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                                 Government of India
                      Ministry of Human Resource Development
                          Department of Higher Education
                                    ES.5 Section


        The Government of Mexico have offered 5 scholarships for Indian nationals for
the year 2012 for studies at a Mexican University or any institution of higher education
in Mexico. The scholarships would be available for studies in the following subject
    1. Agriculture
    2. Biotechnology
    3. Information Technology
    4. Electronics Engineering

If Spanish is not the applicant’s native language, proof of advanced knowledge of
Spanish issued by a university or language learning center must be attached.

LEVEL OF STUDY:              Post-graduate and Ph.D.

QUALIFICATION: Should have Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent with having a
minimum cumulative grade average of 8 on a scale of 0-10, in relevant subject for Post-
graduate studies. The candidate should have Post-graduate Degree with having a
minimum cumulative grade average of 8 on a scale of 0-10 in relevant subject for Ph.D.

      Receiving academic acceptance from the host Mexican institute. (A list of
       participating Mexican Institutions are given in the web site: and

      Preference will be given by the Mexican Government to candidates that apply
       for graduate programs not available in their country.

      Academic excellence in the intended area of study
      The intended field of study in Mexico is related to the applicant’s academic
       and job history.
      The area of study is important to and has a direct impact on the development
       of the applicant’s country.
    The applicant’s prospects of rejoining the workforce in his/her country
     at the conclusion of the scholarship.
    Relationship of the course of study to specific current or approved
     projects, and their degree of impact on the development of the
     applicant’s country.
    The skills acquired will have a specific application.

    Enrollment and tuition in accordance with the provisions of each
     institution’s program.
    An allowance of:
   1) Four times the current minimum wage in the Federal District for
      specialty, master’s or master-level research and Spanish or Mexican
      culture studies. This amount is currently equivalent to $7,178.40 pesos.
   2) Five times the current minimum wage in the Federal District for Ph.D.,
      doctoral research, postdoctoral stays, medical specialties and
      subspecialties, and expert and artist residencies. This amount is
      currently equivalent to $8,973.00 pesos.
    Medical insurance covered by Mexican Social Security Institution
     (IMSS), starting three months after the scholarship is initiated.
    Transportation from Mexico City to the host institution when the
     scholarship starts, and back to Mexico City upon completion of the

       All expenses not mentioned above will be paid by the scholarship holder, as
well as the expenses arising from credit transfer acceptance, thesis printing,
academic degree attainment requirements, and registration in the National
Registry of Foreign Residents.

       Application on plain paper (in prescribed format) along with photocopies of
educational certificates (including proof of age) and other documents, with a copy of
recent passport size photograph pasted on the application, should reach “Section
Officer, ES.5 Section, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of
Higher Education, West Block-1, Wing-6, 2nd Floor, R.K. Puram, New Delhi-110 066”
by 5.9.2011. Applications received after 5.9.2011 will not be entertained. Applications
can also be submitted online at the Department website by

1.   The following must be attached with the application:

     (a)    Attested copy of the mark-sheet of the qualifying examination; and
            attested copy of the certificate certifying the date of birth.
     (b)    Attested copies of all other degrees/diplomas/certificates etc.
     (c)    Self attested copies will not be accepted.
     (d)    Where grades are mentioned, the candidate must indicate the conversion
            formula adopted by the University/Institution and should indicate
            equivalent percentage of marks.

2.   Equivalent foreign degrees will be considered.

3.   M. Phil will be treated as one year’s research experience unless a certificate
     from the University is enclosed stating the duration of the M. Phil Course in that

4.   Candidates who have already been abroad for study/research/training for more
     than six months at a time either on a scholarship or on their own, are eligible
     to apply only if they have been in India for at least two consecutive years as on
     5.9.2011 after their return from abroad. Applications of candidates, who are
     staying abroad, will not be considered.

5.   Candidates should have adequate knowledge of geographical situation, culture
     and heritage of Mexico and India.

6.   Applications in subject-fields, other than those specified, will not be considered.
     But all required documents are to be attached with each application.
     Applications in which the subject has not been indicated shall be rejected.
     Applications in only one subject would be considered.

7.   Employed candidates must send their applications through their employers with
     “No Objection Certificate”. However, an advance application can be submitted
     with the understanding that the application through employer should reach
     before the date of interview. Otherwise candidates will not be allowed to appear
     for interview. Advance application must be complete in all respects.

8.   Candidates must attach with the application a description in at least 500 words
     of his project/proposal of study/research to be undertaken in Mexico.

9.   In case no communication is received by a candidate, who applied in response to
     the advertisement by 30.9.2011, it may be presumed that he/she has not been
     nominated for the scholarship. No correspondence will be entertained in this
10.   Applications, which are incomplete (viz. subject has not been mentioned;
      photograph has not been pasted; unsigned applications) will not be considered.

11.   Canvassing in any form will disqualify the candidature of the applicant.

12.   While indicating the period of past experience and stay abroad, candidate should
      mention the specific dates.

13.   As these scholarships are offered by foreign Govt. the applications should be
      submitted in English only.

14.   Candidates who do not possess the essential qualifications and necessary eligible
      conditions need not apply.


16.   The final Selection of the nominated candidates rests with the Government of

17.   Mere fulfillment of minimum requirements as laid down in the advertisement
      does not qualify a candidate for interview. Interview letters are sent only to
      limited number of candidates after their applications are examined by the
      committee of experts.

18.   The applicants who are in employment should have an assurance that if their
      nomination is successful, they will be granted sufficient leave by his/her

19.   This Division will not be responsible for postal delay.

20.   All candidates shall address themselves to the Mexican Academic Institutions in
      order to be formally accepted. The acceptance of each candidate from a
      Mexican academic Institution must be done through a letter of acceptance
      signed by the Director of the Institution or some other authority, and mentioning
      the kind of studies and the period in which they will be carried out by the
      candidate. The letter of acceptance must be submitted at the time of interview.
      The candidates who are not able to submit the letter of acceptance at the time of
      interview will have to submit the same to the Mexican Embassy on or before
      14th October 2011.
                                                                                        Affix recent
                                                                                        passport size
                                                                                        duly signed

1.          Name of the Scholarship Scheme           :Mexican Government Scholarship-2012.
2.(i)       Subject(indicate olny one of the subject :
            given in advertisement)
(ii)        Level of Study applied for                      Post-graduate
            (Tick any one )                                Ph.D.

3.          Name of Candidate (in block letters) :

4.          Full Mailing address with Tele./Fax No.
            a)     Present Address                         :

            b)      Permanent Address                      :

            c)      Marital Status

            d)      I)         Telephone(With STD Code)
                    ii)        Fax No. (With STD Code)
                    iii)       E-mail

5.          Nationality                                    :

6.          Father’s Name                                  :

7.          Date of birth and age in years, months, and days as on 31-08-2009.
            State to which the candidate belongs            :

8.     Academic record starting from High School(Matriculation) :-
Name of the Examinations Year of Division/ Maximum                           Percentage   Subjects
University/   Passed          Passing Class       marks          and         of     marks Taken.
Board/Instit- (Subject                  With      Marks secured              obtained
utions        Taken)                    position, for the entire             and position
                                        if any    degree                     if any, (No
        1                  2            3            4           5                 6           7

Note : Where no Division/Class is awarded and only grading is done, the conversion formula
       adopted may be given.

9.        Details of professional/practical/training and Research
          Experience, if any specifying the period and the number
          of papers published.

10.       Details of Present/Previous Employment after obtaining the prescribed qualification for
Name of the Name           of Date       of Date       of Post held        Scale of Pay Reason for
organisation Employer           joining     Leaving                                       Leaving
      1                2              3           4              5              6               7

11.      Have you been abroad ? if so, give full particulars        :
          (a)    Country/Countries visited                          :
          (b)    Period of Stay                                     :
          (c)    Date, month and year of return to India            :
          (d)    Purpose of visit

12.       Proposed Programme of Study/Research and training                :
          specifying the following in at least 500 words (in a separate
          sheet, to be attached with the application)

          i)      Programme of study/research                      :
          ii)     Title of study/research                          :
          iii)    The work at present engaged in                   :
          iv)     How are these related to the technical/academic/
                  Economical Development of India                  :

                                                                Signature of the candidate
Date :

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