Abby Williamson       Kari Knuth           Grace Grambort           June 4th
 Jenna Ische                                    Kelsey Knuth         Chase Haldeman
 Karisa Manor               B Honor Roll        Eric Lewandowski     Dalton Hardy
 Katerina Manor                                 Jessica Malmin
                                                Taylor Mardis
                                                                     Marissa Hook              Students
 Rebecca McInnis          Grade 12                                   Jonathan Jarocki
 Benjamin Messerschmidt   Chenise Anderson      Joshua Nelson        Mikayla Jones            dismissed
                                                Corrinda Scoville
 Eric Mischke
 Jasmine Noble
                          Shawnee Baker
                          Jesse Bates           Jordan Semanko
                                                                     Kayla Kettering
                                                                     Leah Krenz
                                                                                             at 11:00 am
 Laurissa Polden          Jessie Bergbrader     Alex Strauch         Daniel Kuhnert
 Ashleigh Schlewitz       Alyssa Boggess        Walter Thompson      Travis McCann
 Cody Voetmann            Josh Carter           Shonnice Vaughn      Joshua McCormick        Have a fun
                                                Brandon Wathke
 McKenna Walbeck          Christie Cline
                          Jordan Craig          Grade 10
                                                                     Braxtyn Meyer
                                                                     Kyle Nelson
                                                                                              and safe
 Grade 10
 Saran Andres
                          Evanne Crogg          Sandra Anderson      Ashley Ritsch            summer
                          Matthew Dickinsen     Paige Barth          Rachel Roskos
 Tabatha Ballentine
                          Stacey Duncan         Jacob Bergeron       Grace Schreiner          vacation.
 Nicholas Berg
                          Devan Galbraith       Stephanie Blinkman   Priscilla Schrock
 Alexis Brown
                          John Gilbertson       Dominick Boggess     Nicole Sedgeman
 Danielle Cote
                          Gabriel Grambort      Leah Davenport       Nathan Staves
 Andrea Fuglsang
                          Casey Green           Adora Dietsche       Will Tweed
 Megan Hanson
                          Cullen Haldeman       Brendan Downs        Laura Uhlig
 Lydia Klingbeil
                          Grant Hansen          Taylor Galbraith     Justin Von Haden
 Marissa Mayer
                          Katelyn Hanson        Dustin Goodman       Miranda Wirner
 Emily Messerschmidt
                          Hannah Holman         Marissa Hageness     Jeremy Zakrzewski
Cricket Chirp - 2009                                                                                       11
      Grades 5-8 Spelling Bee Participants                                                  8th Grade
                                                                                            Laura Volbrecht - School Counselor

                                                                                            Grade 8 Individual Planning Conferences are now
                                                                                            being scheduled to begin April 27th through June
                                                                                            3rd at the High School. These conferences are unlike
                                                                                            traditional parent/teacher conferences. The focus is on
                                          5th Grade - Sam S (Alternate), Grant G, Jake M,   each student’s personal and social growth, their edu-
                                          and Sam K                                         cational and career development and their transition to
                                                                                            High School. Emphasis is placed on a review of the
                                                                                            student’s academic performance, learning styles, tal-
                                                                                            ents, abilities, interests, hopes and dreams, and career/
                                                                                            self-development portfolio review. It was also be an
  Lisa Bagge (Alternate Champion)                                                           opportunity for students and parents to view and final-
  and Bridget Schilling (Champion)                                                          ize their student’s high school schedule.

                                                                                             Individual Planning Conferences are specifically de-
 Representatives from grades 5, 6, 7,                                                       signed conferences for parents to gain insight into their
 and 8 participated in the Fall Creek                                                       child’s development and for students to gain insight
 Grades 5-8 Spelling Bee in the High                                                        into the direction they are headed in the future. Our
 School Auditorium on January 29th.                                                         task is to determine how we can help them create and
 Student participants correctly spelled                                                     achieve broadly based goals for their future.
 dungarees, grimace, and deciduous.
 Other more challenging words includ-     6th Grade - Kendra J, Kendra Johnson, Liam J,      Parents/Guardians are key members of the conference
 ed menagerie, terrarium, and feral.      and Isaiah S                                      team. The conferencing process involves the school
                                                                                            counselor and includes the parent(s)/guardian(s) and
 Throughout the spelling bee, the                                                           the child.
 students were careful and thoughtful
 when delivering the spelling of each                                                        The Grade 8 Individual Planning Conference typi-
 word.                                                                                      cally lasts approximately 45-minutes. A conference
                                                                                            letter and schedule has been sent home to all 8th grade
 Bridget Schilling, an 8th grade                                                            students. If parents/guardians are unable to attend the
 student and daughter of James and                                                          Individual Planning Conference, students will meet
 Bethany Schilling, was the 2010 Fall                                                       privately with their counselor. Call Laura Volbrecht,
 Creek Grades 5-8 Spelling Bee Cham-                                                        7-12 School Counselor at 877-2809 to schedule your
 pion. Bridget has represented her        7th Grade - Jake H (Alternate), Lauren M,         child’s Individual Planning Conference.
 grade in the Fall Creek Spelling Bee     Anais C, and Paige W
 for the past four years and was the
 2008 Fall Creek Grades 5-8 Spelling
 Bee Champion as a 6th grade student.
 Bridget represented Fall Creek at the
 CESA 10 Scripps Spelling Bee and                                                                    PTO Read-a-thon
 placed 8th overall placing her as an
 Alternate Speller for the Scripps Wis-
                                                                                                             THANK YOU
 consin State Spelling Bee.
                                                                                                A check in the amount of $1500 was presented
                                                                                                to fifth grade Student Council members for Fall
 Lisa Bagge, an 8th grade student and
                                                                                                Creek Elementary at the April all school meeting
 daughter of Jon and Erika Bagge, was
                                                                                                held on April 9th. The check was presented by
 the 2010 Fall Creek Grades 5-8 Spell-
                                                                                                Kim Gillett, PTO chairperson. The money was
 ing Bee Alternate Champion. Lisa         8th Grade - Kylie F (Alternte), Lisa B, Bridg-        raised as a result of the PTO Read-a-thon and
 has represented her grade in the Fall    et S, and Turner S                                    will be used to purchase interactive white boards
 Creek Spelling Bee in each of the past
                                                                                                for classrooms. Thank you to all who pledged
 four years: grades 5, 6, 7 and 8.
                                                                                                toward this effort.
                                                                                                         We invite anyone to visit our school and
                                                                                                see this technology in action. Please call the el-
                                                                                                ementary office and arrangements will be made.

Cricket Chirp - 2009                                                                                                                              12
        Middle School A & B Honor Roll
          2nd Trisemester 2009-2010
                        Grade 8                     Alyson Kurth
  A Honor Roll          Lisa Bagge                  Josh LaGow
                        Courtney Bresina            Keenan Lantz
 Grade 6                Joshua Burns                Abigail Larson
 Trevor Barribeau       Kylie Frank                 Tatum Mayenschein
 Ali Barrie             Henry Gilbertson            Andrew Mayer
 Chloe Bresina          Rachel Klingbeil            Brayton Meyer
 Sedona Burnside        Taylor Lahr                 Shyann Price
 Cody Cline             Ashley Mardis               Adam Riemenschneider
 Julia Delzer
 Emily Dunham
                        Isaac McInnis
                        Logan Rubeck
                                                    Cody Runge
                                                    Cody Schmid
                                                                                  Kristen Dexter Visit
 Whitney Folkers                                                                         Creating Opportunities
                        Bridget Schilling           Ryan Schmidt
 Natalie Hellegers      Turner Steinke              Austin Schoen                          through Education
 Shayna Hohlfelder      Hailey Strasburg            Esobel Schultz
 Abigail Huse           Jacob Stuttgen              Caleb Schulz           Representative Kristen Dexter visited the Fall Creek
 Erin Jackson           Jacquieline Trzebiatowski   Sawyer Stearns         School District November 11, 2009. The purpose of
 Kendra Jaenke          Anthony Walloch             Kyle Towberman         this visit was to have a “real, first-hand experience” in a
 Kendra Johnson         Tyler Wathke                Kala Utt               school with a variety of settings. She also had a session
 Liam Johnson           Chance Zimmerman            Braden Walbeck         with teachers, administrators, and school board represen-
 Rachel Mayer                                       Paige Walker           tative, Mr. Dunham – to discuss school funding con-
 Morgan Mlsna                                       Collin Wuebben         cerns and how the broken formula is really affecting the
 Jacob Olson             B Honor Roll                                      opportunities for our students. Representative Dexter
 Jaclyn Pederson                                                           wanted to hear and see real stories of how cuts are hurt-
 Sawyer Rubeck                                      Grade 8                ing schools. It is one thing to be in the legislature and
 Isabella Schmidt       Grade 6                     Rachel Addie           make a cut in funding, but when she sees it in person, it
 Isaiah Schmidt         Tyler Anderson              Ronald Barribeau       is much more meaningful and allows her to work more
 Alexis Steinke         Brandon Barr                Brok Benner            effectively on behalf of public schools.
 Madeline Strasburg     Kortney Bauer               Bryce Bensen
 Kaylee Stuttgen        Maggie Beranek              Joshua Beranek
 Emily Jo Thalacker     Tate Brown                  Abbie Bergbrader
 Isabella Thompson      Olivia Burghardt            Amanda Button
 Nancy Whaley           Sonora Davis                Levi Christenson
 Madeline Williams      Cody Folkers                Tyler Christenson
                        Rachel Grohn                Sierra Dohm
                        Nathan Hageness             Justin Fedie
 Grade 7                Justin Held                 Kelsey Green
 Matthew Anderson       Jacob Kaul                  Samantha Hagberg
 Isabelle Bensen        Zachary LaGow               Tonja Huehn
 Nathaniel Berg         Christian LeMay             Jaclyn Isham
 Hannah Buchholz        Emma Mabie                  Brian Jann
 Rylie Cornelissen      Megan Palomaki              Apryl Jordan
 Anais Cross-Shaw       Kenneth Schrock             Elizabeth Kinderman
 Katelyn Delzer         Lucas Sedgeman              Nicole Knuth
 Logan Fuller-Swift     Christopher Sorenson        Ralph Kratochvil II
 Brooke Jaeger
 Emily Jaeger
                        Brady Steinke               Lisa Larson
                                                    Paige Mason
                                                                           Author Visits Elementary
 Sarah King                                         Cassandra Morgan
                        Grade 7                                            The elementary had a special visit April 13th from
 Maechaela Kolpien                                  Angela Pelekoudas
                        Kaitlynn Beighley                                  author , Julie Woik. Ms. Woik is the creator of the Lily
 Tatum Mayenschein                                  Kayla Ruff
                        Nathaniel Berg                                     the Lash series of picture books. Lily is an eyelash fairy
 Lauren Messerschmidt                               Bethany Salter
                        Lane Buch                                          that travels the world teaching life lessons to those in
 Eric Reetz                                         Darrik Schlewitz
                        Colton Chambers                                    need. Students from all grades K-5 heard an enthusiastic
 Ryan Schmidt                                       Kaitlyn Schmidt
                        Kirk Herbison                                      presentation from Ms. Woik where she read one of her
 Makayla Schmit                                     Hale Schultz
                        Lucas Hermann                                      stories, told how the series was created, and showed
 Austin Schoen                                      Kersten Volbrecht
                        Bethany Kildahl                                    how the pictures came to be for the book. The Lily the
 Caleb Schulz                                       Sydney Walker
                        Arik Klopp                                         Lash website has several fun activities for young read-
 Kyle Towberman                                     Shalonda Weggen
                        Cherish Kuehl                                      ers including a list of hidden items within the stories for
 Jonalyn Wittwer                                    Zachary Zank
                                                                           which readers can search!
                                                    Jason Zimmerman
Cricket Chirp - 2009                                                                                                               13
            HS Boys Basketball Wrap Up                                                       HS Girls Basketball Wrap Up
            Crickets to Play in All-Star Games                                     The Fall Creek Girls Basketball team had a very successful and exciting
                                                                                   2009-2010 season. The girls ended the season with an impressive 23-4 record
          Four members of this year’s Cricket boys’ basketball team will be        and a return trip to the sectional finals. Even though they fell 47-46 to Osseo-
 playing in all-star games in June. All will be representing Fall Creek in two     Fairchild in their bid to return to Madison, they still had a remarkable season.
 separate classics for charity.                                                             The girls started out the season replacing four starters from last year’s
     The first such all-star game will be held June 7th at UW-Stout where Andy     state tournament team. After an opening season win at Gilman, the girls suf-
 Kragness and Cullen Haldeman will be playing in the West Central Wisconsin        fered a 57-50 OT loss to the Altoona Railroaders. After that tough loss, the
 Senior Classic. Game time is scheduled for 8 pm and tickets will be available     Lady Crickets worked extremely hard and improved significantly all through
 at Johnson Fieldhouse on the campus of UW-Stout.                                  the season to finish with their 23-4 overall record and 13-3 record in confer-
     Luke Tweed and Jordan Reetz will be playing in the WBCA North- South          ence, earning them a 2nd place finish in the Western Cloverbelt Conference.
 All-Star game to be played June 19th at the UW-Fieldhouse in Madison. Tip         Highlights of the season included two 8 game and a 6 game winning streak, a
 off for that game will be at 2:30 pm. Tickets can be obtained before hand by      win over Osseo-Fairchild when they were undefeated and the #2 ranked team
 contacting either of the two players. They will be playing for the MACC Fund      in Division 3, beating Regis for the first time since 2005, and beating Marsh-
 (Midwest Athletes against Childhood Cancer).                                      field Columbus in the Cloverbelt Cross-over game.
     Jordan Reetz was named to the Coaches Association’s All-State team for                 The tournament trail started with wins over Cadott and Colby, and
 division 3 schools. While Tweed made the Honorable Mention list on this           then a victory over #2 seeded Neillsville for the Regional championship. In
 team as well. It is a great honor to be selected to this prestigious squad.       Sectionals, the Crickets went on to defeat an undefeated Hurley team, before
     Finally, Kragness and Matt Dickinsen are up for the WBCA’s All-Academic       their season came to an end with the loss to Osseo-Fairchild in the sectional
 Award. This goes to student/athletes who not only excel on the court, but in      final.
 the classroom as well. These awards will be announced in a few weeks with a                         Individual honors for the Crickets this year included: Kas-
 banquet to follow in Madison on June 18th.                                        sia Anderson and Katelynne Folkers receiving 1st Team All-Conference, and
     It was a great year for the Crickets as they posted a 22-3 record and won     Stacey Duncan and Jessica Gilbertson receiving Honorable-Mention All-Con-
 the conference championship again for the second consecutive season. They         ference. Kassia was also 2nd Team All-Northwest and a WBCA Honorable
 also extended the home winning streak to 33 straight games. The Crickets          Mention All-State, Katelynne was 3rd Team All-Northwest, and Jessica re-
 have not lost at home since early December of 2007. Coach Storlie would just      ceived Honorable Mention All-Northwest. Kassia was also a WBCA all-star
 like to thank everyone for their wonderful support of the team all season long.   selection and will be playing in the all-star game in Madison this summer.
 It was a season filled with many exciting moments.                                         With the ending of another season, we will be saying good-bye to our
                                                                                   captains and senior leaders, Kassia Anderson, Stacey Duncan, Jessica Gilb-
               Varsity Softball Schedule                                           ertson, and Hope Kinderman. They capped off their four years of hard work
                                                                                   with an outstanding season, their dedication to the TEAM will be missed.
               Fall Creek High School 2010                                                  It was a great season for all of us. Our girls made us extremely
 Date            Opponent                 Location                Time             proud by how hard they played and they gave us another season to remember.
 April 30        Thorp                    Home                    5:00pm           Thank you to the girls, administration, parents, the Cricket Crazies and all
 May 4           Gilman                   Away                    5:00pm           the loyal Cricket fans for being part of the experience and making it another
 May 6           Cadott                   Away                    5:00pm           wonderful season.
 May 7           McDonell                 Home                    5:00pm
 May 8           Colby Tournament         Away                    10:00am
 May 11          Osseo-Fairchild          Away                    4:00pm
 May 13          Gilman                   Home                    5:00pm
 May 14          Stanley-Boyd             Away                    5:00pm
 May 18          Eleva-Strum              Home                    5:00pm
 May 21          Regis                    Home                    5:00pm
 May 27          WIAA Regional            TBA                     TBA
 June 1          WIAA Regional            TBA                     TBA                            Varsity Baseball Schedule
 June 3          WIAA Regional            TBA                     TBA
 June 8-11       WIAA Sectional           TBA                     TBA                          Fall Creek High School 2010
 June 17-19      WIAA State Meet          TBA                     TBA              Date             Opponent           Location                        Time
                                                                                   April 30         Thorp              Home                            5:00pm
                                                                                   May 4            Gilman             Away                            5:00pm
                 Varsity Track Schedule                                            May 6            Cadott             Away                            5:00pm
               Fall Creek High School 2010                                         May 7            McDonell           Home                            5:00pm
                                                                                   May 11           Osseo-Fairchild    Away                            4:30pm
 Date                    Location                                 Time             May 13           Gilman             Home                            5:00pm
 May 4                   Cricket Invite                           4:00             May 14           Stanley-Boyd       Away                            5:00pm
 May 7                   Osseo Fairchild                          4:00             May 18           Elk Mound          Away                            5:00pm
 May 11                  Arcadia                                  4:00             May 21           Regis              Home                            5:00pm
 May 14                  Cadott                                   4:30             May 25           Black River Falls  Home                            5:00pm
 May 18                  Cloverbelt Conference (Fall Creek)       4:00             May 28           WIAA Regional      TBA                             TBA
 May 26                  WIAA Regionals                           4:00             June 1-2         WIAA Regional      TBA                             TBA
 May 29                  WIAA Sectionals (Colfax)                 4:00             June 8           WIAA Sectional     TBA                             TBA
 June 5-6                WIAA State Meet @ LaCrosse                                June 15-17       WIAA State Tournament
Cricket Chirp - 2009                                                                                                                                               14
                   Fall Creek Power Lifting Team
                  Concludes Season at National Meet

                                                                                                            Fall Creek Football
                                                                                                                  Summer Contact Days
                                                                                                        Players entering grades 9-12 for the up-
                                                                                                        coming 2010 season.

                                                                                                                  @ Fall Creek High School
                                                                                                        Tuesday, June 22      9:00 - 11:30 a.m.
                                                                    Kendra S
                                                                                                        Tuesday, June 29      9:00 - 11:30 a.m.
                                                  Final US National Meet Results:
                                                                                                        Tuesday, July 20      9:00 - 11:30 a.m.
                                                  Female: 123 lb Teen Division
                                                                                                        Tuesday, July 27     *5:30 - 8:00 p.m.
                                                          3rd Place Kendra Stuttgen sopho
                                                          more personal best three lift total of
                                                                                                        Weight room will be open during the sum-
                                                          665 lbs.
                                                                                                        mer from 8:00 – 9:30 a.m. Monday, Tues-
                                                                                                        day, Thursday
                                                  Congratulations to these hard working, dedi-
               Canyon S                           cated athletes who performed with poise and
                                                  power all season long from our first meet at Eau
 The month of March was a busy one for the
 Fall Creek Power Lifting Team. March 12-         Claire North right through the national compe-       A Big Thank You
 13th found the team competing at the state       tition at the Dells. Their efforts produced the
                                                  most successful power-lifting season so far with     A “BIG” Thank You from The Booster Club
 meet in Seymour, WI. With 425 lifters, this is
                                                  multiple first place finishes as well as outstand-   1.To those who helped and participated
 the largest state tournament in the nation.
                                                  ing lifter awards. If you are interested in be-      in making the 6th Annual Alumni Tourney
                                                  coming a power lifter don’t hesitate to contact      a success.
 Final State Meet Results:
                                                  Coach Laube at 715 877-3632. We would love           2.To those who participated in the Texas
 Female: 123 lb Division
                                                  to have you.                                         Roadhouse Event.
          3rd Place Kendra Stuttgen Sopho
 Male: 181 lb Division
        Participant Kyle Stuttgen Senior                           Booster Club Athletic Banquet
        Participant Canyon Scheel Junior
        198 lb division                                             Newly Formatted-May 12th
        Participant Cameron Nyseth Senior
                                                    Please join the Fall Creek Booster Club on May 12 for the newly formatted Athletic Banquet
 Health issues and an equipment malfunction         at 7:00P.M. Our guest speaker will be Jack Bennett.
 prevented our school from placing in the top
 three overall in the state. Both Kendra and        Jack Bennett coaching career spanned 34 years throughout Wisconsin high school and col-
 Cameron qualified for the US National meet         legiate basketball. He began in 1971 at Park Falls High School before stops at Marinette and
 held in the Wisconsin Dells on March 26-28th.      Wisconsin Rapids High Schools. After five seasons as an assistant coach at UW-Eau Claire,
                                                    Bennett coached seven years at Rhinelander High School prior to replacing Bob Parker at
                                                    UW-Stevens Point in 1996-97. His all-time career head coaching record, including high
                                                    schools, is 480-175. After nine illustrious seasons that resulted in five WIAC titles, five
                                                    NCAA tournament appearances, and the two national championships. Bennett departs as
                                                    UW-Stevens Point all-time winningest coach with a 200-56 record.

                                                    “Jack Bennett has brought national recognition to our university and, specifically, to our
                                                    men’s basketball program.” said UW-Stevens Point Chancellor Linda Bunnell. “He is one of
                                                    the nations esteemed basketball coaches. The legacy of success Coach Bennett leaves behind
                                                    should be measured not only by his success on the court, but just as important, by the devel-
                                                    opment of character and citizenship of the young men of whom we are very proud.”
                                                    Bennett said, “The five conference titles and the 2004 and 2005 NCAA national champion-
                                                    ships have proven to me that dreams can come true.” Jack Bennett believes that most games
                                                    are won or lost before you step on the court. A complete team means you must coach the
                                                    mental and emotional aspects of the game, not just the physical.

                                                    The banquet will conclude with desserts and refreshments in the High School Commons. We
                                                    encourage all community members to attend. Come out and support Fall Creek Athetics.
               Kyle S
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                                         High School Yearbook Information
 We are currently in the process of selling our 2010
 Fall Creek Yearbook. This year we switched year-
 book companies to Jostens. We are very excited
 to be able to reduce the cost of the yearbook to
 $42.00 and offer the following options:

        online ordering – buy your yearbook 24/7
        credit card payment accepted – pay with
         your credit card when ordering through
        yearbook recognition ads offered – see
         enclosed flyer
        personalization of yearbook – see enclosed
         order sheet

 If your student would like to order a 2010 year-
 book, please go to and fol-
 low the steps provided. A receipt may be printed
 when you are finished ordering. It is not necessary
 to notify us of your online purchase. We are able
 to obtain a list of online purchases directly from

 You may also order the “traditional way” by send-
 ing payment to school with the order form. A
 receipt will be issued by the office. The deadline
 to order a yearbook is Friday, April 30, 2010. No
 extra books are ordered.

 Payment may be made online at Jostens or by
 mailing a check or money order to the following

 Fall Creek High School
 Yearbook Sales
 336 East Hoover Avenue
 Fall Creek, WI 54742

 Credit card payments are only accepted at Josten’s

                                          The Following Statements on Webpage, Newspaper and in Handbooks:

  The Fall Creek School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, creed, age, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, marital status or
  parental status, sexual orientation, or disability.
  The Fall Creek School District’s coordinator for IX (sex) and public non discrimination (multiple protected groups) is Brian Schulner 336 E. Hoover Ave Fall
  Creek, WI 54742. Phone 715-877-2809 ext. 352 email:
  The Fall Creek School District’s coordinator for section 504/Title II of the ADA (disability) is Kelly Speckien 336 E. Hoover Ave Fall Creek, WI 54742. Phone
  715-877-2123 ext. 276 email:

                                                   The Following Statement on Employment Related Stuff:

  The Fall Creek School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, creed, age, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, marital status or
  parental status, sexual orientation, or disability.

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