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Extreme Super Lap is brought to you by Extreme Motorsports

                                 Extreme Performance Motorsport Team
                       Extreme Performance Motorsport Team was estab-            The team runs a number of cars in the drag racing
                       lished in 2010 as the first UAE-based racing team that    event and has achieved several convincing wins in the
                       is solely owned by Emiratis. With great pride for our     current season.
                       nation and commitment to its racing heritage and po-
                       tential, the team is well placed to compete for top re-   In addition to that Extreme is involved in circuit rac-
                       sults across a number of championships and classes        ing and has already purchased two fully compliant,
                       within the UAE. We are looking forward to earning a       race-ready cars for the 2010-2011 seasons, which its
                       reputation as one of the most recognized and re-          experienced team of four full- and part-time drivers is
                       spected teams by making an important and long-term        prepared to push to the limit to earn top results in its
                       contribution to the Abu Dhabi and UAE motorsports         first season.

                                                   Founding Team Sponsors
                       Extreme Performance Workshop                              Top Performance Magazine

                       Established in 2002, Extreme Performance Workshop         Top Performance Magazine is a dedicated car per-
                       is one of Abu Dhabi’s most respected car perform-         formance, tuning, styling and enhancement publica-
                       ance and tuning shops, brining innovative solutions       tion. Generating exclusive and exciting content on a
                       and international quality standards to the Abu Dhabi      wide range of automotive topics, it is firmly estab-
                       and UAE automotive market. Frequently featured in         lished as the ultimate resource for true automotive
                       Top Performance Magazine and other leading motor-         and motorsports enthusiasts in the UAE and beyond.
                       sports publications, it has earned a reputation as the    With a monthly print run of 12,000 and a strong on-
                       ideal partner for both professional drivers and ama-      line presence (0ver 60,000 hits per month), it is the
                       teur car enthusiasts.                                     ideal platform for advertisers and sponsors to reach
                                                                                 an audience of well-educated, performance-savvy
                       Extreme Performance Workshop’s team of highly-            and technically minded readers to promote and grow
                       skilled and experienced mechanics, technicians and        their brands. The magazine’s website, www.topper-
                       fabricators work on street and track racing cars, pro-    formance.net, is part of a family of specialized online
                       viding custom fabrication and manufacturing of up-        automotive sites, which also include www.perfor-
                       grade parts, turbo kits, and supercharger kits, in        mancemag.net, www.topautomag.net and www.top-
                       association with VORTECH USA, as well as Dyno tun-        drive.tv.
                       ing up to 2,200 HP Extreme Performance’s retail
                       store offers a wide assortment of race parts, perform-
                       ance kits, engine components, off-road kits, and          Supporting Parts Vendors
                       much more.
                                                                                 Our team has already established strong relationships
                                                                                 with a growing number of world-class parts vendors,

                                                                                 •        Stoptech Brakes USA
                                                                                 •        JRZ Suspensions
                                                                                 •        ACT Clutches
                                                                                 •        ADV1 Wheels
                                                                                 •        Vortech USA
                                                                                 •        Garrett Turbos
                                                                                 •        Tial Sports
                                                                                 •        Toyo Tires
                                                                                 •        Aero motions
                                                                                 •        CCW Wheels
                                                                                 •        Snow Performance
                                                                                 •        HKS Japan & UAE
                                                                                 •        Performance Group of UAE
                               The Extreme Super Lap

The Extreme Super Lap is the ultimate circuit racing
challenge, bringing together the best of the professional
and amateur speed racers, thus a breathtaking collection
of very fast cars. Held at the Yas Marina South Circuit,
the prime racing complex in the Middle East, this excit-
ing speed event represents the ultimate challenge of car
power, speed and handling, and is bound to attract nu-
merous participants, spectators and media.

Time attack events are one of the most popular fspeed
events in the leading motorsports environments around
the world, starting from Japan, the USA, the UK and
Australia, attracting participants from all over the world
and thousands of spectators even at remote race tracks.
The whole sport is running at an extremely high and
competitive level, with attractive, highly modified cars
and the prestige associated with holding lap records at
the top race circuits. Extreme Motorsports brings the
time attack format to the Middle East for the first time,
making racing history in the region.

The aim of the Extreme Super Lap is to offer a spectacu-
lar speed challenge to the country’s top racers as well as

                                        Media Exposure
a number of amateurs and supercar owners.

Time attck events have been attracting lots of expo-         represented in the social media, video production,
sure throughout the past decade and have been cov-           specialised TV shows and the latest automotive blogs.
ered in a variety of media, ranging from TV channels,
specialised car magazines, websites, through DVD             Top Performance magazine is the exclusive media
production and traditional print media.                      partner for the event and ensures that the Extreme
                                                             Super Lap gets the coverage and recognition it de-
The Extreme Super Lap promises to go beyond the              serves as the first time attack event in the Middle
standard approach, ensuring that the events are not          East.
only covered by the aforementioned media, but also

                                                   Benefits of Sponsorship

                       As a sponsor of the Extreme Super Lap events, your      – editorial and advertising
                       establishment would receive a wide range of valuable    • TV Coverage - Showtime Sports, Abu Dhabi Sports,
                       exposure throughout the year from direct branding,      Gear One, Arabia Motors etc
                       event promotion across a range of media, exposure       • PR Activities – event press releases and results
                       resulting from race days and championship series.       throughout the season sent to dailies, magazines, spe-
                                                                               cialised websites, etc
                       The primary sponsorship benefits are:                   • Video production – own race event footage captur-
                                                                               ing, editing & distribution
                       Direct Brand Exposure in a relevant environment         • Events – Extreme Super Lap will get promoted at in-
                                                                               dustry events, motor shows, etc, as well as organizing
                       • Branding of the race venue (Race pits, parking)       exclusive team promotional corporate events
                       • Branding of race cars (limited)                       • Social Media – Facebook, forums, etc
                       • Branding of personell involved in operations
                       • Your logo present on all event promotional materi-    Race Media Coverage by Yas Marina Circuit
                       als, banners, posters, flyers, adverts, web site etc.   Race events, results, reports and news are published
                       • An opportunity to display your banner at the pits     and promoted by the race organizers - the Yas Marina
                       • An opportunity to present your products to the par-   Circuit, through their own website, direct mailing, PR
                       ticipants and spectators                                activities, reports in the media and at a number of re-
                       • Opportunity to distribute flyers and promo materi-    lated events, etc.
                       als at event
                       • Link to your website from the Super Lap site          Other exposure
                       • Mention in all the event PR materials                 In addition, the UAE racing events are typically cov-
                                                                               ered in the following local and international broad-
                       Marketing Activities for the Extreme Super Lap          cast, print, online and social media:
                       Our sponsor will receive free publicity through:
                                                                               • Automotive magazines
                       • Race reports and editorial                            • High performance automotive publications
                       • Advertising in selected media                         • Daily newspapers
                       • Free Banners on Top Performance, Top Drive and        • Specialized websites, forums, blogs
                       Top Auto websites                                       • TV coverage on ShowTime Sports across the region
                                                                               • Full Throttle DVD production
                       Our event is also promoted through our own commu-
                       nications network, including:
                                                                               Trophy Ceremony
                       • Event website & blog                                  Your company gets the exclusive right to present and
                       • Top Performance Magazine – editorial features, in-    hand over the trophies to class winners in the post
                       terviews and advertising                                race ceremony.Trophies can carry your branding.
                       • Top Performance, Top Drive and Top Auto websites
                           Sponsorship Investment
The organizers of the Battle of the Extreme Super Lap have carefully selected your company to become a major
sponsor for the 2011 racing season. The total investment to sponsor our time attack racing events is AED     ,
which includes the Main Sponsor title and all of the benefits listed on the previous page.

                               Sponsorship Options


a.    Full benefits

b.   Maximum exposure

c.    High value for the low cost package


a.    Limited benefits

b.   Shared exposure, reduced visibility

     Tyres Partner
     Lubricants Partner
     Media Partner

                                     Contact Details

For more details on the above packages or other information please contact:

Tel: +971 50 4164447
Fax: +971 2 5559935

Email: info@extremesuperlap.com