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  VOL. XXV, NO. 2                                GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA                                       FALL 2008                      “ .”

                       COLA For Retirees
                      Comes Under Attack
     On September 24, 2008, a proposal was made at the regular meeting               Chair Virginia Dixon, who was out of the state at the wedding of her son,
of the TRS Board of Trustees by a member of the Governor’s Staff to                  voted for the change and, therefore, by a vote of four to three it was
change the way that the TRS Board would determine the Cost of Living                 placed on the table for the required 30-day period to allow comments to
Adjustment every 6 months for TRS retirees. At the present time the                  be made by anyone desiring to do so.
Board’s policy states that “A cost of living adjustment ‘will’ be given to               A final vote will be held on November 19th, at the regular meeting of
retirees. The proposed change states that “A cost of living adjustment               the Board of Trustees. The GREA Governing Board encourages and hopes
‘may’ be given to retirees” every 6 months.                                          every active and retired educator will send a letter of opposition to this
     This would be a dramatic change in the present policy. Retirees have            change to the address below for Governor Perdue asking for him to with-
been getting a 1.5% increase in their COLA since 1969. If this new                   draw his support of this measure and to the TRS Board of Trustees asking
policy should pass then we are not guaranteed any type of COLA. The                  them to Vote “NO” on this policy change.
TRS Board would be authorized to determine the COLA at the Annual
                                                                                               Governor Sonny Perdue
meeting in May of each year. We could get anywhere from 0% to 1.5%
                                                                                               203 State Capitol
as determined by a formula that was presented to the board.
                                                                                               Atlanta, GA 30334
     The TRS Board of Trustees, after listening to the Governor’s staff per-
son speaking for the change, and Dr. Bill Sloan, Executive Director of                         TRS Board of Trustees
GREA, speaking against the change, a vote was taken and the results were                       TRS of Georgia
a three to three tie. The three educators present voting against the change                    2 Northside 75
and the three non-educators present voting for the change. The Vice                            Atlanta, GA 30318
Chair, Russell Hinton, who was chairing the meeting in place of Board
                                                                                         In addition, you may email your concerns to TRS at:
                                                                                         It would also be helpful to our cause if you as a GREA member would
                   Return To Work Law                                                advise your legislator of this matter and ask for their help in preventing the
     Effective July 1, 2008, Georgia law allows retired teachers who retired on      loss of our COLAs. Please remember that your local legislator has no role
a normal service retirement and have been retired for a minimum of 12                in this proposed change and is not the cause of this situation. You can find
months to return to work and continue receiving retirement benefits.                 the email address for your legislators at Our
“Normal service retirement” means the retiree must have retired on a service         legislators have always been great to support retired educators.
retirement with 30 years of service regardless of age or 10 years of service             Please send your letters to these people as soon as possible stating
and at least age 60. Local school systems can employ a retiree as a full-time        your opposition to this proposed change of policy. This is very important
classroom teacher, principal, superintendent, media specialist or counselor. A       and we hope you will send letters today.
principal cannot return to work as a principal in the same school where they
were employed prior to retirement. A superintendent cannot be employed as
a superintendent by the same school system where they were employed prior
to retirement. Regional education service agencies can employ a retired              GREA                                                                            NON-PROFIT
teacher as an improvement specialist.                                                615-C OAK STREET                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                     GAINESVILLE, GA 30501-8522                                                          PAID
     Classroom teacher is defined as a “certified teacher of pre-kindergarten                                                                                       Gainesville, GA
through grade 12 employed by the public schools who has as his or her sole                                                                                           30501-8522
responsibility the academic instruction of students in a classroom.” As you                                                                                         Permit No. 271
can see, the legislation specifically states the positions that a retiree can
return to work full-time and not affect their retirement benefit. Para-profes-
sionals, coaches, athletic directors, secretaries, band directors, assistant prin-
cipals, assistant superintendents, etc., are not included and cannot return to
work full-time and continue receiving retirement benefits simultaneously.
     If a TRS retiree returns to work full-time as a “teacher” [see O.C.G.A. 47-
3-1] and they are not re-employed in an allowable position, Georgia law
states the retiree may either suspend or terminate their retirement during the
time of their re-employment. If the retiree is interested in this option, please
have him/her contact the TRS office for detailed information on the process.         The Only Organization That Concentrates Exclusively On The Welfare of Retired Educators of Georgia
                    Notes From Beverly                                                                   2008-2009 GREA
                               By Beverly Roberts
                          The school bells have finished ringing and students
                                                                                                       Legislative Objectives
                     and teachers are back in school once more. Georgia                  The 2008-2009 Legislative Committee met and proposed the following
                     Retired Educators are busy, too; for the units’ newsletters     Legislative Objectives for the 2009 Legislature.
                     are being prepared, scrapbooks are being designed, pro-
                     grams are being planned, and handbooks are being dis-                    MEMBERS OF GREA AND THE LOCAL UNITS SHOULD:
                     tributed. Your GREA committees have been looking at by-
                     laws, policies, membership, 2009 convention, the new               Work to get the active Executive Director of GREA appointed as a perma-
                     GREA Museum building, archives and history, legislative            nent and automatic position to the TRS Board of Directors.
 Beverly Roberts
                     issues, long-range plans, retirement planning, and service
to members. The summer has been a busy one, but this is the key to a suc-               Oppose any changes to the rule that sets the prefunded TRS COLA for
cessful, progressive organization like ours.                                            retired educators.
    Dr. Bill Sloan, Dr. John Upchurch, and I enjoyed an exciting AARP/NRTA
convention where we spent seven days in Washington, D.C. as the guests of               Oppose any form of Venture Capital that would use TRS money.
AARP and NRTA. The facility held 30,000 of us with room to spare, and the
exhibits were more than one could see in one visit. The first two days in               Support the Defined Benefits Plan and oppose the Defined Contributions
Washington included a pre-meeting called the AARP Staff and Volunteer                   Plan in relationship to individual contributions for TRS Retirement.
Summit with discussions around the global future, reshaping the world for all
generations, and the 21st Century. This was the first time that the AARP staff          Support Governor Perdue’s plan for State Income Taxes for Retirees 65
and key volunteers were gathered as one group in one place at the same time             and above. Work that the current law granting tax exemptions for seniors
to “connect for change” and “explore the power to make it better.” The next             age 62-65 remain in force.
few days included the AARP Convention entitled “Life at 50+,” and the last
few days concluded with the National Retired Teachers Association                       Monitor the problems and support the members having problems with
Leadership Conference. Meeting all those presidents and presidents-elect, as            their Health Care Insurance.
well as executive directors, from all over the United States was awesome. Just
comparing retirement systems and support of the state legislatures made me              Support Legislation that helps grandparents provide for their grandchil-
proud to be from Georgia.                                                               dren.
    Please bring your used eyeglasses and hearing aids to your meetings and
give them to your president or area director. These used items will be sent to          Continue to monitor alternatives within other retirement programs that
a Lions Club International Eyeglasses Recycling Center where they will be               would not be in the best interests for Georgia retired educators.
refurbished and distributed to needy people all over the world. We already
have over 300 pairs of used eyeglasses. I hope we can amass 1,000 before                Continue our support of the repeal of the GPO (Government Pension
June 30. One of the keys of GREA is “service,” and we can do so much to be              Offset)/WEP (Windfall Elimination Provision) Programs and encourage fur-
of service to others when we come together with a project like this.                    ther participation through AARP.
    Dr. John Pearce, our convention chairman, is planning an entertaining
two days for you at our State Convention in Augusta on May 5-7, 2009.
Please make plans to join us for a time of relaxation and fun with 600+ of
your friends. There will be a scavenger hunt, good entertainment, great prizes
and door prizes, awards for outstanding units, and sessions where you can
                                                                                                        Community Service
share what has been successful in your unit.                                                                   By Billy and Patricia Bassett
    Meeting you in June at the area meetings and visiting with you in your                There are several areas of Community Service available to local REA units.
units during the summer months have been a joy for me. I’ve met so many              The 2008-2009 Local Unit Planning guide includes copies of the forms that
wonderful educators throughout the State of Georgia—people I would never             are necessary for the Awards and Certificates. Every local unit that does proj-
have met had it not been for the fellowship of GREA. I am looking forward to         ects with youth is eligible for a WOY award at the GREA Annual convention.
seeing you at the October area meetings and as I visit your units this year.         Page 35 is the form for the With Our Youth Project Awards and Certificates.
    Remember: The Keys to the Heart of GREA are Fellowship, Service, and             Georgia has won several national awards for its work with youth and many
Support. You are the heart of GREA and you hold the key to the future.               more are waiting to be won. There is a short application form for the nation-
                                                                                     al award that is available on the computer.
                                                                                          Page 29 in the Local Unit Planning guide is the form for the NRTA
                             2008 AARP Georgia                                       Community Service Award. This is an award for the Local Unit to recognize
                            Andrus Award Winner                                      the community service performed by the members of the local unit. This
                                                                                     form asks for the number of hours of community service performed by the
                           The 2008 AARP Georgia Andrus Award for                    members. It helps to collect these hours if the collection is done monthly.
                       Community and Volunteer Service (the highest award            Page 32 is an example for collecting hours.
                       that AARP Georgia gives each year) has been awarded to             The second Thursday in May of each year is the National Day of Service.
                       Sally Johnston of Griffin, Ga.                                NRTA recognizes REA units that participate in this day. Each year NRTA gives
   Sally Johnston
                           The greatest reason for the award going to Sally is her   tee shirts and/or caps to the members of the units that participate. NRTA
outstanding record of doing AARP Tax-Aide for senior citizens in Butts,              does ask the unit to provide information about the project or projects done
Henry, Pike, Upson, and Spalding counties. She puts forth many hours in              for the National Day of Service.
preparing taxes for many senior citizens.                                                 NRTA also makes available a Community Service award to a couple or a
     She also serves as Treasurer of the local Retired Educator unit and is on       single member of a local unit. The form asks for the project done by the indi-
the Board of Directors for the local Council on Aging which serves five coun-        vidual or couple that has enhanced the community. It is possible that this is
ties. Statewide, she is on the board for the Georgia Retired Educators               the same person that the unit names as the GREA Community Service Award
Foundation.                                                                          recipient. The information concerning the GREA Community Service Award
     She serves in several capacities at her church, First Baptist of Griffin.       is on page 31 of the LUP guide.
     Of the six awards that have been given since 2002, four have been won                Remember that the state Community Service project this year is the col-
by members of AARP Georgia Region 3.                                                 lection of used glasses and/or hearing aids. These can be brought to the
     Sally is the first female to receive the award and also represents AARP         October meetings or to the GREA Convention in May. They can also be given
Tax-Aide in Georgia.                                                                 to your Area Director who can bring them to the January GREA Board meet-
     A formal reception and presentation will be announced at a later date.          ing.
               Cobb-Marietta REA Leads the Way
                                                       By Dorothy Houston, Former AREA XV Director

                                                                                      Cobb-Marietta Retired Educators Association presented a giant visual check
                                                                                 for $21,500 to GREA Executive Director, Dr. Bill Sloan, and GREA Treasurer, Bill
                                                                                 Chandler, on August 27, 2008. This donation from the local unit in Area XV was
                                                                                 given in honor of Katherine Turner, Cobb-Marietta Retired Teachers Association
                                                                                 President, 1976-1978, who was instrumental in collecting the monies “to build a
                                                                                 retirement home for teachers in Georgia,” terminology reported in NRTA
                                                                                 Journal, January–February 1970. The amount was accumulated over many years,
                                                                                 recalls Imogene Keck, “every time we met we took up money. Everybody gave
                                                                                 knowing it was (financially) a hard thing to do.”
                                                                                      Katherine Turner was present at the initial meeting in Cobb County on
                                                                                 November 1, 1969 when GRTA President, Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, addressed 48
                                                                                 retirees “still interested enough in education to take a Saturday to form their
                                                                                 own organization.” In the first six years membership doubled. Katherine Turner
                                                                                 beamed as she became C-MRTA President saying, “If you need help, just call us,
                                                                                 we’re an active bunch.”
                                                                                      The legacy of a motto that includes giving continues to be a challenge to
                                                                                 local leadership today. Giving is one key to the heart of GREA. Giving is part
                                                                                 of living! Thanks to all those charter members who gave sacrificially their
                                                                                 time, money, and leadership, and to all members through the years that have
(Left to right) Dr. Bill Sloan, Executive Director Georgia Retired Educators     invested wisely so that Cobb-Marietta Retired Educators Association could
Association; Bill Chandler, GREA Treasurer; Bonnie Williams, Cobb-Marietta REA   embrace the motto, “Let Us Live To Give.”
President 2006-2007; Dorothy Houston, Cobb-Marietta REA President 2001-2002;          Could it be that every retired educators unit throughout the State has a
Virginia Ramsey, Cobb-Marietta REA President 2007-2008; and Dr. Beth Farokhi,    legacy to value, an amount to invest, and a time to provide support for a
Cobb-Marietta President 2008-2009.                                               brighter future? Yes. Thank you for helping with this effort.

                                                                                   Governor Perdue Signs Proclamation
                                                                                   For Retired Educators Day In Georgia

                                                                                 GREA members look on as Governor Perdue signs the proclamation for Retired
                                                                                 Educators Day in Georgia. (Left to right) Dorothy Houston, Cobb County; Joel
                                                                                 Gunnells, Hart County; Emily Gunnels, Hart County; Governor Sonny Perdue; Dr.
                                                                                 Jounida Bradley, Towns County; Dr. Doug Shook, Towns County; and Jonni Marie
                                                                                 Shook, Towns County.
   GREA Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Winners for 2008
                                                             By Deloris N. Mullins, GREAF Secretary

     The Board of Directors for GREA Foundation, Inc., is excited to recognize     of special programs to assist at-risk students, and an exceptional teacher of
five of the ten Grant/Scholarship winners for 2008. The remaining five will be     Language Arts. She embraces the opportunity to be involved in every aspect
profiled in the Winter Bulletin. Each winner received a check for five hundred     of the school. She promotes good school citizenship, and understanding of
dollars ($500) to be used for expenses related to taking advanced credit for       cultural diversity and respect for all.”
teaching. A list of the names of each winner appeared in the GREA Summer                                              Anna B. Campbell of Pooler, Ga., is currently
Bulletin. The Foundation continues to make a dedicated commitment to                                             a first-grade teacher at Georgetown Elementary
make these scholarships a priority as stated in the goals of the Foundation.                                     School in Savannah. She holds a T-4 Certificate
Each of the recipients has responded with sincere expressions of gratitude                                       in Early Childhood Education Pre-K-5. She is
upon receiving the news of their win. Thanks to all GREA Local Units that                                        now seeking a Masters of Education in Early
contribute the $25.00 donation each year toward this worthy goal.                                                Childhood Education with a reading endorse-
                                  Michael Berg of Evans, Ga., is certified in                                    ment at Armstrong Atlantic State University. She
                             Special Education (K-12) and has taught for six-                                    is described as a teacher who has made an
                             teen years. He has taught children for fourteen                                     impact in the community by reaching students
                             years at the middle school level, and this is his                                   who need extensive differentiation, and who has
                             second year teaching at the elementary school                                       a natural ability to influence students through her
                             level. He currently teaches children with autism,                                   innovative teaching strategies.
                                                                                        Anna B. Campbell
                             learning disabilities, emotional, and behavioral                                         The Georgetown Elementary School Assistant
                             disorders. His goal is to earn a Specialist Degree    Principal, Kimberly Newman, stated that Anna is always ready to share her
                             in Special Education and renew his National           knowledge of the latest trends and ideas with her team members and others
                             Board for Professional Standards Teaching             on the staff. . . “She makes sure that each child sees himself/herself in a posi-
                             Certificate are primary reasons for this scholar-     tive way by having them experience success. She has very comfortable and
                             ship application.                                     patient conversations with the students which creates a non-threatening envi-
        Michael Berg
                                  He is described by his Martinez Elementary       ronment and leads to students’ trust and success.”
School Principal, Cory Ellis, as a champion for kids! “He always looks for
extension activities and grant opportunities to support his program. He is a
total team player, and looks beyond the students he is serving to see the big      THE GREA FOUNDATION CELEBRATES NAMING THE
picture. He is an exemplary teacher.”
     Katherine Backes Brown of Bogart, Ga., is
                                                                                     FIRST EDITH L. PIERCE SCHOLARSHIP WINNER
certified in Early Childhood Education—Pre-K-5                                         In the memory of Ms. Edith L. Pierce, the GREA Foundation Board of
with major emphasis in Educational Psychology:                                     Directors has named an annual scholarship in her honor and memory. Ms.
Gifted and Creative Education. Katherine is cur-                                   Pierce was a retired teacher from Chestatee Elementary School who had
rently teaching second grade at Bethlehem                                          taught for more than forty years. Membership in her Local Unit of GREA was
Elementary School in Barrow County, Ga. She                                        in Area XVII; for this reason the first Edith L. Pierce Scholarship honoring her
has excelled in every educational endeavor                                         name is being recognized from Area XVII, in Gainesville, Ga. (See GREA Summer
                                                                                   Bulletin 2007—Inf.)
throughout her academic career, receiving acco-
lades in each area. She is working toward a Ph.D.
in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in                                                            Lisa H. Vincent is Awarded the First
Gifted and Creative Education at the University                                                               Edith L. Pierce Scholarship
of Georgia.                                             Katherine Backes Brown
     Ms. Brown’s talents are described by her                                                                        Lisa H. Vincent of Gainesville, Ga. is certified
Bethlehem Elementary School Principal, Pat Lanthier, by including some                                           in Early Childhood Education (Pre-K-5), Middle
examples of her leadership ability with students and the educational commu-                                      School (4-8) Language Arts and Social Studies,
nity locally and statewide. . . “Her class was chosen by the Georgia                                             and ESOL and Reading (P-12). Her graduate pro-
Department of Education as a standards based demonstration class. The                                            gram is to seek a Masters of Teacher Leadership.
Georgia Public Broadcasting System videotaped her use in training teachers                                       She is currently teaching third grade at
for the Department of Education. She has offered Professional Learning pre-                                      Centennial Arts Academy in Gainesville. Ms.
sentations at the Georgia Teachers of Mathematics Conference as well as in                                       Vincent outlines many school and community
her school.” Ms. Lanthier concludes by saying that as a recipient of the GREA                                    activities which support her role as an excellent
Foundation Scholarship she will make you proud.                                                                  teacher.
                                  Robyn M. Green of Kennesaw, Ga., is certi-                                         The Centennial Arts Academy Assistant
                             fied to teach Middle Grades 4-8, in the special                                     Principal, Charlene Williams, describes Ms.
                                                                                          Lisa H. Vincent
                             area of Language Arts. Robyn is currently teach-                                    Vincent as a creative and enthusiastic
                             ing 6th-grade Language Arts at Daniell Middle         teacher. . . “She goes to great lengths to provide a classroom environment
                             School in the Cobb County School System. She          that engages students and promotes learning, and Georgia
                             has earned many honors during her academic            Performance Standards are presented using differentiated instruction. Lisa
                             training and continues to excel professionally.       willingly shares her lessons and materials with her coworkers, and assists and
                             Self respect and accountability are two qualities     mentors new teachers.” Ms. Vincent is a teacher who is very deserving
                             she instills in her students from day                 of this scholarship to further her educational skills working with Georgia’s
                             one. . . “Respect yourself, and others will do the    students.
                             same. Accountability lies with you, be prepared            The GREA Foundation encourages you as members of GREA to seek pos-
                             to face the consequences of your actions.” As         sible recipients for the 2008 Scholarship/Grant. Scholarship Application
      Robyn M. Green         she models this behavior, she expects the same        forms are emailed to the superintendents of each system in the state during
from her students. Ms. Green is attending Kennesaw State University working        the month of February. Also, Area Directors or Local Unit Presidents may pro-
on an additional degree in Educational Leadership.                                 vide information/forms for interested educators. Contact Bill Edmonds,
     Daniell Middle School’s Assistant Principal, Stacey Krutz, praised the out-   Scholarship Chairman for the GREA Foundation for more information.
standing work of Ms. Green as follows. “She is a leader among our staff, a         (Copies can be made of these forms, if necessary.) All contributions to the
member of various decision-making committees in the school, an innovator           GREA Foundation, Inc., are tax deductible.
 Momentous Museum Meeting In Macon
         Friday, September 12, 2008, was a date to
remember for Georgia Retired Educators.
Assembled in Macon, the Georgia Retired
Educators Museum Board of Directors and Building
Committee met to discuss the location of the muse-
um. Every member of the Museum Board was pres-
ent, and only one member of the Building
Committee was not present.
         Building Chairman, Bill Chandler, presented
the proposal for acquisition of the property at the
corner of Hog Mountain Road and Falcon Parkway;
a parcel of the larger property owned by the Hall
County Board of Education across the road from the
Falcons Training Center. The 2.4 acres will be acces-
sible by the existing road from Falcon Parkway to
the Davis Middle School, located on the property.
         The Hall County BOE approved the pur-
chase price of $450,000, payable in ten years; how-
ever, the Museum Board has one year’s option on
the property, with no payment due until September,
2010. The same amount of interest paid by the Hall
County BOE will be paid by the Museum Board;
currently 2.6% per annum. This generous option
gives the flexibility needed to begin the
architectural and engineering phases for construc-
tion of the building.                                                     The GREA Building Committee and the GREA Museum Board.
         The boards unanimously approved the purchase of the property as outlined by Chairman Chandler, and the proposal will be presented to the GREA
Governing Board at its fall meeting, September 24 and 25 at Lake Blackshear.

                                    TWO VIEWS OF OUR NEWLY-ACQUIRED PROPERTY

       Gifts To the Museum Building Fund, By Areas, As of September 15, 2008
                 AREA   I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,246.60                     AREA XI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 795.80
                 AREA   II . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 350.00                   AREA XII . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5,448.60
                 AREA   III . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4,285.88                    AREA XIII . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,960.00
                 AREA   IV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,653.80                     AREA XIV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4,008.00
                 AREA   V . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,799.60                      AREA XV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27,283.80
                 AREA   VI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,579.70                      AREA XVI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 695.80
                 AREA   VII . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,740.00                      AREA XVII . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,520.00
                 AREA   VIII. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14,375.60                       AREA XVIII. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5,345.40
                 AREA   IX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3,308.00
                 AREA   X . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7,555.60                      TOTAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $115,952.18
 Observations from the Executive Director
                                         By Bill Sloan
                                     Well I hope this finds all of you having a great time in
                                this pre-fall weather in Georgia. It will not be long before
                                the wonderful fall season begins here in North Georgia with
                                the turning of the leaves to their beautiful fall colors.
                                     As I am writing this article we have just begun our cam-
                                paign against the changing of the TRS policy about our
                                COLAs that we have gotten every six months for 39 years.
                                As I hope you read elsewhere in this Bulletin about the pro-
                                posed change from “will” to “may” that each of you “will”
                                write a letter to both the Governor and the TRS Board of
        William Sloan           Trustees ASAP. We must all stand up against this attempt to
change the TRS policy on COLAs. Have you sent your letters and/or emails already? Do
it right now! All correspondence must be there by October 25th if at all possible.
      We can win this “war” but all of us must stand up and fight the change. Your
Governing Board, Officers and Executive Director have spent a great deal of time on this
issue and we hope it will pay dividends by the TRS Board of Trustees leaving the policy
as it stands now.
      We have completed three of our area meetings in October and we have had great
attendance and fellowship at every stop. Thanks to each of you who have attended and
helped make GREA such a great organization.
      As always it is an election year in GREA, this year we need a new president-elect, a
secretary, and all area directors in odd number areas are up for re-election. Areas III, VII,
IX, and XIII will need a new director. If you have any interest in being a state leader, con-
tact your local unit President for information on how to qualify for one of these posts.
      The State Office is here to serve your needs and if we can be of any type of service
to you, please let us know. Thanks for what each of you do to make GREA the leading
professional organization in Georgia for Retirees.

                    GREA Leaders In D.C.
     GREA leaders were treated to the National AARP 50th Annual
Convention in Washington, D.C. by the National Retired Teachers
Association (NRTA). President Dr. Beverly Roberts, President-Elect Dr. John
Upchurch and Dr. Bill Sloan, Executive Director, were treated to many excel-
lent and informative meetings during the six days of the convention. Over
25,000 people attended the convention and were entertained by many
celebrities both on stage and in the exhibit area.
     Regis Philbin was the keynote speaker and other entertainers and guests
were Shirley MacLaine, Natalie Cole, Chaka Khan, Martina Navratilova,                            Charlie Roberts Honored in the West
Chicago, Ramesy Lewis, Bart Starr, Richard Petty, Paul Simon, Maya Angelou,
and Quincy Jones.                                                                               Georgia University Perspective Magazine
In addition, both
Barrack       Obama
                                                                                                  For His Commitment to Education!
and John McCain                                                                                      Charlie L. Roberts ’60 (BS) was present-
spoke to the group                                                                              ed with the Outstanding Dedicated
via live satellite.                                                                             Service Award during the 50th annual state
     Your officers                                                                              convention of the Georgia Retired
are shown at right                                                                              Educators Association in May. A strong
visiting with Megan                                                                             advocate for Georgia public education,
Hookey,        Interim                                                                          Roberts has completed his 47th year as an
Executive Director                                                                              active and retired educator and currently
of NRTA.                                                                                        serves with the Gold Dome Group as the
                                                                                                legislative liaison and lobbyist for both the
                                                                                                GREA and the Muscogee County School
                                                                                                     Roberts began his career in education
                                                                                                as a teacher and coach in Columbus after
            November Is Long-Term Care                                                          serving in the military. In 1965, he became
                                                                                                the system’s youngest principal, and he                  Charlie L. Roberts
                Awareness Month                                                                 worked at that level until his retirement in 1991. He was also active in the
     The U. S. Congress has recognized the importance of making people                          Professional Association of Georgia Educators, for which he served one year
aware of the risks and costs associated with long-term care by declaring                        as state president and 12 years on the Board of Directors.
November as Long-Term Care Awareness Month (HR133). As an organiza-                                  Roberts has two graduate degrees from Auburn University, but credits his
tion committed to helping people protect themselves against the risk of long-                   years as an undergraduate at West Georgia for his life’s focus and direction.
term care, Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA) and the Georgia                          His interests here included sports and music, and he was also an honors stu-
Retired Educators Association (GREA) would like to encourage you to take                        dent and vice president of the student body. During his time on campus, he
this topic seriously. There is no cost or obligation to find out how much long-                 strived to fulfill a promise he made to his father: to not let books interfere with
term care insurance protection costs, so why not find out now?                                  his education.
     Call AMBA today at 800-258-7041 and receive a FREE Shopper’s Guide                              Roberts and his wife, Judy, will celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary
to Long-Term Care.                                                                              in November. They have two children and two grandchildren.
                                            Necrology Report 2007-2008
NAME, CITY, UNIT                                                 Wilhelmina J. Graham, Appling, Columbia                              Sidney J. Morgan, Sylvania, Screven                        Ruth E. Simons, Athens, Athens Area
Lillie Adkins, Fort Valley, Peach                                Dorothy F. Graves, Fort Valley, Peach                                Anne M. Moss, Buena Vista, Marion/Schley/Webster           Lida R. Sims, Toccoa, Stephens
William M. Alderman, Blackshear, Pierce                          Carolyn B. Gray, Albany, Dougherty                                   James Y. Moultrie, Fitzgerald, Ben Hill/Irwin              C. Margaret Singleton, Temple, Haralson/Bremen
Imogene W. Alexander, Columbus, Muscogee                         Dr. Edward T. Green, Statesboro, Bulloch                             Lawrence Mountjoy, McRae, Telfair/Wheeler                  Inez H. Slade, Thomaston, Thomaston/Upson
Inez L. Allen, Cleveland, White                                  Robert D. Green, Dahlonega, Lumpkin                                  Eudora P. Moxley, Soperton, Treutlen                       Dr. Virginia S. Slate, Winston, Douglas
Frances Y. Allgood, Jersey, Walton                               Ann M. Griffin, Columbus, Muscogee                                   Gwen E. Mullins, Thomasville, Thomasville/Thomas           Edna T. Smith, Albany, Dougherty
Mary K. Almon, Dawson, Terrell                                   Dr. John W. Grindle, Dahlonega, Lumpkin                              Kathy M. Nelson, Albany, Dougherty                         Ernest W. Smith, Athens, Athens Area
Rosetta H. Armstrong, Albany, Dougherty                          Marlene F. Grubb, Savannah, Chatham                                  Willie M. Nelson, Americus, Sumter                         Frances H. Smith, Atlanta, Atlanta
June P. Arnold, Americus, Sumter                                 Lorene B. Grubbs, Cairo, Grady                                       Elsie Nesbit, Edison, Early/Clay/Calhoun                   Mary P. Smith, Macon, Bibb
Mary Balk, Augusta, Richmond                                     Myrtis S. Gunnells, Athens, Madison                                  Rachel H. Newberry, Lizella, Bibb                          Minnie G. Smith, Thomasville, Thomasville/Thomas
Dr. William S. M. Banks, Fort Valley, Peach                      Isabel M. Gurley, Americus, Sumter                                   Margaret H. Nowell, Macon, Bibb                            Rubye O. Smith, Port Wentworth, Chatham
Dr. Rose Baugh-Bacon, Milledgeville, Baldwin                     Wynelle Haire, McDonough, Henry                                      Ellen C. O’Neal, Royston, Hart                             Webster Smith, Tallapoosa, Haralson/Bremen
Virgil B. Beck, Dahlonega, Lumpkin                               Emma N. Hall, Blakely, Early/Clay/Calhoun                            Ella R. Oakes, Dahlonega, Lumpkin                          Carrie B. Smokes, Ellabell, Bryan/Evans
Dewaine T. Bell, Barnesville, Lamar                              Ruby Y. Hallman, Valdosta, Appling                                   Dorothy S. Odell, Macon, Bibb                              Eunice Spurlin, Tifton, Tift
Earl W. Bell, Americus, Sumter                                   Israel H Hamilton, Thomasville, Thomasville/Thomas                   Carolyn C. Outlaw, Nashville, Berrien                      Cathy P. Stephens, Cedartown, Polk
William D. Bellamy, Dahlonega, Lumpkin                           Betty J. Hamlin, Dalton, Dalton/Whitfield/Murray                     Nellie C. Owen, Canton, Cherokee                           Jolly L. Stephens, Savannah, Chatham
Arthur M. Benson, Sparta, Hancock                                Jane P. Hampton, Dahlonega, Lumpkin                                  Annie R. Owings, Douglasville, Douglas                     Essie L. Stokes, Twin City, Emanuel
Mary E. Best, Adel, Cook                                         Mary V. Hamrick, Cedartown, Polk                                     Jewell B. Padgett, Jasper, Pickens                         Louise M. Stokes, Milledgeville, Baldwin
Vivian S. Bevil, Dalton, Dalton/Whitfield/Murray                 Lois P. Harben, Dawsonville, Dawson                                  Jenola Page, Monroe, Barrow                                Johnny P. Stowe, Cedartown, Polk
June T. Blue, College Dale, Catoosa                              Martha C. Hargrove, Milledgeville, Baldwin                           Sarah M. Page, Columbus, Muscogee                          Anita M. Stripling, Savannah, Chatham
Anne S. Bonner, Manchester, Meriwether                           Gladys Harrell, Pearson, Coffee/Atkinson                             Sue H. Page, Phenix City, Tattnall                         Ramona M. Strother, Martinez, Richmond
Sara S. Bowen, Eastman, Dodge                                    Dorothy J. Harris, Cairo, Thomasville/Thomas                         James R. Parker, Conyers, Rockdale                         Julia S. Sykes, Gainesville, Hall/Gainesville
Doris I. Boyer, Sparta, Hancock                                  Lillian C. Harris, Greenville, Meriwether                            John F. Parker, Jesup, Wayne                               Sarah E. Sykes, Dawson, Terrell/Lee
Neoline Boykin, Sylvania, Screven                                Sandra L. Hartman, Winder, Barrow                                    Rebecca W. Parks, Calhoun, Sumter                          Alice L. Tate, Thomaston, Thomaston/Upson
Rubye Boykin, Valdosta, Valdosta/Lowndes                         Horace H. Hayes, Dalton, Dalton/Whitfield                            Fred K. Parrish, Rutledge, Morgan                          Mattielene V. Taylor, Savannah, Chatham
Janis S. Bozeman, Marietta, Cobb/Marietta                        Elsie R. Haynes, Calhoun, Calhoun/Gordon                             Rachel W. Parrish, Portal, Bulloch                         Rachel T. Taylor, Douglasville, Douglas
Elaine Bradshaw, Jackson, Butts                                  William Hellerstedt, Blue Ridge, Fannin                              Irene C. Payne, Columbus, Muscogee                         Jim W. Threatte, Lakeland, Lanier
Minnie L. Bradwell, Albany, Dougherty                            Andrew P. Hemphill, Cedartown, Polk                                  Jean Peacock, Twin City, Emanuel                           Carmen S. Tillman, Columbus, Muscogee
Mary Annette S. Bramblett, Cumming, Forsyth                      Josephine Hendley, Savannah, Chatham                                 Ofie M. Peoples, Camilla, Mitchell/Baker                   Sara L. Townsend, Baxley, Appling
Lawton E. Brewer, Douglasville, Douglas                          Claude H. Herring, Dalton, Dalton/Whitfield                          Joseph Petito, Swainsboro, Emanuel                         Kathleen L. Tracy, Columbus, Muscogee
Bessie B. J. Browder, Rockmart, Polk                             Katisue S. Herrington, Dublin, Laurens/Dublin                        Sue Polk, McDonough, Henry                                 Barbara J. Tripp, Ringgold, Catoosa
Charlie Joe Brown, Tallapoosa, Haralson/Bremen                   Sarah Hester, Valdosta, Valdosta/Lowndes                             Lois Pope, Alamo, Telfair/Wheeler                          Mary L. Turk, Fort Valley, Peach
Dorothy Z. Brown, Macon, Bibb                                    Crill Higgins, Cleveland, Dalton/Whitfield/Murray                    Fonnie S. Porter, Lafayette, Walker                        Bertha F. Turner, McDonough, Henry
Jeanette C. Browning, Athens, Athens Area                        Annie R. Hill, Fort Valley, Peach                                    Lucile A. Prater, Fort Valley, Peach                       Betty Jo Turner, Dawsonville, Dawson
Catherine M. Bryant, Moultrie, Colquitt                          Willie B. Hodge, Fort Valley, Peach                                  Charles T. Price, Albany, Dougherty                        Valentina H. Turner, Cartersville, Bartow/Cartersville
Margaret A. Bryant, Monroe, Walton                               Mary E. Hood, Dahlonega, Lumpkin                                     Eugenia T. Price, McDonough, Henry                         Marilyn B. Tuten, Macon, Bibb
Bernice M. Burnett, Winston, Douglas                             Mary Alice Horne, Augusta, Richmond                                  Linda B. Price, Columbus, Muscogee                         Effie W. Underwood, Macon, Bibb
Annie Mae Burns, Irwinville, Ben Hill/Irwin                      Annie Ruth Howard, Baxley, Appling                                   Robert E. Priestley, Garden City, Chatham                  Clifford B. Walker, Macon, Bibb
Elizabeth E. Burnside, Tifton, Tift                              Willie Mae Howard, Augusta, Richmond                                 Audrey H. Proctor, Woodbine, Camden                        Doris Walker, Jonesboro, Clayton
Maudestine M. Burton, Athens, Athens Area                        Joseph C. Hull, Prentiss, Harris                                     Mabel Z. Punzel, Savannah, Chatham                         Evelyn W. Walker, Macon, Bibb
Juanita Byrd, Newnan, Coweta                                     Mildred K. Hurst, Albany, Dougherty                                  William E. Purcell, Marietta, Cobb/Marietta                Catherine G. Ward, Jonesboro, Clayton
Ellen F. Campbell, Hartwell, Hart                                Harry J. Hutcheson, Dublin, Laurens/Dublin                           Geraldine Purdy, Griffin, Griffin/Spalding                 Menta J. Ward, Taylorsville, Bartow/Cartersville
Hazel Capehart, Ft. Oglethorpe, Catoosa                          Peggy D. Inman, Dawsonville, Lumpkin                                 Fannie Belle Ragan, Gainesville, Lumpkin                   Geraldine W. Ware, Macon, Bibb
Doris C. Carey, Fayetteville, Fayette                            Frances S. Irwin, Darien, Golden Isles/Glynn/McIntosh                Frederick Reuter, Tifton, Tift                             Dorothy B. Webb, LaGrange, Troup
Irene Carne, Stone Mountain, Decatur/DeKalb                      Elisabeth Iverson, Cumming, Forsyth                                  Dorothy A. Riley, Albany, Dougherty                        Adella Dallmus Weller, Lakemont, Rabun
Deloris Harris Carson, Roberta, Crawford                         Howell V. Ivester, Jr., Dalton, Dalton/Whitfield                     Kathryn W. Rivers, Pavo, Thomasville/Thomas                Ruby L. Weston, Dawson, Terrell/Lee
Virginia D. Casteel, Augusta, Richmond                           Lillie S. Jackson, Vidalia, Toombs                                   Paul E. Robbins, Savannah, Chatham                         Newton A. Whatley, Rome, Floyd/Rome
Ellen Chaffin, Rome, Floyd/Rome                                  Jane G. James, Commerce, Jackson                                     Anita R. Robinson, Macon, Bibb                             Dr. Susie W. Wheeler, Cartersville, Bartow/Cartersville
Eugene Chambers, Ocilla, Ben Hill/Irwin                          Marie H Jarnigan, Savannah, Chatham                                  Clara P. Robinson, Dawsonville, Dawson                     Joan B. White, Glennville, Tattnall
Edith H. Chastain, Thunderbolt, Chatham                          Alberta V. Johnson, Cuthbert, Randolph/Quitman                       James W. Robinson, Cochran, Bleckley                       Elizabeth O. Wilbanks, Baldwin, Banks
Wallace C. Childs, Thomasville, Thomasville/Thomas               Cornelia C. Johnson, Cartersville, Bartow/Cartersville               Mary Rogers, Bronwood, Terrell                             Pinkie A. Wilkerson, Thomasville, Thomasville/Thomas
Lanell D. Claxton, Hazelhurst, Jeff Davis                        Gaynelle M. Johnson, Albany, Dougherty                               John Rogers, Jr., Bronwood, Terrell                        Seena T. Wilkes, Surrency, Appling
Angela P. Collins, Savannah, Chatham                             Moina Johnson, Cedartown, Polk                                       Hezekia J. Ross, Columbus, Muscogee                        Bessie H. Williams, Midway, Liberty/Long
Hosea Dean Collins, III, Young Harris, Towns                     Willie Mae Johnson, Thomasville, Thomasville/Thomas                  John N. Ross, Dublin, Laurens/Dublin                       Bobby R. Williams, College Park, Fulton/North
Thomas S. Colvin, Athens, UGA                                    Lindsey Jones, Waynesboro, Burke                                     Mary Sue Rylant, Jasper, Rockdale                          Eula D. Williams, Thomasville, Thomasville/Thomas
J. M. Lynwood Comer, Americus, Sumter                            Jon C. Jordan, Moultrie, Colquitt                                    Mary E. Wade Salter, Dublin, Laurens/Dublin                Lula W. Williams, Hephzibah, Burke
Lita C. Conrad, Atlanta, Atlanta                                 Virginia Joslin, Macon, Bibb                                         S. Roberta B. Salvo, Lithia Springs, Douglas               Mary A. Williams, Statesboro, Bulloch
William P. Conrad, Atlanta, Atlanta                              Patricia Diane Keene, Soperton, Treutlen                             Melba H. Sawyer, Sylvester, Worth                          Nan W. Williams, Aragon, Polk
Martha Ann Cook, Ocilla, Ben Hill/Irwin                          Jule L. Kerby, Waycross, Waycross/Ware                               Margaret L. Schneider, Bogart, Athens Area                 Sara Y. Willis, Macon, Bibb
Lucille H. Cooke, Fayetteville, Appling                          Erwin H. Kerr, Albany, Lee                                           W. Owen Scott, Athens, UGA                                 Ida H. Wilson, Savannah, Richmond
Tommie R. Cooke, Bainbridge, Decatur/Seminole                    Betty R. Kincaid, Covington, Newton                                  Alice T. Searles, Albany, Dougherty                        Laura E. Winn, Macon, Bibb
Irene Cooper, Flowery Branch, Hall/Gainesville                   William B. King, Americus, Sumter                                    Jane B. Secord, Dalton, Dalton/Whitfield                   Carolyn Woodard, Eastman, Dodge
Charles Copeland, Cairo, Grady                                   Bessie T. Knight, Rutledge, Morgan                                   Emily W. Self, Evans, Richmond                             Lila B. Woodruff, Cordele, Cordele/Crisp
Nellene S. Covington, Thomaston, Thomaston/Upson                 Norma W. Kuntz, East Ridge, Walker                                   Paulina S. Shaluta, Cadwell, Laurens/Dublin                Carolyn E. Wright, Carlton, Oglethorpe
Larry G. Cox, Sylvester, Worth                                   Sara D. Lanier, Austell, Waycross/Ware                               Faye C. Sharpton, Alamo, Telfair/Wheeler                   Mary A. Wynn, Fitzgerald, Ben Hill/Irwin
Lucille Craig, Morganton, Fannin                                 Sarah C. Larkin, Waynesboro, Burke                                   Lilloise L. Sheffield, Plains, Sumter                      Nell M. Wynne, Molena, Griffin/Spalding
Naomi K. Cravey, Milan, Telfair/Wheeler                          Clara C. Lawrence, Decatur, Atlanta                                  Irene Shuler, Blairsville, Union                           Kai C. Yong, PhD, Avondale Estates, Decatur/DeKalb
Hazel A. Creamer, Macon, Bibb                                    Lafon Lawrence, LaGrange, Troup                                      Mary E. Shull, Ooltewah, Catoosa                           Patricia Ann Ziomek, Athens, Athens Area
Julia R. Crisler, Alpharetta, Fulton/North                       Ida P. Lawson, Swainsboro, Emanuel                                   Effie M. Simmons, Edison, Southwest Georgia
Bess D. Crittenden, Albany, Dougherty                            Irene S. Leavell, Lithia Springs, Douglas
Mary Frances Cronbaugh, Newnan, Coweta                           Dorothy F. Lee, Statesboro, Bulloch
Corine M. Cuby, Mobile, Washington                               Linda N. Lee, Springfield, Effingham
Ann E. Culverhouse, Macon, Bibb                                  Marion E. Lewis, Swainsboro, Emanuel
Ruth J. Davenport, Norcross, Gwinnett                            Ralpheen R. Lindsey, Albany, Dougherty
                                                                                                                                                                     Golden Anniversary Memorial
Lula C. Davis, Savannah, Chatham                                 Dorothy R. Lockhart, Decatur, Decatur/DeKalb                                                by Jackie Chapman Mann, Bibb County Retired Educator, May 2008
Nancy C. Davis, Rockmart, Polk                                   Joanne Longtin, Hartwell, Hart                                                                                      Who were they so long ago,
Gilbert R. Dean, Sandersville, Washington                        Gertrude Love, Vidalia, Toombs
                                                                                                                                                                         Who weathered the rain, sunshine, sleet, or snow
Elaine M. DeFoor, Toccoa, Stephens                               Betty V. Lunsford, St. Simons Island, Golden Isles/Glynn/ McIntosh
Robert F. Deloach, Jr., Savannah, Chatham                        Patricia A. Lyons, Fort Valley, Peach                                                                   To reach the place where children planned to go
Gloria Deveaux, Savannah, Chatham                                Annie K. Maddox, Attapulgus, Bainbridge/Decatur                                                   Who were they who so early arrived at a one-room school
Floyd L. Douglas, Milledgeville, Baldwin                         Herbert Manning, Detroit, Valdosta/Lowndes                                                                      By foot or wagon, horse, or mule
Juddye B. Dozier, Daytona Beach, Lincoln/Wilkes                  Rebekah R. Manry, Edison, Early/Clay/Calhoun                                                    To make fire, sweep the floor, draw water from a spring or well
Lucia G. Dubro, St. Simons Island, Golden Isles/Glynn/McIntosh   Mae Frances Marks, Moultrie, Colquitt                                                                  Ready for children, a long-handled dipper in a pail
Jesse A. Durden, Sr., Metter, Candler                            Edward B. Martin, Dublin, Laurens/Dublin                                                                     Cleaned the slates, readied their work
Mary L. Durrence, Claxton, Bryan/Evans                           Sarah Mahburn, Moultrie, Colquitt                                                                             Never a thought to stop or duty shirk
Clara E. Dyess, Woodbine, Camden                                 J. W. Massengale, Tifton, Tift                                                          Children came, some were tall, some were small, some older than the rest
Dr. David Eaton, Fort Valley, Peach                              Albert J. Massey, Warrenton, McDuffie/Glascock/Warren                                 No thought of leaving one child behind, though no government mandated test
Homer T. Edwards, Athens, Athens Area                            Lillie B. Mathis, Cuthbert, Randolph/Quitman                                                 On the future they were focused, helping each child in life succeed
Jack Elder, Fayetteville, Douglas                                Mary Anna May, Augusta, Richmond
                                                                                                                                                                 Emphasizing right over wrong, writing, arithmetic, how to read
Helen S. Ellison, Lyons, Toombs                                  Erma R. McArthur, Rydal, Bartow/Cartersville
Carolyn L. Emanuel, Baxley, Appling                              Genelda McClain, Thomson, McDuffie/Glascock/Warren                                                   Age was not a factor then, the needs for all were met
Hazel C. Emery, Woodbury, Meriwether                             Ruth L. McCranie, Milan, Telfair/Wheeler                                                     So few aids to make things easier, tools of today not thought of yet
John R. English, Thomson, McDuffie/Glascock/Warren               Durell L. McDowell, Cedartown, Polk                                                   Teachers had no group support until active teachers joined in state associations
Julia H. Evans, Hawkinsville, Pulaski                            Beth M. McElroy, Smyrna, Cobb/Marietta                                                       And paved new roads throughout the state in the field of education
Wayne R. Faircloth, Whigham, Grady                               Marion M. McKinney, Waco, Haralson/Bremen                                              When educators retired they found their separate ways they had again to go
Jackie Faulkner, Macon, Bibb                                     Alvin L. McLendon, Statesboro, Bulloch                                                   For an association for them had not been chartered as we all well know
Charlie Fletcher, Barnesville, Lamar                             Cheri W. McLeod, Swainsboro, Emanuel                                                             Until someone fifty years ago thought they again should band
Willard Florence, McRae, Telfair/Wheeler                         Dr. Fred McManus, Turnerville, Hart                                                    And our Georgia Retired Teachers Association quickly spread across the land
Helen S. Flynt, Murfreesboro, Decatur/DeKalb                     Grace C. McMillan, Easley, Troup                                                       Feeling pride in our past, focusing on our future, with a little change in name
Annie H. Foster, Macon, Bibb                                     Eddie L. McPherson, Brunswick, Golden Isles/Glynn/McIntosh
                                                                                                                                                       Our great GREA has areas working all together towards goals that are the same
Grace R. Fowler, Commerce, Jackson                               Thomas E. McRae, Cairo, Grady
                                                                                                                                                         And now in 2008, our Golden Anniversary year, we take pride in our past
Florrie B. Foy, Americus, Sumter                                 L. Faye McWhorter, Roswell, Muscogee
Lula C. Francis, Augusta, Richmond                               Billie D. Medders, Alma, Bacon                                                       We honor the memory of those who worked to help our association grow and last
Malcom Freeman, Jakin, Early/Clay/Calhoun                        Laura B. Merday, Blackshear, Waycross/Ware                                                       Proud of those no longer there, for the legacy for us they left
Joanne Futch, Thomasville, Thomasville/Thomas                    Sydnea K. Miles, Hinesville, Liberty/Long                                                          As they focused on that future and gave so much of self
Bill Gafford, Stockbridge, Henry                                 Bonnie G. Milford, Royston, Hart                                                                            Of all the occupations on our earth today
Charles D. Garner, Newnan, Coweta                                Bobbie J. Miller, Valdosta, Valdosta/Lowndes                                                                  That of education has paved the way
Sadie Garrett, N. Augusta, Richmond                              Mary S. Mills, Thomasville, Thomasville/Thomas                                                      Whether king or queen or an esteemed company CEO
George Gholston, Atlanta, Decatur/DeKalb                         Ruth B. Mincey, Baxley, Appling                                                                       Those basic skills each one certainly needs to know.
Henry L. Gibbs, Conyers, Rockdale                                Rosia L. Mitchiner, Cuthbert, Randolph/Qitman                                                 We will continue doing our part and look back on all we’ve done
Mary A.Giles, Avondale Estates, Decatur/DeKalb                   John A. Mize, Metter, Candler                                                             It's the support, fellowship and service, working one with one with one
Una T. Gilmer, Winterville, Oglethorpe                           Jane Montague, Marietta, Cobb/Marietta
                                                                                                                                                          Like those whose memory we honor today, a legacy we pledge to leave,
Hubert Glisson, Soperton, Treutlen                               George Montgomery, Dahlonega, Lumpkin
Bobby Joe Gore, Argon, Polk                                      Mickie B. Moody, Thomasville, Thomasville/Thomas                                        Our GREA a strong standing beacon to welcome and receive new retirees
Dorothy S. Graham, Lafayette, Walker                             Genevieve H. Morgan, Lyons, Toombs
    Catoosa REA has arranged for their scrap-                 Oglethorpe County REA honored its 2008              Robert Corley.
books to be housed at the Catoosa County                  Scholarship Winners by having their pictures on a                            O O O
Library at the Benton Place Campus.                       giant billboard on a major highway for all to see.          Emanuel County REA celebrated the 50th
                     O O O                                                      O O O                             anniversary of GREA with a lovely dinner at East
    Catoosa REA gave a Scholarship to Emily                   Floyd/Rome REA collected several hundred            Georgia College and had special honors for its
Cromer, a 2008 graduate of Ringgold High                  dollars of school supplies which were donated by        past presidents, its charter members and Mrs.
School. She will major in Elementary Education at         their members and in turn donated them to               Eloise Vining, who celebrated her 100th birthday.
Kennesaw State University.                                Rome’s South East Elementary and Floyd County’s                              O O O
                     O O O                                McHenry Elementary Schools.                                 Franklin County REA had for their September
    Madison County REA invites you to visit their                               O O O                             Program, cofounders Judy Hulsey and Genny Cole
new web site at                         Dalton/Whitfield/Murray REA had 130 mem-            of “Land of Spirit” and the premier production,
                     O O O                                bers attend their first meeting of the year. Speakers   “Last Hard Times.” It was so exciting to hear how
    Richmond County REA is celebrating 40 years           were Ryan Greenfield from AMBA, Jeff Meyers             they have brought the whole county
of Fellowship, Service, and Support for their mem-        from Local Health One Alliance, Randy Russell           together and involved them in this great cultural
bers. RCREA was organized in June 1969.                   from AIG/Valic, Dr. Ramji Ramachandran from the         event. Two of the REA members are in the cast.
                     O O O                                Dalton Foundation, and Roxanna Donegan,                 Now our County School Challenge Classes are
    Bibb County REA held a new member recep-              Community Service Chairperson. James Spence             extending the story gathering of Remarkable
tion on Wednesday, September 10th. Special                was recognized for his volunteer hours for Habitat      Women of Franklin County and plan to use these
guests included Macon’s Mayor Robert Reichert             for Humanity.                                           stories in a future play. Fall “Land of Spirit” per-
and Deputy Superintendent Sylvia McGee of the                                   O O O                             formances are from October 23 to November 15.
Bibb County School District.                                  Henry County REA began the year with plans          Call Genny Cole at 706-256-1926 if interested.
                     O O O                                for many service projects. Among projects are: toys                          O O O
    Worth County REA held its first meeting of the        for DEFAC for Christmas gifts for needy children,           50th Wedding Anniversaries: John and
year in September with a tea honoring newly-              scholarships for students pursuing a career in edu-     Christine Fletcher, Ben Hill-Irwin REA, celebrated
elected State Senator John Crosby; former Area I          cation and collecting food items monthly to give to     on October 4th. Buford and Frances Portwood,
Director, Marilyn Butler; former Area I Director,         people in need. In addition, they are collecting old    Douglas County REA, will celebrate on October
Commodore Conyers; and present Area I                     eyeglasses for the state GREA project and giving a      25th. Napoleon and Sarah Harris, Lee County
Director, Lucy Dunn.                                      sizeable monetary contribution to Special               REA, celebrated on July 18th. Bill and Wilma
                     O O O                                Olympics.                                               Davis, Floyd/Rome REA, celebrated on July 5th.
    Peach County REA held its first meeting of the                              O O O                                                  O O O
year and had three principals, two graduation                 Thomaston/Upson REA celebrated the 50th                 Special Birthdays: Mrs. Nella Crooks, Peach
coaches, and one parent volunteer coordinator as          anniversary of GREA by looking back to its own          County REA, was 107 on October 1st. Robert
their guests.                                             beginning which dates back to October 1980. Of          Church, Peach County REA, was 99 on September
                     O O O                                the 53 charter members, six of them are still cur-      26th. W. H. Muggridge, Grady County REA, was
    Effingham County REA handed out goodie bags           rent members. This unit is honored to have two          100 on May 28th. Louise Milam, Bartow/Cartersville
with information about GREA at the yearly retiree         state presidents for GREA in Ralph Hogan and            REA, was 102 on September 16th.
reception sponsored by the local Board of Education.
                     O O O
    Thomaston/Upson REA gave scholarships this               Pickens County Author                                       GREA OFFICERS:
year to Jessica Megan Brown and Jasmine Rekell                 In her recently published book, Remem-                    Dr. Beverly Roberts, President
Grisham. Jessica will attend Kennesaw State and           brances In Talking Rock and More. . . Pickens                  Dr. John C. Upchurch, President-elect
Jasmine will attend Columbus State. Spotlight ads                                                                        Sue Thornton, Past President
                                                          Retired Educator Georgia Cagle writes, “This book              Patricia Bassett, Secretary
and local donations paid for these scholarships.          will look back to a unique town of Talking Rock,               William Chandler, Treasurer
                                                                                                                         Dr. Bill Sloan, Executive Drector
                                                          Georgia, which is nestled within the North Georgia
      Pike County Author                                  Mountains. . . There will be short stories of a time           AREA DIRECTORS
     Ann Yearwood of Pike, Ga. and a member of            past and quite a different world.” Mrs. Cagle                  Lucy Dunn, Area I
                                                                                                                         Dr. Clifford Browner, Area II
the Pike County REA and the Thomaston-Upson               includes a section on the Talking Rock                         Jacqueline Harper, Area III
REA has had her first book published. The title is        Schoolhouse Teaching Museum, a joint project of                Elizabeth McEuen, Area IV
                                                                                                                         Rufus Akins, Area V
Redbird Farm: Growing Up in Rural Georgia.                the Pickens County Retired Educators. This book,               Jim Hite, Area VI
Ann’s book is due to be released December 16th,           written like a personal conversation with the                  Mary Ann McDaniel, Area VII
just in time for Christmas. The book is classified as     reader, has reached libraries, museums, and homes              Dr. Bonnie Gardner, Area VIII
                                                                                                                         Jerry Carter, Area IX
historical fiction with a spiritual overtone, and is an   in Georgia’s Pickens, Cherokee, and Fulton coun-               Carol Lunsford, Area X
account of a family living on a farm in rural             ties, and the states of Alabama, California, Maine,            Augusta Means, Area XI
Georgia during the 1950s and 1960s. Ann is an             North Carolina, and Texas.                                     Betty Tutt, Area XII
                                                                                                                         Dr. Verline Dennis, Area XIII
accomplished author having had magazine arti-                  For more information contact Georgia Marie                Myra Stephens, Area XIV
cles published previously. Her book sounds like           Cagle at any of the following: 2023 Laurel Cove,               Cynthia Ables, Area XV
                                                                                                                         Joella McGill, Area XVI
the perfect Christmas gift for those of us who love       Ball Ground, GA 30107; 770-735-3652; or                        Kate Finch, Area XVII
rural Georgia and the lifestyle it offers.                                                Dr. Franklin Johnson, Area XVIII

                                                                                                                         GREA BULLETIN,
  Artwork by Retired Educator On Display At State Capitol                                                                Georgia Retired Educators Association
                                                                                                                         Bill Sloan, Editor
    Georgia State Capitol displays three pieces of art by Fayetteville artist and retired educator, Sandy                Published quarterly by GREA,
Holcomb. Holcomb’s artwork is on loan from the Arts Clayton Gallery in Jonesboro. Holcomb is president of                615-C Oak Street, Gainesville 30501-8522
                                                                                                                         Telephones 770-287-7721, 800-637-2883,
Fayette Society of Fine Arts (FSOFA) and is a member of Fayette County Retired Educators Association                     FAX 770-287-0567
(FCREA). Retired educators, Ruby Jo Saunders and Stella Mitchell join Holcomb in exemplifying that educa-                E-mail:
tors never retire, they find another forum. Saunders is active in the Daughters of the American Revolution               Website:
                                                                                                                         Office hours:
(D.A.R.) as well as the FCREA, while Mitchell has become a well-known local author with two publications                 Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
receiving great review. For more information about Sandy Holcomb art visit

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