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Policy Based Management of Web Hosting Services


									                 Policy Based Management of Web Hosting

                 The Problem: Web hosting offers a business opportunity that could clog backbone servers and network access.
                 Different customers demand a choice of service classes. Customers’ service requirements may vary based on time
                 of day and content type. Adding more bandwidth and server resources will only attracts more traffic and will not
                 unclog lines. Providing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to customers and charging per actual traffic is needed.

                 The Solution: The Allot Communications NetEnforcer™ enables service providers to offer web hosting services
                 based on SLA. Access to servers and networks can be categorized into service classes (e.g., Gold, Silver and
                 Bronze). Real-time monitoring gives updated network-load information and troubleshooting traces. NetBalancer™
                 Server Load Balancing software provides load management onto your servers. IP accounting data is available on-line
                 or via export to third party billing applications.

                                “The Allot hardware-software mix is hard to beat”
                                           Network Computing, “Policy Based Network Management”, November 29, 1999

                 The Environment                                                        Allot Communications Solution

                 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are turning to web                   The Allot Communications NetEnforcer is used to
                 hosting services to increase profits and to match                      manage bandwidth and traffic to servers in web
                 competitive bids. The existing Best Effort model                       hosting services. Traffic can be assigned priorities
                 results in a frustrating user experience.                              and guaranteed bandwidth per customer type (e.g.,
                                                                                        commercial versus non-commercial).
                 Lack of active policy management in web hosting
                 causes multitude of network problems. Increasing                       The Allot solution equips the service provider with
                 levels of traffic inflows is threatening network health –              SLA monitoring capabilities, such as real-time
                 from simple server congestion to a complete back-                      monitoring of traffic. In addition, customers are able
                 bone congestion.                                                       to log in and view their traffic statistics off-line and in
                                                                                        real time.
                 Over provisioning to eliminate network congestion
                 proves only to increase traffic inflows. The lack of                   More IP metering data is available in automatically
                 quality of service detracts business and attracts price                generated reports. Data can be exported to external
                 sensitive customers. Low fees attracts yet more price                  billing systems. RADIUS and ODBC type interfaces
                 sensitive customers and results in low margins and                     enable report customization.
                 little profitability.
                                                                                        Allot offers web hosting services fault-tolerant QoS
                 Providing advanced services (beyond ‘Best Effort’)                     solution providing high level reports for SLA manage-
                 requires better tools for manageability, enforcement                   ment and customer support.
                 and reporting.

                 Figure 1. The NetEnforcer enables classes of service, monitoring, SLA management and IP accounting.
The Allot Communications                                              The Allot Communications

                                                                                                                               SOLUTION PAPER
NetEnforcer Features:                                                 NetEnforcer Advantages:

 n   Assign classes of service (e.g. Gold, Silver,                     n   Allot Communications Per Flow Queuing (PFQ)
     Bronze) to prioritize and guarantee user’s traffic                    algorithm enables you to classify and enforce
                                                                           policy for each connection
 n   Control and monitor IP flows in and out of servers
                                                                       n   SLA enforcement and management is viewed via
 n   Increase hosting service reliability with real time
                                                                           a standard browser
     monitoring and “out of service” Email alerts
                                                                       n   Policies can be basd on time of day, therefore
 n   Manage SLA levels with application, user and
                                                                           enabling time-based classes of service; for
     bandwidth monitoring
                                                                           example, to encourage off-peak access to the
 n   Generate IP traffic statistics reports for SLA                        Internet
                                                                       n   CacheEnforcer™, a unique integrated cache
 n   Export IP accounting data to third party billing                      redirection software package, enables caching for
     solutions                                                             fast response time

 n   Block or disarm PING storm initiation of (Denial                  n   NetNalancer software package enables server
     of Service) attacks on your web sites                                 load balancing

 n   Manage the load on your servers with server load                  n   Accounting provides browser-based traffic
     balancing (round robin or weighted round robin)                       statistics and reports. Client-server mode offers
                                                                           connectivity to third party billing solutions.
 n   Monitor applications, users and bandwidth usage
                                                                       n   Web based configuration and monitoring
 n   Use fault tolerance capabilities, which include
     bypass switch and full redundancy.
With the NetEnforcer, you can easily assign different classes of service levels:

Figure 2: Setting up QoS

NetEnforcer Benefits:
 n   Increase profits by offering classes of service with usage based reports

 n   Increase service reliability with QoS

 n   Improve customer service with better traffic monitoring and reports

 n   Provide high level customization with management systems

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