Cookie Jar Group Corporate Deck

					Cookie Jar Group Corporate Deck

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     Corporate Presentation
            Cookie Jar Group of Companies
Cookie Jar Entertainment is one of the fastest growing, most dynamic, independent
entertainment companies in the world. For over five years, Cookie Jar
Entertainment has created and distributed more than 6,000 half-hours of
successful, innovative, and immensely popular programming.

Copyright Promotions Licensing Group, Cookie Jar Group’s licensing division, is the
world’s largest full-service licensing agency, representing top entertainment, sports
and design brands.

Carson-Dellosa Publishing LLC is a leading innovative educational solutions
provider for both educators and parents, creating high-quality curriculum,
supplemental learning materials and classroom resources that enhance a
child’s learning potential and environment.
                Cookie Jar Group of Companies
                     More than 500 employees in 12 offices around the world


                            London                      Munich

                           Barcelona                                               Tokyo
Los Angeles

                                                                              - Headquarters
             Cookie Jar Entertainment:
         Creator of Hit Entertainment Brands
•   Owns a library of more than 6,000 half-hour episodes

•   Produces, distributes and markets hit brands such as Caillou,
    Arthur, Richard Scarry’s Busytown Mysteries, Johnny Test and
    many more

•   Produces more than 200 episodes each year

•   Reaches all key audiences
     – Cookie Jar Entertainment: preschool, girls, boys and tween
     – The Jar: teen and adult programming

•   Co-produces with companies in Asia, Europe, Africa and South
•   Creative and cost-efficient producer of award-winning
    productions, maximizing Canadian Tax Credits and subsidies and
    delivering return on investment to Cookie Jar Entertainment and
    TV and video distribution partners
                 Cookie Jar Entertainment:
                 Global Broadcast Reach
• Sells to top broadcasters around the globe: Nickelodeon, Disney Channel,
  Cartoon Network, Super RTL, BBC, PBS, Teletoon, CBC, Treehouse, YTV,
  FranceTélévisions and more

• Owns distribution channels for content
   – Cookie Jar TV: controls popular weekend morning block on CBS
   – Kidsco: 1/3 ownership of the international digital channel

   – THIS TV: Provides all kids programming for MGM’s U.S. digital network
     under Cookie Jar Toons is the ultimate web video destination for kids with the largest independent
          selection of full-length children’s TV series and movies online.

  free and available 24/7   new episodes and shows added daily   kid friendly   easy to navigate
Brand sites and immersive worlds:,,,,,,,,,,
               Cookie Jar Entertainment’s Balanced
                Portfolio Reaches All Consumers
        Television Series             Specials             Production

Preschool                   Movie of the Week    2-D: traditional and digital

Comedy                      Holiday              3-D/CGI

Boys Action                 Musical              Mixed-Media

Girls                       Direct-to-Video      Live-Action

Teen/Tween                  Events               Puppets

Primetime                                        Stop-Motion
Cookie Jar Shows
  Copyright Promotions Licensing Group
• CPLG is the world’s largest full-service global licensing agency having
  recently celebrated its 35th anniversary.

• Employs over 125 dedicated licensing, marketing and creative services
  employees in 10 offices throughout the world: UK, Benelux, France,
  Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Japan, Canada and the U.S.

• Earned $2 billion at retail in 2008.

• More than 3,000 licensees around the world.
                             CPLG Divisions

• Generated over $3 billion in retail sales on Strawberry Shortcake
  since its relaunch in 2002
• Delivers major European licensing programs for feature film
  franchises such as Shrek and Ice Age
• Long-term representation of evergreen properties such as The
  Simpsons and Peanuts
• DTR programs at leading retailers such as
   –   Walmart , Mommy & Me (US)
   –   Marks & Spencer, Peanuts (UK)
   –   Metro Group, The Simpsons (Germany)
   –   Auchan , Madagascar 2 (Italy)
   –   Zara , Spiderman (Spain)
• Major QSR promotions with McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s
  and Quick Restaurants
Cookie Jar Properties
      Third Party:
Entertainment Properties
                         CPLG Divisions
• Launched major sports licensing programs such as
  England’s National Football Association
• St. Andrews Links appointed CPLG as first commercial
  agency in their 600-year history
                        CPLG Divisions

• Represent major design and fashion brands around the world such as
  Bobby Jack, it’s Happy Bunny, Skelanimal’s and Hello Kitty.
       Carson-Dellosa Publishing LLC
• Over 35 years of experience in the supplemental publishing markets,
  maintaining strong brand recognition and a leadership position with
  distributors and major retailers

• Carson-Dellosa brands reach millions of educators and parents of
  prekindergarten through grade 8 students worldwide each year

• Distributes over 3.5 million catalogs annually to teachers and schools

• Carson-Dellosa is the #1 brand among kindergarten through grade 3 teachers
Carson-Dellosa Publishes Industry’s Leading Brands
• Top published brands include: Summer Bridge Activities™, Mark Twain, Key
  Education, and HighReach Learning®
• Through the acquisition of School Specialty Publishing, Carson-Dellosa
  Publishing LLC also publishes such top brands as Frank Schaffer™,
  Spectrum, Judy Instructo®, American Education Publishing™, and Brighter
  Child® brands
                 Cookie Jar Education
   Carson-Dellosa HighReach Learning®
   Carson-Dellosa’snumber of the industry’s leading brands
Carson-Dellosa publishes a and HighReach Learning
 •Top published brands include: an early Bridge Activities™, Markprovider servicing
   HighReach Learning® is Summer childhood curriculum Twain, Key Education,
   Head Starts, child development centers, day cares and preschools across
  and HighReach Learning®.
•Carson-Dellosa is one of North America’s largest providers of supplemental education
   the U.S.
materials, reaching nearly 2,000 teachers across the United States every year.
 •Through the acquisition of School Specialty Publishing, Carson-Dellosa Publishing LLC
    Products are designed to build school-readiness skills and promote
     •Creates high quality
    parental involvementcurriculum, supplemental learning materials and classroom
       publishes that top brands child’s Schaffer potential and environment.
  alsoresources such enhance a asFranklearning ™, Spectrum, Judy Instructo®,
 •American Education Publishing™, and programs with daily curriculum
    Serves 3,000 early child care Brighter Child®.
    •Distributes over 5
 • Customers includemillion catalogs annually to teachers and schools.
                        public and private schools, Head Start programs, and
   child development centers
     •Provides direct reach to U.S. students and teachers preschool – 8th grade.

     •#1 among K-3rd grade teachers

•HighReach is an early childhood curriculum provider servicing Head Starts,
 Child Development Centers, Day Cares and Preschool across the U.S. with
 monthly theme-based curriculum.

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