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					                              TOWN OF LONG BEACH
                             TOWN COUNCIL MEETING
                             LONG BEACH TOWN HALL
                                     MAY 10, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. Council members present were Robert Angelo, Pat
McDonald , Henry Bausback, Robert Schaefer, and Mary Lou McFadden. Also present were
Anne Heywood, Clerk-Treasurer, Town Attorney Jeff Thorne, Fire Chief Dave Albers, and Tom
Dolph, Street Department. Police Chief Robert Sulkowski was absent. There were 52
townspeople present.

MaryLou McFadden made a motion to approve the April 12, 2010 minutes; Robert Schaefer
seconded the motion; approved by all.

Police & Dog Warden Report: Chief Sulkowski –no report; was in Washington, D.C.

Police Commission Report: Robert Schaefer – no meeting

Fire Department Report:     Dave Albers – gave report (on file). Fire Dept. Ice Cream Social
                          will be held July 2, 2010 at 6 p.m.

Fire Commission Report: MaryLou McFadden – Talked about the 2010 budget

Street Department Report: Tom Dolph – Putting down mulch in the parks where needed.

Park Board:                    Henry Bausback – Fanning & Howey presentation on Stop 24.
                            Talked about the quality of the old water building and a study
                            being down more under new business. Clean up in the parks with
                            Henry on Saturday, May 15 and Saturday, May 22, join in on the
                            weeding from 2 – 4 p.m.

Community Center:             Pat McDonald – Thanked the town employees for striping the
                            community center parking lot. The girlfriend sale was a big
                            success again this spring. The Beacher will be featuring an article
                            on the community center to, hopefully, be published by Memorial
Water Board Report:          Robert Schaefer – Met on April 26, 2010. All new water meters
                             are expected to be installed by the end of the year

Building Permit Report:      Anne – April: 13 permits -Construction costs-$134,700.00; Fees of
                             $750.00 – For April we issued 6 Electrical permits: Costs of
                             $922.00; 10% fees for the town were $92.20.


A motion was made by Henry Bausback to accept all reports, seconded by MaryLou McFadden;
approved by all.


              1. Jeff Thorne mentioned that the Planning Commission should hold a meeting to
                 discuss sections 8.3 & 8.4, then give their opinion to the council for the next
                 council meeting in June.

              2. Tom Moss property: Sean Kaczmarek gave an update regarding Stop 16.
                 Susan from Save the Dunes spoke and mentioned that no road access has been
                 given to Mr. Moss from Michigan City at this time. There will be a
                 presentation on SAVE MOON VALLEY at Long Beach Community Center
                 on Saturday, May 15th at 11 a.m. This will be opened to the public. Tom Moss
                 explained he wanted a footpath to his property in Long Beach. He also
                 mentioned a construction road or easement to his property. Attorney Thorne
                 felt the information was insufficient for the council to make a determination on
                 whether or not to grant Mr. Moss his request. Attorney Thorne will send Mr.
                 Moss a letter requesting the information need. Tabled until next month.

              3. No update on the St. Lawrence study from Haas & Assoc.

New Business:

                1. Lawsuit between LaPorte County Auditor and Long Beach: Attorney Jeff
Thorne briefed the council on the hearing that took place and informed the council that all other
parties have signed the agreement to his knowledge and needed to know what our council would
like to do. Henry Bausback approved to move forward with the property tax lawsuit and to sign
the resolution; there was a second by Robert Schaefer; approved by all.

              2. Stop 24 pumping station needs to have boring done to find out about the status
of concrete testing for lead. This would cost no more than $5,000 per Fanning Howey. Henry
Bausback made a motion to allow Fanning Howey to do a study on the building. Second by
MaryLou McFadden; approved by all.
From the Floor: The following residents expressed their concerns regarding the Moss property:
               The grade of the road, whether or not the access road would become a
                 commercial road, and even whether there was talk about a hotel back there.

                 Kevin Flemington:
                 Sean Kaczmarek, 1535 LSD:
                Livinghouse, 2044 Juneway Ave
                Christian Kostrau, 1904 Somerset
                Howard Tiffen, 2002 Oriole Tr.:
                Ann Schreeg, 2023 Goldengate: Mr. Moss kept changing what he was
                                                asking for.
                Dave Albers, 2208 Oriole Tr:
                Bryon Schreeg, 2023 Goldengate;
                Bruce Mackey, 1920 Oriole Tr.: Agrees that Jeff Thorne is handling the
                                                 situation in the correct manner.

CLAIMS APPROVAL:             9037 & 9378 = $97,744.04;
                             April 2010 salaries - $71,192.15

Motion from Henry Bausback to accept the claims; Mary Lou McFadden seconded the motion
and all approved it.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Heywood

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