Mexico's History

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					                                                              Mexico’s History

By Annah Baize, Megan Lenzen,
      and Jack Shwarze
      Mexico’s First Inhabitants
• The majority of the first inhabitants of Mexico came
  primarily from Asia.

• The first inhabitants came to Mexico in the early 1400’s

• The first inhabitants were indigenous people that grew
  corn. Some examples are the Olmec, Teotihuacan,
  Maya, Zapotec, Mixtec, Toltec and Aztec.

• These civilizations made many inventions such as
  mathematics, astronomy, medicine, theology and
  building pyramids.
             Push and Pull Factors
In 1519 the Aztec Empire (also known as
   Mexico) was invaded by Spain. Two years
   later in 1521, the Aztec capital of
   Tenochtitlan was conquered by an
   alliance between Spanish and Tlaxcaltes.
   Tlaxcaltes was Mexico’s enemy. It would
   take another two centuries after the Siege
   of Tenochtitlan before the Conquest of
   the Aztec Empire would be complete, as
   rebellions, attacks, and wars continued
   against the Spanish by other native
         Some pull factors are they were
   peaceful hunter-gatherers. There was
   plenty of land and they had fertile soil.
   Spain ruled Mexico for over 3,ooo years.
   During that time many of Mexico’s
   Native Americans were killed. Push
   factors were there was the independence       Hernando Cortes’
   war which killed over 10% of Mexicans.
   Many people left Mexico because of the       m/books/ober/cortes/front
   war.                                         1.gif
        Historical Events

• 1519-1521:Spanish forces led by Hernando
  Cortes arrive and conquer Mexico
• 1862: Battle of Puebla- Cinco de Mayo holiday
  honors this national army defeat of French
• 1910: The Mexican Revolution begins and
  citizens rise up against oppressive rulers. A
  new Constitution is adopted in 1917.
• 1968: Mexico City hosts the first Olympic
  Games ever held in Latin America.
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