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Web Hosting Services(4)


									The Benefits
            of Outsourcing
     and Reselling
Web Hosting Services
As the leading provider of Web hosting services to small
and medium size businesses, Interland recognizes that for
many companies establishing a Web presence is a strategic
extension of their overall business plans. Today, a Web site
is considered a core part of a company ’s identity, and the
need for a professional Web site has become a priority
business initiative. As a developer, your customers look to
you to provide not just the site design and development, but
the services and support necessary to maintain it, including
web hosting. If you're doing application development, you
should spend your time building applications, not worrying
about your server.

Why Outsource Web Hosting?
Whether you need a server for in-house application development
or supporting your customers’ websites, outsourcing Web
hosting services can save you time and money and allow you
to focus on your core business. In addition, you save on up
front capital equipment planning and acquisition costs,
ongoing maintenance, and upgrades allowing you to spend
more of your capital on services to help your business grow.
Plus, outsourcing with the right partner means their Web
sites are running over secure networks, built with
best-of-breed hardware and software, redundant power
supplies reliable and redundant infrastructure, and high
available bandwidth.
Outsourcing With Interland
Recognizing who to partner with is as important as
understanding the true value of outsourcing. Outsourcing
to Interland, the #1 provider of Web hosting for small and
medium businesses, is the right choice.
Starting at just $16.95/month, with a 30-day money-back
guarantee, Interland ’s shared hosting plans are backed by
award-winning live and online priority customer support,
available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Complete with
database accessibility, e-mail accounts, e-commerce
applications and streaming media, Interland can get your
customer’s Web site up and running in no time. You will also
have access to a dedicated account manager to support
you and your business.
If you need more than a basic shared hosing account,
Interland offers a complete line of VPS starting at $79.95,
self managed-dedicated servers starting at $99.00 and
managed IBM xSeries Servers starting at $149.00.You are in
total control with the ability to configure the server to
meet your specifications and the individual needs of your

Opportunity Knocks
Interland’s Reseller Program allows participating Web
designers, Web developers, consultants, and others the
opportunity to purchase Interland shared and dedicated
products and services at discounted rates and to resell
those products and services on a monthly recurring,
profit-making basis. You control your hosting costs and
your profits through your sales volume activity! After the
purchase of your first hosting plan all subsequent plans you
purchase will be eligible for a discount.
          With Interland you can take advantage of
          the following benefits through our partner
          Customized Reseller support portal: iPACT
          Interland's Partner Advantage Centralized Tool center
          (iPACT) will provide you with product knowledge and sales
          and marketing tools for all Interland products 24 hours a
          day, seven days a week. For a quick tour of iPACT, just visit:

          Referral Program
          For qualified leads that meet the Referral Program terms,
          you will receive a $50 credit for a new shared customer and
          a $150 credit for a new dedicated customer. All customers
          are eligible to take advantage of this program, Resellers
          and non-Resellers alike.

          Reseller Newsletter
          You will receive our e-mail “Business Catalyst Bulletin”,
          with updates on the latest revenue opportunities,
          promotions and product updates.

       Benefit Available
                By Level Reseller Preferred Select Premium Ultimate
   Competitive Discounts:         x      x        x         x         x
              No Setup Fee:              x        x         x         x
  24x7 Telephone Support:         x      x        x         x         x
 Eligible for Referral Program:   x      x        x         x         x
       Monthly Newsletter:        x      x        x         x         x
            Access to iPACT:      x      x        x         x         x
Dedicated Account Manager:                        x         x         x
Priority Technical Support:                       x         x         x
   Priority Billing Support:                      x         x         x
Technical Service Manager:                                            x
     The chart below gives you an idea of the
     savings when you outsource your hosting
     with Interland.
Cost Comparison: Small Business Web Hosting
                          In-House     Outsourced
                          Web Hosting* Web Hosting*
   Server Hardware:       $2,500 - $4,000        Included
  Network hardware:       $2,500 - $4,000        Included
          Software:       $800 - $1,000          Included
      power supply:    $700 - $3,000             Included
       Maintenance     $1,625 - $3,000           Included
       agreements:     25% of annual
                       hardware costs
Internet connectivity: $1,200 - $14,400Included
             IT staff: $70,000         Included
      Up-front costs: $6,500 - $12,000 Shared hosting (entry
                                       level), $50
                                       Dedicated hosting
                                       (advanced), $200
  Annual Reccurring                    Shared hosting, $215
              Costs: $72,825 - $87,400 Dedicated hosting, $2,399
TOTAL 1st YEAR COST: $79,325 - $99,400 Shared hosting,$265
                                       Dedicated hosting, $2,599
  *Based on a single server connected to a single Internet connection with a
  single router. Also assumes one full-time IT staffer, a power back up system
  and maintenance pacts covering the hardware. Source: Interland.

        For More Information
        To find out more about the benefits of outsourcing and
        reselling Interland Web hosting, call (800) 214-1460
        or e-mail inquiries to

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