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Rules by linzhengnd


									                 Varsity Shootout Game Rules
1. 16 minute halves with a running clock

2. Clock will stop during the last minute of each half

3. Timeouts
      a. One 30 second timeout per half
      b. Timeouts DO NOT carry over to the next half or overtime
      c. Each team gets 1 timeout for overtime

4. 5 minutes of halftime

5. Fouls
      a. Shooting Fouls
              1)When the field goal attempt is missed, one point is awarded and one free throw
                is attempted
              2)When the field goal attempt is made, two points are awarded and one free
                throw is attempted
      b. Non-Shooting Fouls
              1) Team that is fouled receives 1 point plus the ball out of bounds
              2) Last minute of game and over time all non-shooting fouls are 1 and 1

6. Overtime
     a. 2 minute overtime with clock stopped the last minute
     b. Double overtime is sudden death first basket wins

                           Tournament Rules
1. 20 minute GAME with running clock except the last minute

2. All other rules will be the same as above

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