He Loves “Naughty Girl” Not by suchenfz

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									                          He Loves Naughty Girl Not
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A big fat man was sitting in front of me with dark brown hair, blocking my view on everything
else. Luckily, I had the window. I stared out of it and realised that the train was passing my
old high school. It looked the same as ever on the outside, I wonder what the students there
are like now… because my days there were unforgettable. They were the days that made me
what I am now. Allow me to introduce you to the original Kim Yoo Jin…

Chapter 1 – It‟s Starting…Now.

No. I am not pretty.

No. I am not smart.

No. I am not rich.

And no. I am not nice.

Yes. I am a troublemaker.

True. Most people don‟t come near me.

Right. I am affiliated with the leader of the biggest gang around, Kim Dong Wan.

That‟s me. Kim Yoo Jin.

Doesn‟t the name sound sweetly deceiving?

I‟m a 16 year old Korean girl living in Seoul, Korea. The word „girl‟ sounds too soft on me.
Duh, I‟m no ordinary girl. Like most others, I like gossip, secrets and b1tchiness, but I also
love hitting other big-time b1tches who cross me.

I am a troublemaker. A naughty girl.

Disrupting class, playing tricks on teachers, loud and noisy- you name it. I‟ve got long dark
hair (I‟ve been told you could drown in it), big eyes, a nose which I hate and average lips.
I‟m average in height but not exactly skinny.

The story I‟m about to start telling, started in the most unpredictable way. You can even call
it lame. Thursday, 6th February 1997 marked the beginning of all this…

I could feel the sun‟s rays shining onto my face and sat up to face the mirror directly in front
of my bed.

Ugh. Too ugly. Back to sleep.

I slumped back down and pulled the chocolate brown blanket over my head.
“Unnie, let‟s go!”

“Time to go to school!”

I saw the heads of Super Freak and Super Geek pop into my room from around the door.

Super Freak, the first who spoke, is Kim Yoo Rin, my younger 15 year old sister. Yoo Rin is
only 11 months younger than me, apparently me and her could‟ve been twins (I don‟t see
how) because our mother was capable of it. My mother was holding a 3-month old me in her
arms when the doctor told her she was pregnant again. Yoo Rin is pretty, with her long
cascade of brown hair, intensive dark eyes though kind of small, an average nose, full lips
and an enviable body. She is the extreme Miss. Popularity in the school due to her flighty and
easy-going personality, plus- she‟s perfect. I mean it, perfect. She‟s a grade A++ student and
teacher‟s pet. That‟s why I call her Super Freak, how can anyone be that perfect?

Super Geek is my 13 year old youngest sister, Kim Yoo Na. If Yoo Rin is an A++ student,
then Yoo Na is an A++++++++ student. She‟s super smart; she started reading non-fiction
books at the age of 4! Her room is full of academic trophies that she started receiving when
she was 7. Her specialty is maths, give her any problem and she can do it. Even if it‟ll take
her 8 years, she‟ll solve it. Though Yoo Na is different from both Yoo Rin and I. She has short
hair cut into a bob, wears glasses, is tall but on the chubby side, the best lips and nose and
has big eyes. She‟s different not because she‟s ugly, but because she‟s extremely pretty. I‟ve
seen what Yoo Na could look like if she tries to be beautiful. She hides herself away behind
those boring study books and under that hair of hers. She‟s not popular either „cause people
think she‟s ugly, but has her own group of little smart friends.

So there you go, Super Freak, Super Geek, and me…I‟m just Super. =p

“Yoo Jin, come on! We‟re late!” Yoo Rin said worriedly.

“We‟re not late, only you are coz you got badminton training before school”, Yoo Na pointed

Super Geek doesn‟t like sport, she‟s the cr@ppiest player you‟ll ever come across. Yoo Rin‟s
the top girl athlete, swimmer, all-sports captain (though she mainly concentrates on
badminton) and also the school‟s best debater. I told you she‟s perfect. You never win a talk
fight against her. I beat the Super Freak up in physical fighting though, so whenever I‟m
losing, I punch her and that would make me the winner.

“Shut up. You guys can go first, I‟ll get there later”, I said irritatedly.

They both looked like they were going to argue but kept their mouths shut. Even Yoo Rin
knows never to mess with me when I‟m sleepy.

“Fine…” Yoo Rin mumbled as she and Yoo Na left the room and quietly closed the door
behind them.


I walked to the black gates of the front entrance of Chungdong High, dreading another day.
School studies are so damn boring. I usually just fall asleep in class. I reluctantly let my feet
drag me into the school.

It was maths first period. Mr. Sit came into the classroom carrying his huge folders as usual
and dressed in the same black pants and collared shirt with thin brown stripes that he wears
everyday. He sat down and dumped the folders onto the desk. His tiny eyes roamed around
the whole classroom and his fat lips looked grim.
“Who didn‟t do their homework?” he asked softly and dangerously.

He looked directly at me and pointed with his index finger. He crooked it motioning for me to
come to him. I grabbed my book and took my time walking up to him.

“Yes, sir?” I asked innocently.

“Did you do your homework?” he asked like he knew the answer.

“Yeah, sir”, I replied.

He laughed mockingly.

“Sure Miss. Kim Yoo Jin”, he said with a smile, then he squinted his eyes and leaned forward,
“now show me your book.”

I shoved it lightly against his face and pushed him back. He yanked the books from my hands
and opened it to the last page. He frowned and looked at me suspiciously.

“Can I have my book now, sir?” I asked brightly.

He thrust the book to me and I sat down in my seat. As if I did my homework, I made Yoo
Na do it. Not that I care if Mr. Sit gives me another detention, I never go to them anyway.
It‟s just that he‟s been ringing my parents and I don‟t want them to worry nor nag me


“Yoo Jin, Yoo Jin!”

I opened one eye slowly and was looking out the window next to me.

“Over here.”

I rolled my head to face Ha Na.

“Get up. Class is over. Lunchtime”, she said.

I sat up and stretched my arms.

“Language over already? That‟s quick”, I said.

“Duh, you slept your way through it”, Ha Na retorted.

Jung Ha Na has been my best friend ever since we were 5. She used to be my next door
neighbour but moved out last year. She‟s not exactly a beauty, but you could say she‟s one of
the prettier girls. She‟s got shoulder-length dyed red hair which she usually ties up tightly into
a ponytail. Her appearance is completed with her being quite short and three earings in each
ear. Ha Na‟s like a girly girly punk.

We walked out the school building to the basketball courts. We usually sit down outside the
courts on the grass area. I sat down on one of the wooden picnic tables as the rest sat down
after me. My group consists of me, Ha Na, Im Hye Young and Seo Bok Ja.

Hye Young is from a rich family and is a spoilt brat. That‟s why she‟s so snobby and b1tchy
yet pretty. I like her because she‟s not a fake ass like the other girls her class.
Bok Ja moved into Ha Na‟s house last year. Her parents died in an aeroplane crash leaving
her to live with her aunt, her aunt is a real hag and treats her like a slave. Bok Ja is a rough
person, but has a weak mind. If you told her she was fat, which I‟ll admit she kind of is, she‟ll
break down and cry like hell, and then 1 hour later she‟ll make sure that you‟ll be in hell with
her. This is metaphorica, metaphoracal… whatever- it‟s metaphory-sh1t, I‟m saying she‟ll
bash the hell outta you.

“I‟m going to the cafeteria”, Hye Young said as she got up and left.

Ha Na waited til Hye Young was out of sight before pulling me over to the basketball court

“What is it?” I asked her.

“Look, see that guy over there? The tall one wearing his cap backwards?”

I followed her finger pointing towards a bunch of guys playing basketball.

“Yeah. What about him?”

“Hye Young has a crush on him.”

“What the hell? No way! Just look at him”, I exclaimed.

“I know. He‟s pathetic. Dumbest ass you‟ll ever meet. He‟s one grade higher than us”, Ha Na

“Then is Hye Young stupid? Liking him?”

“He is the school‟s kingka remember? Jo Tae Woo.”

All I know is that Yoo Rin is queenka, about the last kingka, well… I sort of made him move

Hearing this, I craned my head to get a closer look at the guy. A pretty boy. No wonder Hye
Young likes him. At that moment, he took his cap off and threw it aside. He had blonde hair.
How typical wannabe.

“He‟s rich too”, Ha Na said.

That makes up for it then.

“How did you find out?” I asked.

“Read her diary. She left it in the toilets”, Ha Na replied casually.

“That‟s wrong.”

Ha Na shrugged.

No longer interested, I turned around ready to walk back to the table.

But Hye Young was standing right in front me.

“What were you talking about?” she asked suspiciously with an angry expression on her face.
Hearing Hye Young‟s voice, Ha Na turned around and gasped.

“Uh…” Ha Na stammered.

What the hell should I do?

“We‟re talking about my crush”, I blurted out.

Hye Young‟s expression changed immediately. She smirked and grabbed my elbow.

“Another one?” she asked excitedly.

DAMN IT! I looked at the choices I have.

F*ck f*ck f*ck sh1t. They‟re all ugly except for that one pretty boy. I can‟t possibly say I like
Jo Tae Woo. I closed my eyes and pointed randomly with my index finger. Please don‟t let it
be some prick.

“…him?” Hye Young asked bewilderedly.

I opened my eyes and followed my finger‟s direction. I let my arm down and stared at the
unfortunate person I have picked.

He was sitting down alone on the sidelines watching the others play. His wore his uniform
properly, the tucking in shirt thing and the tie done up properly. He has tanned skin, is tall
but kind of skinny and his face… he looks very ordinary. Average sized-eyes, a nice nose, thin
lips and… a mole. On his left cheek, smack bang in the middle, is a black mole the size of
baby‟s fingerprint.

“Yoo Sang Hyuk…” I heard Yoo Jin whisper.

Despite all this, I continued to gaze at this Sang Hyuk. Somehow, I found an attraction to this

“Yah. Kim Yoo Jin. Wake up and stop staring at your lover boy”, Hye Young said.

I glared at her, “What? I can‟t stare at him? Don‟t tell me what to do”, I retorted

I hate bossy people.

“OK”, Hye Young replied quietly.

I glanced at her and went back to gazing at Yoo Sang Hyuk, now playing basketball.

Hye Young slipped away. Ha Na shook me.

“Yah. Yah! She‟s gone. You could stop pretending now.”

“Who says I‟m pretending?” I said, keeping my eyes on him.

“What? You really do like him?!” she asked loudly.

“Ssshh. He is kind of cute….”

“Yoo Jin, he‟s a nerd. He‟s only good at playing basketball and studying.”
“Wait… is he the dude that comes 1st in maths, language and science every year?” I asked.

Ha Na nodded. “He‟s in the same grade as Jo Tae Woo.”

“He is an interesting person…”

“Forget it Yoo Jin. Your crushes only last until you get your crush to like you. Remember
Yong Ha? You liked him so much and then when he said he likes you, you dated him for 1
week and got bored.”

“I get what I want.”

Ha Na rolled her eyes. “I know you do. You can get any guy you want to like you.”

I ignored her and looked more closely at Yoo Sang Hyuk. He caught my staring at him and
quickly looked away. I smiled.

Here I come, Yoo Sang Hyuk.

Chapter 2 – Too Much On Valentine

For the first week I didn‟t do anything besides watch Sang Hyuk play basketball and spy on
him a little. It was easy getting information about him. I now have his mobile number, home
phone number, house address and his timetable. It may sound like I‟m stalking him, but I
don‟t follow him 24/7.

This is Chungdong High I‟m in, so the word gets spread quick and easy. I may not be
popular, but I am the sister of the most popular. And come on, I‟m infamous at the school.
The whole school knows I‟m madly in love with Yoo Sang Hyuk now. Even he knows it, and I
could tell he tries to avoid me.

Everyone reacted the same on hearing me like Sang Hyuk. The usual reaction?

“What?! Yoo Sang Hyuk? Heck no! Impossible!!!” they all say.

But no one reacts as outrageously as my god-brother, Kim Dong Wan.

“SH1T! YOO JIN! Yoo Sang Hyuk?!” he burst out, slamming the table and standing up.

“F*ck, what‟s with the reaction? What‟s wrong with Sang Hyuk huh?! And sit down, you‟re
too tall.”

We were in the usual mini restaurant. The owner breaks into sweat every time he sees us
enter, which is every second day. We could easily choose that dark café across the road, but
Dong Wan hates it because he says every gangster goes there. So we settled in this „ordinary‟
one, Happy Yum, and trust that no other gang usually goes to the same one that Dong Wan
has picked. Once Dong Wan and his gang enters, all the customers quickly run away. Dong
Wan‟s gang members are sitting around 2 tables, out of hearing distance from us.

“What‟s wrong with him?! Jesus, your taste is getting worse by the second”, he said sitting

“You mean liking a smart intelligent person who will earn lots of money later on is stupid?” I
asked him smartly.

Dong Wan raised his eyebrows.
“You mean the guy whose f*ck in the head?” he said tapping his left temple.

I glared at him and kicked him from under the table. He didn‟t even wince, he just laughed.

“Man, aren‟t you scared of me? Even my mum doesn‟t hit me.”

“No. Why should I be? You‟re just a Happy Tiger”, I replied.

“Gentle Tiger”, he corrected.

“Whatever, sounds the same gay sh1t to me”, I retorted.

The Gentle Tigers is the name of Dong Wan‟s gang. For a gang leader like that, I want to
know why he chose such a stupid name.

It sounds like I‟m part of the gang huh? I‟m not. Dong Wan is always telling me to join. But I
would never. It always goes like this when he persuades me to join:

Dong Wan: When are you going to be a Tiger?
Me: Not now, not in this lifetime, not in the next. Never.
Dong Wan: Give me 1 good reason why you always reject me.
Me: I can give you 3. One, The Gentle Tigers is a f*ckn gay name. Picture my face- see me
Dong Wan: It‟s not gay you b1tch. Everyone is scared of us. Your face isn‟t meant to look
gentle idiot.
Me: Whatever. Reason 2, I don‟t like having a boss boss me around. And plus, you‟re the
Dong Wan: What‟s wrong with me?
Me: You‟re lazy as. Your followers work like slaves.
Dong Wan: And you‟re not lazy?
Me: Reason 3, I don‟t do drugs. Too frkn expensive, I‟m poor, I can‟t afford it. (Yes, Dong
Wan does deal with drugs)
Dong Wan: When you‟re a Tiger, the drug‟s free baby.
Me: I don‟t want to look like a pathetic lunatic stuffed with ecstasy.
Dong Wan: Shut the f*ck up hunny.

That ends that conversation, meaning I won.

Dong Wan waved his hand in front of me.

“Yoo Jin”, he called.


“Back to the Sang Hyuk thing. If you want someone with money, you be my girl, hun.”

I gave him my fatal death stare that could get anyone doing anything.

“Joking man…”

I settled down again and leaned in the table more.

“About tomorrow…” I said.

“Yeah. Friday”, he said abruptly.
“Let me finish”, I ordered. “It‟s Valentines… what do you think I should do?”

“For who…?” Dong Wan asked with a slight smile in a curious voice.

“Do you think I should tell Sang Hyuk I like him?”

Dong Wan‟s smile instantly disappeared.

“Yah!” he said abruptly and extremely loudly.

I stayed quiet and opened my eyes wider as if to ask „what?‟

“Tomorrow… don‟t you remember?” he asked me with an anxious expression and slightly
shaking his head.

“Yeah. Valentines”, I simply replied.

“No, not that. It‟s… it‟s… AISH! Fine! Fine! Go kiss your Sang Hyuk‟s ass tomorrow!”

Dong Wan turned his head away from me.

I smirked. Of course, I know perfectly what day it is tomorrow. I just want to play around
with him. Somehow, I like pissing people off.

“Ah… good idea! Thank you my happy cub!” I agreed brightly.

His face quickly swung to face me.

“Y-y-you!” he said with a constipated face and a finger pointing at me. “You poor girl”, he
said calming down.

“I have to go now”, I said airily and walked out of the doors not looking back; but from the
door reflection, I could see Dong Wan muttering something and kicking the table.


“You should have seen Dong Wan‟s face when I called him a happy cub!” I said smiling

Valentines today. And I‟m at school sitting in class waiting for the history teacher for first
period. Yeah, it‟s a surprise to see me early at school. But I am a gossip girl, and being here
early to see who gets what is only right.

“You still talk to that ass?” Ha Na asked me.

“You still can‟t get over him?” I asked her back.

“I have. He‟s old news”, Ha Na replied defensively.

“Yeah. Sure”, I said sarcastically.

Before Dong Wan left school to pursue his career as a gangster (how professional) a year
ago, Ha Na was madly and secretly in love with him. She got the wrong impression that he
liked her and asked him out. He, obviously, rejected her. That‟s nothing too bad… if she
hadn‟t asked him in the radio announcement room… and if the speakers hadn‟t been turned
on. I still don‟t think she‟s over him despite all this.
A junior student appeared at the class‟s entrance delivering the first batch of roses to our
class. She read out names one by one and girls got up excitedly, accepting their roses

“Kim Yoo Jin.”

I got up and took the 6 roses that had my name on the cards attached to them. All the girls
in the classroom looked at me with wishful eyes. I smiled but I wasn‟t really that flattered. I
know who they are from. Every year, Dong Wan buys a bunch to give to me- even after he
left school. He says that there‟s no reason why every girl gets one but no one gives me one.
The truth is, I do date a lot of guys. But every year on Valentines, I‟m always single. I must
say I‟m quite stupid, why do I always dump my boyfriend just before Valentines?

“Kim Dong Wan?” Ha Na asked as I sat down next to her.

I nodded. “Yup.”

She tsk tsk and looked grumpily away.


“Class is over Yoo Jin!” Ha Na said excitedly. “Come on! I wanna see if Hye Young ended up
giving that rose to her lover boy Tae Woo…”

By now Hye Young had made it apparent that she liked Tae Woo so it was safe to talk about
it. Hye Young knew she made it too obvious without us reading her diary anyway.

I got out of class and entered the school‟s corridors where every girl was looking around
excitedly waiting to see who got what. Hye Young and Bok Ja, who were in the other class,
joined Ha Na and I. They both admired my roses as all the other girls pointed at me and
whispered „Whoa! Look at Kim Yoo Jin and her roses!‟ Most of them concentrated on the
roses though.

Ha Na nudged me. “The same every year for you. „Look at Kim Yoo Jin! Look what she got!‟”

I laughed at Ha Na‟s jealously.

Some guy with his shirt half tucked in and his hair highlighted and spiked up came through
the crowd a little crouched down. He wore a smile and waved his hands around and told
people to move.

“Move it move it people! Move for Yoo Sang Hyuk! Welcome the royal majesty Yoo Sang
Hyuk everybody!” He announced and gave a loud laugh.

Everybody turned to look at Yoo Sang Hyuk, but all they could see was a much more pretty
sight. An enormous bunch of roses was heading down the corridor with Yoo Sang Hyuk‟s face
buried behind it in an attempt to hide. He was having difficulty trying to clutch on to the
gigantic bouquet but still strode quickly down the corridor to get away from the jeering

The guys whistled at him.

“Wooh hoo!”

“Go Sang Hyuk!”

“Aww… can you spare me some?” One boy teased.
“Sheesh. Guys receiving roses? How gay”, Jo Tae Woo commented.

“What? Say that again if you dare! I dare you! I dare you!” I threatened advancing on him.

Jo Tae Woo took a step back, but I needn‟t bully him anymore because the next moment,
another junior kid had come up to him.

“Jo Tae Woo, right? I am sorry on behalf of the school‟s committee that you received this
late. It somehow got missed in the delivery basket”, the junior guy said and handed a
bouquet twice the size of Sang Hyuk‟s over to Tae Woo.

Tae Woo accepted it reluctantly as all the other boys in the corridor cheered and whistled. His
face was screwed up and pissed off. It made me feel very bubbly inside.

“Yah!” He lashed out. “Mind your own business!”

At this school, a kingka‟s words weren‟t law. All the students booed and he ran away from
shame. I laughed til I had tears in my eyes.

Bok Ja came beside me, “You gave that bouquet to Yoo Sang Hyuk right?”

I nodded and shyly shrunk away, my cheeks flustering.

“Where‟s your lover boy?” Hye Young wondered as she joined with Ha Na.

My eyes searched the corridor but my love had disappeared from the crowd.

I turned to Hye Young. “Thanks for helping Sang Hyuk. No other girl would dare embarrass
Jo Tae Woo and shower him with roses like you”, I teased.

“I could afford it”, she shrugged off.

True. I had really scraped for that stupid bouquet.

I was out of school and on my away to meet Dong Wan when I noticed that walking in front
of me was Sang Hyuk and his bouquet. I considered approaching him but I didn‟t, I think
he‟d be too intimidated and just run away. Then all of a sudden, he stopped and turned

Aww his adorable face and that mole… that lovely mole.

“Kim Yoo Jin”, he said looking right at me.

“Yes?” I asked getting excited.

“Thank you for the roses”, he said quietly. “But next time don‟t do it, please?”

I giggled and ran away. Whilst I was running I couldn‟t help but laugh out loud. Ahhh… how
cute. He was embarrassed by the bouquet- but I bet he appreciated it. Next time I should try
and work my way to double that size.


“L-M-A-O!” Shouted Dong Wan.
Seriously, who says „L-M-A-O‟? I was giving him a good laugh about the Sang Hyuk thing.
Dong Wan passed me a can of Coke. I opened it and drained it.

We were sitting on his couch in his apartment on the second highest level of the building
watching TV.

“Argh. This sh1t is boring”, he complained and switched the television off.

He got up and walked over to the fridge in his kitchen whilst I grabbed the magazine from
the coffee table. I glanced at the cover and got bored so I thrust it back down. I glanced over
my shoulder at Dong Wan. His tough face was accompanied by a black shirt and navy boxers
today as he raided his fridge. It‟s surprising how he eats so much and yet doesn‟t look like he
came from the pig‟s mud camp, but instead sports muscles. Those gym hours must be hard

“I‟m going”, I said.



I slung my schoolbag over my shoulder and let myself out of the apartment.


Twenty minutes later, I nervously dialled Dong Wan‟s number and he picked up.


“Dong Wan. It‟s Yoo Jin.”

“Yeah. What‟s up?”

“Can y-you p-please fetch me? I‟m scared! I don‟t want to be here!”

A strong hand snatched the phone away from me.

“If you want this b1tch, come here Kim Dong Wan”, the strong guy‟s voice said into the

„Come here Kim Dong Wan‟? How passive.

“Don‟t Dong Wan! You‟d be in danger!” I yelled loudly.

“Yoo Jin! Yoo Jin!” I heard Dong Wan call through the phone.

“Come alone. We have all your boys”, the guy said.

“Yah! Who the f-”

The guy hung up and turned to me. Strong guy cleared his voice.

“Now we‟ve got work to do, Kim Yoo Jin”, he smirked and rubbed his hands together.

Chapter 3 – Surprise Surprise!
As soon as he finished saying that, the phone rang and strong guy picked it up.


“You f*cker. Tell me where to go to”, Dong Wan‟s voice came from the phone.

“Oh. Right. The large silver warehouse down at Black Lane”, he replied, “Be quick”, he

You‟d better be quick, Kim Dong Wan.

Five minutes later, footsteps were dashing along the footpath leading to the warehouse. We
heard the footsteps halt and push open the door slowly. The footsteps echoed through the
darkness as it went slowly step by step. I counted up to the tenth step and switched the
lights on.

“SURPRISE SURPRISE!” We all shouted.

Dong Wan stood still, astonished. He looked around everywhere. Now that the lights were
on, it revealed the brightly decorated room with balloons and party streamers, and everyone
with their party hats on.

“Happy Birthday Dong Wan!” I ran forward and hugged him.

His arms slowly rose and he returned the hug.

“Whoa. What‟s happening?” He asked confusedly.

I pulled myself away and shoved a party hat onto his head.

“You dumb ass. It‟s your birthday. You were just hinting it to me yesterday you idiot.”

“Yah. Stop insulting me… yeah. That‟s right. It is my birthday”, he finally realised.

He laughed out loud and everybody joined. We ushered him to his seat at the long table and
sang Happy Birthday and he cut his cake. Then we took him to the mountain pile of presents
and he opened all of them. Some idiot even gave him a year‟s subscription to a porn
magazine to which he frowned at. Then everybody gathered in their little groups and enjoyed
the food.

Strong guy, whose real name is Min Hee, Dong Wan and I went outside the party to the top
of the hill where Min Hee had organised fireworks. We didn‟t want everyone coming up here
because they could see it through the glass wall anyway. We all sat down, Dong Wan in the
middle and me to his right.

“Sh1t Yoo Jin. You got me f*ckn scared. I thought you were kidnapped”, Dong Wan said to

Min Hee laughed. “Hard work putting on a low retarded voice.”

“And you too”, Dong Wan hissed at Min Hee.

“It was Yoo Jin‟s idea”, he quickly blamed.

Sure. All of Dong Wan‟s gang likes to blame me for everything because I would be forgiven
whereas their earnings would be cut off by 10%. Especially Min Hee, since his earnings is the
highest in the gang next to Dong Wan and is Dong Wan‟s right hand man. Well it was my
idea anyway.

“Just a small surprise”, I said.

“Sh1t! I forgot to tell Kyu Ri I‟m up here…” Min Hee exclaimed.

He cast a sidewards glance to Dong Wan.

“Go”, Dong Wan permitted.

Min Hee scrambled up and left us alone on the hill sitting side by side. The fireworks began.

“Happy cub! Look!” I said excitedly, holding onto Dong Wan‟s arm.

He didn‟t reply so I turned my head to see him looking at me.

“You know how scared you got me?” He said. “I was speeding here and in my head I kept
saying f*ckn sh1t heads better not even touch a hair strand of yours. F*ck they better not.”

I laughed but he continued.

“I was worried. I didn‟t know what was going to happen if anything happened to you… I
didn‟t even check to see if what Min Hee said was true, that all my guys were with him too.”

I chucked a sidewards pathetic glance at Dong Wan. “Shut the f*ck up Dong Wan. You‟re
being so f*cken serious.”

He raised his eyebrows and shut up.

“I thought you forgot about my birthday.”

Maybe not.

“How could I?” I playfully ruffled his hair.

The next thing that happened, wasn‟t meant to happen. He pulled my arm down, leaned into
me and kissed me quickly on the cheek.

“Thanks, Yoo Jin”, he said.

I blinked twice and nodded once awkwardly. Then I punched his face and ran away back to
the party.


I have had many boyfriends. But not once have I allowed any of them to kiss me. I never
stay with any guy long enough to develop strong feelings as to want a kiss from them.
Ewwwww…. Kim Dong Wan. He didn‟t have to be so thankful.

Just then, Kim Dong Wan came back to the party. He spotted me in the crowd and gave me
the middle finger, which I politely returned with the two of mine.
Chapter 4- Strike Of The Kim Yoo Jin

“He kissed you?” Ha Na asked again.
“For f*ck‟s sake and the millionth and final time, yes!” I replied irritatedly.

GOD. She‟s been asking me ever since this morning when I told her.

“Oh. Well, did he tell you he likes you?”

This is a new question I hadn‟t thought about before.



“Stop it!” I said slapping her shoulder.



“Oh”, she said unintentionally.



She didn‟t talk too much for the rest of the day after that. I walked out of the school by
myself and paused by the bus stop hoping to catch a glimpse of Sang Hyuk. Some tall fat guy
was standing at the front of the line and he kept fidgeting. He caught me staring at him and
mumbled to himself. I didn‟t think much of this and looked away but when I just happened to
catch his eye, he started mumbling to himself again.

“Seung Won, please!”

“Stop it! She won‟t bite!”

“Seung Won!”

“Sang Hyuk, Kim Yoo Jin‟s coming and I don‟t want to be bashed up for hiding her lover from
her. Get out!”

I clutched on tightly to Seung Won‟s blazer but he kept shifting to try and throw me off
without Kim Yoo Jin noticing. It was hard enough with me having to crouch down behind his
huge ass to hide from a girl that is smaller than me.

As I marched to the tall guy, he muttered something again and I very briefly saw Sang
Hyuk‟s head pop out from behind him. Sang Hyuk sighted me coming and hid again. At this
rate, I ran to the fat guy and found Sang Hyuk crouching at the guy‟s huge ass. I slapped
Sang Hyuk‟s back lightly to gain his attention. His head slowly turned around and he stood

He brushed his hair with one hand and nodded to acknowledge me.

“Hello Sang Hyuk oppa!”

“Uh. Yeah… hi Kim Yoo Jin”, he replied.
“Stop calling me by my whole name. Saying it all the time is rude.”

She‟s gonna hit me.

“Sorry Ki- I mean Yoo Jin.”

“It‟s OK”, I said to him.

The bus came.

“I have to go- Yoo Jin”, Sang Hyuk said and he quickly jumped on the bus.

My eyes followed him moving right to the end of the bus. All the other students got on and
the bus took off. I waved energetically to Sang Hyuk when he slightly turned around and
peeked at me, but he didn‟t wave back.


It was getting dark and I was so bored I went looking for Super Freak. I opened the door to
her room. Geez. I haven‟t been here in only a month and she‟s already earned a whole new
shelf of trophies. Yoo Rin was lying on her bed talking on the phone.

“Yeah…so what if I‟m queenka? I don‟t want to meet the queenka of Chang Duk High…what?
A badminton match with her? That‟s a different story….”

Eh. Boring.

I slammed the door and swung Super Geek‟s door open.

“Sister Yoo Jin-”

“Yah! Don‟t call me like I‟m a church Sister!” I snapped.

“Unnie, I‟m busy. I am entering a mathematics competition tomorrow and I have to prepa-”

I shut the door and went to the kitchen to find my mother.

“Umma! What are you cooking?”

“If you have spare time go and study Yoo Jin. With your current grades it doesn‟t look like
you‟ll be going to university. Ask Yoo Rin or Yoo Na if you need any help.”

I was so offended I didn‟t bother looking for appa. I stormed into my bedroom and slammed
the door shut.

Just as I sat on my bed, my phone rang.


“Yoo Jin, it‟s Hye Young. I think you need to come to the new bar. It‟s called Zero Heroes”,
she said urgently.

“What‟s wrong?”
“Just get here and I‟ll tell you”, she said and hung up.

I really don‟t want to go anywhere at this time but if it‟s a friend calling for me, I‟ll even go to
the moon.


I arrived there in no time and located the bar which held its grand opening today. I don‟t
think it‟s a proper bar since there were school students swarming into it. Probably stuffed
with ecstasy tablets.

I came in and located Hye Young trying hard to pull a drunk Ha Na off the dance floor.

“What happened to her?” I asked Hye Young whilst eying the drunken tiger dance.

Ha Na wasn‟t really disco dancing, she was singing Three Bears and dancing just like Song
Hye Kyo did in Full House.

“She pulled me aside after school and told me to come with her to this place. She went crazy
with the beer.” Hye Young gestured to a nearby round table where there were at least six
bottles of beer.


“Yeah”, said Hye Young.

Ha Na sang the next line and put two arms in the air and spun around on her toes like a

It is very different seeing punky Ha Na acting this way, and I didn‟t like it one bit.

“Jung Ha Na!” I shouted at her.

She stopped spinning and gazed at me.

“MAMA BEAR!” She yelled and hugged me with her full weight.

I pushed her off and dragged her to the bathroom. I splashed her face with cold water „til she
yelled for me to stop.

“Awake yet you sh1tty bear?”

Ha Na wiped her face drowsily and shocked me when she slapped herself across the face.
And shocked me even more when she ran straight into the cubicle and dunked her head into
the toilet bowl.

“Ew Ha Na.”

Using two fingers I pulled her head out of the bowl and leant her against the wall. I went
outside to look for Hye Young for help.

WTH? She was sitting ON the countertop. And talking to a bunch of girls who were standing
looking up at her. Next thing I knew, they had dragged her down and started hitting her.

“YAH!” I yelled.
I ran to her aid and started pulling the b1tches away. They had already managed to make
Hye Young‟s hair look like a banshee.

“What the f*ck do you b1tches think you‟re doing?”

The leader, a slim chick in black leather pants and a matching boob tube with a very strong
face took a step closer to me.

Before she said anything, she slapped me across the face. I glared at her with my burning
eyes, and she did take the smallest step back.

“Y-you. Don‟t mess with me unless you want to be like your friend and get your face clawed
out”, she eyed me up and down, “oh, sorry, you can‟t be like your friend „cause you‟re too
damn ugly.”

Her gang, all dressed in black slut clothes, laughed entertainingly.


I slapped her hard across her right face once, and


Then again on her left face with my other hand.


I repeatedly did this until I felt satisfied.

“YAH!” She yelped, holding her cheeks. “Do you know who I am?”

Hye Young recovered from her amazement and pulled me back.

“Yoo Jin”, she whispered, “Ignore her. You don‟t want to get into a fight with her.”


“She‟s the leader of the toughest and most respected girl gang in Seoul, The Black Angels.”

I burst out laughing which got all of The Black Devils glaring at me.

“Your b1tch friend there has been messing with my boy. She gave him roses on Valentines
Day”, the leader explained.

So this was all about pretty boy Jo Tae Woo? Hell it‟s not even worth it.

“Min Ah, don‟t bother talking to them. Let‟s hit that Hye Young!” One girl said.

They all launched themselves at Hye Young.

I roared and ran forward. Swiftly grabbing them one by one, I chucked them so that they
rolled away like barrels. When I grabbed Min Ah‟s shoulders, she stopped me by gripping
hard on my wrist. We struggled with each other and then stopped since it was getting
nowhere, but still not letting go. We glared at each other.
“B1tch. What‟s… your name?” She said panting.

“Kim Yoo Jin.”

“Kim Yoo Jin you nosy b1tch. I‟m gonna get you. Watch your back and just wait!”

Min Ah let go of my wrists and I let go of her shoulders. There were finger marks in her
shoulders where I had dug in. Sucked in b1tch!

“Yeah? Come and get me. I‟ll be waiting”, I replied coolly.

Her cheeks turned even brighter red from anger and The Black Devils came to back her up.

“Any b1tch or d1ck that dares mess with my god sister will have to face me first.”

All heads turned towards the entrance of the bar and went silent. Kim Dong Wan was
strolling in with his gang behind him. What is he doing here? Min Ah‟s jaw dropped and my
eyes widened. He was smoking and crushed the cigarette on the ground when he came
between us. He inclined his head to Min Ah.

“You. Im Min Ah?”

She bowed to him.

“Oppa, I was teaching this-”

He interrupted her.

“Everyone here mark my words. Any person who dares touch or hurt Kim Yoo Jin will pay
double for what they have done, understood?”

Every head in the bar nodded up and down. Dong Wan addressed Min Ah.

“You Black Angels never come near my god sister or anyone in relation to her ever again this
life time. As long as I‟m alive no one will hurt her.”

“Yes, Dong Wan”, she replied bitterly but obediently.

“Apologise”, Dong Wan ordered her.

“I am sorry, Dong Wan.”

“Not to me, to Yoo Jin and Hye Young. You don‟t own Jo Tae Woo, do you?”

Min Ah kept her head low but I could tell her eyes must be burning with fury. She slowly
turned to me.

“I am sorry, Yoo Jin.”

Everyone‟s attention was diverted to Ha Na who stumbled out of the toilets with her head
dripping wet and singing “Why do birds suddenly appear? Every time, you are near! Just like
me”, she placed her hand over her heart, “they long to be, CLOSE TO YOOOOUUUUU!”

She shrieked, and fell to the floor.

Dong Wan shook his head disbelievingly at Ha Na and waved Min Ah off. The Black Devils
stormed out of the bar.
“Go back to whatever you were doing”, he told everyone else.

Hye Young and I ran to Ha Na.

Once I flagged down a taxi for Hye Young and Ha Na, Dong Wan helped me push Ha Na into
the cab. She held tightly onto the cab‟s roof and looked bitterly at Dong Wan who was trying
to push her in. Ha Na slapped Dong Wan‟s arms off her back and climbed into the taxi next to
Hye Young. The taxi took off.

“Why are you here?” I asked Dong Wan.

“A friend of mine opened this bar, of course I should be here.”

“Next time wait until I claw the b1tch‟s face out- then stop me.”

“But I like to show my authority and power”, he flexed his muscles and I laughed. “F*ck that
place is boring, you should be getting home anyway. I‟ll take you.”


As soon as I opened the door to the apartment, I felt a thong come my way. It hit me smack
bang on my forehead, leaving a clear black smudged print.


“Umma! UMMA! Stop! STOP!” I pleaded as she threw all the objects of the world at me.

The next morning, the security received a message from a concerned neighbour asking them
to check if there has been a murder on level 18 due to the noise and screaming.
Chapter 5 – Stench Theory

By the next morning all schools in the Seoul district were filled with students having the
knowledge that Kim Dong Wan will kill whoever kills Kim Yoo Jin- not that many have tried or
will. I walk through the school and those rare few who usually whisper sh1t about me behind
my back cease it altogether. And Ha Na… she acted like nothing had happened.

“Describe me in three words.”

Ha Na sighed and mumbled, “Not again… all the time…”

I stared expectantly at her.

“Beautiful, smart and rich”, she said.

My elbow nudged her. “I ask that question because I want to improve! Not become a

I can just see „ugly, dumb and penniless‟ running through her head.

“Friendly, caring and uh… decent.”

“Thanks Ha Na! Now because of that I‟m gonna let you choose: trick or treat?”
“Yes!” She yelped. “At least you spare your bestest buddy, treat.”

“No class this morning”, I advised with a smirk.

“Yeah! I‟ll be waiting at the usual spot”, she said and split off.

I sped my pace up. If I‟m gonna do this I might as well perfect it.

As I expected, I was the first to arrive at our classroom. I unzipped my bag and pulled out
the four precious. Precious ones, it all depends on you! And to each corner of the room, I
chucked a precious one… the ultimate top quality…...

Footsteps. Heavy. Muffled. Loud. Fat. It‟s Mrs. Lee the biology teacher destroying the Earth
with her stinking feet. I threw my bag over my shoulder and dived out the window just as her
footsteps halted and I heard her say to herself “Oh. My coffee” before turning back to the

Sheesh. I scrambled up, brushed off the grass and ran around the building block back to the
classroom and pretended to walk casually inside with the students that had already
assembled. I sat down crossing my legs and focused on the clock. Two minutes.

Mrs. Lee walked in with her lovely mug of coffee. Pity it would be wasted.

“Good morning Mrs. Lee”, we all chanted.

“Today we have three main focuses, the first would be…”

Hurry up. I glanced back up at the clock. One minute.

“Kim Yoo Jin. What do you think?” Mrs. Lee questioned.

“Say wha?” I replied dumbfoundedly.

“My God. Concentrate you fool!”

Thirty seconds.

I wonder what Ha Na is doing whilst waiting? Probably trying to knock a bird out with her
sling shot.

Twenty seconds.

I could bet most of these guys would be thankful if they knew it was I who did it. I who
saved them from first period of biology. I know who would be blamed, by the way.

Ten seconds.

Would Mrs. Lee really drink that mug of coffee afterwards?


I pretended to casually block my nose.

“Hey… can you smell that?” The girl sitting in front of me said to the girl sitting in front of

“Hmm… what is it?” Said another.
One guy gives his friend a dirty and moves his chair over blocking his nose.

Suddenly the whole class stops listening to Mrs. Lee and is sniffing away.

“Class! Class! My God what is it?!” She yelped. She turns to the student closest to her. “Mi
Sook is that you?”

Mi Sook waves her hand saying no.

“It‟s him!” Everyone said pointing at Fat Bong.

“I swear it isn‟t!”

“Everyone! Emergency! Out!” I yelled.

And not even Mrs. Lee hesitated, quickly shutting the door.

“Jesus Fat Bong, that one‟s a record!” A guy congratulates.

Mrs. Lee smells her coffee, nods to herself and sips it.


I ran to where Ha Na stood waiting at the back wall.

“That took long.”

“What? You mean two minutes? You couldn‟t do a number 2 in that time”, I retorted.

She laughed and threw her bag over the wall. “What this time? Lizard? Spider? Ghost?”

“Fart Bombs.”

“No way! How many?”

“One per corner”, I said proudly, hurling my bag over.

Ha Na bent down. I climbed on her back, put my hands on top of the wall and pushed myself
up onto it in sitting position. I extended my hands to her and pulled her onto it too. We both
jumped off landing firmly on our feet. We fixed ourselves and grabbed our backpacks and in
no time we were ready to go.

“Are you sure it‟ll work?” Ha Na asked me.

“Derh. It always does. No teacher in that school can handle confusion. As soon as students
are out of class they‟re running wild. They‟ll never notice us gone”, I assured her. “And
according to my Stench Theory, when one unprepared person waffles in a 720 degree smell
they will either enter the stage of complete hallucination or complete beserkination.”

“Is that even a word?”

“Of course it is”, I said annoyed by her interruption, “and since I inserted double that
amount… well you know.”

I shrugged.
Ha Na‟s eyebrows rose. “Whatever. Where to?”

“Hmm… the plaza!”

And we were off browsing through stores and trying on every single hat including one I
spotted- a particularly odd one that had a vulture on it.

We‟re worn out and tired now.

“Ha Na why don‟t we have money?”

“I know, Yoo Jin. All this great chunks of stuff stuffing our faces and all we could do is drool.”

We both sighed. The only item between the two of us was a Dalmatian dog soft toy whose
black spots reminded me of Sang Hyuk because of his mole, so I bought it straight away with
a week‟s pocket money.

“I have enough money left for ice-cream”, I said.

She brightened up. “Let‟s go!”

We were sitting inside the ice cream parlour and eating our strawberry ice cream cones when
Ha Na quickly bent her head down and tells me to do the same.

“Why?” I asked.

“Headmaster is coming!”

I turned around. “F*ck!”

Sure enough, it‟s Headmaster Koo and his blind date walking in. He‟s known for drooling over
a wife but can never get one so he always goes on these blind dates where the women
always gives him a fake phone number so they never have to see him again.

He pulled the chair out for her and brought her ice cream. The ugly 50 year old woman sat
opposite him staring, out of boredom, out the window whilst he rambles on about his
amazing skills as a weather predictor when he was younger.

“Ahahahaha. And you know my parents were going to put me in the Guiness World Book Of
Records! But they say I won‟t want all the attention I would be receiving! Ahahahaha!”

“For being a pig bullsh1tter”, I mumbled and Ha Na snorted into her ice cream.

That did it. How are we supposed to contain our laughter? The Headmaster looked our way
and immediately recognised the two troublemakers. His face went bright pink and he
whispered something to his date. They quickly exit the parlour. Ha Na and I take our
chances. She‟s out of the parlour in two seconds but my bag strap got caught on the chair
leg. I picked the chair up and threw it away. As soon as the door closed behind me though,
a stubby hand held me back by my shoulder. Ha Na stopped running and turns around
searching for me. She spots me and her eyes widen. She breaks into a laughing fit and starts
heading back towards me but I mouth to her, „just go‟, the lucky b1tch.

Damn. Now she doesn‟t have to serve late detention with Mr. Koo.

Mr. Koo dragged me by the left ear through the school corridor lecturing me on skipping

“Ay ya! Ow ow ow… easy sir!” I complained, trying to hang on to my Dalmatian.

We attracted a lot of attention passing the staffroom. Wait. Who‟s that?

A guy I didn‟t recognise was standing in the staffroom not wearing uniform. Christ. A student
spending out of school hours voluntarily at school? Talk about living it.

He stared directly at me and in that split moment where we made eye contact, a
conversation was going on.

Me: What you looking at?
Him: ...

As Mr. Koo continued dragging me, my last glimpse of him were his eyes suddenly turning
wide. I‟m already starting to hate him.

Chapter 6 – Another Enemy.

“Stop it”, I grunted.

But Ha Na kept nudging me. “Yoo Jin, since when did you come to class early?”

“Ta-day. Umma said she „asn‟t finit killin me after yetherday so avda school she kill me some
more”, I mumbled.

“Yeah, that‟s right. I bet you got detention yesterday and that Mr. Kim dragged you by the
ear then rang your mum?”

I slightly nodded, not moving from my head-resting position on my desk.

“But what‟s that got to do with coming to class early?”

“If I be good girl today she stop killin me.”

I could tell Ha Na‟s mouth was an „O‟.

“And her definition of you being a good girl is…”

With the way Ha Na is going on, I might as well sit up. “Come home free of teacher-letters
and teacher-phone calls.”

“Uh well- I guess you can manage…”

Friends these days. No faith!

By now the whole class had filed in and Mr. Sit toddled in. If I‟m going to be a good girl,
might as well try my best. I sat with my back straight and pulled my book out of my bag. My
eyes stared straight at the front of the classroom.
Mr. Sit noticed this and I think I startled him. “Hmmm… Anyway anyway. CLASS! We have a
new student today!”

Worst ever method to settle the class down. The girls start gossiping on the possibility of his
celebrity connections, the guys start bragging about how they‟ll kick his ass, the teacher
starts screaming until he rolls on the floor and the whole class finally politely turns their
attention to him. He stood up, straightened his shirt and cleared his throat.

“Now… come in.”

And the new student came in with his bag hanging off one shoulder. His hair was black and
untidy, his eyes dark, his nose perfect and his facial expression blank. And he's very tall...

“Him?” I said aloud.

The whole class stared at me. Any guy that causes Kim Yoo Jin to react like that must come
with a good tale. Unfortunately, not this time people.

“Yah, Yoo Jin. You know the dude?” Ha Na asked me.

I shook my head, “No. He just looks like this bum I saw the other day. Never mind people-
sorry for my interruption, Mr. Sit.”

Mr. Sit acknowledged the apology with a small nod. I looked at the new student- the
yesterday afternoon guy was glaring coldly at me. I sighed and put on a fake smile to which
he turned his head away.

“Boy, introduce yourself.”

The guy raised a brow at Mr. Sit but did as he was told. His position relaxed and his hand slid
into his pocket.

“Kang Yoon Sung.”


Everyone kept silent, waiting for more but it didn‟t come. He looked blankly at Mr. Sit and

“Right. Go sit down somewhere”, Mr. Sit ordered.

He held onto his bag strap and stepped forward. Instantly, all the girls spoke up and battered
their eyelashes.

“Over here!”

“Yoon Sung oppa! Come here!”

“You can sit here if you want.”

He stopped and looked at every girl who offered him a seat but said nothing and walked over
to sit next to hard-ass Jin Kyu, at the opposite end of the same row as I was sitting in. Jin
Kyu placed a leg over the empty chair.

“Not here, boy.”
Yoon Sung yanked the chair out, causing Jin Kyu‟s leg to drop, and sat down. Jin Kyu „pfftd‟
unbelievably. Yoon Sung pushed Jin Kyu‟s belongings off his desk over to the owner. Jin
Kyu‟s eyes widened but his mouth hung open speechlessly.

I snickered. I hate this guy, but I‟d award him a thumbs up for that.

I guess I got caught up with staring curiously at him because I suddenly realised he was
returning the stare right back. I quickly looked away.


Class finished and the girls started their gossip again.

““Oh my GOD! He‟s so hot and cool!”

“I‟d like to lay my hands on him…”

I really couldn‟t care less for a new student, just another potential enemy.

I suddenly realised I was at the doorway by myself and turned around searching for Ha Na.
At that moment, Kang Yoon Sung bumped into me. He proceeded to walk off but I stopped

“Wait. Apolo-”

“I will if you do for comparing me to a bum.”

Wow, that was quick. But what? Me? Say sorry?

He looked at me expectantly. “No? We‟re even then”, he said and walked off.

If I ever meet a more upfront person then pigs fly.

Ha Na appeared next to me. “I saw that.”

“Saw what?”

“He beat you. That‟s rare.”

“You noticed something, that‟s pretty rare too.”


We walked out and met with Hye Young and Bok Ja.

“I heard you guys had a new hottie join your class”, Hye Young questioned.

“Yeah”, Ha Na replied.

Hye Young pressed for more. “So, how‟s he?”

I let Ha Na do the talking. “His name? Kang Yoon Sung. Up for the reputation. Hot. Cool and-

“Hot and cool?” Bok Ja asked, lost.

“Pretty boy and puts on a tough act”, I explained.

Ha Na continued. “And, looks like we found a person that isn‟t scared of Yoo Jin besides her

“Ooooooo” cooed Hye Young and Bok Ja.

“So he got you?” Hye Young asked interested.

“Not yet. Wait „til I use my eyes”, I defended.

They nodded in strong agreement. My phone buzzed.


“It‟s leader of The Gentle Tigers. What chu doing after school?”

“Going home.”

“Boring. Meet you outside Chungdong High later.”


“Tell you then.”

He hung up.

“That little cute tiger of yours again?” Ha Na inquired.

I nodded. “Don‟t know what he wants now.”

She turned away.


Biology is sooooooo BORING!!!

I gripped my pen loosely and doodled on the paper pad.

A boy came in and told the teacher we had to move classes just for this lesson because of
some pesticide cleaning check thing.

We all moved into a classroom on the next level at the end of the corridor. Class continued as
normal and I was bored as usual.

Hehe… I smiled to myself whilst I scribbled in black ink on the table.

Ha Na leaned over to peer at what I was doing. I shoved her away.

“Come on, don‟t be a b1tch. What did you write?”


A man in white poked his head through the doorway. “Mrs, your classroom is ready again.”

“Let‟s move class!”

The whole class groaned as we packed our things again. I stood up and started walking away
when the newbie called me back.

“Yah, your pen”, he said blandly.

Man, he‟s voice is like a robot. No ups, no downs.

I turned around. He picked up the pen on my table and held it out to me, in the process,
reading what I had written on the table and raised his brows. I yanked my pen from his

“Got a problem?” I asked.

“D‟you swallow a bomb or something?”

He‟s blank face, argh! I grit my teeth and clenched my fists. Ha Na backed away from me
along with the rest of the class. Umma would kill you. Umma would kill you.

SCREW THAT! I slapped him across his left cheek.

Silence… then he started chuckling and bit his lip. His eyes looked at mine lazily.

Mrs. Lee came back into the classroom and every student‟s attention dashed to her. “What is
this? Why is everyone still in here? I was wondering why I was walking alone.”

She chuckled and no one returned it. They all just continued looking at Kang Yoon Sung and
I again.

“I see. Trust Kim Yoo Jin to start a fight with a new student.”

I immediately protested. “Miss! I-”

She cut me off. “Kang Yoon Sung. Is there anything she had done to you that requires
medical attention? Do you need to file a complaint?”

Besides offering that everyone knew she couldn‟t do much more about me.

“No miss. She did nothing”, came his reply.

I gawked at him. Nothing?

“Right. Class get a move on! Come on now!” Mrs. Lee hustled.

Everyone started moving out behind the teacher, except Ha Na who stayed behind with me.
Kang Yoon Sung looked back at me.

“Why didn‟t you tell her?”

He ignored my question. “Next time if you‟re going to slap someone, put effort into it.”


“Like this.”
He demonstrated. And it hurt. A LOT.

I clutched onto my burning right cheek. Ha Na rushed forward.

“YAH! What do you think you‟re doing?!”

He looked down at her. Ha Na looked up registering his height and had second thoughts. He
simply walked out of the classroom.

“Sorry Yoo Jin…” Ha Na muttered.

“Don‟t worry. It‟s even now”, I said.

“Since when did you play fair?”

“Only this once.”

Kang Yoon Sung.

Seems like I‟ve gotten myself a new enemy.


The two senior girls walking in front of us seemed to be having a good time. I‟m in a bad
mood and don‟t know how much longer I‟m gonna let them continue.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Did you hear?!”

“No! What?”

“Yoo Sang Hyuk came back from his sports lesson and when he went in…”

[B*tch‟s Flashback]

Yoo Sang Hyuk entered head down into the classroom, behind him Jo Tae Woo. Yoo Sang
Hyuk sat down at his usual table. His eyes widened as he read the message on his desk.
Immediately he blushed and covered it with his hands like a mother would to her child if
there was a nude running man on the street. He searched around wildly, finally grabbing his
book and covering it. Jo Tae Woo noticed this and scurried over, swiftly lifting the book up.

 “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! People come and read this! Kim Yoo Jin professes her love to
Sang Hyuk yet again!”

The whole class got up and rushed over to the desk. If anything, Sang Hyuk was about to die
from embarrassment. A girl leant over Sang Hyuk and read the message.

“ „Sang Hyuk oppa… I love you so much I‟d let you be my teddy bear. I miss you so much I‟d
kill to see you. I want you so much I‟d drink from Mrs. Lee‟s mug! I love you I miss you I
want you!‟ ”

Everyone‟s eyes were filled with tears from laughter. Yoo Sang Hyuk crouched down low and
buried his face in the desk.

[End Flashback]
Hye Young and Bok Ja both gawked at me. OMG. Sang Hyuk wasn‟t supposed to read that!
Who on Earth pays attention to such thing? Sh1t, I forgot I‟m the only one that even likes
Sang Hyuk!

“Hehehehe!” The b*tch‟s friend giggled. “How was he like?”

“Yoo Sang Hyuk? He almost choked.”

I walked beside them and nudged the friend. She gave me an annoyed glance then double
looked. Her eyes widened and she gulped.

“That Kim Yoo Jin is going overboard. Poor Sang Hyuk, always being stalked by her.”

The b*tch had not noticed my presence and continued b*tching away. Her friend nudged for
her to stop but she didn‟t pay any attention. I nodded my head over my shoulder to the
friend and she obediently ran away. I came next to the b*tch who was still going on.

“…seriously, she can get any guy she wants. And it‟s not fair, she‟s not pretty, is dumb and
she acts like a gangster! Girls shouldn‟t be like that these days. Yet all the guys she likes end
up falling right into her trap! Then she gets bored of them and dumps them! I could do with
a few of her ex‟s myself actually…”

I remained silent.

“Ji Mi why aren‟t you talk-” The b*tch turned at last. “O-oh…”

“Yeah that‟s right. Say that again b*tch? What? Gangster? Shouldn‟t be like that? YAH!” She
jumped. “Who are you to lecture me huh? Huh? You‟re getting on the wrong side of Kim Yoo
Jin here!”

She couldn‟t keep her calm. “I‟m sorry Yoo Jin I‟m sorry! Please forgive me! I won‟t say
another bad word against you ever again!”

I raised my hand high and made my eyes lethal. The girl screamed and shut her eyes tightly.
I pushed her forehead. “You better not.”

She opened her eyes, nodded and dashed away.

Ha Na, Hye Young and Bok Ja caught up to me.

“So that‟s what you were writing…” Ha Na said.

“Yah Yoo Jin. I guess people are starting to forget Dong Wan‟s threat”, Hye Young said.

Only Bok Ja tried to be comforting. “At least it‟s fate between you and Sang Hyuk, Yoo Jin.
You didn‟t want him to read it and it just happened to be his desk. It‟s not your fault he
choked on it.”

That‟s why I said „try‟.


I looked around and my eyes darted towards Dong Wan leaning against the brick wall with
his hands in his pocket.

“I‟ll see you tomorrow”, Ha Na waved and disappeared.
“Bye”, Bok Ja said.

Hye Young simply nodded and went away.

“Has she still got something against me?”

“Who, you mean Ha Na? What do you think?”

“That she should get the hell over it. It happened ages ago and not the whole school heard
her anyway.”

I‟d like to defend her but I didn‟t feel like it. Dong Wan tapped me.

“He at your school?” His head gestured towards a tall guy walking out of the school alone.

“Kang Yoon Sung. New asshole. Just came today”, I replied, recognising his outline.

Know thy enemy, they say.

Dong Wan sighed with a slight frown. “Grudge already? What the hell is it with you girl?”

“You‟re talking? I‟m not the one with every leading gang member wanting to stab my back.”

He laughed it off.

“Why did you ask?”

“Kang Yoon Sung. Cool guy. Been tryna get him on my side for more than three months
now”, Dong Wan replied.

“He‟s a gang member?” I asked bewildered.

“Nah. Just real smart with tactics and got the best fighting moves.” He saw my questioning
look and explained further. “Seen him defend his aunt before. The Red Arrows tried getting
protection money from his aunt. You know the rules.”

I nodded. “No money, no store.”

“Yeah. His aunt didn‟t make enough spare money out of her fashion store so they planned to
destroy it. He somehow found out that kid, and they never came. Apparently the night before
they planned to attack he threatened them using my gang. Said if The Red Arrows touched
the store or his aunt he‟d inform my gang on their latest scheme to take over my

“How the f*ck does he know all that?”

“The f*ck do we know. He‟s got no connections into the underworld, does all the
investigation by himself.”

I was amazed by his talent. Shutting up and threatening the The Red Arrows? Never seen
that tried before.

I asked more. “And how do you know?”

“Baby I know everything”, he leaned in closer to my ear and whispered, “I got an insider in
that gang. Kang Yoon Sung‟s information would have been useless anyhow.”
“And you still want him?”

He shrugged. “Stop asking me questions. We got some celebrating to do- The Red Arrows
are gone! I took over their nests.”

Hmm… Kang Yoon Sung really that tough? He‟ll be a challenging match. Just then I spotted
Sang Hyuk walking some distance behind Yoon Sung.

“SANG HYUK!” I waved in hyper mode.

He turned around and so did Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung gave me a pathetic look and continued
his way. Sang Hyuk screamed… and ran away. Dong Wan started dragging me but I shook
myself free and followed him. He sighed but had nothing to say.

Chapter 7 – Money Can Buy Anything.

“Yah. Kim Yoo Jin, are you bored?” Mother asked me from the kitchen.

I sat in front of the TV switching from channel to channel. “Yes umma, Fat Ugly Cow Keeping

“I don‟t want to hear even replacements for that word under this roof Kim Yoo Jin.”

From the corner of my eye, I saw her wipe her hands on her apron and she grabbed
something from the table before sitting down next to me.

“Don‟t you ever have any homework? I know you had Maths today and you‟re shi- I mean,
bad. VERY bad at that. You should do more practice if you don‟t get given homework!
Everyday you come home from school and you‟re either out with your girl friends or sitting
here lazy like a pig. Never seen you hold a pen to do homework!”

Actually, I mostly hang with guy friends. But she doesn‟t know that. I stayed silent. She‟s
starting to get to the point. Damn the TV, nothing interesting.

“Here. Take this”, she shoved a newspaper article to me.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Since you‟re not doing anything after school you might as well get a job”, she said

“Umma! I don‟t want to!” I protested.

She glared at me and I shrank away. Appa, sitting on the lounge perpendicular to where I
sat, looked up briefly from his newspaper.

He muttered softly but not in an inaudible way. “So that‟s who you inherited it from…”

Umma ignored him. I reluctantly looked down at the shabby article neatly cut out.

“It‟s from Mondays to Fridays”, I stated.
“Enough for you.”

I continued to scan the ad.

“Umma! Have you read it properly? The pay‟s only eight dollars an hour!” I exclaimed.

She replied matter-of-factly to her own daughter, “That‟s all you‟re worth.”





I ran into my bedroom and locked the door.


“Yoo Jin, how come by now you‟re not with Yoo Sang Hyuk yet?” Hye Young asked after she
finished swallowing her donut.

“Damn I can‟t say you‟re not stupid with sincerity”, ooohh… big language! Hehe. “With a
sweety like Sang Hyuk, you have to go slow and easy. He‟s so damn shy and quiet and I
don‟t know where to start with him”, I explained.

I stared across the courts to where he was playing basketball. He shot, and missed. I felt like
I needed to do something and so clapped my hands and cheered him on. “WOOOOOH! GO
SANG HYUK GO!” I waved my arms in the air.

All at the courts turned to stare at me. A few laughed, a few smirked, a few confused and a
few shyly waved back thinking I had waved to them. Sang Hyuk met my eye and quickly
looked away. Hye Young‟s right. It is far too slow. By now with other guys they‟d be starting
to crush on me, but Sang Hyuk, if anything else, seems frightened of me.

Hye Young started fidgeting and combing her hair with her fingers. Ha Na nudged her.

“Yah, what are you doing?” Ha Na questioned.

“Can‟t you see Jo Tae Woo is heading my way?!” She snapped.

She‟s right. He is heading towards us. He leaned on the table next to Bok Ja. I could tell Bok
Ja was daring him to move one inch closer to her so that she could beat him for brushing
her. I think Bok Ja‟s hands are itching from beating someone.

However, Tae Woo did not address Bok Ja, or Hye Young. He talked to me. “Yoo Jin, why
don‟t you ever cheer for me?”

Did I hear him right? “What?”

“It pains me to hear a girl cheering for Yoo Sang Hyuk while no one cheers for me”, he said
casually. He glanced around the area. “Why don‟t you be like the other girls and go for the
handsome one around here, aka me?”

Hye Young, Ha Na and Bok Ja all looked thunder-struck.
I laughed in his face. “Are you kidding me?”


I stood up and leaned in close to him, placing a hand on his torso. Tae Woo smirked but I
pushed him back instead of doing whatever he thought I was going to.

I tapped my temple and said, “You‟re brain‟s screwed to the max”, with a light laugh.

Jo Tae Woo scrambled up from the floor with a grin on his face. He started laughing and I
knew he was only teasing me.

“No wonder you had so many boyfriends. You intrigue people- or at least, males”, he said.


“I came to tease you and I succeeded. So I‟ll make it up to you- go to the library”, he

Hell if I ever went to the library. At most I went there twice a year. Who goes there? Every
time I do I get kicked out for some stupid reason. The last time I went there, the librarian
kicked me out for mooing at the junior dorks. Haha! It took their genius brains ages to figure
out it was an actual person making the cow noises.

“Why should I?” I challenged.

“If you want to get closer to Sang Hyuk, then take my advice”, he simply said.

With that, he walked off leaving a grumpy Hye Young. Usually I‟d try to piss her off more for
the fun of it but I couldn‟t be bothered. I had something else to do.

“Girls, I‟m going”, I said grabbing my bag.

“You‟re not serious are you? Listening to that jerk?” Ha Na exclaimed. Then she remembered
Hye Young‟s presence and added, “No offence or anything.”

Hye Young raised a brow. “He is a jerk.”

“Right. Bye!”

I left our lunch table.


I swear on my great aunt‟s pig‟s head that if Jo Tae Woo lied to me I would break his neck
off. What the hell does he want me to look for? I scanned the library area but saw nothing of
interest. Then I saw it, right beside me hiding on the pole was a mini piece of paper:

                        IF YOU NEED HELP, COME TO YOO SANG HYUK.
                I am tutoring people so please come to see me if you need help.
                                Contact Number: 0492 545 666

*Nods* Oh yeah, I need help from Yoo Sang Hyuk. For a guy with brains like him, you‟d think
that he would choose a better spot for an advertisement than a pole covered with gum and
so unattractive. Oh well, the better for me. At least no one else could see the ad. I ripped it
off. Jo Tae Woo you‟re lucky this time.
I turned around gleefully and had an eye sore. Standing right there was Kang Yoon Sung.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“None of your business”, he replied.

“You were standing behind me”, I pointed out.

“No. You‟re blocking my way. If you haven‟t realised yet, the world does not revolve around
your ass”, he said in the same monotone.

I realised that I had been busy bending over reading the ad and my ass was blocking the
way to the library. My cheeks felt hot and I moved aside, sticking my foot out. Kang Yoon
Sung tripped over it but did not fall. I punched the air, damn it! Why is he always so lucky!
He swung around and glared at me.

Just then, Sang Hyuk passed by Kang Yoon Sung to get out of the library. He lowered his
head when he saw me, and his friends left him all alone with me. Good boys.

“Sang Hyuk!” I said brightly.

Kang Yoon Sung glanced at me pathetically for my mood swing. His eyes suddenly enlarged
fifty times and he spun around to run for refugee in the library. I turned around to see what
it was that scared him, but all I saw was a flock of chicks shoving themselves past me. Geez,
what‟s with the girls at this school? Stalking him?

Once they disappeared into the library hunting for him, I found Sang Hyuk still rooted to the
same position. “Yoo Jin”, he acknowledged.

Should I ask him about tuition? Man my heart is thumping from the excitement! Nah, I‟ll
surprise him later.

“Are you going out to lunch now?” I asked him.

He slightly nodded. “Um yeah… so, I‟ll just go- now.”

Sang Hyuk left. Yes! Another successful conversation. I wonder why he‟s always in a hurry

Kang Yoon Sung walked casually out of the library. How did he get away with those girls?

As if reading my mind, he paused and answered my question. “I lured them into the seminar
room and locked them up.”

“So? Why are you tellin‟ me for?”

He shrugged. I looked across the library to the seminar room. I could swear that GREEN
PEACE (I like the way appa says it, GREEN PISS) would protest for animal cruelty with the
way all those chicks are squashed in one room. I felt sorry for them, what‟s wrong with
chasing a guy?

I started walking over to the seminar room. I was at the door when I briefly looked at the
library entrance and saw Kang Yoon Sung still standing there, his face telling me „don‟t you
dare‟. I do.

I unlocked the door and all the chicks swarmed out.

I smirked and exited the library after them. Kang Yoon Sung had chosen to stick to the
ground and say nothing. He was pissed off but silent. I watched with amusement as he tried
to get out of the circle by pushing them but the force pushing in was much too great for him.
*sighs* Poor Kang Yoon Sung.

Mwhahahaha! Torture Kang Yoon Sung, check.


I crept into the kitchen carefully. Umma was cooking Chinese tonight- hmm… smells good. I
grabbed a spoon from the dinner table and quickly dipped it into the frying pan.

“Yum! The fried rice tastes good umma!” I complimented.

Umma smacked my belly. “Why is your appetite so large? You eat eat eat eat non-stop!!!”

I pouted and dropped the spoon into the sink. On second thoughts, I picked it up again and
washed it. Umma looked at me curiously.

“Yoo Jin, is there something you want?”

“No umma.”

She nodded and continued tossing the rice around in the pan. She seems to be in a good
enough mood.

“Umma, would you pay for my tuition?”

“No darling.”

“What? Why not?!”

“Because I know you‟d end up with the same result anyway. Or you‟ll take the money and
embarrass the Kim family again when the tutor rings me up to tell me that my daughter has
skipped class, again”, she reasoned.

Appa came in to get biscuits from the cupboard.

“I bought those for you, appa!” I informed him.

He nodded impressively, “Good girl”, then thought again, “What is it that you want?”

“Would you pay for my tuition?”



“You‟ll just end up with the same result anyway. Or you‟ll take the money and-”

I cut him off. “OK. OK. Fine.”

Defeated. Maybe I should ask Super Freak to persuade them.
“Take the job”, umma said.


Appa stopped eating the biscuits and concentrated on the conversation.

“If you want the money or tuition or whatever, take the job I told you about yesterday”,
umma said and added, “You still remember the techniques grandma taught you?”


After school, I followed Sang Hyuk to his home discreetly. When the door shut, I pressed the
doorbell and didn‟t have to wait long. Two seconds later, Sang Hyuk opened the door.

His eyes magnified times hundred.

I put on a wide smile. “Hi.”

“What are you doing here?!”

I held up the tuition advertisement. He quickly scanned it and his lips muttered something
like „naw naw naw‟.


A lady with bushy hair and wearing an apron appeared next to Sang Hyuk. She looked from
Sang Hyuk to me.

“You are…?”

I introduced myself. “Kim Yoo Jin, Madam.”

An elderly man appeared next to her. He had a mole the size of a baby‟s fingerprint smack
bang in the middle of his left cheek. Sang Hyuk‟s father, no doubt.

“Sang Hyuk, where‟s your manners? Invite the girl in!” He said.

Sang Hyuk stared desperately at his father. I laughed. Why is he doing that?

“Come in Yoo Jin”, Sang Hyuk‟s mother welcomed.

I came in and his parents left me alone with him in their living room. He sat down and I sat
next to him. I wasn‟t so close to him but he inched over anyhow.

“Sang Hyuk, you could tutor me, right?”

“No I‟m sorry, I‟m already tutoring someone else and I can only tutor one person”, he

Before I had time to react his mother came back in. “My God! Is this about the tuition?”

She held two glasses of lemonade and placed one in front of each of us. I thanked her but
she turned to her son.

“Thank God! Finally a student Sang Hyuk! No more hesitation, Yoo Jin, my Sang Hyuk will
tutor you”, she announced.
I smiled widely but Sang Hyuk hadn‟t given up. “Actually, I was just about to tear that ad
down bu-”

“How‟s $20 an hour?” I offered.

His eyes widened with greed. Nice try Sang Hyuk, but you‟re not gonna get away with this

“Twe-twenty dollars?!” He repeated.

I nodded. “And I want one and half hours on Saturdays.”

“DEAL!” His mother eagerly agreed.

Sang Hyuk said nothing.

SECURED! As they say, money can buy anything. It made me agree to work, it made Sang
Hyuk agree to tutor me and… it‟s making a start for me and Sang Hyuk.
Chapter 8 – Devil‟s Day.

“Come on. One hundred dollars a week? And you work for 12.5 hours? F*ck that‟s stupid. I
earn 100 times that. I‟ll pay for your tuition with hopeless Yoo Sang Hyuk.”

Dong Wan still couldn‟t believe I‟m actually going to work. Actually, no one can.

“I don‟t want it. Besides, I‟ll be working and thinking of Sang Hyuk so it shouldn‟t be too
hard”, I sighed. “And don‟t call him hopeless! He has more brain cells than your cuckoo brain
could handle!”

“Pfft. All that maths and science doesn‟t necessarily mean he‟ll earn more than I do. A smart
useful guy is one with money and knows how to earn it”, he pointed to himself, “and I‟m
better at it than he is, Yoo Jin.”

“At least he wouldn‟t do it via illegal means”, I retorted.

The other happy cubs all heard my comment and I could tell they were looking at their leader
to see his reaction. He didn‟t blow up though. Damn! The Happy Yum owner was starting to
sweat out of fear.

“I‟m getting used to your comments. I knew you weren‟t smart but you didn‟t have to prove
it, Yoo Jin. Don‟t you know every rich company and business in the world do illegal things
everyday? If they all went by the law then none of them would be rich. I never knew you
could be so naïve”, he said.

“Shut your ass. I gotta go now.”

I slung my bag over one shoulder but Dong Wan stood up. All his happy cubs copied him.
The owner too, stood up with a relieved smile.

“I‟ll drop you off.”

“I want to find my own way.”

“Why? Ashamed of where you‟re working?” He provoked.

I nodded. “Yes, now don‟t stalk me and get on with your life.”
“I have a better life than to follow you. No one can be nice to you, Yoo Jin. You‟re just too

“Thank you.”


So you wanna know my new life timetable? I work

I think I‟m gonna die from working too hard. Nah, from working too damn much is more like

I looked gloomily at my workplace and entered the small store. The doorbell rung as I
opened the door. The woman with a bun standing at the counter eyed me up and down. If
she were at any other place I would tell her, „I‟ll gauge your eyes out if you don‟t quit looking
at me, b1tch‟, but she‟s not. She and I are both in this place. I glared at her.

“What are you here for? Don‟t tell me you want a massage”, she said as if I wasn‟t worth

“I‟m the rookie.”

Yes people. Regretfully and sadly, Kim Yoo Jin is working at a massage parlour called „666‟.
Mind you it‟s not one of those professional ones, it‟s one of those where men who can barely
afford their shoes come in so at least some part of their body will be touched by a female.
And no, there is definitely NO SEX! Or touching of any body part other than feet for that

Why would any parent allow or encourage their daughter to take on such a job? Because it
brings in money. Nah that‟s not true, I eavesdropped on umma and appa talking last night
and umma reckons having me do a really dirty and low job would teach me what will become
of me if I don‟t start studying hard. Pfft. Studying hard doesn‟t always bring in money. Look
at Dong Wan. Sure, he was alright in school but he never actually studied hard and he‟s got
money rolling into him uncontrollably everyday.

The hag looked me up and down, muttered to herself then motioned for me to follow her.
She led me up the staircase where the floor was covered with straw mats and there were a
bunch of Korean females of all kinds- I mean it. They ranged from this huge-as chick plopped
on a bean bag, to this short midget with an adult look to this old granny that looked like
she‟d fall over with a poke.

Deciding I‟d have to get used to them, I bent my head and was about to say something
pleasant when The Hag spoke. “This is the new girl. What‟s your name?”

“Kim Yoo Jin.”

“Right. Lim Moo Shin.” I was about to correct her but she didn‟t let me. “Bridget Midget your
faithful customer wants you”, The Hag said and the shortie got up and followed her
downstairs, leaving me all alone.

The others all went back to what they were doing and ignored me completely. I can be rude,
but I would never ignore a poor helpless rookie who has no idea what the hell is going on, I
think. So I just stood there, not moving not speaking. The Hag came back up the stairs and
glared at me.
“What are you doing?” She snapped in her croaky voice.

I shrugged and she pressed her lips together. “Get changed into your uniform. There‟s a
spare set in the cupboard there”, she said and went back down.

I walked past the weirdos to the tall cupboard and slid the door. I found a white collared t-
shirt and lanky beige pants. Some uniform, I‟d rather wear Chungdong High‟s white and navy
chequered skirt. I located the toilets behind the beaded curtains and got changed. Not
knowing what to do next, I joined the females on the floor. Some were chatting, some were
eating food, some were sleeping, some were picking their nose, and some were eating it.
Great colleagues.

“MOO SHIN!!” The Hag shouted.

I rushed down the stairs. “Wha- I mean, yes?”

“This is your first customer”, she said and smiled. “He said he wants someone with a cursed
look and I thought of you straight away.”

I looked at the person standing next to her. Kim Dong Wan.

“You‟ve got to be kidding me”, I uttered.

I glared at him. His mouth went to one side and his brows raised. We were reading each
other‟s eyes at that moment.

His read: You‟ve got to believe me, when I said I didn‟t want someone cursed I was thinking
of her.

Oh… so The Hag has hearing problems. I squinted my eyes to reply: I‟ll teach you a lesson
tomorrow just for coming.

He put on his innocent eyes: I‟m here to support you! What are friends for?

He came to torture me not support me.

Our conversation ended there as The Hag snapped at me. “No one here is kidding you Lim
Moo Shin. Now get started.”

The Hag led us into a room cramped with customers having their foot massaged and left.
Dong Wan lay himself on one of the long beds with white sheets. He grinned cheekily at me.

“Go on.”


“Take my shoes off.”

I should‟ve just kicked him out before, but it‟s too late!

I reluctantly pulled his joggers off. I advise you, never go into this profession, your hands will
rot from the stench. His feet are more than fifty of my Fart Bombs. I had the strong urge to
peg my nose.

“Yah, Dong Wan.”

“What Moo Shin?”
“Why do your feet stink so bad?”

“All feet in shoes stink. Unless you‟re Lim Moo Shin because then you‟re feet wouldn‟t just
stink, it would be damn strong enough to kill the world if you could die from stench.”

I stretched my arms and cracked my knuckles. I reached for his foot and just as I held onto it
he kicked me making me fall back.

He lifted himself to glance at me. “I didn‟t mean it. I was stretching”, he said casually.

I gripped his foot and dug one knuckle deep into the sole. I put in more strength than old
grandma had taught me to. Dong Wan howled and sat up.

“Oh dear! I‟m sorry but this is how it has to be done. If you can‟t stand it you must leave at
once, sir!” I said in a fake voice.

He forced a smile onto his face. “No, no. It feels good.” He lay back down.

I‟ll see how much you can handle. I twisted my knuckle deeper and deeper into his sole. I‟ve
learnt many things about Dong Wan, but one is if he‟s hurt he‟d keep silent. And from his
current silence, I think he‟s just about dead. Finally he bolted up and withdrew his foot from

“Thanks. Felt good. I‟ve got to go now”, he said abruptly.

I smirked then widened my eyes and pouted. “What? But I‟ve been told each session goes for
fifteen minutes and you‟ve only done five minutes!”

“Nah. I‟ve done my part as a friend”, he quickly said.

As soon as he put his socks and shoes back on, he rushed to the counter with me closely
behind him.

The Hag looked up from the counter. “Already done, sir?”

“I‟m in a hurry, actually”, he excused and paid.

I followed him to the door and held it open for him. He stepped out and turned around. “The
uniform really looks good on you”, he commented.

I raised my hand threateningly, he smirked and left. I stared at his back. Dong Wan waved
without turning.

“D1ckhead”, I muttered to myself.

I turned around and The Hag‟s face was staring right back at me.

She put her index finger close to my face, “I‟ve never had any customer leave within five
minutes. You‟ve made the record book, girl. One more time and you‟re fired. There‟s plenty
who want this job.”

I stared cross-eyed at her wavering finger. I smacked her finger away with one hand. “Didn‟t
you hear him say he‟s in a hurry?”
She glared dangerously at me and walked away with her hands on her hips. I headed for the
stairs whilst massaging my own hands. This f*cking job is gonna cost me my hands. Or
maybe I just put too much effort into Dong Wan‟s foot.

I had enough time to place my foot on the first step when The Hag croaked again. “Moo
Shin! You-”


“That‟s what I said you little dummy. Here‟s another job for you.”

I spun around to face her again. Standing at the door was an anorexic man wearing a daggy
brown coat. Sh1t. Doing fat feet are fine with me, because they‟re squashy and won‟t hurt
the knuckles. Massaging skinny feet means bone against bone… ouch.

I grinned unenthusiastically at the man. He smiled showing all but the 30 teeth that are
missing. The remaining teeth were stained and rotting away. How are his feet like then? I‟m
going to find out soon enough so there‟s no point in wondering.

I sighed and showed him back into the room where I now saw the fragile granny I saw
upstairs working away energetically. The chubby grandpa whom she was massaging seemed
to be having the time of his life and kept groaning. My face scrunched at the two and I
turned my attention back to my own client. I pulled his holey shoes off. He wasn‟t wearing
socks. And… his feet are equivalent to 999 fart bombs. I won‟t say 1000, „cause that would
mean I‟d be dead. I have big problems when it comes to scent. Yet this is my job… geez
what is the world coming to?

I took hold of his foot and he giggled. I ignored it and pressed my thumbs against his sole.
He kicked me square in the stomach.

“Ugh…” I winced clutching onto my stomach. So my stomach is flabby, but it‟s not enough to
rebound that. For an anorexic person he‟s sure got strong legs. I didn‟t bother waiting for the
apology because I was in no royal position to demand for one. This is a stupid place called
666 after all.

In the next ten minutes, I received three blows to the shoulder and two more to the
stomach. Each time I cursed only loud enough for myself to hear. Then I attempted one
more time to massage his foot when his dirty chicken skinny foot kicked my forehead making
my neck bend back and crack. I bent my neck straight again with another crack and wiped
my forehead because I knew there would be a black smudge on it since his feet are so damn

I stood up as he sat up. “Yah! I‟ve had enough! What the f*ck are you doing? Have your feet
got rabbies or what? Why the hell can‟t you keep still?!!!”

The man got off the bed. “What? Rabbies? Do you know who I am, missy? I‟ve been this
place‟s customer for the past eight years and never once have I received treatment like this!”

I closed my eyes as the spit coming from his mouth sprayed onto my face. I slapped him and
spat back in his face. “Sh1t. Can‟t you talk without spitting all over my face?”

“Why you little b1tch!”

He lunged at me and pulled my hair. I screamed and attacked. I elbowed his chest, head
banged him and kneed him where it counts. His knees crossed and he crouched down in
“Aw aw ow…”, he cried.

By now the grandpa had stopped groaning and everyone was focused on me and the
anorexic man. The Hag dashed into the room.

“Oh my!”



The Hag threw my bag out after me.

HAG!” I yelled back.

You know what? I bet she heard me and I bet she‟s now thinking what a good idea, it‟ll save
her from using her own fingers. F*cken b1tch.

I picked up my bag. I could go home now and explain to umma that all I did was defend
myself against an anorexic man, punched my boss‟s face because her fretting annoyed me
and as a result she fired me. Nothing big. I shook my head. No no. Umma would bury me
alive next to grandma.

“Dear, are you alright?”

I looked at the concerned person. It was a beautiful woman in her forties. She looked worn
out but very gentle and kind. I felt myself calming down due to her concern. I could tell the
woman was eying my messy hair, my ripped and creased clothing, my smudged forehead
and my droopy tired face. She probably thought I was a bum.

“My my… you poor girl. What has that woman done to you?” She asked in that gentle voice.

“Oh nothing. I just got fired”, I replied.

The woman nodded. “Are you in need of a job?”

“Desperate”, I said.

“I am too.”

I looked questioningly at her.

She smiled and went on, “I‟m in need of an employee.”
Chapter 9 – Dare You To Dare.

“I‟m home!” I announced whilst taking my shoes off.

Yoo Na and appa were sitting next to each other watching TV. Umma was sitting at the
kitchen table reading the newspaper.

Yoo Rin emerged from her room carrying a cup of water. “How was your first day?”

“I got fired.”

Yoo Na looked at me with eyes widely opened. “What?”

“What?!” Appa echoed.

“WHAT?!” Umma roared.

I should be sh1ting in my pants by now, but I‟m not. On the contrary, I‟m very hungry.

“I got fired. Umma, seriously, you can‟t expect me to work there for the rest of my life can

“Yoo Jin! You only worked for one day!” Umma said in an exasperated voice.

“How did you get fired, Yoo Jin?” Appa asked me.

“This man kept kicking me when I tried to massage his foot so we had a fight then it turned
into a mini brawl”, I said truthfully.

“Is that all?” Appa questioned unsurely.

I was reluctant to add, “And then I punched The Hag.”

“Who‟s that?” Yoo Rin asked with a distorted expression.

“My ex-boss”, I replied.

Umma‟s face went red and she clapped a hand to her forehead. “Aiya! She hit her boss! What
kind of stupid girl are you?!”

A not very stupid one? I crinkled my nose to try and achieve a sulky look. Appa saw and
studied my face.

“It‟s looking very ugly”, he advised.

I undid my retarded expression and put on my cheeky face. “But I got a better job.”

Appa looked taken aback, Yoo Rin took another sip of water, Yoo Na switched the TV off and
umma stopped whinging.

“A better one? How? Where? When?” Umma burst out.

I explained the situation of the lady and how she gave me a job- except I made the picture a
little prettier, I told them the lady found me and thought I looked like a smart girl, not a
hobo. “It‟s the exact same pay and working time, only now I get to do a proper job”, I
finished and emphasised on the „proper‟.

I phoned Ha Na, Hye Young and Bok Ja to tell them the news. Their reaction was just as I
expected; they all knew I wasn‟t gonna last long but never thought me capable of getting
another job. I pondered on ringing Dong Wan, but why should I? I got a better job now and
have the right to boast to him. I dialled his home number.

“Miss me already, Yoo Jin?” He said before I even opened my mouth.

“Guess what?”

“You got fired and your new job is a toilet bowl licker.”

“I got fired and my new job is a shop assistant”, I said proudly.

“You- you what?! No sh1t. Don‟t lie”, he said, not believing me.

I went through the whole process of how I got my new job again, except the „she thought I
was a hobo‟ bit.

“Congratulations”, he said. “Another call‟s coming in.”

He hung up on me. As$hole.

I checked the time. It‟s not past ten yet, not too late to ring Sang Hyuk… but no! I don‟t want
him to know I have to work as a massage girl to pay his tuition. He‟ll feel bad.

I lay down and closed my eyes. I‟ve had enough cr@p for one day.



Everyone closed their mouth so I decided to shut mine too. The Moon ain‟t happy today.

“What‟s with Mr. Moon today? He usually doesn‟t give a sh1t for what we do”, Ha Na
whispered whilst copying down the notes.

“Pens down. Today you are getting your partners for the Japanese research project”, The
Moon revealed. “And yes, you will be able to pair yourselves. You have five minutes. Once
you‟re done you can spend the rest of the lesson discussing your project.”

The students started getting up and moving all around the classroom to find a partner. A few
girls made their way over Jin Kyu and Yoon Sung.

Jin Kyu leaned on the table with his arms folded. “So which one of you wants to be my
partner? If you‟re an A grade nerd then I‟ll pick you.”

How upfront. The girls all cast him a „ummm… no thank you‟ look and eyed Yoon Sung.

One of them hinted to Yoon Sung, “I‟m an A grade student…”

Jin Kyu buried his head in the invisible hole somewhere beneath the table. Sucked in!

I turned to Ha Na. “Be my partner?” I asked in a childish voice.
“Of course!” She squeaked.

“OK. Let‟s pick a Japanese celebrity…” I said.

“Yeah! Let‟s go Ayumi Hamasaki!”

I cast her a disagreeing look. “No way b1tch. Utada Hikaru!”






“No. Fine, we shall bring the matter to The Moon!”


We both got up and approached The Moon.

I spoke before Ha Na could. “Sir, isn‟t Utada Hikaru a very good singer?”

His eyebrows rose. “Yes… and?”

“Wouldn‟t she make a better project topic than Ayumi Hamasaki?”

His eyebrows almost touched his hairline.

I pressed on. “Since her songs do have more power and passion and-”

“No! Ayumi Hamasaki is way better!” Ha Na cut in.

I tilted my head and glared at her. Then the argument started and we were both raising our
voices so The Moon would listen to us. The Moon looked stressed and kept bobbing his head
from side to side trying to keep up with who was talking.

“Sir, I would like to work individually.”

Ha Na and I shut our mouth and looked at the intruder. Kang Yoon Sung.

Jin Kyu appeared next to Yoon Sung. “Mr. Moon, who is the smarter girl? Song Han Eul or
Bae Yumi?”

The Moon slammed the table and stood up. His face was all red and his head looked like it
was gonna explode any moment now. Jin Kyu, Yoon Sung, Ha Na and I all pulled back. The
Moon howled.

After he finished he stared at each of our faces and announced horror. “I don‟t want to hear
another word. Jung Ha Na, Kim Yoo Jin, if you girls can‟t work together then don‟t. Ha Na,
you work with Jin Kyu. Yoon Sung, you‟re with Yoo Jin.”

“NO!” Yoon Sung and I blurted out at the same time.
We sneered at each other whilst Ha Na and Jin Kyu were snickering.

Ha Na turned her head towards me and smirked. “At least I don‟t have to work with someone
I hate.”

I mouthed „piss off‟ to her.

“I can‟t work with him”, I complained to The Moon.

“I said not a word”, he replied and motioned for us to get going.

Ha Na and I hugged each other. Get ready to pull the curtains back…

“I can‟t believe we‟re not working together!” Ha Na cried pretentiously.

“I‟ll miss you so much!” I squealed.

She let me go. “I hope your partner brings you happiness”, she said with an innocent
expression. Ha Na‟s hand stretched pass me and patted Yoon Sung‟s shoulder. “Take good
care of her.”

Yoon Sung dodged her touch, and looked at her strangely before leaving. I smiled at Ha Na.

“Do try avoiding Jin Kyu‟s hands sliding up your skirt”, I sniffed.

Ha Na snorted and left with Jin Kyu to our seats. After all, at least Kang Yoon Sung doesn‟t
seem as perverted as Jin Kyu- or if he is, I‟ll knock his nostrils off that face. I don‟t think any
guy has ever tried touching me rudely though.

I forced my feet to carry me over to Kang Yoon Sung and plopped down in Jin Kyu‟s seat. We
didn‟t say anything to each other.

Then at last he spoke, “I don‟t really want to see you outside of school. So we should get this
done during school time.”

I turned and looked at him with a side smile. “I don‟t have the time for you even if you
wanted to see me outside school hours.”

“Good. Pick a Japanese.”

At least he let me pick.

“Utada Hikaru.”

His face remained expressionless which made me wonder what he‟s thinking. I needn‟t waste
my effort because his mouth then said, “I knew you were dumb, but not to this extent. The
project involves a Japanese artist; an ancient one with significant tribute to the Japanese

I glared at him. “Don‟t be stupid, you jerk. Utada Hikaru is an artist, and without her J-Pop
Japan wouldn‟t be where it is now”, I argued.

“So… before Hikaru started singing, Japan was… where?” He challenged.

I felt like punching his face but then that would mean I admit I lost. “I meant in the state it is
So we fought and fought and fought until I made a bet. “Screw it. Fine, we‟ll do that
Japanese poet or whatever- on one condition.”


“You have to get us 100%.”

“No. You have to get us 100%. I could earn the full marks, but it‟s a shared project so you
have to do your part as well and get 100%.”

“What? Are you saying I‟m not capable of getting 100% without you?”

“From what I know, yeah.”

“You‟re f*cked up in the head. So you‟re confident you‟ll get 100%?”

He nodded. But now I found myself confused and had to sort it out.

“I agree to that Jap poet if you can get 100%- or else you‟re my slave for a month.”

He nodded. “Right. But you have to get 100% for the part you‟re doing as well- or else you
owe me ten dares.”

“What the hell are you on about? Get 100% or else you‟re my b1tch. Deal?”

“Only if you agree that you owe me ten dares if you don‟t get 100% for your section.”

“Wait wait”, I had to process that through my head again. “So you would take on the bet
with me if I bet with you?”

He nodded. “In simple terms, if I don‟t get 100% I‟ll be your slave. If you don‟t get 100%,
you owe me ten dares.”

“That‟s twisted. I‟ll only agree to do the project on that Jap dude if you can get 100%. You‟re
overlapping the deals.”

Hell, I don‟t even know what I‟m saying anymore.

“You‟re never going to get 100% doing Utada Hikaru anyway. Toss it. Deal?”

I paused for a moment to think. “Aish whatever! Deal! We do Japanese dude and it‟s either
you‟re my slave or I owe you ten dares!!”

“Not entirely. What if both of us get 100%?”

I thought. I‟d love to have a slave. How bad can a dare get?

“We both pay.”


Another question popped out from inside my head. “What if none of us get 100%?”

“Durh, higher score wins.”

I snorted.
He ignored me. I realised he does that a lot, and I tend to let him get away with it more
often than I would with other people. Or maybe it‟s because he does it way too often for me
to punch him every time.

The bell signalled the end of the day. Yoon Sung got up, slung his bag over one shoulder and
left. Ha Na walked over to me.

“How was it?” She asked with an excited smile.

My group has concluded that whenever there is a clash between me and Kang Yoon Sung,
there is a new interesting tale. Well, here‟s another one for them to pass on to their next


I hopped off the bus and checked my watch. 5:15. I got 15 minutes to look for my new
workplace. Luckily I already got changed at school. The lady told me I don‟t have a uniform
and that I could wear whatever I like that is „decent‟. So I chose long black pants and a fancy
white shirt for my first day.

I wondered around a little then found the small corner shop at the end of the street. This
street wasn‟t all that busy... is the shop busy then? I peered inside. Finally, Kim Yoo Jin gets
to work in the one thing she really cares for, FASHION! I opened the door and the chimes
started chiming. The lady was arranging clothes on a rack and looked over to me.

She smiled. “You‟re here.”

Even though she smiled, there was still something about her that made her look weak to me,
like she just ate a poisoned apple.

“Good afternoon, M- madam.” I was gonna say Mrs. Blah but I still didn‟t know my boss‟s

“Everyone calls me Ms. Oh. But madam doesn‟t sound bad.”

“Yes, madam.”

“I trust that you know your working hours and pay so I‟ll tell you your basic jobs. Mainly you
have to get to know the price of the clothes well and serve the customers. You can help me
with other chores too.”

“Yes, madam.”

This job sounds cool already. “Madam, most stores close during the night… why do you need
to open?” I asked her.

“My customers are usually business women who only have time to shop this late”, she
replied. “Oh I forgot. The staffroom is over there”, she informed pointing over to an area on
the wall.

The walls had a white background with red flowers on top that gave the whole store an
antique appearance. And the thing with this wonderful wall was that I couldn‟t see the damn
door. I stared until my eyeballs almost exploded and still couldn‟t detect the handle.

Madam Oh let out a laugh. “I‟m sorry, here I‟ll show you.”

She walked over to it and showed me the door knob which blended into the flowers. If you
took a step back and looked at it, you could see it was designed so that it was the bud of a
flower on the wall. Interesting.

So I spent the rest of the night trying to memorise the ton of prices. The store wasn‟t busy so
I didn‟t need to serve any customers because Madam Oh could handle them all. If I had, I
reckon about three women would be in hospital by now. The way some of them bossed
Madam Oh around and snapped at her was so damn b1tchy!

I realised this was only a very small business; most customers come and buy only one piece
and the clothing in this store were set at a medium price.

The phone rang and Madam Oh picked it up. “Runway Styles, Oh Yeo Il speaking.”

I heard the person muffle something in return and Madam Oh dropped her professional tone.

“Oh. So you‟re not picking me up or coming home for dinner? Right. Don‟t stay out too late.
Oh. Take care.” She hung up and looked at me. “My nephew.”

I nodded.

“Yoo Jin, you can go home now. I‟m about to close the store.”

I grabbed my belongings from the staffroom and said goodbye to Madam Oh before leaving.
Hmm… I never realised it was so dark. I only just turned the corner when I heard footsteps
behind me. Without moving my head, my eyes side glanced the brick wall. Three clear
shadows- myself, and two men. Sh1t.

I sped up. They sped up. I pulled my bag strap higher onto my shoulder and yelled, “F*ck
youse!” And ran my ass off.

“Come back here you slut!” One of them yelled in a voice that told me he was about 20 years

Without stopping I briefly turned my head around. They were both wearing beanies and
dressed „gangsterly‟. I quickly ran onto a main road where luckily, it was busy and full of
people. I stopped and bent over panting like a dog. Looking over my shoulder, I was relieved
to see that they were gone.

I quickly pulled my phone out and dialled Runway Styles. Come on come on pick up the


“Madam Oh!”

“Yoo Jin?”

“Watch out! I‟ve just escaped from two men after I stepped out of the store!”

“Oh my! Are you alright?!”

“Yes, I am. But take care!”
She chuckled. “I don‟t think they would harm me in any way unless they want money. I‟ll be
fine, thank you for calling.”

“Just… be careful madam.”

“I will, bye.”

I hung up.

Man. What the hell? Yesterday I got fired, today I get hired and had to face two perverts.
Why do I have to do this? Why the f*ck should I have to put up with smelly customers, with
bossy customers, with hags, and with perverts?! Why do I even have to have a job? I should
quit. That‟s right. I‟ll turn around, go find Madam Oh and tell her I‟m sorry but I have to quit.
I turned around.

Oh. Sang Hyuk?

“What are you doing here?” I asked him.

Sang Hyuk stopped and looked at me. “Yoo Jin? I was studying at a friend‟s house.”


“Yeah. Um- I have to go home now.”

“Uh..OK. Bye!”

He passed me muttered an inaudible bye back. Well, I don‟t know if he even did, but I like to
think he did.

It‟s all for Yoo Sang Hyuk. The things I‟m doing… it‟s all for Yoo Sang Hyuk. Just seeing his
face makes me all giggly again. I spun around. Stuff it all, I got a good boss and a good job.

Chapter 10 – Not You Again.

“How was work yesterday?” Ha Na asked me.

I glanced at her. “Don‟t mock me.”

She laughed. “Kim Yoo Jin running away from perverts after work. You‟re the last person in
the world anyone would guess to be stuck in that type of situation.”

“I‟m never gonna call you at night ever again. Ever!”


I rested my chin on my arms and closed my eyes when some idiot slammed my table. I
opened my eyes and saw a pair of hands resting on my table. I sat back and folded my arms.

“I see why you don‟t like talking now. You like action and if you ask me, you‟re using an old
trick Kang Yoon Sung.”

He faked a smile. “Do I look good now?” The smile disappeared. “How else was I supposed
to wake you up if I don‟t like saying your name or touching you?”

“Say „cheese‟?” I suggested sarcastically.
“Meet at the library at lunch.”

I smiled and was about to tease him when-

“For the project.”

He left. I glared after him.

Ha Na looked at me. “Yoo Jin, why do you always glare at his back? Have you ever done it to
his face like you usually do?”

I suddenly realised it. “Oh yeah… that‟s why he acts like that to me! I haven‟t given him the
silent death yet!!!”

“Maybe it‟s because you like him”, Ha Na shrugged.

I gave her a warning look and she laughed. “I‟ve known you long enough Yoo Jin. I think you
find him more interesting than you find him annoying.”


She held my shoulders and spun me to look in his direction. “And… everyone knows that guy
doesn‟t like talking. But every time I hear more than three words come out of his mouth it‟s
always when he‟s around you.”

I turned and brushed her hands off. “That‟s crazy and unlogical. You‟re crazy and unlogical.”

“Is there such a word as „unlogical‟?”


The reason Kang Yoon Sung talks to me the most is because he hates me. Good.


I saw him already at a table in the back corner. I sat in front of him and he didn‟t even look
up. My hand hit the desk three times. He shut the book and slid a piece of paper over to me.
I read it and pulled out my copy of the assignment notice.

I repeated his phrase. “It‟s a shared project. Why did you divide the tasks without asking

“Saves us the trouble of talking to each other too much”, he replied.

You mean saving him the trouble. What is wrong with him?

“How could you hate talking so much?”

“I don‟t.”

I was waiting for some sort of an explanation that I knew wouldn‟t come because he always
keeps his talking to a minimal. I changed the subject.

“Why do I have to do part A? It‟s the longer part.”

“And the easier.”
Then he yanked the assignment notice out of my hands and scanned it. He picked up his pen
and bent over the table. Is he gonna draw on my face?! I leaned back quickly. All he did was
draw an arrow to switch the tasks around. Yoon Sung sat back down.

“You can do part B”, Yoon Sung said.

I smirked. “Why, you need help with part B?”

He tilted his head and said, “On second thoughts, part A requires more work. Why are you
even whinging? We‟re going to have to put our parts together and edit it so it fits together

This is the moment. This the time to death stare him and silent him once and for all! I closed
my eyes, opened them and GLARED.

I ceased it. OMFG! I just glared at Sang Hyuk!! What the hell? Yoon Sung was out of his chair
and standing at the nearest book shelf… Sang Hyuk must have been just passing by. Sang
Hyuk flinched and sped out of the library.

“SANG HYUK! WAIT!” I called.

He didn‟t stop. I got up to chase after him.

“Scared he can‟t cope with one mere glare?”

I paused and turned. Yoon Sung was still looking through the books.

He continued. “If he can‟t cope with your eyes how is he supposed to cope being with you?”


“The assignment is due next week and we haven‟t started. You don‟t want to see me out of
school, right?”

He stopped flicking through the books for a moment and glanced at me.

“Right”, I admitted reluctantly.

It was final. I had to stay. Yoon Sung went back to the book shelf and I glanced one last time
at the library‟s exit. Sang Hyuk probably thinks I‟m angry at him now. Great. Stupid bloody

“KANG YOON SUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

He turned around. “What?”


I gathered my things together.

“Tomorrow lunch again”, he said.


“I‟m almost done, one more lunchtime and we won‟t have to see each other at lunch again.”
I have a bit of a problem. See, I‟m nowhere near halfway. But I can‟t tell the idiot that, he‟ll
get a big head and criticise me. “OK.”

I headed out the library without saying bye.


Ha Na wouldn‟t stop laughing. “GO GO GO YOO JIN!!”

“Jung Ha Na! Lower your voice!”

“Sorry Mr. Sit.”

I snickered.

“I can‟t believe this. You‟re spending lunch with your enemy and doing work. That‟s about the
most pathetic state you‟ve ever put yourself in”, Ha Na said.

“I know. But in return I‟ll be master for a month.”

“I wouldn‟t hold my head too high up if I were you. I heard that guy is pretty smart.”

So did I. But if Kim Yoo Jin wants something, she‟ll get it.

“Yoo Jin… does Dong Wan know about this guy? Or that you‟re seeing him?”

I kicked her from under the table. “Are you stupid or just stupid? I‟m not seeing him. And
what‟s it got to do with Dong Wan?” She shrugged. I nudged her, “You‟re just thinking of any
excuse to find out more about him, right?”




“Yoo Jin! Ha Na!” Hye Young called.

She and Bok Ja caught up to us and together we inched through the after-school-student-
traffic in the corridors.

“Ha Na said you spent your lunch with that hottie”, Hye Young said.


“You did?!” Bok Ja exclaimed.

“And guess what? She‟s doing it again- tomorrow”, Ha Na blabbed.

I side glared her whilst Hye Young oooohed.

“So who is it that you truly like? Nerdy mole Sang Hyuk or ultra hot cold Yoon Sung?” Hye
Young questioned.

“Sang Hyuk”, I stated.

“What? Yoon Sung?” Her voice feigned.
“Sang Hyuk”, I repeated.

“We all know it‟s Yoon Sung”, Hye Young teased.

“It can‟t be! Once Yoo Jin hates someone she never changes her opinion!” Bok Ja spoke up.

Well done Bok Ja! Gold medal!

“Has she ever really declared that she hates him?” Hye Young tested.

“Yes”, Ha Na said.

Well done Ha Na! I award you the silver medal!

She continued. “But in Yoon Yoon Sung‟s case, Yoo Jin can‟t tell the difference between love
and hate.”

Jung Ha Na, you have been tested positive to drugs and your medal is confiscated. We are
sorry to say that you must also be thrown in jail.

“Yoon Sung?” Ha Na asked.

“Sang Hyuk.”

“Sang Hyuk?” Bok Ja asked.

“Sang Hyuk”, I confirmed.

“Yoon Sung?” Hye Young asked.


Somewhere ahead of us books were thrown into the air and I realised Sang Hyuk was
speeding off.

“Why is he running?” I said. “EVERYBODY MOVE!”

I suppose they all recognised my voice because everybody in the corridor moved to one side.

I ran after him. “OPPA! SANG HYUK OPPA!”

His head turned around whilst his legs kept running.

“WAIT!” I yelled.

He ran even faster and hid in the toilets. I stopped in front of the toilets and panted like a

“What are you doing in there?” I yelled.

He didn‟t reply.

Ha Na, Hye Young and Bok Ja paused when they got to me. “We‟ll leave you to your
business”, Hye Young said and they went. I waited until the school was empty.

“DON‟T”, I lowered my voice and softened my tone, “hide, why are you in there?”
I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around. Ha Jin Kyu.

“Maybe because he needs to pee?”

I ignored him.

Jin Kyu chuckled. “I‟ll try.”

He went into the toilets and came back out a minute later. “Doesn‟t look like he‟ll come out
until you go, and even after you do I don‟t think he will.”

“What the hell did you do to him?”

Jin Kyu shrugged. “Why don‟t try what you did last time to that dude who daringly crossed
you, Jeong Jae Yeong or something like that?”

What did I do to him? Oh…




Yoo Jin barged into the toilets.

“Poor guy”, Ha Na said.

Hye Young and Bok Ja both nodded.

“You still remember that?” I asked.

“Everyone does. What happened to that guy after you went in?” Jin Kyu asked.

“You can have the exact same experience if you stay here any longer”, I replied sweetly.

“I‟ll be on my way.” He left immediately.

Well… if it was anyone other than Sang Hyuk I probably would have done that. But I don‟t
think it would leave a very good impression.

“Sang Hyuk”, I called.

Someone shouldered me whilst passing into the toilets.

“Yah!” I called.

That someone was Kang Yoon Sung.

“How can you be so damn rude?” I questioned.

“Not as much as you. Always blocking my way.”

He continued his path. Yoon Sung was out of there in two minutes, and Sang Hyuk two
seconds after.

“Sang Hyuk!”

Sang Hyuk flinched and Yoon Sung left. He helped me get Sang Hyuk out?

“Why were you hiding from me?!” I questioned.

“You- you gave me the Yoo Jin Death Stare and yelled my name!” He reasoned.

“No no. It wasn‟t like that! They weren‟t meant to sc-”, I can‟t believe I‟m saying this word to
a guy I like, „cause usually I hate the type, “scare you. I promise.”


I nodded. He let out a breath and took the pole out of his ass. Geez, it must have been stuck
there all that time. I‟m not that scary.

“I really would have come out if you counted to three!” Sang Hyuk stated earnestly.

“Huh? But I didn‟t.”

“I know. I was lucky”, he muttered.

“What do you mean by you „would have‟?”

“Oh… Jin Kyu locked me in one of the toilets and said I would be safer in there.”

D1ckhead Jin Kyu, but I guess that makes Sang Hyuk one too for letting him do it. But
honestly, I thought Sang Hyuk was smarter.

“Luckily that guy freed me.”

I stared at Yoon Sung‟s back but it didn‟t help me figure out a guy like him. Ha Na‟s right… I
do find him f*cking interesting- but not more than I hate the guy.

“My parents would be expecting me at home…” Sang Hyuk hinted.

I checked my watch. “SHI- I mean, oh my! I‟M FAT UGLY COW KEEPING LATE FOR WORK!”


I burst into the store. “I‟m so sorry I‟m late madam!”

Madam Oh was talking to someone with their back to me. However, this someone‟s back was
looking oddly familiar…

Madam leaned out to talk to me. “It‟s OK, Yoo Jin. I‟d like you to meet someone.”

I was still eying the back. Hey… that‟s Chungdong‟s-
He craned his head over his shoulder.

You-have-got-to-be bloody sh1tty f*cken kidding me.

That someone was Kang Yoon Sung.

Chapter 11 – Not What It Seems

“You?” I heard myself utter.

“This is my nephew, Yoon Sung”, Madam Oh introduced.

“She‟s the new employee?” Yoon Sung questioned.

Madam Oh nodded, then looked at me. “Yoo Jin, you‟re still in your uniform? Oh- isn‟t that
the uniform of Yoon Sung‟s school?” She looked questioningly at Yoon Sung.

He nodded and she smiled. “I never realised you two went to the same school! Then you
must know each other?”

I nodded. I cannot believe this. I‟m seeing his face too much! It‟s overexposure!!!

“Good. Then I won‟t need to say more. I‟m going to go to sort out the new arrivals”, Madam
Oh said and went into the staffroom.

“Do you come here often?” Was the first of my questions.

He nodded.

“Then why does madam need me?”

“He‟s no good at fashion”, Madam Oh answered, grabbing the catalogue she left on the
counter and returned to the staffroom.

“Then why do you come here if you‟re not needed?”

He didn‟t reply. Whatever. I don‟t need to know.

It was his turn. “How did you land on this job?”

“Madam Oh has her reasons”, I replied smartly.

“You‟d better be serious about the job.”

“YAH! You‟ve never seen me work, how do you know that I‟m not serious about it?!”

“I‟m just saying. You‟re not very serious about school work- so why would this matter that

“You agree with everyone that Yoo Sang Hyuk is important to me?”

He thought. “Seems so.”
“I‟m doing this because of him. Got any other accusations?”

He lifted a brow. “Get to work.”

“Don‟t boss me”, I warned.

He looked at me. Just… looked. He doesn‟t really glare much, or stare, and I doubt he‟s ever
gazed at anything or one in his life. I brushed past him and went into the staffroom to get

I‟ll put on a show to prove myself as a serious worker to you, stupid Kang Yoon Sung. I
straightened my shirt and went out the staffroom. I looked around the store but he wasn‟t
anywhere. Madam was serving a lady nearby. I stood behind the counter.

A lady in her thirties and a fur coat entered the store. I greeted her. She nodded then went
straight to the back of the store browsing through the coats. The lady‟s hand signalled for me
to come. I rushed to her.


She didn‟t reply and started walking around in silence.

What does she want? At least say something woman! Well she called me for a reason. Fine,
I‟ll just obediently follow you.

She kept walking around in circles and circles and I‟m dizzy. My patience, even for work, is
f*cking wearing out.

I opened my mouth ready to swear when she turned around. My mouth quickly closed like
automatic doors.

“Young lady, you‟ve noticed the items that I tapped?” she asked me.

One of my finer qualities is my accurate memory… and she tapped about a million items.

“I‟ll take them all.”


“There‟s a problem?”

I shook my head. “NOT UNLESS you say so. I‟ll get them right away!”

I went back to the spot where she originally headed. Tapped this one this one this one and
that one. Over here she tapped that one and that and…

I finally got all the items and placed them on the countertop.

“Is that all?” I asked her over the counter.

“Isn‟t it enough?”

Bloody hell. Ask her one question and she asks you back one question. She‟s starting to
sound like my „drive me merry mad!‟ baby cousin.
Kang Yoon Sung entered carrying a plastic bag, I sniffed, that smelt very good. He glanced at
me and then at the lady as if expecting me to start swearing. What? He thinks I can‟t manage
her? I‟ll show you.

“No no. Everything is fine, madam.”

He went into the staffroom.

Pfft. I packed everything for her into shopping bags. “That comes to-”

She handed over her credit card. Crazy rich lady? Why would you pay before knowing the

I kept up my smiles and pleasantness. And then it happened. I finally saw her back walk out
that door. I slouched my shoulders.

“Good job Yoo Jin”, Madam Oh complimented. “That lady is a regular customer. Very very
rich. But very very-”

“Hard to please”, I finished.

She nodded. “She is constantly complaining about the service here. Every other girl before
you has been scolded at.”

“Yeah, she only snapped at me.” My stomach grumbled. “Aw gosh…” I mumbled.

Madam grinned and went into the staffroom as Yoon Sung came out. He was eating udon. I
bit my lip and marched up to him.

“Why are you eating out here? Go. Go back in”, I shooed.

“Why? No one‟s here.”

“We don‟t need you here. And you‟ll damage the smell of the clothes! Go!”

My stomach grumbled again. Why is God so cruel to me?

He looked down at me and stopped eating. “Go in and eat.”


“It‟s on the table.”

He walked behind the counter and sat. Wha? I walked into the staffroom anyway.

Madam Oh was organising the new stock and the staffroom was tight. “Yoo Jin, your meal is
on the table.”

“My meal?”

“Yes. Yoon Sung bought you udon too.”

I went over to the table and checked. There really is udon. At least that jerk is in some way
humanese- or was it humane? Humanian?
I picked up the chopsticks and was about to sit down when Madam picked up the bowl and
gave it to me. “Yoo Jin, could you please go out and eat with Yoon Sung? I need this table.
There‟s just not enough room in here!”

“But the clothes-”

“They will be fine. Just for now Yoo Jin.”

I hesitantly exited with my noodles. Yoon Sung was sitting on the only red lounge in the
whole store. I hissed to get his attention. He looked up from his bowl of udon. I admit I‟ve
always seen him as hot and cool but never knew he could have a cute side to him. So you
couldn‟t blame me for being taken aback at that moment.

“Stop staring.”

I blinked. “I wasn‟t. Move over.”

He moved over an inch. What, is he making fun of me because I‟m just a little bit chubby? I
squeezed into that inch and shoved him over. The udon wobbled in his hands and he
struggled to keep it still. He looked at me so I displayed my teeth and started eating.

“Hmmm… tastes so good!”


“Yeah.” I paused eating. Wait. Was that Kang Yoon Sung talking? It was a real simple „yeah?‟
but it‟s surprising coming from him. I looked over at him curiously.

He dropped his chopsticks. “Yah, if you keep looking at me how am I gonna eat?”

“I wasn‟t looking at you. I was looking at the window”, I argued.

He started eating again. “You mean „out‟ the window?” He asked.

“No. At the window.”


“Goodbye Madam!”

“Are you going home now Yoo Jin?” Madam said whilst turning off the lights.


“Yoon Sung will take you.”

He looked over to me. “What?”

“Yoo Jin faced some problems yesterday. I think it‟d be safer if you took her home”, Madam

He checked me over. “Which dinosaur species needs to be walked home?”
I glared at him and Madam laughed. “Yoon Sung, go. Take Yoo Jin home.”
Hehe. I‟m not going to even pretend to be polite and decline. Of course I have to have some
fun after such a long day- and seeing him most of the time too. It wasn‟t his fault, but I‟ll say
it is.

“Yes. That would be nice Madam. Let‟s go Yoon Sung!” I said sweetly.

I took a step and turned around to make sure he was following me. Well truthfully… some
protection after yesterday night would be good.

I felt like Kang Yoon Sung was my bodyguard rather than a classmate walking me to the bus
stop. Why? Because the idiot was following me, but two metres behind me. So if the guys
from yesterday just jumped out of nowhere and grabbed me he wouldn‟t be of much use. I
halted at the bus stop and spun around.

“Come”, I beckoned to him.

His hands slid into his pockets. “Why?”

I beckoned for him again. He didn‟t move.

“I think, I think…” I whispered.

He couldn‟t hear me and so was forced to come next to me. “What?”

I tiptoed to whisper into his ears but he shifted.

“That tickles!” He said with a sheepish smile.

I really am seeing sides to Kang Yoon Sung that no one ever thought would exist today…

“What is it?” He asked impatiently.

I quickly leaned in and whispered, “I think you really look like a standing snake.”

Yoon Sung pulled back. “Standing snake?”

I nodded. “So tall and cold blooded. Really is you.”

I expected him to pop up with a come back like he usually does but he didn‟t say anything.

“You really don‟t like talking, do you?” I asked him.

“You really like asking questions don‟t you?”

Pfft. Annoying git.

The bus came and I hopped on. I turned around and saw Yoon Sung stepping on too. I held
my hand up, “Stop. Up to here will be fine, Kang Yoon Sung. Knowing where I live won‟t be
that easy.”

“Hurry up and part with your admirer, young lady”, the bus driver said.

I turned my head to the driver. “He‟s not my admirer, he‟s my pet”, I clarified before letting
the automatic doors close and sitting down next to the window.

The bus started rolling when Kang Yoon Sung knocked on the window. I pulled it back as he
ran to keep up.
“Yoo Jin ah! I don‟t like you anymore! You were cooler as a guy!!!”

After he shouted those last words I couldn‟t shut the window more quickly. I stuck my middle
finger up at him, then the b@stard waved back.

“Aish you f*cken di-”

My cursing was interrupted by the two guys behind me.

“No wonder shim‟s not very pretty… shim‟s a transsexual…”

Transsexual? Mwoah? Now I happen to admire Harisu for her strength, but I ought to think
more before I speak. “TRANSSEXUAL‟S HAPPEN TO BE F*CKEN GORGEOUS!!! Any one of
them would be prettier than your mouse-y faces!” I guess I just helped confirm it.

These guys are not worth fighting with Yoo Jin. Just sit back down and sleep. I listened to

Ttsss. Kang Yoon Sung‟s quietness is really dangerous, better watch my back.

Chapter 12 – Boy Problems.

“Yah, Ha Na, describe me in three words.”

“Not again.” She slammed her head on the wall.

I sat there silently waiting. Ha Na stopped eventually and turned towards me. “Crazy…
crazy… crazy.”

I instantly straightened up. “See, you don‟t find „transsexual‟ anywhere in those three words
do you?!”

She frowned at me. “What? Why would anyone call you a transsexual?” Ha Na noticed my
silence and realised the answer for her self. “Ah”, she said with a grin, “Kang Yoon Sung.”

“What?” Kang Yoon Sung voice asked, approaching my desk.

Him again. I rolled my eyes and turned away, hearing Ha Na reply, “Yoo Jin was just telling
me about yesterday.”

I spun around and glared at her.

Yoon Sung didn‟t react to that but looked at me. “Library today”, he reminded.

“I know”, I hissed. Though I hissed, it was a happy one. Just one more lunch time, Yoo Jin,
and you‟re free from him for eternity!

Keeping his still face, “You look… bad.”
Who are you to judge?! I gritted my teeth and rose from my seat ready to strike him when
the teacher entered. Yoon Sung shrugged and walked to his seat, leaving me feeling

Ha Na lowered her voice. “You know he‟s not wrong?”

“Don‟t talk about it.”

OK, so he wasn‟t wrong. Not wanting to embarrass myself in front of him today, I had to stay
up „til 2am working on my part of the assignment since he‟s almost finished his. Trust me,
I‟ve never seen my mother more happy. What kind of parent loves to see their child stay up
that late?


I stared at the bookshelves then at the carpet then at the wall. How freaken long does he
take to read over my part? I glanced at him as he turned the page over. I‟m supposed to be
reading Kang Yoon Sung‟s part of the assignment but I couldn‟t be bothered. Why am I
staring all over the place? He‟s just reading my assignment, not like a give a sh1t for it
anyway… maybe I‟m just bored. I looked over to the window wishing I was out there and not
in here when something caught my eye- shirts tucked in, thick-rimmed glasses and a pile of
books… geeks. Hehehehe.

I glanced at Yoon Sung. He‟s still reading my thing, slow cow. I casually got out of my seat
and sneaked behind the bookshelves where the junior geeks were. I fiddled around with my
pocket but found nothing useful. I started searching the ground… AH! Gots it. I picked up the
feather and slid my arm through the gap between the books and the shelf. One of the geeks
were just close enough for me to reach. I watched gleefully as he kept scratching his head
unconsciously. Hehehe…

I urged him quietly. “Do it again, do it again!”

“Eun Ji, is there something in my hair?”

The geek bent his head down for his geek friend to examine.

“I can‟t see anything…” Eun Ji replied.

I clapped my hand over my mouth. Hehehe…

“ARGH!!!” I patted my chest and stomped around the bookshelf to the other side, “What the
f*ck are you doing here?!” I spat at Kang Yoon Sung who had popped out of nowhere and
blocked my view of the geeks by peering through the gap of the bookshelf from the other
side that showed me the geeks that were my fun that is now ruined by this stupid jerk who-

“You‟re the one with a feather in your hand”, he merely stated.

The geeks all heard and my beloved itchy friend wasn‟t very happy. I glared at him and was
about to chuck a fit at him for chucking me a dirty when the librarian stormed my way. Sh1t,
better get out of here.

“Yah, Kang Yoon Sung, let‟s go somewhere else”, I said.

Before he could argue I grabbed him by the elbow, took his blazer off the chair and dragged
him outside with the library marching after us.
“Always disruptive! Look! You have successfully gained everyone‟s attention you good-for-
nothing Kim Yoo Jin!!!”

“Guess we can‟t go back there anymore”, I said.

He simply looked from me to his elbow which I was still hanging onto. I quickly dropped it.

“We don‟t need to”, he said, “The assignment‟s finished.”

Oh right, I forgot. “Now all I have to do is wait for you to become my slave. Feed yourself
well then!”

I waved and turned around, only to collide into some b1tch who was so strongly built that
the collision didn‟t even seem to shift them.

“Yah! Watch where you‟re going you… stupid……..f*ck.”

No wonder the b1tch didn‟t get move an inch. The b1tch is Park Im Ho, Chungdong High‟s
almighty kingka before I forced him to leave. Wait, I‟m a total b1tch but I‟m not that bad. I
didn‟t exactly force him, I dumped him after I got bored and then he left the school… I
remember feeling quite guilty.

I looked up at the masculine face I hadn‟t seen for six months now. The dude wasn‟t hot, but
I liked his muscles and his strong character. Who thought the guy would break down after a
break up?

“Yoo Jin…” he whispered.

Damn, would he stop gazing at me? Not that I‟m falling for him again, for me, once a
relationship is over, it‟s over. Seriously, that gaze doesn‟t match the masculine face.

“Hi, Im Ho. What are you doing here?” I asked brightly.

“I‟m transferring back here”, he replied.

“Really? That‟s great, you‟re gonna have to fight for your position back. Sought it out with Jo
Tae Woo. I‟ll see you around”, I said.

His hand reached out to hold mine but I pulled it back.

“What do you want?” I snapped.

He grinned, “Still the bad girl you are then?” He looked pass me and lifted his chin, “And
that‟s your new target?”

I craned my head over my shoulder and saw Yoon Sung still standing there. Is he

“Yah! What are you doing there?! Did you hear it all?”

“I heard but I wasn‟t listening”, Yoon Sung replied. “You‟re holding my blazer.”

I looked to my right hand. He‟s right, I do have it. Flushing slightly I walked over and handed
it to him, not noticing that Im Ho had trailed behind me.

“Watch out, she bites”, Im Ho warned.
Wth is his problem? If it wasn‟t for the slight guilt I was still feeling I wouldn‟t be standing
here listening to his cr@p.

Yoon Sung glanced at him. “Cat loves you too.”

With that, he walked away leaving behind a confused Im Ho.

“What the… Yoo Jin, who‟s he?”

I burst out laughing… trust him to come up with that- random for random it is. I continued to
stare after that strange figure. He does have a nice walk…

I smiled, “That‟s Kang Yoon Sung- biggest idiot you‟ll ever meet.”


“Bye”, I waved to Ha Na and turned right heading for home quickly before going to work.

Everyone‟s been asking me, „why‟s Im Ho back? Has it got to do with Kim Yoo Jin?‟

Frankly, I don‟t give a damn. But then Bok Ja brought up the subject of Sang Hyuk and got
me thinking. Nah, he‟ll be fine. It‟s good training for Sang Hyuk, I like his geekiness but being
a little tougher is a bonus.

“Yoo Jin.”

I jumped and checked my left side to see whose hoarse voice it was.

“Dong Wan?!”

He was hiding behind the wall that led to the car park, that told me something was wrong
because Kim Dong Wan never hides. My eyes drifted to his forehead where an egg-sized
lumping was bulging out.

“What‟s on your head? Looks nasty.”

“Got whacked by a baseball hat.”


“Durh you f*ck wit.”

“What else do you want me to say?” I asked.

“„Who did it?‟”

“Who did it?” I said after him.


“Kingstas? What the hell‟s that? Sounds cornier than Gentle Tigers”, I commented.

“New group, apparently planning to overtake us. Came up to me with 35 dudes today tryna
kill me”, he said lightly.
Now that got me worried. Dong Wan‟s a gangster, a leader too, whose gang is always
targeted by other gangs who want to be number 1. He‟s always getting injured and I‟m used
to it but in the past only 3 gangs out of 50 have tried to kill him. This is dangerous stuff.

“Then what the hell are you doin‟ here? Go!” I urged.

“Go where? They‟re everywhere and Min Hee‟s still tryna gather the members.”

“Aren‟t they supposed to be here in one call?”

“Most of them are fighting off the Kingstas, they‟re one big gang.”

One big stupid gang because they really don‟t know what they‟re getting themselves into.
Once Dong Wan has his full gang even the devil wouldn‟t touch him.

“Come”, I said.

I took him up to the rooftop of our apartment building, dashed back down to my apartment
and returned with an egg and a wet white towel.

“An egg for an egg”, I said as I wrapped the egg in the towel and pressed it against his

“Yikes! Gently, gently, roll it not slam it”, Dong Wan ordered.

“Shut up”, I ordered.

I felt his eyes look up at my face and started feeling uncomfortable. I chucked the towel at
his forehead causing the egg to hit his egg head.

“Yah! Stop staring at me!”

Dong Wan picked up the towel and applied it to his head himself. He stood up.

“I‟m leaving.”

“What? Pissed off at that?”

“Look over the wall you idiot.”

I pushed him out of my way to the wall and looked down. There were several guys standing
there just searching around and one dude even checked the bin.

“What d1cks…” I said.

I turned around and saw Dong Wan descending down the stairs. I hurried after him.

“You wanna die?!”

“No”, he looked at me, “do you?”

I ignored his retaliation (big word! Saw Kang Yoon Sung use it in the assignment) and
stepped in front of him, blocking his path to his door to heaven.

“You demented egghead! Stay here until Min Hee comes!” I insisted.

“You are so annoying”, he said and brushed pass me.
He placed his hand on the door knob. I know that he‟s only leaving „cause if they ever find
him here I‟ll be in trouble too. I have to stop him. I charged at him and elbowed his head just
before he turned the door knob. His hand dropped and he fell backwards. I quickly caught
him and damn his muscles, too huge and heavy.

Smart move, Yoo Jin. I smirked, “That‟s why they say, sometimes a fist is worth more than a
million words.”

Dong Wan‟s eyes so suddenly opened I almost dropped him. “Too bad you actually missed
without knowing”, he said.

He threw his fist at my head. Ooh… smiling winged eggs…
Chapter 13 - The Darned, The Nuisance and The Mysterious.

“Are you sure you don‟t want to rest today?” Yoo Rin asked me.


Yoo Na leaned forward to talk to Yoo Rin who was on the other side of me. “The National
Science Competition is today unnie! Help me revise!”

Then the little cows started talking about gibberish which I didn‟t like because I couldn‟t
understand it.

I clapped a hand to my forehead. “Argh! Ow, my head, my head…”

They stopped talking and paid attention to me. Hehe…

“Unnie, you‟ve had enough attention last night”, Yoo Na pointed out. “You and umma made
such a racket that I couldn‟t study!!!”

Yoo Rin‟s turn… “I agree with Yoo Na. You‟re actually lucky to have survived that…”

This isn‟t how it‟s supposed to be!!!

“Yah! Is that how you aliens talk to unnie?!”

Smartly deciding to save their own lives, they ran for it. I‟ve suffered from a night of beating
but my two little legs will still carry me along. I chased after them all the way to Chungdong‟s
front gate when I was stopped by a hand which jerked me back. “Wher-w!!”

I stuck my hands out to balance myself and heard the voice of Yoon Sung loser.

“Yah, where you go doesn‟t concern me but you should ring to tell your boss you weren‟t

F*ckshees! Forgot to ring Madam Oh. I spun around and that‟s when Yoon Sung stopped
talking for a moment and stared bewilderedly.

“What‟s with your retarted face?” I snorted.

“Pfft. You‟re talking?”

I kneed him where it counts and he crouched over. Strange, this bloke doesn‟t groan.
“Sucked in. I‟m letting you off easy today. As you could see, I‟m not feeling very well.”


“Wow, mother and daughter alike”, Hye Young commented. “Strong strikers.”

She and Bok Ja had dropped by my class to see me after yesterday‟s chaos. I was knocked
out after that f*cken d1ck Dong Wan punched my face leaving a clear bruise on my right
eyeball. When I went back to my apartment the first thing umma noticed was my bruise and
automatically assumed I had gotten into another fight. As if I‟d say: „No umma! Don‟t think
sh1t! I didn‟t get into a fight, I got punched by a gangster hiding from a rival gang!‟ So I
stuck to umma‟s conspiracy and tried my best to run whilst she chased. You could imagine
what state I‟m in now, no need for description. My poor face… so what if it‟s already ugly?

Mr. Moon came into the classroom.

“Ah, Moony is here. See ya”, Hye Young said and she and Bok Ja left.

Mr. Moon looked at the intruders leave and then looked at me. I think he was about to
lecture me for „continually letting others into the classroom without any thought of the
consequences‟ but he spared me upon seeing my face.

“Oh, Yoo Jin, you‟re looking very blue…” Mr. Moon said.

Why didn‟t he just add in „black‟ as well? My cheeks grew hotter when the other nosy dim
wits who hadn‟t noticed before turned around and gawked at my face.

“What? Wanna ask me where I got my face done?” I asked and beckoned, “Come here and
I‟ll tell you guys.”

Of course, none of them did anything but quickly face the board and listen to the Moon as he
started talking.

Without moving her head, Ha Na whispered to me, “So what happened to Dong Wan?”

“I don‟t know.”

After being tortured by the hands of umma I went into my room and tried ringing Dong Wan
but his phone was turned off. I‟m not feeling too good about this disappearance of his- I‟m
actually more worried about him then my face. I got so worried I even went down the streets
this morning to check, but f*cken luckily I couldn‟t find any blood.

I was tossing my head to the other side to change my sleeping position when I noticed that
Yoon Sung was looking at me but he quickly glanced away when he saw me looking at him.
What‟s he looking at?

Now, try this: you‟re in a boring classroom, listening to a boring teacher, worrying about a
guy who punched you, thinking about a guy you call enemy, and then hearing someone
shout the name of the guy you like.


You would sit up and look around like an idiot, which is exactly what I did.


I sat up and looked around. “What? What? Where?!”
The voice continued to ring through the corridors, “HE‟S BROKEN KYE SANG‟S RECORD! HE‟S

Everyone knows what the loser was going on about- some no-life group in the school has
been keeping records of how long it takes for me to make a guy like me. Even I don‟t
remember who last held the record. I jumped out of my seat and ran out to the corridors.


He was already gone. Ch, at least they‟re smart, knowing to pick a fast guy.

“Miss. Kim, please return to your seat”, the Moon requested.

I took one last look down the corridor and went inside. That actually bothers me, why is it
taking so long? I guess I‟m not trying hard enough. Must plan for this Saturday… my first
lesson with Sang Hyuk! HOORAY!

It wasn‟t two seconds after I parked my butt down that my name was heard again. This time,
I recognised the girl as one of Yoo Rin‟s friends.

“Yoo Jin! The queenka is in trouble!!!”

I slammed the table and stood up. “Freak‟s in trouble?!”

I raced out after the friend.

“Yoo Jin! Come back!” The Moon called. “Wait, not you too Jung Ha Na?!”

I was led to the back of the school where already there was a flock of navy and red. The
navy with white stripes lot, I knew, were the Chungdong students but the others were in red
and black.

Ha Na and I were pushing through the crowd when Tae Woo‟s voice could be heard from the

“What a stupid request. Go home.”

“Not a request”, a deep voice replied, “a challenge.”

I heard Yoo Rin scoff. “Just one of our students would have you running.”

“Oh really now?”

We finally made it to the front of the crowd and found Bok Ja already there with Hye Young.
I took one look at the other side of the crowd who was led by the two people standing at the
front; one medium height hairy guy and one short girl, and sided with Yoo Rin was Tae Woo.
Usually the students at this school don‟t listen to their queenka and kingka but when
something‟s wrong they‟re the first to get fed on a plate to the monsters.

“Yah, Freak, what‟s wrong?”

Yoo Rin turned her face and smiled before turning back to the hairy guy.

“Yes, really”, she said with confidence.

“These guys are from Seocho High-”
Hey… isn‟t that Im Ho‟s voice? I leaned forward slightly and it is too, he was standing on the
other side of Freak.

“-they want a punch out between 20 and 20.”

Which retart thought of that? I looked at the hairy guy and short girl who I bet are kingka
and queenka.

I put on a broad grin and opened my arms. “Welcome Hairy and Midget to Chungdong High
where the students are too good to fight with your school for no f*cken reason!”

Everyone, including my own school mates, stared at me with open mouths. Fine, so that
wasn‟t funny… but you know, it was a spur of the moment thing. Aish, should just deal with it
the typical Yoo Jin way.

“Just f*ck yourselves and then do what our queenka said, „go home‟”, I said.

I‟m still down about the whole Dong Wan thing so I‟m not in the mood for fighting.

“So… this is the one student you were talking about?” Hairy asked.

No one replied.

“Ugh, what an eye sore”, said Midget looking at me disgustedly. “Oppa, is that what you get
if you mix an alien and a lizard?”

“I guess so”, Hairy replied.

That did it. I ran up to Midget and punched her hoping that I would squash her until she
becomes bite-sized. The little weakling couldn‟t fight back and did nothing but squeal and
screech whilst her oppa shrank away at my viciousness.

continued her squealing and shrieking. “SHUT UP!”

“I‟M NOT QUEENKA!!!” She protested.

“Unnie! Stop it! You‟ll kill her!” Freak shrieked.

“Kim Yoo Jin! Stop!”

I was pried away from the b1tch by Ha Na and Im Ho still kicking and screaming.

“OK, let go of me”, I snapped.

They let go. I straightened my blazer.

Hairy nursed Midget and looked directly at me. I glared at him so he looked at Im Ho instead.

“Did you just say „Kim Yoo Jin‟?”

Im Ho nodded.

“Hey…” Midget said fixing her hair, “You don‟t m-mean, Kim Yoo Jin, the g-godsister o-of Kim
Dong Wan?”
She said Dong Wan‟s name so quietly like he was here.

“That‟s right”, I confirmed. “I‟m that Kim Yoo Jin you‟re talking about. Anything else you
wanna know?”

“Yes.” All attention was on the girl who had emerged from behind the Midget. Slim and
strong… it‟s that b1tch who was getting at Hye Young!

“Im Min Ah”, said Tae Woo.

“Hello, oppa”, she said with a smile.

Pfft, „hello oppa‟? How about, „Do I look like a snotball or boogie monster today?‟

Her eyes flickered over to Hye Young then to me. “I wanna know, how thick are you? Or
perhaps you‟re not as important as you make out?”

“Get to the point, b1tch.”

“If you knew Dong Wan is currently in some hideout to save his own life and the Gentle
Tigers are all over the place, why would you brag being his godsister?”

She knew she had it and grinned devilishly. The crowd started muttering things.

I marched up to her. “Maybe because I‟m not a two-faced low-life coward like you Black

She pushed her face closer to mine and said through gritted teeth, “It‟s Black Angels.”

“Unnie, what is all this about?” Yoo Rin called.

“Don‟t worry, I got it now”, I said without looking back. “Black Devil, here, is taking
advantage of Dong Wan‟s absence and wants revenge on me. But why all the trouble for a
punch out?”

“Wouldn‟t you feel guilty if you got unrelated people involved? And hurt?” She said with the
same voice.

Her twisted smile is so punchful.

“Get „em Seochos!” Min Ah ordered.

I stood still and glared at every single one of them until they all stayed rooted to the spot,
not daring to take one more step.

“Ooh… it‟s the Yoo Jin Death Stare”, people muttered.

I took a challenging step closer to Im Min Ah. “Why don‟t you get your Devils to help ya?”

The Seocho kingka tugged on Min Ah‟s blazer, “Uh, Min Ah, we didn‟t know the girl you
wanted to mess with is Yoo Jin…”

Haha! I‟d pay to see the pink on Min Ah‟s face again.

“All settled then”, I said to Yoo Rin. I faced Midget before leaving, “What do you get when
you mix a frog and a butt face?” Her eyebrows went 90 degrees. “Someone get her a mirror.”
Sheesh, what a waste of time. Why did Min Ah have to come with her school when she‟s got
a whole gang? Last I remember, they were really supportive of her.

“Teacher! Teachers coming!”

The crowd immediately broke up and students were running crazy. F*cken hell man, they
come to bash me up and run when a teacher comes. Naturally, the teachers targeted me so I
started running too and saw Sang Hyuk, obviously ignorant of the whole situation, walking
towards the stampede.

“Yah! Sang Hyuk! Other way! OTHER WAY!” I shouted and pointed in the other direction.

He looked up at me through his glasses but continued to stroll ahead, looking around at the
running wild animals and completely lost. Omg, any slower!

I ran straight at him, slipped my hand into his and pulled him along with me.

“What are you doing?” He asked innocently.

“Just shut up!” I yelled.

Hey this actually feels good… running away with Sang Hyuk. I giggled and it eventually
turned into a demented but totally happy laugh.

S-she sounds threatening with that laugh and it makes me really want to let go of her hand
but I‟m scared she might get angry. Where is she taking me? She pulled me in between two
buildings as a teacher ran past us.

“What‟s ha-”

She leaned forward and blocked my mouth. “Ssshhh...”

She might be just a little too close…

Once the teacher had passed she took her hand away and pushed her face in even closer.

“Sang Hyuk, what do you say we skip class for a day?”

Why, is she getting onto me?!

“NOO!!!” He screamed.

He pushed me off with two hands and ran away.

WHY IS CHASING THE NERD SO F*CKEN HARD?! I was actually hoping he‟d take my mind of
Dong Wan.

I returned to class and was greeted by „HOORAY!‟

“What‟s up?” I asked as the whole class swarmed towards me.

“You did cool!”

“Yeah, you shooed them away!”
“HAIL KIM YOO JIN!” Ha Na announced.

And even the Moon couldn‟t stop them from picking me up and chucking me in the air. I was
in the air and caught Yoon Sung staring at me from his seat- being the only one who hadn‟t
gone out to see the „fight‟ or cheer me. What‟s with the staring?


I waited „til Yoon Sung had finished packing and got up at the same time as him. I followed
him to the doorway then called for him, “Yah.”

He stopped and looked back. Do you really have to do this, Yoo Jin?


Why does he have to stand so still?!

“I need to ask you something.”

“What is it?”


“What?” He said turning his head so he could hear better.

“Don‟t tell Madam Oh I‟m not going to work because I‟m bruised”, I said and added,

He nodded. Bingo! Yoon Sung took a step but stopped and looked back.

“You know, I couldn‟t figure you out”, he said.

He tugged his bag strap and walked away. What‟s that supposed to mean?

Chapter 14 – Fight For A Kiss.

Still no sign of Dong Wan. If he‟s dead at least come back and say something like, „By the
way Yoo Jin, I‟m dead‟. Wait, nah, don‟t do that. I‟m scared of ghosts.

I chucked on a pair of black denims and a loose grey round-neck shirt with black lettering on
it. My hair has the usual wave and frizz in it and I‟m not even gonna bother trying to fix it. I
checked the mirror. Ooh, with the sunshine pouring into my room and making my skin glow I
could pass for average today.

It is finally Saturday, the day that will be the beginning of Yoo Sang Hyuk liking Kim Yoo Jin!
I looked at my black clock on the wall, 12 pm. Half an hour countdown!!!


I looked up from the bottom of Sang Hyuk‟s apartment building. I‟m coming Sang Hyuk! I
heard a buzzing noise and searched through my bag, found my phone and answered it.


“Yoo Jin, it‟s Min Hee.”
Hearing the voice of Dong Wan‟s man made me nervous and excited.

“You found Happy Cub?!”

“No, but I think we will…”

You can so tell there‟s something he‟s holding back.

“I think you need to come with us.”


What about my tutoring lesson? What about my beloved? He will be soooo disappointed.

“Why not?” Min Hee snapped. “Part of the reason Dong Wan is stuck with this sh1t is
because of you!!!”

Dammit, why is my life always twisting here and bending there and breaking here and this
person hates me and that person likes me and, “F*CK THE WORLD!”

“No, just your world.”

“Fine, I‟ll come with ya.”

I hung up and entered Sang Hyuk‟s number. It took me a million years to press the dial

“Hello?” Came Sang Hyuk‟s voice.

“Sang Hyuk… I can‟t make it today”, I said slowly.


“I have a pet to rescue.”

He went silent at my weird excuse but said later, “Okay then… good luck.”

AH! HE SAID „GOOD LUCK‟!! I‟m floating in the air now.

“Yes! We‟ll start next week!” I said.

“Okay, bye.”


He hung up.

I started running with a smile to the Gentle Tigers‟ secret meeting place.


I burst through the door and saw only seven guys sitting in the room, Min Hee sitting in a
corner on the sofa.

“Whoa, Yoo Jin, you‟re here to help rescue Dong Wan not scare him off”, Min Hee remarked.

Another gang member, Ki Hoon, pointed to the window behind me. I turned around and it
was enough for me to see my reflection. O.M.G.

“Sh1t! My hair!!!”

It was sticking up and looked better than a guy who had to use gel. Actually, it looks like a
bird nest. I shouldn‟t have run. F*ck f*ck f*ck. I put my hands on my hair to flatten it but it
only went more static. I ruffled it all up and gave up.

“Yah! Who told you guys to look at my hair?!”


“Shut up! Where‟s Dong Wan!”

Bossiness and violence is one way to cover up embarrassment.

“Dong Wan just called us an hour ago and told us to meet him at Play House”, Min Hee

Great, a 3 hour train ride. Why the hell did he have to go all the way to Daegu?

“Is this all there is of the Gentle Tigers?” I asked eying the seven plus one people.

“The rest are already in Daegu, we‟re free from the Kingstas for now…”

“If all the members are here why does Dong Wan have to hide?”

“We needed more time to find out more about these guys, they‟ve got the support from
some group…”

I don‟t really wanna know about these gangsters so I waved my hand for him to stop. “Too
complicated. Let‟s go to Daegu first.”


By the time we got to Daegu it was almost sunset time. We were near Play House (I on the
back of Min Hee‟s motorbike) when I saw people lurking around the place… KINGSTAS?!

“Pss, Min Hee, that‟s not the Gentle Tigers is it?” I whispered to him.

“Why are you whispering?”

“Because I think they‟re the Kingstas!” I hissed.

“F*ck, are too!”

He pressed on the brake on his motorbike and signalled for the others to do the same. We all
hid behind the bushy area and peeked through the small gaps between the trees. There were
about thirty of „em standing around the Play House, which is really just a large abandoned
warehouse. I bet inside there are at least another twenty of „em.

“How did they get here?” I wandered.

“Dong Wan‟s right, there‟s a traitor”, Min Hee said.
I felt a tap on my shoulder… sh1t. I slowly turned my head and was about to punch whoever
it was but he pushed a torch up his chin which illuminated his face. It was Tattoo, another
Gentle Tiger.

Tattoo nodded behind him. “The rest of the gang is here.”

I grinned.

Min Hee rubbed his hands together like he always does when he gets excited. “Let‟s take
these guys down one by one…” he said.

“Yeah!” I agreed, but Min Hee shook his head. “What?”

“We can‟t let you. Stay here for now”, I was going to argue but he added, “Please!!!”

“Fine, whatever”, I agreed.

The Gentle Tigers set to work, creeping up to the Kingstas and with practiced agility silently
took the thirty rookies down one at a time. Min Hee motioned for me to come forward. I
rushed forward and crouched next to him under the smashed window. We pressed our backs
against the wall and listened. It was Dong Wan talking.

“Pfft, I thought it was you. Just never thought you were capable of finding your way here so

“Hm. Well now you know but I guess it‟s too late because you‟re going down… today.”

That voice, the b1tchiness of it, Im Min Ah!

“If, no, WHEN you‟re dead and you want to look for revenge, go looking for your cute little
godsister. The day you stuck up for her and embarrassed me in front of the whole of Seoul
started the countdown of your death”, she said.

I could just picture her sly grin. I‟ll rip it off your face if it‟s the last thing I do.

Min Hee tapped me, “Come on.”

“If you want revenge, it would have been easier if you just came up to me with a gun at my
forehead”, Dong Wan stated.

“Easily said, not easily done, Kim Dong Wan”, Min Ah replied. “I had to go through all this
trouble; allying with ex-Red Arrow members, setting up the Kingstas, bribing one of the
Gentle Tigers, just to kill you and get rid of your gang.”

“And you chose to bribe Shi Won because he had a gambling problem?” Dong Wan

She nodded. F*cken b1tch, f*cken Shi Won too, Dong Wan thought. If he wanted money he
could‟ve asked me.

“Dying from a bullet is too easy for you”, she said. “How about bow and arrow?”
One of her girls brought a bow and arrow set to her. Dong Wan looked pass Min Ah to the
window and saw dark spots getting closer and closer. He smirked. As Min Ah aimed at him,
the Gentle Tigers, on motorcycles, drove through the door. It was sunset and the first thing
everyone saw was Min Hee driving some crazy afro dude whose face they couldn‟t see
because of the bright light at the back. It was chaotic as the Black Angels started screaming
their heads off and ran all over the place when they saw the scary frizzy hair.

Dong Wan squinted to get a better look at who the person behind Min Hee was.

“What the f*ck…”

Min Hee halted in front of Dong Wan and I hopped off. Dong Wan‟s eyes widened crazily at
seeing me and my hair but didn‟t say anything to me.

He turned to Min Hee. “NO! Who told you to bring her here?!”

“Well… the trouble started because of her…” Min Hee said hesitantly.

“Yeah, so let me finish it”, I insisted.

“You don‟t know what you‟re saying”, Dong Wan said.

“I do.”

Through our talking, the Gentle Tigers had taken care of all the Black Angels and Min Ah was
being held by Tattoo. I looked down at her with pity.

“So that‟s why you had to use your dorky school friends, your little Devils were busy doing
this lame cr@p.”

Min Ah spat all over the floor insulting me. “Shut your as$hole you f*cken little piece of sh1t!”

I kept my eyes on her but spoke to Dong Wan, “This started because of me and I‟ll finish it.”

“How do you plan to do that?”

“Im Min Ah! What do you say to… one on one?”

“The reward?” She asked.

Funny, she‟s being held back by a pair of strong muscles and in a prisoner position, yet she
still asks for a reward.

“I win, you keep away from Im Hye Young and Jo Tae Woo”, I stated.

“You lose?”

“I won‟t”, I scoffed, “but if I do, you can do whatever you want with me or to me.”

She smirked, “Sounds good.”

Dong Wan nodded to Tattoo to let her go. Min Ah straightened her back and cracked her
neck. I cracked my knuckles and looked to the Black Angels that were tied up and squatting
down in one corner. It looks like the bunch of them are all squatting down peeing or
“Which one of you has mirror on them?” I asked.

One girl with short hair hopped up and down to volunteer hers. I went over and grabbed it
and examined my face. Omg… the horror upon seeing such an ugly face becoming even
uglier. If Im Min Ah lays just one more punch to my face I‟ll need plastic surgery to be
distinguished from a frog. I WILL NOT LOSE!!! I dropped the mirror and went back to my
original position.

I chucked a Bruce Lee; legs apart (one front one back), fists upfront, and thumb brushing the
tip of my nose.

I howled. “Heeeyyyyaaaa!”

Im Min Ah chose a very amusing position; legs apart (one left one right), and hands pulled
back and rested at the hip. She grunted. It‟s like she‟s practising martial arts.

“Are you constipated?” I asked.

“Make your move, b1tch.”

I ran up to her and she didn‟t move an inch. Alright, I‟ll do… this- I kicked her just like a girl
would kick a guy, where they think it counts. Don‟t think it doesn‟t work for girls, because Im
Min Ah was knocked out instantly.

“Ouch”, Tattoo said.

I bent down and poked her. Wow, I really did knock her out in one move.

“Kim Yoo Jin, K.O!!!” I shouted.

The Gentle Tigers cheered me on. “YEAH!”

My eyes searched for Dong Wan and found him shaking his head and smiling. He came up to
me with his hands in his pockets.

“That was cool”, he said. He turned to Min Hee, “can you handle it?”

Min Hee nodded. “We can take it from here, you go rest Dong Wan!”

Dong Wan nodded.

“Let‟s go fighter”, he said to me.

I followed him „til we were outside and out of view from the others when he stopped abruptly
and turned around.

“Wait”, he smiled, “here‟s a reward.”

Dong Wan bent down and kissed my cheek.

“NOT AGAIN! What the f*ck is wrong with you?!” I screeched and punched him.

Then remembering how he had knocked me out and caused my face to look like a gargoyle, I
thumped him again.

Chapter 15 – Fall.
Hmm… I think I‟m awake now. I opened my eyes, sat up and stretched. I looked at my hair,
it‟s normal! Yes!!! Shampoo works wonders. My face, sh1t, gotta believe it- happiness heals
your face faster. Right now, mine looked only slightly like a rotten banana. It should be OK
for me to go back to work.

I got ready for school and walked there alone to have some peace. It‟s been a few f*cken
long days since I‟ve felt this chilled out. I shut my eyes, hmm… nice sunshine, nice breeze. I
opened my eyes, nice sight!!!

“Sang Hyuk!” He froze for a moment then continued walking into the school. Maybe he
prefers to be called something nicer? “OPPA!”

Ew, that sounds yuck. Even if I were him I wouldn‟t stop. He continued walking- most
probably didn‟t hear me. My heart dropped with a thud and I was about to stalk after him but
he disappeared.

I walked into Block A and headed to my locker. Barely anyone uses their lockers. They‟re so
stinkin‟ old and are rusting away, explains why no one receives love letters in their lockers at
this school. I unlocked mine and restocked it with gum, gun powder (great for setting off
random fireworks) and itchy powder. I was about to close it when I saw something small and
pink stuck onto the inside of the door. No sh1t, don‟t tell me… I peeled it off.

                                         Dear Yoo Jin,

                       I‟m going to give you a pleasant surprise today.

                                       Love, Park Im Ho.

I must be the first one in Chungdong High‟s history to receive a love note in my locker.
What‟s he gonna do now? I scrunched up the note and threw it in the bin.

I was near class and heard someone call out, “Im Ho hyung!”

I quickly spun around and saw a junior boy standing in front of Im Ho.

“Hyung, I‟ve finished setting up your gym equipment!”

“Good boy”, Im Ho patted the boy‟s head, “Thank you.”

He walked around the little boy. Wait… WTF?! He‟s clutching onto a large bouquet of roses.
My pleasant surprise? I dived into the storeroom and slammed the door behind me.

I peeked through the square window of the teal door and ducked down when I saw him
passing, but his footsteps stopped at the door. Man, did he catch me?

“Hey, you know who these are for?” Im Ho said.


Hey, isnt‟ that-

“Thank you.”
-the unmistakable voice of Kang Yoon Sung. I slowly ascended and raised my eyes just above
the bottom of the window. Im Ho was holding Yoon Sung back by the arm and Yoon Sung
was reaching out for the bouquet but Im Ho held it away. Im Ho knows that Yoon Sung isn‟t
my current obsession but he still asserts that there‟s something going on between us. F*ck,
won‟t he give it a rest?

Yoon Sung eyed the bouquet.

“That for Kim Yoo Jin?”

Im Ho smiled, “Yeah.”

Yoon Sung yanked his arm free from Im Ho‟s hand and started off then paused. “What is so
likable about her?”

It‟s the apocalypse, Kang Yoon Sung querying about me. Next thing ya know Sang Hyuk is
asking me out, that‟s not such a bad idea actually…

“I guess you really don‟t have your eye on her then, huh?” was Im Ho‟s reply. “You‟re right.
She‟s not pretty-”

One punch to the stomach.


Make it to the eyeball.

“-or slim-”

On third thoughts, the nostrils are the best for that stupid f*ck wit.

“-but it‟s her smash hit personality that counts. It‟s ten times better than any girl‟s face.”

Really now? I smiled widely. OK, he‟s forgiven.

“She‟s plain ferocious”, Yoon Sung stated.

Pfft. Faking being a nice guy for once ain‟t hard Kang Yoon Sung. I studied his face which
now looked… amused? Aish, so freaken punchable.

Im Ho laughed. “No no, she‟s tough and all but it‟s only for those that cross her, and she just
happens to be very easy to cross. She trusts people quite easily, which is why I know so
much stuff about her”, he boasted.

Yoon Sung titled his head, “What stuff?”

“I know she has a strong sister complex- and she‟s loyal, brave, friendly and funny”, Im Ho

Now he‟s just starting to freak me out. He makes it out as if I‟m a goddess or something.

It was Yoon Sung‟s turn to laugh. “Her?”

If I wasn‟t eavesdropping, I would burst through this door right now and flick that grin off his
Yoon Sung started walking but stopped and slightly turned his shoulder, “Who said I haven‟t
got an eye for her?”

“You liar!” Im Ho burst, pointing an angry finger at Yoon Sung.

I slowly stood up stared through the window at Yoon Sung‟s back. I‟ve heard of many guys
liking me before, but man, him? Who would have ever thought, the Ice King Kang Yoon Sung
falling for Kim Yoo Jin?

Suddenly, there was a knocking noise on the window. Annoyed, I tore my eyes away from
Yoon Sung and looked straight through the window in front of me. Im Ho has discovered me
and is now smiling widely and madly knocking on the window. With my finger I pointed down
to the door knob and he nodded excitedly. I shook my head and ran straight to the window
on the other side. Luckily, this is ground floor. I slid back the window and jumped out. Goes
to show how much I‟d go to before going out with him again.


I didn‟t feel happy, sad, excited or satisfied at acquiring the new knowledge. I‟m quite neutral
towards it besides the shock and confusion. Since when did Kang Yoon Sung‟s attitude
towards me change? Just yesterday he was telling me how he „couldn‟t figure me out‟.

I considered telling Ha Na, Hye Young or even Bok Ja about the discovery, but they‟re just
going to brag how they were right all along. Let it be a little secret for me to keep.

I hopped on the bus that would take me to work. I chose a window seat and while sitting
saw Sang Hyuk exiting the school. I quickly slid back the window and poked my head out.

“Yah! Sang Hyuk!”

He froze just like he did this morning and then slowly turned the other way on his feet and
ran off. Sheesh, now he just made it too obvious that he‟s avoiding me. I withdrew my head
and sat down feeling absolutely cranky.

“Pfft. Why does the whole world hate me?” I wondered angrily.

“I don‟t.”

I held onto the top bar of the seat in front of me and pushed myself forward over it to see
who was talking.

“Oh. You”, I said, finding it to be Yoon Sung. “I know you don‟t hate me, you like me.”

Yoon Sung turned his head to face me and burst out laughing. The bus started and threw me
back into my seat. After sticking up my middle finger at the bus driver I hung my arms
loosely over the empty seat next to Yoon Sung.

“Where the hell did you get that from?” He asked me, still smiling.

It‟s a nice change, to see him smile. His smile isn‟t bad…

I shrugged mysteriously.

“You heard me talking to Im Ho didn‟t you?”

Damn it!
“Yeah, I did, so what?!”

He shook his head. “If it‟s gotten to this point, there‟s no more point in me hiding is there?”

Is he going to confess?

“No!” I burst out. “Not on the bus! Everyone will hear you, idiot!”

Now I really did make everyone stick their ears out.

“If I catch one b@stard or b1tch listening I‟ll rip their drums out”, I warned.

All the students returned to their conversations.

“What‟s so secretive about me lying?” Yoon Sung questioned.

There‟s somewhat contradiction in his question. If you‟re lying, of course it‟s a secret!
Anyway, he was lying?!

“You were teasing Im Ho?” I asked disbelievingly.

“Yeah. Don‟t you find his jealousy funny?”

Omigosh. And all these hours I thought I had managed to de-enemise an enemy.

“You thought I liked you for real?” He asked with a raised brow.

I sank back into my seat and he burst out laughing. I grabbed my small black backpack and
threw it at the back of his big head but at that moment he had chosen to bend over and it
ended up hitting the grandma sitting in front of him. She grunted and spun around as Yoon
Sung sat back up. Her squinchy eyes sneered at me. I silently pointed to Yoon Sung. Granny
glared at Yoon Sung who in the next second had my backpack thrust into his face. He clung
onto it as Granny faced the front again. He turned around and glared at me, then shoved my
backpack to me. I snickered. He earned it!

After my source of entertainment had become boring I drifted back to Sang Hyuk.

“Why does the world hate me?” I said aloud to myself.

“I told you, I don‟t”, Yoon Sung answered.

“You don‟t?”

“I don‟t”, he repeated. “So stop bloody mumbling to yourself like a lunatic.”

I thought it was strange that he gave an uncalled for answer.

Since it was a sunny afternoon his face was reflected onto the window and I could see that
he wasn‟t lying. Well he looked honest at that moment anyway.

“I thought you hated me from the first day you saw me that afternoon”, I said.

“That‟s not the first time we met”, he said.

“What are you talking about?” I said, failing to remember if I had seen or heard of him
before, “Duh it is!”
“It wasn‟t.”

“It was!” I persisted.

He leaned onto the window so that I was facing him side on. For some reason, I imitated

“Maybe you don‟t remember… last Christmas?”

Last Christmas?

“Santa Claus?” He continued.

Hmmm… that rings a bell…

Yoo Jin squealed merrily as the photographer announced, “Next!”

She ran straight to Santa Claus and sat down mercilessly on his lap. Santa Claus held in a
yelp of pain as Yoo Jin‟s bum bones sank deep into his thigh. Yoo Jin examined Santa Claus.

“Miss, please look this way”, the photographer pleaded behind the camera.

Yoo Jin held up her hand, “Wait a minute… what kind of Santa Claus is this?!”

BOING boing boing boing went Yoo Jin up and down on Santa and it almost killed him. His
eyes were crossing and he had the urge to push her off but he had promised his aunty to do
this for charity and suppressed his anger.

“Not fat enough!” She complained and banged at his thighs repeatedly. Yoo Jin punched
Santa‟s belly and pinched his cheeks, pulling his mouth apart. “Just not fat enough.”

Yoo Jin hopped off his lap at last, dusted her hands and stalked off with an evil grin on her
face. The photography staff recovered from their shock and ran to the aid of Santa who was
glaring after Yoo Jin.

“That… was you?” I asked him, recalling what happened last Christmas.

He gave a small laugh. “It‟s stupid, huh? Remembering something like that.”

I could feel my cheeks burning. No, I feel stupid now. See, I was hanging out with Ha Na,
Hye Young and Bok Ja and the shopping was so boring that Ha Na offered me her twenty
bucks for killing Santa. I do embarrassing things only under my motto, „They don‟t know you,
you don‟t know them, no embarrassment‟. Long motto, is it even a motto? But damn, he
ruined it. Then I suddenly remembered that time I thought was the first that we met and
remembered his eyes before Mr. Koo dragged me out of sight… they had suddenly widened.

“You recognised me at first sight, didn‟t you?”

He glanced at me, “Yeah.”

I pressed on. “And you still wanted revenge, that‟s why you hate me?”

“Maybe it was why I was a little hostile towards you, but I‟m over it. Yoo Jin, you hate too
many people. Hating is tiring”, he said, glancing at me before looking ahead of him.
It wasn‟t the fact that he said I hated too many people that got me staring like a lostie but
the fact that Kang Yoon Sung had said my first name normally… in my life I think I only ever
heard him say it once before and that wasn‟t his real voice- that time he called me a
transsexual. Why am I going on about a so-called „enemy‟ saying my name?

“If I‟m tired or not is none of your business”, I pointed out.

Hell, I sound b1tchy.

He shrugged, “Just saying.”

It hit me hard that all of a sudden we were talking like… like mates.

“Yah! Why are you talking to me?! We‟re enemies remember?!” I snapped.

Yoon Sung raised his brow. “That‟s a one way thought”, he said.

It is? We didn‟t say much afterwards to each other, not even when he was forced to walk
me to the bus stop that night after work. I only muttered “bye” to him and he simply nodded.
I think… this is the first time an enemy has made me feel less hatred. Sh1t, don‟t tell me…


Chapter 16 – Ironies.

I was a complete madcap to even think that there is the slightest chance that I like Yoon
Sung. Bloody hell, of course I don‟t!! And the person to bring me back to my senses? None
other than my current love, Yoo Sang Hyuk.

Yes, it is Saturday at last! I am finally going to be united with him!!!

I twirled around in front of the mirror like those girls in those movies do before they go out
on a date. When they spin, they look graceful like a swan. When I spin, I look like a waddling
duck. I stopped spinning and examined my clothing again; denims, a white singlet and lime
poncho over the top to cover my fat with white joggers. Looks good enough.

I heard Yoo Na shout from her room, “Appa! Have you seen my glasses?!”

“Glasses are meant to make a person look smart”, I said, lifting the black thick-rimmed
glasses I „borrowed‟ from Yoo Na and tried them on.

I look like a f*cking nerd.

“Yoo Na! I found them!” I yelled.

She burst through my door and stood in the doorway. She chucked me the daggers.

“Don‟t look at me like that you little b1tch, I got them from Freak‟s room”, I lied.

I handed her the glasses and she snatched them.

“Yoo Rin stayed at her friend‟s house last night”, Geek said through gritted teeth.
I shrugged and she stormed out. Ah well.


I was sitting cross-legged on the cushion at the short-legged table next to Sang Hyuk who
seemed even more nervous than I was.

“So…uh, what do you need help with?” He quivered.

I remember preparing for this question in advance yesterday night by scanning my report.

KOREAN : 75%
MATHS : 54%

And you get the gist of it, basically, I‟m flogging school.

I looked indecisively at Sang Hyuk, “Uh… maths?”

He took a deep breath, “OK. Um… do you have your homework with you?”

I nodded and pulled out my math book and opened to a random page with words on it I
don‟t ever remember copying. It looks like Ha Na‟s writing.

“We‟ll start with this question”, Sang Hyuk said.

I smiled, “OK.”

He pulled the book closer to him and I shifted over, closer to him. He glanced at me then
shifted over again. I glanced at him and moved closer. He glanced at me and moved further.
We kept doing this „til he was squashed up against the wall. What is he doing…? I smiled at
him and he had sweat dotting his forehead.

“Uh, Yoo Jin, I need some space”, he hinted.

“Oh”, I nodded and moved over a centimetre.

He glanced at the space between us and sighed. He pointed to question one.

“What you do here is…”

What the f*ck is he saying? He‟s simply telling me what to do and not explaining it. If he isn‟t
Sang Hyuk I‟d be thumping him for not doing a proper job right now.

Hmm… I wonder what he smells like? With my sensitivity to scent, a man‟s aroma is very
important. I pretended I couldn‟t see properly by squinting my eyes at the textbook. I leaned
in closer to him and took a deep breath.

“PWAH!!” I hurriedly leant away from him and pegged my nose.

Sang Hyuk looked at me completely lost. “What is it?”

I let go of my nose and wriggled it. I could have easily been honest and said „SH1T YOU
STINK‟ but little lies don‟t hurt. The thing is I couldn‟t bring myself to say „you smell good‟ so
I said, “A bug bit my nose.”

He went back to teaching me as I eyed him hopelessly and sighed.

“Yoo Jin, uh… are you listening?”


“Bye”, I whispered, trying to put on a sweet smile.

His eyes widened. “Bye!” He gushed and quickly shut the door.

Once the door was closed I wriggled my body loosely and screamed in frustration.


The chitter chatter died out as the Moon came in for third period.

“I have your assignments”, he announced.

I smiled and glanced over to Yoon Sung who was also smiling. Pfft, my poor slave thinks he‟s
going to make me do 10 dares. Over my dead body.

“Ha Na and Jin Kyu!” The Moon called. “By the way, class, after you receive your assignments
you may spend the rest of the period discussing it.”

Ha Na and Jin Kyu got up together and collected their assignment. Ha Na caught my eye and
mouthed „sixty percent‟. For a collaboration with Jin Kyu, that‟s a world record.

“Yoon Sung, Yoo Jin!”

I stood up and so did he. We walked down the two aisles in the class and arrived at the Moon
at the same time. The Moon smiled, “Very impressive work.”

I took the assignment and we walked to the window.

“Did you hear that?” I asked.

“I‟m not deaf”, he retorted.

I sighed and pulled the first scoring sheet out of the plastic sleeve.

                                           Part A : 98

That was Kang Yoon Sung‟s bit… I gulped. So he really is smart… He glanced at the scoring

“You said you‟d get 100%!” I exclaimed.

“I combined it with your part that‟s why”, he excused.

I scoffed and grabbed hold of the second scoring sheet. I slowly pulled it out…


I threw the assignment to the ground and screamed for joy, “BINGO!” I punched the air and
clicked my fingers, “Yes!” I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around. “What?”
Yoon Sung shoved the scoring sheet back at me and nodded for me to read it. I raised a
brow and stared at the numbers in front of me.

“Sixty six?” I muttered.

66?! The stupid Moon had slipped in the second sheet upside down! NO! F*ck no this is
embarrassing… it can‟t be. I felt a pout coming on, and seriously, I never pout- well not a lot.
I tried to block it and the only result was I looked like a human with a horse‟s mouth. I
reluctantly looked away from the sheet and up at Yoon Sung who was observing me with a
cocky smile.

I stomped pass Ha Na and Jin Kyu who were in the middle of an argument.

“Yoo Jin, what‟s wrong?” Ha Na called after me.

A bet‟s a bet. I went to my table, ripped out a piece of paper and cut out the shape of a
body. On it I wrote my name then stuck it on the floor and stepped over it.

I took a deep breath and looked across the room to Yoon Sung who was still staring at me,

He gave a lopsided grin as the rest of the class glanced from him to me.


The next day…


Run, Yoo Jin! It‟s Park Im Ho!

Eh, I‟m unfit. Can‟t be bothered. He caught up to me and held onto my elbow.

“I heard you declared that you owe ten dares to Kang Yoon Sung!” He said frantically.

“Yeah, so what?”

“That‟s dangerous! What if he dares you to have sex with him?!”

I slapped him hard. “How cheap do you think I am?!”

Im Ho hung onto his cheek with a gapping mouth. I glared at him and strode away.

Kang Yoon Sung wouldn‟t do a thing like that, after all, I know his aunty. What‟s he going to
dare me to do anyway? Glue the teacher‟s butt to a chair? Hm, haven‟t done that in a while…


On the way back from successfully gluing the new history‟s teacher butt to the chair with
super glue (I bet he has to take his pants off) I caught Yoon Sung walking down the corridor
with a large pile of thick books.

“What‟s with the creepy smile?” He asked.

I ignored him but I had to stop when he announced, “Your first dare…”
I spun around on my toes. “What?”

“Is to return these books back to the library.”

How easy. But maybe there‟s something else…

Yoon Sung came and dumped the books onto me, only I withdrew and they tumbled down to
the floor messily.

“Yah, rubber arms?”

I squinched my eyes and pointed at his face. “What‟s your true motive? Do these books have
itchy powder?”

“No, you idiot”, he grabbed my finger and thrust it down.

No? “Then why waste a dare on something like this?” I said pointing to the books on the

“Because, I can afford to.”

Well the b1cth was right, I‟ve got nine dares left then.

“Fine then, stupid cow”, I said and crouched down to pick up the books.



“Don‟t you ever let people finish their sentences?”

“Not if I don‟t want to”, I replied arrogantly, standing up with the seven books. Geez they‟re
heavy. “You know, now that I think about it, you‟re a nerd too. Just missing-”

I stood on my toes, reached for his hair and attempted to flatten it out and part it to one side
with one hand. Why isn‟t he reacting? I found out soon when I realised I was eye-level with
him and our faces were in VERY close ranges. We stared at each other for a moment with no

I quickly got off my toes. “You‟re just missing a comb over and f*cking good pair of thick-
rimmed glasses- and maybe you need to tuck your shirt it.”

He went blank but said, “Why are you swearing?”

“‟Cause I‟m talking to you”, I answered and headed off to the library.

Truthfully, I think it‟s because swearing tends to lighten the atmosphere.

Yoon Sung‟s voice echoed through the corridor. “I need to tell you something, meet me after
school. We‟ll go to the store together.”

Together? Tell me something? Tell me what? Tell me now! So I don‟t have to go with you.

I walked to the front of the school alone and spotted Yoon Sung with his bag hanging off one
shoulder standing by the pole marking the bus stop. I went and stood next to him. He took
his eyes off the ground and turned to me.

“I thought you wouldn‟t come”, he stated.

“I‟m not scared of you, so why wouldn‟t I?”

He shrugged.

“Tell me”, I demanded.

He looked away, “Later.”


“No”, he simply said.

He said in such a simplistic way I dropped the topic. What does he want to tell me? He needs
help with something? Being bullied? Unlikely. Wait, likely since he is the one that got involved
with the Red Arrows… wants a favour because I‟m Dong Wan‟s little godsister? Yeah! That‟s
probably it! He wants to trade my nine dares for a favour! At least I won‟t have to associate
with Kang Yoon Sung anymore, not that being with him is such a bad thing anymore.


I was tidying up the sales rack when Yoon Sung emerged from the staff room and walked
over to Madam Oh.

“I‟m going to pay the bills”, he informed her.

The moment the door closed behind him Madam Oh called me over to the red sofa. I sat
down next to her.

“Yes, Madam?”

“Has he asked you yet?” She whispered with an excited smile.

“Yoon Sung?”

She nodded.

I shook my head, “Nope.”

Madam Oh frowned. “Argh that little rascal! You know he told me that-”

The door opened and a young lady in her mid twenties entered. For the next hour we were
so busy that neither of us even bothered to glance at Yoon Sung when he returned.


I pushed open the door with my backpack on one shoulder as Madam Oh looked up from her

“Walking Yoo Jin to the bus stop?” She asked Yoon Sung, who was tailing behind me.

He nodded, “Yeah.”
She smiled cheekily and winked at him. Knowing I had seen the wink, Yoon Sung pushed me
through the doorway and closed the door gently behind him.

“What was that all about?” I questioned.

“Aunties”, he said in an irritated voice.

We started walking side by side, a metre away from each other. I was the one to break the
silence. “Why did you move schools?”

“Your boss said my old school was too scandalised”, he replied.

Strange things happen in this weird world. He moved from a scandalised school to one which
the godsister of a gang leader attends and is constantly being attacked.

“Were you always like this?” He questioned.

“Like what?”

“Fierce, crazy…”

“Yah yah yah, are you looking for a fight?” I blustered, rolling up the sleeves of my black v-
neck top- only it was hard to see under the dim street lights and I ended up pinching myself.


I suddenly felt curious about the relationship between Yoon Sung and I. What is the
relationship? Does one even exist? I mean, I don‟t like the guy, but I don‟t hate him the way
I hate others. Sometimes he feels almost like a friend, a lot of the times he feels like
someone who deserves to be trashed.

“Yah, describe me in three words”, I said randomly.

Yoon Sung is the first one ever to reply without any thought or further questions, “Born-a-

I have never received that kind of response before. I blinked, gave him a dirty and his
response was to shrug.

“I don‟t like lying”, he revealed.


And before I knew it we were at the bus stop and I could see my bus coming. Yoon Sung,
too, noticed this and looked down at me. It seems like he‟s being hesitant about something.
Asking for a favour ain‟t that hard. I waited impatiently and the bus stopped.

“I have to go”, I said in a squeaky you‟ll-miss-your-chance-while-I‟m-in-a-good-mood voice.

He didn‟t react so I turned around to the bus.

I saw his chin lift in the reflection of the window.

“I dare you to go to dinner with me.”

Chapter 17 – Something Wrong & Something Right.
Ya what? I spun around on the bus‟s steps and looked at him spastically.

Yoon Sung stood completely still, “And my aunty.”

“Oh!” I let out a breath, “with Madam Oh too.”

Phew! He bloody well scared me there.

“But why?”

“Girly, say goodbye to hunny and get on the bus”, the scrawny bloke behind the wheel
squeaked sarcastically.

I shot him a glare and he quickly looked away.

I turned to Yoon Sung. “Give me your phone number”, I commanded.

He looked puzzled, “What for?”

“So I can call you and not hold up the majesty behind the wheel there”, I replied pointing
behind me.

Yoon Sung ranted his phone number and I memorised it quickly before jumping on the bus
as the b@stard decided to take off. Gosh, Kang Yoon Sung is lucky I got a good memory-
though umma tells me I‟m a goldfish in school work.

I chose an empty seat and sat down. When I looked out the window, Yoon Sung had already
gone. Scary stuff, he‟s like a very hot ghost.


“Umma, appa! I‟m home!” I announced.

They were both sitting in front of the TV and turned around.

“Are you tired?” Umma asked with a kind smile.

“No”, I replied.

She stood up. “I‟ll get your dinner.”

Ever since I got a sensible job umma has been treating me much more kindly. Man, I feel like
the man of the house bringing home money- I‟m the man!

“Why are you grinning to yourself?” Yoo Na was looking at me with one brow raised.

“What? I can‟t now?” I retorted.

Yoo Na shrunk back through her glasses and wandered off.

After dinner, I returned to my room and entered Yoon Sung‟s number into my phone before
I‟d forget. I stared at the screen with „Yoon Sung‟ on it. Never thought he‟s name would be
on it. I sighed and pressed the green button. I didn‟t have to wait long.


I didn‟t continue.

“… Who‟s this?” He asked.

“Yah! How could you not recognise Kim Yoo Jin‟s voice?!”

“You‟re right, who‟d ever forget that voice…”

I think I need to see a doctor; either I have serious hearing problems or my heart is
pounding irregularly.

“It‟s so mean”, he finished.

“F*ck off”, I said.

He replied, “OK” and hung up.

“Yah, YAH!” I yelled into the phone. I redialled him.


“Don‟t hang up on me you giant as$hole.”

“I just did, swear freak.”

If he was here I‟d show him what this swear freak‟s power is.

“Don‟t do it again, it‟s ruder than swearing”, I stated.

“Whatever, I‟m not going to argue. The dinner‟s on Friday- come in nice clothes.”

Nice clothes?

“Yah, what kind of dare is this? I have to go dinner and be in nice clothes? What if I don‟t
have any?”


“You‟re just desperate, right? You‟ve never had a young girl eat with you?”


“Or maybe you used to have a girlfriend?” I hypothesised, thinking of those Korean dramas.
“And it‟s her birthday on Friday and you want me to pretend to be your girlfriend?”

He didn‟t reply, did I score?

“I‟m right?”

“I believe in daydreaming at night now. Get some sleep”, he instructed and (would you
f*cken believe it) hung up on me again.

I‟m not calling him again, that would dub me desperate.

Wait, I still don‟t know much about what I‟m doing this Friday… nice clothes…dinner…

Sounds like a date to me.


“Stupid, why would you take on a bet like that with a brain like that”, Dong Wan emphasised.

Dong Wan tossed a can of coke which I caught and joined me on the sofa.

“Who knew he‟s brain is so gi-normous?” I snapped back.

Dong Wan eyed me wearily. “Gi-normous? What‟s that?”

“Why are you asking me? I don‟t know.”

He took a sip from his can of coke and placed it on the coffee table.

“So where‟s he taking you?”

I shrugged.

“Need me to come with you?” Dong Wan offered.

I conveyed him a „no, you stupid‟ look.

“Why would Kang Yoon Sung want to take you out on a date?” I pointed out.

Dong Wan slowly nodded, “Right.” He went to grab his can but suddenly stopped and
abruptly turned to me, pushing his face close to mine. “SO IT‟S A DATE NOW?!!!”

“Not really”, I said leaning back.

He sat back.

“I just call it a date, I‟m going with his aunty too anyway”, I stated.

“Sounds like you‟re a girlfriend meeting the elders”, Dong Wan said darkly.

I grabbed hold of the maroon cushion behind me and rammed it in his face. He spat out the
cotton from his mouth and hugged the cushion.

“How‟s it going with you and Sang Hyuk?”

I snatched the cushion back and started beating it up. “ARGH! Stupid bloody f*cken messed
up screwed up little world”, I gave it another blow, “things that are meant to go right don‟t”,
I flung it off the sofa, “things that aren‟t do.”

I swept it off the floor and had my way with it all over again as Dong Wan stood up.

“Uh- I think I know the answer”, I could feel him eye me weirdly, “Just, when you‟re done,
lock the door. I‟ll be in my room if anything goes wrong.”

I broke away from the pillow and looked at him, “What? Like the cushion‟s gonna wake up
and strangle me?” I turned back to the cushion and strangled it.

I didn‟t bother questioning Kang Yoon Sung further on the topic and he didn‟t bother telling
me so I assumed that the idea was dropped until that Thursday…

“Oh, and Yoo Jin, remember that the store is closing tomorrow night”, Madam Oh notified as
I appeared from the staffroom ready to leave.

“Huh? Why?”

Madam Oh stopped flicking through the money and looked at me blankly. “Hasn‟t Yoon Sung
asked you to the dinner party yet?”

Oh sh1t, it really is on.

“Oh yeah! Yes, yes he has. I just… temporarily forgot about it”, I smiled.

She returned the smile and handing me a piece of paper added, “Here‟s the address, can you
meet us at our apartment tomorrow? Come at around 5 „o‟clock and we‟ll go there together.”

I took hold of the piece of paper. Durh I‟d have to go there with them, I don‟t even know
where we‟re eating. But 5 „o‟ clock? Why so early?


I pressed the doorbell and heard it chime behind the door. The door was quickly opened by
Madam Oh.

“Yoo Jin! Come in!”

She ushered me inside and I took my shoes off. My eyes flickered over the white tiles and
walls to the little elegant ornaments. Madam Oh likes white alot… or is Kang Yoon Sung gay?
I peered through the left passage which could only be seen through the archway. Madam Oh
motioned for me to follow her. She turned left into the archway which led to the living room.

Damn, the cream-coloured carpet in here is so soft I feel like snuggling into it! The living
room is really bright because of the glass outmost wall. There was a neatly positioned set of
white lounges with a square glass table in the middle and the silver television at the front
was switched on.

The last thing my eyes spotted was Yoon Sung who was sitting on the lounge directly facing
the TV.

“Whoa, are you playing camouflage?” He was dressed in white cargos and a white t-shirt
which blended him well with the furniture. Actually, he could pass for a prince charming.

Yoon Sung grabbed the remote control and switched the TV off. He looked to me, “I thought
I told you to wear nice clothes.”

I wanted to say „I freaken didn‟t even know I was coming here „til yesterday‟ but didn‟t since
Madam Oh was still standing between us.

Instead, I looked down at my short-sleeved ruffly chiffon black top and blue denims which I
had paired with black stilettos. The whole world knows I run better in stilettos than I walk in
joggers and I don‟t go to fancy places so these clothes are already my best, sheesh. I looked
up at him, “What‟s wrong with my outfit?” You f*cken no stylish piece of-
“Yoon Sung, why don‟t you go and get changed?” Madam Oh intercepted.

Yoon Sung glanced at me then went to the back of the living room where there was another
door in which he disappeared behind.

I was sitting on one of the sofas and chatting to Madam Oh when Yoon Sung emerged in a
black suit and leather shoes. It fitted his broad shoulders and height perfectly. Besides his
ruffled hair, he actually looked very Kwon Sang Woo-ish.

I had unknowingly gapped and closed my mouth. I stood up and walked over to him,
checking him out up and down. Next to his suit, my denims look absolutely boring. Yoo Jin
isn‟t happy people, oh no don‟t get me wrong- he looks stunning, but that uglifies me!!!

I frowned but muttered, “You look good.”

He stared down at me with a surprised expression but didn‟t thank me. Rude b@stard,
manners, hello?

“Yoon Sung, why don‟t you head off to the restaurant first. I‟ll be there with Yoo Jin later”,
Madam Oh advised.

He looked across my head to her. “We‟ve already made a reservation.”

“I haven‟t confirmed it”, she replied.

“Aunty!” Yoon Sung said in an irritated voice.

“Whoops”, she said cheekily and shrugged.

“I‟ll get there first then”, he said grabbing a lock of keys from the glass table and slipping it
into his pocket. He spun around and glanced at me before turning back to Madam Oh, “And
watch out for her.”

“Yah! What do you mean?! Am I some bl-”, I was about to say „bloody‟ but changed it to
“blokey animal?!”

Both nephew and aunty raised their brows at my stupid comment.

“Uh, no”, was all Yoon Sung said to me.

He said good bye to Madam Oh and left. As soon as the door clicked Madam Oh turned to me
and said, “Come.”


Everyone knows it is impossible for me to look „pretty‟. But not everyone knows I can appear
softer. The things that can make me look „nice‟ are a knee-length white skirt, a baby yellow
chiffon singlet with straps that cross at the back, silver stilettos and straightened hair- which
is all of what Madam Oh has plonked me into.

I stared into the taxi‟s head mirror- I didn‟t get the chance to at Madam Oh‟s house „cause we
were already so late.

“Holy… cr@p” I said aloud.

Madam Oh turned to me, “Is something wrong, Yoo Jin?”
I was so freaken stunned at what I saw in the mirror that I just left my mouth gapping until I
realised saliva was almost coming out of it. There, in that mirror, was a drooling sweet
looking girl. F*ck, that girl is me!!! She‟s (why am I talking in third person?) not pretty at all,
but she LOOKS NICE. It‟s like the yellow has softened my eyes so they didn‟t look as sharp.
Umma calls me Snow White because I‟m too white, but now the yellow is making my skin
glow! NO! I DON‟T WANT TO BE LIKE THIS! Why? My eyes… my eyes! They‟re not mean
anymore, Kang Yoon Sung will see me not mean and I‟ll lose my powerful image. I felt like

“I look cute”, I wailed.

Madam Oh trailed my eyes to the head mirror and grinned. “I think this will be a nice present
for Yoon Sung.”

What is she talking about?

“Uh… present?” I asked, taking the crimpled expression off my face.

She chuckled, “No, your transformation isn‟t his actual present. I just thought it‟d be a nice
extra birthday present for him.”

I gulped. Rotten bananas, it‟s Kang Yoon Sung‟s birthday today?!

“Madam Oh?”


“Can we just stop there for a second?” I requested pointing to the entrance of a department
store. “I have to pick up Yoon Sung‟s present”, I explained.

Madam Oh smiled, “Of course!”

The taxi driver pulled up in front of the grand glass doors and I sped into it holding onto the
silver clutchbag Madam Oh had lent me. I ran around the place like chooks in a pen not
knowing what to get.

In frustration, I started fretting to myself. “F*ck f*ck f*ck. Damn damn damn. DUMBAS$!
Why couldn‟t he bloody tell me it‟s his birthday?!”

At that moment I saw the reflection of something in the shiny entrance doors and spun
around… and smiled.


Chapter 18 - The Many Pleasant Presents.

I heard Madam Oh‟s footsteps stop somewhere ahead of me.

“You got us a nice place Yoon Sung, really since it‟s your birthday I should‟ve organised it.”

“It‟s alright aunty”, there was a pause, “Where‟s that girl?”

That girl? I have an effing name you di-
“Yoo Jin! What are you doing here?”

She found me. I was hiding on the carpet around the corner of the restaurant not wanting to
go in. Darn it, do I really have to look nice in front of Kang Yoon Sung?

I pointed down to my toes. “Stilettos. I can‟t walk in them”, I fibbed.

Madam Oh‟s brows furrowed and grabbing my hand she dragged me along. She was already
in the doorway and I was still covered by the wall when I tugged back furiously. We
struggled, me pulling back and she forward. Heck, what a cool site this must be to those
richies inside, a lady in fancy clothes playing tug-of-war with a pair of hands.

Because I was busy thinking of their reactions, with one tug Madam Oh had managed to jerk
me forward next to her so that I was, too, in the doorway. I straightened my back in front of
the crowd of people at their tables who had all looked up to see what the commotion was all

I looked away and caught sight of it, or him. To the side, looking out the glass window which
overlooked the city of Seoul sat Kang Yoon Sung, prince-like as ever in his tuxedo and
wearing a bland face. I wonder why he‟s not looking this way. Pfft, the snob probably knows
that it‟s like Kim Yoo Jin to cause such a stir.

The slow poke‟s head finally turned my way and his lips slightly parted as he took in my
retarted appearance. Damn it, I knew this kind of look doesn‟t suit me. I sneered at the floor
and when I looked up again Yoon Sung was still staring at me. I‟ll pull your eye balls out in a
sec if you don‟t stop that Kang Yoon Sung. Darn his dare.

I followed Madam Oh over to the white-clothed table. Yoon Sung stood up, walked around
the table and pulled out the chair for Madam Oh. I pulled out my chair too.


It scraped loudly against the tiles causing every fool‟s head to turn my way, again.

“Sh1t”, I muttered.

There are lots of things I hadn‟t foreseen today, but number one is when Yoon Sung came
around to me, held onto the top of my chair and said apologetically, “Sorry, so impolite of

The people stuck their noses back to where it belongs and I sat down in blown by the wind
mode, surprised that he chose to cover my embarrassment by blaming himself. I watched as
Yoon Sung returned to his seat like nothing had happened.


We finished our dinner (I had steak x 2) and our plates were cleared away.

“I‟m going to the bathroom”, Madam Oh said as she got up and left me and Yoon Sung

Just the two of us… I started giggling.

“What are you laughing?” Yoon Sung asked me, eying me like I had a fit.
I leaned in closer over the table and he did too. I whispered, “Now that it‟s just us… don‟t
you think it looks like we‟re on a date?”

He slumped back into his chair and gave me a you‟re-an-idiot look.

“Pfft, you‟re no fun”, I complained.

I glanced at the grey-haired man in glasses playing the piano. I kept my eyes on his fingers
and spoke to Yoon Sung, “Did you know that I was supposed to play the piano? But I was
too shy so yeah… else by now I‟d be a master.”

He didn‟t reply so I looked at him, only to see him staring- or gazing, at me. I blinked causing
him to blink and snap out of his trance.

“You look different today”, he said without looking at me.

See? I knew he‟d make a comment.

“I know. I look like an ogre forced to make friends with Hello Kitty”, I said.

He looked at me again. “I wasn‟t thinking that.”

Yeah, he‟s probably thinking I look like sheep‟s sh1t gone wrong.

“Then what?” I asked, drawing up in my mind an after school bash up plan for tomorrow.

Yoon Sung didn‟t get the chance to answer because the lights dimmed and the piano man
started playing „Happy Birthday‟. Madam Oh came towards Yoon Sung wheeling a pretty
mango cheesecake and singing along with the tune. I joined in with her and so did the rest of
the diners. I looked at Yoon Sung and I wished I had a camera to take a picture of Kang
Yoon Sung blushing!!! Aha this is so funny. And just to make his cheeks go redder, I raised
my singing level and the rest all raised theirs to match it. With the high volume I wouldn‟t be
surprised if the floor below could hear us.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Yoon Sung”, it was strange to hear only two voices out of the whole
chore sing Yoon Sung‟s name since the rest had no idea who the jerk they were singing for

I smiled widely as Yoon Sung looked as if even a bee‟s hive would be good enough for him to
stick his head in.

Madam Oh had timed carefully because she the cake had stopped right in front of Yoon Sung
as the song stopped.

“Aunty”, Yoon Sung mumbled.

She grinned. “Make a wish.”

He closed his eyes for a moment and his face was lit by the candles.

I wonder what someone like Yoon Sung would wish for?

He opened his eyes and blew out the candles. The lights in the restaurant brightened again.

“Now cut the cake!” Madam Oh exclaimed.

She provided him with a knife and he sliced it through the cake. Ooh, I can‟t wait to eat that.
“It touched the bottom! It touched the bottom!” Madam Oh said excitedly, pointing to the

She‟s much more hyper than usual today. I guess she has reason to be, but not this. I KNOW
what she‟s getting at.

I peered over at the cake as Yoon Sung eyed me.

I shook my head and pressed my lips, “Nope. Didn‟t touch the bottom.”

Yoon Sung levelled his eyes with the edge of the table, “Yeah… nah”, he agreed.

We both looked up at Madam Oh who smiled and announced, “He‟s gotta kiss someone on
his birthday.”

Now that he had lowered himself, his lips were very close to mine. I backed away.

Yeah, he can kiss himself, I was gonna say but what came out was, “Yeah, he can kiss you

She sighed and lent him her cheek.


1. Yoon Sung blushing.
2. Yoon Sung shyly pecking his aunt‟s cheek.

I burst out laughing seeing Yoon Sung peck his aunt‟s cheek and you know what? The f*cken
d1ck, glared at me, then bloody f*cken grabbed my face and kissed me on the lips!

I pushed him away and wiped my lips, “Yuck!”

Madam Oh giggled, reminding me that I am in front of my boss which saved me from pulling
out every last strand of hair on her nephew‟s head. I glared at him so hard my eyes felt like
plunging into my glass of lemonade. He grabbed his napkin and dabbed it at his lips. HOW
DARE HE?! He‟s the one that kissed me and what‟s this? Now he‟s freaken wiping my saliva
off like they‟re germs!!! I yanked my napkin and literally slapped my mouth with it.

“Why don‟t you laugh now?” He asked me.

I gritted my teeth.

Madam Oh started laughing again, “Thank God I told you to bring friends Yoon Sung!” She
turned to me. “You know when I asked him to invite a group of friends to celebrate his
birthday and he stayed silent I thought he had no friends?”

Well you got that right.

“But then he said, „well… there is one that can come‟ and I was less worried but when he said
it‟s you all my worries were over!”

So that‟s why he dared me to come. A$shole taking advantage of my debt to him.

Yoon Sung stood up abruptly and walked off without a word.

Madam Oh sighed. “I think I embarrassed him.”
Yeah, me too.

“Since when did his attitude towards you change, Yoo Jin?”

I looked at her with what I hoped looked innocent eyes. “What change, Madam?”

She chuckled. “I know he didn‟t like you at first Yoo Jin. He said he couldn‟t understand how
a girl tough like a man could have good style.”

My guts were churning to dissolve Yoon Sung‟s.

“But then one day- I think it was that time you took a day off work, he came back from
school and said he saw a different side to you…”

I was swinging on the edge of my chair with nosiness by this point.

“He said you looked anxious for once, not just fierce.”

That was when I was worried about Dong Wan…

“And he heard from classmates that you had been a brave girl, representing your school in a

Pfft, yeah, um, „challenge‟.

Madam Oh continued, “And he said that he couldn‟t understand a girl who is at times the
most hated, then sometimes the most loved but then all the time respected.”

You know, I couldn‟t figure you out.

And that‟s why he was staring at me that day.

I was VERY eager to know the rest, “What else did he say?”

Madam Oh smiled warmly at me, “I think he‟s found a different- good, side to you. That‟s
why I wanted to expose some more of it through different clothes.”

This guy thinks he‟s God. Even I don‟t know my other side and who said I have a split

“Your smile looks daunting.”

I looked up to see Yoon Sung sitting down and stopped swinging on my chair. Why the heck
does he always comment on my smile? And I‟m not smiling…

“Shut up”, I blurted.

Luckily Madam Oh didn‟t notice because she was busy reaching under the table. A moment
later she pulled out a black gift bag.

Oh God. Gift bag.

I fidgeted underneath the table whilst Yoon Sung thanked his aunty and withdrew a black
box from the bag. He flipped it open and inside was a key. He lifted it out of the box and
examined it carefully.
“Aunty, is this what I think it is?” He asked with a happy smile.

She nodded.

“You shouldn‟t-”

She cut in on him, “I should of got it when you turned 16 last year but I hadn‟t saved

I suddenly felt a lump in my throat and in the next second was overwhelmed with emotions.

“Why are you teary?” Yoon Sung asked. “It‟s not your present.”

“SHUT UP!” I snapped as Madam Oh shook her head disapprovingly at Yoon Sung.

Madam Oh tried to change the subject, “What have you gotten for him, Yoo Jin?”

Yoon Sung, not knowing that I knew it was his birthday, quickly interjected, “Dessert

I pulled it out from under the table by the ear and dangled it in front of him. Stuff the gift

“Happy Birthday”, I said, clearing up my voice.

He was taken aback but accepted it, “Thanks.”

I observed the way he held it between his hands, eying it with passionate confusion.

Madam Oh slowly nodded. “A… teddy bear? Very, uh, nice, Yoo Jin.”

I sniffed and smiled, “I thought it looked just like Yoon Sung here.”

He glanced at me pathetically.

What had I seen in the reflection? A thirty centimetre tall bright brown teddy bear that looks
like a nerd. It wore glasses and its nose was buried into a book, and its head was twice the
size of its body.

“I think you could name it „Big Head Yoon Sung‟”, I suggested.

“Nah, since you gave it to me I‟ll name it Big Head Yoo Jin”, he smiled evilly and patted its
head, “Alright, Miss. Big Head?” He said to the bear.

One day I‟ll burn your pretty tongue off, Kang Yoon Sung.


“You take Yoo Jin home using your new present, Yoon Sung. I‟ve had it readily parked in the
carpark”, Madam Oh instructed as she climbed into the taxi.

Yoon Sung shut the door and the taxi took off immediately.

“I‟ll catch another taxi”, I stated.

“Didn‟t you hear? Your boss told me to take you home with my new present”, he repeated.
“I‟m not deaf”, I said but tagged after him as he walked away. Really, I just want to know
what‟s this so exciting new present.



“Last year”, he replied.

I ride on the back of Dong Wan‟s motorbike all the time, but this guy I don‟t trust. What kind
of geek rides a motorbike?! I forced myself to tighten my grip on his shoulders.

“Woman, if you squeeze my shoulders like that we‟re gonna crash”, he warned.

I ignored his threat and gripped on tighter.

We were passing a gigantic office building that took up the whole block and I could see our
reflection in the glassy walls.

A guy in a suit on a motorbike + a girl in a skirt holding onto the guy = totally movie-like!

Actually, we don‟t look too bad together…


I looked away from the building and concentrated on looking at everything else but things
which reflect. Soon, I recognised the deserted road Yoon Sung was driving on.

I hit his shoulder with one fist. “Hey! Why are you taking me back to school?!”

He responded calmly, “Because, you don‟t want me to know where you live.”

“YAH! You haven‟t asked me yet!!!” I shouted in his ear.

He didn‟t even shift away. Dang it, maybe it would work better if he wasn‟t wearing a helmet.

“Last time you said”, he imitated me in a squeaky voice, “„Knowing where I live won‟t be that
easy Kang Yoon Sung‟.”

Hmmm… how much would it cost to repair a motorbike? Probably a lot. And that‟s the only
thing that kept me from steering his present into the brick wall. Stupid git.

“That was last time!” I bellowed.

“You shouldn‟t have to wait for me to ask”, he pointed out.

For a response, I banged my helmet head forward against his. Oww… the vibration hurts.

The motorbike suddenly came to a stop and Yoon Sung turned around. His glare isn‟t much
worse than mine, for one thing he was wearing a helmet and I could still feel a burning
sensation. He removed his helmet.

“Are you mental?”

The vibration of the helmet slam was still in my brain so I didn‟t bother defending myself.

“Well where do you live then?”

I lifted the helmet off my head, passed it to Yoon Sung and turned away.

“Yoo Jin.”

I spun around again, “What?”

There was a true smile of appreciation when he said, “Thanks.”

I nodded, “Thanks for the dinner.”

He nodded back and said, “Yeah… goodnight.”

He just stayed there.

“Aren‟t you going?” I asked him.

Yoon Sung shook his head at me.

“Yah! Why are you shaking your head? What are you? One minute you‟re all nice and gentle
then the next you‟re f*cken-”

He replaced his helmet through my ranting and took off.

“I‟M NOT FINISHED YET!” I yelled after him. “Pfft, b@stard.”

(BoA - Amazing Kiss)

B@stard... my first kiss… was stolen by a bloody b@stard.

Chapter 19 – Woken From A Nightmare.

I thought after that night that Kang Yoon Sung and I would return to being
enemies, or at least very strange ‘friends’. But no, as it turned out…

“It was his birthday?”


Dong Wan burst out laughing. “Why the hell would he bring you to his birthday party? As if
you‟d give him a birthday kiss or something.”

Actually, yeah I did.

Though that‟s not what I said since I‟m a generous person and will spare Yoon Sung‟s soul.
Instead, I switched the topic, “Didn‟t you say you were going to drive me to school today?”

At freaken 5am this morning my Happy Tiger sent me the following message:
Drop by the snooker club this morning before you go to school.
I‟ll drop ya off.

As soon as I read it I knew what Dong Wan wanted, he wanted to be let in on the gossip of
Friday night. I‟ve finished my edited recount and don‟t know what the heck I‟m still doing
here „cause I can‟t play snooker for a billion stilettos.

He hit a ball with that stick thingo and went around the other side of the table. “Yeah.”

“Let‟s go. I‟m gonna be late”, I urged.

He hit another ball and glanced up at me.

“Since when did you care about being late?”

“Since appa threatened me with my job”, I answered truthfully.

He aimed at another ball, curled his tongue and hit it successfully. Well I think it‟s successful
since his mates were cheering- then again, those guys clap even if Dong Wan‟s sh1tting.

“Let‟s start a new game”, Min Hee suggested.

“Wanna get even heh?” Dong Wan mocked. “OK, bring it on.”

My eyes went snooker ball sized.

“Dong Wan! I don‟t have the f*cken time!”

He sat on the table and busied himself with cleaning the tip of his stick thing, “Great, then
you don‟t have to earn money to give to that dumb nerd.”

I glared at him, “F*ck you.”

He got off the table and lowered himself eye-level to the table with the stick. “Not now baby,

“Oooh”, went the Gentle Tigers.

“Aaahhh”, went I as I snatched Min Hee‟s stick from his grasp and jabbed at Dong Wan‟s

He instantly straightened his back and looked at me in annoyance.

“Try talking sex to me one more time and I‟ll beat you‟re as$ flat”, I warned.

Dong Wan gave up. “OK ok let‟s take you to school now little baby.”


We roamed up to the school and I hopped off Dong Wan‟s motorcycle. The girls passing by
all gazed at me in admiration.

One girl fanned herself and checked out Dong Wan‟s black leather jacket and torn jeans,
“That is so hot!”

It‟s every girl‟s dream to have a hot guy drive them to school on a motorcycle. And it‟s every
guy‟s dream to have a bunch of girls go gaga over their motorcycles and leather jackets-
which is why Dong Wan likes taking me to school so much, and which is most probably also
why in the next second, not much longer after Dong Wan started receiving fans that Yoon
Sung came up from behind us on his motorcycle.

I didn‟t recognise it was him until he pulled off his helmet causing the girls to trash Dong
Wan and buy Yoon Sung.

“Oh gosh Kang Yoon Sung is sooo hot!”

“He can ride a motorbike now?!”

“That is so cool!”

“See the way he gets off the car?”

“It‟s a motorbike you dumas$”, I said to the girl who last spoke. I turned to Dong Wan and
patted his shoulder, “Guess you‟ll be sharing your attention from now on.”

Dong Wan smirked. He turned around and waved to Yoon Sung, “Care for a race one day?”

Yoon Sung finished locking his bike and looked to Dong Wan, for a moment I thought he was
going to reject but then he said, “When you‟re ready.”

My face went mental at hearing the acceptance. Is he looking to get involved with the Gentle

Dong Wan nodded and turned back to me, “I forgot to tell you, I‟m going to Hong Kong over
the summer break.”

“What for?” I questioned.

“Racing tournament”, he answered.

“Right, win the thing”, I said.

Dong Wan smiled, “I will, don‟t miss me too much girl.”

I poked my tongue out at him and he took off.

I turned around and saw Yoon Sung heading towards me with the loser girls in a swarm
tagging behind him silently. Sad world.

Yoon Sung held out a Runway Styles shopping bag to me.

I eyed it, “What is it?”

“Your clothes, you left it at my house on Friday”, he replied.

I left my mouth hanging open and my eyes were sending him the daggers. Did he know how
freaken wrong that just sounded? The girls behind him started gossiping.

“Omg! She slept with him?!”

“No! She beat me to it!”

“That man-eater!”
“I thought they were enemies!”

It was my turn, “GODDAMMIT I DID NOT!”

That added with my death stare was enough to shut them up temporarily. I know that by the
end of the day all of Chungdong High would come to label me as Yoon Sung‟s slut. F*ck, I
never gave a damn for ANY rumours that have been spread about me in the past no matter
how malicious they get, but no rumour has ever gone as far as my virginity!

I turned my attention back to Yoon Sung and yanked the bag from him.

Through gritted teeth I said, “Can you be any more f*cken stupid?”

He glanced over his shoulder at the whispering girls.

“We didn‟t do anything.”

What‟s that American show? JUST SHOOT ME! NO! SHOOT HIM!

God that d1ckhead! He seriously thought they would believe his naïve little claim. I shook my
head at him and walked through the school entrance.

What a great way to start the last week of school. At least I‟ll only have to bear it for a week
and then it‟s… SUMMER HOLIDAYS!


“Sang Hyuk, whatever you‟ve been hearing in the past three days, it‟s not true”, I said

I had pinned my love up to the wall outside his classroom since it‟s so hard for me to catch
him nowadays.

Behind the glasses his eyes looked a little teary. “Oh, o-ok…”

I nodded, “Yes, ok”, and let go of him.

He quickly dashed into his classroom and slammed the door just as I was about to follow him
in. I shrugged and started down the corridor to my classroom when Yoon Sung came out
from the perpendicular corridor.

“See? They‟re together again.”

Another b1tch talking behind my back.

“I wonder how she managed to tackle him?”

I swiftly turned around and leaned in close to the girl who was shorter than me.

My voice was soft and dangerous, “I-did-not-sleep-with-Kang-Yoon-Sung.”

Her bob haircut was trembling.

“I didn‟t either”, Yoon Sung added.

She and her girl friend quickly dived into the corridor Yoon Sung had emerged from.
In the past few days, if I was defending myself Yoon Sung would back me up. If he was
defending himself I would back him up. That‟s just the way it works: no matter how much
you hate each other, if you‟re in the same boat you row together. Plus, this is my virginity
they‟re talking about. Though I noticed that on most occasions when Yoon Sung is arguing
with someone about it, it‟s more about him defending my reputation than his own. That
should be the way it is anyway because I‟m a girl- we get special privileges!

And it‟s in times like this that I know how useless having a queenka sister is.

Last night…

“Yoo Rin”, I called.

“What do you need unnie?”

If I was calling her by her real name it equals to „unnie wants something‟.

“Tell your school mates to shut up”, I instructed.

She grinned, “You mean about you and Kang Yoon Sung?”

“What else?” I snapped back.

“They don‟t listen to me remember?”

She turned around and left my doorway empty but not for long because Yoo Na‟s head
popped in.

“Why don‟t you try telling a teacher?”

I launched Mr.Pillow at her.





The words could be heard from every mouth in every classroom in the school- except mine…


Ha Na laughed at me.

I have a better reason than anyone else to be happy. My fists are sore from punching the
talkative ones and my lips are dry from spitting at too many of the other major rumour
spreaders. I intend to spend the next month in serenity… NOT! I‟m going to party my buns

Ha Na and I joined the cue to flee from school and soon found ourselves next to Hye Young
and Bok Ja.

“Guys! How about we meet at the pools today?” I suggested.
Bok Ja shook her head, “Nup. Sorry Yoo Jin but my aunty is sending me to a summer
boarding school.”

“What? Why?”

“She‟s going to Italy.”

I had a swearing fit at Bok Ja‟s aunty for treating her so cruelly.

“I can‟t go either”, Hye Young piped.

My eyes widened. “You too?”

“My family is holidaying in France!” She explained excitedly.

“Stupid rich gits”, I muttered. “Ha Na, my faithful friend! Looks like it‟s only us two today!”

“I‟M GOING TO JAPAN!” She announced.

I blinked twice and didn‟t even bother asking why she didn‟t inform me earlier. We got to the
school gates, did our hugs and greetings and split off.

No Bok Ja… no Hye Young… no Ha Na… and no Happy Cub!

“What am I going to do this summer?!” I exclaimed shutting the door behind me. “Hang out
with the freaks?!”

Yoo Rin had already arrived home and was dragging a suitcase behind her.

“Even if you wanted to you can‟t. I‟m going to summer camp”, she said.

“Oh f*ck”, I said, my eyes following Yoo Na as she strolled over to the fridge, “summer break
studying with Super Geek”, I shrugged, “at least I‟ll return a little smarter.”

Geek withdrew the pineapple juice carton and filled up her glass.

“That‟s what Yoo Sang Hyuk‟s job is”, she stated.

Umma came hustling out of her room and took one quick look at me as I dragged my feet
across the floor.

“If you really want you could come to visit halmeoni with us”, she offered.

Oh no. Granny lives in the countryside and she worked me hard the last time I was there.
She‟s the one that taught me how to foot massage so I could do it for her cats.

“Uh- I have a lot of studying to do”, I excused.

Umma scoffed, “Well then it‟s only you at home alone. Yoo Na is coming with me and appa.”

For the first time I noticed appa sitting on the lounge. He switched the TV off and stood up.

“Finished packing?” He asked Yoo Na.

“Uh huh”, she nodded.
“Alright let‟s go”, he said.

Yoo Rin opened the door, “Bye bye unnie!”

I turned around to see all four family members lining up at the doorway.

“No! Freak don‟t go!” I pleaded.

She vanished from sight.

“I‟ve left enough food for two weeks… and don‟t do anything bloody stupid”, umma

I had to think of something. “TWO WEEKS?! I‟ll die from rotten food! You have to stay and
cook for me umma!”

She smiled, waved and disappeared after Yoo Rin.

Soon I was facing the bare doorway, alone, isolated, deserted and left to chill with the TV.


(BI - QUIZ) http://www.box.net/public/il6d5ub2zc

If you really think about it, TV‟s only great for 48 hours. After that, your eyes are like apples,
your hair is like a bunch of twigs and your brain is going: Suicide. Suicide. Suicide!

Alas, I made a decision whilst lying on the couch.

“F*ck-can‟t-go-on-any-longer. Must stop”, I breathed.

I switched off the TV and jumped off the couch.

After a refreshing shower which cleaned off my sweat from the summer heat, I retrieved into
my room and pulled out a fresh piece of paper. I titled it, „WAYS TO CAPTURE SANG HYUK‟.

Wait. I still have SANG HYUK!

I quickly found my phone and nervously dialled the number.



“Sang Hyuk! It‟s Yoo Jin!”

I heard the sound of a receiver being slammed down.

“Sang Hyuk?”


“Sang Hyuk?”

“Uh, yes. I think you‟re ringing about Saturday lessons? Well they‟re not on in the holidays”,
he ranted.
“I‟m not ringing about that”, I stated.


“Are you doing anything?” I queried.

“I‟m actually leaving for the airport right now…” he whispered. “I‟ll be gone for the WHOLE of
the summer break.”

Why is he whispering?

“Oh… ok. Have fun”, I slowly said and hung up.


I turned back to the piece of paper and spent the rest of the day thinking of ways to attract
Sang Hyuk more- it‟s been too long!

Sure, by the end of that night, I had three wonderful traps ready to be set up for lovely Sang
Hyuk to fall in.


4th day of living the life of a ninety year old stinkin‟ woman in summer break…

I didn‟t wake up „til noon. What else is there for me to do but sleep? I shuffled into the
kitchen and after breakfast had a one hour shower and then… lay on top of the yellow
butterfly quilt on my bed and stared at the ceiling.

“Why are you alone, Kim Yoo Jin?” I said to meself to keep meself sane.

I bonked my head, MYself. MYself.

“Go see a movie!” I shouted happily. “But only loners go to theatres by themselves…”

I am a loner.

“No, Yoo Jin refuses to be put under that category.”

I flipped open my phone and ran through the phonebook. My thumb paused at the name:

Park Im Ho.

“What the crap are you thinking Yoo Jin? F*ck you‟d rather live a ninety year old woman than
go with him!”

Who is friendless and Yoo Jin tolerable? My thumb rested on the down button again and
stopped at the name which answered my question perfectly well…

Kang Yoon Sung.

“Give it some thought first”, I said aloud. “Well, he must be bored too…”

There‟s no other choice. I hit the button.



I licked my lips and bit them.

“It‟s Yoo Jin.”


His light tone made me feel desperate. Actually, made me realise I am desperate.

“What are ya doing?” I said, reverting from the real topic I wanted to get to.

There was a pause then, “Are you bored?”


I gave in, “Yes.”

“What do you wanna do then?”

He was so quick, so casual… so friendly! This isn‟t Yoon Sung-like… although I immediately
invited the friendliness.


“OK, CineCube?” He suggested.

“OK!” I said, nodding and smiling merrily.

“Meet you there at… three?”

“OK!” I repeated with the same actions.

“OK”, he hung up.

Damn I sounded like a pushover. But who cares?! I‟m going out for the first time this summer
break man! But really, that was VERY un-Kang Yoon Sung.


I waited under the tree‟s shade outside the cinema in light blue denims, a brown singlet,
black stilettos and my hair out loose. Where is he?

I didn‟t have to wait long. He turned up in dark blue denims and a collared black t-shirt with
a grungy white print, looking fine and casual. He stopped a metre away from me directly at
the building‟s entrance and nodded his head towards it.

“Let‟s go in”, he said.

I watched as he went in and followed after him.

We picked an action movie and in the cinema chose middle row seats.
The lights had already blacked out and the movie was starting when I whispered, “Give me
some popcorn.”

He looked at me and the bright colours from the screen lit up our faces so I could see his
eyes targeting my fairy floss.

I shifted it away from him, “No!”

He blinked then concentrated back on the movie. Damn him.

In the end, we both gave in and left the food in between us.

“You see his moves?” I asked and imitated the actor‟s karate chop after the movie finished.

“Yeah- hey I‟m going this way”, he said as we exited the building and I turned right.

I paused, “Oh… fine.”

Honestly, I didn‟t want Yoon Sung to go yet. I‟ll be hugging myself at home again… Stupid
f*cken no-good b@stard.

I watched as he turned left then stopped and reeled around.

“Doing anything tomorrow?” He asked.


I have never been more honest in my life.

“Good. Be ready for your third dare”, he notified.

I‟m not a loner tomorrow! The elation almost made me jump and scream for joy. Don‟t do
that Yoo Jin, you have to keep your cool.

I folded my arms and smiled, “I‟m always ready.”

He nodded, “Good.”

Then he left me staring at his back as he walked down the street. On his head… is that… a
glowing halo? I rubbed my eyes, why am I still seeing it?

… I spent my summer holiday doing dares with him.

Chapter 20 – Summer Hearts

And then I thought my next dare would be excitingly fun! Much better than
staying at home alone! Only I should’ve known better than to underestimate a
dare from Kang Yoon Sung. After all, he is more twisted than the rest of the
blokes out there…

(Introduction song: Loveholic – Sunday Clear - http://www.box.net/shared/lk14qzre25)
At the exact time which I had set it to my stupid phone woke me up- 10am. Who the hell
wakes up that early during school holidays? *Looks in mirror*

By 11:30am I was all ready and waiting for Yoon Sung‟s call. I‟m a naturally fast person in
getting ready unlike Hye Young and Yoo Rin who take a gazillion years. It was easy choosing
what to wear; he said I‟ll be getting my third dare so must prepare for a battle. I‟m sporting
black jeans, old blue joggers and three layers of tops (excluding bra) - two extra protective
layers in case my task is something like rolling down a hill which will result in my shirt
ripping; black singlet, bright blue polo over the top and a thin drawstring hooded jacket over

Two hours later…

I glanced at the black clock on the wall yet again. Did he forget? Maybe I should call him? No
way, I already made the first call yesterday. Hmph, bloody late nerd. Probably doing his
homework or something. I went into the kitchen and made myself the one dish that co-exists
with me… INSTANT NOODLES! You know, I reckon Clazziquai sent a message to those food
producers out there when they made their album „Instant Pig‟. Then I can have instant pigs
with noodles!

“Hmmm…” I slurped the last strand of noodle and licked my lips.

I glanced over my shoulder at the clock again. Kang Yoon Sung is really pushing his limit.

I strolled over to the sofa, switched on the TV and watched some summer catwalk.


Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz.


Bzzz. Bzzz. Bz-

Instinctively, I violently shut my mouth like it would stop the noise and found my teeth
clamping onto the noisy piece of dog cr@p. I slightly lifted one eyelid and looked down upon
my bitten vibrating phone. Its screen read: Kang Yoon Sung calling.

My eyes fully opened and I sat up. The TV was the only source of light in the dark room but
it was enough for me to see the time: 10pm.

I pressed the phone to my ear and greeted the caller politely, “YOU F*CKEN MONGOLOY!

His voice came coolly, “So you woke up at 7am for me?”

Trust a nerd to take it literally.

“No, b1tch.”

“The Gloomy Shack. Know it?”

I felt a knot form in my throat. The blue lights from the TV and the darkness surrounding me
ain‟t exactly helping to lessen the fear and it showed in my tone as I replied, “Yeah. What…
about it?”
“Meet you there in fifteen minutes.”

Unable to stand the dead darkness I ran over to the switch and flicked the lights on.

“NO!” I protested.

He chuckled evilly and hung up. I lowered the phone in front of me and clutched onto it

A dare‟s a dare. Fine, I‟ll do this.


I took in a deep breath.

Sh1t. He‟s gonna make me go in the Gloomy Shack and rumour has it that those who go in
don‟t come out.

I, Kim Yoo Jin, am not scared of anything except monkeys and GHOSTS.

“And f*ck… why the hell did he have to choose night time”, I whimpered.

I stared at the typical scary black haunted house with shattered windows, grand doors, a
chimney and on the veranda a rocking chair… that was rocking back and forth even on this
breeze-less summer night.

F*ck all! I closed my eyes and marched determinedly straight at the Gloomy Shack.


Yoon Sung watched patiently as I screeched, my head wobbling from the vibration.

My voice finally stopped and I went off at him on my toes, “Are you mute? Can‟t you talk
goddamit?! Bump into someone at a place like this- how careless can you get?!”

He placed two hands on my shoulders and pushed me down.

“Don‟t… spit at me.”

I scoffed and again looked over the outfit that freaked me out. “Bloody hell. It‟s late, we‟re at
the Gloomy Shack and you‟re one great big white blob. How much crazier can you get?”

Yoon Sung had chosen to wear loose white cargos and a sports white jacket over the top,
added to that, the idiot decided to wear his hood on.

He spared a microsecond glance down at his outfit and looked back at me. “Sorry, I should
have told you the time.”

An apology for my life- what a poor exchange.

“I have to go in there?” I asked, eying the rocking chair.


I let out a sigh of relief and started laughing, “I thought you were going to make me go in
He raised his eyebrows. “Stupid, what else are you doing here then?”

My laughter died out. He was being sarcastic… I have to go in there and die after all.

I bent my head back and gazed at the stars for the last time before turning to Yoon Sung and
saying, “Tell my family I love them.”

It was his turn to burst out laughing, “You‟re not gonna die.”

“Haven‟t you heard?! No one comes back out!”

He smirked, “We‟ll see about that”, he said and started walking towards the entrance.

His action baffled me.

“What are you doing?” I called out to him.

“Aren‟t you coming?” He answered without turning around.

He‟s coming with me? Who would send themselves to their own death? Nerds, too smart n
they go mental I tell ya. Ha! A new argument to use against umma next time she nags me
for not doing homework… that‟s if I make it through this night.

I don‟t know since when did I too become one of the mental ones because the next second I
hurried after Yoon Sung, but halted at the door which he had left ajar. I once dated this guy
who was such a polite gentleman I reckon he‟d open the door for me to enter the haunted
house first. At least Yoon Sung didn‟t abide by the „ladies first‟ rule. I was still hesitating when
Yoon Sung‟s head appeared in the doorway and looked at me with annoyance. I knew what I
had to do.

The carpet sank as I stepped into the house. I‟ve never been in here before, just the rocking
chair scares the sh1ts outta me already… and now, I‟m about to die in this place all alone
with a friendless nerd. Typically, it was dark and only the moonlight‟s rays coming through
the window provided any light. I quickened my pace and caught up to Yoon Sung who was
passing by an opening in the wall which led to a pitch black space.

“Yah”, I hissed, “Got a lighter?”

He turned around, well I think he did since it went completely silent for a moment, and said
in his normal voice, “No.”

I heard him proceed into the black space which must have floorboards instead of carpet since
his footsteps echoed. I followed after him until he reached a spot that was lit by the
moonlight whilst I was still in the dark.

“Are you scared of ghosts?”

The curve in the corner of his mouth hinted the smile he would show if I said „yes‟. Pfft, I‟m
not gonna let one little Kang Yoon Sung think he can scare me.


He nodded, “Good, then we can split up.”

His suggestion didn‟t make sense one bit to me. And it completely scared the swearing out of
“What?! Split up?! W-what‟s the point of daring me to come in here if we‟re gonna split up? If
you wanted to have an exciting adventure on your own you should‟ve just come by
yourself!!!” I shouted in his face.

I had somehow pushed forward so that now we were sharing the moonlight.

He just looked at me for a quiet moment and then asked, “You‟re scared?”

My first sense (swearing) had returned to me and the words spat out of my mouth

He tucked his hands into his pockets and leaned back as if to examine me more carefully.

“Good, then we can split up”, he repeated.

Just like that, he sank into the darkness.

No, seriously, he disappeared.

I called out to him softly. “Yoon Sung?” No reply. “Yoon Sung?” Silence. “KANG YOON

His name bounced off the walls and rang in my ears and throughout the darkness making me
more aware than ever that Kim Yoo Jin has been left alone to die. Damn, I shouldn‟t have
called him yesterday. What the hell was I thinking anyway?!

“I will not give up, f*ck no, I never give up on anything and will not chuck my life away in
this way!”

I walked slowly straight into the darkness to search for an exit.


You know that feeling when you‟re scared and you‟re brain just curls up and you don‟t think
properly? Well, yeah.

“Dumbas$!” I cursed myself and rewarded my head with a slap. “The entrance door was
bloody behind you!”

Now then, why did I walk forward and around all sorts of hallways and twists and turns?
Funny thing is, I haven‟t encountered one ghost yet. Actually, it‟s quite relieving.

I shivered, the atmosphere in this hallway is colder than the rest. What time is it now? I went
one step by one down the hallway, squinting my eyes to try and see through the darkness
which filled the other end.

“Where‟s Kang Yoon Sung…” I moaned.

Another moan replied to me, “Hhhwwweeeeeerrrrreee.”

“FF**CCCKKK!” I screamed at the top of my lungs and sped down the hallway. Sh1t I don‟t
care if I my head slams into the wall at the end of the other hallway and I die instantly just
don‟t let me get caught by that f*cken thing! Suddenly I felt myself unable to move further…

I cried. “Aw God! I‟m stuck… my hood‟s caught onto something.”
Then it struck me. I‟ve been caught, caught by the ghost that will eat me if they do eat.

I started sniffing uncontrollably and breathing rapidly. “H-eh-h-eh-heh-e-heh-”

“What‟s wrong?!”

Ah, the sound of another human being flowed like an angel‟s melody into my ears… so nice
to hear...

Of course, it was Kang Yoon Sung without his hood who had run down the hallway, most
probably hearing my shriek. I kept my body completely still except for my right arm which I
raised and pointed over my shoulder.

“I‟m caught”, I cried, “Go, save yourself you f*cken d1ckhead!”

He looked over my head. Oh scary, scaaary! He‟s face to face with the ghost! I saw a hand
reach out, I don‟t know whose and I don‟t care. I squeezed my eyes together, my mouth
concaved down and I hunched my shoulders, waiting for my last moment of life.

Dying can take a f*cking long time. Nothing‟s happening.

“Open your eyes”, Yoon Sung instructed.

I opened one and found him still standing in front of me, I opened the other and found
myself still fully alive.

Yoon Sung pointed to somewhere behind me, “Your hood got stuck on that.”

I spun around and the moonlight now shone through a high window on the wall at the other
end… lighting up the three hooks that were nailed in a line on the wall. I broke out and
started groaning.

Yoon Sung eyed me weirdly, “What‟s wrong with you?”

“I‟m alive, I‟m alive!” I cried out.

“I didn‟t bring you here to die”, he stated.

“Then why?!”

He shrugged, “It‟s just a dare.”

I felt my nostrils flare like a buffalo and my fist went straight to his head- only he caught it
and smiled.

“Who‟s the one that said „I‟ll live up to your stupid dares Kang Yoon Sung‟?” He reminded me.

He dropped my fist and what could I do but shut up? I stopped glaring at him and looked

“Look”, he said.

I looked up and he was pointing to the window. Hey… it does look familiar…

“We‟re near the beginning”, he announced.
My eyes went watery. I‟m almost safe! I recognise this place now, it‟s that room we first
entered! How did I end up back here? Had I been… circling through the two archways the
whole time?!

Yoon Sung went around me and walked towards the window.

“I won‟t let you leave me a second time!” I declared.

I quickly galloped up to him and held onto his hood. He glanced over his shoulder and
smirked. F*ck I hate it when he does that, makes me feel like he has the power to mock me.

AT LAST, he led us to the entrance door and THIS time, he opened the door for me which I
gladly dived out of- literally, and landed hard on the veranda.

“Ouch…” I complained.

Ploop. I looked up at the edge of the veranda which was lined with water droplets. It‟s
raining? I quickly scrambled up and swirled just in time to see Yoon Sung close the door
behind him. I pointed behind me to the tinkling splattering rain.

“It‟s raining”, I pointed out.

He didn‟t react, “So?”

“How are we going to get home?”

He lifted a brow, “Uh? Run?”

I immediately rejected the idea of having to run through the rain with Kang Yoon Sung. “No!
Not through the rain! That‟s what couples do!”

Yoon Sung burst out laughing.

“Well we got shelter”, he said.

I knew he meant the Gloomy Shack.

I put on a dead-serious tone, “F*ck. No.”

He seems to be sick of my whinging and jutted out his chin, “Then what?”

I examined the veranda from the now frozen rocking chair to the old but clear wooden
planks, “I‟ll stay here until the rain stops.”

Yoon Sung copied me and examined the area before deciding, “I‟ll stay with you then.”

His offer almost made me choke on air. He unzipped his jacket which removed the „almost‟.

“YAH! What are you doing?!” I choked.

“It gets hotter when it rains”, he casually replied.

Hey, he‟s right. I‟m starting to feel the heat too. I unzipped my jacket and rolled it up. Yoon
Sung plonked himself on the floor and leaned his back against the railing which fenced the
veranda. I walked over to the rocking chair and sat back in it, using my jacket as a head rest.
Yoon Sung eyed me surprisingly.
“You‟re not scared anymore?”

“Pfft. There‟s nothing in there”, I stated.

And I‟m not bluffing anymore, seriously, all that bullsh1t about not coming back out. Then
what is he and I doin‟ out here? Bloody rumour. That moan I heard, I bet it was just the wind
too. It was all in my head… maybe. We‟ll just leave it that way.

Yoon Sung smiled and said knowingly, “I told you.”

I stuck my tongue out at him, “Yeah yeah whatever.”

I gazed at the rain forming bubbles as it hit the ground.

“I wonder when this rain will finish”, I said dreamily.

Uh-oh, I sounds drunky, which means sleepy which means when the rain stops which will
most probably be in the morning I‟ll still be in this chair. I don‟t want strangers to kidnap me
while I‟m sleeping or something. I struggled to keep my eyes open and looked to Yoon Sung
who looked like he was in another alien world with his eyes staring at the wall. I‟m starting to
see a Kang Yoon Sung with human being emotions now. My eyes drooped down. I actually
got to see him surprised, amused and even worried. Just… I haven‟t seen him angry yet.
Next goal: make Kang Yoon Sung mad. He must go- go- mad…


What‟s this peach I‟m seeing? No, sunlight… it‟s morning, maybe even afternoon. My mind
re-winded to last night‟s events. So if I did fall asleep outside the Gloomy Shack… and my last
memory was watching Kang Yoon Sung stare at a wall… he must still be here with me. But
nah, he probably left after the rain stopped which was Yoo Jin-knows-when-not.

I lifted my eye lids and looked out to the right at the sunlit street. Then I sighed and looked
down at my lap and blinked. There, resting quietly on my lap is Yoon Sung‟s head. Is he
sleeping? I strained my ears but couldn‟t detect any snoring. I tried hard to shift my upper
body so that I could see his face which was facing the same wall he had been staring at; his
eyes were closed and his face looked innocent. I think this guy‟s eyelids are see-through,
„cause just when I was studying at the devilishly handsome face yet not making sense
because it was full of angelic innocence, both his eyes opened. I watched with amusement as
his eyes darted around in their sockets from his legs lying bent on the floor to my lap. He
immediately sat up and stared at me.

“Sorry”, he muttered.

I rubbed my thighs. Geez, when he lifted his head I felt like I was being freed from a
collapsed building.

I accepted the apology with a nod, “Heavy head for a big brain, logical enough.”

He rotated his head and flicked his head from one side to the next. “You have logic?”

It‟s convenient that he was sitting close to my feet. I took advantage and kicked his side.

“You‟re such a b1tch”, I said in a none-less b1tchy tone.

He grinned and with his right hand holding his jacket, used the other to heave himself up.
He looked at me plainly and said, “I‟ll let you rest today. You can do your next dare some
time later.”

Pfft, as if I‟d do anything before snuggling in my bed to recover sleep.

“You already have them planned?”

“Nah”, Yoon Sung replied, crossing the street.

Why do we always split off in demented ways? I decided to leave it like that. “Screw it, I‟m
going home.”


Chapter 21 – Summer Hearts II.

(Shim Tae Yoon - Nan Nul Sarang Hae Nuh Man Sarang Hae II -

“Yah! Are you looking out?!” I hissed, clinging onto the branch.


Yes, I am up on an apple tree that stood directly next to the fence of a snobby-looking house
stealing the apples. And yes, it is my fourth dare.

Yoon Sung, who was on the ground on the other side of the fence had his grey shirt pulled
out to catch the apples I‟ve been throwing down, and ignored my question. He was focusing
on something somewhere above me.

“I want that one”, he stated.

I trailed his eyes from under that black trucker hat to the juicy red apple right at the top of
the tree. Argh! Stupid white cap isn‟t enough to block out the bloody sun, I looked away.

Since my right hand was already hanging onto the central branch it wasn‟t hard for me to
swing my body around so that my left hand could grab onto an upper branch. I lifted myself
up and placed my right foot on a strong-looking branch, reaching up to the sky for the apple.
I gripped it and in a quick tug plucked it down. The tree started shaking and I was starting to
regain balance.

“Whaaa….oooo… phew”, I said as the tree regained balance. “I got it!” I announced

He opened his mouth but the voice was of a woman‟s.

“Yah! YAH! What are you doing up there?!”

I peered through the gaps between the green leaves and saw a short fat woman in a maid‟s
uniform hurrying towards us. F*ck! I started scrambling down the tree with the apple.
It didn‟t take words for Yoon Sung to work out what‟s happening.

“Got it? You got us caught!” He blamed. “Come on!”

I was struggling to climb onto the fence and the b@stard had too many apples in his shirt to

“I‟m trying you dumbas$!”

The maid was drawing closer, “Yah!”

I checked out the distance from the tree to the ground. Sh1t, no choice! I took a gamble and
jumped out of the tree and luckily landed firmly on my feet next to Yoon Sung. All those
years of jigging and jumping over the school walls paid off well.

“Here, pass me some”, I said hurriedly.

Yoon Sung quickly turned to me and I hugged a bunch of apples. We started running our
little butts off to nowhere.

“Stop right there!” The maid yelled after us.

I kept running forward but shouted back, “As if we‟re stupid enough to do that!”

Yoon Sung burst out laughing. I glanced at him. What is he laughing at? But then I started
laughing anyway. What idiots.

We turned the corner to another deserted road except for one guy who was crossing the
road far ahead of us. I caught a glimpse of him as we ran pass… that‟s Yoo Sang Hyuk isn‟t
it?! I didn‟t have time to stop since the fat maid was still bellowing behind us.

We were running and laughing for what seemed like hours before Yoon Sung stuck out his
arm in front of me.

I halted and doubled over, totally worn out.

“We lost her?” I panted.

“Yeah”, he breathed.

We both blew out a relieved sigh.

I looked around, how the heck did we run all the way to the park by the lake? Yoon Sung
sunk onto the grass surrounding the huge shady oak tree and laid himself out, the apples
spilling all over him. I piled the apples on top of him and lay down too. The sun pierced
through the gaps of the leaves forcing me to roll my head to the right, where I noticed the
people sitting on the picnic benches were all staring at us.

I rolled my head to face Yoon Sung who had his eyes shut.

“They‟re staring at us”, I said.

“We were running here dripping wet with sweat and hugging a bunch of apples”, he pointed

If I was sitting up I would have nodded. “True.”
I closed my eyes. The image of Sang Hyuk crossing the street earlier replayed itself in my
mind. Stupid cr@p Dalmatian, he lied to me! I sat back up and grabbed an apple from Yoon
Sung‟s chest, polishing it and then taking a chunky bite out of it.


Yoon Sung bolted up and gave me a dirty as if my chewing was annoying him. I ignored him
and from the corner of my eye saw him bite into an apple too.

“What‟s with the sudden mood swing?” He asked.

I ripped off another part of the apple with my teeth and said darkly, “Yoo Sang Hyuk lied to

He turned to me, “Shouldn‟t you be tearing his throat out by now?”

I sneered at him, “Don‟t make me sound like a bulldog. I‟m not.”


I chucked my apple at him but he ducked. Yoon Sung looked at me but his eyes had a funny
look in them. He was staring at me like he was trying to dissect my eyeball using his magical
eye powers.

“You‟re mellow when it comes to him”, he said.

His voice sounds distant all of a sudden.

“If he swears at you you‟d probably just watch him do it.”

I swooped up another apple and knocked it on his head, “YAH! The only people I won‟t
attack are family members. Got that?” I said through gritted teeth.

He smirked and continued eating his apple.

Why did Sang Hyuk have to lie? It drives me crazy when I can‟t figure something out. I
stuffed another apple in my mouth and turned to Yoon Sung.

“Yah, you‟re a nerd. Nerds don‟t steal, why did you dare me to steal?” I questioned.

“That house had enough spare apples”, he simply explained. “I‟m going.” Yoon Sung stood
up and brushed the grass off him.

“Fine”, I said, and got up too.

Just as I was picking the grass out of my ponytail the most adorable caramel Labrador puppy
jumped at my feet.

“Aw!” I stooped down and picked up the puppy, holding it out in front of me with both hands.
“You‟re so cute aren‟t ya, aren‟t ya?”

“Don‟t pick up stray dogs”, Yoon Sung frowned.

I creased my eyebrows at him, “Why? Jealous „cause the cute little puppy doesn‟t want you?”

I felt my toes go moist and looked down at my joggers. F*ck.
“It pissed on me!” I wailed and glared at the puppy.

Yoon Sung leaned over in front of me and looked at the dog. “It‟s thinking „what a hot

My mouth gapped. RUDENESS!


The puppy yelped and struggled free from my grasp. I watched for a second as it ran away
and quickly searched for Yoon Sung. I found his back not far away.


Yoon Sung stopped in his tracks and turned around, “As if I‟m stupid enough to do that!” He
started running.

Hey, that‟s my line!!! CRAZY COPY CAT!

“YAH!” I yelled again and went after him.


“I‟ll give you a ride tomorrow. 1pm.”


The phone hung up.

I glared at the phone, “Sshh…”

I should be used to Yoon Sung‟s habits by now, but I‟m not and will not. I‟ll teach him a
lesson for it tomorrow when he picks me up for my 5th dare. I wonder what he‟s got in mind
this time? I should plan something for him too… hehe. I still haven‟t seen him mad yet and
it‟s my job to piss people off for the fun of it. So then… what have I got?

I crouched down to the polished wooden cupboard below my wardrobe and opened the two
doors. I pulled out a packet of white powdery stuff Dong Wan gave me a while ago… no not
drugs, itchy powder.

Nah, I do that all the time.

I tossed the packet back inside and pulled out a dozen other things including my middle
school photo, a banana peel and an ant-sized hair clip. I dangled the hair clip in front of me.
Since when did I wear clips? Wait, this belongs to that annoying cousin of mine people call
„baby‟. She‟s got the evil brain of an adult that one. I stuffed all the things back in and blindly
picked something else out- my MARATHON MOVIE COLLECTION! Geez, I haven‟t watched
this for a long time.



I pulled the quilt over my head in the style that makes me look like a newly dead body in
hospital- so appa says anyhow.
I ran through alone through a dark street, chasing after some b1tches who had b1tched
about me behind my back.

“Yah!” I called to them.

No reply.

“Come out and face me before I find you and then you‟ll regret it you chicken sh1ts!”

I know I‟m dreaming… so does that mean I‟m awake or not?

I heard the sound of my door clicking open and heavy footsteps walking towards me. I felt a
poke on my side. I moaned and shifted over.

“Yah, wake up.”

Yoo Jin grunted and flipped over in her blankets like a sausage in a hot dog. Yoon Sung
tapped the blanket where he thought her shoulder might be.

“Wake up”, he repeated.

Instantly Yoo Jin bolted up, her hair electrified and face puffy from sleep.

Her eyes magnified and she resembled a lion as she roared in a manly voice into Yoon Sung‟s

Yoo Jin plopped back down on bed and pulled the quilt over her head, leaving an astonished
Yoon Sung who thought:

A woman‟s most beautiful moment is when she first wakes up in the morning, but for Kim
Yoo Jin, that saying is bullsh1t. Maybe if they changed „woman‟ to „man‟…

Yoon Sung shrugged and closed the door gently behind him.

You know that feeling when you‟re dreaming and it only lasts five minutes but when you
wake up, in reality you‟ve slept for 5 hours? Well, yeah.

The second my head hit my pillows again the whole scene replayed in my head…

“Come out and face me before I find you and then you‟ll regret it you chicken sh1ts!”

“Yah, wake up… wake up.”


The person I was spitting at was Kang Yoon Sung? Heh, he deserves it.


My mind darted back to reality and my eyes opened. It seems early in the morning with the
dull blue in the sky. Maybe I was just dreaming? I laughed. Yoon Sung bursting into my room
out of nowhere, now that‟s a nightmare.

I decided to stay awake anyway, even though this means I didn‟t get much sleep since I
stayed up „til almost 4am watching movies non-stop… really I slept my way through a lot of
it. I sat up, straightened my pink checkered pyjamas and walked out of the room. The sight
that met me as I turned the corner to our living room almost killed me.

I shrieked my head off. “YAAAHHH!”

I stormed over to the sofa in front of the TV which accommodated Yoon Sung, who was lying
on it with his arms folded beneath his head. I shook his left elbow violently.


He kind of shook his head then opened his eyes. Sitting up, he looked at me tiredly.

“Finally awake”, he said.

“What are you doing in my apartment?” I asked him, annoyed at his bland reaction.

He looked at me like he already won the fight. “You weren‟t down there at 2.”

I gave him the „you‟re crazy‟ stare.

“What are you talking about?” I gushed, “It‟s not even 5am yet.”

Yoon Sung checked lifted his wrist and checked his watch. He reflected the stare back at me.
“It‟s 5pm.”

I pulled my neck back. “What?! How? Why?”

“Don‟t look at me”, he said. “I tried to wake you up.”

I shook my head. That movie marathon must have totally knocked me out.

“How did you know which place is mine?”

“Rang aunty and got your address”, he answered.

“What for?” I questioned.

He replied casually, “You weren‟t answering the phone so just checked in case you‟re not

There‟s no room in my head for me to snap at his every comment because it‟s bombarded
with questions. I looked at the door. Surprisingly, it‟s still intact.

“How did you get in?” I questioned.

“The door wasn‟t locked”, Yoon Sung stated.

Lucky it was him and not some thief, or even worse, appa. He f*cken hates it when I forget
to lock the door. I stared at his light blue t-shirt and denims, then remembered what I was
“Stay here, and don‟t do or touch nothing- or else”, I threatened.

“If I had wanted to steal something your place would be empty by now”, he said plainly.

I gave him my bully eyes anyway and went to get changed into khaki cargos and a brown t-

When I came out he was sitting still in the spot I had left him.

“Why so stiff?” I asked.

“I don‟t want to create a reason for you to accuse me of stealing”, he replied.

I scoffed. “What‟s the dare?”

“You slept like a pig so we missed the circus show”, he stated.

What circus show? My face must have shown it all because he soon explained.

“There‟s a famous circus performance on at the Seoul Entertainment Centre, I was gonna
take you to watch it”, he grabbed two tickets lying on the table and shoved it to me.

Yoon Sung‟s telling the truth, he got us two tickets for a session at 2:45pm.

“You idiot! Why didn‟t you wake me up?” I snapped.

“Yah, how was I supposed to wake you up? Drag you out of bed and chuck you out the
window?” He retorted.

Just like that he wasted two tickets, and not like he‟s rich enough to afford doing it anyway.
D1ckhead. But what was he gonna make me do at a circus anyway?

“What kind of dare is that? Going to a circus?”

He leaned back into the sofa. “It wasn‟t supposed to be a dare”, he shrugged, “Just wanted
to see it.”

Something fishy‟s goin‟ on. He could always go with his aunty like all those other toddlers do-
why me? Unless…

I smirked, “Kang Yoon Sung, answer me honestly, do you like me?”

His eyes widened and his head turned here and there nervously.

He opened his mouth, “No.”

I tsk tsk-ed him.

“Do you really want to do a dare?” He asked me.

I wasted a whole day of my summer break, of course! But not wanting to sound desperate, I
said coolly, “I don‟t know. What do you have in mind?”

Yoon Sung smiled. F*ck.

Yoon Sung and I looked at the three men with humungous butts sitting at the tiny food stall
gobbling away the curry.

They finished up and turned around.

“Bloody hell!” I exclaimed.

Their lips - all three of them – were swollen to three times the size of my fat nose and redder
than Rudolph‟s!!

As a woman cleared away the cutlery, a stubby man wearing a white apron addressed the
crowd. “Our Thai Jungle Curry is the hottest dish in all of Seoul! We daresay none of you will
pass the third plate- just like these three men here! Does anyone want to challenge us?” He
peered around the crowd. “The first winner will receive a prize of 80 000 KRW!”

Pfft, for 80 000 KRW which idiot would blow their mouth up like that?

“I want that 80 000 KRW.”

I slowly stared up at Yoon Sung. His eyes met mine.

“It would make up for the cost of those circus tickets”, he said meekly.

I love eating hot foods - the hotter the better! But I‟ve never tried something that seemingly

I pushed my face up close to Yoon Sung who was watching my reaction closely. “I-like-
challenges”, I stated.

I brushed him aside and marched up to the stall. “Count me in!” I demanded.

The crowd started murmuring sh1t and I was soon joined by one old lady and a bum- I
reckon his stench would overcome the flavour of any food. We took our places on the stools
in a row at the tiny stall and had our first plates placed in front of us. Yoon Sung had moved
closer to the front of the crowd – making sure not to miss a scene where Yoo Jin will be near

Hmph. I‟ll show him the stuff I‟m made of.

The man started the countdown. “Ready…get set… go!”

I picked up the spoon, scooped up the soup and dipped my tongue in it. Sheesh! And they
said it was hot! I can‟t taste anything hot about this! I turned to observe the other
contestants in case they forgot to add the spices in mine but they looked upon their plate
with underestimation too. Two seconds later, I found out the reason the chef dared make
that claim.

“Hoo, hoo! Hot hot hot!” I shot out as my tongue felt like it was being thrown in a pot of
boiling water. “HOT!”

The crowd burst into laughter as us three contestants all reached out for the glasses of water
in front of us, but a hand smacked ours away.

“Uh uh uh”, the man wavered his finger like we were naughty children, “This is for AFTER the
competition… unless you give up.”
I snuck a peek at Yoon Sung through the reflection of the silver pan hanging on the wall
behind the judge. He had his head inclined and his eyes were full of mockery. That does it,
that does it! I won‟t lose!

I grabbed at the chicken and tore away the meat of it in scavenger style, not stopping until I
finished all the contents on that plate. Argh my poor rolled up tongue.

“SECOND PLATE!” I ordered.

Soon I was up to my third plate and at the rate I was going, the chef started sweating from
watching me sweat. Did I forget to tell you that when I was three years old there was time I
ate one raw chilly a day? A stupid kid but it trained me for this day!

“NEXT!!” I shouted.

The chef scratched his head, “N-next?”

I slammed the bar, “NEXT!”

He quickly placed the fourth plate in front of me. I turned around and poked my tongue out
at Yoon Sung who grinned in amusement.


The chef half sniffed and half declared, “Here is 80 000 KRW for the young lady, who
successfully ate six plates of my Thai Jungle Curry!”

The crowd erupted into applause, including Yoon Sung. The chef quickly closed his stall and
the crowd broke apart. I skipped up to Yoon Sung and clapped the money into his hands but
he pulled back.

“I don‟t want it”, he contradicted.

“YAH!” What? He doesn‟t want the money? I had to walk here in the heat to enter a
challenge that fried my tongue and tested my patience... and now he doesn‟t want the
reward?! He needs a slap.

“You can keep it. You got money for a dare, what else do you want?” He defended smartly.

True. I dropped the matter and we started walking back to my house. It‟s funny how all my
life I‟ve lived here but never discovered that stall standing just three streets away.

Yoon Sung looked at me and snickered, “Nice lips by the way.”

I feigned a smile and tucked a foot behind his leg, causing him to lose balance just as I
predicted. The thing I didn‟t predict was that he‟d lurch to the side straight at me instead,
causing me to turn („AARRGGHH!‟) and try to run away- but not before his arms wrapped
around me from behind to hold still.

Hoo! My heart's drumming uncontrollably. This is a VERY awkward situation, me with my
sausage lips and both of us slightly bent over, him hugging me from behind. We stayed
completely still until I leaned my head back for some reason and accidentally knocked Yoon
Sung‟s forehead. He quietly winced and I pushed his hands down.

I turned to face him, “Yah!”

“Yah your feet!” He said angrily.
OMIGOSH! He‟s angry. But why is he mad? Goddamit, I‟m the one that got sexually
harassed! But who cares? Kang Yoon Sung is angry! YES!

I giggled and he simply turned away, continuing to walk like nothing happened. He said
nothing else along the way- is Yoon Sung… embarrassed?


“Roll down the hill.”


Yoon Sung motioned down the hill with a flick of his neck, “Roll down the hill.”

So it is one of my dares after all. I shrugged and curled myself into a ball.


“Yah! Give me my seventh dare!” I yelled over the phone.

“The break‟s almost over, I have work to do”, Yoon Sung excused.

Work? As in, homework? I thought nerds finished all their homework on the first day of
holidays- that‟s what Yoo Na does.

“Shouldn‟t you be finished by now?” I asked curiously.

He sighed as if I was annoying him, yes! “No, I‟m cramming. Not everyone is like you, Yoo
Jin. We have academic responsibilities.”

“What the f*ck?! Academic responsibilities? Good, GOOD. Go hug your academic
responsibilities and shove it up your as$!”

I hung up. Ah, hanging up on Yoon Sung for the first time feels good. I know why he likes
doing it now.

I, a person with no academic responsibilities? Excuse me but I can if I want. I learn quick,
even the Moon says that. It‟s just that maths and science don‟t fit in my brain, so even if I
tried to learn the cr@p I wouldn‟t understand it. I‟m more a creative person than anything

I glanced at the pile of books on my desk that Super Geek left me on umma‟s request… it
wouldn‟t hurt to just read it and not really understand it… right?


I pressed the doorbell and awaited Yoon Sung‟s face. There‟s two different reactions I could

1. “Don‟t bother me, go.”
2. “Hey, what are you doing here?”

The door opened and revealed Yoon Sung looking hot in a black sweater with a drawstring
hood and sea green pants. I grinned mischievously.

He took one look at me, said “Sh1t”, and closed the door.
I just stood there blinking, then blew up. I started banging on the door, “YAH! Sh1t? You
sh1t! Go sh1t you sh1tty Kang Yoon Sung! What‟s the meaning of this? You want to take this
back to square 1 huh?” I rolled the sleeves of my invisible jacket up. “Come here, get your
duck as$ out here!”

A few of the neighbouring doors opened and heads poked out to see what‟s going on. I‟m not
caring. I did a run up and kicked his door. I think I pushed the limits on Kang Yoon Sung.
The door flew open, not from my kick, but opened by him.

“Calm down”, he said sternly.

I huffed. He let the door fully open.

“Come in.”

I picked up the pile of books I had placed on the ground and walked in. He closed the door
behind me.

“I told you, I‟m busy”, he said.

“Then who told you I‟m here to bother you?” I challenged.

“No one, just you being here is a bother”, he retaliated.

I hit him on his right upper arm with the books. “I‟m giving you a chance to prove you‟re

Yes, that was a lie. I am bored and making up excuses to not be alone. I think he picked it
up though because his eyes slightly squinted and studied my face.

“You need help with the homework?” He questioned.

I lifted my head to the right and didn‟t reply.

“Isn‟t Yoo Sang Hyuk your tutor?”

Yoo Sang Hyuk… I can‟t believe it, I almost forgot about him. Come to think about it, he
hasn‟t even appeared in my mind for the last… I don‟t know- a LONG time.

“Wake up.”

I shook my head free from the thoughts. “He‟s on leave.”

Yoon Sung nodded and eyed my books, “You seem earnest enough. Let‟s get started then”,
he said.

I proceeded towards his room and I followed after him but he halted when we arrived at his
room. He reeled around.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

I pointed pass him into his room.

He shook his head, “No. You stay out there”, he said, pointing to the clear coffee table by the
TV. “I‟ll come out with you.”
He went in and shut the door.

“What do you think your room is? A forbidden palace?” I said loudly.

I turned around and made my move to the coffee table. Yoon Sung emerged from his room
shortly after and joined me on the carpet with a small pile of books, stationary and paper.


I looked at him blankly. “What?” I echoed.

He elaborated, “Do you need help with?”

I frowned at my pile of books and randomly selected a topic. “What are we learning in


For the first time in my life, I actually sat there and listened. I was bored sh1tless, but
anyway, I listened, AND UNDERSTOOD. Man, if only Sang Hyuk could tutor like Yoon Sung. I
swear this guy should become a teacher. Sometimes he‟d explain things to me, then go off
and do his own stuff. Before I knew it, I had completed three hours of straight studying! Not
that I got much done… I finished one essay effortlessly whereas Yoon Sung had only one left
to write.

I dropped my pen and rubbed my eyes, then stretched and yawned. Yoon Sung looked up
from his book and gave me a sideways glance. He checked the time.

“Where‟s Madam Oh?” I asked, realising the apartment only contained him and I.

“Aunty won‟t be coming home „til late tonight, she‟s at a wedding”, he replied. “You should go

“No. Let me finish another essay and you can proof read it”, I demanded.

He raised his brows, “Fine”, then went back to work.

I snatched his pen.

Yoon Sung‟s eyes stared at me. “What are you doing?”

“You‟ve studied enough! Take a break man!”

“I don‟t need one”, he stated.

“Do to, you damn stubborn b@stard”, I insisted. I lowered my voice, “Why don‟t we play a
game?” I suggested.

“What game?”


“Play frog‟s bum like there‟s lots of yesterday”, we both read out from the piece of paper.

We sidewards glanced each other.
“Your game is stupid. We haven‟t got one sentence making sense all night”, Yoon Sung

“Shut up! Better than studying until you‟re brain goes all jammed up”, I retorted.

“Whatever”, he said and reached for an old thick textbook.

I slapped his hand. “Try once more! Before I go home!”


I ripped out a piece of paper and passed it to him. Man, what else could I write? The game
goes like this: each person writes a sentence and then rips the paper up to separate the
words of it, then we toss it in a paper cup and withdraw eight pieces randomly to form a
sentence! Sounds fun huh? Even though Yoon Sung made that comment I bet a few of the
sentences made him want to laugh- or maybe it was just me.

I stretched my neck to peek at his but he pushed my forehead away. Hmmm… a sentence
suddenly popped up in my head and I scribbled it down.

I grinned and ripped the paper up. Yoon Sung had already finished. He covered the paper
cup and shook it. We went through the same process; he drew one, I drew one and we
wrote down the word, folding it over so that we didn‟t know what the sentence is until the

I unfolded the final sheet and we read it out together, “I-like-a-toilet-bowl-for-my-life…”

I glanced at him, he glanced at me.

“Yah, what kind of sentences do you write? They always have weird words in them”, Yoon
Sung pointed out.

“I‟ll tell you what I wrote if you tell me what you wrote”, I offered.

“Forget it”, he rejected. “Go home.”

I gave him the middle finger, gathered my books and stood up. “Fine. Shouldn‟t stay at a
bloody nerd‟s place for too long. Wouldn‟t wanna be thrown in a mental ward like him ya

“Better than not studying at all and becoming a dunny cleaner.”

Sometimes I wish looks could kill, „cause the one I gave him then was very lethal.

“You look funny”, he remarked and started laughing.

I „accidentally‟ dropped a textbook on his foot. “Goodnight, Mr. D1ckhead”, I greeted.

He walked me to the door and I left without another word. Tonight was actually fun.

(2Shai – She… Laughed.)

Yoon Sung shut the door behind Yoo Jin and went back to the coffee table. He picked up his
pen and started writing, but stopped and looked at the paper cup. He emptied the contents
and sort out the pieces of paper by distinguishing Yoo Jin‟s fat scrawl to his small and straight
lettering. Arranging Yoo Jin‟s pieces of paper didn‟t take long and he soon learnt of what she
had written: My life will fall apart without a toilet bowl. Yoon Sung laughed at her crudeness
and stupidity, then recomposed his own pieces of paper…

I think I like you… for what, I don‟t know.



I‟ve come to realise I can only write when I am relaxed, it is sunny outside, there is inspiring
music and I have a piece of chocolate in front of me. Now with this formula I‟ll be able to
write more often. These three chapters are very long, I think combined, they‟re about the
length of six chapters but I wanted to have you guys read about their summer break in one
go so yeah. I worked very hard on them. Holidays in Australia coming soon, hopefully I‟ll be
able to write lots then.

PS. If you‟re not the type to download or play the music I post up, at least please just dl that
one song by Shim Tae Yoon at the beginning of ch.21? It‟s more the mood of the song than
the lyrics that inspired me but it‟s quite vital.

Chapter 22 - Step 1, 2, 3.

“What do you think?” I asked.

Yoon Sung‟s brows furrowed for a moment as if in deep thought. Two seconds later he
relaxed them and leaned on the classroom wall beside him.

“I don‟t know.”

I looked at him with annoyance, “Ch.”

I actually thought he was thinking about it. But seriously, what the f*ck was I thinking asking
Yoon Sung about the first new „Ways To Catch Sang Hyuk‟ strategy I wrote in the holidays? I
especially came to school early today because he said he‟ll be here early and I wanted to ask
him about this Sang Hyuk thing since he‟s a nerd too. What a waste of time, useless Kang
dude. The classroom‟s quiet because it‟s only us two in here and it‟s very tempting to sleep,
though after that time when Yoon Sung found me sleeping in bed I‟m not very tempted to let
him see me doing it again.

Yoon Sung‟s voice snapped me out of drowsiness, “Try it.”


“Of course I will, you dim wit”, I snapped.

“Where‟s Yoo Jin?”

I looked to the door and my eyes widened with happiness as the lot of my faithful friends
who abandoned me over the summer break entered the room. It was Ha Na asking the
Bok Ja scratched her head, “I derno. I was gonna come to school with her today but Yoo Na
said she already went.”

Hye Young placed her right index finger on her chin, “Is she going to release the farm
animals in the school this time?”

It was like lightning struck me, “Oh yeah! I still haven‟t done that!”

Ha Na was the quickest to react since she was the first to detect me sitting in Jin Kyu‟s seat
next to Yoon Sung. She gasped and pointed pass the other two, who had their backs facing
me, towards us. The other two swiftly whirled around and both gasped, then both pointed to
me speechlessly.

“What chu b1tches doin?” I smiled, not realising they weren‟t staring at me, but me AND
Yoon Sung.

They hustled over to me. Ignoring Yoon Sung, Hye Young and Bok Ja each lifted me up by
my upper arm and took me away like a criminal back to my usual window seat. All three of
them crowded around me so that I was staring up at their three humungous faces. I shoved
them off me.

“Yah! I‟m claustrophobic you pretty ducks!”

Ha Na examined me closely and pointed an accusing finger at me, “Spill the sh1t.”

What the hell is she talking about? “No! No sh1t for you! Don‟t see me all holidays and the
first attitude you give me is f*cken rudeness”, I complained.

Immediately, Ha Na plopped herself down in her seat and put her hand on my arm. Failing to
hide the impatience in her voice she said, “I‟m sorry, now tell me- what the hell happened
between you and him?”

Hye Young jumped in excitedly, “Yeah! Aren‟t you two enemies?!”

Ah… so they‟re talking about Yoon Sung. Man, I almost forgot that I used to hate the guy.
Too bad I wasn‟t going to let them in on the story too soon, one of my favourite hobbies is
keeping people on the edge of their seats, and especially on this nosy lot. Usually, I wait „til
their butts simply drop which should be in approximately three questions.

I shrugged, “Nothing.”

Bok Ja quickly kneeled in front of my table and started pleading, “Tell me tell me tell me tell
me pleeeeeease?!”


“He saved your life and now you‟re showing gratitude towards him?” Hye Young guessed.

Two. “Nup.”

Ha Na‟s turn, “He bribed you. He said he‟ll do your homework for the rest of the year if you
be his friend.”

I raised my left brow and stated, “Kang Yoon Sung doesn‟t need friends.”
Ha Na slammed the table, Hye Young wailed like a pig being castrated and Bok Ja punched
the wall with a BOOM. I smirked. Hehe, I‟m loving this.

“I found out he isn‟t that bad”, I simply said, with a sudden change of mind.

They weren‟t satisfied.

“That‟s all?” Hye Young questioned. “HOW?!”

I flashed them my mysterious smile and snickered to myself. I‟ve decided: let‟s keep the
summer story between me and Yoon Sung a little secret.


Plan A: „They don‟t know what they‟ve got until it‟s gone.‟

Hypothasees Hypothesis: After three days without the attention of Kim Yoo Jin she will have
Yoo Sang Hyuk digging for her.

1. Stop waving to Sang Hyuk before, during and after school.
2. Stop looking at him and his mole.
3. Stop cheering for him when his playing basketball.
4. Stop tryna feel him.

Conclusion: -

Execution of Plan A begins tomorrow, AJA AJA FIGHTING!


Conclusion: Load of chicken dung. Doesn‟t work.

So I followed the plan for three days and… there was no reaction!!! He didn‟t even say one
word about my sudden change at our tutoring lessons! So I extended the time, one week…
two weeks… three weeks… one month! AND STILL YOO SANG HYUK IS SO OUT OF REACH!
Why, why?!

“I don‟t know why”, came the cool voice which belonged to a d1ckhead who didn‟t care about
his godsister being in goddamn frustration. “Maybe he‟s…” Dong Wan finished the sentence
by nodding.

My eyes drooped, “No. He is not gay.”

“How would you know?”

I pointed to myself, “I do NOT go for gay guys.”

Dong Wan shook his head at me pitifully, “Wouldn‟t want ya liking him for too long. All it
takes is one pretty boy.”

“Yeah, like you.”

He returned from Hong Kong successfully, showing off his trophy at every chance possible. I
told him to stick it on his head and parade the streets but he declined.
“No, like Kang Yoon Sung.”

How did he come into the topic?

“Nah, you‟re prettier”, I said and a cocky smile greeted Dong Wan‟s face, “But he‟s hotter.”

The smile flipped over. Uh-oh, I‟m scared. Happy Cub‟s not too happy.

“B1tch all the way,”, he shrugged, “I‟m used to it. Take yourself home.”

I didn‟t bring any money on account that this skank here called me out straight after work
saying it was an „emergency‟ and told me to meet him at the Double Club. Then when I came
he was smoking. I know, his pranks are just as lame as himself.

“No. You take me home”, I ordered. He eyed me in the most annoying and arrogant way that
I couldn‟t resist kicking him from under the table.

“F*ck”, he cursed and lifted his shin to examine it.

“You‟re not the only one with a bike anymore, I‟ll just ask Yoon Sung to take me home”, I
said airily.

Dong Wan put his leg back down, “How close are you to the guy now?”

“He‟s my new godbrother”, I joked sarcastically, “What, jealous?”

For a moment I thought Dong Wan looked concerned but I must‟ve been imagining it „cause
his tone was the complete opposite, “Nah, found myself a new moron to help handle a dumb
idiot then.”

“Yeah yeah”, I said nodding, “Together you two can be the dumb idiot‟s dumber morons.
Now, get me home before I trash your bike.”

For some reason, he looked like a chicken in constipation. What‟s going on in that pea-brain
of his?


Plan B: „Like a knight in a shining armour the prince rescues the princess.‟

Hypothesis: When he rescues me Sang Hyuk will feel like a manly man and look into my eyes
adoringly, because it‟s because of me that he can feel such a heroic feeling.

1. Get Sang Hyuk to go somewhere with me alone.
2. Arrange a fake robbery.
3. While fighting, somehow make Sang Hyuk catch me while I‟m falling- intimate eye contact.
4. Allow Sang Hyuk to defeat the badies- TA DA!

Conclusion: -


“Oh, Sang Hyuk! I forgot to bring my notebook”, I said while shuffling through my pile of two

“How about we do it on paper then?” He suggested.
No way.

I quickly said, “I need a new notebook anyway. Let‟s go down to the store.”

He opened his mouth to protest, “You can go by your-”

“Come on!” I snapped, dragging him up.


I kept looking around the streets but couldn‟t see Ha Na or Min Hee. Those bums, they better
show up soon. I glanced at Sang Hyuk who was walking next to me, but making sure we
were an arm‟s length apart.

“So…” I said, trying to think of a topic he‟d be interested in, “what‟s your dream?”

His eyes went all dreamy and he smiled. Bingo!

“I want to go to university!” He said excitedly.

I nodded, “I‟m sure you‟ll have no problem.”

“And I‟ll be a doctor!”

Oh, how nice of him!!! I bet he wants to be a doctor so he can travel to third world countries
and save them! Not that I really care, but still, how cute!

He continued with enthusiasm, “One day I‟ll fly to the sky!”

Then comes an aeroplane and wham you‟ll die.

“Uh… why?” I asked in reply to the random announcement.

“Maybe… if I can treat a patient with a disease there has been no cure to before, I can
become famous! That‟s how I‟ll fly to the sky- only those famous can, only they know how it
feels to be above all others and do things they never can!”

Stupid or mental? I can‟t decide which would describe my crush more accurately at this
moment. The result? „Sh1t‟ is what I ended up saying.

Sang Hyuk stared at me with dopiness, “Pardon?”

Looking ahead, I spotted a female with shoulder-length hair pulled back into a neat ponytail
dressed in black from top to bottom. I could see there‟s a taller male dressed in the same
way next to her. Finally, Ha Na. They both disappeared into the dark street as instructed

I turned to Sang Hyuk. “I said, „let‟s turn in that street because I buy my notebooks from


I led him to the street but he pulled me back.

“Yoo Jin, a-are you sure it‟s this way?” He asked warily, staring down the dirty wet alley
“Don‟t worry!” I grinned, “I‟m sure.”‟

Sang Hyuk held onto my elbow tightly. Geez, is he really that scared? How on Earth is he
going to „defend‟ us later?


We both stopped dead in our tracks. Heh, Ha Na‟s too cool! The b1tch even put on a fake
scratchy voice.

“Stay still or lose your lives”, the same voice warned.

Isn‟t Ha Na supposed to say, „Turn around‟, then Min Hee says, „The money or your lives?‟
I‟m getting the feeling that those two weren‟t who I thought they were. Umma mia.

From the corner of my eye I could see that Sang Hyuk was standing like a tree, not daring to
even breathe as two hands with long wrinkled fingers came from behind him and clasped his
sides, feeling up and down. How dare they touch my boy?! Then it was my turn to stop
breathing as a pair of wrinkled rough hands caressed my sides and a body pressed up against
me, letting me feel the bulge in his pants. Nah uh, nooooo no. They got it wrong here,
because Kim Yoo Jin does not stand still and let herself be sexually harassed.

I elbowed the jerk in his face and spun around, coming face to face with the male robber.

“Holy macaroni!” I squealed. “You‟re penis is too freaken scrunched up to feel horny!”

I gawked at the tall man with broad shoulders who I thought was Min Hee- Min Hee Min Hee
my as$. Min Hee‟s grandpa more like it!!! What‟s left on his head is all white, and his eyes
were so tiny you‟d wonder how the hell he could see anything. I jumped to Sang Hyuk‟s aid
and pushed the grandma pervert off him. He quickly turned around, took one look at the
woman who had taken advantage of him and started whimpering.

In a fury because my crush was crying, I got ready to launch myself at the fragile robbers
when they started attacking themselves. I halted in midair and looked absurdly at the couple.

The grandma jumped up and came down with her fist on her husband‟s head, “YAH! WHO

“But you were feeling him!” He croaked angrily. He nursed his head with one hand and
glanced at Sang Hyuk who shrivelled back.

“At least I didn‟t get an erection!” She yelled back in the annoying scratchy tone.

I‟d fry my eyeballs if she did. Deciding I didn‟t wanna hear anymore of this boring sh1t, I
seized the silver bin lid.

“DIIIIIIIIEEE!” I burst out, holding the lid threateningly high above their heads.


Both yelled and scurried out of the alleyway, just as Ha Na and Min Hee appeared at the
other end wearing black. I put my hands on my hips and glared at them.

“Could you feel that?” Min Hee shivered.
Ha Na nodded too wisely, “It‟s the Yoo Jin Death Stare.”

Min Hee trailed Ha Na‟s eyes to the grumpy girl with hands on her hips standing on the other
side. Her fashionable torn up jeans and black tank top with logo reading „Die…‟ was only
making it more tempting for Min Hee and Ha Na to run.

“We‟re not that late, are we?” Min Hee asked Ha Na.

Ha Na glanced at him, “It‟s all your fault. I told you the nerd‟s apartment was at this end!”

“Yah!” Min Hee retorted. “How the hell would I know where he lives? And you were being so
wishy washy about it too!”

They glared at each other until Yoo Jin‟s voice broke the tension.

“Are you OK?”

The pair looked down and saw her tending to Sang Hyuk whose face was in a trance as if
he‟d just seen a ghost, but that‟s impossible since Yoo Jin is scared of ghosts more than
anyone else and he should be the one tending to her. Her back was facing Ha Na and Min
Hee, revealing to them the words on the other side of her top, „…or shoot‟.

“I choose „shoot‟”, Min Hee decided.

Ha Na didn‟t say a word and ran off, Min Hee close behind her.

Conclusion: Like a wild baboon the princess rescued the prince.


Plan C: „It is the green-eyed monster that dock moth the meat it feeds on.‟

Hypothesis: Yoo Sang Hyuk will be driven mad with jealousy and eventually have to profess
his love to Yoo Jin!

1. Find a guy.
2. Flirt with him like there‟s no tomorrow.

Conclusion: -

I sat at my desk staring depressingly at the plan. I really, really, did not want to use it. It‟s
the absolute last resort! But I‟m outta ideas. I‟ve given all I‟ve got and still Yoo Sang Hyuk
does not notice me! Well not in the way I‟d like him to anyway. Using this plan means I have
to use a guy… but if flirting with Sang Hyuk doesn‟t work, I‟m just gonna have to flirt with
someone else.

Now… who would that be?
Chapter 23 – The Unpredicted.

“Which one which one?!”

Geez, Ha Na‟s even more excited than me.

I slightly elbowed her and hissed through gritted teeth, “Shut up. You want all the nosy fags
in this school to know or somethin‟?”

I continued staring out the window, waiting for a suitable guy for Plan C to come along. It‟s
the best spot in the world to be looking at since it‟s the busiest pathway- it‟s the school‟s
entrance path and joins up all the areas of the school with the many forks in it. We‟ve been
ditching Mrs. Lee‟s biology lectures all morning and instead, we‟ve been staring out the
window. No luck for me though. If it‟s not a girl then it‟s some stooge whose idea of flirting is
probably milking cows. I need someone who Sang Hyuk could be jealous of… someone that‟s
better than Sang Hyuk at something that he likes doing.

I lost my patience and just had to help myself to some swearing, “F*CKEN HELL THIS

The whole class, which was already silent, turned around and looked at me. By the way she
took a sip from her coffee and stopped writing on the board, I could tell Mrs. Lee was not

“YOO JIN!!!”

Indeed she wasn‟t.

I grinned like nothing was wrong, “Yes?”

She stomped, „causing the floor to tremble. “I‟ve had enough of your disruptions this

What a liar!

“That‟s only my bloody first one all morning!!!” I argued.

In response to being embarrassed by her own mistake, Mrs. Lee hurled the white chalk in her
hand at me. I ducked down under my table and she missed. I waited for the kloomp sound of
the chalk hitting the ground before steadily raising myself back into my seat.

“Phew”, I sighed, wiping the imaginary sweat off my forehead with my index finger.

She huffed and puffed and declared to me, “KIM YOO JIN! AFTER-SCHOOL DETENTION

Mrs. Lee always rings home and notifies umma when I get a detention from her- means I
HAVE to go.

I scrunched my face and chucked a Homer Simpson, “Doh!”


My eyes are stinging bad.

“It won‟t hurt to blink”, Hye Young said.
I ignored her. I‟ve been keeping my eyes wide open on the basketball courts for the past
fifteen minutes looking out for the ONE and my friends have been keeping their eyes open
for me- when they could be helping me instead. Finally tired, their eyes spread around the

I continued to stare in the same direction and watched intently as Sang Hyuk‟s basketball
was stolen from his dribble (yah! Which b1tch?) then sent up in the air… and soared straight
into the hoop. Sang Hyuk pouted at the shooter who grinned and high-fived his friends. I,
too, grinned.

Ha Na noticed the change and correctly said, “I think she‟s found it.”

Hye Young and Bok Ja quickly switched their gazes from the b1tches we were planning to get
after school for calling Bok Ja „Fat Mama‟ to me.

Bok Ja‟s eyes widened, “Who?”

Why didn‟t I think of him before? I studied the chosen one and answered her question
without looking away from him, “Park Im Ho.”

I waited until the end of lunch when the boys ended their game and retired to the sidelines
for a drink. But being the tactful me, I approached Im Ho before he even reached the
sidelines. He looked positively baffled as I smiled and handed him a white towel that I stole
from the bench and a bottle of water which I taxed from his own bag.

He took an item in each hand. “Uh- thanks”, he twisted the top off and had three gulps, “So…
what can I do for you?”

Damn, even I know I make it too obvious sometimes. I smiled „sweetly‟.

“Nothing”, I pulled on a dark face, “You don‟t like me doing this?”

He nodded his head violently, “I do, I do!”

I smiled again, “Good.”

Going well so far then. I peeked at the side bench at Sang Hyuk who was staring blandly at
me and Im Ho. Aha, it‟s working already.


I waved one last time to the customer before closing the door behind me as Yoon Sung came
out of the staffroom in his school uniform and ruffled hair. He checked the clock on the wall,
“Ready to go?”

Cool, another free ride home.


On a motorbike with a hot guy in a bad boy leather jacket sitting in front of you and the
breeze blowing your frizzy hair back- just like an Hollywood moment but missing something…

“Yah! Do a cool move!” I ordered.

Can‟t he just add some twists here and there like they do in those action movies?
“No”, he rejected, keeping his eyes on the road, “Why?”

“I‟M BORED!” I shouted.

“Your screams are deafening”, he remarked.

That‟s a mistake because you should never let me know what you don‟t like.


I felt myself being lurched forward as Yoon Sung did a sudden takeover to shut me up and
the bike balanced over to one side. My heart almost popped out but the feeling was great!

“MORE!” I demanded.

“Are you sure?” Yoon Sung asked in a cheeky tone.

“Am I sure?” I asked rhetorically.

His silence meant he knew the answer- but he didn‟t do anything until another three minutes.

“Yah, is driving straight your oh-so-cool move?”

“Yoo Jin”, he said, “Shut your damn mouth up and hold on tight.”

I think I detected excitement in that sentence. The female‟s sixth sense told me to obey and
I tightened my grip around his waist. Yoon Sung switched to the right lane behind a truck.

“Yah, don‟t drivers usually avoid trucks?” I asked him.

His reply was simple, “Not me.”

Then abruptly he tilted the motorbike so that we were lying almost parallel to the road.


He didn‟t reply and went straight for the truck ahead of us. The shock was too great for me
and I couldn‟t close my eyes. Instead, they stay opened and watched as Yoon Sung skid
underneath the truck.

SH1T! My lips weaved themselves like lettuce. My life is over if this truck collapses this

“KANG YOON SUUUNG!” I yelled both fearfully and angrily whilst clinging onto him for my
dear life.

Somehow, he managed to get us out to the other side and tilt the bike up the right way
again. What can I say about this guy‟s skills? I was left speechless for a few seconds but
soon regained my voice.

“Teach me teach me!” I pleaded excitedly.

He didn‟t say anything until the next minute when he halted in front of my apartment
building. I quickly hopped off and lifted the helmet off my head.

“Teach me teach me!” I repeated.
Yoon Sung took his helmet off revealing a satisfied smirk. “You were trembling from the
move just a minute ago.”

Big head, he just wants to bask in his own glory.

“Yeah, „cause that‟s my first time! But now I think it‟s fun and I wanna know how to do it!” I

He tilted his head, “You can‟t drive, can you?”

It wasn‟t meant to be offensive, but I felt offended.

“So what?” I questioned, raising my chin.

He replaced his helmet on his head. “You‟ll learn how to do that first.”

OH MY BUDDHA! Kang Yoon Sung has agreed to teach me! YES!! Now I can do that move
and show off to Dong Wan. Talking about the two, didn‟t Yoon Sung and Dong Wan say
they‟d have a race? Heh, it was probably all talk.

“Can I start learning tomorrow?”

“Don‟t you have detention?”

Oh yeah, I was meant to go to the detention class today but then I told Mrs. Lee I‟d do it
tomorrow instead- I didn‟t give her the chance to refuse. But fudge that.

“You know what? I don‟t.”

Through the reaction on his face, I could tell that he wasn‟t yet convinced.

“Then you have work”, he pointed out.

“Doesn‟t Madam Oh have a dentist‟s appointment tomorrow afternoon? She told me there‟s
no work tomorrow”, I reminded him.

That‟s also the reason I switched my detention date.

He nodded, “OK. We‟ll start tomorrow after school.”

He started the motorbike and I waved him off.

Is asking him to teach me that a bit dangerous? After all, I still have four dares left to fulfill
and he might tell me to imitate his move and kill myself. I think he forgot about the dares
anyhow and I‟m not about to remind him either.

I turned around and faced the door that would eventually lead to the evil Queen Umma.

I entered the building and eventually got to my front door. I slot the key into the keyhole and
turned it „til it clicked. I took a deep breath. Must be bright and happy. I thrust the door open
and let myself in.


Before I could even finish my sentence umma had already sent Yoo Rin‟s badminton racket to
my face.

Pfft, and they wonder why I swear so much.


As soon as the bell rang, Ha Na and I shot out of the classroom and I tried to blend in
amongst the other students while Ha Na attempted to cover me from the teacher on
detention duty that afternoon- Mr. Moon.

“Do you see him?” I hissed.

“Area clear”, she replied, peering around.

Soon, we arrived at the packed school gates. Danger over! I grinned widely and walked out
of the school‟s gates in a cocky manner. Kim Yoo Jin has done it again people!

“Kim Yoo Jin.”

I stopped and slowly twisted around.

The Moon had his arms folded and beamed upon me evilly, “I knew you‟d runaway again.”‟



The Moon finally decided to look out the window of the detention classroom and I seized the
chance to slip my phone out from my bag. I kept it hidden under the table and opened a new
message. I was in the middle of text messaging Yoon Sung when a shadow cast over me.
Busted, again.

Mr. Moon stuck his hand out, “Phone, Miss. Kim.”

I grunted and slapped the phone in his hand. He took it to the front and left it lying uselessly
on the table. Man, I‟ve already served one hour of detention, isn‟t that enough? No, I have to
serve another hour. The Moon was pacing down the aisle again when my phone started

Bzzz, bzzz. Bzzzz.

He walked back to the table and stared at my phone.

Immediately I raised my hand, “Sir! That must be my mother wondering where I am.”

The Moon glanced at me with a frown, “Is your mother‟s name Kang Yoon Sung?”

My face read „f*ck‟. Then unexpectedly, Mr. Moon grabbed the phone and walked towards
me. He held out my phone. “You can go now”, he announced.

I looked at him questioningly. Mr. Moon winked as the rest of the class started whining. I
smiled, took the phone and darted out of the room- poking my tongue out at the rest of the
class before leaving completely.

My phone was still vibrating as I rushed down the corridor. I pressed the phone to my ear.

Wow. He sounds pissed doesn‟t he?

“Shut up you impatient d1ck!” I raved, even though it is my fault. “I‟m bloody hell on my

On my way to bloody hell more like it.

His tone transitioned back to its usual calmness, “You are easily provoked. Be fast.”

He hung up, leaving me to stare at my phone in turmoil. B@stard, what kind of test was
that? Lame as$.

As I was speeding and nearing the school gates, I found myself hurrying next to Im Ho who
was in sports gear.

“Yah!” I said, still jogging, “What are you still doing here?”

He smiled and kept up with my pace easily, “Football training. Why are you rushing?”

“I have to meet some b@stard”, I replied.

If Sang Hyuk was here I‟d start flirting with him but I‟ll give the guy a break since my love
isn‟t here and is probably at home buried behind his books somewhere.

We finally arrived at the school‟s front gate and surprise surprise! Yoon Sung was waiting for
me on his motorbike. Im Ho stopped in his tracks somewhere behind me and stared from
Yoon Sung to me.

“You were rushing because of him?” He questioned.

I was out of breath but I never miss an opportunity to make people feel dumb, “Obviously.”

I walked towards Yoon Sung but felt Im Ho‟s grip on my elbow. I craned my head over my
shoulder and eyed his hand.

“Yah, what are you doing?”

“I have something to tell you”, he said.

He looks so serious… too serious. I frowned and shook his hand off me. “Tell me tomorrow”,
I said.

I walked towards Yoon Sung who was waiting patiently.

Im Ho called after me, “Yoo Jin!”

I ignored him and hopped on the bike behind Yoon Sung.


We‟re in a quiet street and I‟m readily positioned on Yoon Sung‟s bike while he is standing
beside me.

Yoon Sung held out a black helmet, “Wear this.”

I eyed it in disgust. “No, I‟ll look better riding this without it.”
It‟s OK to wear it when I‟m the passenger (even sometimes when I‟m riding with Dong Wan
he doesn‟t make me wear it) but not when I‟m the cool one steering the bike!

Yoon Sung flicked his head, signaling for me to get off.

“No”, I said stubbornly, tightening my grip on the handle.

“Then wear it.”

I snatched the helmet and plonked it onto my head.

“Bossy d1ckhead”, I cursed.

He ignored my comment. “First…” He demonstrated by putting his arms around me to hold
onto the handle, “You hold it like this.”

Something‟s squirming inside me. His chest is too close to my back. And his head is too close
too my shoulder. And I‟m losing concentration.

“Not like this”, I heard him say, “Like this.”

His hands went on top of mine…! I jumped and somehow… took off with the bike.

“YAH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Yoon Sung yelled as I was being carried away by the
maniac motorbike.

I yelped, “I DON‟T KNOOOW!! F*CK SH1T!!!”

What am I gonna do?!

I steered the bike around one corner. From the corner of my eyes, I spotted another
motorbike running up beside me.

“Yoon Sung! Is that you?!” I half-prayed.

His voice replied, calming me down a bit, “You‟re doing pretty well!”

“F*ck off! I want: stop!”

The prick actually chuckled while I was busy thinking of the least painful way to die. “You got
three options! One, crash into a soft area!”

I turned my head to him for a split second, “F*ck no!”

“Two, jump off the bike!”

Ooh! Like James Bond- NOT.

“HELLA NO!” I yelled.

“Three, wait „til you run out of petrol!” He offered.


“You locked the brake idiot! How can I?!”
When did I do that?

It wasn‟t until 8pm that the petrol ran out and the neighbourhood finally got some peace,
and when a tired-from waiting Yoon Sung told me he‟d never teach me how to ride a
motorbike again.

That means I‟ll never slide underneath a truck… aw.


Being shaken like a f*cken maraca by your mother isn‟t the best way to be woken up- and
especially after you spent three hours on the day before driving around in circles non-stop.
So durh, I came to school in sh1tty mode. I looked up at the Chungdong High School sign
and groaned, taking my first step into the school. The moment I did, I felt a hand grasp my
wrist. I looked up to see Im Ho but before I could glare at him he had dragged me along.
F*ck, it‟s too early in the morning to be kidnapped. Too sleepy to care just yet, I allowed him
to pull me away to the empty stairs in Block B.

“Let go of me b1tch”, I spat.

If it wasn‟t for Plan C I wouldn‟t be so polite towards him. He complied and dropped my

“I told you I had something to tell you”, he said.

He did too. “Yeah, so tell me”, I said impatiently.

Im Ho turned to me with bitter eyes, “Kang Yoon Sung isn‟t who you think he is.”

I half-smirked then cracked up. “Haha! Don‟t tell me he‟s an undercover from one of my
godbrother‟s foe gangs!”

I continued laughing at the idea but stopped when Im Ho wasn‟t joining me. What‟s so

“We took on a bet, Yoo Jin.” He was starting to gain my attention. “I told him that once you
label someone your enemy, you‟ll never be their friend.”

I think I know where this is going already…

“So…” Im Ho hesitated on continuing, “he made a bet with me. He said he‟ll make you accept
him as a friend. I agreed, but I didn‟t think he could do it”, he gazed into my eyes, “… until

I examined Im Ho closely. His face looked stiff- and somewhat honest. I blinked. I‟m not
hearing this, this isn‟t true. Right?

“Park Im Ho, you‟ve got to be bloody f*cken joking”, I said hopefully.

His expression remained the same.

“Im Ho, I can‟t believe you”, I stated. “Kang Yoon Sung‟s not like that.”

I thought of last night... how could someone be so two-faced? I shouldered pass Im Ho and
ran away, heading straight for my classroom. The only way I‟ll believe this is if I hear it from
Yoon Sung‟s own mouth.

I burst into the classroom and noticed the teacher wasn‟t there yet. I decided not to waste
any time and stormed up to Yoon Sung who was leaning back in his chair comfortably. He
smiled at me and I couldn‟t help but feel less boiled.

I kept my tone matter-of-factly, “Did you make a bet on me with Park Im Ho?”

Stupid! I shouldn‟t be asking him about it in front of the whole class! What if he says „yes‟?!
The whole class will know I was played!

His answer came simple, straight and cutting, “You already know?”

Chapter 24 - The End…

I know… I know Park Im Ho was telling the truth. Kang Yoon Sung, all along, was dallying
with me.

I didn‟t even think of hitting him, or even swearing at him. It was all too much for me to
handle in the morning. Instead, I spun around with dead cold eyes and ran out in front of the
whole class.

Ha Na ran after me. “Yoo Jin! Wait!” she shouted.

I stopped at the bottom of the stairs located at the middle of the corridor and sat down on
the first step. Ha Na halted and seated herself beside me. I could feel her concerned eyes
looking at me but not daring to question.

I looked straight ahead of me at the pale blue painted wall. “F*ck, Ha Na, I‟ve been played.”

“What?!” She blurted disbelievingly.

I continued in a toneless voice, “Kang Yoon Sung. He lied. Everything was a bloody bet, a bet
with Park Im Ho.”

Ha Na may not be able to understand the difference between „practice‟ and „practise‟- not
that I can, but she registered the facts faster than anyone else could. I didn‟t need to explain
further. She slightly bent her head to get a better view of my face.

“Yoo Jin, are you alright?”

Am I? I scoffed mockingly at myself. Should I be crying now? Crying that Kim Yoo Jin has
finally been taken down by one Kang Yoon Sung? If the answer is yes, well then something is
wrong with me because I‟m not. There aren‟t even any tears for me to suppress. All I‟m
feeling is coldness, like there‟s an ice berg inside me somewhere that‟s numbing me inside

I heard the echoing sound of footsteps running down the corridor. They stopped a close
distance away from where I was sitting. I didn‟t bother to looking, but Ha Na did.

“Yah! What are you doing here?” She snapped.
Without moving my head, I glanced sideways at the floor space in front of the person before
staring at the wall again.

“Yoo Jin.”

The apologetic voice of the last person I wanted to see right now, Kang Yoon Sung.

I concentrated harder on the wall, avoiding his gaze and said in the most iciest tone I could
put on, “Leave.”

He remained motionless. “I didn‟t-”

“Leave”, I repeated. I‟m staring at the wall, but if someone asked me what colour it is I
wouldn‟t know the answer.

There was a short pause and he started walking again but instead of turning around and
going back to class like I expected him to, he headed straight for me.

“I said „leave‟!” I burst out, eying him piercingly for the first time.

He replied, “I am”, and passed me to walk up the stairs.

Where is he going?

Ha Na voiced my mind. “Where‟s he going?”

I projected my voice loud enough for him to hear, “Who knows? Ask him and he‟ll probably
answer he‟s going to heaven.”

Kang Yoon Sung continued up the stairs wordlessly. I should never have stopped hating him.

I turned to Ha Na and suggested, “Let‟s jig.”

Kang Yoon Sung marched determinedly towards the classroom at the end of the corridor of
level 2. The way Yoo Jin had looked at him, the coldness in her eyes, it was worst than any
glare she had ever given him before. He arrived at the room and knocked on the door,
opening it almost instantly afterwards. The female teacher looked at him disapprovingly
through her black thick-rimmed glasses as the rest of the senior class wore an astonished
face. The girls, though all older than him, ogled shamelessly.

Yoon Sung ignored all this. “Sorry Miss, may I please speak to someone?”

His eyes darted around the room and found the person he was looking for immediately. He
strode over to the seat near the back of the class and despite the teacher‟s protests, hurled
Park Im Ho outside before slamming the door shut.

Im Ho glared at Yoon Sung before tugging his blazer down. “What do you want?”

“What did you say to her?” Yoon Sung questioned.

Im Ho shrugged, even though he knew exactly what Yoon Sung meant. In one swift and
controlled movement, Yoon Sung brought Im Ho threateningly closer to him by grabbing his
collar. Im Ho felt slightly intimidated and uneasy by the coldness in Yoon Sung‟s eyes that
seemed to equal that of Yoo Jin‟s.
“I don‟t know if by doing this, things will be easier for you and Yoo Jin. But if it makes it
harder for the friendship between me and her…”

Yoon Sung slowly let go of Im Ho and left him to picture the worst scenario.


I kept it a secret from Dong Wan and forbade Ha Na or anyone else to tell him. If the news
spreads to Dong Wan‟s ears, blood will shed. And no, thank you, but I have enough to go on
with right now.

It‟s been three days, three days of flirting endlessly with Im Ho, three days of trying to make
Sang Hyuk jealous, three days of completely shutting the jerk Kang Yoon Sung out of my life.
I hid it well from Madam Oh too, I still walk out of the store with him, but the moment we‟re
out I leave him. You‟d think Yoon Sung would try talking to me but the b@stard doesn‟t care.
Am I f*cken dumb or what? Durh. He‟s always been like that.

The bell rung out and as usual, the students hustled themselves out for lunch. As I stood up,
I happened to catch Yoon Sung‟s eyes. He was looking at me very attentively, like he wanted
to talk to me. I turned away and exited the room alongside Ha Na. I could feel that the
d1kchead‟s eyes were still on me.

Ha Na nudged me, “Did you see the way he was looking at you?”

“Yeah, and do you see the way I don‟t give a sh1t?”

I don‟t think she believed me. We kept walking „til we reached our usual lunch table near the
basketball courts. Hye Young and Bok Ja were already there so Ha Na went to sit next to Bok
Ja while I sat beside Hye Young. Hye Young turned as I seated myself. Instead of saying „hi‟
like I expected the b1tch to, she just stared.

Annoyed, I said, “Yah, what are you doing?”

She kept staring, but I noticed she seemed to be staring somewhere behind me. What the
hell is so attractive? I spun around and got my answer. Who else but Kang Yoon Sung? Why
is he just standing there like an idiot? I chose to ignore him and turned around but heard his
footsteps come closer.

“Yoo Jin, can we talk?” He requested.

I put my hair behind my ear and continued facing Hye Young fixedly, “I heard Tae Woo said
he‟s interested in a girl in our grade. Is it you?”

Most probably, Yoon Sung is getting angry. He proved it to me a moment later when he
grabbed my arm and forced me to turn to him. I gazed into his eyes which lacked the
patience it usually bore.

“Try listening to me”, he said.

Sounds more like an order than a request. I attempted to yank my arm free but the as$hole
was too strong so instead of freeing myself, I had provoked him to pull me up and drag me

I struggled with his iron grasp, “Yah! Let go of me you son of a-”
We were at an area where the only beings were tall green trees and the only sounds were
coming from the soft breeze on this cloudy day. He dropped my arm and spun to face me.
Since I‟m here, I might as well let him do his explaining. I folded my arms in front of my
chest and tilted my head to one side.

“What? Are you gonna tell me that even though it was all a bet I still owe you four dares?”

“No. Lis-”

“Or was making a bet with me a bet itself?”

I know, „b1tch 'til the end‟ as Dong Wan says.


“That story about us meeting last Christmas was a lie too, right? And you purposely
organised for me to work with Madam Oh as part of your plan to win the bet?”

I had pushed too far.

“Listen here!” He insisted sternly.

Though he spoke in a harsh tone, I saw that his eyes were completely opposite. They
looked… longing. I lost to his eyes and settled down, allowing for him to finally explain. Yoon
Sung observed the tiny transition of my attitude and got straight to the point.

“I don‟t know what Park Im Ho said to you, but whatever it was, it‟s bullsh1t.”

I ridiculed his behaviour with a laugh, “So you‟re saying that you didn‟t bet with Im Ho that
you could become my friend?”

Yoon Sung leaned back and stayed like that for a few seconds. It looks like he‟s letting the
news sink in… he‟s making it look believable- that he never did lie to me in the first place.
Don‟t let him get to you so easily, Yoo Jin. I blinked a few times to refresh myself.

“I am”, he answered. “But that wasn‟t the deal.”

“Then what was it?”

“Park Im Ho was gonna ask you out that day you stopped talking to me.”

I winced at the way he said that, it makes me sound all stuck up and everything.

He continued, “The day before that, he made a bet that you would say „yes.‟”

That was the day when I had detention with Mr. Moon… some things were still bothering me.

I stated the obvious, “And you went against him?” He stayed completely still. I‟ll take that as
a „yes‟. “What would you get out of doing such lame cr@p?”

Yoon Sung slipped his hands into his pockets, “Nothing. But if you say „no‟, he‟ll stop
bothering you.”

I couldn‟t believe it. That‟s it? That‟s all Yoon Sung would get out of making such a dumb
bet?! Wait, he doesn‟t get anything- only I do. This is confusing stuff and I had to think about
the situation again. If you ask me who to believe, I‟d choose Yoon Sung. Didn‟t he once tell
me that he doesn‟t like lying?
Now that things were sought out and I‟m all cheery again, there were only the small bits and
pieces left to question…

“Why did you ask if I „already knew‟ then?”

“You asked if I made a bet with him and I didn‟t know he told you I was pretending to be
your friend.”

I giggled at his words.

He looked at me questioningly. “What?”

“You sounded so childish!”

Yoon Sung smiled. The last time I saw him do that was three days ago and it was a nice

“You‟re the childish one”, he claimed.


“What else do you call ignoring me for three days without knowing the details?”

Damn, he had a point but I‟m not going to lose. “Well if you had told me earlier it wouldn‟t
have been three days, would it? And why did you have to wait for THREE days?!”

He shrugged. “Thought you needed some time to calm down.”

I couldn‟t help but grin from eyebrow to eyebrow. I feel lighter now that I know Yoon Sung
wasn‟t acting at all, he was 100% truthful. However, there is one person that has not been

I surprised Yoon Sung by running off all of a sudden and heard him yell after me, “Yah!

He could tell that I wasn‟t going to be stopped by words because now I could hear him
jogging behind me. I halted at the basketball courts.

“PARK IM HO!!!” I roared.

Im Ho dropped the ball he was dribbling and spun around. He looked puzzled at my calling
but when his eyes danced over to Yoon Sung that puzzlement quickly converted into wisdom
and he sped off. I followed him.

Damn, this d1ck‟s too fast for me. In the midst of running, I pointed indicatively at Im Ho and

Then out of thin air, about fifty boys and girls jumped on top of Park Im Ho. When I arrived
at the pile of humans, they all climbed off him and quickly disappeared, leaving Im Ho alone
and helpless. I simply grinned down at the crouching coward. He peeked up at me and
smiled back, which just totally set me off.

“WHY THE F*CK DID YOU HAVE TO LIE FOR?!” I screamed as my fists banged against Im
Ho‟s back.

“Aiya! I didn‟t!”

He failed to withstand my punches and shook his head like a rock star head banging,
burbling, “FINE! FINE!! I couldn‟t stand the sight of you and Kang Yoon Sung together but I
suppressed myself but when you and him were on that motorbike of his together I couldn‟t
take it anymore so I rang him that night and provoked him into making a bet with me so that

I quickly figured the rest of the story and dragged him up by the ear then kneed him in the
stomach. “IDIOT! BLOODY F*CKEN IDIOT! Your stupidity almost cost me a friend you

I ignored his pleads and pictured myself as a world champion boxer. It was one of the most
hardest work out sessions ever. I finished and turned around, leaving behind a distorted Park
Im Ho.

“Wait, Yoo Jin”, Im Ho called tiredly.

I stopped.

“Would you go out with me?”


This guy, he still wants to win the bet? As if! I shot back and tackled him.

In the end, I had created something that resembled a deflated once poodle-shaped balloon.


Plan C Conclusion: -     ABANDONED.

Because of Im Ho‟s selfish lie, I chose to let go of my last plan because I could never force
myself to flirt with a creep like that.

And so, months passed by and I still couldn‟t capture Sang Hyuk. It‟s like I‟m a farmer trying
to catch the bad rabbit that always dug holes under the fence. This rabbit is just too damn

I slammed my head down on the coffee table, “I FAILED! I FAILED!!!” I wailed.

It‟s two days before Christmas and yes, sadly people, Yoo Sang Hyuk has graduated from
Chungdong High as did Park Im Ho, two of the most annoying figures in life. I failed. No, I
wasn‟t not talking about my school marks. Well, I did fail that but my biggest failure is Sang
Hyuk. Could you believe it? Eleven months. Eleven whole bloody months of my life have been
spent on one geek which still doesn‟t want me. WHY?! Now that he‟s gone from high school…
I have to-

“It‟s about time, Yoo Jin”, Dong Wan turned over the page of his magazine and spared me a
quick glance, “Give up.”

“Shut up Happy Cub”, I scorned, “Stick your nose back into that porn magazine.”

“It‟s not porn”, he said, turning another page over, “It‟s motorcycling.”

I raised both my eyebrows, “I don‟t care.”
“I was about to tell you something I thought you might care about… but seeing as you don‟t
care…” He tested with a smirk while keeping his eyes glued to the magazine.

My sense of curiosity was immediately aroused.

“Tell me tell me!” I urged.


He‟s lucky he‟s sitting on the carpet of the other side of the coffee table, if he was in reach I
would‟ve stretched my arm out and wiped that cocky smile off that pretty face of his.

“You‟ll find out later.”

“F*ck you”, I said.

He said, “You‟re more f*cked, „cause you can‟t know what you want.”



Really, I don‟t want to listen to Dong Wan. I don‟t want to give up on Sang Hyuk!!!

“Stop staring at the phone. Just do it.”

I tore my eyes away from my phone and looked up at Yoon Sung who was dressed in a dark
brown fleecy hoodie and black cargos. Why doesn‟t he ever wear bright coloured clothing?
It‟s always the same old brown, black, grey and white but then, he is a dull guy anyhow.

Oh, and you might want to know what I‟m doing on Christmas Eve at Kang Yoon Sung‟s
apartment, both of us sitting at the study table in his neat room? Just the two of us? Well he
bought Madam Oh some rare jigsaw puzzle for Christmas and since I already got all my
Christmas presents, I offered to help him put it together. If only I knew it was a 100000
piece set- rare indeed.

Yoon Sung fitted the last piece to his half of the puzzle, completing it. I‟m the one that
suggested we split up the sides and work on it separately but I‟m not even halfway through
my side. It‟s too bloody hard and I couldn‟t stop staring at the phone. He glanced over to my

“Ring him”, he said.

“No, what am I gonna say to him?!”

“What you want to”, he simply answered.

I thought about it for a moment, “No.”

Yoon Sung picked up my phone and held it out to me.

“Do it”, he commanded, “It‟s your 7th dare.”

He smiled. I looked at his handsome face with the gentle smile that was so full of support
and encouragement and almost melted. Which girl or poof could reject that? I took the phone
from him and started dialing Sang Hyuk‟s number.
Yoon Sung stood up and went out of the room.

“Where are you going?” I asked while pressing the phone to my ear.

“Giving you privacy”, he stated and shut the door.

The moment he did, Sang Hyuk‟s voice sounded from the phone. “Hello?”

I froze. F*ck, what do I say?

“Uh… hi”, I said stupidly.



“Who is this?”

“Oh! It‟s me”, I said, then quickly added, “Yoo Jin.”

“Yoo Jin?”

There‟s probably a million ideas in his head right now, namely „why is she calling me?‟ For
one thing, Sang Hyuk has stopped tutoring me because he said he‟ll have no time in
university, so that means I have no excuse to call -or see- him anymore.

“Congratulations on making it into university”, I said brightly.




“What are you doing now that you didn‟t make it into medicine?”

Yeah, surprisingly, Sang Hyuk didn‟t make it into that doctor course he wanted. It was pretty
big news to everyone.


“Oh, great.”

Just great. Nothing to talk about.

“Uh, I have to go”, he excused.

“Oh? Alright then. Bye.”

I hung up.

That was the last phone call I ever made to Yoo Sang Hyuk.
Chapter 25 - … So It Seemed.

(Chapter Song: Se7en ft. Taebin - Real Luv Story)

New Year‟s Resolution:

1. Study harder to please umma and appa (unless study is too goddamn ugly).
2. Try being nice to Freak and Geek (unless they‟re being cows or stupid).
3. Stop fighting with Kang Yoon Sung (unless absolutely unavoidable).
4. Stop hitting Kim Dong Wan (unless absolutely necessary).
5. Cut down on diet (unless umma‟s cooking my favourite dish).

So that‟s my plan for 1998. *cheers*

“Go Yoo Jin! Go Yoo Jin! Yeah… YOO JIN!” I wriggled my butt just as Yoo Na opened the

She studied my dancing position, “Oh. Are you trying out for the cheerleading team?”

I checked over my New Year‟s Resolution list in my head. Yep, she‟s being a cow. I stretched
under my bed for my blue beach ball with yellow duck prints on it and chucked it at her face.
I watched as the ball missed her face by an inch.

“Dammit!” I cursed.

“Umma told me to ask you if you‟re still going to work now that you‟re not seeing that tutor
anymore”, Yoo Na said plainly.

I almost forgot- the reason I had started working in the first place was because of Sang
Hyuk. I remember how I used to dread working for so many hours and how all my play time
is being stolen by Madam Oh but now I‟ve gotten so used to it if I don‟t work I feel like
there‟s something missing. I strode over to the ball lying on the ground behind Yoo Na and
picked it up before turning to Yoo Na.

“Yep, I‟ll still be working”, I tossed the ball up and caught it with one hand and added, “And
I‟ll still be seeing him.”

“What do you mean? I thought you said he‟s not your tutor anymore?”

I smiled mischievously and replaced the ball in its spot underneath the bed. Yoo Na sighed
and nodded before leaving the doorway.

What I meant was that I‟ve decided… I‟m not giving up on Sang Hyuk! Just because he
doesn‟t go to Chungdong High anymore, doesn‟t mean that I can‟t go to him, right? I bet
Sang Hyuk would miss my daily presence anyway and with a little patience, one day I‟ll surely
have him!


I entered my new classroom and as human nature goes, the students that were already there
looked up. Both guys and girls looked at me with observant eyes. So they haven‟t seen me
for a few weeks, but what‟s with this staring?
“QUIT IT!” I ordered, and they all obediently looked away.

I looked down at my uniform. Nothing changed since last year except that I have a new
cotton beige backpack. Hair? It‟s just flowing down my back in crazy frizz mode as usual. But
yeah, it should be the hair. Freak said that my hair has gone less oily and frizzy lately. I didn‟t
think it made that much of a difference.

I walked across the room to the far left aisle and strolled down it. Of course, seeing as I have
to have the window seat, I sat down in the second back row. The moment I had settled in
my new seat, Yoon Sung stepped into the classroom. Yes! That means he‟s in my class again
this year! Last year, I carelessly forgot to check my class list and the only reason I know
which one I‟m in is because umma emailed the principle yesterday at the last minute. Yoon
Sung was appearing very un-nerdy today with his shirt untucked, tie loosely done, black duff
bag hanging off one shoulder and hair spiking up like it has been in a blizzard. His eyes found
me quickly and he walked straight down my aisle and paused at my row. In this classroom,
the seats were organised into rows of three which means including me and Ha Na, there‟s
still one spare spot. I looked at him invitingly but instead of sitting down, Yoon Sung chose to
sit in the seat directly behind me. Knowing him, he probably thinks that Ha Na and I will
disrupt his learning.

I spun myself around so that I could rest my head on the back of my chair and face him.

“Whoa, Kang Yoon Sung looking unorganised”, I said teasingly.

He redid his tie. “I almost missed the bus”, he explained.

“You have a motorbike”, I reminded him.

“It‟s in service.”

Behind me, I heard a familiar giggle and turned around.

“Yah!” I snapped, eying Ha Na, Hye Young and Bok Ja who were sitting in the row in front of
me. Hey, Hye Young and Bok Ja are both in my class this year! I let the fact quickly sink in
and continued snapping at them. “What are you giggling at? When did you come? And why
are you sitting there and ditching me you doggers?”

I already knew the answer to the first question. Judging from Hye young‟s giggle, the three
had been eavesdropping on me and Yoon Sung. As for the second question, the answer
couldn‟t be more or less than approximately a minute ago. What I really wanted to know was
the answer to the last question.

Ha Na grinned, “We just came and we didn‟t want to interrupt your conversation with Yoon
Sung there.”

So that‟s it. The little b1tches want to push me and Yoon Sung together. I pulled a face at
them but all they did was turn around, giving me three backs. Bloody hell.

“Excuse me, but would you mind moving up?”

I swirled around to see three typical geeky girls, all in piggy tails and thick-rimmed glasses.
The one in the middle stood slightly in front of the other two and was pleading to Yoon Sung
in a quiet voice, “Please?”

Or, they could have just asked me to move back- but I think they‟d rather fail their next math
test than ask me to move.
Yoon Sung looked at me questioningly. Since my lovely friends have ditched me I might was
well make their effort worthwhile. I shrugged to indicate that I didn‟t mind. Yoon Sung came
and sat down next to me while the dorks behind us were giggling because they had the
chance to talk to Kang Yoon Sung. Just as I was about to tell them to „shut up‟ the three
idiots sitting in front of me started giggling too because their stupid plan worked. Pissed off, I

Yoon Sung rubbed his right ear as behind, in front, left, right, dead or alive all shut up,
leaving the classroom completely quiet and in time for Jin Kyu to make a dramatic entrance
by strutting into the classroom with his shirt untucked and hair so hard with gel you could
crush it. God, he‟s in my class again this year? His eyes scanned the classroom nosily and
saw me and Yoon Sung sitting side by side. He smirked and headed to us. Yoon Sung took no
notice of him. I would too if I had to sit next to the creep for a whole year. I stared at Jin Kyu
boringly while he eyed me up and down like he‟s never seen me before.

“Yah, never seen a cute chubby girl like me before? Need me to punch your cheeks just to
make sure you‟re not dreaming?” I warned.

Jin Kyu shook his head like he just awoke from a trance. “Whoa!”

“‟Whoa‟ what?” I questioned forcefully.

“You look different Yoo Jin!” He exclaimed, eying me over again.

“F*cken quit that!” I snapped. “How different?” I asked curiously, remembering how the
other students had all stared at me in the same way.

“You‟re still not ho-” Jin Kyu saved his two front teeth by stopping himself and rewording
things, “You look the same except… you look skinnier.” Then his face lightened up as he
found the word he was looking for, “You lost your PUPPY FAT!”

I was out of my seat and yanking Jin Kyu‟s hair out before he could utter „mummy‟. “WHAT

Someone cleared their throat, causing me to drop Jin Kyu‟s head and him to drop in a heap
on the ground. I slightly bowed my head and said, “Hi Ms. Jeon.”

Ms. Jeon is another one of those teachers who cannot stand me and who I absolutely hate.
She grinned pretentiously at me as Jin Kyu scrambled up and went to sit in the seat that has
been reserved by his friend for him on the other side of the classroom. I returned to my seat
and caught Yoon Sung smirking. He wasn‟t looking at me but I know it‟s me he‟s mocking.

Ms. Jeon stayed at her position near the doorway and projected her voice clearly, “Welcome
back! This is your last year at Chungdong High and I -”

Already bored by her prep talk, I thought about what Jin Kyu said and stared into the
window, trying to see my reflection. Have I really gone skinnier? How come I haven‟t
noticed? That‟s the problem with seeing yourself everyday, you don‟t notice sh1t.

Ms. Jeon‟s voice was still droning in the background. “But before I continue, I‟d like to
introduce you to a new family member of Chungdong High! You can come in now!”

The window‟s reflection gave me a clear view of the doorway and I almost gagged on air
when I saw who disturbed the still picture. NO WAY! I quickly turned around and stared
open-mouthed at the person standing casually in the doorway with a backpack slung over
one shoulder. He and the teacher both walked to the middle of the front of the classroom. I
heard Ha Na gasp.

What the hell is KIM DONG WAN doing here?!

The b@stard didn‟t even tell me about this! Dong Wan‟s eyes lurked around the classroom
and quickly landed on me… then onto Yoon Sung. I glanced at Yoon Sung who didn‟t look at
all surprised, but was staring at Dong Wan with a small smile on his face. What‟s this all
about? Gay love now? Dong Wan grinned to me before turning to face the whole class.

Ms. Jeon smiled, “Most of you would remember Kim Dong Wan? He left us a few years ago
but he‟s back now! Dong Wan, do you have anything you want to say to the class?”

His eyes quickly scanned the intimidated class again. “Does anyone here need me to remind
them of who I am?”

Who the hell would be dumb enough to answer that question?

Dong Wan walked to where Yoon Sung and I were sitting determinedly and took the seat
beside Yoon Sung. I glared at him before staring out the window in ticked-off-b1tch mode.

It hasn‟t been two minutes since Ms. Jeon started her lesson when the dorks behind us raised
their hands and complained that Yoon Sung and Dong Wan were too tall and they couldn‟t
see the board. I groaned and made a mental note to put a spider in their backpacks at
lunchtime before switching rows with the dorks behind us. Since Yoon Sung had reached the
row first, he took the window seat. I was about to fight for it when I noticed Dong Wan
glancing at Yoon Sung‟s position then purposely chose the seat at the end of the row, forcing
me to sit between them.

Too lazy to fight for the window seat, I decided to plot myself there anyway. I sat down and
felt tension between the two. What‟s this all about? I glanced at Yoon Sung who was
concentrating deeply on the board and switched my gaze to Dong Wan. He looked at me and
grinned. The nerve this guy has! I stomped on his foot and he stayed completely still to hide
his pain. Dong Wan turned to me questioningly.

“Yah! Why didn‟t you tell me?” I hissed. “Not even a f*cken hint you f*cken prick!”

“Honey”, Dong Wan muttered, “I gave you your f*cken hint last Christmas.”

I whizzed my thoughts back to last year…

I was about to tell you something I thought you might care about…

So this is what he was gonna tell me. That‟s barely even a hint.

“Why are you even back here? Gangsters don‟t go to school!” I exclaimed.

“They can if they want-” Dong Wan glanced at Yoon Sung, “And I want to because I have
someone to compete with.”

I looked at Yoon Sung who sensed Dong Wan‟s glance and slightly smirked, seemingly at the
blackboard. I widened my eyes and slowly nodded my head. HE KNEW!

I elbowed Yoon Sung, “YAH! You knew, didn‟t you?! How come you knew and I didn‟t?!”

Yoon Sung finally looked away from the board to meet my gaze, “Ask him”, he said, nodding
over to Dong Wan.
I spun around and stared at Dong Wan, pointing over my back at Yoon Sung with my thumb.
“Why”, I simply said.

He let out a small laugh and concentrated on the blackboard too.

I know nothing?!!! Since when did the two d1ckheads start seeing each other behind my
back? And why do they have to compete against each other?


Oh. I got it. They‟re competing for…

Me. For my friendship!

I burst out laughing at our lunch table. Ha Na, Hye Young and Bok Ja stared at me with
worried expressions on their faces.

“Yoo Jin, what is it?” Bok Ja asked.

I grinned. “Do you guys want to know why Dong Wan came back?”

They all eagerly stuck their heads in closer. “Why?”

“Dong Wan is jealous”, I stated.

“Of who?” Hye Young questioned.

“Yoon Sung”, I whispered. “They both want to be my best friend.”

Hye Young and Bok Ja „oh-ed‟ but Ha Na snorted. “Isn‟t that our position? Why do they have
to fight for it?”

“I meant as in guy best friend!” I retorted.

Hye Young raised her neck, “Hey, what‟s happening there?”

I followed her eyes over to the basketball courts but instead of being able to see the whole
court, as usual, I could only see a bunch of backs all pressing against each other to get a
better view of something.

“Let‟s check it out!” I said.


Turning around to look at me, the students at the fence reluctantly moved aside and formed
a clear path for me and my group to walk through. I peered around to see what the hype
was all about and understood.

“It‟s Yoon Sung and Dong Wan!” Bok Ja stated.

“What are they doing?” Ha Na questioned grimly.

“Interesting”, I said, nodding my head slowly, “A basketball competition with only one person
on each team… DUMBASSES! Who the f*ck plays like that?!”
At the sound of my voice, Yoon Sung stopped dribbling and Dong Wan got off Yoon Sung‟s
back. None of them were sweating but their uniform was all crinkled like they were having a
b1tch fight rather than a basketball match.

“Hey!” Dong Wan grinned and acknowledged me with a nod.

Yoon Sung spared a glance at me before shooting the ball right into the hoop. Dong Wan
spun around.

“Yah, that‟s not counted”, he said arrogantly.

Yoon Sung went to retrieve the basketball and threw it back to a junior male student who
was observing the two pros without blinking. “Thanks”, he said and turned back to Dong
Wan. “You never called time-out”, he highlighted.

I snickered. What a smartas$.

Dong Wan chuckled. “F*cken smartas$. What do you say to table tennis then?”

Yoon Sung said nothing but headed towards the sports hall. Dong Wan grinned and headed
in the same direction. Of course, the whole crowd tailed them. Bok Ja nudged me.

“Are we going too?”

“Are you mad? Hell yeah are we watching!”

I tagged after the crowd.

It continued like that for the rest of the week. Yoon Sung and Dong Wan just kept competing
against each other in all sorts of sports. I reckon if Dong Wan was the ultra smart type he‟d
verse Yoon Sung in that too- but duh, Dong Wan chose to stay out of that. I don‟t think
they‟re doing this stuff to win me, it‟s more of a „they want to prove themselves better‟ thing,
right? If you‟re jealous of someone you just want to be better than them.

As for me, as a friend and godsister I should be telling them to stop it altogether- but that‟s
only a waste of saliva. Trying to persuade a stubborn ass and competitive idiot is useless. So
I‟m left to stay stuck between the two. Every time a Kang Yoon Sung versus Dong Wan
match is on, I‟d always be there and I‟d always stay right in the middle. Not that I don‟t
cheer though…

I watched intently as Dong Wan kicked the football into the goal.


Then in the next minute…


I don‟t think either of the guys could hear me cheering since they‟re so focused on the
game… but all my friends could and they all eyed me with the „you bad two-face‟ eyes.

Well, what else could I do? They‟re the ones being stupid d1ckheads, playing around like this.


The day has finally come- the day when I will reappear in Yoo Sang Hyuk‟s life.

I stood across the road from the Seoul University campus, waiting for Sang Hyuk to come
out. I moved forward a little to make sure the tall figure exiting the gates was him. Black
mole on the left cheek, yep, that‟s definitely my baby boy! I tightened my ponytail and
checked over my three-quarter length grey sweatpants and white t-shirt which I had
prepared especially for today. I‟m going to pretend that I was going for a jog and „just
happened to pass by‟. Seriously, I never jog. I jogged across the road, purposely bumping
into Sang Hyuk.

“Oh f*ck! I‟m sorry”, I said, stopping and turning around to help him up. I never realised how
scrawny his figure was… it was just a little bump.

“I‟m OK”, he assured, before glancing at me then looking again. “Yoo-Yoo Jin…”

I smiled, “Sang Hyuk! What are you doing here?”

He continued staring at me in the exact same way that the others had on the first day back
to school. Ah, so now you gaze at me you little hard-to-catch brute.

I let go of his elbow, “I was just going for a jog.”

Sang Hyuk nodded as I tried to keep a relaxed posture. Truthfully, I need ten bottles of water
and a bed to lie down on- now. Now I know what Yoon Sung and Dong Wan go through after
their little matches- and I only jogged across the road. I‟m so unfit. How the hell did I
manage to lose my puppy fat?

“Yo! Sang Hyuk!”

Sang Hyuk turned around and looked pass him to see none other than Park Im Ho. But it
wasn‟t him who had spoken, it was the unfamiliar guy standing next to him who seemed to
be leading the ten other guys following behind them. Let me take an educated guess: this
group is one of the most popular of Seoul University‟s first years and the guy who opened his
mouth is their leader. No doubt, I glanced at his height and muscles, another one of Park Im
Ho‟s best friends. He‟s not bad- not half as good-looking as Yoon Sung or Dong Wan, but his
average with round eyes, a nice nose and thin lips. His spiky hair suits his overall appearance

Despite checking him out, I didn‟t bother acknowledging him. He placed a hand on Sang
Hyuk‟s shoulder.

“Who you talking to there?” He looked at me and his eyes brightened. “Yah, aren‟t you Kim
Yoo Jin?” He turned to Sang Hyuk, “Buddy, you know Kim Yoo Jin?!”

Sang Hyuk smiled proudly.

“No, buddy”, I called out to him, “It‟s: „you know me‟?”

He let go of an intimidated Sang Hyuk and nodded his head to me. “You‟re quite… famous-
and you‟re the godsister of the Gentle Tiger‟s leader too, aren‟t ya?” He stuck out his hand,
“Song Ki Joon.”

I glanced at his hand and gave a small smile, “Hi.”

Awkwardly, Ki Joon withdrew his hand. I felt uneasy at the way Im Ho was still staring at me
and decided to take off, quickly saying to Sang Hyuk, “See you some time later!”
Who knew Im Ho made it into Seoul University?! He‟d better not be an obstacle- again. And
this Song Ki Joon too, he seems like the type to bully Sang Hyuk. I‟ll rip his balls out if he



Dong Wan smiled to himself, wasn‟t she cheering for him just a minute ago?

The game ended with a draw- yet again. Dong Wan and Yoon Sung shook hands and headed
into the change rooms where they both sat down on either end of the benches and drained
the water bottles in one go. Yoon Sung withdrew a white towel from his locker and thrust it
around his neck. He turned around, ready to go into the showers when Dong Wan‟s voice
stopped him.

“Time to take the next step.”

Yoon Sung slightly turned then walked away with a bland expression on his face which hid his
mixed emotions of readiness yet nervousness.

When it comes to human relationships, Yoon Sung knows he‟s crap.

Chapter 26 – Buy One, Get Two Free!

I switched off the TV and placed the remote control on the table. Appa immediately seized it.

“Finally!” He exclaimed, then switched the channel to boring documentaries.

Nothing exciting has happened since I got home from Seoul University and nothing exciting is
happening now. I‟m so bored!!! It‟s a Sunday afternoon, I shouldn‟t be…

I got off the sofa and proceeded towards the kitchen, stopping at the short cupboard lined up
against the wall separating the kitchen and living room. I picked up the packet of tissues with
a purple floral print on the packaging- no doubt bought by umma. I laughed and held it up to
show appa.

“Appa, doesn‟t this look like pads?”

Appa looked at it through his glasses then said, “No. Tampons.”

“What are tampons?”

I spun around and… yelled at the top of my lungs, "AAAAAAAHHHH! WHAT THE HELL IS SHE
DOING HERE?!" I pointed at the beautiful little midget.

She smiled evilly, “Yoo Jin unnie, you look different. You‟re not so fat anymore.”

“Why you little-”

Umma rushed out of the kitchen. “Yoo Jin! I forgot to tell you, Won Won will be staying with
us while your grandparents are on their holiday around the world.”

“Holiday around the world?!” I burst.
Umma nodded. “So you‟ll have Won Won to play with now.”

Won Won is my „drive me merry mad‟ cousin, though I do feel sorry for her because her
parents are divorced. The father is an alcoholic and my aunty is a mother with no
responsibility so in the end my grandparents took her in. Her real name is Ryeo Won but
since she‟s still a kid it‟s easier for her to call herself Won Won, so the rest of us have to
copy. Won Won is the most beautiful little 4 year old girl you‟ll ever meet; snow white skin,
cute cherry lips, small nose, big gorgeous eyes and long hair which someone usually ties up
for her in a high ponytail. But don‟t be fooled by her appearance, the little brat is also the
most evil thing you‟ll ever meet.

“But she‟s evil umma!” I whinged.

Umma glared at me, “Just like you. You and your sisters have to help look after her.”

I glared challengingly at the grinning little devil.

One thing‟s for sure, with Won Won in my life, I‟ll never be bored- and I can‟t tell if that‟s a
good or bad thing.


“You mean that little kid that said you stepped on her cockroach?” Hye Young questioned.

She just had to remind me. My eyes drooped in bitter remembrance of how I, entirely
innocent, had been blamed for the death of a cockroach and sentenced to two days of
confinement in my room. “Yes, that one.”

My friends began laughing. Bok Ja sprayed the lunch table with specks of food from her
mouth. I scrunched my face up.

“Shut your as$!” I ordered them all.

They did their best to calm down. That kid is one of the few people who are capable of tying
my hands together.

I propped my elbows onto the table and put my face between my fists. “I have a real BIG
problem right now”, I complained, thinking of Won Won.

“You have a bigger problem than that”, Ha Na pointed out.

I folded my arms. “What problem?”

She pointed up to the cafeteria where Dong Wan was clearly visible, standing at the glass
wall. The boys seemed to have given their matches a break today because Yoon Sung is
nowhere near to be seen. Dong Wan caught me looking at him and waved with a small grin.

I turned to Ha Na, “What?”

“Are you sure Kim Dong Wan doesn‟t like you?” She asked me with a smile, though her eyes
read different. They look dull.

“I agree”, Hye Young nodded..

Bok Ja shrugged. “I thought it was quite obvious.”
I eyed each of them cluelessly then burst out laughing. “Ah pfft! Kim Dong Wan likes me?

Honestly, these b1tches f*cken thought that the Happy Cub likes me? Someone, kill them.

Hye Young stared over my shoulder and she grinned. “That‟s not quite the whole problem…
the real BIG PROBLEM here is that Kang Yoon Sung likes ya too.”

I choked on my apple juice and glanced over my shoulder to see Yoon Sung walking down
the archway. I stared plainly at Hye Young. “Pigs. Fly.”


“Hello, Kim Hee Sun models their clothes! I am so going!!!” Hye Young said matter-of-factly.

School‟s over, shopping for my friends, work for me. Oh I‟m so elated. “Yeah, just go without

Hye Young grinned, “We will. Besides, you‟re working.”

Ha Na placed a comforting hand on my shoulder, “Next time, my friend.”

They linked arms and skipped off.


Hye Young raised a hand and waved, her back facing me. B1tch b1tch b1tch!!!

I spun around to head for work but bumped into Dong Wan. “Sh1t! What the hell are you
doing there?”

He ignored my question. “That‟s not a very nice thing to say.”

He meant the curse to my friends. “That‟s not a very nice thing to do”, I pointed out.

Dong Wan nodded, “Right. Let‟s go.”

“Go where?” I questioned, tugging onto my backpack.

He smiled cockily, “Somewhere you‟ll love hunny.”

“Hunny your bum”, I said. “I have work.”

“Forget about that”, he commanded. Then he slipped his fingers between mine.

If my girl friends are having fun, there‟s no reason why I shouldn‟t. I‟ve been a good girl-
ditching work for once is alright, right? I let Dong Wan lead me away from the school and
away from the place where sometimes, Yoon Sung would be waiting to give me a lift to work.


He ended up taking me to an amusement park, Seoul Land. One good thing about Dong Wan
is that he‟s not scared of rides, the faster the better, so I always get to go on the best rides
with him.

First stop was Tomorrow Land, where we went on all the scariest rides there were.
Dong Wan pointed to the screen where the photos of our faces on the Shot X Drop were
being displayed. “HAHA! Look at your face!”

Geez, any louder? Not like I didn‟t know how bad I looked: poppin‟ gold fish eyes + green
face + distorted mouth = dying lizard.

“At least I don‟t look like a cow giving birth”, I retorted.

“That‟s not what I look like”, he stated.

I examined him in the photo. Damn, he was laughing. Nothing demented about that.

“Just wait, Kim Dong Wan”, I warned. “Just wait.”

He smiled and raised his brows. “How are you gonna get back at me?”

I smiled and pointed to Fantasy Land.

“Like this!” I smashed my car onto Dong Wan‟s side.

Today is the day Kim Dong Wan will DIE! I slammed my car on the back of his.

He turned around, “B1tch!”

I stuck my tongue out and did it again. But you know, being a gangster means you either
wear black and pretend you got balls or you wear black and you some pretty good moves.
Dong Wan has the pretty good moves. He twisted his car around in a split second and
slammed against my car so hard it slid all the way to the other side and hit the railings. My
head shook from the violent impact and I glared at him. He raised his head like a snob.

“That was not bloody fair”, I said through gritted teeth, once we got off the cars.

“How?” He tested, still with that grin.

“It was a one way course”, I stated. “You went the WRONG way.”

We exited the Bumper Cars section, that‟s when I realised it was already night time.

Dong Wan stopped and turned to me, “OK baby, have it your way.” He checked his watch
and looked up. “Let‟s go Samchulli Land.”

I shrugged, “Fine.”

I looked at the deserted area we had arrived in. “Isn‟t this the mini train ride for kids?” I
asked, eying the isolated black train.

“Yeah”, came Dong Wan‟s simple reply as he stood beside me.

“Why is it so empty?”

“Who cares? It‟s better for us then, no annoying kids”, he said and walked through the short
wooden white gates.

I followed him. “Maybe it‟s not opened”, I suggested.
“Hop on, little girl, it sure is on”, answered a welcoming deep voice.

I squinted my eyes and through the dark saw a chubby man in the driver‟s position wearing a
hat. Dong Wan chose a seat in the middle. I put one foot on the steps and paused. “I‟m not
little”, I stated to the driver before hopping on next to Dong Wan.

The train started with its little choo choo noises and whistles.

“Isn‟t this relaxing?” Dong Wan asked as his arm stretched across the seat and around my

I grabbed onto his wrist and forced it off my shoulder. A breeze swept by and I closed my
eyes, feeling the coolness of it. “Yeah.”

“Keep your eyes closed”, I heard Dong Wan demand.

“What for?”

Knowing that he couldn‟t trust me, I felt his hand clap over my eyes. Damn it!

“Are you ready?” He asked.

“For what?”

He became slightly irritated. “You ask too many questions. Just say „yes‟.”

Being more of a nosy b1tch than a rebel, I decided to comply. “Yes.”

Slowly, I felt his fingers lift off my eyes. I opened them straight away- only to be blinded by
the sudden lights that filled my vision. I quickly shut my eyes again. Argh, I‟ve been in the
dark for too long. I opened my eyes again and this time, was able to tolerate the brightness.
I studied the strings of mini yellow lights that were cleverly arranged to form an illusion of
fireworks and the little light bulb hearts seemed to be flying around in the air. Against the
dark, the lights display looked magnificent.

I gasped. “So unreal…”

Dong Wan glanced at me. “Do you like it?”

I nodded. “Duh! It‟s so pretty!” Then it suddenly occurred to me that Dong Wan had
especially arranged this- he must have reserved the whole area and that‟s why there‟s no one
hanging around here! I tore my eyes away from the display. “Yah! You did this?!”

He nodded.

“YOU ARE SO COOL!” I exclaimed and hugged him, “Thanks!” Then I thought again and let
go of him, “Why are you doing this?”

Dong Wan smiled and set back in the seat. His eyes were gazing at the display so I
concentrated back on it too.

“You know there are a lot of idiots out there”, he suddenly said.

I thought just by him saying that sentence made him one of them.

He continued. “This guy once said to a girl, „I love you‟. Then the girl turned and said to him,
„I love you too. You‟re the best brother in the world.‟”
I chuckled. “What a f*cken idiot! Can‟t she tell the guy loves her in that way?!”

Dong Wan side grinned. I busied myself by staring at the shooting love hearts.

“So who‟s the stupid chick?” I asked.

Dong Wan didn‟t reply. I turned to him and slightly widened my eyes to indicate „well?‟

Instead of replying straight away, he placed his hands on my shoulder and turned me to the
lights again. “Look carefully”, he ordered.

I heard him click his fingers. An illusional firework shot out and a large heart was released.
Then a marquee lit up and words were starting to form from the lights that hadn‟t been
turned on before.







Those last three words were the ones that my mind had conjured- not the marquee. I don‟t
want to turn around and neither do I want to face Dong Wan.

“That girl is you”, Dong Wan slowly whispered. I could feel his face near my shoulder and his
breath near my ear.

Like I hadn‟t figured that out by now- I‟m that stupid chick. Sh1t, I don‟t even remember
when that was! Oh my f*cken God what am I supposed to do now? My heart was pounding
irregularly and I felt claustrophobic even though we‟re out in the open. I‟m praying that it‟s
just a joke, just a joke. I stayed silent, waiting for him to burst out „YOU‟RE AN IDIOT!
FEBRUARY FOOLS DAY!‟ But it didn‟t come. I shut my eyes. Sh1t.

I quickly grabbed my backpack and started climbing onto the seat in the other row.

“No, Yoo Jin!”

Too late, I jumped out of the window while the train was still travelling around in circles and
ran off into the dark.


How could he love me in that way? I‟m his godsister, goddammit! He can‟t love me!

All I could think about while walking home was what had just happened. I can‟t believe it- yet
I am. I should‟ve picked it up from that moment he first kissed me on his birthday last year.
The way he talked about how much he cared for me… that was so out of his character and
yet I didn‟t pick it up. And why did I even have to think of that? „Cause now I feel even worse
than before because now I know I‟m also a bad godsister. The tree looks like it‟s welcoming
my forehead right now.
I stopped in front of my apartment building and exhaled, closing my eyes. I need a minute to
free myself from those thoughts. I opened my eyes and just as I took my first step…

“Yoo Jin.”

Automatically, I spun around and screamed. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”


I slowly realised that the person was only Kang Yoon Sung, but it still took a while to fully hit
me that it was YOON SUNG. I finally stopped screaming and tilted my head, looking
questioningly at him. “What?”

All through my screaming, Yoon Sung had kept his head bent and been saying something I
couldn‟t understand- or rather hear because his voice had been drowned out by mine. His
face slightly distorted but quickly unwind back to the usual bland face but with an extra pinch
of anger. Just like me, he was still in his school uniform but without the blazer and his tie was
loose again. Boy, I like this loose tie with angry face look.

“Why are you still in your uniform?” I asked, forcing myself to stop staring at him. “Were you
at the store with Madam?”

He slipped his hands into his pockets and instead of replying, asked me a question. “Yah,
where were you all night?”

“None of your business”, I stated. “I rang Madam and got permission for the day off. Didn‟t
she tell you?”

Yoon Sung turned his face away from me. “I didn‟t ask.”

He came all the way here to ask me where I‟ve been? I studied his annoyed expression and
the uniform again. Was he…? “Were you waiting for me?”

His hands slid out of his pockets and he faced me again. “What makes you think that?”

Judging from his tone, probably not. I shrugged and folded my arms. “Nothing. What are you
doing here? If nothing, then f*ck home.”

I‟m pissed off now. Who does he think he is? First he scares the freak outta me, then he
questions me like he‟s my grandpa and now he‟s giving me attitude.

From the corner of my eye, I saw him taking a step closer to me. “I‟m here to do something.”

“What?” I snapped, still not looking at him.

“Yoo Jin”, he called, trying to get me to face him.

I turned my head away. That sure did annoy Yoon Sung. “KIM YOO JIN!”

And that annoyed me. I unfolded my arms and spun to face him. “WHAT?!”

Our faces were so close that with his head bent down, his lips were almost touching mine.

“I love you.”
My temper immediately converted into astonishment and I pulled back. His eyes lost all
fierceness and they, too, became dazed like mine- as if he couldn‟t believe himself. He stared
at me silently as I gazed at him with my mouth hung open. I could sense his sincerity. This is
no prank. I could feel my heart pounding even faster and stronger than before.

Yoon Sung slightly turned his face. “Yoo Jin?”

Not knowing where to look, I raised my head and looked at the starry night.

Hey! What‟s that pig doing in the sky?!

I felt his fingertips touch mine, bringing me back to reality. I jerked my hand away then
stared into his eyes which were now so gentle I felt like I was being lured into them. I
staggered back, reeled around and ran into the building. Great timing! The doors to the lift
opened and I dived in.

I leaned on the back wall of the lifts. Kim Dong Wan and now Kang Yoon Sung too… when all
I ask for is Yoo Sang Hyuk!

I can hide now, but I won‟t be able to hide much longer and especially now that Dong Wan is
back too. Added to that, I still go to work. And added to that, Valentines a.k.a Dong Wan‟s
birthday is coming up…

(Girlfriends ft. Lee Jung – Blah Blah)

I stared into the reflection of the lift‟s doors.

“F*ck, now what?”

Chapter 27 - Corny & Horny.

I slept well that night, too bloody well, which either makes me unique or plain weird. I gave
the option of „weird‟ but if one dumbass dares…

Most girls wouldn‟t be able to sleep after having two hot guys tell them „I love you‟. They‟d be
either too excited or trying to think of a solution. Yah, I tried to stay awake. It‟s not my fault
I‟m a good sleeper. But maybe the overdose of affection did affect me because the next day I
woke up late- make that extra late.

I slowly dragged myself down the corridor to class. I‟m already some many minutes late and
it wouldn‟t matter if I add some minutes on. And there‟s the bonus that I won‟t have to see
the two of them again so soon.

At last I arrived at my classroom, all quiet except for the sounds of chalk stroking the
blackboard. They all felt my presence and soon Mr. Sit put his chalk down, turning to regard
me. “Kim Yoo Jin, bad enough that you are late but don‟t come looking all sloppy.”

I looked down to my uniform. Though my white socks were meant to be knee-high, one was
down to my ankle and the other was only half pulled up. My white-striped navy skirt was lop-
sided and there was a yellow stain on the shoulder of my white blouse. Tied around my waist
by the sleeves was my navy school blazer. Only my shoelaces seemed right.

I tried dusting off the yellow stain from my shoulder. “What the f*ck‟s this?” I complained.

The teacher only sneered at me and told me to sit down. I looked to the back left hand
corner of the classroom where Kang Yoon Sung sat by the window and one seat away from
him, Kim Dong Wan. Their cruel manners left them to reserve the middle seat especially for
me. I let out an angry sigh, tugged on my bag strap and took my place. None of them
acknowledged me. Pfft, and they said they love me.

But they do. It makes sense, doesn‟t it? Why they were being hopeless competitive jerks
towards each other, why Dong Wan had even chose to return in the first place. Knowing the
prick, he most probably wanted to take on the challenge. But there‟s still one thing that I
don‟t get.

As soon as the bell rang, both Yoon Sung and Dong Wan turned to me and got ready to
speak. I didn‟t let them and raised both my hands to shut them up.

“I don‟t want to talk to any of you.”

I stood up and before they could react, Hye Young and Bok Ja, led by Ha Na, had come
along to rescue me.

“Sorry, but we need to talk to Yoo Jin”, Ha Na announced, hooking an arm into mine and
pulling me away from the table.

Judging from the hidden eagerness on their faces, my girls must have received my text
message from last night reading „pigs fly‟.

“Sorry, girl”, Dong Wan disagreed. “But I need to talk to Yoo Jin and what I have to say is
much more important.”

I stared at him blankly. “But I have nothing to say to you.”

My eyes wandered over to Yoon Sung who wasn‟t displaying any kind of normal human
reaction. He stood up abruptly and simply left the scene.

Ha Na‟s voice broke my eye contact with his back. “You heard her”, she said, glaring at Dong

Dong Wan, too, looked away from Yoon Sung. “I did. And since I‟m a nice guy”, he stood up,
“I‟ll spare Yoo Jin for now.” Then as he passed me, “For now, Yoo Jin”, he emphasised.
“You‟re going to have to face me sooner or later.”

Dong Wan didn‟t continue his way but reached out and patted Ha Na‟s head. I forced myself
to keep a straight face. Back in the days when Dong Wan was a normal school boy, well not
so normal considering he was always bashing people up with me, he used to always pat Ha
Na‟s head. She absolutely hates it.

“Stop it you f*cken b@stard!” She backslapped his hand away.

He snickered and strolled off, leaving me to endure the big noses of my girl friends.


In the next few days, all I did was avoid them. Dong Wan would wait for me at the school
gates in the morning, and I‟d run around to the back and climb the wall in. I‟d be walking and
chatting to Ha Na then all of a sudden see Yoon Sung turning around the corner ahead of
me. Ha Na would end up finding herself talking to no one.

Yeah, fine. I am. I‟m a coward, running away every time I see one of them. But I don‟t know
what else to do. It‟s f*cken awkward! I usually love it when guys like me, and especially
when I like them too. Ironically, here I am, presented with the good hearts of the two hottest
guys I have ever known in my life. And feeling completely f*cked up.

One is a god-brother, the other a… something. It‟s sticky because none of them are Yoo Sang
Hyuk. Everything is because of him. Why the hell does he have to play so hard-to-get?

I exited the school gates with my three girl friends encircling me, just in case I get caught by
Dong Wan or Yoon Sung.

Ha Na was in front. “Warning, warning. Kang Yoon Sung-”

“Looking soooo…”, Hye Young cut in, fanning herself.

I stood on my toes to see over Ha Na‟s head. He was leaning on his motorbike and had
ditched his school blazer for a black leather jacket. I watched as his eyes ran over the crowd
one last time and quickly ducked. When I looked again, he had gone.

Whereas Dong Wan has been trying to talk to me, Yoon Sung had acted completely oblivious
to the whole situation. He hadn‟t been trying to catch my eye and neither has he shown up at
Madam‟s store for the past few days. Being the relationship d1ckhead Kang Yoon Sung is, he
most probably doesn‟t have a clue on what to do and has resigned to simply waiting.

“Remember to wait for me tomorrow, Yoo Jin”, Bok Ja grinned. “It‟s going to be exciting.”

I played dumb. “What, the walk?”

Ha Na whipped around. “Playing dumb?”

“Forget it. She knows what we‟re talking about”, Hye Young said confidently.

“F*ck off”, I scorned.

But I know they know I know. It‟s Dong Wan‟s birthday. Even worse, Valentines.


I took extra care of myself today. I had to force Freak to do something about my goddamn
hair (when she took one look at it and said „Nup, sorry. Unsavable‟) and make Geek stop
geeking around and make herself useful by telling me more about her kind.

“Yah, Yoo Na”, I said, sitting completely still on my bed as Yoo Rin straightened my naturally
ugly wavy hair. “How would you want a guy to give you his Valentines present?”

Yoo Na took her glasses off to rest her eyes and rubbed at them. “I don‟t know how to
calculate that one.”

She was mocking herself. I broadened my eyes and spoke dangerously, “Tell me.”

“Unnie, stay still!” Yoo Rin fussed.

I elbowed Yoo Rin and she almost burnt my forehead. “WATCH OUT FOR ME EAR YOU

Yoo Na sighed. “Being a geek can be tiring. It‟d be cool if… he can make me look special.”

That‟s all I need. Special eh?

As the usual tradition goes, I arrived in the class with Bok Ja early. Half the class were
already there and all of them stared at me like I was Chicken Licken. I admit, the Freak did a
good job with my hair this time. It‟s perfectly straight and totally flighty. I grinned.

Bok Ja sat in Yoon Sung‟s seat and we discussed who we thought would be getting roses,
and tried to separate fact from rumour. We pictured the face of this freshman b1tch who
made the terribly stupid mistake of calling Yoo Rin a whore. How would she face the school
after sniffing the rose we‟d sent with Farting Powder in it? Just after we finished giggling over
her, Yoon Sung entered and straight away his eyes caught me. At first it was a mere glance,
but he had to double look as he made his way to me.

Don‟t make it so obvious, Kang Yoon Sung. F*ck, all this kind of attention is getting to my
head. Usually, kids only look at me to check whether they‟re gonna get the beating or not.

Hye Young and Ha Na appeared at the same time and mouthed hello to me. Bok Ja left to
join them in their row and they all faked a deep conversation when really they were all
focusing on Yoon Sung and I. Pity for them, nothing was happening. Yoon Sung still made no
attempt to talk to me. I glanced at him. He was looking good today with that untidy black
hair of his having been gelled up, but not in an overly done way like those try-hards- he used
just enough to make his face look brighter. He caught me staring. I cursed and looked away.

The class filled up, the bell rang, the rose deliverers came and still Dong Wan didn‟t turn up.
Where is he? He was right; one time, sooner or later, I would have to face him… and I was
gonna do it today.

Only a few girls from my class got roses- Hye Young was one of them. A year ago today she
had sent pretty boy Jo Tae Woo a bucket full, now he was sending her just as much, even
though he‟s in university. Her love was returned. And me… why can‟t Yoo Sang Hyuk just
give in and be like Jo Tae Woo?

I huffed out of jealousy and Yoon Sung glanced at me. “What‟re you looking at?” I snapped.

For a moment he looked at me again, surprised that I was talking to him. It only lasted a
second before he turned away.

I returned my attention to the Valentine deliverers… they‟re gone!!! I stared around the
classroom and found every face stealing glances at me and whispering;

„Omg! Kim Yoo Jin didn‟t get one!‟

„It‟s the first time ever!‟

„Sucked in! And you‟d think since Kim Dong Wan came back she‟d get even more!‟

Yeah yeah and all that load of crap.

I shot each and every one of them a murderous glare and slowly, one by one, they all
quietened down and kept their eyes forward. That didn‟t hide me from my embarrassment
though. Hate it as I do, those fags are right. Ha Na, with Hye Young and Bok Ja, were staring
at me questioningly.

Hye Young: Where‟s yours?
Bok Ja: Don‟t worry Yoo Jin, I‟ll bash those b1cthes up for you later.
Ha Na: I thought you would get TWO bunches this year.
Me: Turn around.

But then, I turned away from them and looked at Yoon Sun instead. He was staring at
something too fixedly. Is there a naked woman there or what? I realised everybody else had
their heads in the same direction and copied.

My left eyebrow went up.

Dong Wan stood in the doorway, leaning casually on the door, a bouquet of roses in one
arm. He smiled at my reaction and leaned off the door, making his way over to me, girls
falling to his feet as he passed them by- but the only person he was looking at was me.

Finally Dong Wan reached me and handed the bouquet over the table. “Happy Valentines
baby”, he smiled.

My cheeks flushed. This is the first time he‟s ever done this for me. All those other years it
had always been a junior calling my name out and I would collect it myself. Dong Wan
observed me closely, I knew what those eyes were saying to me; accept or die. Nah duh, I
grinned and accepted them- not that I‟m scared of him, but I want those roses so that I
could shove it in the faces of those other big mouths. Plus, it wouldn‟t hurt to accept them
from Dong Wan… as a godsister.

“Thank you.”

He smiled and sat down. The other girls in the class watched with envy as I teased them by
toying around with my roses. “How lovely”, I sighed.

Ha Na smiled. Bok Ja and Hye Young gave me the thumbs up.


Lunchtime. I left the job of bringing home the roses to Yoo Na and went to find Dong Wan,
girls and guys whispering as I passed them. Words in this school spreads way too fast.
Anyhow, it didn‟t take me long to find Dong Wan. I was standing outside Block C when I
glanced up and saw him strolling behind the waist-high parapet of the 2nd floor. Tagging
behind him like a dog was none other than hard-ass Jin Kyu, no doubt annoying the f*ck
outta Dong Wan to let him join the gang.

“Dong Wan!”

He paused (almost making Jin Kyu bump into him) and looked over the parapet. Spotting me,
he nodded to indicate he‟ll be right down. I watched as he turned to Jin Kyu and mouthed
something which doesn‟t take one of those lip-readers to know it was „f*ck off‟. And when
Happy Cub says it, he means it.

“Came to tell me you‟re accepting me?”

I turned around and stared at him pathetically. “Came to tell you „have a nice day‟ and here‟s
your birthday present.”

I grabbed his hand and slapped into it a neat light pink box with cow prints. He stared at it
then said, “What? Cows and pink? Yoo Jin honey, I know I told you I love you but sometimes
you‟re really a psychotic b1tch.”

My taste is not that bloody bad- the box was the last one on the shelf and I couldn‟t be
bothered to find a better one (oh yeah, I decided to get him a beanie „cause he doesn‟t have
any, it‟s just to mock his gangster status).
“Yeah? Well cop it „cause I don‟t give a sh1t”, I said and shifted my shoulders, ready to leave.
“Have a nice day.”

His hand shot out and singularly twisted me around to face him again. “If you want me to
have a nice day, you‟d give me a kiss and have dinner with me tonight”, he demanded.

I hit his chest with the back of my fist. “Get over it. You can court me all you like but I‟m still
going to act like I your godsister because that‟s what I am”, I stated. Yep, that‟s the tacky
solution I‟ve come up with; be ignorant about it. “And your faithful gang has organised a
strip-tease for your party. Min Hee said it‟s strictly BOYS ONLY”, I put on a sarcastic tone,
“Damn, I‟ll be missing out on it.”

Dong Wan grinned and shrugged. “Right then.”

Then he was the one to leave.

So now that I‟ve taken care of Dong Wan, there‟s only Yoon Sung left but right now… but I
don‟t wanna talk to him. Not that two-face.

The bell rang as Dong Wan walked up the staircase leading to his classroom. Once he had
reached the top, Dong Wan spotted Yoon Sung leaning against the wall on the left end of the
corridor. His head was turned right so that his profile was silhouetted against the sunlight
from the window and his eyes were looking plainly out the window. Every time Dong Wan
saw Yoon Sung, if he wasn‟t with Yoo Jin, a teacher or a flock of annoying girls then he was

It‟s no great wonder though. The way Yoon Sung looked at people through plain eyes often
made them feel absolutely boring and therefore too intimidated to befriend him. Dong Wan
grinned. Only someone as annoying and fierce as Yoo Jin would feel confident enough to
interact with him. But damn, it was those very plain eyes that would make Yoon Sung a great
member for the Gentle Tigers.

Dong Wan stepped up to him and motioned for his followers to go in class first. Yoon Sung
turned away from the window to Dong Wan.

“If you joined my gang you‟ll have some friends”, Dong Wan said casually.

Yoon Sung gave a lop-sided grin. “Yoo Jin alone is interesting enough”, he reasoned.

Dong Wan lifted the pink cow box in his right hand and tossed it gently up and down. “I
wouldn‟t count on it if I were you.”

Yoon Sung leaned off the wall and slid his hands into his pocket. “Nice box”, he commented.

He passed Dong Wan to enter the room but halted at Dong Wan‟s words. “She talked to me.”
Dong Wan knew he had Yoon Sung‟s full attention now. “And she said some pretty cute
things too.” He was going to add in some examples but on reviewing their encounter, realised
that Yoo Jin had cursed more than anything else. Instead he said, “I wonder what she gave

Yoon Sung glanced at the box as Dong Wan went in front of him into the classroom. Yoo Jin
once told him that Dong Wan and him bore a resemblance in that they both hate lying. She
talked to Dong Wan and gave him a gift… yet she had barely spoken to him. He at least
wants a straight forward answer but he couldn‟t bring himself to question her. It was bad
enough that she ran away when he had confessed.

Kim Yoo Jin, where are you?

The bell signalled the end of lunch. I quickly spun around to Ha Na and Bok Ja. Hye Young
detected the mischief in my face and quickly hung up on her boyfriend to join us as we
walked away from our lunch table.

“Tell me, girls, who do ya all love?” I squealed.

They all sighed heavily. I‟ve pulled this trick too many times. “Yoo Jin”, they chanted.

I smiled and stretched my arm across their shoulders. “And won‟t cha do something for
someone you love on Valentines?”

They all glanced at each other. Yes, people. Kim Yoo Jin means trouble.

Well not too much trouble. We‟re only jigging tardy English and boring Economics.


Yoo Sang Hyuk was walking with a stack of thick black hardcover books in his arms when he
tripped over a twig and fell flat on his stomach.

“Sang Hyuk, boy! Be careful!” Song Ki Joon‟s voice remarked.

Ki Joon, Im Ho and group appeared in front of Sang Hyuk who quickly scrambled up. Ki Joon
bent down and picked up the book that lay at his feet while Sang Hyuk regathered the others
into his arms.

“Thank you”, Sang Hyuk muttered and took the book from Ki Joon‟s grasp.

Ki Joon swung his arm across Sang Hyuk‟s shoulders and they started walking slowly.

“So how are you and Kim Yoo Jin getting along? I haven‟t seen her lately”, Ki Joon said

Sang Hyuk didn‟t answer- he was too busy staring ahead of him.

(The Pussycat Dolls – Don‟t Cha)

Marching towards them were a band of four girls all dressed sexily in black and wearing
sunnies. Hold on- it‟s still winter and there‟s barely any sunlight. The guys all left their mouth
gapping and checked them out as the wind brushed pass them.

Bok Ja was wearing black denims and a tight turtleneck black jacket over the top- it managed
to make her appear slimmer. Hye Young‟s hair was set into bangs and she was wearing the
least amount of clothes (having been voted the prettiest one of them); a mini black skirt with
black boots and a collared white blouse with black pin stripes. Ha Na was forced by Yoo Jin‟s
glare into wearing black short shorts and a low round-neck black top. Her shoulder-length
hair was tied up neatly.

In front of them all was Yoo Jin, looking sleek in tight black denims and a satin black top with
extremely short sleeves. Im Ho and Sang Hyuk almost didn‟t recognise her with dead straight
non-frizzy hair blowing in the wind. In her right arm, she was cradling a large bouquet of
crimson roses.

Ha Na, Hye Young and Bok Ja stopped about two metres away from the large group of guys
but Yoo Jin took a few further steps until she was directly in front of Sang Hyuk. With one
hand she took off her sunglasses and clipped it onto the front of her shirt.

She eyed Sang Hyuk only. “For you”, she said with a slight smile and held out the roses.

Sang Hyuk was shocked. He hadn‟t expected her to do it AGAIN this year! He knew keeping
Yoo Jin waiting wasn‟t a good thing and may God bless him because he accepted the roses

Yoo Jin‟s grin widened and Sang Hyuk felt relieved. He could just feel a drop of sweat
running down his temple.

She leaned in close to Sang Hyuk‟s ear and breathed, “Happy Valentines, Sang Hyuk.”

With that, the four girls turned around and left just as dramatically as they came. The guys,
on delayed reaction, started hooting.


“Ooh yeah! Go Sang Hyuk!”

“I never knew you had that much appeal bro!”

“Oh man, who was that hot chick in the skirt?”

“You-owe-me-big-time-you-selfish-b1tch”, Hye Young said through chattering teeth as we
walked away from them.

“I-kn-know”, I managed to utter. “But b-blame Geek! She told me g-geeks like to look c-

“Don‟t blame Yoo Na for this. She‟d be the last person on Earth to even suggest wearing
those skimpy clothes”, Ha Na retorted. “AAH CHOO!” She sneezed.

Next to her, Bok Ja could say nothing because she has lost her voice. Weirdo. I‟m pretty sure
out of all of us she‟s wearing the warmest outfit.

“Yah! It‟s worth it, can‟t you freaken hear them?” I prompted.

“Yeah yeah”, Ha Na said bitterly.

I feel sorry for that stripper at Dong Wan‟s party. Her ass will be frozen.


I was sitting on the couch, being forced to watch some children‟s show where the chickens
were laying eggs with Won Won when my phone vibrated. I picked it up and looked at the
caller ID.

Kang Yoon Sung. What does he bloody want at this time? I just came home from work and
not in the mood to lecture him.
I looked at the little devil beside me who had her eyes glued to the television. She was
swinging back and forth and her piggy tails were swinging with her.

“Yah”, I called.

She ignored me.

“Yah!” I tried again. “YAH!”

I grabbed the remote and switched the TV off. Won Won quickly turned her body to me.


I held the remote up out of reach. “Answer my phone first. Say I‟m not home”, I

She yanked the phone from me and pressed it to her ear. What a rude kid. “Hello?”

I leaned in closer to her so I could hear Yoon Sung‟s voice.

He must‟ve recognised it wasn‟t my voice because he asked for me on my own phone
number. “Can I talk to Yoo Jin?”

Won Won replied adorably and absolutely innocently, “Unnie told Won Won to say that she‟s
not home.”

IDIOT!!! I quickly swiped the phone away from her and hung up. She stared at me
innocently. I glared. “What the f*ck was that?!”

Won Won covered her humungous mouth with her tiny hand. “Uh-oh! Yoo Jin unnie swore!
I‟m going to tell aunty!”

I was about to strangle her when my phone started vibrating again. It was a text message
from Yoon Sung:

I know you‟re there. Come down. I‟m outside your block.

He‟s outside my block? I sent back:

Piss off Kang Yoon Sung. I don‟t wanna meet you.

And then he sent back the ultimate message:

Then I‟ll meet you.

Within two minutes I was outside. Damn him. I‟m only here because I didn‟t want him giving
appa a heart attack. He is 100% against me having a boyfriend in high school. And 100%
against me mixing with bad people like Dong Wan. Good thing he doesn‟t know I‟m a
gangster‟s godsister.

I found Yoon Sung standing with his back towards me. He wasn‟t in the school uniform
anymore and was wearing baggy jeans and a black jacket with splattered brown prints on it.

“Why are you such a fuss?” I questioned.
He turned around… and I gasped. He wasn‟t empty-handed. In fact, he was clutching onto a
bouquet of roses- yellow roses…

… my favourite.

Not even umma knows that I cherish yellow flowers more than red or any other colour
because I‟ve never told anyone- it‟s just one of those things you don‟t think about much. The
flowers I‟ve received in the past have all been red. I know red is the proper one for romance
but isn‟t yellow just prettier?

Yoon Sung strode over to me and held them out with one hand. “Happy Valentines.”

It took me a while to accept them but I did. “Thanks…”

“I would have given them to you this morning but I don‟t think you‟d want the attention”, he

He‟s joking, I woulda loved the attention!!!

But the thing that I suddenly remembered quickly got me over the yellow roses and I
stopped smiling at him.

Yoon Sung noticed. “You don‟t like them?”

I stared at him observingly. “Did you know yellow roses symbolise friendship?”

He nodded. That pissed me off even more.

“Then why are you giving me these?” I questioned. “Just the other day-”

He cut in. “I meant every word I said.”

I stopped cradling the roses and lowered them. “Well then you‟re a nut case.”

He seemed confused. “What?”

“And I thought you were smart. You said you love me, but just last year you were telling me
to call Sang Hyuk and now you‟re giving me yellow roses. What the heck are you doing?” I

That‟s the thing I didn‟t get. If Yoon Sung loves me, what did he push me to Sang Hyuk for?

When I first got to know him I thought he was on the verge of suicide because he stared at
nothing with interest. Right now, Kang Yoon Sung is gazing at me and Goddamit any girl
would kill for it.

“If I knew I loved you, do you think I would‟ve pushed you to Yoo Sang Hyuk?” He asked

I continued to stare at him curiously.

“I knew I liked you since last summer but I thought it was a crush, I thought I‟d get over

Last summer? It started all the way back then? Holy sh1t that‟s a looong time.

“And then when Park Im Ho lied and made you misunderstand me-”
I slightly flinched at that. He just had to remind me how naïve an idiot I was.

“-I felt…” Yoon Sung hesitated, “empty. The way you looked at me like I was a stranger felt
weird- and then I realised.”

He stopped and his eyes focused on the ground beside me. Go on. Come on, go on you

I slightly tilted my head. “Realised what?”

His eyes gazed at me again. Man, how come I never noticed it before?

He replied like he said it everyday. “That I love you.”

Hearing those words made my heart do a flip but I didn‟t let the moment last. I rested one
hand on my hip.

“Then what‟s with the yellow roses?”

He glanced down at them. “I think they suit you better.”

Another heart flip and silence to follow. I didn‟t know what to say and Yoon Sung was just
standing there staring at the roses.

“OK”, I said, “Thanks for the roses and happy valentines.”

I turned him away from my apartment building by the shoulders and started pushing him.

“What are you doing?” He said as I continued to push him.

“Go home and never threaten me to come down again! Next time I‟ll drop a brick on your
head from my balcony!” I warned.

“Yoo Jin! What are you saying?!”

A second later umma emerged from around the corner carrying a few shopping bags. I quit
pushing Yoon Sung and stood beside him. She looked up at Yoon Sung and then to me…
then to the roses.

Sh1t. I started thinking of excuses. Would Yoon Sung actually being a girl work?

“Yoo Jin, did he give you those?” Umma questioned.

Her eyes were studying Yoon Sung carefully.

I gave up on lying. “Yes.”

Umma apparently decided Yoon Sung is a good boy because she smiled and said invitingly,
“Then why are you shooing him away? He should come and have dinner with us!”

“That would be nice. Thank you”, I heard Yoon Sung say.

“NO!” I burst.

Umma stared at me, her mouth concaving up but her eyes flashing red. “Nonsense.”
Nonsense? Nonsense?! She NEVER uses that word. Geez, how mothers can be so different
around outsiders.

I surrendered as she steered Yoon Sung around and the two started chatting like mother and


“Oh, how are you doing in school?” Umma asked Yoon Sung.

She was being subtly nosy. What she really wants to know is his rank.

I glanced at Yoon Sung who was sitting in the chair next to me, Won Won on the other side
of him. I think it‟s love at first sight for her. She hasn‟t stopped smiling since the moment
Yoon Sung had stepped through our doorway and she stole Yoo Rin‟s seat so that she could
sit next to him.

“Well”, Yoon Sung simply replied.

I snickered at umma‟s reaction as she heard the answer. Ah, she doesn‟t know his personality
and he doesn‟t-

“I‟m applying for a scholarship at Harvard University.”

I forgot that while Yoon Sung is a guy who doesn‟t talk much he‟s also a very smart
d1ckhead and no doubt uncovered my mother‟s doomed subtleness.

Appa immediately took interest. “Really? Your marks would have to be extremely high.”

Blah blah blah.

Blah blah blah.


Why the hell did my family just have to make it easier for Kang Yoon Sung to court me by
liking him? Even Freak and Geek, who know the exact situation, got along with him.

“Bye!” My whole family chirped as I saw Yoon Sung to the door.

“Bye bye! Bye bye oppa!” Won Won squealed.

“Goodbye Yoon Sung”, I said loudly and merrily. I held onto the door knob and pushed it so
that he was out of view from my family then poked my head through the gap. “You‟re gonna
die tomorrow”, I gushed.

Yoon Sung abruptly pushed the door back and called pass me to my parents, “Excuse me, Mr
and Mrs. Kim, but can I talk to Yoo Jin for a moment?”

Appa inclined his head and Yoon Sung swiftly pulled me out, shutting the door behind him.


I didn‟t get to finish protesting because he had suddenly held onto my hand and I saw him
pulling it towards his chest. I tried to retreat it but he yanked it forward and my palm was
touching his jacket. I pressed a little to get a better feel. Ooh, he‟s quite firm.
“Can you feel my heart beating? It‟s because of you”, he said slowly. “So if you want to kill
me, I‟ll be waiting for you.”

What a freak.

He dropped my hand and burst out laughing. “Sorry, you‟re boss taught me that and…

I started punching his stomach. “YOU DAMN LAME F*CKEN F*CKER!”

My punches had no effect on him because he was still laughing. When I was finally starting
to hurt him, he stopped his annoying laugh and held onto my wrists firmly.

He was still smiling though. “Wait, one question. What were you thinking giving your
godbrother that box? If my aunty saw it she‟d give you the sack from shame of being a
fashion shop assistant.”

“It‟s the birthday present that counts not the bloody box”, I said through gritted teeth.

His smile widened. “Birthday present?”

His hands were still clinging onto mine tightly. I rolled my eyes. “Nah. What else? A
Valentine‟s present?”

He seemed satisfied enough and finally dropped my wrists. I instantly raised them again. His
eyes widened and he took off, going for the stairs instead of the lifts.

“YAH! YOU‟RE NOT LEAVING THIS BUILDING ALIVE!” I bellowed as I chased after him.

In the end he did- after forty-two minutes of running, sweating and tackling.

Valentines Day, ain‟t it f*cken sweet?

Chapter 28 – It‟s On.

I slammed the table and bolted up. “WHAT?! SANG HYUK HAS A CRUSH AND IT‟S NOT

Ha Na calmly grabbed me by the elbow and guided me down to my seat. Bok Ja, who was
sitting across me, gestured to my glass of mango juice. I sipped on the straw, letting the cool
juice calm me down a little.

“Well that‟s what my cousin says”, Hye Young said. “She goes to Seoul Uni too and said that
Sang Hyuk asked a friend to hand the girl a pretty large bouquet.”

“And now you tell me?” I questioned.

She shrugged her shoulders. “Hey, I‟m too busy on the phone with Tae Woo lately to be on
the net chatting to my cousin.”

It‟s been three months since Valentines. THREE WHOLE F*CKEN MONTHS AFTER I GAVE HIM
He‟s getting to me.

“That‟s it. We‟re going to Seoul University.”
I stood up and started marching out of the café cramped with teens while Hye Young paid
the bill for us (since it‟s her turn). Ha Na and Bok Ja quickly followed behind me.

“Yoo Jin, we‟re not even sure that Sang Hyuk gave YOUR roses to her”, Ha Na stated.

“Yeah”, Bok Ja added. “He probably got it himself.”

“Not probable at all”, I argued. “I know Sang Hyuk, he‟s a f*cken cheap skate, doubt he‟s
ever even bought his own mother a present.”

I continued on my straight path determinedly as Bok Ja cast the other two the „get ready to
call 119‟ look.


We stood behind a tall book shelf in the library of Seoul University. I looked around at all the
quiet students either at a computer, searching the bookshelves or reading at a table.

“Where is she? Which one?!” I interrogated Hye Young.

Hye Young pointed over my shoulder to a small round table where three girls were sitting
with textbooks laid out in front of them.

“HER?!” I exclaimed forcefully.

“No!” Hye Young hissed. “That one!”



She pointed again, this time more accurately, and my fury fell. “Aw... she‟s pretty.”

I stared as Sang Hyuk‟s crush turned to her friend and smiled happily, showing her perfectly
straight and white teeth. She has long silky black hair which she tied back in a low ponytail,
giving her a sunshine happy girl image. Not only is she blessed with good teeth and hair, but
her white skin is flawless, lips are a nice crimson and eyes are large and bright. She wore a
white singlet and equally white puffy skirt which came down to her knee.

Bloody great. My competitor has everything I don‟t got and everything that I do got.

“She‟s not that great. A little plain”, Hye Young criticised.

Bok Ja was quick to add, “Yeah, you see her type everywhere on the streets.”

“Your eyes are bigger”, Ha Na stated.

“And according to everyone, nastier”, I said plainly.

“But you‟re younger”, Ha Na pressed.

“She looks Sang Hyuk‟s age, means they have more things to talk about. They‟ll get along
better”, I sighed.

“Are you giving up?” Hye Young asked unsurely.

I whipped around. “Hell no! I never lose what I want.”
They all rolled their eyes.

“Yah, isn‟t that Yoon Sung?” Hye Young wondered.

I turned around and saw Yoon Sung indeed standing by the bookshelves on the other side of
the library, a few rows ahead of the girl‟s table. In the last three months, there hasn‟t been
any progression for him or Dong Wan. I‟ve just been stuck in the middle of their sarcastic
arguments and blocking my ears.

“Yeah, and look at the way that girl‟s looking at him”, Ha Na pointed out.

My eyes quickly switched to Sang Hyuk‟s crush. Her eyes were glued to the back of his tall
figure and she‟s definitely checking him out. Dirty old woman! My eyes automatically widened
at the sight of her walking into the row Yoon Sung was browsing in.

I strode across the floor towards that same row, just in time to see her drop a book onto the
turquoise carpet. Yoon Sung was in the midst of pulling out a leather jacket book from a shelf
high up but stopped and bent down to pick up the book- only I was faster.

“Here you go”, I smiled and held out the book.

She blinked, stared at me surprisingly and took it. “Thank you”, she drawled.

I feigned an innocent smile and turned to Yoon Sung who was also, although only very
slightly, staring at me in surprise.

“Yoo Jin? What are you-”

“Time to go”, I declared.

I slipped my fingers into his and pulled him away.

“Yah, why-”

“Shut up.”

I didn‟t let go of his hand until we were totally outside the university gates.

“Did you plant a bomb in there?” He asked casually.

I turned around to see the other three had caught up and were standing behind Yoon Sung.

Pfft, I just saved your big round butt you idiot.

“Yeah I did, damn I should‟ve left you in there”, I cursed. He gave me a „you‟re weird‟ look
which annoyed me. “What are you doing here on a Sunday?” I snapped.

He couldn‟t be bothered on finding out why I had to drag him all the way here and answered,
“Researching- don‟t tell me you‟re doing the same.”

I scoffed. “As if. Me and my girl friends here have something to do. I‟ll see you later.”

He shook his head and smiled. “What? You pull me out here to say you don‟t have time for

“You won‟t understand why I dragged you out here”, I stated.
I shouldered pass him and went towards the girls when the faint vibration of a phone

Soon I heard Yoon Sung answering. “Hello?”

I slowed my pace down, eavesdropping of course.

“Expect me there in five minutes but I won‟t be there…” Whatever the caller said made him
smile sardonically, “Leader of the Gentle Tigers means nothing to me.”

So he‟s talking to Dong Wan. I stopped walking and turned around.

Yoon Sung paused, listened to Dong Wan on the other line, then suddenly hung up. I
checked my watch.

I ran over to Ha Na. “We better get this quickly done and over with”, I said as we marched
back towards the building.

“What for?” Bok Ja asked as she caught up.

“I think Dong Wan and Yoon Sung are racing.”

That would be the only reason for Dong Wan to call Yoon Sung- and the only reason Yoon
Sung would be bothered listening to him.

Hye Young clapped her hands together. “Finally.”

“Yah, won‟t he be gone by the time we‟re- you‟re- done?” Ha Na asked.

I started up the stairs. “Yeah, but the train he needs to catch won‟t be coming in another
twenty minutes.”

Ha Na gasped. “Yoo Jin! You‟re so smart!”

I grinned. “I know.”


The class was obedient and silent, listening carefully to every word Professor Goh said as he
lectured them.

The door swung open. The professor stopped his sentence. The students stopped taking
notes. Everyone looked at the three young girls who had stormed in, striking a pose that
reminded the older students of street fighters. That wasn‟t all though. The trio parted as
through them came one Kim Yoo Jin, looking more pissed off than ever with her long wavy
hair flowing out like a pyramid and her stilettos making loud CLOMPS.

Some students recognised her and when one girl muttered the name almost everybody
recognised her.

Yoo Jin stayed at her spot near the doorway and her eyes zoomed around the stand.
Professor Goh should be asking her, „how can I help you?‟ But just like everyone else, he was
too surprised. Yoo Jin found her victim and she crooked her finger, her eyes staring viciously.
All eyes followed her finger. There Yoo Sang Hyuk was, cramped up against the wall with his
glasses slipping down his nose and trying to be invisible. But Yoo Jin had given her signal and
frightened, embarrassed, Sang Hyuk quickly got up and ran down to her.
The last glimpse anyone inside the room got was a side view of Yoo Jin standing in front of
Sang Hyuk, her arms crossed.

Despite the positioning of myself, I slapped on a threateningly kind smile and tilted my head
at Sang Hyuk.

“Y-Yoo Jin, what is it?” Sang Hyuk asked me. He didn‟t dare look me in the eye directly. “I‟m
in the middle of a class.”

“Do you think I‟m dumb? I know that.”

He seemed taken aback that I wasn‟t using my usual honey tone voice with him. Expect it,
hun, when you mess with Kim Yoo Jin.

“You probably do think I‟m dumb”, his eyes widened and his hands shot up to wave „no no‟
but I pressed on, “Stupid enough for you to give away my roses to another girl behind my
back HUH?!”

In my heels I was his height and it felt really good to see eye to eye the guy who I want to
like me but doesn‟t feel powerless. He sulked quietly.

“I‟m sorry”, he muttered. “But I don‟t really like roses and it would be a waste to chuck them

He‟s wrong if he thinks one apology is gonna melt me. I slapped him, hard. Sang Hyuk
clutched his face, his mouth an „O‟.

I motioned to Bok Ja who was standing behind him. She tugged him down easily and started
kneeing him, as Ha Na and Hye Young chatted about music.

I threw him a punch to his right eye and stood up. “Enough”, I declared, stopping Bok Ja‟s
elbow in midair.

She dropped her arm and let a rotten Sang Hyuk drop on a heap to the floor. Actually, I
didn‟t do much damage. I only gave him the black eyes, it was Bok Ja who made him feel the
pain. At least he wasn‟t bleeding.

I bent over and grabbed Sang Hyuk up by the collar. “I‟ll see you tomorrow, sweetheart”, I
whispered and smiled.

I dropped him and stalked off.

I stared at her back. She‟s crazy. Crazy. CRAZY!

A big baby‟s sob from behind us rang throughout the hallway.

“I think my charm is finally driving him nuts”, I grinned.

“Yoo Jin, hurry up!” Hye Young urged. “Yoon Sung and Dong Wan, remember?”
“Oh yeah!”

I sped off in my high heels.


“Four?” The girl behind the ticket booth questioned.

I finally managed to yank out a note from my pocket and slid it through the hole of the glass
panel. “Can‟t you see there‟s four of us?” I swung around to point out my friends but Ha Na
and them had disappeared. They ditched me again. Geez, it‟s not like I don‟t get enough time
being alone with Kang Yoon Sung. I turned back to the girl and changed my order. “One

Finding the platform Yoon Sung should be at isn‟t hard. I know where Dong Wan usually goes
for his races and the train you need to get there. What‟s hard is finding a black head amongst
a million other black heads.

The train came and I glanced around once more. Stuff, I can meet him there.

I looked in the window and my face was all bundled up. Can‟t blame my bad mood. First my
crush gives away my roses and now Yoon Sung isn‟t answering his phone. I shoved my
phone back into my pocket and reached for one of the silver poles when the train stopped
and I jerked forward… sending another girl in front of me forward and causing her forehead
to bump on the pole in front.

But I wasn‟t thinking about her injuries. I was more occupied thinking about how damned
this day is going.

And bout the girl, she ain‟t too happy about me simply glancing at her and turning away.

“Yah!” she barked. “You rude b1tch. You should at least apologise!”

Some way to get someone apologising. I whipped around to the hypocrite and saw that her
man‟s voice didn‟t match her doll face and stick figure.

Also, standing behind her were about seven other girls dressed in typical gangster style tight
denims and singlets or cropped tops. Pfft.

I took an intimidating step forward and pushed the back of my right ear forward. “What did
you say?”

She folded her arms and smirked. F*ck that long bushy hair of hers is annoying.

“I said, „f*ck you‟”, she said.

“F*ck your own as$ goodbye.”

Her doll face turned witch-like for two seconds but then instead of trying to rip my throat out
she tilted her head. “Where have I heard that before?”

One of her girls with long straight hair stepped up to the leader and informed, “Don‟t you
recognise her unnie? She‟s Kim Yoo Jin of the Gentle Tigers.”

The leader scoffed. “Oh yeah. The slut that smashed my head with a bottle a while back-
only skinnier. How d‟you shed all that fat?”
In my head, the scene of her crying and hugging her bloody head amidst a club of gang
members resurrected (heard Yoon Sung use the word in his history essay once) and I
slapped on a cocky grin. I didn‟t bother countering her comment about my weight. It was a
compliment more than anything though I doubt the sex toy Ha Se Hee realised it. “I
remember you”, I nodded. “The glass must‟ve done a lot of damage „cause no one is dumb
enough to talk about themselves being bashed up, that‟s just embarrassing- and I‟m not with
the Tigers.”

She unfolded her arms and started towards me when-

“What‟s going on here?”

(Minwoo – Mirage) - click to play or dl.

We all turned around. I watched with some sort of satisfaction as Yoon Sung made his way
through the crowd and stood beside me. His eyes switched from me to doll face.

I could tell Ha Se Hee liked what she saw because her right hand went to fiddle with her
necklace while the other cupped her elbow and she said, “Nothing to do with you, baby boy,
so piss off.”

I had to sneer and raise a brow at her „cool‟ act. If only she knew how Yoon Sung worked.
But what am I talking about, even I don‟t know how the guy functions as a human being.

Yoon Sung gave her his simple bland look and turned to me. “Let‟s go.”

“Where d‟you come from?” I asked.

“Next door carriage”, he replied, and my opponent‟s act disappeared in a flash.

“You know her?!”

Again, he switched glances between us. “Obviously.”

Se Hee flared her little nostrils and shrieked, “Moo Bin oppa!”

The unnoticed hobo boy leaning against the glass panel marking the bench‟s end edge stood
up, rolling the sleeves of his t-shirt up to reveal a tattooed bird- the sign of The Macaws.

Why do these losers all name themselves after animals? And how many gangsters are on this
train? I roughly studied the shabby grandpa who had been sitting next to Moo Bin. He‟s
probably a gangster too- and that walking stick probably folds into a machete or something.

Soon, the two of us were facing a group of around 14 guys and girls all ready to throw us off
the track.

Ugly Moo Bin shoved his hands into his pocket and checked over us lazily. “You wanna
apologise, Yoo Jin?”

I grinned. “Over your dead as$, then I‟ll consider.”

Moo Bin snickered. “Hmph. I‟ll tie you and your big boy over there down so my Se Hee here
can dig your eyeballs out.”

Who saw it coming? I didn‟t.
A speckle of lethalness blazed through Yoon Sung‟s eyes. Moo Bin blinked. Yoon Sung
punched. My eyes popped. Se Hee‟s eyes popped. Everyone‟s eyes popped.

Yoon Sung cracked his neck. “All bark, no bite”, he stated.

F*ck. He looks so tough and hot I could feel my own eyes swirling for him.

I shook out of my trance just in time to see Moo Bin recover and the whole gang advancing
on Yoon Sung, who looked as if he had an army behind him. Sad to say, Yoon Sung, but
even though I‟ve never lost a fight and I‟m sure you haven‟t either, it looks like for once I‟m
gonna have to run. And you‟re coming with me.

I made a motion to hold Yoon Sung‟s hand but the train stopped. The doors slid open and for
some reason, we all felt compelled to look to the entrance. Such force could only mean one


The artificial blond with thin shoulder-length hair and gaunt face standing at the entrance
looked up in annoyance and searched for the voice who called his name. He found me and
immediately his face relaxed.

“Yah! Yoo Jin! What chu doin there?”

“What do you get on a train to do?” I asked sarcastically.

He gave a small smirk and observed the gang ahead of us. “Well since it‟s you, nothing

He stepped onto the train station. The curiosity of the nosy onlookers in the carriage was
quickly replaced with fear at the sight of a bunch of hair-dyed boys boarding the train and
they all scurried off into the other carriages.

I smiled at the reaction of The Macaws and Se Hee‟s lot. Poor guys and girls… „cause here
comes a gang more wild than you could ever handle.

Blondie‟s gang went to stand behind Yoon Sung and I but two of them stayed in front with
Blondie. The gangs glared at each other.

Tension tension!

Blondie snickered. “Well ain‟t I right.”

It was a statement, not a question.

Yoon Sung leaned into me. “Who are they?”

“The Animals, wildest gang in all of Seoul- worst than The Gentle Tigers. Only ones who have
their respect are Dong Wan and me.”

“You‟re all connected”, he remarked.

I smiled. “I‟m that cool.”

“Got a problem?” Blondie questioned.

Se Hee immediately rushed forward. “No no! We‟re all just chilling out here, oppa.”
Moo Bin bent his head. “Yeah, hyung.”

Blondie smiled. “Good”, he drawled, checking Se Hee out. The next stop came shortly and
the doors slid back. “Get going then”, he ordered, slapping Se Hee‟s as$ as he pushed her
off. Her group and The Macaws all dragged after her.

The doors closed again and the train continued its path.

Blondie turned to me. “Darn. I didn‟t get to see you give „em a death stare, Yoo Jin. I missed

I took a seat on the bench. “Next time prepare Se Hee on a plate and you‟ll get one.”

He smirked and focused on Yoon Sung. “And who‟s this?”

Blondie‟s eyebrows raised at Yoon Sung questioningly and Yoon Sung wasn‟t bothering to
give an answer. I sighed and raised myself.

“This is Kang Yoon Sung”, I introduced.

Blondie looked at Yoon Sung again and stuck his hand out. “Park Mi Bum.”

Yoon Sung settled down from his laughter and blinked at the name. “Excuse me?”

Damn. Forgot to warn him about Blondie‟s name. See why I call him „Blondie‟ and not „Mi

“Park Mi Bum. Laugh at my name, you b@stard”, Blondie scorned and started lowering his

Yoon Sung caught it in time and shook it. “Original.”

Mi Bum brightened.

The rest of the journey was plain stupid and fun and I didn‟t want my stop to come but it had

“I‟ll see ya round, Yoo Jin”, Blondie said.

He simply nodded to Yoon Sung but that‟s enough to signal his respect.

The train sped off and with Yoon Sung, I made my way to the race track.

“Seems like you just got yourself connected”, I said.

Yoon Sung simply side grinned.


“I was gonna get Min Hee to search for your bodies on the train track”, Dong Wan mocked as
we approached him.

He was dressed in leather gear and leaning casually against his metallic ocean blue
“Long story”, I said, studying the packed area. “What did you do? Place an ad in the

Dong Wan looked at the audience. “Don‟t f*cken care. Ready Yoon Sung?”

He had already mounted the bike prepared for him.

The rule goes that the race begins the moment the handkerchief hits the floor.

I stood in the middle in front of the two contestants and raised a red handkerchief in the air.
I let the tension rise a little before finally dropping the handkerchief. It flew down and the
two bikes sped pass me on either side.

They both pulled the old tricks out on each other. Dong Wan tried intimidating Yoon Sung by
edging by him, only to have Yoon Sung draw in even closer and forcing Dong Wan away.
Then Dong Wan bounces back again and pulls in front so suddenly Yoon Sung has to angle
his motorbike or else he‟d fall off. But it‟s not just Dong Wan playing around. Yoon Sung was
just as bad- gate tailing Dong Wan‟s bike whenever he was in front.

Finally, it was the final lap and everyone was on their toes. Yoon Sung and Dong Wan were
turning the corner… Yoon Sung in front… now Dong Wan. Yoon Sung. Dong Wan. Yoon

Really I don‟t know who I want to win.


It was Dong Wan who ended up defeating Yoon Sung by 0.75 of a second.

I cheered and whistled then ran onto the track as both boys lifted their helmets off.

“It doesn‟t matter who wins”, I said brightly.

“Bullsh1t”, said Dong Wan.

Yoon Sung grinned, not a happy one but one of those „I‟m alright‟ ones.

“You both passed my satisfaction of enjoyment test so it‟s my shout. Let‟s go Happy Yum!”

“I can accept defeat”, Yoon Sung assured me. He climbed off his bike.

“You were good”, Dong Wan complimented. “Just I‟m better.”

I slapped Dong Wan across the back. “Stop being a cocky son of a b1tch.”

He turned on me. “Yah, where‟s my trophy?”

“Up your as$.”

“No trophy? Then a prize.”

“I‟m shouting you at Happy Yum.”

“Offer declined”, Dong Wan stated. “Yoon Sung can lose you to me for one day. We‟re going
on a date.”

Yoon Sung stopped walking and rotated his shoulders. “There was no deal.”
Dong Wan chortled. “True, but Yoo Jin loves hanging out with me anyway, right?”

I gave him a lighter version of the Yoo Jin Death Stare.

“I‟ll take that as a „yes‟”, Yoon Sung assumed sardonically.

Dong Wan sighed at my inability to co-operate but it only lasted a second because his
attention was caught by a hot body prancing away from the race course. Geez, what‟s the
need to swing your hip from side to side like a pendulum?

I eyed him, disgusted. He sensed my glare and looked back to me.

“What? It‟s natural for guys.”

I scoffed.

“Even he was looking at her”, Dong Wan argued, indicating Yoon Sung.

“Were you?” I asked him.


“Checking that hourglass out.”



Kang Yoon Sung… checking a girl out?!

Dong Wan thrust an arm around my shoulder. “Little Yoo Jin, don‟t you get it yet? And I
thought you were the boy expert. Guys like hot bods, that‟s life.”

I moved away from his touch. “Whatever. I used to be more than far from having a hot bod
and you guys both seemed to like me anyway!”

“There‟s more to a girl than her body”, Yoon Sung stated, finally deciding to join me and
Dong Wan.

“Yeah? Fine, describe me in three words.”

Dong Wan tended a hand to his forehead. “Not again.”

I yanked his hand down, “Yes. Again.”

He looked at me and said, “Annoying.”

Then Yoon Sung looked at me and said, “Idiotic.”


I turned my head.


“That coming from you, Happy Cub?”

Yoon Sung took his turn anyway. “Unreasonable.”



I slapped Yoon Sung‟s arm for that and had to put a stop to this overwhelmingly upsetting
conversation. They were meant to tell me WHY they love me. Nah, that‟s not what I want to
know. I want to know what my good qualities are and they‟re not giving it to me.

“STOP STOP STOP! That‟s a gazillion more than three words. You both have one chance to
tell me one GOOD thing about me”, I announced. “Winner gets to take me on a shopping
spree.” I turned to Dong Wan. “You first.”

He stared at me like he already had an answer and I suddenly felt queasy at my own idea.
I‟m a f*cking idiot, putting myself in a bound-to-be lovey dovey situation.

“You got me… in every way.”

And you‟re just… stray. What type of answer is that?

I lowered my gaze to the ground and turned to Yoon Sung who was also staring at the
ground. Then he gazed at me.

“Kim Yoo Jin.”


He didn‟t reply and instead, he walked away. What‟s he doing?

“Yah!” I yelled. “Aren‟t you gonna tell me?!” He didn‟t reply so I stormed after him and he
halted. “Come on”, I smiled, “Tell me. Or are there too many good things so you can‟t pick

Yoon Sung spun his face to me and said matter-of-factly, “You‟re irascible.”

I put on a retarted face. “What the f*ck‟s that?”

Once again, he walked away- but I bet he never expected…


“What?!” Dong Wan uttered in disbelief.

“Happy Cub, at least I understand his answer-”

“You don‟t even know what „irascible‟ means”, he cut in.

“-I do.” No, I don‟t. But it‟s probably got something to do with being a rascal which I
understand. “And even if I didn‟t, his answer would make more sense anyway. You- your
answer‟s just lost.”

“Your brain just couldn‟t handle it.”
“I don‟t care”, I stated, shaking my head. “You lost.”

Dong Wan grinned and rotated his shoulders, stretching them. “OK then.”

With that, he hopped on his motorbike and zoomed off.

That‟s when I realised the stadium had emptied- leaving me and Yoon Sung alone by the
sunset, just as my friends had wanted.

“Are you choosing the place or am I?” He asked.

“What a stupid question. Durh, I am!”

“Where then?”

“Make it tomorrow. 1pm. Shinch‟on.”

“That‟s during school time”, Yoon Sung stressed.

“Such a goody goody”, I muttered. “Fine. Next Sunday?”

“I‟ll pick you up”, he agreed.

A typical bird you‟d find in the park swooping down from behind Yoon Sung caught my
attention. I watched eagerly. Peck his head, peck his head!

I made it so obvious that Yoon Sung turned around and seeing the bird, quickly ducked. The
bird missed and I could swear I heard it make a „dem!‟ sound as it flew back up and away.

“HAHAHAHA! Ah that was bloody priceless- Hehe, heh.”

I was laughing my stomach out but stopped myself because of him. He had turned around
and just stared at me. I usually read expressions very well but he had me lost at this one. I
couldn‟t tell- is he telling me, „stop laughing‟?

Trying to read his expression, I ended up staring at him instead. So tall, so nicely configured
and so…

I think he felt uncomfortable at the way I was staring at him because he blinked and looked

There was an awkward pause.

“Where‟re you going?” I asked casually.


“OK. I‟ll… go with you.”

He indicated for me to come with a side nod of his head. I bounced over to him and we both
set off, the sunset‟s light creating a rare atmosphere of serenity between us as we talked all
crap on and on…

(J-WALK – Suddenly)

If I had to retell Ha Na or the Super Sisters our conversation, I wouldn‟t know what to say. I
couldn‟t remember the words, only the flighty feeling.

Dong Wan divided half his attention off the road and smiled at the thought of Yoo Jin. He had
to get away from her and Yoon Sung back at the race tracks. It wasn‟t Yoo Jin declaring Yoon
Sung had won the stupid shopping contest that got to him, it was Yoon Sung‟s answer. Of
course Yoo Jin wouldn‟t get it. Yoon Sung did answer her but only a f*cken idiot like Yoo Jin
couldn‟t be able to see it.

„Kim Yoo Jin.‟

That was Yoon Sung‟s answer. The best thing about her… is that she is who she is. Just a
Kim Yoo Jin.

„Sh1t‟, was what Dong Wan had thought. „He loves her more than I do…?‟

Dong Wan had to go so he could figure himself out. He‟d never thought that someone could
love Yoo Jin more than he did.


He‟d turned around and caught her laughing through that smile of hers that he liked. Despite
her bad temper and hazardous eyes, no one would deny the beautiful white teeth Yoo Jin
possessed awarded her a beautiful smile.

Yoon Sung is still patient and waiting for her, on and on…

“What‟s irascible?”

“I was surprised that you knew.”

“F*ck off.”

“I was just gonna.”

“Great minds think alike.”

“Great minds, not brains.”

“You saying I have no brain?”


...and on.

Chapter 29 - Lovely Date

I quickly and quietly got changed into a pair of jeans and emerald green tank top. There‟s no
time to tie my crazy hair up. I tip toed away from my bed to the door and peeped one last
time at my bed. Good- Won Won‟s still in there.
Last night me and my two sisters were spooking ourselves with a scary movie, then while
Yoo Na decided to sleep in Yoo Rin‟s room and I put on an „I‟m not scared act‟ and shivered
by myself in my own bed with the blankets burying me, Won Won had gotten scared from
hearing the movie‟s sounds and popped into my room. Long long hair and white night gown-
yeah, I was shitting my pants. I couldn‟t do anything except let the little goblin sleep with me
when she was clinging onto the bed post.

I twisted the door knob.

“Yoo Jin! Where are you going?”

Damn it! I slowly spun around. “To the kitchen. Go back to sleep”, I ordered.

She studied me suspiciously. “Why are you sneaking out?”

I rolled my eyes. “I‟m not.”

She bounced up and down on my bed. “Are you going to see Yoon Sung oppa?!”


“Can I come?”

I knew it. “No.”

Why did my grandparents have to decide to stay in India?!


Yoon Sung glanced at his watch as I came to him by the busy shopping center‟s entrance.

“Slept in?”

“Sleeping is not my only function you know”, I said.

“Her only other function is eating”, a voice that I wanted to destroy chirped.

Yoon Sung stared at the head that had popped out from behind me.

“It‟s her fault”, I stated, eying her disapprovingly. “She annoyed the heck out of me to let her
tag along and then took half an hour to choose an outfit… and ended up in that.”

A white dress with red polka dots accessorised with her two piggytails. She thinks she‟s Little
Red Riding Hood, the freaken wolf.

I watched as Won Won blushed when Yoon Sung looked at her and she swayed like an
innocent baby. God I hate her.

He cast me a disapproving glance. “I like your dress”, he complimented Won Won.

“You have no taste”, I scoffed. “Talking about taste, I‟m hungry, let‟s go eat breakfast. I feel
like McDonalds.”

Yoon Sung‟s eyes returned to me. “It‟s 1:30, the breakfast menu‟s over.”

“There‟s the lunch menu”, I pointed out in a „durh‟ tone.

I gulped down the last bit of cheeseburger, scrunched up the wrapping and tossed it onto the
tray where Yoon Sung‟s trash already laid. Won Won was still at her nuggets. I haven‟t had
one of them for a long time.

“If you can‟t finish it let me help you”, I stated rather than offered, and reached for the
goldiest lookin‟ one.

She slapped my hand. “No! Get your own!”

“Then hurry up you slow coach!” I snapped.

Petty brat. It‟s only one nugget…

Sitting next to me, Yoon Sung finished his Coke and dunked it into the nearby bin. What a
shot! He stood up.

“Where‟re you going?” I questioned.

“Buying you nuggets.”

I know it‟s not unlike Yoon Sung to be sweet (without ever realising it himself that he is) but
it still took me by surprise.

“No need. Save that money for my dress.”

His eyebrows raised but he said nothing.

“Come on, you”, I said to Won Won. “Yoon Sung oppa‟s gonna buy each of us a pretty new

I winked at him. He laughed.

“You can‟t wink.”

True. Basically I shut one eye at him. Embarrassed, I retorted, “Neither can you.”

We were walking out of the McDonalds restaurant when he stopped and turned his head over
his shoulder. He winked at me. I paused. Heart beating faster. Stomach got butterflies. Damn

I caught up to him. “Do it again.”


We entered the department store after Yoon Sung had bought me a dress and pair of frilly
socks (no one understands, frilly socks make the best sleepwear). I hurried to the accessories
section and picked up a cow patterned hat with a black brim and plopped it on my head.

“I love hats.” I spun for Yoon Sung and Won Won to see and smiled devilishly.

Won Won took one sympathetic glance at me, said “Ew”, then turned to browse through the
furry berets while Yoon Sung burst out laughing at me, his finger pointing at my head. Now, I
hate being laughed at and I hate pointing so in one quick Bruce Lee movement I grabbed his
index finger and bent it back until he stopped laughing and easily yanked his finger free from
my grasp. He started shaking his hand and glaring at me- bad choice; only I glare at people,
people don‟t glare at me. I grabbed a pink beanie from the „50% off‟ stack and made a move
towards him. His eyes plainly widened and he gripped my wrist as I reached for his head.

“Don‟t, it‟s ugly”, He passively protested.

“You-have-no-taste”, I blustered.

We toppled onto the carpet, Yoon Sung dropping all the shopping bags.

“Yoo Jin!” Won Won gasped.

I felt the mini gorilla fling herself on top of me. “GET OFF ME YOU LITTLE B1TCH!” I ignored
her anyway and tried desperately to pull the beanie over Yoon Sung‟s head. “Come on, you
b@stard, you‟ll look great!”

He tried rolling me over but it didn‟t work. “Pink suits b1tches better.”

I grinned. “How many times do I have to tell you you‟re a b1tch, b1tch?” I felt a spank.
“Don‟t slap my as$ you ugly mongoloy!” I barked at Won Won.

Yoon Sung smiled mockingly. “Who‟s the b1tch?”

My muscles are killing but I managed to put on another smile. “OK, I‟m the bad as$ b1tch-
but you‟re the gay b1tch.”

I went fast for his head and managed to pull down the hot pink beanie over one half of his
head. I snickered and was ready to pull down the remaining half when the beanie was
suddenly plucked off Yoon Sung‟s head.

We all looked up at Dong Wan. His arms were folded and he was examining the floppy

“You‟re right”, he said as we scrambled up, “You should get this, Yoon Sung, my shout.”

“Yah Dong Wan, what are you doing here?” I asked, completely surprised. “Don‟t you have a
drug deal today?”

“It‟s finished and I‟m here to shop”, he answered like a suspect.


“Damn it”, he casually admitted. “Dropped by to check on you two.”


Dong Wan spotted Won Won. “Won Won!”

She instantly raised her arms. “Tiger!”

Dong Wan bent down and scooped her up. I tell you, this kid is going to grow up to be a slut
or at total flirt. She‟s not even five years old and has managed to charm all the guys she‟s

“I heard you telling Ha Na where you were going yesterday”, he explained.

I didn‟t get the chance to swear at Dong Wan for eavesdropping because Yoon Sung
disrupted by stealing the beanie from him. “Yoo Jin‟ll buy it for me”, he stated.
Instead, I got the chance to swear at Yoon Sung. “F*ck you, you‟re the one taking me on a
shopping spree”, I reminded.

“This is your eighth dare”, he announced.

This will, one bloody way or another, ruin my life. “So what do you want me to do?” Knowing
Kang Yoon Sung, he‟s most probably already plotted something delicious for me.

His answer was dangerously simple. “Buy it for me.”

Of course it‟s not that simple- I didn‟t bring any money, not when I thought Yoon Sung was
supposed to be paying for everything.

I yanked the beanie away. “I don‟t have any money”, I confessed.

He smiled in satisfaction. The b@stard knew!

I regarded Dong Wan. “Give me your wallet and she‟s yours”, I indicated to Won Won with a
nod of my head.

“I‟ll tell your mother”, she threatened.

“I‟ll tell your mother”, I squeaked mockingly. “Fine, Kang Yoon Sung. Watch me get the

“I won‟t blink.”

As$hole! I whirled around and glared at him.

He grinned. “Promise.”

I scrunched the beanie into a ball and hurled it at him which he caught on the full.

“Start a kissing booth, unnie”, Won Won suggested.

“Shut up.” Right after I uttered those words I thought again. Not a bad idea actually…

“I‟m gonna start a kissing booth”, I declared.

Yoon Sung and Dong Wan both stared at me blankly but I bet underneath that they‟re really
worried. Give it two seconds.

They burst out laughing.

“YAH!” I bellowed. “STOP IT!”

None of them did. What made it worse was that even a five year old kid was laughing her
guts out at me.

“I think people would pay more to kiss me”, Dong Wan said.

I nodded. “I think so too-” then I turned to Yoon Sung, “what would you do if you found out
your best guy friend is gay?”

Yoon Sung replaced the beanie on the stack. “Kiss him”, he replied sarcastically.
Dong Wan raised a brow. “Damn it, or else you woulda have had to kiss me, Yoo Jin.”

I smiled but glared at the same time- one of the better qualities a vicious person was born
with. “Pay me.”

It‟s just a penniless comeback- if he really pays me I‟ll slap his Ken face off.

Dong Wan let Won Won down and crouched so she didn‟t have to break her neck talking to
him. “If I buy you a present will you kiss me?”

That… was an insult. He‟d rather kiss WON WON. Good for him. But not good enough for
Won Won, that two-timer. She pulled on Yoon Sung‟s hand to get his attention.

“Yoon Sung oppa, will you buy me a present too?”

I studied him closely. For the first time ever, Yoon Sung looked weird. His left brow went up
and his lips curled up in one corner to the left.

“Haha! You got funny face!” I laughed.

None of them paid attention to me. F*ck, how embarrassing.

“OK”, Yoon Sung agreed.

Won Won flashed him one of her „I‟m all diamonds‟ smiles. I watched in amusement as she
skipped away, hand in hand with both Yoon Sung and Dong Wan. If she wasn‟t a little kid I‟d
bet every female in this shopping centre would pull her hair out. I started tagging alo- hey,
wasn‟t today supposed to be MY shopping spree?

I ran up to them, ready to start a fight when Won Won spun her big head around. “Unnie”,
she called most sweetly, “You should start your kissing booth.”

With that, they all left. Who remembers something that started a year ago? Petty b@stard,
he‟s spending his dares slowly to torture me. Screw you Kang Yoon Sung. Stupid pink fluff of
a beanie.

I pranced over to a short black marble wall that separated a part of the food court from the
rest of the area. Standing behind it, I roughly scanned the area. No pervetish dudes or old
teethless men and especially no one I know. I inhaled.


This is so embarrassing. SO F*CKEN EMBARRASSING.

More f*cken embarrassing? Twenty minutes passed like that and not even ONE customer.

“She‟s not that pretty”, a girl not much prettier than my grandmother criticised. “Her body is
only average too. How can she be so confident?”

All true, but I glared at her anyway which got her hiding her head in her boyfriend‟s chest.
He must‟ve been annoyed because I saw him push her head back.

“You‟re always like that”, he complained. “So b1tchy.”

Her face crinkled and she started whimpering. Sucked in, b1tch.
“Are you screaming at me because of her?!” She pointed at me. “YOU THINK SHE‟S HOT?!

Pointing: 95 degrees.

He glanced at me from beneath that white and blue visor of his.

“She‟s OK”, he answered slowly. “But you‟re not getting the point here.”

The flawless skin b1tch with ping pong eyeballs burst out crying and began stomping the
ground. “NO!” She wailed. “SHE‟S UGLY! UGLY UGLY UGLY!”

UGLY x 4: 200 degrees.

I do learn some things during my lessons and I know that at 100 degrees Celsius, peaceful
water boils.

I jumped over the wall and charged straight at her.

startled her and she squealed like a pig before swiftly ducking behind her about-to-be-ex-
boyfriend. “Yeah, that‟s right you scaredy dog- you better hide before I pull your tail back!”

Looking at my bulldog face, even the boyfriend was slightly fear-frozen. He passed a look of
irritation over his shoulder to his about-to-be-ex-b1tch and looked at me in a calm way. I was
in front of them and reaching over his shoulder, ready to pull some pretty long hair out, when
a big tempting paper note was stuck up in front of my face. It was swiped out of the way.

“You‟re operating the kissing booth, right?” He asked me, with the air of Mr. I Think I‟m Hot
So Call Me „Fake Balls‟‟. Another one of those guys that thinks he‟s rich and good-lookin‟ a.k.a
the sympathetic pathetic ones. His motive is so obvious, if my boyfriend ever did what he just
did in front of my face to get me jealous I‟ll slice his sorry lips off.

I looked elsewhere uninterestedly. “You can‟t afford it.”

“How about this?”

He waved the paper note in front of my again. On second thoughts, I‟ll kill Won Won for
suggesting a kissing booth and then myself for idiotically listening to her. I don‟t want to kiss
him- hell no. I peered at the girlfriend‟s face and saw that her eyes were subtly just daring
me to accept the offer.

I held my right hand out. “Let‟s see it.”

Her eyes went all tiny. How I love spiting people and especially those whose head I‟m about
to make go bald too.

The money was floating downward towards my outstretched hand- but never reached it. All
in a flash, another hand grabbed onto mine and slapped it down. I caught a fleeting glimpse
of Kang Yoon Sung‟s face swooping in… before his lips pressed against mine.

(Only the first few seconds of the song for the kissing part: Se7en - Promise -> click to play
or dl)
I automatically closed my eyes and let the single, short kiss happen- f*ck, I‟m having my first
French kiss. I felt him draw back and that‟s when my heart started flinging itself around like
crazy. I slowly opened my eyes and without looking, realised his hand was still holding onto
mine. He withdrew that too- and I saw what he had slapped into my hand. A paper note.

I looked up at him.

“The dare wasn‟t to start a kissing booth, it was to buy me a Goddamn beanie”, he reminded.

“Then why did you kiss me?”

He took a bit longer than usual to answer. “Would you‟ve preferred him?” He asked instead,
indicating the dude who was still standing behind him.

“I wasn‟t going to kiss him, you idiot”, I stated.

“That‟s taking advantage of the situation, Kang Yoon Sung.”

I looked to my left and found Dong Wan and Won Won both staring. No, everyone around us
staring. The original trouble-makers stole this chance to speed off. Damn, I haven‟t even
touched her yet.

“You had no right to kiss me!” I exclaimed.

Yoon Sung smirked and glanced at the bill in my right hand. “Isn‟t that how kissing booths

Automatically and dopily, my hand raised itself like it does when I‟m on the losing side of a
battle. Yoon Sung quickly gripped my wrist.

“No no”, he warned with a grin.

I was forced to let my arm down. “I hate you.”

“You hate everybody”, he stated plainly.

I mouthed „f*ck you‟ to him.

Dong Wan and Won Won came to us while the crowd dispersed.

I looked at Won Won. “What‟s wrong with your face?”

Her brows were furrowed together in the middle and her lips were jutting out. She looks
cross. Then I noticed the tiara on her head- but that only made her look more like an alien.

Dong Wan stared bitterly at Yoon Sung, though I could sense the glaring didn‟t have anything
to do with whatever is wrong with Won Won. “Ask him.”

“What did you do now?”

Won Won butted in. “I asked Dong Wan oppa and Yoon Sung oppa to surprise me with a
present. Dong Wan oppa bought me this”, she pointed to the tiara, “and Yoon Sung oppa
bought me this.” She held up a…

My face scrunched up to one side. “What is that?” I leaned in for a closer look and my eyes
widened. “Are they-?”
“No, not condoms”, Yoon Sung assured.

Just what I was thinking. Come on, it was a bunch of bubbly colourful stuff inside one packet,
what else would it be?

“It‟s balloons”, Won Won uttered grumpily.


Dong Wan and I burst out laughing at Yoon Sung for being a Yoon Sung and at Won Won for
being a kid. Yoon Sung was confused but stood there staring at us blandly.

I patted his shoulder. “Ah Yoon Sung, you‟re so stupid.”

“Don‟t kids like balloons?” He asked.

If I had a fly swat I‟d whack his forehead. It was such a stupid question I didn‟t even bother
to answer it. “You should‟ve gotten her a Barbie doll or something. Let‟s go, I‟ll show you.”

“No”, Won Won said airily, fidgeting with the tiara on her head. “I don‟t like Yoon Sung oppa
anymore, he doesn‟t deserve a kiss.”

I never thought I‟d see Yoon Sung‟s face looking demented, especially at being rejected by a
kid; his brows furrowed, his eyes went smaller and his lips mouthed, „wh‟.

Dong Wan grinned proudly, having won over Won Won.

Won Won went on. “Plus, he kissed Yoo Jin.”

“Shut up”, I ordered.

“You beat me this time”, Dong Wan said to Yoon Sung calmly.

Bloody hell, he was going to kiss me too? “What?”

“When we came back we all saw you were about to kill that girl”, Won Won recounted. “We
were watching all along, but then Yoon Sung just suddenly marched to you and we didn‟t
know what oppa was doing.”

So they all saw my doomed kissing booth. Sh1t. And not only that, but Dong Wan saw Yoon
Sung kissing me.

I sighed and Won Won broke the silence. She started singing, “YOO JIN, YOON SUNG, IN A

Yoon Sung looked away to hide his embarrassment and I felt my own cheeks go hot. “Shut
up or I‟ll crack your tiara”, I threatened.


I grabbed at her tiara but missed. She poked her tongue out at me.

“You are so gonna die!” I declared and started running after her while she giggled

I chased Won Won across the whole shopping centre and she was exiting the building.
“NO! WON WON STOP! NO MORE, NO MORE!” I shouted desperately.

She ran across the road.


I‟m never gonna have kids, ever.

I followed her to the other side. The road led directly to a single footpath that ran straight
through a park. I must admit, with trees on either side of the path and her in that polka dot
dress skipping down it, the scene looked very pictureskiful... or picturesque, something like

Mercy. She‟s running across the road on the other side of the park.


She simply laughed and ran straight across. An advantage of being tiny must be that you can
run through people‟s legs- or else what other explanation is there for the fact that a nearly
seventeen year old can‟t catch up to a mere five year old? I continued jogging painfully, I
need to exercise more.

I finally reached the end of the footpath and was about to cross the road when a rusty white
van blocked my way.

“F*cken… get off the road!”

The door slid back, revealing a bunch of tattooed guys in black singlets and pants. Fancy
wear, but given the dress code and van…

…why do I get the feeling that I‟m going to be taken off the road?


Chapter 30 – Gone.

Sh1t. I spun around but my wrist was pulled back by a young bald guy. He began dragging
me onto the van. I struggled furiously, trying to free myself from his mighty grasp.

“You‟ll regret it if you don‟t f*cken let go of me!” I warned.

“B1tch is strong- help me get her on!” He snapped.

The guy sitting outmost grabbed onto my left upper arm and lifted me up so that my feet
were dangling off the ground.

“Be quiet, Kim Yoo Jin”, he politely requested.

I spat in his face. “SHUT YOUR HOLE YOU MOTHER FU-”

Another guy came forward with a piece of sticky tape and taped my mouth. I cringed and
started wailing as loud as possible.
I glanced around for help but the place was empty. Taking another glance to my left, I
unexpectedly spotted Sang Hyuk strolling towards the van. Long time no see. Since only I
could see him, I quickly dropped my defence and tried hiding myself in the van before Sang
Hyuk could do something stupid, like shouting „What are you guys doing?‟ but the kidnappers
found it suspicious that I was complying all of a sudden and instead of letting me in the van
kept me hovering above the ground outside it.

„F*ck‟s sake what weapon could I be hiding?!‟ I tried to say, but all that came out was, “Uh
ay uh hm-mm oom my ee i-hmm?!”

I checked on Sang Hyuk. He had spotted me and with tape over my mouth anyone could
rightly guess I was in the middle of being kidnapped. I wildly shook my head. My eyes
widened as he started running up to the van.

“YAH! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!” Sang Hyuk yelled.

I rolled my eyes. The bald gangster poked his head out and saw Sang Hyuk. I seized this
chance to yank my wrist free and tear off the tape from my mouth.

NERD, GO!!!”

Some guys jumped off the van and shoved me inside it, blocking me from seeing Sang Hyuk.


Judging from the high pitched screaming I‟m hearing, Sang Hyuk had come along and then
seeing the guys, had second thoughts and started to scurry back, but by then it was too late.
They had grabbed him and…

I watched with no surprise as Sang Hyuk came flying into the van and landed beside me. The
door to the van closed and as it sped off, I glanced through the rear window and spotted
Won Won standing out on the road, gazing at me tearfully with the tiara still on her head.
Beside me, Sang Hyuk started weeping too.

F*ck‟s sake, someone get me out of here.


I was flung onto a saggy dirt brown couch and a beam of light flashed rudely at my face. I
was tempted to yank the blindfold off but then that would remind them my hands and legs
are still free and hell, I think hands and legs would be handy when and if I will be running

I wonder how Sang Hyuk‟s going? He was an extra unwanted bonus so they left him outside
the warehouse or whatever this place is.

The blindfold was untied for me, making the blazing light burn my eyes. “F*ck!” I swore as I
covered my eyes with an arm.

“Move the light out”, a distorted voice ordered.

The lamp was slightly moved back. I stared straight ahead and had to stifle a laugh with a
snort. The mastermind behind all this was sitting in the dark and a barred window shed
minimal blue rays onto his face. I‟d already figured out whose doings it is. Only a rookie gang
would forget to tie their victims‟ hands and legs together and there arent‟ many no-life-no-
balls gangs hangin‟ about either. It could be the Cat Angels girl gang seeing as I knocked one
of their members‟ front tooth out a few days ago but they‟re not this gutsy/stupid- but The
Macaws are.

Moo Bin trying to be mysterious- “PWHAHAHAHAHAH!”

“Do you know why you‟re here?” The same voice said retardedly and in irritation. “STOP

I sighed. “Ah, Mooby Mooby. I‟m here because your girlfriend is a sore loser and you‟re a
total f*ckwit.”


“None of us did!!!”


The lights switched on and Ha Se Hee, positively pissed off, was standing up behind Moo Bin
who was sitting on a wooden stool. She looks angry.

“SAY WHAT ABOUT ME?!” She repeated.

“You remember and I don‟t feel like repeating myself.”


Moo Bin stuck an arm out to keep her from killing me. “Honey, calm down. After the phone
call, OK?”

She flared her nostrils, scoffed, nodded and then finally sat down again.

Moo Bin leaned forward with his elbows on his knees. “If you say „sorry‟ we‟ll let you go with
one eye”, he offered.

I was too moody to be scared but replied coolly, “If you apologise one more time I‟ll let you
go with two balls.”

Moo Bin kept his eyes glaring at me but said, “Se Hee, you can claw both her eyeballs out

Her sly grin didn‟t match her dollface. When she comes close enough I‟ll help slap it off.

Before Se Hee could move though, her phone rang. She paused and answered it. “Hello?”
The whole warehouse went silent and the atmosphere went cold as she uttered, “D-Dong
Wan oppa?”

She quivered and did as she was instructed. I smirked as Moo Bin took on the call. Either
Dong Wan didn‟t give Moo Bin the chance to talk or Moo Boon couldn‟t find his voice.
Throughout the thirty second call he did nothing but nod which Dong Wan must‟ve pictured
for an answer and the only word he said came at the end of the call, “Good.”

He hung up. “Change of plan”, Moo Bin announced. “Dong Wan hyung has made a trade.”

When gangsters say „trade‟ it means a drug deal. My god-brother is trading drugs for my
eyeballs, how lucky.
After that I wasn‟t told anything else. They left me on the couch and filed out. Twenty
seconds later Sang Hyuk stumbled in and the heartless sh1theads turned the lights off and
closed the door. The slam echoed around the huge hollow place.

“Sang Hyuk, come here and have a seat”, I said nicely.

Smart move, huh? It‟s not so wrong taking advantage of the situation. I smiled. I heard his
feet shuffle to the direction of my voice and his toes banged against the bottom corner of it.
He plopped down.

“Come closer, Sang Hyuk”, I said nicely. I could tell he was trying to get as close to the edge
of the other side of the couch as possible. I snapped. “So I can undo the cr@p around your

He gave me his head.

“Yoo Jin, aren‟t you feeling restless at all?”

Restless? I am feeling a bit uneasy. I know Happy Cub would rescue me but I‟m still in their
hands and I hate being powerless. On impulse, Yoon Sung‟s face popped into my mind. I
wonder what he‟s doing now? Is he helping Dong Wan finding me? Is his face bland as
always, unaffected by my captivation?

I brushed the thoughts away and looked at Sang Hyuk. He was still looking at me. Suddenly,
he edged away like I was about to eat him. Am I that terrifying? I grinned and moved over.
He continued cowering away. I reached out and poked his lovely black mole. “What chu
doing?” I asked teasingly.

He let out a small squeak.

“Yah!” I burst. “If you‟re that scared of me how are we going to work together?!”

Sang Hyuk pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose. “Work together?”

“What the hell else are we supposed to do?” I asked, trying my hardest to suppress any note
of harshness. “Let‟s get out of here.”

The truth is, I‟m not about to let Dong Wan be used for my sake.

I peered around the area and saw that the only reachable opening was the barred window. I
ran over to it and signalled Sang Hyuk to follow.

“Bend over”, I commanded.

He was smart enough to work out what I wanted and did so without hesitation. I climbed on
and the moment I lifted one foot off the ground his back sank in.

“AAHH!” He cried.

I couldn‟t be bothered swearing at him so I nudged him out of the way with my foot and bent
down on all fours.

“Get on.”

He much preferred so and did it even quicker than he bent down. I‟m lucky- and him- that
he‟s lanky or else my spine would‟ve cracked.
“Hurry up!” I urged.

I glanced up and saw him clamp his hands onto the steel rods.

“Yah! Get the f*ck down there or I‟ll shoot your head off!!!” An outside voice threatened.

And that was the end of our so-called escape, my sweet crush not wanting to risk his head
any further and I not being able to be b1tchy this one time and leave him here alone. Out of
all people, why do I have to be kidnapped with Yoo Sang Hyuk?

I retired to the couch and slept, dreaming of that summertime in which I was free and jolly.


My sweet dream was eventually interrupted by one of The Macaws. Barely any light was
going through the window. Night time still or already? Most likely I‟d slept through one whole
day. I quickly glanced around and making out dark shapes saw there were around thirty guys
inside. From what I know, that‟s about all of The Macaws. Big business is about to start.

They kept the lights off this time and the only reason I distinguished Moo Bin from the rest is
because the only other female figure in the room besides me was behind him- Se Hee. They
were in the exact same position as yesterday.

“You sleep a lot”, Moo Bin remarked.

“If I had a TV I wouldn‟t”, I said cheekily.

“Why would I bother? I‟m about to expose of you anyway”, he stated.

The cheating b@stard‟s going to take the drugs and run. I stretched my arms like I was
bored and lazily retorted, “Damn, you‟ve got that f*cken messed up.”

“No I haven‟t! I‟m about to dump you in the river behind this shed before you could even see
Dong Wan.” He cleared his throat and pulled his phone out. “Kim Dong Wan is under my
control now.” He dialled in what I recognised as Dong Wan‟s number and walked over to me.
“Talk to him- for the last time.”

I snatched the phone and put it to my ear just as Dong Wan answered, “Moo Bin?”

“Yoo Jin.”

Sang Hyuk tried not to make it obvious he was leaning closer to eavesdrop.

“Yoo Jin! How‟s my girl, have they done anything to you?” His tone was casual but it was less
cool than usual.

I smiled. “You know they wouldn‟t dare.”

He let out a knowing note, “Hm. I‟ll bring you back, Yoo Jin.”

“I know. But remember, today‟s not your birthday.”

I think he would‟ve laughed if Moo Bin the b1tch didn‟t suddenly snatch the phone back and
instantly say, “It‟s 9pm now. Come to Seo-Gak Road with the stock in an hour.”

BANG! The only door all the way on the other side was kicked open abruptly and Dong Wan
was standing there with his gang behind him.
“Am I too early?” He asked.

The moonlight silhouetted The Gentle Tigers making them look ultra cool in their black attire
but to The Macaws, ultra scary.

Dong Wan spotted me and quickly reverted his eyes to Moo Bin. My heart lifted seeing them
there. Is Yoon Sung with them? I roughly scanned the party but couldn‟t find him.

“H-How did you-?” Moo Bin stammered, lost for words.

Dong Wan didn‟t bother to answer him and started strolling straight towards Moo Bin. It was
all clear. Moo Bin had no intention to play fair and Dong Wan had no intention to let him run.
Instinctively, Moo Bin withdrew a gun, pulled me up and pointed it at my left temple.
Everyone paused.

“I‟ll shoot her!” Moo Bin yelled.

My heart started pounding faster. This has got to be the first time a gun‟s been pointed at my
head. F*ck, he‟s gonna blow my head off. Sh1t!!!!

A stream of moonlight suddenly poured through the rooftop and I heard a firm thud of
something landing somewhere behind us before there was the unmistakable clicking of a gun
being loaded. Two, actually.

“I wouldn‟t like to see you try”, Yoon Sung said.

Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung! It‟s Yoon Sung!

From the corner of my eye I saw Moo Bin turning his head so I stole the opportunity to
slightly turn my head too. Yoon Sung had two guns pointed at the heads of Mooby and his
girlfriend. I caught a glimpse of Ha Se Hee- she was sweating. I‟d laugh but laughing might
make my head bump then trigger the gun and next thing ya know my head‟s rolling on the
ground. I quickly turned my head again.

“Let her go”, Yoon Sung commanded.

Slowly, Moo Bin released his arm from my neck and I staggered forward. I stood up straight
again and stole a glance at Yoon Sung. He motioned with a flick of his chin for me to go over
to Dong Wan. I complied.

“Lower your gun”, he continued demanding of Moo Bin.

When Se Hee saw her boyfriend kicking his gun aside as ordered, she freaked and spun
around, grabbing onto the gun pointed at her. I ran forward and so did all of The Gentle
Tigers but they were obstructed by The Macaws. A fight broke out with bats and metal sticks.

Before I got the chance to reach the other side, in the middle of struggling with Yoon Sung,
Se Hee accidentally pulled the trigger. She screamed as it was pointed at her face.

… Nothing happened. Sh1t, we‟re busted.

Moo Bin instantly spun around and tried to yank the gun from Yoon Sung but he had moved

“It‟s a fake!” Moo Bin announced.
(Jo PD ft. Brown Eyed Girls – Hold The Line)

Yoon Sung glanced at his gun, shrugged then tossed it aside. Then the fight became more
vicious as The Macaws gained more confidence.

Moo Bin threw a punch at Yoon Sung which he swiftly dodged.

“The gun…” I whispered to myself. Better get it before The Macaws could. Dumbas$ Tigers,
why would they come to a fight without bringing a f*cken gun? Bloody imbeciles!

I forgot about Se Hee. She saw me run towards it in the corner and launched herself onto my

“Get off me you Barbie b1tch!!!”

Instead, she clamped her legs around my hips and her hands went for my hair. She tugged


I unexpectedly rotated around and jumped so that I‟d land on my back. As I‟d calculated, Se
Hee became my back-pad. I scrambled up, kicked her then ran to the gun. I tucked it into
the back pocket of my jeans and the next thing I knew, I was helping to fight The Macaws.

When it comes to bashing up I‟m just great… but not when the other side is a freaken martial
arts freak. Wrong target! My eyes simply widened as the guy did a roundhouse kick but
before his shoe hit my face, a hand had gripped his ankle and lifted it higher, causing him to
lose balance and fall.

“Yoon Sung?”

He spared me a one second glance and small grin. “Pick on someone your own size”, he said
before continuing fighting with the guy.

Yoon Sung doesn‟t do martial arts or anything like that, but I guess as long as you‟re smart
like he is then you could defend yourself just as easily. I watched on the sidelines as he
predicted his opponent‟s moves easily and defeated him before moving onto the next guy.
I‟ve never seen this fighting side to him- besides that time he punched Moo Bin. Now I know
why Happy Cub wants him in The Gentle Tigers- where‟s Happy Cub?

“DONG WAN!” Min Hee called.

I looked to the middle of the fight and saw Min Hee pass Dong Wan a bat which he threw
over to Yoon Sung as Min Hee tossed him another bat. Yoon Sung caught it by the handle,
swung it around his finger once and struck the Macaw at his knee. The guy collapsed to the
floor and Yoon Sung handed me the bat. I guess he hasn‟t realised I‟ve got a gun, not that I
know how to use it.

Out of nowhere Dong Wan appeared beside Yoon Sung and helped him take on the guy.

“WHOAW!” A distant voice drawled.

I looked up in the air and saw Sang Hyuk flying towards us. I quickly stepped aside as Sang
Hyuk went splat onto the other two, causing all of them to tumble to the floor. Their
opponent seized the chance to get up and being the smart me, I bashed him on the nose and
he fainted. I whirled around and saw them all still on the floor; Sang Hyuk on the left, Dong
Wan in the middle and Yoon Sung on the right. I shook my head at them and my right foot
shifted towards the right. Wait, stop! What am I doing? Sang Hyuk‟s on the left. I was
moving in one direction but I felt like something was tugging me the other way. I dopily
shook my head and started moving again but then stopped and changed directions again.
They all stared at me in confusion. In the end, I helped Dong Wan up. He grinned. Yoon
Sung heaved himself up and Sang Hyuk copied.

I turned my back on them and ran through the fight and randomly whacked any Macaw I
saw on the back. I exhaled. Whoow, this is tiring stuff. I paused to catch my breath. I
spotted Dong Wan a step away from me.

“Yoo Jin, watch out!!!” he yelled.

I turned around just in time to see a bat swinging towards my face and ducked, and POW!
Dong Wan copped it instead.


I rotated again whilst bent down and saw Dong Wan lying on the floor. “Happy Cub! You
f*cken idiot!!! Tell me to watch out and forget to duck yourself!”

Min Hee came and fought off the attacker. Dong Wan tried to get up but his head went back
down on my lap.

“I‟m dizzy”, he complained.

“Looking at you makes me feel dizzy too”, I retorted. “Just lie down! The Tigers are eating
the Macaws anyway.”

And it was true. One hundred and twenty to thirty wasn‟t a fair fight but nothing in the
gangster world is. Almost all of The Macaws seemed to be knocked out.

Suddenly, I felt the gun in my back pocket slip out and when I looked up, a bruised and
bloated Moo Bin had it pointed at us. Damn, damn and damn. He smiled and I watched
anxiously as his finger slowly applied pressure on the trigger. The sound of police sirens rang
out from a distance and he stopped.


In the front right hand corner of the room, Se Hee raised her hand. “We need back up”, she

“YOU USELESS GIRLFRIEND!” Moo Bin screeched. “Let‟s move!”

Of course, he and Se Hee were the only ones left to move on their side. They ran out of the
building. That‟s when I noticed and remembered Sang Hyuk, he was curled up in a ball by
the door. I wonder why he didn‟t just run for it? Moo Bin stooped down as he got to the door
and pulled Sang Hyuk up by the collar and dragged him away with them.

“Sang Hyuk!” I screamed.

“NOOOO!!! NOOO!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!” He bellowed.

I made a move to get up but Yoon Sung held me down with his hand on my shoulder.

“I‟ll get him”, he assured. “He‟s taking him for hostage in case they come across the police.”
“Get up! Get up, all of you!” Min Hee ordered. He turned to Dong Wan. “The police are
coming, you should stay here while the rest of us lead the police away.”

Dong Wan nodded approvingly. All of the battered up Tigers got up and started running out.
The Macaws sensed the police too and also made a run for it, leaving just me, Dong Wan and
Yoon Sung inside.

“Stay here”, Yoon Sung said.

He undid a dark blue cap he had hooked onto his baggy jeans and put it on. He started

“Don‟t!” I said. “It‟s too dangerous!”

“Who else is gonna get Yoo Sang Hyuk back then?” He questioned.

With that, he left and I watched as his black shirt and dark baggy jeans camouflaged with the
night. I hope he‟ll come back soon. It‟s odd now that I‟m feeling even more restless than

“He wouldn‟t use a real gun”, Dong Wan said. “Strangest goody-baddy I‟ve ever met.”

“How did you guys find me here?” I asked. “And know that Mooby and his mob got me?”

He seemed reluctant to answer. “Yoon Sung did. F*ck would I know how his brain works.
Gave him a map and said all this sh1t then came up with an answer. Pity he ain‟t a Tiger.”

“If he was a Tiger then he wouldn‟t be Kang Yoon Sung.”

Dong Wan‟s eyes went all weird looking at me. I know that one. That‟s the ones all the guys
in the past have given me before they‟re about to say something absolutely shivering. Damn,
here it comes.

“If I wasn‟t a Tiger, would you date me?”

I smacked his head. “Shut up! That‟s none of your business!”


“I already told you before!” I changed the subject. “How‟s Won Won doing?”

[Dong Wan‟s flashback]

Won Won flew through the shopping centre back to where Yoon Sung and Dong Wan were

“She‟s taking a while to catch a kid”, Yoon Sung commented.

“She doesn‟t look fat but that‟s all pure luck. She eats-”

“-and sleeps.”


“And sleeps.”
“Sounds like you know a lot about her”, Dong Wan stated.

“She‟s not a hard person to understand”, Yoon Sung said, staring at Won Won as she came
running to them.

“WAAAHHH!” Won Won bawled and ran into Dong Wan‟s opened arms.

“Won Won, where‟s Yoo Jin?” Yoon Sung asked.

“She got kidnapped!”

Dong Wan and Yoon Sung exchanged worried glances. Won Won recounted what happened
and Yoon Sung came to a conclusion immediately.

“It‟s The Macaws.”

[End Dong Wan‟s flashback]

“I sent her to your home afterwards”, Dong Wan said. “She was crying all the way, never

“She should be. It‟s her fault”, I muttered.

Despite saying that, I smiled at the thought of the brat Won Won worrying for me.

“SH1T!” I burst.


“Umma! Appa! F*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck!!!”

Dong Wan laughed.

“Shut the hell up Happy Cub! Umma‟s gonna kill me!” I groaned.

“Chill baby. It‟s all handled.”

My eyes went dark. “Don‟t tell me you told her that I got kidnapped.”

“My brain‟s somewhat bigger than yours, so no, I told Ha Na to ring her and say that you fell
asleep on her bed so you‟re sleeping over. Ha Na wanted to come tonight but I wouldn‟t let.”

I sighed in relief. “That‟s good, thanks.”

Dong Wan smiled and I knew he was about to ask for a thank you kiss so I quickly added,
“Did you go to school today?”

The smile disappeared. “F*ck, Yoo Jin! Give me a break!”

I chuckled and stopped when a gun shot was fired. My eyes darted to the empty doorway
and everything seemed to slow down with my heartbeat. No, no. He‟s fine. Yoon Sung‟s too
smart to get himself shot, right? I didn‟t dare think anymore and simply waited. Shortly after,
a shadow cast over Dong Wan and I as a figure stood in the doorway. Sang Hyuk dragged
himself in, his hands clutching onto…

… Yoon Sung‟s cap.
I quickly dropped Dong Wan‟s head and ran to Sang Hyuk.

“Where is he?”

Sang Hyuk whimpered then started sobbing. I grabbed onto his shoulders and shook him


Dong Wan pried me away from Sang Hyuk. “Yoo Jin.”

I burst into a hysterical cry. “Yoon Sung!” I cried. I sunk onto the ground and began slapping
the ground. “UGH HA hoo. Kang Yoon Sung!!!”

A shadow overcast us inside the room once again. I ceased crying at once and looked with
teary eyes at Yoon Sung standing in the doorway.

I sniffed. “Are you a ghost?”

His smile said „You‟re crazy‟. I wiped my eyes, scrambled up and ran to him. He‟s there, Yoon
Sung‟s alive. I flung myself at his chest. He caught me and held me there, his arms as tightly
wrapped around me as mine were around him. After I was satisfied and confident that he
was alive and not going anywhere, it hit me that I was hugging Kang Yoon Sung and I
quickly let go.

“So how come you‟re not dead?” I asked.

“That gunshot?”

I nodded.

“I was struggling with that guy for his gun and he accidentally pulled the trigger while it was
pointed in the air”, he simply explained.

“Where is he now?” Dong Wan questioned.

Dong Wan‟s phone went off and he answered it. “Yeah? Good. 10% increase this month.
Bye.” He looked at us. “My gang‟s got him.”

I remembered something and spun to Sang Hyuk. “Yah!” He jumped. “Why didn‟t you tell me
he‟s still alive?!”

“I was still in a panic- you should‟ve seen them fight.”

“And why‟ve you got his hat?”

“He dropped it in the fight.”

“I swear I could strangle you”, I sneered at him.

He quickly bowed his head in shame.

“Yah, Kang Yoon Sung, I‟d be a great leader to you”, Dong Wan hinted.

Yoon Sung looked at me. “Hit him”, he ordered.

“He‟s annoying. Hit him.”

“Why should I?”

“It‟s your ninth dare.”

I turned on Dong Wan who looked at me with widened eyes.

“No, Yoo Jin”, he warned. “Yoo Jin…”

I grinned. “Dare‟s a dare!”


I opened the door of our apartment building and let umma and Won Won pass through. She
was dressed in a dark crimson skirt and matching blazer, black leather shoes and had a cute
woollen red and white thin-striped beret on her head. I bent down and adjusted it so that it
was lop-sided. Cute outfit, too hot for this weather but the Queen of Ugly Bats wanted it so
let it be.

It is finally the day that Won Won has to go. My grandparents have returned from India-
apparently more tanned and shrewd up than ever (I‟d pay to see that except umma
threatened me with a cane if I try to take them as an excuse to skip school).

She looked up at me with those huge puppy dog eyes. “Sorry unnie, for all the trouble I have
caused you”, she said innocently.

I played along with her. “No, that‟s alright darling. You continue living your life.”

“Yoo Jin!” Umma snapped.


Umma looked at me annoyed then held Won Won‟s hand and they walked out onto the
footpath. Won Won looked back at me.

She waved, wheeling her mini suitcase behind her. “Bye bye! I love you!”

I was touched by that. I blew her a kiss then waved. “Sayonara!”

“I‟ll be back!” She shouted.

Back? Hell no.

“No kidding, no hurry!” I instantly roared.

Won Won smirked evilly behind umma‟s back and they disappeared around the corner.

And so once again people…


I wonder if there's a handy bottle of champagne around.
A/N: For secret Chapter 30.5, leave a reply and I will PM it to you. The story can continue
without it, but the special chapter will contain more detail about Yoon Sung‟s past =)

Chapter 31 – A Change of Luck.

My eyes wouldn‟t leave the phone in the living room alone. Should I? It was only yesterday
that I was talking to him…

“Yoo Jin.”

Yoo Jin picked out a bright red coat and replaced it on the neighbouring rack. She turned
around to Yoon Sung. “Yeah?”

“I‟m not going to school for a few days so don‟t call me”, he informed.

Yoo Jin abandoned her job and turned fully to him. “Why?”

“He‟s going to be sitting the Harvard exam in two days so he‟s staying home to study.”

Yoo Jin leaned to the side so she could see Madam Oh. “Oh.” Then she faced Yoon Sung
again. “Why would I call you?”

“You‟re nosy.”

She accepted this fact easily, a little too easily.

Yoon Sung left early that night and before he exited the store, craned his neck over his
shoulder and said, “I mean it, Yoo Jin. Don‟t disturb me.”

“OK”, she chirped then added in a hiss, “f*cking annoying nag.”

I mean it Yoo Jin. Don‟t disturb me.

But I‟m bored!

Yoon Sung sat by the glass window where more of the setting sun‟s light was streaming in
than in his room. He‟d set up a lightweight black table and had paper filled with notes
sprawled out all over it. He reached for another set of notes and had just began skimming it
when the phone rang. Yoon Sung looked at the machine on the clear table a few metres
away from him. He had a clear suspicion of who it is and the telecom confirmed it for him a
few seconds later.

Beep. Yoo Jin‟s voice rang out, “Hi! Oh- wait. Wrong number.”

That was it. Yoon Sung shook his head and continued skimming. A minute later…
Beep. “Yoon Sung? I‟m not disturbing you. Just seeing if you‟re still alive. Uh- bye.”

Beep. “Yah, even if you study you should take a break.”

Beep. “Why do you even need to study? You‟re brain‟s too big anyway and with that big head
no one‟s gonna stop you from getting into Harvard!”

Beep. “Hello… hello? Hello hello hello.”

I waited „til the thing went „beep‟ again. “Did you really faint? Should I call the ambulance?

Yoon Sung‟s voice came over the line. “Call the ambulance- you‟re driving me crazy and you
need a CAT scan; your memory‟s gone nuts, your logic‟s messed up and you‟re not swearing
at the phone.”

“You sound pretty sane to me.”

I grinned. I could almost hear him cry, except Yoon Sung doesn‟t cry.

Instead, he laughed, said “I‟ll see you soon” and hung up.

Pfft. I‟ll see you soon? Who does he think he is? My sweetheart? I slammed the phone down
as Super Freak entered the room. She looked at me mischievously.

“You called Yoon Sung, didn‟t you?”

I gave her a dirty. “Psh, no.”

She continued to be annoying. “Isn‟t he studying for the Harvard entrance exam?” I didn‟t
bother replying and she pressed on, “Maybe you should take up parents‟ suggestion last

I grabbed my schoolbag and hurled it at her which the badminton expert swung in another
direction. Next, I hurled myself at her.


Not with my grades anyway.


I knew his eyes were on me as he slowly sat down on the sofa but ignored it and
concentrated on watching the morning TV. I know what appa wants to talk about.

Ding dong.

So early in the morning yet someone is already ringing the door bell- bloody good luck. I
deserted appa and rushed to the door. I opened it with a twist of the knob.

“Good morning”, Dong Wan greeted.

All the light in my face shone away. I quickly shut the door.
“Who is it?” Umma queried.

“It‟s Bok Ja!” I lied. “I‟m going to school first!”

I grabbed my bag from behind the door and joined Dong Wan outside.

“Yah, Kim Dong Wan! What the f*ck are you doing here?!” I hissed.

We started walking to the lifts. Dong Wan pressed the button with an arrow pointing down.

“Thought I‟d give you a lift to school”, he answered, looking up at the floor level screen.

The silver automatic doors slid back and we entered it. I withdrew my phone from my navy
white-striped skirt and dangled it between my index finger and thumb with a „durh‟ smile.
Dong Wan tucked his right hand into his navy trousers pocket and pulled out his blank screen

“I‟m outta batteries, honey”, he said mischievously.

The lifts opened again and I followed Dong Wan out the building to his motorbike parked to
one side of the street. None of us bothered with helmets and Dong Wan started the engine
once I had my hands on his sides.

“Yah, I feel like Happy Yum”, I said.

He slightly turned his head. “Yeah, I miss that place too. Geography?”

If we went to Happy Yum now we‟d miss first period; Geography… I care.

I grinned. “Give me coffee.”


The owner looked terrified at seeing me in the doorway and almost cried when Dong Wan
appeared behind me, but when the door closed and that was it he exhaled in relief and
personally came to take our orders. After he hurried away, I inspected the site.

“Still simple as usual”, I commented. “Nothing‟s here ever changed since we came.”

Dong Wan followed my eyes. “We have.”

I looked at him. What‟s he trying to say? He looked back.

“Yoo Jin.”


A casually dressed waiter came out and placed a glass of ice coffee in front of us each. I
picked up the glass and sipped on the pink straw, glancing out the window.

“Yah!” I called and pointed out the glass window, “Isn‟t that Bok Shim?”

Dong Wan put his glass down and turned around. “Ha, that b@stard‟s back?”

We both stared at the fellow slouching pass the restaurant with his hands in his pockets and
shoulders hunched. He wore a green cap but nothing could hide that crooked gigantic big
witch nose which Dong Wan had broken a few years ago. The d1ck deserved it- he‟d done
the sister of one of the Gentle Tigers and dumped her after for a rich fat girl from some
private school. But after we were done with him, he ran off to China.

“Hey!” I shouted as he passed the door. “Sexy nose!!”

The dude glared at us but ran off after he recognised us. We laughed and for the next few
hours talked about the things we used to- and still do- do in school and the glory of it all.

“Yoo Jin”, Dong Wan called for the seventieth time.


“… Your mouth is big.” What‟s his problem? “You talk nonstop.”

We had ordered a desert each and I flung a waffle biscuit and spoonful of my vanilla ice
cream at him. The waffle hit his left eye while the ice cream went splat onto his _ so that it
looked like he had a white Hitler moustache.

“Cut the cr@p, Happy Cub! All morning you‟ve been calling my name and saying useless

I stupidly watched as he dug up a spoonful of mango pudding and had it splatter all over my

“‟Happy Cub‟ sounds gay”, he said darkly.

The food fight started and Happy Yum‟s owner sighed heavily.


We looked happy and dumb exiting the restaurant after Dong Wan paid. I reached out to his
head and plucked off the banana peel- don‟t ask me how I got it.

“Let‟s go to school now”, I sang.

“F*ck off, hun. There‟s only two hours left.”

“I don‟t care, I wanna go. If you don‟t wanna come I‟ll go by myself”, I said plainly.

“Bloody idiot”, he said unbelievably, and followed me.


Dong Wan halted outside the front of the school and I hopped off first. I stood waiting,
expecting him to lock his bike in but he didn‟t and proceeded right into the school.

“Aren‟t you gonna lock your bike?”

“No one's gonna steal it”, he stated.

True. Any I‟m Dumb that does is obviously wanting to become dumber. I walked with Dong
Wan through the gates towards our classroom in Block C.

“Yoo Jin.”

I stopped and so did he. I hate it when people say my name too many times, it‟s annoying.
“Kim Dong Wan, call my name one more time and I‟ll-” I lifted my knee.

He glanced at it. “Alright, b1tch.”

I waited for him to talk. He stared up at the building and started laughing to himself.

I raised my eyebrows and muttered, “Maniac…”

“Do you remember that time that gang was gonna drop you from this building‟s top floor?”
He asked.

How could I not? I thought I was going to die that time. Seriously, so I accidentally knocked
some drugs into the sea and burnt the rest of it, doesn‟t mean they had to dangle me upside
down over the damn wall.

Thinking about it now, I had to laugh. “Yeah, and do you remember how your hair gel got

And then again, we were talking about old times.

Dong Wan tucked both hands into his pockets. “I think you‟re best as my baby bashin‟
partner”, he suddenly said.

Did Happy Yum‟s owner spike this guy‟s drink or something?

He turned to me. “You make a good god-sister.”

He smiled. Dong Wan‟s being serious… is he really…? F*ck. I think he is. His hands reached
out and placed themselves on my shoulder. His face leaned into mine.

“Kim Yoo Jin, I‟m out of it. I‟m over you.”

I blinked and the words repeated inside my head. The message slowly sunk in. He no longer
loves me. Dong Wan doesn‟t like me that way anymore!

Wait, Yoo Jin. Don‟t get excited yet.

My voice was slightly unsure. “Why?”

He smirked. “Are you sad?”

I quickly answered, “No!”

His smirked diminished into a small smile. “You know me, Yoo Jin. In everything I do I have
to be the best- I won‟t be beaten.”

I nodded.

“But now, there‟s someone who loves you more than I do.”


He stared deeply at me. “You know who that is.”

I looked at him, waiting for more and then realised it wouldn‟t come. That‟s all he‟s gonna
When my god-brother‟s going to be with someone, it has to be his love that is the most- no
other love can beat his. I‟m no longer his object of attraction because his love has been
beaten, he lost because he never loved me enough… and if he‟s not the winner, he‟ll pass-
which is exactly what‟s he doing. And I know exactly who he‟s „passing‟ me to although I
didn‟t say it. Instead, I dropped my bag, smiled and held my arms out.

“Welcome back, big bro.”

He took a step forward and hugged me. It felt good to be able to freely hug him again. He let
go of me.

“She‟s all yours now”, Dong Wan declared.

I spun around. Yoon Sung was standing there in his full school uniform, staring plainly at us.

“I‟m going”, Dong Wan informed.

He walked off, leaving Yoon Sung and me all alone in the empty wide area which emphasises
our bareness. There isn‟t anything else around us besides the buildings and trees- not even a
bin, it‟s like we‟re standing in the middle of a clear circle of concrete.

“What on Earth are you doing here?” I questioned, half in surprise and half in curiosity.

“I told you I‟ll see you soon”, Yoon Sung stated.

I recalled yesterday‟s phone call- that‟s right, he did, it‟s what he said before he hung up.

“What about your studies?”

“I‟ve finished.”



“I‟m not yours!” I righteously blurted. “Kim Dong Wan doesn‟t own me.”

He looked slightly taken aback. “I know.”

Geez, if I could be any stupider I might as well change my name to Jin Kyu.

“Ah, whatever”, I said. “Let‟s go to Moony‟s class.”


I timed our return well and we entered class after Miss. Yoon left and Mr. Moon hadn‟t
arrived yet.

“Yoo Jin!” Ha Na exclaimed excitedly.

Hye Young and Bok Ja followed her cue and waved spastically. I grinned and skipped over to
them. I opened my mouth, checked that no one was eavesdropping and huddled them in.

“Guess what?” I whispered.

“What?” They all said simultaneously.
I leaned in closer. They imitated.

“… Not telling.”

The huddle broke.

“Meanie”, Hye Young whinged.

“Come on Yoo Jin”, Bok Ja pleaded.

Ha Na was in no hurry. “Where‟s your gangster?” She asked.

“F*ck would I know”, I replied.

“Teacher‟s coming!!!” Someone yelled.

I told the girls I‟ll tell them tonight and joined Yoon Sung in the back row. I just planted my
bum on the seat when the Moon entered. He stared around the class. Maybe I‟m paranoid
but his eyes seemed to linger on me longer than everyone else.

“Class!” Mr. Moon held up three rectangular piece of paper. “What do you think these are?”

I leaned my back against the window. “Not detention slips”, I pointed out.

Mr. Moon nodded slowly. “Yes, you‟d know that well. Ah, you reminded me.” For a moment
he lowered the three sheets and reached over to his table where he picked up a green slip
and passed it to me. “For you.”

I looked at the green paper. “A detention slip? What for?!”

He looked at me tiredly. “I saw you enter the school with Kim Dong Wan, Miss. Kim. Mr. Kang
is excused.”

There‟s always a bonus being the goody goody. I glared at Yoon Sung who looked at me

“Back to these slips, class. They are tickets.”

“Tickets?” We all chirped.

“Yes. Next month there will be a function held at the University of Seoul. It‟s an end-of-year
party that has been sponsored by the Hong Corporation. I‟m a friend of one of Hong
Corporation‟s manager and he‟s given me these three tickets. Based on your performance
over the next fortnight, I will decide who gets these tickets.”

Everyone started getting hyper. I busied myself by drawing clouds on my table in blue pen.

“You could sell your ticket, Yoon Sung”, I proposed. “These kids would be killing themselves
to go to a uni party.”

It‟s a given that Yoon Sung would be getting one. All the teachers love how they don‟t have
to put out much effort but can still have a good student like him.

“But!” Mr. Moon continued. “To be eligible you have to be the typical good student.”

“Nerd”, I muttered.
“Which excludes all those who have received a detention or will receive a detention over the
next two weeks”, he finished.

It was a direct message to me. “Pfft. Like I want to go”, I said loudly.


That scene of Dong Wan finally letting go of me and pushing me to Yoon Sung kept replaying
in my head as I strolled alone along the arched-roofed walkway. I still haven‟t worked it out-
how does Yoon Sung love me more than he does? I guess only a d1ckhead can understand
another d1ckhead. That‟s how I‟d prefer it anyhow. Having a brother like me in that other
way was very… yuck. Bloody awkward. I‟ll celebrate Dong Wan‟s slow though never too late
wisdom- later, now it‟s time for me to figure out Yoo Sang Hyuk.

I scanned the area of the university I was in; outdoors, pillars, grass, students in their
groupies, sluts in their minis and future lawyers with their books. So where‟s my nerdy boy? I
looked closer to the group sitting on the grass in a circle. Can‟t be wrong, books and pens all
over the place, it‟s the nerds for sure… but no Sang Hyuk.

I was already storming up to that group when someone shouted my name.


I looked left then right. I recognised Park Im Ho standing with one hand tucked into his
pocket behind the low sandstone railing, around him a few other guys and then Song Ki Joon
sitting on the railing with his back facing me. It was he who called me and now his head is
still turned and his hands still waving to me. They know who I‟m looking for so they‟ll
probably also know where Sang Hyuk is.

I walked down the straight path but hated it. You know what these uni guys like? Girls
visiting them in high school uniform and I was giving them the pleasure of it. I‟ll give them
some fist pleasure if they can‟t tell me where to find Sang Hyuk. I turned the corner to get
behind the railing and almost ran into some idiot leaning on the corner sandstone post.

“Yah! Who the hell do you think you are to block the whole entire bloody pathway?!” I said
viciously while examining if my shoes‟ve been scratched. I looked up. “MOVE OUTTA THE
WAY YOU DEMENTED M-” And then I saw it- the mole. I suddenly forgot that „m‟ word and
gawked at the road blocker. “Sang Hyuk?”

He smiled. I shook my head and took a step back to re-examine him. He‟s always been tall
and lanky but I‟ve never seen him standing in such a laid back style. Pity he‟s still ugly as
usual and doesn‟t carry the suitable cool face to go with such a pose. But whoa, Yoo Sang

“Sh1t”, I uttered disbelievingly.

Then he had to ruin it by smiling from ear to ear and pushing up his glasses.

“Hi, Yoo Jin”, he said. He was trying to be casual but I heard that slight tremor which I‟m so
used to hearing from almost everyone that knows me.

I gave another cast over of his outfit; worn out bad taste jeans, baggy cotton khaki tee and
blue joggers. Quite disheartening actually.

Sang Hyuk saw my look of disapproval and did something that‟s not in the Mole Dictionary-
he put an arm around my shoulder and guided me to Ki Joon and gang. The shock had me
petrolified (A/N: petrified) for a full minute before I began to pick up things again. Im Ho was
studying my reaction carefully, Ki Joon was smirking at Sang Hyuk and Sang Hyuk was
talking like he was Ki Joon‟s dog… but the thing that got my attention was the way Sang
Hyuk talked to me.

“How are ya… Yoo Jin?” Sang Hyuk asked.

I was well aware that his arm was still hanging around my shoulder. I smiled. “I‟m fine”, I
purred. “But how are you? Missed me?”

Sang Hyuk blushed as the guys burst out laughing at him.

Gosh. Someone must‟ve pulled the balls outta him for him to be talking to me like this. First
Dong Wan and now Sang Hyuk‟s changing too… at this rate I‟ll be marrying Seo Taji. Even
better, Kim Yoo Jin will be dating Yoo Sang Hyuk! YES!

At last, I‟m finally getting somewhere.

Chapter 32 – Snow Cream.

“Hye Young‟s going to that party with her pretty boy”, Ha Na‟s voice said over the phone line.
“So we‟re going dress-shopping with her tomorrow.”

I rolled onto my side and tucked the pink quilt between my legs.

“Hm”, was all I could be bothered to say.

“Yah, Kim Yoo Jin. Are you sleeping?”

The light. Damn the switch‟s too far from my hand. I left the phone on top of my right ear
and uselessly reached out for the lamp on my bedside.

Two consecutive beeps rang from the phone.

“Hang on, Jung Ha Na. Incoming call”, I slurred and gripped onto the phone again.

I held it in the air in front of me and pressed another button before putting it against my ear

I mumbled sleepily, “What.”

“S-sorry for calling so late.”

I bolt up, causing the quilt to lie in a heap at my belly. The mirror in front of my bed reflected
too well the messy hair and puffy face. God I hate that thing. I sat there patting my hair and
adjusting my face „til I looked awake. He can‟t see me but I still like to feel presentable.

“Oh”, I said, feigning an uncaring tone. “Who‟s this?”

“Sang Hyuk”, his nerdy voice said. What do nerds sound like anyway?

“Oh, hi.”

“Do you know about the end-of-year party at my university?”

Yah yah yah. This is getting exciting. I continued in my casual but nice tone. “Yeah, why?”
“Well… are you going?”

I snorted and burst out laughing. “Who the f*ck would go to those things?” Then I suddenly
remembered who I was on the phone with and recomposed myself. “I? Ah, no. I don‟t

His tone fell into disappointment. “…Oh.”


“It‟s a pair party, everybody has to have to have a partner- and… I thought if you were
coming… could you be my partner?”

He‟s gotta be sh1tting me. Sang Hyuk asking me to be his -? Holy sh1t!
“Wait, I have an incoming call”, I excused and switched back to Ha Na. “My life is complete.”

“What?” She blurted.

“Sang Hyuk just asked me to be his partner to that party.”

“Did not, you lying d1ckhead!”

I switched back to Sang Hyuk. “Hello?”

“I‟m here.”

“Mr. Moon just rang me and he said there‟s a spare ticket for me”, I fibbed and smiled at my
own reflection.

“Really? Well, would you be my partner?”

Would he be my boyfriend if I‟d be his partner?


“Thank you.”

„Thank you‟. That‟s it?



I hung up and put the phone underneath my pillow. He didn‟t sound too excited- but I bet
he‟s squealing for joy now. I plopped my back down on the bed and stared up at the white
ceiling, thinking how the hell I‟ll get the Moon to give me a ticket „cause duh, Ha Na is not the
Moon. OMG, Ha Na! I quickly picked up the phone again.


I grabbed a ruler lying on the edge of the table next to me, stretched around Yoon Sung and
swatted Jin Kyu‟s head.

“Shut the hell up, you sound like a f*cken duck”, I harangued.

Jin Kyu looked at me irately and I heard him mumble to himself, “Ducks don‟t sing…”
“Yoo Jin”, Mr. Sit boringly called out as he dismissed Dong Wan who with a simple glance had
gotten himself excused. All the teachers know Happy Cub‟s a gangster so he never does his
homework anyway.

I cheerfully walked up to Sitty‟s table and placed my book gently on the table. I could tell
he‟d expected to see Yoo Rin‟s or Yoo Na‟s writing. I watched proudly as he lowered his
glasses down his nose bridge and then glanced up at me. I don‟t think he even realised he‟d
given it a big red tick when he was still watching me walk back to my table in dismay.

As if I‟d do it, Yoo Rin did- but I swear I did all the writing.


“WE‟LL GO THROUGH LAST NIGHT‟S HOMEWORK!” Mrs. Lee declared louder than necessary.

I straightened my back and flipped my book open.

“First question, who wants to-” I raised my hand politely and got another surprised look. “OK,
Yoo Jin.”



Another student raised his hand and said, “1964.”

“Correct. Question two…”

I raised my hand again.

“Yoo Jin.”

“Ribose sugar.”

“No, deoxyribose sugar.”

What the hell? Man, Bok Ja- shouldn‟t have copied off her.

“Question four?” Mrs. Lee called.

I quickly slid Yoon Sung‟s book onto my table and scrolled down to the fourth line. I quickly
raised my hand.


It took her a while to say, “Correct.”

I smiled and turned to Yoon Sung. He was laid back in his chair and smiling back at me in
amusement. OK, since he‟s not protesting, I‟ll just continue to use his answers…

“OK. And question ten?”

“Dendrochronology”, I answered confidently.

I thought she‟d go on about how good I am now and tell the Moon to give me a goddamn
ticket but instead she lectured me, “Don‟t call out, Miss. Kim. But yes, dendrochronology.”
I beamed as the whole class snuck stunned glances at me. My biology glory ended there
when Yoon Sung sat up and claimed his book back. Luckily, my swearing was blocked out by
the bell which rang for our ten minute break in between classes. There was shuffling and
everyone opened their loud mouths.

“Yah”, Dong Wan called. “What‟s up with you? You‟ve been a cute little geek all morning.” I
looked at him but didn‟t bother replying.

I noticed Ha Na, Hye Young and Bok Ja coming towards us. Ha Na was walking around to the
back of my chair but Dong Wan lazily tapped her elbow on the way. She hastily dusted her
elbow like she touched germs.

Dong Wan raised a brow at her. “I was gonna ask her what‟s wrong with you but looks like
she‟s more warped”, Dong Wan said to me as Ha Na glared back at him.

Under the table, I trod on his foot but he moved it away quickly enough.

“There‟s nothing wrong with me”, I stated menacingly.


I watched as Yoon Sung slightly turn around. Even I was surprised that Ha Na was talking to

“Are you planning on asking Yoo Jin to the party?”

I cast her a warning look. Ha Na better not tell Yoon Sung about last night. She spared me a
simple glance.

Yoon Sung looked at us unsurely. “The uni party?”

Ha Na nodded.

“I‟m not going.”

Pfft. They act like he‟s already got a ticket and he didn‟t even bother denying it. I want to go
and I‟m sucking up to get a ticket while he doesn‟t want it but will definitely be offered one…!
I can have his ticket!

I slapped his arm. “You can give me your ticket!”

Yoon Sung looked confused. “You want to go?”

“Yes she does, because last night her lover boy asked her to be his partner”, Bok Ja blabbed.

Hye Young folded her arms and said loud and clear, “Yoo. Sang. Hyuk.”

Dong Wan burst out laughing and put an arm around my shoulder. “That f*cken wimp had
the guts to do that?”

I shifted his arm off and defended Sang Hyuk. “He‟s not a wimp.”

I felt their eyes all gawk at me but ignored it. Not hearing anything from Yoon Sung, I turned
to see that the three big mouths were interrogating him.

“Are you going now?”
“If you are, better ask Yoo Jin now.”

“It‟s your only chance.”

I snorted and laughed. Sounds like it‟s a life or death thing.

“Yah”, I said. “What the hell are you guys doing?”

“I‟m not going.”


Ha Na, Hye Young and Bok Ja gave him their b1tchiest look.

“Why not?!” Hye Young questioned.

“I don‟t like parties”, he answered plainly.

Dong Wan shook his head solemnly while Bok Ja frowned. “But it‟s Yoo Jin…”

Yoon Sung didn‟t say anything which made the others all groan and me think. He wouldn‟t try
to fight for me? D1ckhead. Loser. Wimp. Cow. Sheep. Pig. “F*cken giraffe.”

Yoon Sung looked at me. “What?”

I glared at him. “Are you delusional? I didn‟t say anything- and since you‟re not going, give
me your ticket when you get it.”


My eyes widened questioningly.

“I‟ll keep it as a souvenir.”

I felt like bashing his head in.


Madam Oh let me have the afternoon off generously when I rang her at lunch time. How can
two blood-related people be so different? She‟s so nice yet the stingy prick won‟t let me have
his ticket.

“How does this look?” Hye Young asked. She spun around in the colourful dress.

“Very pretty”, I said. “You look exactly like a casserole.”

“„Carousel‟”, Ha Na corrected.

Hye Young grimaced. “Thanks.” The sarcastic brat took my expert advice anyway and
withdrew back into the change rooms.

“Arnd joo gorna loowk?” Bok Ja asked me. Her voice was all muffled because she was
sneaking a blueberry muffin inside the store which had the „NO FOOD OR DRINKS PLEASE‟
sign shoved in your face first thing.

“You think I can afford it?”
Our first stop was the most expensive store in the whole plaza thanks to Im Hye Young, the
rich b1tch.

From the change rooms, Hye Young‟s voice sounded, “Pick one and I‟ll make it your
Christmas present.”

“Oh you‟re sooo nice!” I squealed.

I‟m not gonna reject a brand name dress, hell no. I pranced like a classy lady around the
store pretending I had a lot of ching ching and browsed through the overloaded collection.
Fuchsia, white, yellow, maroon, turquoise- oh so many! F*ck I feel like taking it all home. I
thought I had paradise until I spotted the most amazing thing ever. I strode elegantly over to
the glass shoe case and peered into it.

“That is so hot”, Hye Young breathed as her face came next to mine.

“I know.”

We both ogled at the single metallic Cinderella-blue stiletto model sitting on a small stand
inside the case. Everything about it was satin, except the heel of course. The back strap
wraps around the heel and has a silver buckle with a mini and delicate silver bow hanging off
it like a keyring. At the front the strap formed an arc for the toes to go under but also on the
top there was another connected bow- this time of the blue satin material like the straps.
Gosh, it‟s gorgeous.

“I wanna be Cinderella”, I heard myself breathe.

“It‟s quite affordable”, Hye Young said with a glance at the price on the mini sign beside the
glass case. “But I‟m not buying it for you”, she quickly added.

“Pfft, I don‟t need you to. Anyway, it won‟t match my dress.”

“You‟ve picked?”

I smiled and nodded.



Dress? Check.

Shoes? Check.

Acessories? Check.

Date? Check.


Ticket. A f*cken sh1tty ticket is getting to my head. I still have to scrape for it and the Moon
is showing no emotion to my sudden change. So, after school after a week I stormed up to
him after class…
“Sir!” Yoo Jin shouted.

Her voice echoed throughout the whole school‟s emptiness. Mr. Moon‟s heart leapt and he
patted his chest.

“My God! What is it Yoo Jin?!”

She lowered her voice. “Can you consider me for the Seoul University end-of-year party ticket
please?” She gushed.

He ignored her request and went back to packing up his suitcase. Yoo Jin‟s eyes went sharp
for a second but she quickly calmed down.

“Sir! I‟ve been trying hard!”

He still didn‟t say anything.


“STOP SCREECHING!” Mr. Moon bellowed.

“Sir-ir-ir”, she continued whining.

He looked positively scared. “Stop that Yoo Jin.”

She always used that trick on the adults who knew her well. When someone as fierce as Kim
Yoo Jin is shaking her shoulders and jumping up and down you get the idea that she‟s going
psychotic. Naturally, no one would want that to happen.

“OK OK”, he surrendered as she stood still. Mr. Moon has also always had a soft spot for Yoo
Jin. “One chance.”

Yoo Jin nodded eagerly.

“If you can do all your homework, be attentive in class and come to school on time everyday
for the rest of this week, you‟re in.”

“I‟m in?”

“You‟re in.”


So I had to conceal my bad temper for a few more days, make Yoo Rin and Yoo Na stay up
late to do my work for a few more days, leave the class boring because there‟s no loud or
sleeping Yoo Jin for a few more days and now I‟m gonna ruin it- all because appa forgot to
wake me up. He might‟ve said something about not being able to but I think I was too fixed
on the TV to listen. F*ck, today‟s the last day and I‟m late.

I continued flying down the street and turned into Chungdong High with my bag banging
constantly against my back and making me want to fall flat on my face. I spotted a tall figure
strolling slowly into Block C.

“YAH! HAPPY CUB!!!” I screamed.
He stopped and turned around as I caught up to him.

“Haha!” I lamely laughed, totally out of breath. “You responded.”

“Babe, get over it.”

“No, b1tch, I need to get on top of you.”

Dong Wan‟s eyes widened.

“The Moon can‟t know-I‟m-late”, I panted as I heaved myself onto his shoulders.

“Say so”, he said in a half-annoyed-half-relieved tone.

He helped me up onto his shoulders and I almost lost my balance. I steadied myself as he
held onto my ankles. Luckily our school is cheap and level one is not so high up because the
ceilings are so low. I saw Yoon Sung sitting behind the window and realised that the Moon
wasn‟t in the room. He probably just went out for a second because he‟s never late. I quickly
rapped on the window. Yoon Sung, who for some reason hadn‟t done his tie up properly
today, turned and stared at my face puzzlingly. Then he cracked up laughing.

“Shut the f*ck up and open the window!” I ordered.

He quickly gripped onto the side and sent it back.

“Yoo Jin, what the hell are you doing?”

“NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” I said to my classmates who were all gapping at me.

“Your f*cken shoes are digging into my shoulders!” I heard Dong Wan say hastily through
gritted teeth.

“Yoon Sung, help me in you prick!”

He quickly stuck his arms out and I gripped onto his shoulders. His hands fastened just below
my ribs and he heaved me in but I got stuck on the window sill.

I moaned. “Ow, f*ck, the window sill is digging into my stomach.”

I could see Yoon Sung‟s hand suddenly lift and it started moving towards my chest! I was so
flabbergasted I couldn‟t even swear.

“No! Don‟t touch my boo-”

But his hand unexpectedly went underneath my belly. His whole arm squeezed beneath it, so
that it became my cushion. I looked at him.

“If you can‟t lift yourself, I‟ll have to touch your butt to get you in”, he warned with a slight
strain in his voice.

No thanks. I quickly kicked my legs, tightened my grip on his shoulder and pushed myself up
so that my legs finally came over the sill. I also managed to put so much force on him that
we both fell over- him on his back and I, on my face.

I was so numb I just stayed there with my ugly nose on the ground. I never knew the floor
could be so hard and cold. Then I felt the full weight of my bag land on my back. Argh,
stupid-Kim-Dong-Wan. It was soon removed and next, my whole body being flipped over like
pancakes in a pan. Splat on my back and I was staring up at Kang Yoon Sung.

“Are you OK?” He asked concernedly.

“Ouch.” I scrambled up and spotted my three friends staring at me worriedly.

“Are you alright, Yoo Jin?” The whole class cooed.

“OF COURSE I‟m alright, why don‟t you all go flying through a window and smash your face
on the ground and see if you‟re alright”, I spat. “It‟s interesting none of you helped me, you
fakers.” I concentrated mainly on Ha Na, Hye Young and Bok Ja.

Hye Young said in a whisper only Ha Na, Bok Ja and I have learnt to hear, “We thought it‟d
be romantic if you fell on top of him.”

I sarcastically brightened up with a grin and gave her a thumbs-up.

“Mr. Moon is coming!” A student sitting near the doorway hissed.

I swiftly got up and picked up my bag before pulling my chair out and plopping down on it.
Yoon Sung returned to his seat too- just before the Moon stepped in. He stared at me.

“Kim Yoo Jin, did you just come in?”

“No, sir. I was here all along”, I replied innocently.

He chortled. “You weren‟t here before.”

“You probably didn‟t see me, sir. Fat Bong is in your way.”

His hands rose to rest on his hips and he gazed around the class. “When did she come in?”

Even if their backs were all facing me, I could tell they all felt my threatening glare.

Their eyes all went to Dong Wan who appeared in the doorway. “Good morning, sir”, he said,
walking in casually.

Combine my glare with my god-brother and I‟m invincible.

Jin Kyu said, “She was here all morning, sir”, and no one disagreed.

The Moon was defeated and turned a blind eye to the situation. Once he was busy writing on
the board I faced Yoon Sung. I was grinning at him and grinned at me. Even Yoon Sung has
to admire my tyrannic ways. I bent down to my bag and that‟s when I realised his arm had a
long deep bruise and along it, some parts were leaking blood… the window sill.


During the past two weeks Sang Hyuk, the idiot, didn‟t even call me once. NOT ONCE!
Considering he asked me to be his date you‟d think he‟ll come looking for me but never,
NEVER. All the past guys who I‟ve caught always comes to meet me before or after school
and call me whenever they can but Yoo Sang Hyuk isn‟t like that. Why?!

I slapped Bok Ja‟s wrist. “Not too hard!”
Today is Monday morning- the day the Moon will reveal who has won the tickets. I‟m nervous
like hell and Bok Ja‟s acting like I‟m about to run in a competition by giving me a prep-up
massage. Mr. Moon finally walked into the room and Bok Ja rushed back to her seat.

“OK, everyone, are you ready to find out who scored the tickets?” He asked cheerfully.

Wow. The Moon is in a good mood.

“YES!” Everyone sang.

I sat on the edge of my seat. From his black fake leather suitcase he withdrew a single white

“I‟ve decided to give the first one to… YOON SUNG! For being a conscientious student

No surprise, but everyone still clapped loudly- especially the girls. I side glanced at him dirtily.
It‟s worse knowing that he‟s not going yet I can‟t have his ticket. Stupid smarty.

The Moon made his way down the aisle and handed Yoon Sung the ticket. He returned to his
desk. From the corner of my eye I saw Yoon Sung putting the ticket on the table. I tried
swiping the ticket away but he covered it with his hand first.

“The second ticket goes to Na Hee!”

I crossed my fingers and closed my eyes.

“And the final ticket goes to…”


I skipped into the store and kissed my ticket.

“Good afternoon, Madam!” I greeted Madam Oh.

She looked up from the catalogue she was reading while sitting on the red sofa.

“You look happy”, she said meekly.

I nodded. “I got a ticket to go to the Seoul University end-of-year party!”

“Really? That‟s fabulous! Have you got a dress yet?”

Uh- I can‟t tell her I didn‟t get it from the store.

“Ah, yes- I better get changed”, I quickly said and darted towards the change rooms.


Two weeks later, 2nd December.

I looked outside the store‟s speckled glass front window and the sight of snowdrops made me
shiver. I nuzzled my neck into my grey scarf. I don‟t want to go home. Wouldn‟t it be nice if I
had a boyfriend to snuggle into in this weather? No, for the last two winters that hasn‟t
happened because of stupid Yoo Sang Hyuk. Wait. TWO winters? F*ck, it‟s been that long
Madam Oh hung up the phone. “You‟re still here?”

I smiled sheepishly. “Yes, it‟s too cold to go outside.”

“I know. But you better get going, it‟ll be even darker later.”

I nodded, sighed, then opened the door with my black gloved hand. A gush of chilly wind
blew into my face, instantly numbing my nose. F*ck f*ck f*ck I‟m cold. I took only took one
step then heard Madam Oh call my name. I paused in the doorway and poked my head in.

“Yes, Madam?”

She smiled brightly. “Have fun tomorrow night, you won‟t need to come to work- you can use
that time to prepare.”

“Thank you, Madam. I will”, I said graciously.

Not meaning to be rude, but my toes are f*cken freezing and would she please let me go?
I‟m mentally begging her.

“Are you sure you don‟t want Yoon Sung to pick you up?”

“Yes-”, I paused. “Yoon Sung?”

She nodded at me like I was clumsy. “Yes.”

What is she talking about? “He said he‟s not going.”

“Oh, I made him.” Her head slightly bent to the side. “Aren‟t you his partner?”

I shook my head.

“No? But I thought…”

“Yoon Sung‟s going?” I asked.

Madam Oh nodded. “I saw that you had a ticket and asked him if he had one too. He said he
did so I forced him to go.”

Phew. I smiled. “Oh, so he is going...” The d1ckhead didn‟t tell me that. “… but I guess he‟ll
be going alone.”

“Pity”, she sighed. “But I‟m sure he isn‟t alone- he came home a few days ago and said that
he had a partner. It is a partner party is it not?”

My smile faded. “Oh…yeah…”

Madam Oh slightly frowned. “And I thought… hm, you should get going, Yoo Jin.”

I nodded and withdrew my head. I tucked my hands into the pockets of my dark grey coat
and hunched my shoulders, making my way on the snow to the bus stop.

He‟s been keeping it from me! Stupid Kang Yoon Sung. He got himself a partner? All by
himself? Since when did he start chatting girls up? And I thought he only liked talking to his
books. That two-face.
“„I‟m not going‟. „I don‟t like parties‟”, I mimicked. I stomped hard on the snow. “I‟ll show you


3rd December…

I stood in a circle with Sang Hyuk, etc.

“Whoa, you‟re looking good”, Ki Joon complimented.

I never liked this d1ck and never will. I didn‟t reply but my ear caught something else.

“Isn‟t that him?” A bunch of nearby older girls gushed.

“He looks familiar…”

“He went to my high school! That‟s Kang Yoon Sung!”

So he finally came. I twisted my head towards the entrance.

Hell no… his partner- that‟s


Chapter 33 – Shoo.

“You look good”, Bok Ja commented as she sat on my bed and stared at my reflection.

       V-neck satin black dress- goes down my calf halfway
       Silver dangly earrings- the top bit‟s a round stud
       Purpley/maroony/pinkish cropped fur jacket
       Gold stilettos

Oh yeah, this should get Sang Hyuk dropping dead. I‟m not as chubby as I used to be so the
black dress hugs me well- man, I‟m looking sizzling hot.

“Stop looking at yourself”, Bok Ja said in her blokey voice.

OK, I still don‟t look pretty but I‟d pass for sexy alright.

“I reckon Yoon Sung‟ll be jealous to death.”

I spun around. “I don‟t care what that alien thinks. He‟s got his own partner to look at and
tonight will be all about me and Sang Hyuk.”

Bok Ja nodded rhythmically. “Yes, Yoo Jin.”

I glanced at my clock. Great, Sang Hyuk didn‟t even tell me what time and where to meet
him. Has Hye Young left yet? But she‟s going with Jo Tae Woo and what if I get there earlier
than Sang Hyuk? I‟m not planning on listening to their lovey dovey cr@p.

Bok Ja read my mind and suggested, “Why don‟t you call him?”
“As if! Girls don‟t make the first move.”

She looked at me.

I stared back. “What?”

She dopily asked, “If I was talking about Sang Hyuk… wouldn‟t you be a hypocrite?”

I would, but I didn‟t say it. “Then who were you talking about?”

“Yoon Sung.”

I was raising my foot at her but stopped halfway- don‟t wanna damage my new heels. I
snapped instead. “Why would I call him? And stop saying his name, you‟re pissing me off.”

She immediately zipped her mouth.

Yoon Sung. I‟ll get him later for not telling me about going to the party and going with
someone. It‟s not like I would‟ve told anyone.


“Sh1t. Cold. Shivers. I‟m cold.” I rubbed my hands together and lifted my foot to move
forward in the cue a bit. I wriggled the right heel- my shoe‟s stuck. I heaved it up with a loud
squelchy sound and the snow I kicked up flew onto the glasses of a dork who was exiting. He
half blindly searched for the offender and I turned away. Lucky I‟m good with stilettos.


I‟m out in the damn cold snow, lining up to get into a Red Carpet Wannabe party, doing
some stupid caterpillar march „cause the line is moving at one centimetre per hour and
SOME. UNLUCKY. B1TCH. treads. on my heel.

“Ooh, sorry!”

I whipped around to glare at a super huge guy. Sh1t, what an afro. After I finished looking at
his afro I looked at his face and had to resist looking back at the afro.

“Watch your f*cken step! Don‟t you know how to freaken walk?” I blustered. “And don‟t smile
at me like I‟m your friend.”

His revolting smile shrunk and I watched the word „furious‟ scrawl itself across his forehead.

“What?” I challenged. “Macho baby can‟t take a small little insult? Wanna hit this b1tchy
face?” I stuck my face up provocatively. I got my heels ready to do some good ass-kicking. I
thought the fight was gonna break out right then and there when all of a sudden I felt
someone yank me back.

Sang Hyuk?

“Sorry, sorry buddy.” He bent his head and quickly led me away.

“Yah, let go of me!” I commanded.

He instantly dropped my wrist and stared at me innocently.

“Sorry- but it‟s a party and you shouldn‟t be…”
He drifted off seeing the look on my face. Breathe in, breathe out, smile. “I‟m freezing, let‟s
get inside.”

He nodded too agreeingly- see, I knew he still had that Yoo Sang Hyuk scent. I waited for
him to stick his arm out but he didn‟t, instead he stayed rooted to the spot. I looked at him in
confusion then started walking towards the doorway. And then he followed like a pet.

I focused on the environment instead. There were some crazy idiots standing around outside
and shivering in their coats but most of the people were quickly shuffling into the building.
Some sad souls had spent their time setting up two mini Christmas trees on either side of the
main building‟s entrance but they did a pretty good job, the blue and red balls look good

“Invitation?” The ticket guy said.

I opened my clutch and handed over the white slip. He barely scanned it and gave it back to
me. Damn, what a waste of effort- if I knew that‟s how they were gonna look at it I would‟ve
just stolen one off the Moon and copied it.

“Would you like your jacket in the coat room?”

„Coat room‟? What the... I pretended I knew what he was talking about and slipped my fur
jacket off. Another guy marched forward and took it away. F*ck knows where it‟s going.

I closed my clutch and for the first time looked at the interior. Whoo. I didn‟t know such a
dull looking place could look so merry. Long tables covered by white linen have been set up
along one side of the hall with tonnes of food-full silver plates on it. There was a mini stage
set up at the back and a guy, most probably a student here, was performing while almost no
one listened to him. Sorry mate, I can‟t be bothered either. What else is there to do here?
Swing on the pretty streamers? Pop the golden balloons? Hah, the fart bombs lying in my
school locker would be good use here- imagine all these people blocking their noses!

“Yoo Jin”, Sang Hyuk called. “Over here.”

He strode across the room and I had to quickly follow after, shoving my way through the
crowd. I pushed through two- holly sh1t- very BIG people and saw Sang Hyuk shaking hands
with Ki Joon etc. He has to rush to them, geez. I stalked up to them and stood beside Sang
Hyuk. Im Ho had his pretty partner with him but still gave me a grim face. He should be
damn over it by now. Ki Joon, all nicely groomed, got up from his chair and grinned at me.

“Whoa, you‟re looking good.”

I merely nodded but he continued trying to make conversation.

“How was the winter trip here?”

Seeing that I wasn‟t going to answer, Sang Hyuk did.

“Everyone was freezing outside.”

I glanced sympathetically at Sang Hyuk. Well I am his date today…

“The snow‟s hectic”, I said, smiling.

We continued talking and I tried my best to pay attention but I couldn‟t resist the
conversation going on in the nearby geeky girls group. Their b1tching about the pretty chicks
is pretty funny. Who said geeks are nice and humble? I was thinking how great it is that my
sisters aren‟t like that when I remembered: they‟re not b1tchy because I am.

I was listening too closely and one of the geeks suddenly squealed I felt like hitting her head.
Damn, my ear.

“Isn‟t that him?” The mouse gushed.

“He looks familiar…”

“He went to my high school! That‟s Kang Yoon Sung!”

So he‟s here… and who‟s his partner? I twisted my head towards the entrance to look. My
mouth dropped all on its own.

Super Geek stood there looking beautiful and exotic as usual whenever she gets a makeover.
So that‟s why I haven‟t seen her or umma today. My eyes ran over the smart little lookin‟ boy
she was linked with. Who the hell‟s he? I‟ll corner her later. I looked around to see the
Grandma-Geeks group and every other girl in the room hyperventilating all over the place.
Seems like Yoon Sung‟ll be enjoying his popularity tonight- but where the f*ck is he? I craned
my neck towards the crowded double-door doorway, trying to spot him. I drifted to the right
and found him.

So that‟s why there was such a big reaction. Yoon Sung doesn‟t just look hot tonight- he
looks ultra charming, like a prince that‟s about to come and slip a shoe on your foot! He was
wearing a black tuxedo with a really light gold silk tie, and his normally untidy hair was styled
in some way that illuminated his face. I spotted the pretty little hand that was hooked onto
his elbow. His partner wore an elegant beaded white dress and around her neck was a
snobby thick diamond necklace. I‟m surprised her head isn‟t falling off from the weight. Her
hair was wound up into a bun with wisps of tendrils waving beside her face. But the face. I
know that face…

Hell no… his partner- that‟s…

SANG HYUK‟S CRUSH! She‟s older than him! Someone hit me with a thousand potatoes and
tell me how the f*ck that happened.

The guys seem whiny. I bet Sang Hyuk‟s ex-crush is the „it‟ one here. Pfft, handsome boy and
pretty gal… how sweet. They walked graciously down the steps and made their way through
the crowd. And her arm was still around his. Geez, it‟s not like we can‟t see he‟s her partner.

As if they were royalty, everyone parted aside for them and blocked my view. I tried to push
through to the front but there was no room. Gosh, Yoon Sung has to see me in this dress!
The only thing I could do now is try to make him notice me in this army of ants- with his
height it should be easy. I stood perfectly straight, put on a „pretty face‟ and waited. He
marched right past me. D1ckhead!

“Excuse me”, I said to Sang Hyuk and stormed outside in the cold snow.

So this is how he wants to play, huh? No problem. I‟m an easy person, I‟ll go with his darned

I looked back to Yoon Sung standing inside the hall, looking totally bored. Sucked in. I flicked
my head away from them and caught Yoo Na again, sitting on a huge rock in the moonlight.

She turned her head my way as I strut towards her. Her guy saw me too and Yoo Na said
something that made the both of them run away.

I yelled. “YAH!!!”

Pfft. She‟ll get the beating later- when I‟m warm. Must get inside. I spun around and
stopped. Yoon Sung was standing just outside the door. I forced the surprise off my face and
lifted it high up, then marched forward like I couldn‟t see him. I already passed him when I
felt his hand on my left shoulder. It was like being electric shocked.

“Did I do something?” He asked in that bland tone.

I turned, his hand letting go in the process. “Yes, Yoon Sung, something.” I let out a small
smile. “We‟re playing the peek-a-boo game, remember? You can‟t see me, I can‟t see you.
You‟ve just broken the rule.” I smiled even more pretentiously.

His handsome face stared at me innocently. “I wasn‟t playing any game.”

I stuck my face forward. “Boo!”

His head inclined in amusement. Prick. I sneered and stalked off.


I spent the next hour prancing around Sang Hyuk. He kept putting his arm around my
shoulder and talking as if I‟m already his girlfriend. And I let him.

Yoon Sung spent the whole night, leaning against a wall in the corner where no girls could
find him, observing Yoo Jin. His partner had occasionally tried to probe some words from him
but he was never good in conversation- his style is too tactful and sarcastic for most people
to handle, so she eventually gave up and left him alone.

Yoon Sung watched from his spot as Sang Hyuk casually placed an arm around Yoo Jin‟s
shoulders. Park Im Ho said something that made the whole group laugh, except Yoo Jin. She
glanced at Sang Hyuk, realised he was laughing and then burst into laughter too. And then
Sang Hyuk made a comment which Yoo Jin must‟ve found offensive because her face
blackened for a second, but soon he saw a smile on her face instead. She was laughing

Yoon Sung took another gulp of his Coke. His patience has dried up.

I can‟t believe he just said that. Those who don‟t study at school will all end up as drug
addicts? If Song Ki Joon hadn‟t interjected and said Sang Hyuk was only joking, I wouldn‟t
have just laughed it off.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and rotated my head.

“Excuse me, can we talk?” Yoon Sung queried.

“Sorry, I‟m in the middle of a discussion”, I said lightly and turned back.

He grabbed my wrist and yanked me away.
(Diva - Sarangeul Shi Jahk Hal KkaYo? -> click to play or dl)

I howled like there was no tomorrow. “Yah! What the f*ck are you doing?! Let go of me you
spastic! You‟re making me miss out on my f*cken discussion!”

“You don‟t give a damn.”

He continued dragging me.

“You can bet on your mother f*cking balls that I d- wherw!” I almost tripped over the steps.

Yoon Sung paused for a second, said “Sorry” and went on pulling me.

The next thing I knew he‟d somehow flung me onto his motorbike that was parked outside
the university and I was clinging onto him while he sped off.

“If not a gentleman you could at least be a human and let me sit properly!” I bellowed.

I was sitting so that both my legs were on the left side and I had to twist my waist to hold
onto him.

He didn‟t say anything.

The wind was rushing into my face and chilling out my bare shoulders. “I‟m f*cken freezing
and the wind‟s f*cken ruining my hair!” He still didn‟t say anything. “I‟ll jump!!!”

“I can‟t stop you!” He said loudly.

His stupid threat worked and I stayed clung on.


Finally, he stopped by the bay. Great. I said I‟m freezing so he takes me to the f*cken sea.

I hopped off the bike and crossed my arms. “What the hell was that?”


“Nothing? So you pulled me out in the snow and to the sea for nothing? You sad loser.
You‟ve f*cken lost your wits!”

“I know what I‟m doing.”

“You‟re kidding me. You know you‟re doing nothing? Here, let me help you end your
sorrows.” I pretended my right hand was a gun and shot his forehead with it. “Bloody hell.
Sh1t. I can‟t stand you anymore.”

I looked away from him but could still feel him staring at me. Actually, grinning at me.

“Having fun picking a fight?” He asked.

I am.

“Or do you want me to take you back to your discussion?” He teased.

No, I don‟t want that. I don‟t know how those guys back there live, their „discussions‟ are so
stupid and blah blah.
“I‟ll stay here. But you can go back to your ahjumma partner”, I mocked.

“She‟s only two years older than me”, he stated.

I stared at him with a smiley face. “See me caring?”

“Why are you smiling?” He asked in a testy tone.

I hate the way he mocks my sarcasm.

“No reason. I feel like it and it‟s none of your business.”

 “Then I‟ll give you a reason.” From the corner of my eye I saw Yoon Sung lift the seat of his
motorbike and draw something out. He held it out to me. I pretended to glance at it
uninterestingly. I wonder what it is?

He said in the most depressing tone ever, “Merry Christmas.” It wasn‟t that depressing, just
so not merry and plain. But now I really wanna know what‟s inside that black box with the
gold ribbon.

I unfolded my arms and took the medium-sized box from him. “How do you know it‟ll make
me smile?”

He raised both eyebrows. “It should.”

“Let‟s make a bet. I say it won‟t make me smile.”

“Open it.”

I lifted off the lid. White tissue paper. White tissue paper only comes with… OMG! I quickly
lifted the paper. Lying inside was the pair of shoes that I had drooled over last time I went
shopping with the bum chums! I couldn‟t stop my cheeks from lifting and lips from parting
and knew Yoon Sung was smirking.

I didn‟t take my eyes of the shoes. “One of them told you didn‟t they?”


I squealed nonstop and afterwards was so spasticated that I had to sit down on his
motorbike to continue admiring the shoes. I kicked my gold stilettos off. Who cares if the
shoes don‟t match my outfit? I was about to take the left shoe when Yoon Sung‟s hand took
it. What…?

“When you were showing off your ticket in front of my aunt”, he knelt down on one knee in
front of me, “she couldn‟t stop hassling me to go. I thought that, thanks to you, I was gonna
go crazy.” His hand gripped the back of my ankle and he slipped the shoe on. “Then one day
after school I went to the university library again and saw my partner. She asked me to go so
I agreed. At least it calmed your boss down.”

Then he reached into the box for the right shoe and did the same thing.

“You‟re that easy?” I questioned. “She asked so you went?”

“She was asking.”

“Bullsh1t. She was begging or else you wouldn‟t have gone to the party.”
So he felt sorry for her. Much as Yoon Sung is a stiff as$hole, I think he‟s the cold-hand-
warm-heart type.

I was about to ask him a question but he replied before I opened my mouth. “The whole
school would‟ve known before the end of the day if I told you.”

“Shut up. I‟m not that bad.”

“Sadly, I think you are.” He stood up. “Done.”

My eyes leapt to my toes. “Oh my f*ck! They‟re f*cken gorgeous!” I wriggled my toes and
dangled my feet. “I‟ve got brand name shoes! I‟ve got brand name shoes! Yoon Sung you
rock!!!” I stood up and started strutting back and forth in the snow. “And they feel so bloody

He paused for a moment. “You‟re smiling. You lost the bet.”

I stopped gazing at the blue shoes. “So what?”

“Will you do me a favour?”

“Do I have a choice?”


“What is it?”

“Be at the store with my aunt more often.”

I stared blankly at him, waiting for more explanation. Just when I thought I‟d have to pry it
out of him, he went into details.

“Do you remember saying I‟m no use at the store?”

“Heck, yeah. You still are.”

“That won‟t ever change… have you ever noticed that aunty is always pale?”

I stiffened. “She‟s… sick?”

Yoon Sung nodded. “She has Ischaemic heart disease. It‟s not good for her to be working.”

It made sense. That‟s why Yoon Sung is always lurking around the store, why he didn‟t like
me working for Madam Oh when he thought I was a lazy worker and why he was cranky
when I didn‟t turn up to work without telling her… OH.

“OH… but why do I have to show up more often? Has it gotten worse?”

He shook his head. “No.”

Instinctively, my eyes went to my feet. I looked back up at him. “Don‟t tell me you‟ve sold
yourself as a prostitute to pay for these.”

“You think so?”

He suddenly smiled cheekily. “You have another bet to pay.”

He had me lost for a moment. Then I remembered. Of course, why would Kang Yoon Sung
forget about the one last dare I owed him?

“Oh yeah. Name it.”

It better not destroy my Christmas.

“It‟s a question.”

“That‟s it?”


Now I speak from experience, everything that seems simple is actually very dangerous.

I took a deep breath. “OK, ask.”

He took in a light breath.

“Do you love me?”

The gentle swooshing of the sea and whistling of the wind became my only helpers. Boom
boom. Boom boom. Why is he asking me that? What am I supposed to say? Boom boom.
Should I swear then just laugh it off? Or answer him like he asked me to? Boom boom. Boom
boom. Boom boom. I‟m lost.


I have to stop hiding. There are some things I should finally give up to gain this Christmas.

I finally gazed into his eyes… “No.”

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Yoon Sung went totally silent and still for a short period, then he looked at me…

And laughed. “Look at your face, don‟t worry, it‟s not gonna kill me.”

I realised I was still holding my breath and that my face was all tensed and quickly reset
myself. Yoon Sung reached out and put his hands on my shoulders. He doesn‟t often touch
me- he‟s kissed me twice but that‟s different to his hands touching my bare shoulders.

“Yoo Jin, I‟m giving up on you.”


He let go and turned sideway, facing the sea. “I give up”, he announced.

What. He gives up?

I stuttered. “That‟s-”

“You can count that as another early Christmas present.”
I studied him closely. “You prepared all this?”

Yoon Sung faced me again. “Only the shoes. I decided to give up on you at the party.”

“The party?”

He explained. “You only like Yoo Sang Hyuk. I saw the way you are in front of him.”

I bent my head. “What way?”

“You‟re another person, you‟re not Kim Yoo Jin.” He lowered his head and stared at me more
intensely, in a way that I knew what he was going to say. “It‟s disappointing.”

I avoided his eyes. Why am I feeling bad? I‟m not guilty of anything, liking someone isn‟t a

The icy wind flew pass us again.

“I‟m shivering”, I stated. “Take your jacket off.”

Yoon Sung quickly slipped it off and handed it to me. I wrapped it around myself. Finally,
warmness. And then I did what I usually stupidly do to lighten the atmosphere.

“F*ck, this is warm. What kind of body fat do you have?” I looked down to my shoes again
and unconsciously started strolling by the harbour. “Don‟t tell me to get over them, because I
can‟t. They‟re so f*cken pretty! And f*ck, how the f*ck did you pay for them?”

He glanced at me. “How many times can you say that word in one sentence?”

I grinned. “A lot.”

“My aunt let me use the money she‟s been saving up for my studying.”

I stopped and widened my eyes. “Why?! It‟s not worth it!”

Yoon Sung took a few more steps forward before stopping and turning around. “I don‟t need
it. I got the scholarship.”

He made it…

He smiled. “I‟m going to Harvard soon.”




Yoon Sung laughed. I was about to scream at him to stop laughing „cause nothing‟s funny
when I felt a light drop on my shoulder. I scanned the scenery.

“It‟s snowing!” I exclaimed.

I chucked Yoon Sung‟s blazer back to him. I don‟t usually get excited by the snow but this
time the little white puffy balls seem to be making me in my slinky black dress warmer. At
least it managed to temporarily distract me. I gazed up to the brightly dark sky and when I
looked at Yoon Sung again, he was staring at me. I gazed at the way Yoon Sung stood there
in his princely black tuxedo and styled hair through the falling snow, gazing at me in that way
which I know he uses only on me. This will probably be one of our last scenes.

(Wheesung ft. Big Mama – Love Is…)


Chapter 34 – Get Real.

Sunrise, 6:30 am.

“Yoo Jin, Yoo Rin, Yoo Naaa! It‟s raining! Get the clothes in!!!”

I burst out of my door at the same time Yoo Rin and Yoo Na did and hurricaned towards the
front door.

“Mother! How can you do this to us?!” I sarcastically shouted to her as I rushed pass the

I pulled the door open and the two other Supers dashed out after me. We took the steps.

“She always chooses to hang the clothes outside at the wrong time!” Yoo Rin complained.

“According to rule #341 of our building it‟s illegal to use the Lady Statue to hang our
clothes!” Yoo Na added.

“Shut the f*ck up Yoo Na!” I retorted.

I jumped into the rain and ran towards the stone Lady Statue standing in the middle on the
concrete ground. Automatically I climbed up the statue and plucked the blue undies off the
curly hair head while the other two threw the undies lined up around her dress into the
laundry basket.

“Goddamit who the hell wears so many undies?!” I screamed as I reached for the hundredth

I snatched the bra lying in the statue‟s held out hand and tossed it in with the others. The
rain poured. Sh1t! I give up. I looked down and was about to tell Yoo Rin and Yoo Na to just
leave it when I saw that Yoo Na still had her glasses on- they were all dotty, so she couldn‟t
see and was blindly reaching for the lingerie. I couldn‟t help myself.

“Yah!” Super Geek snapped. “Unnie did you just fling an undie on me?!”

I cracked up. We spent the next ten minutes shooting bras and undies at each other. It‟s
been so damn long since we last played in the rain.

I was laughing at the sock in Super Freak‟s mouth when she suddenly chucked a bra in my
face. I don‟t what the hell it was but standing there in the rain with a bra hanging off my
head made me remember that time when…
“It‟s raining.”


“How are we going to get home?”

“Uh? Run?”

“No! Not through the rain! That‟s what couples do!”


I pictured myself running with him… then took the bra off my head and strangled Yoo Rin
with it. The frustration!


We lay on my bed head to head with drenched hair and a towel wrapped around our
shoulders, staring up at the ceiling.

“I swear I‟m going to get sick”, Yoo Rin freaked out.

“How sad”, Yoo Na mocked.

“Shut up.”

“No, you shut up.”

“No, you shut up.”

“No, you.”

“No, you.”

“„One must end what they started‟”, Yoo Rin quoted. “I told you to shut up first so I get the
last word.”

Yoo Rin smiled and Yoo Na was defeated.

“Why is Yoo Jin so quiet?” Yoo Rin wandered.

“Yeah. She would‟ve told us to get out of her room by now.”

“No”, I said. “I would‟ve kicked you two as$es out of my room by now.”

“Then why not?” Yoo Na asked.

Yoo Rin ruffled the towel in her hair. “I bet she‟s thinking about Yoon Sung.”

I brushed the white towel that was covering my eyes off. “You freak, how the f*ck did you
know that?”
All she said for a reply was, “He‟s the hottest guy you‟ve ever met. I can‟t believe you
rejected him.”

Yoo Na groaned. “If you love the guy you should just tell him.”

I stuck my elbows out and hit both of them in the side of their stomaches.

“You hypocrite”, I said to Yoo Na. “What about you and that Soo Ann guy?”

It turned out to be that Yoo Na met the guy she was with at the party through some maths
competition and he‟s a first year uni. student. She didn‟t tell me about him because she knew
I would‟ve teased her; good choice because I would‟ve. And I‟m gonna complain to the Moon
because he saved her a ticket and made me scrape for one.

“We‟re just friends.”


“He mostly spent the night with another girl and I didn‟t feel jealous”, she retorted. “Unlike
some people…”

I snapped. “What?”

“Unnie”, Yoo Rin called.


“Do you remember when you were dating Park Im Ho?”

I continued looking up at the white ceiling. “Yeah, what?”

“Remember that time you went to a pizza parlour with him and saw Dong Wan…”

I giggled. “Yes! His face was so funny. He was jealous to the point where he was angry and
he wouldn‟t talk to me for three days!”

Yoo Rin flipped over onto her belly. “Exactly. The way Yoo Na described you last night, you
were acting just like him.”

I glanced at her. “F*ck no!”

Yoo Na laughed. “Yes you were, you were jealous.”


“You were”, she continued to tease and rolled over just like Yoo Rin. “It‟s funny that we could
tease you and him being together now.”

I thought about it. “Yeah…”

I almost forgot that me and Yoon Sung started off as enemies. The first day he came to
Chungdong High the b@stard slapped me.

Super Freak interrupted my thoughts. “Anyway, when did you stop hating him?”

Good point. I retraced my memory; it must‟ve began that summer.
“I remember!” I exclaimed. “It was that stupid summer holidays when you guys all left me to
do your stupid little camping sh1t or whatever.”

“Not me”, Geek denied. “I was in the countryside with our granny.”

Freak slapped her to shut her up then turned to me again. “And since when did you stop
thinking about how almighty Sang Hyuk was?”

“How the hell would I remember?! Around the same time probably.”

She stared at me. “What about you giggling to yourself all of a sudden whenever you think of
what you and Yoon Sung did the day before?”

I turned my head sideways and raised a brow at her. “I don‟t do that.”

“Yes you do”, she stated.

I continued staring back at her. I only laugh every time I think about the weird sarcastic
comments he makes when we‟re on the bus, and that time he made me steal apples and we
ended up running away, and how he tried to hold my hand when he confessed his love to me
but I ran away… hey, he makes me run a lot.

But Freak‟s right. I do giggle whenever I think about those things. Effing God, I‟m mental.

Seeing she was winning, Freak went further. “And did you enjoy his Frenchy?” She smirked.

“Did you?” Geek probed.

They started poking me and saying, “Did you? Did you?”

All of a sudden the memory of him kissing me relived itself. His hand clasping mine, his face
swooping in, his lips pressing against my own… I couldn‟t help but smile bashfully.

I could feel them look at my face. “Aw… she did like it”, my two sisters cooed.

“Shut up. But yeah, it did feel good. He‟s quite good actually”, I acknowledged, nodding.

Then the teasing stopped and Yoo Rin looked at me with all seriousness. “Have you ever
wondered why Dong Wan went back to school?”

I snickered. “No, I know why. The Cub wanted to compete against Yoon Sung.”

“Have you ever wondered why he felt the need to come back?”


I never noticed it before but once Yoo Rin got me started, I suddenly realised why. But I let
the Freak ramble out the answer because the words in my head were all jumbled up.

“Unnie, you‟ve had tonnes of boyfriends before but Dong Wan didn‟t come back to school
every time you got a new one. But when Yoon Sung came along, he did- and it‟s „cause he
saw that you were warming up to Yoon Sung. He thought of Yoon Sung as an adversary
because Yoon Sung is one, because you were falling for Yoon Sung.” She paused to study my
reaction, then continued. “We all know how you are like with guys, Yoo Jin. You go through
that crazy crush phase but you never go pass the 1 st stage before dumping them. And don‟t
you think Dong Wan noticed that? You were warming up to Yoon Sung but you weren‟t going
crazy over him so he knew Yoon Sung was more serious business.”
I stared at her like a donkey. “What the hell‟s „adversary‟?”

“Opponent- or enemy”, Geek explained.

“I know what opponent means”, I said moodily.

“By the look on her face, seems like she didn‟t get me”, Freak sighed. “Yoo Na, summarise.”

Geek nodded. “Dong Wan felt threatened by Yoon Sung because he observed that you were
treating Yoon Sung differently to other guys. And Dong Wan knows you just as well as any of
us so that‟s justified. If Dong Wan thinks you like Yoon Sung, that means you do like him.”

I scoffed. “Since when did my god-brother become God?”

“Yoo Jin!” They both snapped.

I flinched then glared at them. “WHAT?!”

“Get serious!” One said.

The other added, “Yoon Sung‟s leaving soon!”

I sat up. “I know! I am! And get the f*ck back into your own rooms so I can get ready for
school!” I pointed to the door and in two seconds they‟ve whizzed out.

I shut the door after them. I pretended like I didn‟t get a word of what they were saying but
I did understand- and their words are sinking in deep. They kept my damn small brain
thinking and thinking all the way „til I transformed into a zombie and dragged myself to
school early at 7:30am.


I walked along the footpath in front of the school and kept looking ahead to the gates. Maybe
somehow miraculously Yoon Sung would suddenly show up early too. Or maybe any minute
now he‟ll be tapping my shoulder and asking me which ghost convinced me to come to
school early. But it didn‟t happen.

When I entered the classroom, three of the seats were already occupied. The three in front
of my row were filled by my friends, Hye Young, Ha Na and Bok Ja, who I have called up as
an emergency. There is no emergency, I just didn‟t want to turn up to school so early alone.
They were there but I bet half their souls were in La La Land. I let their heads continue to
bop up and down since they all looked so drowsy.

I swung my bag onto the floor and sat down in my usual seat. The quietness made me think

I hate it when Sang Hyuk‟s crush starts getting serious towards Yoon Sung. Jealousy.
I giggle like an idiot whenever I think of him.
My heart pumps like a workout whenever he‟s wearing something that looks good on him.
I secretly go all mushy whenever he gives me the special gaze.
I like how we never run out of things to say to each other.
I actually love and not hate how he is the only one to have better comebacks than me.
They‟re really smashing actually.
I love his sarcasm.
I love his boldness.
I love his goody goodiness.
I love his randomness.
I love his blandness and
… I like his kisses. A lot.

I shut and squeezed my eyes.

(J – Last Christmas)


It was only a small mutter but it managed to wake my three buddies up and make them
instantly swing around in their seats. I stared at them, feeling like a total idiot.

“I‟m such a stupid b1tch!”

“We know”, they all chanted and using their index fingers, crossed themselves.

“I like him!” I cried. No reaction. I slammed my table and stood up. “No. No, I don‟t. I LOVE
HIM!” I felt like flying in the air.

The three looked at me unsurely.

“Who?” Bok Ja queried.

I answered. “Yoon Sung. I love him. I LOVE KANG YOON SUNG!!!”

“FINALLY!” Hye Young exclaimed.

“YES!” Bok Ja shouted.

“GO!” Ha Na commanded. “GO GET HIM!”

“No” I refused. “I have to cut it off with Yoo Sang Hyuk first!”

I sprinted outside the classroom and school and headed off towards Sang Hyuk‟s university.

Goddammit, I‟ve been in love with Yoon Sung since last year‟s summer and I never realised
it. No, I did know but I was too damn stubborn to admit it. I‟ve never failed in catching any
guy so I was defiant towards letting it happen. I had to win. I wanted Sang Hyuk even
though I didn‟t like him anymore. I was stupid. F*cken stooopid. And the stupidest thing is
that I let it get in the way of me and Yoon Sung. Argh, f*ck you, Yoo Jin! Hit yourself!

Of course, I didn‟t.

(Music fade out)

I slowed down when I arrived at the university campus and checked my watch. 8:00. There‟s
plenty of students around so that dork should already be here. I walked into a random
building and turned the corner. Perfect luck. Sang Hyuk still trying to look cool and Im Ho still
looking too muscular. I beamed and hurried towards them when the hallway echoed their
voices. I stopped and went into hiding to eavesdrop.

“Are you planning on asking her out soon?”

“Erh, yeah, yeah”, Sang Hyuk stammered.
Hah, so in the end I still win anyway. Sh1tty moley boy finally likes me when I‟ve decided to
get over him.

“You know, Ki Joon‟s really impressed. He reckons you should join our group soon.”


“Yeah. If you wanna join you‟re gonna have to have connections and Yoo Jin‟s an easy
source. If you wanna join us so bad, you should just ask her out then dump her later when
you‟re in the group.”

Freaken… I clenched my fists. Im Ho still wants to get back at me. Honestly, how dumb.

Sang Hyuk gulped. “Erh, that‟s a good idea but won‟t Yoo Jin…”

“Kill you?” I stepped out.

They both turned. Sang Hyuk gapped at me while Im Ho was staring in shock. I walked
towards them in slow steps.

I smiled. “My cute lil geeky Sang Hyuk.” I tugged at my white scarf and swung it aside. “My
sweet moley moley boy.” Sang Hyuk shivered. I put my arms behind my back and my school
blazer came off. I threw that aside too. The winter weather had nothing on me, I was heating
up fast. I crooked my index finger for him to come forward.

Sang Hyuk shook his head furiously and spun around ready for take off- but I was faster. I
dived and tackled him down.

“NNOOOOO!” Sang Hyuk cried. “WAAAAHH!

I pinned him onto the floor with both knees. “Ask me out and then dump me? DUMP ME?!” I
put an arm around his neck and choked him.

“No! No! Stop stop stop!” He croaked.

I jerked out his spiky hair. “I‟ll teach you how to become a smarter d1ckhead-” I let go of his
neck and headbutted the back of his head. He screamed. “-never f*cken mess with a Kim
Yoo Jin!” I rolled him over and went slap slap slap at his cheeks. “Want to graduate from life?
Then mess with me you as$hole! Fight me! Come on, hit me!”

He shook his head and whimpered, “Noooo. Noooo.”

I punched his mouth to stop his irritating whinging. Someone gasped and I looked up to see
Im Ho still standing there, dumbfounded. He spun around and I ignored him. I‟ll kill him later,
I have to beat the living cr@p out of this nerd first. I punched his head again, stood up then
kicked his guts out.

“Yoo Jin, stop!!!”

I felt someone grab my shoulders and pull me back. I shifted the hands off and turned
around. Song Ki Joon.

I scoffed. “No hurry, Song Ki Joon. You‟re next.”

He bent his head. “Why?”
I glared at him. “Quit playing dumb.”

Ki Joon laughed. “What?”

My lips tightened. “Fine. I‟ll retell your sins. You told Sang Hyuk that if he dates me then
you‟ll let him into your spunky group. And because you said that Park Im Ho here is telling
Sang Hyuk to date then dump me. You lifeless sh1tholes-”

Ki Joon looked confused. He looked down to Sang Hyuk. “Wait, I never said if you date Yoo
Jin then I‟ll let you in the group.”

Sang Hyuk whimpered and turned to Im Ho. “Yarh, you said…”

Im Ho acted ignorant while Ki Joon stared disappointedly at him. So that‟s how it is. It‟s all
Im Ho‟s ploy. Ironically, the thing I bloody hate most in the world is being used and here, the
guy that I‟ve been chasing for two damned years is using me. I took a step back from them
all and looked at Sang Hyuk.

“You imbecile”, I said to him in despair. “You made me…”

I‟d chuck more insults but I couldn‟t. What right have I got to tell him off? This is my fault. I
shouldn‟t‟ve let it happen in the first place. I retrieved my scarf and blazer from the floor and
eyed Im Ho.

“I don‟t care if you‟re done with me or not, but I‟m done with you. The next time you decide
to plot against me, you better prepare your balls for it.” He huffed but I saw the fear in his
eyes. Satisfied, I focused on Sang Hyuk who was still on the hard floor in an ugly heap. “F*ck
you and your mole.”

(J – Last Christmas)

None of them said a word as I turned around and strode away. Then suddenly, I broke out
into a run. Now that I know I was tricked, I felt even more excited to search for Yoon Sung. I
cut it off. I‟m ready to move on, I‟M READY TO ROCK YOON SUNG‟S WORLD!

I fled like a maniac through the snow.


I pressed the doorbell and stood there waiting. I quickly fixed my scarf, combed my messy
snow hair then practiced smiling. Screw it, he won‟t care. I‟m not pretty anyhow.

I said that but I continued standing there smiling at the door. What‟s taking him so long?

I knocked on it. “Hello?!” I bellowed. “Yoon Sung! Open the door!” No sound. “Open the
freaken door!!!”

Wait, isn‟t today a school day? I checked my watch. He already went to school- maybe he
dropped by the store, I know he sometimes does that in the morning…

I dashed back into the lifts. I waited two minutes for a bus then caught it to the stop I
usually get off to walk to Runway Styles.

(Music stops)
I peered ahead. The lights aren‟t on. And the OPEN sign hasn‟t been flipped over. I ran to the
glass doors and stared at the A4 piece of paper stuck behind it:

                                STORE CLOSED FOR THE DAY.
                             BUSINESS WILL RESUME TOMORROW.

Closed? Why?

I‟m going to Harvard soon.

I sped in the direction I came from. F*ck, he didn‟t tell me soon meant tomorrow! Madam
Oh‟s seeing him off at the airport! That b@stard! Why didn‟t he tell me?!!!

I tried pushing my legs faster when abruptly a figure clad in black stood in front of me.


“Yoo Jin?”

I stopped trying to get through and stared up at Madam Oh. “Oh. Madam.” I peeked behind
her. “Where‟s Yoon Sung?”

She gazed at me pitifully.


The bus drove over a huge hump which made my head bang against the window again, but I
didn‟t care, I kept leaning on it and staring out though I wasn‟t really seeing anything in

That d1ckhead‟s gone. He went without telling me. He doesn‟t wanna see me anymore. Yoon
Sung doesn‟t want me anymore.

I let out a cry which scared everyone on the bus. “Aaaahhh! I screwed up. I screwed up!!!”

I was regretting it more and more. The bus halted in front of Chungdong High and I hopped
off before hauling myself into the school. If I was watching this part in a movie I would‟ve
cried by now but funny, I couldn‟t cry a tear now even if I tried to. I feel… empty. Plain. Hard
and cold.


What‟s all the cheering about? I lifted my head up. A crowd of students were gathered
around in a circle. If it wasn‟t for catching a glimpse in between people of who it was they
were encircling I wouldn‟t have bothered to pay attention. Dong Wan looking extra short. A
few seniors left the circle and left a space which let me see what was happening. Dong Wan
was on one knee on the ground, holding a red bouquet out to Ha Na. I was about five metres
away from them but could still hear Dong Wan.

“Jung Ha Na, will you go out with me?” He said loudly.
I slipped out a small smile seeing Ha Na‟s face. She was angrily embarrassed and positively
shocked. She glanced at him then flicked her chin away.

“Come on, come on!” The crowd urged.

And then the crowd went wild.



Ha Na uncrossed her arms and stared around at the crowd surprisedly.

“YES! YES! YES!” They continued pressing.

She looked at Dong Wan again. He had a cocky grin on his face. He knows he‟s gonna win. I
watched as Ha Na sighed then nodded and accepted the bouquet. The crowd roared and
whistled. I smiled. I knew she still had a thing for him, it‟s probably more casual on Dong
Wan‟s side though. I turned around and began walking out of the school.

“At least some people aren‟t too late”, I mumbled to myself.

I tucked my hands into my pockets, snuggled into my white scarf and continued forward.

Moral of the story people, know what you‟ve got before it‟s gone.

(J – Last Christmas)


A/N: chapter 35-end on http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=80577 only.

Chapter 35 – Just In Time.

8 years later, 2006 and f*cken 25 years old.

“Damn, I‟m late!” I shouted.

Ha Na sat on the black stool at the breakfast bar in my kitchen, helping herself to my coffee
and reading my magazine. She grew her hair out ever since dating Happy Cub but other than
that none of them have changed much. Last night she slept over in my new apartment
because she got pissed off at Dong Wan for celebrating with his gang after he won the
motorcycling competition and left her at home alone. Yeah, the Happy Cub went on to pursue
a motorcycling career and he‟s really famous in the sport. N about The Gentle Tigers, they‟re
still operating underground- people think they‟re gone but underneath the mini gangs, Dong
Wan‟s still the Big Boss so Ha Na doesn‟t have to work. The two are weird, they live together
like a married couple yet they‟re still only dating and have a fight every two days.

Ha Na glanced up from the magazine as I hopped around on one high heel. “You care about
being late now?”

I put the other black heel on. “I care about money so yeah, I care about losing it.”

“You never told me you were gonna be in Cosmopolitan.”

I glanced at the magazine. So the interview‟s published.

“Don‟t whinge, you‟re getting a free read.”

She flicked the page over. “You never stop being in the spotlight, do you?”


She snorted then added, “Nice jeans.”


I was wearing dark three-quarter jeans which faded to a light blue in the middle and the ends
were folded up to give it the funky look. I also added an olive green slinky top, matching
dangly earrings, black handbag and let my now sexy hair fall out in natural waves. Pricey
shampoo comes with its benefits.

“But isn‟t your outfit a bit cold? It‟s autumn”, Ha Na asked, looking out the glass wall.

“I‟ll suffer in the name of fashion”, I said, then thought again and grabbed the white coat
that was hanging over the edge black couch.

“Have you ever considered calling Yoon Sung? He‟s back t-”

I cut in. “Get over it, Ha Na. I‟m engaged and still independent.” I yanked the door open.
“And get out of my place by tonight! Sort it out, god-sis.”

“He wishes, I‟m not marrying him”, she retorted.

“Whatever.” I slammed the door.

Ha Na stood by the glass wall and looked down. She waited „til she saw Yoo Jin leave the
building and take off down the street before picking up the phone. If Yoo Jin won‟t, she will.
She dialled in the number.

Yoon Sung stood in the kitchen, wearing white pants and a cream woollen sweater, reading
the newspaper and drinking a glass of water. Korea‟s changed a lot in the last eight years
and Yoon Sung had to catch up if he was going to keep his job. The phone rang. Yoon Sung
put the newspaper he was holding in one hand down and went to the phone‟s position on the
glass table beside the white lounge.

Yoon Sung listened intently and hung up. One, two three and he was rushing out the door.

I was hurrying to the station and as if things weren‟t bad enough, it suddenly rained.

“Sh1t!” I cursed then started running with my hands over my head.

A big figure blocked my way. I stepped aside but that figure did the same thing. I shuffled to
the other side and it imitated again. I looked up into the face of a sleazy pervert.

He gazed at me and uttered dreamily, “You‟re beautiful.”

I gawked at him. “And you‟re ugly.”

I pushed him aside and ran to the undercover station. Shelter, finally.

The dude wasn‟t sucking up when he said I‟m beautiful. I don‟t know what happened but
after I left high school I started to shed off even more fat and over the years my face grew
more oval, my eyes went round and bigger and my lips just started looking more sexy. Even
Hye Young reckons I‟m prettier than her. The other day I saw some girls who went to
Chungdong High and who back then were all prettier than me- they barely recognised me.
They stopped me in the middle of the street and stared up and down at me like I was an
alien. They wouldn‟t believe that I didn‟t get plastic surgery, but I could believe that they
looked uglier. Umma reckons the older I get the hotter I look, so that means by the time I‟m
60 I‟ll be a hippy lady. Damn, if only that‟ll happen.

I went up to the ticket booth and purchased one ticket then left to wait on the platform. I
heard the sound of the train coming and it emerged in the distance.

The voice over announced, “The train on platform 1 goes to Euljiro 1-ga, Euljiro 3-ga, Euljiro
4-ga, Dongdaemun Stadium, Sindang, Sangwangsimni, Wangsimni-”

The doors slid back and I slipped in front of the fat woman in pink- she could cover me from
the stampede. I spotted an empty seat near the back, walked down the aisle (fully aware of
men‟s eyes ogling over me) and quickly took it. Window seats. My favourite. The voice over
went on some more and the doors closed before the train ran. Man, I haven‟t caught a train
in a long time.

Now dressed in a silver suit and black silk tie, Yoon Sung dashed up the stairs to Platform 1.

“The train on platform 1 goes to Euljiro 1-ga, Euljiro 3-ga, Euljiro 4-ga, Dongdaemun
Stadium, Sindang, Sangwangsimni, Wangsimni-”

Yoon Sung‟s eyes searched the crowd to the right but he couldn‟t see her. His head turned to
the left and the only thing that caught his eye is the fat woman in pink- only because she
was so bright. The doors closed and the train took off.

He quickly dashed back down the stairs.
(Epik High ft. Kensie – I Remember)
If I had paid attention I wouldn‟t have chosen this seat. A big fat man was sitting in front of
me and I could barely see anything else. I like to judge other people‟s styles. At least my
nosiness is still in me. My eyes drifted out the window and Chungdong High came into view. I
gasped. Oh my God! My high school! I got lost in the series of flashbacks that made my life. I
laughed to myself as that last memory of Ha Na giving up under peer pressure to Dong Wan
ended. It‟s already been 8 years… geez I‟m feeling old.

Man I miss those days... I looked down to the silver diamond ring on my fourth left finger. No
one‟s got an engagement ring that has a silver lily flower and diamond butterfly on it- except
me because I‟m special.

“Yah! Isn‟t that Kim Yoo Jin?!”

I lifted my head and looked around. Two girls my age were sitting on the seat opposite me
and they were sharing a magazine, looking from it to me and it to me again. They‟re reading
Cosmopolitan. Ha Na‟s right, I never stop being in the spotlight; just like I was infamous in
my high school days, I‟m famous in the celebrity world. I grinned cockily and acted like I
couldn‟t hear them.

“She‟s so pretty!”

“I know!”

“Her clothes are so great, no wonder Sa Ra had to hire her from the States. And she didn‟t
even finish design school- she dropped out and worked at some boutique. Remember that
celebrity in America who became famous overnight at the Golden Globes because of her
outfit? She found Yoo Jin from the boutique and hired her, Kim Yoo Jin was the one who
pieced that outfit.”

“Oh… she‟s really stylish though. But hasn‟t she got that foul temper…?”

“Don‟t know how Sa Ra can put up with her, huh?”

Yeah, Sa Ra‟s manager is always telling me to calm down and all the other people who‟ve
worked with me in the past know my temper. But because I‟m a good stylist, they have to
put up with it. Most of the time I can control it. I‟m smiley and lots of people think I‟m so
polite and well-mannered, and I like to keep it that way. But sometimes people could still
catch a glimpse of the inner Kim Yoo Jin.

“I heard she‟s engaged to a really rich guy.”

He‟s not that rich…

“Yeah, I heard about him too.”

“She says she met him in high school.”

“Oh? Apparently he was the top entrepreneur last year- and he‟s really hot.”

“Doesn‟t he head some financial company?”

“Nah, but I think he is up there.”

I couldn‟t help but glow.

“Isn‟t his name something like K, K…”
“Ki Joon?”

“Yeah, I think that‟s it.”

I simply snickered. F*ck, how long can they go on about me? The train came to a stop and
the girls took one last glance at me before getting off the train. The fat guy sitting in front of
me got off too. Yes!!! His big figure got up and moved aside, and that‟s when I saw the
familiar, one and only…


I leaned forward slightly and confirmed it. That‟s definitely the nerdy Sang Hyuk. I haven‟t
seen him since that last time I beat him up and God, I‟m glad I didn‟t end up dating him. He
looks even worse now than he did when he was younger. That mole which I used to adore is
now double the size- or maybe I just haven‟t seen it for so long, and his face has gone
chubby and tubby. His old glasses were still sitting on the bridge of his nose and he wore a
white grandpa‟s hat, a red cardigan and grey pants. He needs a makeover.

And, he was staring at me. The train came to a second stop and I stood up. Sang Hyuk‟s
eyes didn‟t leave me as I walked down that aisle. All of a sudden, the woman that was in pink
and sitting next to him started bashing him up with her handbag.

“Checking out girls? Checking out girls?! Look at me, you useless husband!” She screeched.

Sang Hyuk recoiled. “No, no hunny! Wifey, I won‟t do it anymore!”

His wife? What, he‟s married already? I bet you‟re regretting it now, Yoo Sang Hyuk. Not that
I would‟ve married him. I grinned in victory and continued walking straight forward as the
other men continued perving at me.

Yoo Sang Hyuk is just someone that I wanted and could never have.

If someone shoves him in a box and gives it to me now I‟ll trash it- because I have a way
better man.

I stood waiting behind the doors as the train smoothly halted. The doors slid back… and I
came face to face with a handsome man in silver. I stared at him in surprise.

My fiancé, Kang Yoon Sung.

Final Chapter: Chapter 36 – To Catch Your Love.

I turned around and began walking out of the school.

“At least some people aren‟t too late”, I mumbled to myself.
I tucked my hands into my pockets, snuggled into my white scarf and continued forward.

“Hey, Yoo Jin!” I heard Bok Ja call.

It must‟ve distracted everyone‟s attention because it all went quiet and Dong Wan caught up
to me.

“Hey, little god-sis!”

I stopped. “You sneaky Tiger. You never told me you were gonna-”

He interrupted. “You got your own problems to worry about.” He checked his watch. “Come
on! Or else you won‟t make it!”

I stared at him weirdly. “What are you talking about?”

Ha Na jumped in. “Shut up and just go!”

“What the-”

“We‟ve been waiting for you”, Bok Ja said.

“There‟s no more time! Quick!” Hye Young urged.

They started pushing me while Dong Wan pulled me.

I yelled. “No! STOP!” They all instantly laid their hands off me. “What are you guys going on

Dong Wan pulled out something out from his pockets and flashed it in front of me. “This is a
ticket to America. You‟re going to Massichussa.”

“Massachusetts”, Hye Young corrected.

“Whatever. The plane‟s leaving in an hour.”

“You guys are crazy.”

“We‟re not. You‟ve got your parents‟ approval.”

Now they have my full attention because I have no f*cken idea what they are saying. “How?”

“Yoo Rin told me your dad wanted to send you studying abroad in America so I told him that
if he gets everything ready, I‟ll persuade you to get on the plane.”

I glared at him. “You f*cken prick… you‟re the best!!!”

He grinned.

My smile faded. “But what about me? What the hell am I supposed to do once I get there?
Sleep in the airport toilets?”

“Everything‟s done!” Dong Wan said. “You just have to get your as$ there and chase after
that Yoon Sung guy.”

“I don‟t even know his address.”
“I do!”


“I investigated.”

“Stop saying half-sentences!”

“STOP TALKING!” Bok Ja roared. We all jumped. “GO!!”

Dong Wan pulled me up to his motorbike and we hopped on. This is such a big rush. In one
second I‟m mourning over a lost could‟ve-been-boyfriend and in the next I‟m going to
America to find him. Dong Wan started the motor and was about to take off when-

“Stop!” I turned to Ha Na, Hye Young and Bok Ja. “I‟ll miss you all.”

They burst out crying. “Me too!” We all hugged. “Oh my f*ck”, I sniffed while hugging them,
“I‟ll be living without you guys!”

They sobbed even harder.

Ha Na suddenly dropped her arms. “Let go, let go!” She ordered the others.

The connection broke and in the next second, I was waving good-bye to them as I sat on the
back seat of Dong Wan‟s motorbike.

Once they were out of seeing distance I spun around and sat properly. “What about my
family?” I questioned Dong Wan.

“Don‟t worry, as long as you‟re out of the country they‟ll be happy”, he replied.

“I‟d rock the bike but I need you to get me to the airport.”

“I know. Hold on tight Yoo Jin, „cause this is the last time I‟ll be giving you a ride.”

I nodded. “From now on, it‟ll only be for Ha Na, huh?”

I could tell he was smirking. “We‟ll see about that.”

Soon we were at the airport and I was standing beside Dong Wan who stayed on his

“Ticket, passport, accommodation, college info”, he ranted, passing over a stack of booklets.

“OK. Thanks.”

We stared at each other.

“Go get him”, he said.

I nodded. “And you better treat Ha Na good.”

“Depends on how much she‟s willing to give me.”

“Ba$tard.” I knew he was joking.

“Take care”, we both said.

“Bye, Happy Cub!”

He nodded. I smiled, whirled around and entered the airport‟s automatic doors as Dong Wan
sped off.

I‟m all alone now. Oh sh1t, I‟ve never been overseas, where the hell am I supposed to go?
And what am I gonna do in America? My English is so cr@p! Come to think of it… f*ck, I
have a lot of problems.

Ah whatever.


I entered the western cafe and pulled my hood back. The skinny prick looked me up and
down like I wasn‟t good enough for the place. I glared at him until the brunette shrunk back
and scurried away. Ah huh. That‟s right, dude, run. I nodded to myself; impressive, the Yoo
Jin Death Stare even works in America. Why was he even looking at me like that? Do I look
like I got no money? White bubble jacket with brown fur on the hood‟s edges, black jeans
and black boots. Nothing wrong.

Another waitress- blonde- ran up to me and quickly showed me in.

“How many people?” She asked in English.

I know that. I stretched my mouth sideways and said, “Waan.”

She nodded and showed me to a table lined against the right wall. I took my seat and she
said a heap of jumbo sh1t I didn‟t understand. I nodded anyway and she walked off. She
better not bring out an Irish folk band- that‟s what happened at the last cafe. I scanned the
cafe for a sign of Yoon Sung but couldn‟t see him. This is Yoon Sung‟s new part-time job and
I‟m his new full-time stalker. I hate it. I don‟t even know why I‟m doing it but I can‟t stop
myself. I just haven‟t found a good chance to confess yet. I would‟ve run straight to him after
getting off the plane but I was too bloody dog tired after all the vomiting and getting lost and
running around. I hate planes.

But today, it should be all worth it. Yoon Sung doesn‟t know I‟ve been snooping around him
so it‟ll be a big surprise.

“Your menu, miss.”

A black and white thin book was placed in front of me. I looked up. “Tenk yew-”

I was staring at Yoon Sung the waiter. He nodded politely then turned away. I death stared
his back. He acted like he didn‟t know me. He wasn‟t even surprised!!! I was about to chuck a
fit when I noticed that he was in uniform... and burst out laughing hysterically.

He paused and stared at me, and so did everyone else in the cafe. I couldn‟t stop myself and
hugged onto my stomach.

“Ha ha, ha ha, haaa…..”
Eventually I felt lame and calmed down. Boy, Yoon Sung looks funny in a waiter‟s uniform. I
suddenly remembered that I was supposed to me mad at him so I picked up the menu and
waved my hand around.

“Ohder ohder ohder!” I shouted to him.

Yoon Sung turned around and made his way back to me when an Asian oldie popped by with
a notepad.

“What would you like?” She asked.

Yoon Sung continued his path back to the kitchen. Damn it! I glanced at the Asian who had
no idea why I was giving her attitude and picked up the menu. What the hell does this say?

The waitress noticed and by the way she was going on, I think she was making some

This is what it sounded like to me: “Ow speshil doonite is samen with peech sosa.”

I said in Korean: “If I have any f*cken idea what you just said I‟ll eat a monkey.”

She said: “I said our special tonight is salmon with peach salsa.” In Korean.

I was dumbfounded. Damn, she‟s Korean. Nuh-duh, Yoo Jin, she‟s got no eyelids! I felt my
cheeks burn.

“Yeah, give me that”, I said.

She went off with the menu. I‟m starting to get pissed. How embarrassing!

By the time the brunette waiter from earlier had returned with my dish I was ready to kick
some butts. Yoon Sung didn‟t even look at me once! The waiter threw the plate at me and
said moodily, “Your order.”

He‟s definitely gay.

I swore in English. “F*ck yew.”

“Excuse me?”

“I say, f*ck yew jumbo sh1t.”


Stuff the English. I blew off in authentic Korean. “How the hell did you get a job here?!
You‟re customer service is so f*cken screwed up!”

“I don‟t know what you‟re saying! Cue teh johdan! Me cago en la leche, hue les a mierda!”

Sh1t, is that Spanish? I continued swearing at him in Korean and he in Spanish until the
manager and other workers had to come and separate us. At this point, I wanted to twist his
head off. I grabbed a spoon and threw it at him. It knocked his forehead and he went wild.
The Spanish chick-waiter dived at me and we had another punch-up. I almost succeeded in
yanking a patch of his hair out when all of sudden Yoon Sung pushed us apart, or rather, he
pushed the guy away then shielded me.
I could tell the gay guy was speaking English again. “Yoon Sung!” And the rest I didn‟t
understand so it was all a blur to me.

I can‟t see his face but Yoon Sung replied to him calmly in his usual short-answer style which
totally got me going ga-ga. He‟s so dangerously powerful as usual.

I heard the b1tch utter the word „sorry‟. He‟s demanding an apology?!

“Kiss my as$”, I said in English and slapped my butt.

Yoon Sung spun around. “Yoo Jin!” He stared at me and then he must‟ve realised what I said
because he tried to suppress a smile, but then ended up laughing. “Pff, ha, ha, hahaha!”

I saw the manager and a few others sneak a chuckle too. The b1tch wasn‟t happy.

“Yoo Jin”, Yoon Sung called, “Wait for me outside.” He nodded towards the door.

Well, I got a guy to protect me so why not let him. I scoffed then left to wait outside in the
cold. Luckily it didn‟t take long, in five minutes Yoon Sung was outside with me in denims, a
blue jumper and black jacket.

“What happened?” I asked as he started walking straight.

“I quit.”

“What?!” I started to feel bad. I haven‟t even confessed yet and already I caused a

He brushed the matter off. “I‟ll find another job.”

“Why? What was that b1tch saying?”

“He wanted an apology from you.”

“Why didn‟t you make me say it?”

“Because it‟s his fault.”

I reluctantly admitted, “Yeah, it is the b1tch‟s fault! But I kinda-”

He cut in. “So you don‟t have to apologise or even be apologetic. It pays sh1t anyway.”

There‟s not a better excuse. “OK”, I quickly accepted.

Yoon Sung knew that I was the one who made the big deal out of things but he still said it
was that Spanish guy‟s fault. He‟s- what‟s that word- biased. Hah, no matter what, he‟s on
my side. I grinned to myself.

We kept walking pass the other cafes and he didn‟t say anything.

“Aren‟t you gonna ask me why I‟m here?”

“Aren‟t you supposed to tell me?”

“How was I supposed to know that you want to know?” I retaliated.

“How was I supposed to know that you want me to know?” He challenged.
I raised my voice. “How was I supposed to know that you don‟t know I don‟t know that you
don‟t know?”

“How was I supposed to know that you don‟t know that you don‟t know that I don‟t know
that you don‟t know?” His face went blank. “Damn.”

Once in a while, I do win against Yoon Sung.

“I think there‟s one too many „don‟t knows‟ in there”, I said as we both stared at each other

He smiled at his own stupidity. “Yeah.”

We stood completely still …

“Yah, why aren‟t you surprised that I‟m here? Hello, I‟m in America!”

“I‟ve seen your face in too many windows”, he replied.

I thought about what he was implying. “You knew!”

The corner of his mouth slightly upturned.

“So why didn‟t you just bust me?! Why did you have to make me follow you around for a
whole week you as$hole!!”

“It was funny watching you follow me but I was wondering when you would come out.”

Something about his manner… why do I get the feeling that- “You knew I was coming.”

“Dong Wan told me”, he stated.

That nosy d1ckhead.

“I hate you.”

By now, we were standing in a deserted place where there were black tiles. Beside us was a
black tiled, long and low rectangular pool with baby sprouts of water shooting up- in winter?
A bit of snow, rhythmic water, evening sky, glowing trees… this is too good.

I stared up at Yoon Sung.

“I do hate you, how could you just leave me like that?”

He looked at me and replied in a casual way, like the answer was obvious. “I couldn‟t imagine
us saying good-bye.”

“… So you made me chase you?!”

He raised a brow. “All the way from Korea?”

“All the way from Korea, I damn well did”, I repeated defiantly. “And I was crazy enough to
do that because-”

My heart fluttered nerve racking-ly.

“… Saranghaeyo.”

Yoon Sung didn‟t say anything. He just looked at me blandly. Now I really hate his coldness.
Maybe „I love you‟ was too strong. Scared that I‟m too late, I quickly broke the silence.

“I lied to you last time when you dared me to tell the truth so that‟s not counted.”

He looked straight into my eyes. “So does that mean I have another dare?”

I nodded.

Finally, Yoon Sung smiled. “Kiss me.”

I don‟t even have to think about that. I grabbed his face and kissed him… and his arms
gathered me in.

(G.O.D – Saranghae Kurigo Kiyokae / Love & Memory)


“Yoon Sung…” I said in surprise.

That nosy b1tch Ha Na hasn‟t changed a bit, so nosy!

He frowned. “Why didn‟t you call me?”

I stepped onto the platform and we walked towards the stairs. “Just because we‟re engaged
it doesn‟t mean I have to report everything to you.”

“No, but your Mercedes broke down one week after coming back from the States, I happen
to live in the building next to you and you‟ve forgotten how to catch a train- your stop is the
next one.” Sh1t, he‟s right. “Get over your independence movement.”

I grinned. “If I really wanted to, I‟d knock on your door at 5 in the morning for a lift.”

“I know”, he replied. “But I don‟t need the extra sleep.”

How did he know I wanted to let him sleep in? I kind of kept him awake last night, talking
over the phone so yeah… hell, he probably knows me more than I do now.

I stopped and noticed his loose tie. He stood still as I fixed it up. “You shouldn‟t have come
back to Seoul; now people think that I‟m engaged to Song Ki Joon.”

Yoon Sung chuckled. Ki Joon‟s just the son of the owner of the billion-dollar company that
Yoon Sung‟s gotta compete against. He‟s pretty famous too but once Yoon Sung starts
working they‟ll be able to tell the difference.
I finished fixing the tie then Yoon Sung had to fix it again. Ch. Yeah, I work with fashion but I
can‟t do a tie properly. Looking around, I realised that a lot of girls were checking Yoon Sung
out. I beamed in pride but then glared at them all.

“But I know you‟re my fiancée”, Yoon Sung stated. His hand slipped into mine. “I have
something for you.”

He pulled me out of the station and led me down the road. I spotted the thing right away. I
gazed at it dreamily before turning sideways to him.

In a dead serious tone I said, “I like you- A LOT.”

Yoon Sung let out a small grin. “We‟re sharing it”, he teased.

“F*ck off! I‟m not marrying a poofter”, I said, staring at the pinkness.

“Why would anyone marry a female who‟s a crap driver, bully and swearing jukebox?”

I glared at him. He smirked, bent down and gently kissed my lips. I pretended it didn‟t affect
me. Man… more more more!

“I‟m an all-in-one special package”, I defended.

I‟m not that bad at driving. It‟s just that the last time I went on Yoon Sung‟s bike he had to
team up with Dong Wan and his gang to do something about the roads so that I could drive
a clear path and it ended up causing this massive traffic congestion.

“You know that‟s parked in the disabled parking area only?” He questioned me.

“You‟re so rich and stingy!”

Despite saying that, I rushed onto the pink and white motorbike he bought me and sped off.
Hehehe, finally, my own bike…

“Yoo Jin!” Yoon Sung called.

“Sh1t!” I screamed. “How the f*ck do you brake?!!!”

Yoon Sung raised his brow and took out his phone.

Dong Wan answered. “Hello?”

“Naughty Girl Gives Seoul Traffic Hell Part 2.”

(Honey Family ft. Park Hway Yo Bi – 좋은 아침/Good Morning)

Are you ready for it?


Bonus Track: Rhyme Bus - Luv Game

Character Summary…

Kim Yoo Jin: Irascible.

Fierce, loud, obnoxious, rude and unbelievable. Sometimes she says things that make you
think she‟s a love-me-self but really, Yoo Jin knows her flaws- she just jokes about it. Though
she‟s arrogant and annoying, Yoo Jin‟s actually a good person; she‟s loyal and brave. OK,
now she just sounds cliché like a K-drama character but I‟m proud to announce that that‟s
not true. Yoo Jin isn‟t the typical outer-bad, inner-good type. She‟s evil. She really is really
bad. She flirts, she gets bored of guys easily and then dumps them, but she can‟t help it (well
she could but she couldn‟t be bothered). Yoon Sung‟s her weakness.

Kang Yoon Sung: Phlegmatic.

Indifferent most of time (except when Yoo Jin manages to piss him off), patient, smart,
straightforward and honest- your typical Mr. Cool. Yoon sung is the type that doesn't talk
much, but when he does you'll be surprised what comes out of his mouth. He‟s not afraid of
talking or hates it, it‟s just he only talks when he feels the need to. It‟s got something to do
with his un-nosy personality. But, Yoon Sung always gets even on things and is THE ONE
when it comes to comebacks. Another thing about him is that when he‟s in the mood, he
teases people just for the fun of it (eg. Yoo Jin, Dong Wan, Im Ho…). In a way, Yoon Sung
and Yoo Jin are similar in that they both are playful, except Yoo Jin's the more silly one
whereas Yoon Sung is more subtle. Yoo Jin is the only non-family member that is able to
break through Yoon Sung‟s „NOT INTERESTED‟ wall with her „I don‟t give a sh1t who you are‟
attitude. Why did Yoon Sung fall for Yoo Jin? Because she‟s such an interesting character and
mass of contradiction all on her own.

Kim Dong Wan: Nonchalant.

Dong Wan‟s almost always uncaring and relaxed. He‟s the chill-out casual type but when
there‟s trouble, he turns 180 degrees. Although he‟s cool most of the time, people know not
to aggravate him. Again, except Yoo Jin. As if she cares. The problem with Dong Wan is that
his competition, pride and selfishness blinds him. Yoon Sung made him realise that he‟s not
as in love with Yoo Jin as he thinks he is, so that‟s how he ended up letting go of Yoo Jin.

Yoo Sang Hyuk: Coward.

He‟s the dork from Tipsy-Poe-Lala land. He wants fame and is cheap in getting to it (karma,
that‟s why he couldn‟t get into medicine). Sometimes he does try to be a man, like that time
he tried to rescue Yoo Jin from the kidnappers, but most of the time, he‟s incapable. Yoo Jin‟s
just not his type and no matter what she does, he just doesn‟t want her. Even when she‟s
sexy and beautiful, Yoo Jin would succeed in seducing him but never in making him truly like


Well, that‟s it. Whoa, it actually took me longer than a year to complete this fic- mostly
because I abandoned it for about half a year to finish Diaries of a Distance first. My sister was
(or in some ways, still is) very similar to how I depicted Yoo Jin. They‟re almost like twins
except my sister doesn‟t swear that excessively. (Trust me, writing her character has had a
really bad influence on my language- I think some of you got affected too, lmao). And yep,
my sis did chase after her Sang Hyuk for two whole years before finally getting over him but
in the end, she still couldn‟t have him. He ruined all the pride she had and that is why I made
Yoo Jin do the same thing. The idea is that my sister could never have Sang Hyuk, not even
in a story. Lol. She was like, “Oh great. I can‟t even have him in a f*cken story, change it!!!”
when I told her how the ending was like. I thought it was too funny to change or else I
would‟ve made it just like what you guys all thought when you read the 1st chapter,
gangsteress chasing nerd. I compensated through Yoon Sung being a different kind of nerd

Not all things in the story were true though, as you would‟ve worked out. Chapter 4 was

The title refers to Sang Hyuk and Sang Hyuk only but I guess you guys can read the title
however you want. It can be connected to Yoon Sung in a way. After all, he didn‟t start liking
Yoo Jin until the „Summer Hearts‟ chapters. While I‟m at it, I might as well clarify that Yoon
Sung fell in love with Yoo Jin before she did with him- but then she kinda liked him before he
did. Lol, does that make sense?

The celebs I used in this story weren‟t the original names. Somehow I read the rules and
thought that all soompi stories had to have celebs in it so I changed the names I wanted to
use and looked for suitable substitutes. Well Kang Yoon Sung isn‟t exactly suitable for the
character but I thought the name quite unique so yeah… really, we all know Yoo Jin‟s Yoon
Sung is hot in the coolest way.

The overall tone in this story is play play play. Shim Tae Yoon‟s „Nan Nul Sarang Hae Nuh
Man Sarang Hae II‟ (chp. 21), Girl Friends‟ „Blah Blah‟ (chp.34) and the ending theme
are the three main songs describing the big picture of HLNGN so if you haven‟t downloaded
them yet, I strongly recommend it. It‟s only three songs. Another one I truly love is J‟s „Last
Christmas‟- one of my all time favourites.

Towards the last chapters, you guys probably thought how sucky this started being but you
know, all stories have their ups and downs. I was reluctant but I had to include the down

The ending. Originally I wanted the last scenes to be something about Yoo Jin and Yoon
Sung being lovey dovey or doing something romantic but then that‟s too cliché. Besides, I
wanted to show Yoo Jin‟s never ending aura. I could‟ve just stopped at Yoo Jin never seeing
Yoon Sung again too but then that‟s just too tragic. This is supposed to be a comedy for God
sakes! And so,

He Loves Naughty Girl Not ends here people.

So give me all the dough you got on this! Bad comments or good, it‟s for the last time.

Thanks, guys!

-love s u n d a e_.

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