MAKE A MIRACLE
                                                                              HAVE A BALL!

                                                                                     he Link, serving the
                                                                                     community since 1971,
                                                                                     annually provides more
                                                                              than 13,000 hours of counseling
                                                                              services to our community.
                                                                              Without generous donations
                                                                              from the community, many
                                                                              children, adults and families
                                                                              would not have access to
                                                                              mental health services.
                                                                              Miracle Ball – an evening of
                                                                              lighthearted fun.
                                                                              Miracle Ball – the opportunity
                                                                              to provide a child, an adolescent,

              here are times in life      this thirty-five year legacy, The
                                                                              an adult with help during their
              when the support of         Iris M. Bolton Endowment
                                                                              time in need.
              others is vital. To         Fund: A Legacy of Healing
       heal—to renew hope—to              and Hope has been created.          Miracle Ball – help the
       rediscover strength is a journey                                       community we share to
                                          Please join us in building a
       often made possible through                                            become a stronger, healthier
                                          Legacy Walkway. Pledge your
       the support of others. Iris                                            place…one child, one individual,
                                          support to The Link, so that it
       Bolton and The Link                                                    one family at a time.
                                          may continue its vital services
       Counseling Center have been
                                          for years to come. This path
       a part of the healing journey
                                          of engraved bricks will create
       of thousands of children and                                           Please See MIRACLE BALL on Page 5
                                          a permanent walkway
       adults since 1971. To honor
                                          Please See BRICK on Page 3

PAGE TWO:  Message from the Executive Director, Iris M. Bolton.
PAGE THREE: Buy a brick and contribute to the Legacy Walkway.
PAGE FIVE: Miracle Ball 2005 was a great success. Sign up for 2006!
PAGE SIX: Check out our current programs and support groups.
PAGE 2 |   Link LINES

                                                Greetings from the
                                                              Executive Director…

                                                                                   board and is providing crucial
                                                                                   leadership for our generous
                                                                                   volunteer board of directors
                                                                                   during my transition. I thank
                                                                                   you all…present, past and
                                                                                   founding members. Your work
                                                                                   is forever valued.
                                                                                   Second, I thank my staff for
                                                                                   your expertise, loyalty and
                                                                                   longevity of service. You are the
                                                                 Iris M. Bolton
                                                                                   heart and soul of The Link. I

                                                        reetings!                  hold deep gratitude for all
                                                        On April 27, 2007, the     clinical and administrative staff
                                                        Link community will        members, adjunct staff, volunteers
                                                celebrate my retirement from       and interns who have graced
                                                The Link after 36 years, 34 of     The Link with their presence in
                                                those as Executive Director! My    the Sandy Springs office or at
                                                friend, Judy Collins, has agreed   our Cobb office. Some of you
                                                to come and celebrate with us.     have been with The Link since
                                                She will send me into the next     the beginning; others have
                                                phase of my life…with sweet        joined our staff along the way.
                                                melodies and song!                 Collectively, you have created
                                                                                   the nurturing spirit of The Link.
                                                Since LinkLines is published
                                                                                   Many of you have made The
                                                once a year, I realized that my
                                                                                   Link your life’s work, as I have.
                                                “Letter from the Director”
                                                                                   What a gift you all are…to me
                                                would be published for the last
                                                                                   and to our clients!
                                                time in this issue. I have many
                                                people to thank!                   Next, I thank the individuals,
                                                                                   couples and families who have
                                                So many, I can only mention a
                                                                                   recognized The Link as a special
                                                few here, but I want everyone in
                                                                                   place to come for healing in an
                                                my Link family to know how
                                                                                   atmosphere of safety, warmth
                                                grateful I am that you have
                                                                                   and comfort. For a community
                                                touched my life.
                                                                                   to honor the services provided
                                                First, I honor and respect The     to children, youth and families
                                                Link’s Board of Directors, for     over a thirty-five year timespan
                                                your time and loving service in    is remarkable. Some of you
                                                overseeing policies, procedures,   have come as clients with your
                                                fiscal management, and for your    families for four generations, to
       A Publication of The Link Counseling
                                                fund raising through the annual    work toward wellness and
         Center and the House Next Door
                                                Miracle Ball! I appreciate your    growth. On behalf of The Link,
                       Editor: Kathy Jernigan   encouragement and support of       I thank you for your trust.
                                404.256.9797    me personally. Don Leonard is
                                                                                   I am humbled and indebted to
             Design/Printing: TH Design, LLC    the current chairman of our
                                                                                   all of our financial donors.
                                                         Please See DIRECTOR on Page 4
                                                                                                               Link LINES      | PAGE 3

BRICK, Continued From Page 1
connecting the buildings on The      inscribe your name in the Legacy         To build the Legacy Walkway with your gift
Link’s beautiful campus.             Book of Healing and Hope, a              please complete the information below and
                                     permanent volume to be housed            return to The Link:
With each $1,000 tax-deductible
                                     at The Link.
pledge, an engraved brick will be                                             NAME
placed in the Iris M. Bolton         Please take this opportunity to
Legacy Walkway. The inscription      provide children, adolescents and
you choose is intended to honor      adults with help during their            C I T Y, S TAT E , Z I P
or memorialize someone special       time of need. Together we can
or a legacy in your life. Your       help the community we share to           PHONE

pledge may be fulfilled now or in    become a stronger, healthier             EMAIL
annual installments over four        place…one child, one individual
years. For just $5.00 per week       and one family at a time. To                 Check enclosed,
(over four years), your engraved     participate in the Legacy Walkway        payable to The Link Counseling Center.
brick will be a symbol of the help   and create your brick inscription,
your pledge provides to others.      please complete and mail the                  Please charge my:           VISA     MC      AMEX
                                     pledge form or visit our website
• Annually The Link provides                                                  CREDIT CARD #
                                     at to make
  13,000 hours of mental health
                                     your pledge.                             EXP.
  services to children and their
  families, and more than
  $500,000 in pro bono services.
  56% of Link clients’ income is
  below the poverty level.                SOURCES OF REVENUE                  The balance of $________ will be payable in
                                                                                   2006          2007       2008
• The House Next Door, which
  is The Link’s special meeting                                               Please send me pledge payment reminders
  place for children in crisis and                  40%
                                                                                   Q uar te rly          A nnually    Ot her
  grief, served almost 1,000                                        9%
  children last year alone.                                                   BRICK ONE INSCRIPTION:
                                                                              (UP TO 3 LINES WITH 14 SPACES EACH)
• The Link’s National Resource
                                                  32%               19%       __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
  Center for Suicide Prevention
  and Aftercare provides                                                      __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
  unparalleled support for those                                              __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
  whose lives have been touched
  by suicide.                          Brick dedications will help            B R I C K T WO :
                                       The Link’s ability to fill the         __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
The Legacy Walkway of 1,000            32% of funds needed each
Bricks will be a permanent                                                    __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
                                       year to respond to community
memorial to Iris and your special      counseling requests.                   __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
loved ones. Every donation is
                                                                              BRICK THREE:
appreciated and welcome. In               TO BE FILLED       FEES COLLECTED
grateful recognition of donations                                             __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
                                          UNITED WAY     CURRENT ENDOWMENT
less than $1,000, The Link will                                               __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
                                                                              __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
PAGE 4 |   Link LINES
                        DIRECTOR, Continued. From Page 3
                                                             Greg Dixon, from Georgia State
                                                             University. Greg’s comfortable
                                                             presence and expertise helped
                                                             launch The Link. I am eternally
                                                             Sherry McHenry, now in private
                                                             practice, was the Associate
                                                             Director, and her creative spirit
                                                             helped jump-start The Link. The
                                                             first counselor to volunteer and
                                                             then become full time staff, still
                        Without your generosity, The
                                                             with us today, is Elaine Gibson,
                        Link could not exist. Please
                                                             whose calm presence and
                        know that each and every gift
                                                             devotion to the mission of The
                        helped to make the following
                                                             Link has served us now for 34
                        services possible. Annually, The
                                                             years. Blessings to you both!
                        Link provides 13,000 hours of
                        mental health services to children
                        and their families, and more         “…the founder of The
                        than $500,000 in pro bono             Link, Gene Steinman,
                        services. Fifty-six percent of
                                                              whose vision, in 1971,
                        Link clients have income below
                        poverty level.                        was to help troubled
                        I want to honor a few people
                                                              children and their fam-
                        whose contributions have been         ilies during an explo-
                        especially remarkable.                sion of drug abuse and
                        First, is the founder of The          runaways in Atlanta”
                        Link, Gene Steinman, whose
                        vision, in 1971, was to help
                        troubled children and their          Kudos go to another significant
                        families during an explosion of      person in our Link family for her
                        drug abuse and runaways in           work as Administrator for 25
                        Atlanta. The untimely death of       years. Sandra Sacker managed
                        his daughter inspired him to act.    the finances, the budget, and all
                        He called a community meeting.       the administration, with her
                        Two hundred people turned out,       great heart, her compassion and
                        culminating in the creation of a     her spirited sense of humor! We
                        board of directors for what was      were blessed to have you Sandra!
                        originally called, “The Link:
                                                             Working closely with her was
                        The North Atlanta Mediation
                                                             Sarah Valentine, our
                        Center,” a safe place for parents
                                                             Administrative Assistant, whose
                        and teens to come together to
                                                             loyalty and competence continue
                        communicate and to negotiate
                                                             to this day. Through the years
                        their issues.
                                                             you always put The Link first
                        I wish Gene Steinman had lived       through every crisis and every
                        to see The Link today. He            deadline. Bravo and many
                        would be so proud! If memory         thanks to you!
                        serves me, Mike Disney was the
                                                             Although it is impossible to
                        first board chairman, followed
                                                             thank everyone by name, I must
                        by Lyall Angevine. Their energy
                                                             include Ada Kaufman, Director
                        and love of teenagers was
                        profound. They helped raise
                        funds to hire our first Director:    Please See DIRECTOR on Page 8
                                                                                                                              Link LINES   | PAGE 5

With your Miracle Ball 2005 contributions
7 9 4 C H I L D R E N TO O K PA RT I N T H E H O U S E N E X T D O O R S C H I L D R E N I N C R I S I S A N D G R I E F P R O G R A M .
M O R E T H A N 1 3 , 0 0 0 C O U N S E L I N G H O U R S W E R E P R O V I D E D.
7 , 0 0 0 T E L E P H O N E C O U N S E L I N G A N D R E F E R R A L C A L L S W E R E C O M P L E T E D.
$ 5 9 8 , 0 0 0 O F P R O B O N O S E RV I C E S W E R E P R O V I D E D T O T H E C O M M U N I T Y.

Thank you, and please help in 2006!

                                                                                                                ur gala event includes
Miracle Ball 2005                                                                                               dinner, dancing, prizes
                                                                                                                and casino games. Your
                                                                                                        tax-deductible gift helps those
We e x t e n d o u r s i n c e r e a p p r e c i a t i o n t o e v e r y o n e                          who are helping themselves.
who suppor ted the 2005 Miracle Ball through                                                            Many exciting and unique
individual donations and sponsorships:                                                                  auction items are available this
                                                                                                        year, such as Skiing in Montana,
P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R S                      Regions Bank                                        a Quail Hunting Expedition
$25,000+                                            Mary & Alan Roos                                    and exceptional Jewelry from
Carey Cox Wyatt Foundation                          Stillwater Enterprises                              LeeBrant Jewelers.
Complete Printing                                   Tina & David Strauss                                The Link relies on the Miracle
                                                    Symon Communication                                 Ball as a major source of
GOLD SPONSORS                                       Patricia Terwilliger                                funding for our annual operating
$5,000+                                             Waverly & Dan Thornton                              budget. The successful thirty-
Atlanta Brain & Spine Care                          U.S. Planning Group                                 four year history of The Link
Nancy & Phil Binkow                                 Vertical VAR, Tom Lewis                             is due to the support of our
Dave and Bunny Center Family                        David Weekly Homes                                  community; thank you for
 Foundation                                         Ida & Spalding White                                helping to make that possible.
“Friends of The Link”                               Keller Williams Realty                              Call Sarah Valentine at
Betsy & Reg Haid                                                                                        404.256.9797 if you would
House of Oriental Rugs                              FRIENDS OF THE LINK                                 like to be added to our
John Hancock Financial                              Sandra I. Abrams                                    invitation mailing list.
 Services                                           Hope Aldrich
The Landon Group, Inc.                              Carole Babush
                                                    Alan Baitcher                                       Miracle Ball 2006
S I LV E R S P O N S O R S                          Lisa & Dan Balser
$2,000+                                             Charles Crawley                                     On: Saturday, September 9, 2006
Mr. & Mrs. Bonneau Ansley                           Chicago’s Restaurant                                From: 7 PM – Until
Atlas Real Estate Services                          H. Stockton Clothier                                At: The Renaissance Waverly Hotel
Avnet, Teresa Wade                                  Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Cohen                            $200 / Individual
BoBo Grinding                                       Whitney Crouse
                                                                                                        $400 / Couple
Crescent Bank & Trust Co.                           Bobbi Diamond
Kay Evans                                           Sally Edwards                                       Tickets may be purchased
First Cherokee State Bank                           Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Finkel                            at
William Folan                                       Dottie & Jim Frassetto
Georgia Erosion Control Center                      The Gallery at Belle Isle                           Carol & Don Leonard
Jana & Mike Griffin                                 Nancy Ghertner                                      Loretta & Brian Logun
Highland Capital Brokerage                          Judy Grosswald                                      Caryl & Bob Paller
Phyllis & Lew Kravitz                               Gary Hoopes                                         Barbara & Martin Pollock
Gwyn & Scott Leonard                                Angie & Shawn Janko                                 Marie & Jim Sams
LeeBrant Jewelers                                   Roy Johnson                                         George Shapiro
C.W. Matthews Contracting Co.                       Page & Bill Kampmeier                               Angela & Andy Sparks
Outdoor Expressions LLC                             Ray Ann Kremer                                      Tony Stancil
Postec, Inc.                                        John Lanigan                                        Ava & Robert Wilensky
PAGE 6 |   Link LINES

           COMMUNICATION SKILLS                  Do you want to listen so that       seling skills which can be useful
           TRAINING                              you can more fully understand       in all areas of living. If this
                                                 what the important people in        sounds interesting, then plan to
           When: Tuesdays for 5 weeks
                                                 your life are saying? Do you        join us. This class is a
           Starts: October 3, 2006
                                                 want to learn to better express     requirement for those who might
           Time: 7:00 p.m.– 9:00 p.m.
                                                 your thoughts and feelings to       be interested in becoming a Link
           Leader: Martha Cleveland, LCSW
                                                 loved ones and others with          volunteer.
           Minimum Participants: 6
                                                 whom you come in contact? We
           Maximum Participants: 12
                                                 will also learn some basic coun-
           Fee: $65

           YOUNG ADULT THERAPY                   Minimum: 6 participants             of this exploration is to provide
           GROUP AGES 20 - 30                    Maximum: 8 participants             an opportunity for healing and
                                                 Fee: $25 per session                a chance to understand how
           When: Wednesdays
                                                                                     current life issues may be related
           Time: 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.           This ongoing group provides an      to the experience of abuse. It is
           Leaders: Gene Bridges, ThM,           opportunity for women to work       recommended that members be
            LMFT, LPC                            on issues of self-esteem, body      currently, or have previous
           Maxine Cooper, MS, LPC                image, sexuality, and femininity.   experience, in individual therapy.
           Minimum: 5 participants               Work is done through talking        A brief interview with the
           Maximum: 8 participants               and sharing with the group, as      therapist is required. Please call
           Cost: $25 per session                 well as using movement that is      Janet Mainor at 404-256-9797.
                                                 designed to integrate the mind
           This group helps those struggling
                                                 and body. Women wishing to be       MEN’S SUPPORT GROUP
           with the transition from
                                                 a part of this group will need to
           adolescence/young adulthood to                                            When: Mondays
                                                 schedule an interview with
           a more fully developed adult                                              Time: 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
                                                 Maxine. Previous therapy
           life. Issues involve: relationships                                       Leader: Marty Platzer, DMin,
                                                 experience is preferred. Call
           (within families or significant                                           LMFT
           others), work-career, dependency-                                         Size: 6-8 participants
           interdependence, personhood-          WOMEN'S THERAPY                     Fee: $35 per session
           identity. Preferred are those who     GROUP – SURVIVORS OF
           are currently in therapy or have                                          This group provides the
                                                 SEXUAL ABUSE
           been in therapy. A brief interview                                        opportunity for men to learn
           with the therapists is required.      When: Mondays                       more about themselves as men;
           Please call 404-256-9797.             Time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.         to discover more effective ways
                                                 Leader: Janet Mainor, MS, LPC       to deal with issues of power and
           WOMEN'S MOVEMENT/                     Fee: $15 per session                control; and to be more loving
           THERAPY GROUP                                                             and open with themselves and
                                                 This ongoing group provides a       in relationships. A brief interview
           When: Tuesdays                        supportive environment for          with the therapist is required.
           Time: 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.           adult female survivors of sexual    Call 404-256-9797
           Leaders: Maxine Cooper,               abuse to explore and share their
            LPC, MS                              personal experience. The focus
           Dee Wagner, MS, LPC
                                                                                                    Link LINES    | PAGE 7

GROUPS Continued                     THERAPY TRAINING INSTITUTE
THERAPY GROUP FOR GAY,                                                    courses are offered beginning in

                                             he Training Institute at
LESBIAN AND BISEXUAL                         the Sandy Springs office     August and January.
YOUTH                                        is presently offering        FAMILY STUDIES COURSE
Who: Youth – Ages 18 - 26            programs in Marriage and
                                     Family training and education.       Marriage and Family Therapy
When: Tuesdays
                                     This training is a three-year        Ethics Course
Time: 8:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Leaders: Janet Mainor, MS, LPC       intensive program that involves
                                                                          Aug. 24th to Dec. 7th, 2006
Gene Bridges, ThM, LMFT, LPC         a weekly training seminar,
Fee: None                            individual supervision, and dyad     The course is 45 hours of
                                     supervision, as well as on-site      instruction.
The Community Foundation             client counseling experiences.
                                     The training seminar explores        Contact: Elaine C. Gibson, MEd,
has awarded a grant to The
                                                                          LMFT, LPC
Link to assist in making this        approaches, techniques and
ongoing group available. In a        theories used in working with        Approved Supervisor AAMFT
culture which is predominantly       couples and families. The            Director, Marriage and Family
heterosexual, young people may       participants are encouraged to       Therapy Training Institute of
face rejection, abuse and            evolve their own philosophy of       The Link Counseling Center
harassment from society, school      working with couples and
personnel and family. Social and     families. We stress congruence
emotional isolation, family and      between philosophy and practice.
relationship difficulties and        The trainers, Elaine Gibson and
other stressors may contribute       Derek Economy, are Licensed
to low self-esteem, anxiety,         Marriage and Family Therapists
depression and other symptoms        and both are Approved
that interfere with participating    Supervisors with AAMFT. The
in a healthy, whole and centered     Link is pleased to include an
life. The Link offers: a place to    educational dimension, offering
talk at a weekly meeting, living     post-graduate courses for MFT
skills in the culture in a therapy   Licensure. These courses have
setting sensitive to individual,     been approved by the State of
family and community matters,        Georgia Composite Board.
dealing with healing and growth      Marriage and Family Therapy
for a healthy life.To reserve a
space in the group, or for further
information, please call Janet
Mainor at 404-256-9797.              ADOLESCENT THERAPY                   To become a member of the
                                     GROUP                                group, the teen and a parent
                                                                          need to meet with one of the
                                     When: Tuesdays
                                                                          co-therapists. Please call for an
                                     Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
                                                                          appointment at 404-256-9797.
                                     Leaders: Janet Mainor, MS, LPC
                                     Gene Bridges, ThM, LMFT, LPC
                                                                          Donations may be made to pro-
                                     Participants: Youth ages 14 - 18
                                                                          vide scholarships for The Link’s
                                     Fee: $65 per month (negotiable)
                                                                          Adolescent Therapy Groups.
                                     The Link offers ongoing teen         The cost is $65.00 per month
                                     therapy groups, wherein              for each adolescent.
                                     therapists and group members         *All Groups are at the Sandy Springs
                                     focus on life issues, family rela-   location. Please see page ten for the
                                     tionships, and group interactions.   House Next Door’s groups.
PAGE 8 |   Link LINES
                                                            DIRECTOR Continued From Page 4
                                                            of Volunteers, who is the            purpose of The Link. I give you
                                                            “mother of us all.” You listen       my full support and respect for
                                                            with your generous heart. You        the wisdom with which I know
                                                            handle every crisis. You correct     you will carry The Link into the
                                                            our mistakes and you “tell it        future. I have already
                                                            like it is!” Your impeccable         transferred the holding of The
                                                            honesty and commitment to            Link into your loving arms with
                                                            The Link are unequalled.             complete trust and gratitude.
                                                            “Thank you, dear friend.”
                                                                                                 A special honorable mention
                                                            Our Volunteer Corps is               must be given to psychiatrist,
                                                            outstanding! You are the epitome     Dr. Richard Felder. You have
                                                            of loving service to the             supervised our clinical staff for
                                                            community. Your weekly shifts        more than twenty-five years. We
                                                            at the desk and your telephone       have been privileged to have
                                                            counseling, listening, information   you as our mentor and our
                                                            and referrals are crucial to our     inspiration. Your wisdom has
                                                            services. More than that, you        reached into our souls,
                                                            bring comfort to every client        challenging us and our clients,
                                                            who enters our doors as you          enabling relationship and
                                                                                                 transformation. Your gentle
                                                                                                 touch has guided us with
                                                            “I have already                      insights and a depth of
                                                             transferred the                     compassion almost unknown in
                                                                                                 today’s society. Your impact on
                                                             holding of The                      all of us is profound. In one
                                                                                                 moment, your bursts of laughter
                                                             Link into your                      are sheer delight. In the next, I
                                                             loving arms with                    weep for the tenderness of your
                                                                                                 presence and the wisdom of
                                                             complete trust                      your intuition. You are held in
                                                                                                 the silence of time in deep
                                                             and gratitude.”                     gratitude by those who know
                                                                                                 and love you.
                                                            help them begin the therapeutic
                                                                                                 Some people impact your life in
                                                            process of healing and growth.
                                                                                                 indescribable ways. Carroll
                                                            Thank you!
                                                                                                 Dammann, Steve Howard, and
                                                            Finally, I want to express deep      Bruce Pemberton have been
                                                            gratitude for the two people         professional consultants to our
                                                            who have served as Associate         staff for many years. You have
                                                            Executive Directors of The Link
                                                            for the past few years. Gene
                                                            Bridges, Clinical Director, and
                                                            Janet Mainor, formerly
                                                            Administrative Director, have
                                                            been working with me as a team
(Above) Top photo: Gene Bridges, Janet Mainor and           to create the beautiful healing
                                       Iris Bolton          counseling center it is today.
  Middle photo: Board Members: Nancy Binkow and
                                                            It is impossible to thank you
                          Don Leonard with Iris
                                                            enough, my dear colleagues, for
                 Bottom photo: Iris playing the drum        your willingness and enthusiasm
  Bottom right photo: Iris with sons John and Mitch         to carry on the mission and
Page right, top photo: Judy Collins, Iris and Jack Bolton
            Bottom photo: Iris celebrating the world
                                                                                               Link LINES    | PAGE 9

                                           life. Be at peace, my
                                           son…as I am….
                                                                          To live today as though it
                                            And for my future plans?        were my last.
                                            Ah, yes! More time and        To spend it royally, yet with
                                            travel with my precious         reason,
                                            husband Jack…more time
                                            with my three sons and
                                                                          To live happily, love passion-
                                            their families…especially       ately, regret frequently,
                                            my nine grandchildren…        Yet to kiss the place that felt
                                            perhaps great-grands one        the thorn, because of the
                                            day. I may write another        rose.
                                            book. Who knows what          To treat all men and women,
                                            adventures are before me
                                                                            openly, honestly, reservedly.
                                            on my spiritual quest!…a
                                            pilgrimage to Peru to         And at the last, to keep myself
                                            study with elders from          in that frame of mind,
                                            other indigenous cultures,    Which enables one to lie down
enhanced our work and have           next summer…a three-year               to his rest,
encouraged us to strive for          healing apprenticeship with a        Conscious of no great evil
excellence, through stress,          Peruvian Shaman…continuing             done to his fellow man,
change and transitions. You are      my healing energy work as a
our heroes!                          Curandera Mesa Carrier. I will
                                                                          And humbly grateful for the
                                     continue to do workshops and           opportunity
I must thank my family for their                                          Of having done some little
                                     seminars in the field of suicidol-
unconditional support of me,
and my work at The Link. First,
                                     ogy. As an elder, as long as I’m       good in this world.”
                                     able, I will lead Native                                  ~Anonymous
to my parents for the gift of life
                                     American drumming circles,
and resilience. To my incredible
                                     which enlivens me and keeps
sons, John, Bill, and Bob, your                                           With Special Love to all of you!
                                     me stress free! And
wives, and my dearest husband,
                                     gardening, which I’ve already
Jack, I appreciate your patience;
your tolerance of my adventuring;
                                     started. Come and see! So much                      Iris Bolton
                                     to do…so little time!
my exuberant, sometimes
spacey antics; and spontaneous       I am excited about adventures
outrageous joy! I couldn’t do it     still to come. I am profoundly
without you!                         grateful for my life’s journey of
                                     seventy-five years, and for thir-
And to my 20-year-old son
                                     ty-five years of the best job in
Mitch, who took his life in
                                     the world!
l977: I was devastated by your
death. Through counseling, grief     I will not say goodbye. I will
work and healing, I long ago         say…until we meet again!
made a choice about my life. I
chose to go on living, making        I’ll close with an anonymous
the most of the time I have,         poem I found on a telephone
valuing life in a way never          booth in New York City when I
possible before. I chose to          was a teenager:
develop suicide prevention,
education and aftercare efforts
to help me heal and to give
meaning to your life. The
healing work of The Link’s
National Resource Center for
Suicide Prevention and
Aftercare is a tribute to your

                                                                                      A support group for children

                    he House Next Door is         Leaders: Maxine Cooper, MS,
                    our special meeting place     LMFT, LPC,                          whose family member has been
                    for children and teens.       Renie Halperin, BEd                 diagnosed with breast cancer. Call
            Welcoming bright colors, art          Fee: None                           Janet Mainor at 404-256-9797 to
            and play space, a volcano room,                                           register your child.
            and a garden provide a safe           Who: Children ages 7 & 8 years
            place to nurture the healing of       When: Wednesdays                    CHILDREN'S GROUP
            children and their caregivers.        Time: 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.         Who: Children ages 9-12
            Support groups are provided for       Leaders: Maxine Cooper,             When: Wednesdays - call for
            children and teens who have           MS, LPC                             starting date
            experienced a death. A variety        Marty Platzer, DMin, LMFT           Time: 6:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.
            of therapeutic activities includ-     Barbara Greenblatt, BS              Group Leader: Janet Mainor, MS,
            ing music, art play and story-        Fee: None                           LPC, Director, The House Next Door
            telling are incorporated into the     This ongoing group is for           Fee: None
            group sessions to facilitate each     children who have lost a family     A 9-week program, including
            child’s unique process of grieving    member, friend or caregiver. The    therapeutic activities such as
            and healing.                          activities will be similar to the   storytelling, art, music and play,
            Early intervention can provide        ones described in the Children’s    for children who have
            powerful prevention of difficulties   Group, but modified to meet the     experienced the death of a family
            later in life. In addition to grief   different developmental levels of   member, friend or caregiver. The
                                                                                      House Next Door offers support
                                                                                      and acceptance through listening
                                                                                      and sharing...children talking
                                                                                      with other children who have also
                                                                                      experienced loss, sharing
                                                                                      concerns, feelings and
                                                                                      experiences. Call Janet to
                                                                                      register your child for this group:

                                                                                      TEEN BEREAVEMENT
                                                                                      Who: Youth ages 13 to 18
                                                                                      When: Wednesdays
                                                                                      Time: 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
            support, individual and family        younger children. The children      Leaders: Karen McCarty, MS,
            counseling are available to assist    will experience the support and     LMFT, LPC
            children with other traumas,          encouragement of others in          Pat Falvey, Volunteer
            loss or difficulties which, left      similar situations. Call Maxine     Fee: None
            unattended, may inhibit their         or Martha at 404-256-9797 to        An ongoing support group for
            development into healthy              register your child.                adolescents who have experienced
            adulthood.                                                                the death of a loved one, such as
                                                  THE CHILDREN’S CIRCLE               a friend, sibling, parent or
            THERAPEUTIC ACTIVITY                                                      caregiver. Our group has been
                                                  Who: Children ages 7-12
            FOR YOUNG CHILDREN                                                        meeting weekly since April, 1993.
                                                  When: Wednesdays
            Who: Children ages 4, 5 & 6           Time: 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.         New members are welcome at
            When: Mondays                         Leader: Janet Mainor, MS, LPC       any time.
            Time: 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.           Director, The House Next Door       * The House Next Door is adjacent to
                                                  Fee: None                           the Sandy Springs location.
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Survivors of Suicide groups          UPCOMING EVENTS:                    SOS Dream Group, Atlanta, GA
provide a comfortable setting
                                     SOS Support Group Facilitator’s     When: Wednesdays for 8 weeks
for sharing and support to
                                     Training and Support Team           Tentatively Starts: Oct. 4th
anyone who has experienced
                                     Training                            Time: 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
the death of a loved one by
suicide. They are open to parents,                                       Fee: $25 per session
                                     Combined for the first time at
children, spouses, siblings, other                                       (Space Limited to 8)
                                     The Link!
relatives and friends. Attending                                         Please contact Donna Johnson,
a support group is a big step,       September 15 – 17, 2006,
                                                                         404-256-9797, to register.
and it may feel painful at first.    Atlanta, Georgia
Try to attend at least three         For more information and to         Dreams can be a powerful part
meetings to give the process         download a registration form,       of the grieving process and a
a chance.                            visit, or call      vehicle for creating a different
                                     The Link’s NRC; 404-256-2919        relationship with the deceased
                                                                         loved one. People who benefit
                                     AFSP National Survivor’s of         from the group may have
MEETINGS AT THE LINK                                                     experienced significant dreams
                                     Suicide Day
NRC Support Groups                                                       of their loved one since the
                                     When: Sat. November 18, 2006        death or a change in their
1st Tuesday, 12 noon – 1:30 p.m.     Time: 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.         dream life as a result of the grief
4th Tuesday 7:30 p.m.                                                    process. The group will be
2nd Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.             Held at The House Next Door:
                                     The Link Counseling Center’s        modeled on Jeremy Taylor’s
Contact: Karen Opp                   National Resource Center            dream group model.
404-256-2919                         (NRC) for Suicide Aftercare and     Recommended reading: Where
                                     Prevention. For more                People Fly and Water Runs
The Compassionate Friends                                                Uphill.
North Atlanta (Sandy Springs)        information:
Chapter                                                                  Led by Donna Johnson, LCSW,
                                     Holiday Remembrance Day             ATR-BC, CST-T, a Jungian
Fourth Wednesday, 7:30 pm                                                oriented psychotherapist and
                                     When: December 13, 2006             certified sandplay therapist. She
Contact: Muriel Littman
                                     Time: 7:30 p.m.                     has studied dreams from a
(404)603-9942 or email
                                     Watch for               Jungian perspective for 25 years.
                                     developing deails                   She is a therapist at The Link
Barbara Parsons, Georgia                                                 and a facilitator with the NRC.
Regional Coordinator,

Greater Atlanta Area                 Nationwide
If you live in the greater Atlanta   For a national listing of suicide
area and would like information      support groups visit
on SOS groups near you, please or
call The Link’s NRC at      Or contact
404-256-2919, or go to               The American Association of                     Suicidology at 202-237-2280,
                                     or The American Foundation
                                     for Suicide Prevention at
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                         THE LINK STAFF           JEAN HOUSTON – A PASSIONATE LIFE
                                                                                        Jean Houston, a noted scholar

            SANDY SPRINGS OFFICE STAFF                   he Link is thrilled to be
           Iris Bolton, MA, Executive Director           bringing Jean Houston,         and philosopher, is one of the
         J. Eugene Bridges, ThM, LPC, LMFT,                                             most amazing and dynamic
        Associate Executive Director/Therapist           PhD, to the Atlanta
  Janet Mainor, MS, LPC, Associate Executive      community in October, 2006.           speakers of our time. If you are
                             Director/Therapist   Dr. Houston will be presenting        ready to be inspired and to
                  Maxine D. Cooper, MS, LPC,                                            explore your potential, join with
                   Derek Economy, MA, LMFT        the following workshop:
             Elaine Gibson, MEd, LPC, LMFT,                                             Jean in this workshop experience:
               Martin M. Platzer, DMin, LMFT      A PASSIONATE LIFE
                Linda Purdy, MEd, LPC, LMFT                                             A PASSIONATE LIFE!
      Donna Johnson, LCSW, ATR-BC, CST-T          Fostering human development
                                                  which enables conscious healing       Friday, October 13th
                                                  and growth for individuals,           7:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
                   ADJUNCT THERAPISTS
             Martha Cleveland, MSW, LCSW          families and communities.             Community Presentation
             Ann Karlin,MSW, LCSW, LMFT                                                 Cost: $20.00
             Karen McCarty, MS, LMFT, LPC         Dr. Jean Houston will guide us        Location: Holy Innocents’
                      Dee Wagner, MS, LPC         in learning a new paradigm of         Episcopal Church
             SUICIDE PREVENTION AND               sustainable human development
                 AFTERCARE PROGRAM                that supports individuals, families   Saturday, October 14th
        Donna Johnson, Clinical Coordinator       and communities while enhancing       10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
              Karen Opp, Program Manager                                                and Sunday, October 15th
                                                  their choices and commitments,
                                                  liberating their inventiveness,       9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
                            TRAINING              and raising levels of esteem and      An in-depth Conversation
               Deneshia Davenport, MS             cooperation to create a better        Cost: $250.00
          Leanne Henry Miller, MA, LPC            world.
                   Libby Hutchison, MA                                                  Location: The Link Counseling
                  Erika Pluhar, PhD, MS           Dr. Houston, as a visionary           Center, Sandy Springs
                                                  thinker and doer, will encourage      (Space Limited)
                  ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF            us to realize our own human
                    Ellen Begush, Bookkeeper                                            9 CE credits available for
     Kathy Jernigan, Administrative Assistant
                                                  potential through the explo-
        Ada Kaufman, Director of Volunteers       ration of cultural stories and        mental health professionals
     Sarah Valentine, Administrative Assistant    myths, fostering the emergence        attending the Saturday and
      Sandra Sacker, Administrative Volunteer     of a new story which focuses on       Sunday sessions.
                                                  human development while               Cost: $15
                         STAFF ASSOCIATES
                             Mickey Fjetland
                                                  creating social change.
                              Renie Halperin
                            Charmian Weber

                         OFFICE STAFF
                 Carrell Dammann, PhD
                 Consulting Psychologist
                  Richard E. Felder, MD
                  Consulting Psychiatrist
                  Bruce Pemberton, EdD
                 Consulting Psychologist

            Jeff Engberg, MS, LMFT, Therapist

            Sally McDonell, Office Manager
    Midge Thornton, Administrative Assistant

                        OFFICE STAFF
                  Stephen Howard, MD
                 Consulting Psychiatrist
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           e extend our heartfelt                                                             This is an ongoing support

           thanks to our                   he Link offers a                                   group for anyone who is
           volunteer staff for             comprehensive range of                             experiencing treatment or has
their dedication to improving              support services for cancer                        experienced treatment for any
the quality of life in our          patients and their family                                 type of cancer. It is also open to
community. They are a vital         members. Our program provides                             family members or caregivers of
part of The Link’s healing          rich opportunities for addressing                         those under treatment for cancer.
work with children, adults          the emotional and psychological                           The group provides a forum for
and families:                       aspects of cancer care in a safe,                         support and encouragement, as
                                    supportive environment. Services                          well as for sharing feelings and
Connie Atkins                       include an ongoing weekly                                 experiences. For more
Martha Cleveland - Clinical         support group, as well as other                           information, call Linda Purdy at
Supervisor                          opportunities for learning stress                         404-256-9797.
                                    reduction and anxiety
Sally Coolik                        management. Individual and
Barbara Eisenberg                   family counseling and
                                    psychotherapy sessions are
Mickey Fjetland – Staff Associate   also available.
Betty Gray
                                    CANCER SUPPORT GROUP
Barbara Greenblatt
                                    When: Mondays
Linda Greenwald                     Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
                                    Leader: Linda Purdy, MEd, LPC,
Renie Halperin – Staff Associate    LMFT
Diane Hill                          Hope A. Harvey, MA, LPC
                                    Fee: None
Ada Kaufman - Volunteer

Suzanne Mann
Elaine Marcus
                                    GET WITH THE PROGRAM! (ANY PROGRAM)
Sarah Prescott                      Yes, I would like to…
Marlene Schwartz
                                           Register for the following classes:              (Please enclose a $10.00 deposit with your registration.)
Charmian Weber - Staff Associate
Su Min Yi
New members are always
                                           Enclosed is my $__________________ contribution toward the ongoing work of The Link.
                                           (Your contributions are tax deductible.)

                                           I would like to participate in the upcoming events. Please send me an invitation.

                                           My check for        __________________   is enclosed.

                                    NAME                                                                    EMAIL


                                    CITY                              STATE                   ZIP                     PHONE #
                                     The Link Counseling Center has served the greater Metro Atlanta
                                     area since 1971, and currently offers:
                                     • Individual Counseling         Workshops/Seminars/Training
                                       and Psychotherapy
                                                                     The Link provides speakers on
THE LINK HOURS:                      • Couples Counseling
                                       and Psychotherapy
                                                                     various topics to community,
Sandy Springs office:                                                civic, religious, and school-related
348 Mt. Vernon Highway, NE
                                     • Family Counseling             groups. It is hoped that these
Atlanta, Georgia 30328-4139            and Psychotherapy
                                                                     organizations would attempt to
Telephone 404.256.9797               • Group Counseling              meet the cost of such services to
Facsimile 404.256.3483                 and Psychotherapy             the greatest extent possible.
Mondays through Thursdays            • Telephone Counseling
  10 a.m. to 9 p.m.                                                  • Eliminating Self-Defeating Behaviors
                                       and Referral
Fridays – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.                                          • Building Self-Esteem
                                     • Educational Groups
Cobb County office:                  • Supervision, Training, and    • Communication skills
1820 The Exchange, Suite 650
                                       Consultation for Other        • Loss and Bereavement
Atlanta, Georgia 30339-2018
                                       Mental Health Professionals   • Relationships: Beginning,
Telephone 770.541.1114
Facsimile 770.541.1116               • Training for Students           Maintaining, and Ending
Mondays and Thursdays                • Management Consultation       • Creating and Maintaining a Family
  10 a.m. to 9 p.m.                    for Business Professionals
Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Fridays – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

                                                                                                    U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                    ATLANTA, GA
                                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 1138

United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta


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