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					                                                                                                                                          April/May 2010

                                                          Member Profile
                                   Speedway Salvage
    Speedway Salvage is an offshoot of Matt                                              Initially, the property had a few barns and an
Rowe’s love of all things automotive. Matt moved                                     old abandoned house a mobile home trailer and
from Madison in 1997 to open a then defunct race                                     about 70 cars, but everything was 100% picked
track, the 141 Speedway. After restoring the track                                   over and shot full of bullet holes. Paul from Norbs
and operating it for 10 years, Matt purchased a                                      brought in his portable crusher and we emptied
semi-dormant salvage yard just east of the race                                      out. The topsoil was removed and sold and there is
track – hence the name “Speedway” Salvage.                                           now a 6” compacted gravel base on about 3 acres
    After discovering that operating both venues                                     (the whole property is about 5 acres). Matt and his
was not feasible, Matt sold the race track to con-                                   staff (one yard employee and one office worker)
centrate on the auto recycling business.                                             have been busy building their new shop and learn-
    Matt also had a retail dealer’s license for 14                                   ing their Powerlink 2 System. All that’s left now is
years and started doing builder cars. This led to an                                 to establish a clientele. We’re on the Eden
over extensive inventory of Ford Focuses (last                                       Network and will be adding car-part when we get
count there were 34 in inventory). “At the time, we                                  enough inventory in the database to make it worth-
were thinking we’d get really good at one thing but                                  while.
at this point I wish I’d have specialized in some-                                       In his spare time, he operates the Impact
thing other than Ford Focuses.” They are still easy                                  Survival Series, a traveling racing series for 4
to build and we get a fair number of calls, but most                                 cylinder Enduro cars. The 300 lap contests are
yards already have 6-10 of their own so we don’t                                     staged at various oval tracks around the state.
expect much yard to yard networking from them.                                       Check them out at

   Inside this issue...                                                              Yard Tours..........................................................................13
   Board Meeting Minutes.....................................................4       Cheryl A. Rasta Memorial Scholarship..........................14
   Presidents Message............................................................5   WICAR 2009 Annual Report............................................17
   From the Secretary’s Desk ................................................7       Do You Ship Airbags? ......................................................20
   The Passing of AB258 ........................................................8    Robert R. Morrison Scholarship......................................21
   Membership Application..................................................10        ECAR: Updated Used Oil Fact Sheet...............................22
   Upper Midwest Auto & Truck Recyclers Convention ....11                            NMVTIS: 101......................................................................23
               The CARS News
                                                                                               CARS of WI 2010
                                 The CARS News is published six
                                 times per year for the Concerned
                                 Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin. None
                                 of the material in this publication
                                                                                              Board of Directors
                                 necessarily reflects the opinion of
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                                                                               Deanna Hart, President                 Scott Karlin, Director
                                 Statements of fact and opinion are           Newville Auto Salvage Inc.                 Norb’s Salvage
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 Articles and letters suitable for publication will be published in the
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                                                                            Peter Krumenauer, Secretary                    Fred Radtke
        2010 Board Meetings                                                         Kadinger’s Inc.                  Rhinelander Auto Salvage
             5:00 PM Conference Calls
                                                                                    715-723-1193                          715-362-5639
              (unless noted otherwise)
                                                                                    800-472-3112                          800-236-5639
 Feb. 13 Education Seminar                                               
          Morrison's Auto Inc,
          Edgerton at 10:00AM                                                 Mark House, Treasurer                       Brian B. Reif
 Mar. 9                                                                          Accurate Auto Parts                  Defaut Auto Salvage Inc
 Apr. 9/10 Board Meeting, Saturday April 10                                        920-494-6000                           920-682-1483
            4PM at convention in MN                                                800-323-6943                           800-236-1483
 May 11     •      June 8       • July 13                                
 Aug. 10    •     Sept. 14
 Oct. 9/10 Annual Meeting                                                            Dean Bellin                          Ralph Rowin
            at the Kalahari, Wisconsin Dells                                   Bay Auto Parts & Salvage               Dependable Auto Parts
                                                                                    920-494-8100                          920-563-7363
                                                                                    800-229-2886                          800-262-1033
          Executive Secretary                                                    

                     Sandy Dumke                                                     Shaun Dorn                            Kevin Smith
                     11374 Flynn La                                                Arrow Auto Parts                 Kirchhayn Auto Salvage Inc.
                    Suring Wi 54174                                                 920-497-1166                           262-377-5139
                      715-853-6337                                                  800-695-2776                           800-257-2576

                                                                                      Sue Eiler                         Kevin Strandberg
                         Lobbyist                                           Holmes Automotive Recycling Inc         All 3 Strandbergs Auto Inc.
                                                                                    920-235-7553                           715-646-2388
                  Greg Hubbard                                                      800-235-7560                           800-448-5121
             Broydrick & Associates                             
              Phone: 608-255-0566

     Publisher & Advertising
        CARS retains the services of
           R. J. McClellan Inc.                                                    2010 CARS Committee Chairpersons
           Call any staff member,
   Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.                                  2010 Convention:     Jim Weiland     Newsletter:      Sandy Dumke
Phone 651-458-0089 • Toll Free 877-525-4589                                By-Laws:                 Sue Eiler   Recycling:         Kevin Smith
            Fax 651-458-0125                                               Education:            Scott Karlin   Scholarship:          Sue Eiler
                                             Insurance:            Dean Bellin    Website:           Mark House
                       Ron McClellan                                       Legislature:         Deanna Hart     WICAR Program: Kevin Strandberg
              President, Advertising Sales                                 Membership:          Erin Johnson
                          Sheila Cain
           Vice President, Layout and Design                                       V i s i t w w w. c a r s o f w i . c o m
               CARS of Wisconsin Board Meeting
                                          February 13th 2010

    President Deanna Hart called the meeting to              Education Committee: Scott Karlin reported
order at 2:20 pm. The meeting was held at                that there was a big turnout for the educational
Morrison’s Auto, Inc in Edgerton.                        forum.
    Board Members Present: Mike Ogrezovich,                  Insurance Committee: No report.
Ralph Rowan, Shaun Dorn, Peter Krumenauer,                   Legislative Committee: President Deanna
Kevin Strandberg, Erin Johnson, Brian Reif, Scott        Hart reported that we have been getting good
Karlin, Exec. Sec. Sandy Dumke, and President            response with Bill AB688. Deanna also discussed
Deanna Hart.                                             Bill AB258.
    Board Members Absent: Mark House, Fred                   Membership Committee: Erin Johnson
Radtke, Sue Eiler, Dean Bellin, Kevin Smith.             reported that CARS of Wis has 2 new members.
    Treasurer’s Report: No report.                       Oakleaf Auto Salvage in Rhinelander and
    By-Law Report: No report.                            Speedway Salvage in Maribel.
    Convention Committee: Scott Karlin made a                Newsletter Committee: Newsletter articles
motion to wait till March 9th board meeting to           are due on March 1st.
replace Jim Weiland’s position on the convention             Recycling Committee: No report.
committee. Ralph Rowan 2nd the motion and the                Scholarship Committee: New scholarship
motion passed by a voice vote. Registrations have        applications are now available.
been sent out and received by members. President             Website Committee: No report.
Deanna Hart asked that we have new membership                WICAR Committee: No report.
books printed before the convention. Vendors have            Old Business: None
been asking for membership books. Erin Johnson               New Business: Brian Reif made a motion to
and Sandy Dumke will get about 150 of them made.         elect a temporary Vice President. Scott Karlin 2nd
Dean Bellin is looking for items for the tailgate        the motion and it passed by a voice vote. Scott
party. Next convention conference call board meet-       Karlin nominated Erin Johnson as Vice President.
ing will be Wednesday February 17th at 6:00 pm.          Brian Reif 2nd the nominations and there were no
                                                         other nominations.
                                                              President Deanna Hart will be going to Hill
                  Global Parts Solutions LLC             Days in March.
                       3170 Hwy 60 • Jackson, WI 53037        Mike Ogrezovich made a motion to ajourn at
                                                         3:30pm. Scott Karlin 2nd the motion and it passed
                               Specializing in
                                                         by a voice vote.
                 New Take Off & OEM Surplus
             Pickup Beds, Bumpers, Cabs, etc.                 Respectfully submitted,
                                                              Peter Krumenauer
 Wisconsin                            U.P. of Michigan
 Rod Egelseer                      Don Egelseer
 414-861-8442                      906-360-5940

                          Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
                               Association News
 Page 4                                                                                April/May 2010
                              President’s Message
                                            By Deanna Hart

     Greetings to all of you, and all I                               expense incurred to bring us another
can say is WOW. What a turn out for                                   worthy forum. Wisconsin’s education-
the educational forum held at                                         al forums have been the topic at sever-
Morrison’s Auto Inc. Saturday                                         al ARA functions as something other
February 13th 2010. We kicked off the                                 Staes are looking into doing for their
morning with treats of donuts and                                     members. Remember, your state was
drinks provided by MAS. Lance                                         the first to have successful forums for
Green from the Wisconsin DNR spoke                                    it’s members.
first concerning all things air condi-                                     I attended a legislative hearing at
tioning. There are some things on the                                 the capitol in Madison with Greg
horizon that will be changing with a new freon. We     Hubbard and Billy Morrison. This hearing was for
also went over the necessary record keeping for all    AB668, which is the bill Representative Vruwink
evacuated systems. I was thrilled to find out that     spoke to us about at the Annual meeting.The bill in
there was no requirement for the amount of freon       nut shell, states that bill of sale vehicles should only
removed. The fact that the system was evacuated        be purchased by licensed salvage yards as they are
along with the VIN, date,and name of certified tech-   eqipped with the proper enviornmental permits for
nician performing the evacuation.                      dismantling. Anyone who wishes to purchase a bill
     All in all, it seems that the
refrigerant recovery at salvage
yards is going quite well.
     The boys on the education
committee moved on with
their program to the disman-
tling area at Morrison’s and
were quick to answer ques-
tions about all areas of dis-
mantling. We all do things a
little differently at each of our
facilities, and it is fun to talk
with others to see what they
do. Lunch was catered in and
pizza was enjoyed by all in
attendance. I really want to
take a moment to thank every-
one at Morrison’s Auto Inc,
for their facility, time, and

             Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
                 Association News
 April/May 2010                                                                                     Page 5
of sale vehicle would be required to show they hold     or suggestions for compliance.
the necessary permits, or documentation that they           Plans are in full swing for the Upper Midwest
are exempt from needing them. The testimony went        Convention and Trade show hosted by Wisconsin
fairly well, and several Representatives were in        and Minnesota. This event will be held April 9th
agreement with the proposed bill. There is still a      and 10th at the Holiday Inn Select in Bloomington
long way to go, as we have been pursuing this           Minnesota. The mall of America is within walking
change for many years. Thank you to all of you who      distance of the hotel, as are many other attractions.
contacted their Represntatives concerning this. Your    Please make your reservations by calling
help remains very important as we continue to fight     (952)854-9000 or email
for this change. If anyone needs help finding the       You should have received the atendee packet in the
appropriate Representative to speak with, let me        mail already, and if you didn’t please call me as
know and I will help you find the proper channels.      soon as you can to get a replacement. The seminars
     I have included explanation of another bill that   this year are phenominal and include Craig
has passed, which is AB258 concerning used oil fil-     VonBatenburg, Louie Nelson, and many others.
ters and absobents used to clean up spills. You will    There are seminars are for employees as well as
need to read that article as we are expected to com-    employers with something for everyone. Hope to
ply with the complete land fill ban on these items.     see you there. Until then buy low and sell high.
Please feel free to call me if you have any questions       Deanna

                           Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
                               Association News
 Page 6                                                                                 April/May 2010
                        From The Secretary’s Desk
       Upper Midwest Convention &
               Trade Show
            April 9 & 10, 2010
 Holiday Inn Select Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
                                            By Sandy Dumke

    The convention is coming up soon. The trade          Opportunities to make more money for your compa-
show is getting filled up. Registrations are coming      ny are at your fingertips if you train the right people
in. I am hoping all you members are getting your         to do the job. Sending your managers, sales people,
registrations in. We need to get the numbers of          and dismantlers to this convention will help your
attendee’s information to the hotel.                     company stay up with the new ways of selling parts
    The speakers are going to be great and informa-      in this new economy.
tive.                                                        Fill out your registration form, get your rooms
      We have Craig Van Batenburg who is an expert       and plan to attend the most up to date convention in
on hybrid vehicles. Craig is a Master Hybrid             the area. It is important for you and your company.
Technician and runs hybrid training sessions around          See you at the convention
the country. All dismantlers should attend these             Sandy
seminars. He will teach your dismantlers the SAFE
way to dismantle and handle the batteries other
components of the hybrid vehicles.                              WELCOME TO CARS
    Louie Nelson has over 20 years experience in
the automotive service industry. He is an ASE                    NEW MEMBERS
Certified Master Automotive Technician. He spe-
cializes in drivability and emissions diagnosis. He                     DIRECT MEMBER
will teach your dismantlers and sales people what                 Oak Leaf Auto Salvage
ECM’s and electrical components can be recycled
                                                                       4208 Oak Leaf Rd
and sold. How to start vehicles in the shop and trou-
ble shoot problems before they are sold to the cus-
                                                                     Rhinelander Wi 54504
tomer.                                                                   715-362-9445
    All the new vehicles will require more education                 Speedway Salvage
of your employees. This is one of the best ways to
                                                                           6626 Old Y
get the training they need at a very reasonable price.
    Other seminars will address the new E-com-
                                                                        Maribel Wi 54227
merce and selling on the web. Get your company                            920-755-2852
involved in the huge market of the inter-net selling.

             Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
                  Association News
 April/May 2010                                                                                      Page 7
                              The Passing of AB258

     The passing of AB258.                                   Billy Morrison, Greg Hubbard, Dave K, and I
     While that may sound like a segue to an obitu-      attended a meeting with the DNR concerning this
ary, it is not.                                          action. We were told this legislation was not driv-
     The AB258 bill concerning disposal of used oil      en by the DNR, and they are actively seeking dis-
filters, and the absorbents used to clean up spills      posal ideas from our industry. Pads and wipes can
has passed. This bill will be a concern for the sal-     be laundered, however keeping cost down would
vage industry. The bill is a complete land fill ban.     be a major concern. There is also the concern that
This means those items mentioned can not be dis-         trucking of the contaminated materials would be
posed of in the land fill.                               very expensive. DNR is hoping for a coordinated
     Right now, many of you have other methods of        effort to have guidance material by mid year with
disposal, which as long as they do not go into the       enforcement following down the road.
land fill is OK. It was stated from the DNR that we          The guidance to be provided by the DNR is to
must recycle these materials. Possible solutions         answer questions and offer solutions that are con-
include incinerating these materials. The DNR is         sistant with the law. Dave K. metioned some pos-
currently working on guidance for this bill. The         sible solutions such as Bio-piles. These are usually
bill goes into effect 1/1/2011, and any suggestions      seperate from the land fills, and after the appropri-
for disposal are warmly welcomed by the DNR.             ate remediation time, the material is used as cover
     There is an exemption to the bill, however it is    at land fills. There are 45 land fills in the state of
of de minimus standard. For those of us who are          Wisconsin, but at this time we are unsure how
not walking dictionaries, the definition of de min-      many, if any bio piles would be available for this
imus standard refers to something, or a difference       use. We are currently looking into this as a form of
that is so little, small, miniscule, or tiny that the    compliance.
law does not refer to it and will not consider it. The       There is one company in the state of Wisconsin
exemption is only in the bill for homeowners, or         that cleans absorbants called CSI. At this time we
someone that would not normally have oil filters,        are not sure of their pricing or what services are
or absorbents for cleaning up spills.                    available. There is a common feeling amoung us
                                                         that this may be an expensive option. Trucking
                                                         these materials throughout the State would
                                                         unboubtedly require hazardous plaquarding, and
                                                         would be billed at an alarming rate. I could only
                                                         imagine that if a company was to bring in a drum
                                                         of absobent to be used for non routine spills, clean
                                                         it on an annual basis, and return it to the yard, it
                                                         would be quite costly. These are things we will
                                                         have to find out in order to comply with this newly
                                                         passed bill.
                                                              Ecomend has a brochure that mentions peat

                           Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
                                Association News
 Page 8                                                                                  April/May 2010
moss as a possible clean up source as it is light-   hoping that by passing AB258 it will not act as a
weight and easy to use. One pound of peat moss       deterrent to the excellent job everyone has been
absorbs a full gallon of oil, but does not absorb    doing in reducing spills CARS odf Wisconsin will
water. Can be used for most petroleum based liq-     continue to stay on top of this newly passed legis-
uids and chemicals. 17,000 btu’s are given off per   lation, and should anyone have any solutions for
pound if incinerated with only 2% ash remaining.     the disposal of used oil filters and absorbents
This may be another viable option for compliance.    please doeward them to me, Dave K, or the DNR
    The good news is that with the ARCCP’s being     so we can continue to be a leading force in the
in place spills have been reduced by 85%. We are     slavage industry.

                            ASSOCIATE MEMBERS
 Please patronize all our Associate Members who generously support C.A.R.S. throughout the year.

     AAA Auto Salvage                  Fox Valley Iron Metal &               Pick-N-Pull Auto
       800-238-6664                         Salvage, Inc.                      Dismantlers
                                            920-231-8187                      916-858-3100
      AFTEC Antifreeze
        Technologies                Global Parts Solutions LLC         QRP Quality Replacement
        800-711-1120                       906-360-5940                         Parts
    Alter Metal Recycling                Hollander, a Solera
        608-241-1571                          Company                   Recycled Parts Plus Inc.
                                           800-825-0644                      866-837-2039
B&B Metals Processing Co.
     920-693-8261                       I Buy Converters Too                RJ McClellan, Inc.
                                            815-744-1850                      877-525-4589
      Behr Iron & Steel
       815-389-4955                    John’s Auto Parts-HVH               Sadoff Iron & Metal
                                           800-862-4543                        Company
           Car Partz                                                         920-921-2070
         866-355-5810                       LSB Financial
                                            319-268-4242                     Stormtech, Inc.                                                         888-549-5374
         859-344-1925                 Mainheim Total Resource
                                           800-662-2947               Trissel Graham & Toole Inc.
Chicago Industrial Catalytic                                                  815-625-0027
      312-914-6666                       Mike French & Co.
                                           800-238-3934              United Milwaukee Scrap, LLC
     Cousinea Auto Inc.                                                     414-444-8059
       800-642-2550                      Miller Compressing
                                               Company                    Viking Auto Salvage
     Exide Technologies                      414-290-6562                     800-657-4912
                                    Nordstrom’s Automotive Inc.                 W.D. Judd
                                           800-272-0033                        920-674-2518

            Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
                 Association News
 April/May 2010                                                                               Page 9
                                  CONCERNED AUTO RECYCLERS OF WISCONSIN
                                             (CARS OF WISCONSIN)
                                       11374 Flynn Lane • Suring, WI 54174
                                      715-853-6831 • 800-229-2886 ext 2127
C.A.R.S. of WISCONSIN is our state association for professionals in the automotive recycling industry.
It is the only state association specifically designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of business in the
automotive dismantling and recycling industry, while continuing to preserve and protect our environment.
Services and Opportunities Available to C.A.R.S. Members:
LEGISLATIVE LOBBYING SERVICES – C.A.R.S. has a hired lobbyist in Madison to insure that our Association
remains an active participant with the State Legislature. Providing access to crucial information for all our
members from the Legislature and the various agencies.
C.A.R.S News – your bi-monthly newsletter full of information pertinent to the auto recycling industry.
ANNUAL CONVENTION AND TRADE FAIR – provides training seminars, workshops, educational networking
opportunities and more. Exhibitors demonstrate a variety of products that can be beneficial to your company.
EDUCATIONAL FORUMS – meetings and training opportunities for the advancement and new requirements
specific to our industry: Seminars, Demonstrations, Workshops…Free Time…Sponsored Activities.
REGIONAL RECYCLER TRAINING PROGRAM – free seminars created by C.A.R.S. members exclusively for
C.A.R.S. member employees. We stress the importance of each department doing their very best to ensure their
own paychecks and the success of the business. Includes open discussions and simulations demonstrating
day-to-day situations we all face.
BI-MONTHLY MEETINGS – a chance for you to keep abreast of what your association is doing and the
opportunity for you to express your concerns to your Board Members. Meetings are held at various locations
throughout the state or conducted by convenient conference calls.
SCHOLARSHIPS – an annual opportunity to apply for college scholarships for immediate family members of
C.A.R.S. members and their employees.
WEBSITE – Information available 24/7 at your convenience at

FIRM NAME ________________________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS __________________________________________________________________________________________

CITY ________________________________________________ STATE ________________ ZIP __________________

PHONE __________________________ TOLL FREE ________________________FAX ________________________

WEBSITE ________________________________________ E-MAIL __________________________________________

COUNTY        ________________________________________

OWNER(S) NAME          ________________________________ SPONSOR YARD                  ________________________________
                    Direct Member applicants must include all 3 permit numbers listed below
SALVAGE LICENSE NUMBER               ____________________________
STORM WATER PERMIT NUMBER ________________________FREON PERMIT NUMBER __________________
MEMBERSHIP ❒ DIRECT MEMBER (Wisconsin-Licensed Salvage Dealer)
CATEGORY    ❒ ASSOCIATE MEMBER (Licensed Salvage Dealer – Other States or Other Industry-Related Business)
(check one)
DUES             ❒ $100 — New Member 1st Year
(check one)      ❒ $300 — Annual Membership Renewal (Attend CARS Annual Meeting and get $100 deduct on annual dues)
                 ❒ $175 — Annual Associate Member

SIGNATURE       ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2010   Convention & Tradeshow

2010   Convention & Tradeshow
     Upper Midwest Convention & Trade Show
               April 9 & 10, 2010
                                         Yard Tours
   PLEASE USE MAP QUEST FOR BETTER                              Newville Auto
DIRECTIONS IF NEEDED.                                           Contact:    Deanna Hart
                                                                Phone:      608-884-3115
    AAA Auto Salvage                                                        279 E State HWY 59
    Contact:    Eric Schultz                                                Edgerton, WI 53534
    Phone:      651-423-2432                                    Interstate 90/39/51 Exit 163. Turn left (west) Hwy
                20418 Highway 65 NE                         59. 1/2 miles on right.
                East Bethel, MN 55011
   From Hotel: Take I-494W/MNRW, merge on to                    Sharp Auto
MN-65 N/Central Ave, follow Central Ave NE/MN-65                Contact:    Pat Garrity
Trunk north to U-Turn at 205th Ave N.                           Phone:      651-439-2604
                                                                            2910 Quant Ave N.
    John’s Auto Parts                                                       Stillwater, MN 55082
    Contact:    Jean Ackerman                                  I94 West of WI/MN boarder turn north on 95N. Go
    Phone:      763-783-2230                                2 miles turn left on Quant Ave.
                10506 Central Ave NE
                Blaine, MN 55434                                U Pull R Parts
     From Hotel: Turn left at American Blvd E. Take the         Contact:    Carl Genz
1ST right on to 34TH Ave SE/Old Shakopee Rd. Turn left on       Phone:      651-322-1800
to I-494 W/MN-5 West. Exit 2B on to MN-77N. Exit on to                      2875 160th ST
MN-62 W. Exit on to I35W North. Exit 30 on to US-10 West                    Rosemount, MN 55068
toward Anoka. Take MN-65 N/Central Ave. Left at 105TH            From Minneapolis take I35W south to Cty Road 46
Ave NE.                                                     exit. At top of the exit turn left on to Cty Road 46
                                                            (east). Go 10 miles. Located on the northeast corner of
    Metro Auto                                              the intersection of MN Hwy 3 and Cty Rd 46.
    Contact:    Rick Lemke
    Phone:      952-461-2186                                    Viking Auto Salvage
                11710 W 263rd ST                                Contact:   Jesse Faust
                Lakeville, MN 55044                             Phone:     800-657-4912
    From Hotel: Take I-494 West to I-35. Go South                          26548 Chippendale Ave
Approximately 15 Miles. Take Exit #76, County Road                         Northfield, MN 55057
2/Elko New Market Exit, turn left on County Road 2.              From Hotel: Take a left on 494 heading west to
Go east for 1/2 mile. On left side.                         I-35. Turn south on I-35 to County Road 46. Go
                                                            east 10 miles. Take Hwy 3 south 10 miles. On the
                                                            left side.

               Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
                   Association News
 April/May 2010                                                                                        Page 13
      A full copy of this application
can be found at
1. Name and address of high school now attending or graduated from. ____________________________________

2. High school graduation date or expected date of graduation. ____________________________________________
3. Name and address of college/technical school now attending or have applied for.
4. Date of entrance. __________________________________5. Expected date of graduation.____________________
6. Course of study. ____________________________________________________________________________________
7. Why you have chosen this course? __________________________________________________________________
8. Briefly state what your career goals are and how you intend to accomplish them? __________________________
9. How much have you saved for your education? ________________________________________________________
10. How much of the cost of your education will your parents/guardian/others pay? __________________________
11. Are there any special financial circumstances we should be aware of? ____________________________________
Briefly summarize your activities during your high school years. Include information such as involvement with
    sports, employment, offices held, community activities, etc.
12. Sophomore ________________________________________________________________________________________
13. Junior ____________________________________________________________________________________________
14. Senior ____________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                   Page 2 of 3

             Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
                  Association News
 April/May 2010                                                                                        Page 15
15. Which of the above experiences do you feel has contributed most to your development and why? __________
16. State briefly what kind of person you think you are and what self-improvements you would like to make?
17. How aware do feel the general public is of the auto recycling industry? __________________________________
18. What would you suggest we do to increase the awareness? ____________________________________________
19. If you were asked to explain the benefits of auto recycling, what would you say? __________________________
20. Any additional information which you feel would be useful to us in evaluating your application?
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                            Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
                                Association News
 Page 16                                                                                     April/May 2010
                                  Do You Ship
                                   Air Bags?
                                Do You Have an
                                Response Plan
                                   in Place?

                              Did you know that the US Department of
                          Transportation (DOT) requires that every shipper
                          of hazardous materials/wastes provide emergency
                          response information to accompany the shipping
                          documents and to also provide a 24hr. emergency
                          response telephone number. This number must be
                          manned by a person who is knowledgeable of the
                          hazardous materials/wastes being shipping and has
                          comprehensive emergency response and incident
                          mitigation information (Ref. 49CFR172.602 and
                              OSHA also requires that an emergency plan
                          shall address: Emergency Medical Advice and
                          Emergency Alerting and Response Procedures. A
                          hazardous communications program must detail
                          how employees obtain and use the appropriate haz-
                          ardous material information. MSDS must contain
                          the telephone number of a responsible party who
                          can provide additional information on the haz-
                          ardous chemical and appropriate emergency
                          response information.
                              If you have no such program in place, ARA can
                              ARA offers members a special rate member
                          benefit program through InfoTrac. Contact Kelly
                          Badillo at for an InfoTrac form.
                              Reprinted with permission of ARA from the
                          Automotive Recycling Weekly.

          Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
            Association News
Page 20                                                April/May 2010
                     Robert R. Morrison Scholarship Fund, Inc.
The family of Robert R. Morrison and Concerned Auto Recyclers is offering a $1000.00 scholarship to a graduating senior. Students may
choose to attend a college, university, technical, or trade school. The scholarship will be awarded after the student presents evidence of
successful completion of one semester and has enrolled in a second semester.

Requirements: Must have a relative or parent who is either an owner or employee of an auto salvage yard.
                         Must have a G.P.A. of at least 2.5 or above to be considered for this scholarship.
                         Salvage yard must be a member of C.A.R.S.

Full Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
                                 Last                                         First                                     Middle

Home Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

          Auto Salvage Yard you are associated with:________________________________________________________________
Fathers Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Fathers Occupation: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Mothers Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Mothers Occupation: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Number of children in your family: __________________                 Girls: __________ Girls Ages: ____________________________

                                                                      Boys: __________ Boys Ages: ____________________________
How much have you saved for your education ? __________________________________________________________________

How much of the cost of your education will you parents pay ? ________________________________________________________

Any special financial circumstances we should know about ? ________________________________________________________


What career have you chosen, and please tell us why ?______________________________________________________________




Any information which you think would be useful to us in evaluating your application. ________________________________________



Name of the school to which you applied: ______________________________________________________________________

          Have you been accepted? __________________________ Date of entrance: __________________________________

If I am awarded this scholarship, I will make every effort to complete the course of study. I understand that if I do
not attend, no scholarship money will be paid.

Signature of Applicant____________________________________________________                          Date __________________________

Signature of Parent, Guardian or Supervisor ______________________________________________________________________
ECAR Unveils its Updated Used Oil Fact Sheet

     ARA’s Technical Advisory Committee has                Awards/Grants page under the What’s New tab.
completed its consideration of extensive substan-          We know what great work automotive recyclers do
tive and formatting changes to the Used Oil Fact           every day to help society handle its end of life
Sheet. This revised document more completely               vehicles in an environmentally-friendly way. But
lists the definitions of used oil, identifies categories   how well are your efforts recognized outside of our
of used oil handlers and outlines management               industry circles? One way in which ARA mem-
options for used oil. In addition, best management         bers can better promote themselves is to apply for
practices are included with supporting sources             federal and state environmental awards/grant pro-
from EPA, state departments of environmental pro-          grams. To make it easier for you to know of these
tection and industry.                                      opportunities, ECAR has added a page to its site
     To take full advantage of this new page, in the       listing such programs as well as highlighting past
coming weeks, log on to          successes by auto recyclers who have been recog-
and click on the Used Oil page for your state.             nized as leaders in their field - committed to pro-
Once there, you will see new links to state-specif-        tecting the environment while building their busi-
ic material and learn of all the resources available       ness.
to you to effectively manage your used oil within               So log on to
state and federal guidelines. ECAR staff is near           snewgrants.cfm for more information on how you
completing the research into individual state              can help to increase awareness about the auto recy-
requirements/resources to include in the Used Oil          cling industry. Also, please let us know if your
template and all state updates are expected to be          business has received some type of recognition
finished by week’s end.                                    award so you can be included on this page and fur-
     The Committee next will focus on updating the         ther recognized by your peers and other industry
fact sheet on Airbag Recycling/Disposal to better          leaders.
reflect regulations and industry practice.                      Reprinted with permission of ARA
     In other ECAR news, check out the new

     “Life is a great big canvas
    and you should throw all the
                                                               Visit CARS website
        paint on it you can.”                                          at
                   Danny Kaye
               Attitude is Everything                

                            Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
                                       Industry News
 Page 22                                                                                 April/May 2010
                                        NMVTIS 101:
                      What You Need to Know About Federal Reporting

    NMVTIS (nim◊VEE◊tus or nim◊VIT◊us) n.               helps prevent theft and fraud by reducing thieves’
acronym: National Motor Vehicle Title Information       ability to steal vehicles and swap out VIN plates, or
System                                                  get clean titles on stolen vehicles.
    1. A national storehouse of automobile infor-
mation used to protect states and consumers from           Do you have to report?
fraud and unsafe vehicles, and to prevent VINs               In general, if you own, control, handle, or
from destroyed vehicles from being used for illicit     acquire more than five junk or salvage vehicles a
purposes.                                               year, you must report to NMVTIS. It doesn’t mat-
    2. A federal reporting requirement for all state    ter if your business type isn’t specifically listed in
jurisdictions, insurers, junk and salvage yards, dis-   the DOJ ruling; if you deal in salvage vehicles, you
mantlers, scrap yards, crushers, metal shredders,       are affected by these new requirements.
auto recyclers, salvage pools or any business that
deals in junk and salvage vehicles.                        What qualifies as a junk or
                                                           salvage vehicle?
   What is NMVTIS, exactly?                                 According to the federal rule, junk vehicles are
     The National Motor Vehicle Title Information       vehicles incapable of operating on public streets,
System (NMVTIS) is a U.S. Department of Justice         roads, and highways with no value except as a
(DOJ) database operated by the American                 source of parts or scrap. These vehicles may be
Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators             acquired for resale in their entirety or as spare
(AAMVA) that contains automobile information            parts, for rebuilding, restoration, or crushing.
from states, insurance carriers and the salvage         Salvage vehicles are also automobiles damaged by
industry.                                               collision, fire, flood, accident, trespass or other
     Beginning in March 2009 every business that        event to the extent that the fair salvage value plus
handles junk, salvage or total loss vehicles must       the cost of repair for legal operation would be more
report specific pieces of information about those       than the fair market value of the automobile imme-
vehicles to the national database. States report
title information and use the database to check out-
of-state titles in NMVTIS before issuing a new
title, to ensure that title brands (such as FLOOD or
REBUILT) issued in one state move with the vehi-
cle to other states. Consumers and insurers can
use the reported information to make sure a used
car has not been totaled or rebuilt without their
knowledge. The NMVTIS database is also meant
to provide a clear chain of possession for end-of-
life vehicles. For law enforcement, NMVTIS

             Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
                       Industry News
 April/May 2010                                                                                   Page 23
diately before the damage occurred. This defini-          independent appraiser determines that a vehicle
tion includes all automobiles declared a total loss       does not meet the definition of a salvage or junk
under the laws of its state or declared a total loss by   automobile, it does not have to be reported. This
its insurance carrier’s policies.                         determination must be in writing and made after
     What does all this mean? Basically, if a vehi-       performing a good-faith physical and value
cle will be used for parts or rebuilding, if it will be   appraisal. The DOJ recommends that junk and sal-
crushed, if the cost to repair a vehicle is more than     vage yards retain the reports and written appraisals
the vehicle is worth, or a vehicle is connected with      for a period of ten years from the date of the report.
a total loss insurance claim, it’s a junk or salvage          How do you report?
automobile and must be reported. Please keep in               NMVTIS reports are made through approved
mind that this definition does not consider title         data consolidators. Consolidators collect the
brands or status— even a car with a “clean” title         required information from salvors and insurers,
must be reported if it fits the federal salvage defi-     format it and insert it into the NMVTIS database.
nition.                                                   Auto Data Direct, Inc. (ADD), Insurance Services
                                                          Office (ISO) and Audatex are the AAMVA-
    What is NOT a salvage vehicle?                        approved data consolidators for NMVTIS report-
    Under the NMVTIS guidelines, if a qualified           ing.

                            Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
                                      Industry News
 Page 24                                                                                  April/May 2010
    New regulations can be frustrating and confus-      sold, titled or used as a motor vehicle.
ing, and consolidators have varied prices and dif-
ferent ways for recyclers to provide the required          Is it too late to begin reporting?
information, so it’s a good idea to shop around to          If you haven’t ever made a NMVTIS report, or
find the data consolidator and reporting process        you’ve only reported some of your salvage vehi-
that works best for your business. For example,         cles (such as your Cash for Clunkers cars), it’s not
ADD has three different reporting methods to            too late to catch up. The Department of Justice has
choose from, and live customer service six days a       stated that even if you are late beginning NMVTIS
week. ADD also offers tools to help verify your         reporting, when you do make your first report, you
compliance, with a Record Manifest to monitor           should include ALL junk and salvage vehicles that
each report from submission to acceptance, a VIN        you have taken in since March 1, 2009.
validation tool, a searchable archive of reported           If you have been reporting and find that you
vehicles and printable report confirmation receipts.    have forgotten to report a few vehicles, or you’ve
Additionally, many management systems and busi-         reported them incorrectly, the same principle
ness software providers have teamed up with             applies: better late than never. Even if you’re
NMVTIS data consolidators to help users report          behind, it is important that you make a complete
NMVTIS vehicles with a few clicks of a mouse.           and accurate report.

   What do you report?                                     What’s in it for you?
     For each junk and salvage vehicle you handle,          The real benefit of the NMVTIS database is the
you should provide your business contact informa-       consumer protection it provides. If you would like
tion, the VIN, the date the vehicle was obtained        to check a vehicle history before you buy a
and who it was obtained from. Salvage reports are       rebuilder, take a trade-in, or auction a vehicle, you
also required to include a statement of the vehicle’s   have access to NMVTIS information as well. A
disposition (if it will be used for parts or rebuild-   NMVTIS Vehicle History provides information
ing, crushed or sold) and if it will be exported out    from a vehicle’s current title, including the vehi-
of the US.                                              cle’s brand history, title history, and the latest
     The rules require you to report a vehicle with-    reported odometer readings. NMVTIS vehicle
in 30 days of receiving it. You should make an ini-     reports will also tell you if a vehicle has been
tial report within 30 days of taking a vehicle into     determined to be “salvage” or a total loss by an
inventory, and a supplementary report within 30         insurance company or a self-insuring organization,
days of a change to the vehicle disposition (such as
when a rebuilder is sold, or a parts vehicle is
     If you will receive a vehicle and dispose of it
(by crushing or selling the vehicle) within 30 days,
you are allowed to make only one report indicating
the final disposition. You should not report a vehi-
cle as crushed until the vehicle has actually been
crushed, because reporting a vehicle with a dispo-
sition of CRUSH indicates that the vehicle has
reached the end of its life and can never again be

             Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
                       Industry News
 April/May 2010                                                                                    Page 25
and lists prior reports from auto recyclers who may    clearly identify those that are not compliant.
have handled the vehicle. Everyone has a story             Many insurance companies and most salvage
about a bad car purchase- don’t get stuck with a       pools are reporting to NMVTIS, and each report
clunker.                                               indicates the name of the business that bought each
     A program like NMVTIS has never before            vehicle. If an insurance carrier reports that they
existed on a national level. The information it con-   totaled a vehicle and sent it to auction, then the
tains will demonstrate just how much the salvage       auto auction reports the receipt and sale of that
industry does for recycling, and will be invaluable    same vehicle, but the recycler who purchased the
for industry groups fighting to make a difference      vehicle never reports… it’s clear that the recycler is
on a policy level. The data in NMVTIS is hard evi-     not reporting as required. Gaps in the chain of pos-
dence of the major role automotive recycling plays     session point directly to the businesses who are not
in the national economy. It also may help improve      reporting, rather than those who are.
industry processes and make it easier for law
enforcement to find “problem” businesses in the           How do you check compliance?
long run. The system is still new, but the informa-        The       official    government        website,
tion could potentially replace outdated state, provides a searchable database
recordkeeping methods such as handwritten police       of compliant companies under the About Us tab,
books and mailed-in title packets.                     when you click the Who Reports to NMVTIS?
     NMVTIS levels the playing field for auto recy-    link. NMVTIS compliance checks are a great law
cling businesses small and large. Across the indus-    enforcement tool that will help identify unfair and
try, upstanding business owners obtain complicat-      illegal business practices that hurt the whole indus-
ed permits and follow strict regulations for storm     try. Compliance checks can work for you, too.
water, fluid recycling, and hazardous materials dis-   Make sure your suppliers are reporting— don’t
posal— expenses that cost thousands of dollars a       buy cars from vendors trying to skirt the rules.
year. Enforcement of these regulations is haphaz-          The NMVTIS reporting program is already
ard, and tends to target businesses trying to comply   producing results, from its role in Cash for
rather than shady businesses that fly under the        Clunkers enforcement, to the discovery of VIN
radar by avoiding permits altogether. Unlike other     cloning rings and an improved recovery rate of
industry requirements, NMVTIS reports provide a        stolen vehicles. NMVTIS is a federal program,
clear chain of possession for end-of-life vehicles     and the reports are separate from your state regula-
that will make enforcement much simpler, and           tions. It is important to understand the NMVTIS
                                                       requirements, because it is not your state’s respon-
                                                       sibility to report information to NMVTIS on your
                                                       behalf; it is ultimately your responsibility to
            Recycled Parts Plus                        ensure your business is in compliance.
                                    More information is available at www.vehicle-
Parts Broadcast Line: 888-210-1850                          The article above was submitted by
         Fax: 800-469-9445                             AutoDataDirect, Inc. Reprinted with permission.

 Cindy LaVesser      Direct: 866-837-2039

                          Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
                                    Industry News
 Page 26                                                                               April/May 2010
CARS0410                                                         STANDARD
                             In care of: R.J. McClellan, Inc.   U.S. POSTAGE
                               445 Broadway Avenue #5               PAID
                                 St Paul Park, MN 55071          St. Paul, MN
                                                                Permit No. 7911
           SINCE 1959
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