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SAP Hosting and Fujitsu



  :: So you have an SAP Business Solution. Now what?
  Whatever solution you chose, you need somebody to
  implement it, monitor its performance, troubleshoot it
  when something goes wrong, etc. Now you need a
  solution for your solution. Secure-24 gives you the
  option of taking the burden off your shoulders with our
  SAP Hosting Services or we can manage the SAP
  solution you already have in place with our SAP
  Remote Managed Services (RMS).

  :: Our fixed-cost services as well as our experienced
  and highly-qualified staff means that you spend less
  overall; no interviewing, hiring, or training additional
  or existing staff. Our clear, detailed, and
  customizable SLAs ensure that you know exactly
  what you will be getting. What you will be getting is
  enhanced performance, 24/7 tri-level support,
  early-watch alert reviews, and most importantly, less
  worry and more time to focus on the success of
  your business.
WHAT              WE OFFER

SAP basis                                    database management
  SAP administration                                  administration
  performance monitoring                              DB monitoring/tuning
  troubleshooting                                     patches and upgrades
  CCMS configuration                                  extension management
  early watch alert reviews                           imports/exports
  spool/output devices                                reorganization
  SAP profiles
  add-ons                                    system & storage administration
  support packs                                       system administration
  kernel patches & upgrades                            backup/recovery
  version upgrades                                     partition management
  client copies                                        high availability
  system copies and refreshes                          fail-over updates
  mySAP landscape Implementation                       performance monitoring
  SAP batch monitoring                                 printer/spooler
  One of the key benefits of Secure-24’s product line is the pricing model. No up-front
  investment by the customer is necessary. Instead, the customer is charged per user, per
  month. Our pricing model contains tiered user ranges and is dependent on the
  contract’s term. Such a model allows customers to forecast long-term costs.
  about Secure-24, Inc.
  Secure-24 is a premier security e-business provider providing its customers with a fully-
  managed security and hosting infrastructure. We specialize in managed hosting and
  disaster recovery services for enterprise-level, business-critical applications. The best-
  of-breed security hardware and software combined with the unparalleled services we
  offer make for a complete, end-to-end security solution. We own and operate Class V
  Datacenters in multiple locations to provide a highly-secure, highly-available, failover-
  capable environment for our services. Such a business model allows us to take advantage
  of economies of scale in providing high-end solutions at minimal cost. To learn more,
  please visit or e-mail us at

   21420 Melrose Avenue Southfield, MI 48075 :: 248.784.1021 ::

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