The Independent Community Bankers Political Action Committee by yaofenji

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									   The Independent Community Bankers Political Action Committee (ICBPAC) is the non-partisan
 political action committee of the Independent Community Bankers of America. ICBPAC is the only
  federal PAC exclusively dedicated to representing the community banking industry. Thousands of
banking professionals from across the country have made contributions to ICBPAC in order to ensure
                   that our industry has a unified and powerful voice in Washington.

    The following individuals have made contributions to ICBPAC in 2008 (updated through May 31st)

                            Independent Community Bankers of America
                                        Lori Braegelmann
                                          Abigail Bresett
                                           Daniel Clancy
                                         Christopher Cole
                                           Timothy Cook
                                            Ronald Ence
                                           Camden Fine
                                           Ann Grochala
                                             John Hand
                                           Linda Heinze
                                         J. James Hooper
                                          George Jenkins
                                              Ike Jones
                                            Michael Lahr
                                          Greg Martinson
                                           Paul McGuire
                                          Marlee Melville
                                             Jan Meyer
                                             Joyce Moe
                                           Dewite North
                                           Runay Olson
                                             Kelly Pike
                                            Mark Raitor
                                           Robert Rowe
                                           Mark Scanlan
                                     Monica Schulzetenberg
                                            John Steffes
                                          Karen Thomas
                                           Mark Traeger
                                            Karen Tyson
                                           Steve Verdier
                                            Viveca Ware
                                        L. Cary Whaley III
                                           Pam Wolbeck

                                   ICBA Financial Services Corp.
                                          William Reid Jr.

                                    ICBA Securities Corporation
                                          C. J. Pickering
                                          James Reber
          ICBA Bancard
            Kevin Bell
         Scott Broughton
          Linda Echard
          A. Eisenrauch
           Alan Nevels

ICBA Reinsurance Company, LTD
         Stephen Ello

     ICBA Services Network
       V. Monique Cooper
          Chris Lorence
           David Petro
          Gary Teagno

         TCM Bank, N.A.
       Elizabeth Alexander
         Joseph Shallow
           Alan Stager
           Paul Weston

   ICBA Mortgage Corporation
        Elizabeth Deal

ICBA - Great Lakes Regional Office
          Michael Marx

ICBA-Mid Atlantic Regional Office
         John McNair

  ICBA-Midwest Regional Office
          David Hibbs

 ICBA-Southeast Regional Office
         David Moore

 ICBA-Southwest Regional Office
          Chip Lynch

       CBAA Services, Inc.
         J. Scott Miller

       Citizens Bank, Inc.
           F. B. Ellison
        Linda Gulledge
        Robert Gulledge
       Thomas Gulledge
           E.G. Manci
         John Nelson II
           Cullman Savings Bank
                John Riley

           First Federal Bank, FSB
              Charles Wolbach

             First National Bank
                Tony Williams

          First Southern State Bank
                Mike Ellenburg

              FirstState Bank
               JoAnne Blair
             Carlton DeVaughn
               Donald Harris
                Don Hogan
              James Malone
               J. B. McCord
               Doyle Phillips
              Larry Raughton
             Buster Robertson
                Anna Rush
              Bernard Spurlin
               Ken Vaughan

           Main Street Checks, Inc.
              J. Alex Jernigan

                 Nexity Bank
                 Ajay Ganju
              Jennifer Gibilterra

        The Citizens Bank of Winfield
             Robert Carothers
             Russell Carothers

        The Commercial Bank of Ozark
              Charles Harper

The Community Bankers Association of Alabama
               Scott Latham

        Town-Country National Bank
              Hal Huggins
               J. Strother

               1st Bank Yuma
              Terry Frydenlund
            Arkansas Community Bankers
                 Richard Trammell

                 Bank of Little Rock
                    Larry Brown

First National Bank of Lawrence County at Walnut Ridge
                      Milton Smith

             Merchants & Planters Bank
                   Robert Alcorn
                   Pam Bachman
                   Brenda Bailey
                   R. M. Bledsoe
                  Roger Bowman
                     Vera Brann
                 Beth Breckenridge
                  Jerry Brightwell
                   Sheridan Cole
                    Clay Curtner
                  Thomas Curtner
                   Patricia Davis
                     Terry Dillon
                Stoney Fortenberry
                   Jim Gowen Jr.
                   Jim Gowen Sr.
                   Teresa Green
                    Mark Hardin
                    Frank Harris
                 Deborah Hembrey
                  Linda Holcombe
                    Regina Lake
                   Leslie Lowery
                    Jake Millikin
                  Fletcher O'Cain
                  Randy Ramsey
                    Don Rodgers
                  Terry Scoggins
                    Carla Stiger
                   Stacy Wagner
                   Thelma Welch
                    Kim Whaley
                   Larry Williams

    National Bank of Arkansas in North Little Rock
                    Mike Mathes

        Planters & Merchants Bancshares, Inc.
                     J. Scoggins
                     Larry Bauer
                  Paul Dickinson Jr.
   The First National Bank in Green Forest
              Stephen Stafford

            Vining-Sparks IBG LP
                   Bill Jett

              Bank of Alameda
              Stephen Andrews

              Bank of Rio Vista
               Timothy Kubli

              Bank of the Sierra
               William Mehrten

          Capital Training Solutions
              Caroleen Mecchi

     Citizens Bank of Northern California
                 Gary Tintle

                County Bank
                 Kay Albiani
               Dorothy Bizzini
                James Bleth
               Marc Bradford
              Donald Briggs Jr.
                Gregory Finn
                Curtis Grant
                Warren Gray
              Thomas Hawker
                 Bill Kitchen
               Lucy Lawrence
                Linda Morris
               Teresa Powell
               Susan Quigley
                  Lisa Riso
                 Ed Rocha
               Christine Scott
                Tina Seward
                Jana Wenzel

    DuesPayment, a Division of Yapstone
             Tony Wootton

Granite Community Bank, National Association
              David Kaiser
             Renate Seeba

            Pacific Premier Bank
           Kenneth Bourdreau
            Steven Gardner
               Jeff Jones
           Michael McKennon
             John Shindler
            Ronald Skipper
             Edward Wilcox

Seattle Specialty Insurance Services, Inc.
               David Duffy

       Bankers' Bank of the West
          William Mitchell Jr.

           Castle Rock Bank
            Darrell Gubbels
            Thomas Miller

             Farmers Bank
              Fred Bauer

   First National Bank of Las Animas
              Dale Leighty

           Front Range Bank
            Barbara Wade
             David Wade

           North Valley Bank
            Chuck Johnston

         Pine River Valley Bank
             James Sower

    Rocky Mountain Bank and Trust
          Douglas McClure
          Joan Scarbrough

   The Citizens State Bank of Cortez
            Kim McWilliams

      The Eastern Colorado Bank
             Greg Weed
             Mary Weed
             V. L. Weed


        Bankers' Bank Northeast
            Peter Sposito
 Connecticut River Community Bank
          William Attridge

        Eastern Federal Bank
            Gerald Coia

           Rockville Bank
           William McGurk

         Patria Services Corp
            Leslie Cramer

 The First National Bank of Wyoming
            Joseph Chippie

              Alarion Bank
            Spencer Barrett
             Tracy Benson
            Carol Bosshardt
             Gloria Fletcher
              Dalila Garcia
              Michael Hill
           Ignacio Leon DVM
             Loralee Miller
              Robert Page
               Job White
          Tommy Williams Jr.

           BSA Strategies
           Dominic Suszek

            Columbia Bank
             Bruce Naylor

   Commerce National Bank & Trust
           Guy Colado
           Hugh Dailey

Enterprise National Bank of Palm Beach
             Randall Ezell

              First Bank
             Miller Couse

       First City Bank of Florida
              John McGee

     First Colony Bank of Florida
           Thomas Sheehan
            First East Side Savings Bank
                     Brian Kiley

First Guaranty Bank and Trust Company of Jacksonville
                 Robert Chamberlain
                   Caldwell Haynes
                  Douglas Milne Esq.

             First National Bank of Pasco
                   J. Lamar Roberts

                 First Peoples Bank
                    David Skiles

             Florida Bank of Commerce
                   R. Van Bogan

    Hometown Community Bank, (In Organization)
                 C. Renfroe

        Independent Bankers' Bank of Florida
                 James McKillop III

               Legacy Bank of Florida
                   Christine Lillis
                  Angela Sherlock

                  MidFlorida Bank
                  William Gossett

                      Pilot Bank
                    John Puffer III

         Technology Management Resources
                  Norman Picard

                 The Bank of Venice
                   Elizabeth Jett

            Alma Exchange Bank & Trust
                   Eddie Bishop
                    Rod Rentz

                   Kevin Tweddle

                    Capital Bank
                   Danny Flowers

     Community Bankers Association of Georgia
                 Steven Bridges
  Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
            Eric Mondres

      Highland Commercial Bank
            James Powell

             Level 5, LLC
             Elliott Baird
            Kevin Valentich

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP
             Neil Grayson
         Edward McLaughlin

       South Banking Company
            Paul Bennett

         South Georgia Bank
          Bran Thompson

     StoneCrest National Bancorp
            Charles Lusk

            Bank of Latah
             Jay Wernz

            D. L. Evans Bank
               Jeri Ahrens
               Terri Albert
           Duane Alexander
              Dusty Allison
              Diane Barger
               Linda Boyd
          Pamela Brenkmann
              Beth Browen
              Chad Brown
            Connie Busmann
             Elizabeth Butts
            Marcella Calkins
              Edward Cave
      Leisa Christensen-Goodman
             Reed Coleman
          Summer Comstock
                Dee Cook
              Wanda Cook
            Brenda Davidson
            Michelle Delgado
            Barbara Delmore
   Kipman Dennis
    Donna Dutton
    Tevian Ekren
    Don Evans Sr.
    James Evans
   John Evans Jr.
    John Evans III
   Richard Evans
     Amy Ferrin
        Jill Fry
     Kay Gabica
   Larae Gardner
   George Gorton
     Dick Graves
     Nancy Gray
 Bonnie Greenwood
    Karen Gunter
   Shane Hamblin
 Candice Hohnstein
    Scott Horsley
  Bruce Hunsaker
   Meredith Hunt
   Stephenie Hyer
  Melanie Irigoyen
    Jerri Jackson
    Chris James
     Paula Jasso
  Melinda Johnson
   Virgil Johnson
      Deb Keller
   Valerie Kelsey
     Amy Kesner
     James Kino
      A. Kinslow
     Glen Kunau
      Lex Kunau
  Jessica Laraway
    Laurie Larsen
    Amanda Lee
  George Leonard
     Audra Lloyd
      Dan Lloyd
    James Lynch
      Blair Lyon
      Don Maier
Stephen McDonough
   Sandi McIntyre
     Rustin Miller
  Cinidy Morgado
   Lorrann Morrell
     Tina Myers
     Ray Parrish
    Brittany Peters
    Vicki Peterson
Kaylyn Petersen-Jones
     Vickie Peugh
     Debbie Piper
      Terry Pitkin
   Valrie Praegitzer
    James Renell
     Phillip Riney
    Blake Roemer
      Janie Rovig
    Jayne Runyon
   Brenda Sanford
  Jerica Schallhorn
     Trish Searle
   Susan Shockey
     Corrie Simon
   Chimene Smith
     Kevin Smith
     Tonya Smith
   Alissa Sorensen
    Dana Stewart
  Cheyenne Suchan
       Jill Sykes
    Jedd Thomas
   Marsha Tousley
 Jennifer Traughber
   Gerald Trebesch
     Julie Vincent
      Linda Voss
      Lucas Wait
   Megan Wasden
      Kim Weber
    Cynthia West
      Brian Wilde
     Justin Willis
      Shelly Wolf
       June York
      Kelli Young

 Home Federal Bank
   G. Edgerton

Alpha Community Bank
    Cynthia Arndt
    Kristi Bearden
   Cynthia Bernardi
     Sheila Durst
     Lori Marshall
     Dan McClain
   Felicia Reichman
              Christine Schmitt

          American Enterprise Bank
             David Schroeder

           Apple River State Bank
              Joseph Vondra
             William Wubben

                Bank of Illinois
               Larry Maschhoff

             Bank of Springfield
               Tom Marantz

              Benchmark Bank
              Gerald Knudson

                Better Banks
                Adam Angst
               Steve Backlund
                Linda Dukey
               Norman Endsley
            Claudia Fehrenbacher
                Karl Kuppler
              William Mannlein
              Robert Mowrer Jr.
              Richard Peterson
                Rula Roberts
                Mike Stratton

          Buena Vista National Bank
                Mary Sulser

                 Byron Bank
                 Ben Barton

           Carlinville National Bank
               James Ashworth
                 Shawn Davis

           Citizens First State Bank
                 Kent Siltman

           Computer Services, Inc.
               Andy Burkett

Cornerstone Bank & Trust, National Association
               Larry Franklin

             Durand State Bank
               Irene Brothers
                 Vicki Jacobson

        First Community Bank and Trust
                   Jerry Baker
                Dorothy Bernhard
                John Biesterfeld
               Bruce Bockelmann
                  Harold Bruns
                 Karen Burgess
                  David Cecich
                  David Dralle
                  Bruce Hackel
                Barbara Hodgett
                Tammy Hoffman
                 Steven Koehn
                 Greg Ohlendorf
                Martin Schmidt Jr.
                  Terri Schmidt
                   Clint Squier
                Amanda Wilkins
                Thomas Gooding

        First National Bank in Taylorville
                  Sona Beavers
                  David Combs
                Richard Evans Jr.
                George Jamison
                  Thomas Lowry
                  Harry McWard

First Robinson Savings Bank, National Association
                     Rick Catt
                William Sandiford

         First State Bank Shannon-Polo
                 Omar Wilhelms

    Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company
                 Reed Gass

                      In Bank
                Virginia Browning
                  Elbert Elmore
                 Norman Reiher
                 Andrew Tinberg

           Independent Bankers' Bank
                  Pat Bearss
                Catherine Bryant
                Matthew Coppola
                 John Crotty Jr.
                  John Jones
                 John Konkle
                 Jack Kuebel
               Cherlyn Sue Lee
               Marlene Luther
                Robert McLain
                 Michael Neill
                Sheri Pulliman
                 Mark Ribelin
               Andris Ruments
                Allen Schmale
              John Schneider Jr.
                 Jerry Sheley
               Debra Stonikas
               Joseph Werner

               Interstate Bank
               Cynthia Grazian

           Milledgeville State Bank
                Roger DeVries

             North Central Bank
               Harold Read

              Scott State Bank
                Sam Scott

     State Street Bank and Trust Company
                David Cramsey
                   Ken Garkie
                Dennis Gorman
                  Gerald Maas
               J. Michael Mahair
              Richard Niemann Sr.
                 Glennon Rost
                 Rick Seifert Jr.
                    H. Smith
                   Jeff Spear

The Belvidere National Bank and Trust Company
               Bradley Johannes

         The Farmers Bank of Liberty
                Lawson Faler
                 Mark Field
                Robert Field
                John Matlick
                 Doug Mills
              Scott Schoonover
                Larry Talken

      The First National Bank in Tremont
            James Shafer

The First National Bank of Grand Ridge
            Richard Bacon
            Gerald Johnson
              Craig Twait
             Stanley Twait
            Michael White
            Robert Widman

  The First National Bank of Sullivan
           William Becker Jr.

       United Community Bank
           Angela Coslow

           White Hall Bank
           Gary Edwards

            Alliance Bank
          Roger Cummings
            David Diener
           Lowell Gardner
           Richard Horton
           James Schoen
          Timothy Schreeg
           Terry Stevens
           Ralph Widmer
                F. Witt

        Community First Bank
          Thomas Fields

         Farmers State Bank
           Joseph Pierce

         First National Bank
            Drew Brattain
             Keith Ernst
            Michael Lewis
             Gary Neese
             John O'Hair
            Kerry Prather
            Fred Sargent
         Matthew Whetstone

   German American Bancorp, Inc.
         Mark Schroeder

             Home Bank
             Dan Moore
  North Salem State Bank
       John Colvin
        Rod Lasley
        Ron Taylor

    Old National Bank
     Donald Gillespie
       Mark Wade

   American State Bank
     Leslie Wynja

 Bridge Community Bank
      Robert Steen

Community Bank of Oelwein
    Rebecca Bertch
      Paul Gray
     Kevin Imoehl
      Lyle Miller
     Victor Miller

  Community First Bank
    Ernest Birchmier
     Fred Chapuis
    James Harward
    George Manning
     John Manning
     Barbara Morris
    Mark Robertson

   Exchange State Bank
      Brian Thielges

   F & M Bank & Trust
      David Bertling
     Jeffrey Burkhart
        Neal Frary
     Reed Hutchcraft
     William Kuepper
    John McCulley Sr.
      Michaet Shinn
      Michael Vance
     Loretta Wagner
       Amy Walsh
      Charles Walsh
      Charles Walsh
       Lisa Walsh
     Connie Wagner
   Farmers Savings Bank
       Marlin Greiner
        Rex Greiner
       Bernard Hahn
     Charles Helscher
        Dennis Lyle
       Thomas Mills
      Bernard Vittetoe

    Farmers State Bank
      Gene Neighbor

      Federation Bank
        Dale Torpey

First Citizens Financial Corp.
       Richard Schultz

First Citizens National Bank
      Connie Anderson
       Nicola Bleakney
    Richard Bordwell Atty.
      James FitzPatrick
       Joleen Fleming
        Miles Freitag
         Jeff Gribben
        Bruce Hertzke
        Robert Klocke
      Gregg Maakestad
       Jo Ann Merfeld
       Mike Molstead
        Greg Nicholas
      Marti Rodamaker
      Thomas Schaefer
       O. Jay Tomson
       Robert Wilwert

      First State Bank
       Gary Berkland
   C. Gordon Hildebrand
       G. S. Hinman
       Loren Payne
      Bradley Robson

   Frontier Savings Bank
      Susan Diercks

   Frontier Savings Bank
       Gary Matters

   Glenwood State Bank
      Donald Bruce
                  Grant Dean
                   John Dean
                 Calvin Deitchler
                Vaughn Wasenius
                  Larry Winum

               Grinnell State Bank
                  David Jones

           Hardin County Savings Bank
                  James Brown

            Iowa Independent Bankers
                  Doug Dawson

                Iowa Prairie Bank
                  Steven Harms

Iowa State Bank & Trust Company of Fairfield, Iowa
                   Jon Simplot

            Iowa State Savings Bank
                   Stuart Job

           Iowa Trust & Savings Bank
                 Kris Ausborn

               Laurens State Bank
                 Terry Latham

                  Legacy Bank
                Robert Chittenden

              Lincoln Savings Bank
                  Erik Skovgard

               Manson State Bank
                 R. L. Loerch
                Deborah Plahn

            New Vienna Savings Bank
                Audrey Savage

            Pilot Grove Savings Bank
                Richard Holtkamp

              Security Savings Bank
                  Daryl Carlson
                 Scott Engquist
                  Larry Krakau
                  Steven Lane
                 Dewey Madson
             Gordon Madson

           Security State Bank
            Roger Severson

              SHAZAM, Inc.
            James Ghiglieri Jr.

       State Bank & Trust Company
               Verlin Barker

    The First National Bank of Farragut
               Kurt Henstorf

The Grundy National Bank of Grundy Center
              Jerry Bakker
             Richard Briggs
                Jeff Burris
            Michael Cooper
               Les Coulter
              Rose Curren
              Duane Dirks
              Jordan Dirks
             Michael Freed
             David Graham
              Keely Harken
              Kim Heinrich
            T. J. Heronimus
               Rick Hibbs
              Dennis Holtz
            Robert Johanns
             Phillip Johnson
              Jane Katzer
               Ken Kiene
            Michael Lauver
               Andy Lebo
             Jeanine Marts
             Terry Mennen
             Randy Phelps
             William Raney
             Gene Sandell
             Kevin Swalley
             Shane Tiernan
              Janet Trepp
              Brent Wilson

            Union State Bank
             Randal Baird

           United Bank of Iowa
               Owen Bolte
             Duane Buehler
                   Jack Eggspuehler
                   Sharon Godbersen
                     Larry Hultgren
                      Lance Moore
                     Marcia Moore
                     Leon Petersen
                      Curtis Rupert
                  Kenneth Van Kekerix

                 Washington State Bank
                      Keith Lazar

                   Wayland State Bank
                     Robert Meyer

                     West Iowa Bank
                     Martin Jacobs

               Baileyville Bancshares, Inc.
                     Elmer Heiman

                  Baileyville State Bank
                    Marilyn Boeding
                      Paul Boeding
                     Leon Feldkamp
                      Doug Heiman
                      Lynn Heiman

                       Bank News
                      Bill Poquette

      Bankers' Bank of Kansas, National Association
                      Calvin Coady
                    Bruce Schriefer

Brooke Credit Corporation Dba Aleritas Capital Corporation
                    Branden Banks

       Community Bankers Association of Kansas
                   Shari Weber

                      ESB Financial
                       Mike Sikes

            Farmers & Merchants State Bank
                    Jerry Patterson

             First National Bank in Frankfort
                      Larry Donahue
                      K'Lyn Johnson
                       Roger Jones
        Jay Kennedy
      Joseph Kennedy
        Martha Miller
       Nancy Padden

 First National Bank of Hope
          Dan Cook
          Dan Coup
         Leon Coup
         Danny Emig
         Mark Riedy

     First Option Bank
      Connie Attebery
      Barbara Brandt
        Kevin Brown
        Larry Brown
     Jimmy Browning
      Damon Dennis
       Sarah Dorsett
       Charles Elliott
      Patricia Fagan
        Mark Fuchs
      David Hallstrom
         Blake Heid
        Konrad Heid
        Angela Kline
        Chad Lewis
        Gregg Lewis
        Mark Manly
         Judy Miller
      Dorothy Powell
     William Sanders
       Mark Slawson
       Jeremy Smail
     Ernest Swenson
        Toni Walsh
       Mark Williams

       Legacy Bank
     Frank Suellentrop

Swedish-American State Bank
     Lonnie Hedstrom
       Greg Johnson
      Herbert Johnson
      Michael Johnson
        Darrell Miller
         Mark Post

     Tampa State Bank
    Christopher Costello
       The Citizens State Bank
            Dale Bradley
          J. Caleb Bradley
            Yvonne Cote
          Sharon DeMars
          John Gisselbeck
           Rhonda Koenig
          Tammera Marrs
           Linda Richard
           Daren Sanders
             Hali Schultz
            Angela Scott
            Ronald Smith

  The First National Bank of Anthony
            S. Eileen Ochoa

  The First State Bank of Burlingame
              John Fowler

       The Freeport State Bank
          Patrick Kerschen

         The Troy State Bank
          James Needham

   The Union State Bank of Everest
           Steven Handke

        Bank of Ohio County
           Jon Lawson

Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Company
                 Bill Allen
             Clifford Allen III
           Thomas Bloemer
             Biff Buckley IV
            Henry Cravens
              Jane Fraebel
              Mark Herren
           Lisa Higgins-Hord
                  M. Jett
             Marc Mathews
               Ellen Mills

 Community Financial Services Bank
          Harold Beck
         Benny Goheen
        Carolyn Hudson
        Barbara Jarabek
                   Mike Miller
                 Frank Nichols
                 James Provine
                  Dave Puckett

            Cumberland Security Bank
                Chris Coldiron
                Allen Crawford
                Wayne Eldridge
                 Ben Garland
                 Melvin Godby
                 Mark Knight
                Mike Simpson
                  Frey Todd
                William Wilburn

     Morgantown Bank & Trust Company, Inc.
                 Kenneth Cox

        The Bankers Bank of Kentucky, Inc
                 William Fallon

                Bank of Zachary
                Preston Kennedy

             First National Bank USA
                  Brandt Dufrene

              MidSouth Bank, N.A.
               Will Charbonnet Sr.
                    C. Cloutier
                  Troy Cloutier
                 J. Corrigan Jr.
                  James Davis
                Donnie Landry

St. Tammany Homestead Savings & Loan Association
               William Crumhorn

      Maine Association of Community Banks
              Christopher Pinkham

             Savings Bank of Maine
               Richard Goodwin
               Daniel Hollingdale
                Robert Lacasse
                 Arthur Markos
                  Paul McClay
                  John Rizzo
 Easton Bank and Trust Company
         Jack Bishop DDS
         Parker Callahan
          Charles Capute
         Walter Chase Sr.
           Delia Denny
          J. Heaton DMD
            William Hill
            William Hill
           Linda Kildea
      R. Michael Menzies Sr.
       Marian Shannahan
       Mahmood Shariff MD
         James Spear Sr.
        Sheila Wainwright

      NBRS Financial Bank
        Jack Goldstein
        Teresa Greider

  PNC Bank, National Association
       Jeffrey Heflebower

           Avidia Bank
         James Tashjian

           Dean Bank
          Peter Baglioni
           Alva Bourre
          Wayne Cottle
         John Daddario
          James Ginley
          Francis Molla
         Curtis Patalano
          Daniel Ranieri
          Robert Rappa
         Robert Simmler
          John Vignone

         Needham Bank
        Christina Whalen
          Mark Whalen

North Cambridge Co-Operative Bank
         James Culhane

       South Coastal Bank
        John O'Connor III

     Stoneham Savings Bank
            Richard Donovan
              Jeffrey Worth

      The Co-operative Central Bank
              Peter Conrad

   Community State Bank of St. Charles
            Donald Brady
             Paul Bueche
         James Delemeester
            Ronald Fields
            Phillip Giesken
            Ronald Howe
            Anna Loubert
            Robert Wolak

         Eastern Michigan Bank
            Earl DesJardins

        First State Bank of Decatur
              James Creagan
            Warren Grosvenor
               Gordon Krum
               Oscar Newell

           Hastings City Bank
            Mark Kolanowski

      Kalamazoo County State Bank
             Jan Anderson
                J. Angell
              Mary Brown
             Dale Garland
              James Goes
              David Krum
          Genevieve Landtroop
           James MacPhee
           Michele McMillan
            Dennis McNally
            Margaret Pavlak
              Rick Phillips
            Sandy Plunkett
            Pamela Shaffer
              Janet Zagar

Michigan Association of Community Bankers
             Judith Sullivan

        Multi-Bank Securities, Inc.
               Tim Peacock
Northern Michigan Bank & Trust
        William Jensen
         EJ Kostreva
         Matt Smith Sr.

      Old Mission Bank
       Robert Arfstrom
       Ronald Beacom
        Carol Brawley
        Steve Cannello
     Catherine Chenoweth
         Kevin Cooper
         David Firack
         Steve Glezen
      Theodore Haapala
        Anthony Haller
         Debra Jones
         Wesley Klier
           D. McCoy
      Thomas Robinson
          Gary Sharp
          Fred Smith
      Cynthia VanLuven

   Portage Commerce Bank
        John Martens

       Signature Bank
      Richard Carncross

   The Montrose State Bank
       John Wendling

Union Bank, Lake Odessa, Mich
        William Bulling
       Cortney Collison
         Jerry Collison
      Lloyd Cunningham
       Suzanne Dahms
        S.G. Fetterman
      Christopher Fluke
          Dean Hyde
        Paul Trierweiler

        Edward Trautz
         Stella Trautz

      Altura State Bank
       James Kramer

     Arlington State Bank
         David Hennies

Bank Holding Company Association
       W. Dennie Emmans

        Castle Rock Bank
          David Nicolai

        Clark Consulting
           Ken Derks

           Drake Bank
            J. Hutton

  Farmers State Bank of Hartland
      Nancy Skophammer

     Financial Security Bank
         Robert Bauman

      First Advantage Bank
         Jim Amundson

       First National Bank
           Penny Lee
         Lowell White III

 First National Bank at St. James
          Myron Johnson

 First National Bank in Mahnomen
          Peter Haddeland
            Ken Pierce

  First National Bank Minnesota
           Paul Dumdei

      First Southeast Bank
        Jerome Bushman
         Judith Johnson

         First State Bank
           Loren Beste
         Roger Beuning
         Susan Beuning
         Barbara Carlson
          Dave DuBois
           Pat DuBois
           Herb Peters

      Glenwood State Bank
        Dennis Martinson
              Paul Martinson

         Grand Rapids State Bank
              Joseph Maher
               Ann Welliver
               Clair Wilcox
               Noah Wilcox
              Steven Wilcox
             Edward Zabinski

              HTG Architects
             Jennifer Albrecht

Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota
             Marshall MacKay
               Dawn Pepin
               Kathy Royce

          Lake Community Bank
             Michael Byrne
             Janice Dotseth

             Lake Elmo Bank
              Daniel Raleigh

             LarsonAllen LLP
              Jerry Felicelli

    MinnStar Bank National Association
               Steve Olson
              Steven Olson

      Northwoods Bank of Minnesota
              Mark Hewitt

            Pine Country Bank
               Rob Ronning

           Prior Lake State Bank
               Lee Barsness
             Richard Barsness
             Robert Barsness
              John Breitbach
              Robert Facente
              Debbie Holmes
              Randy Holmes
              Roland Thieling

              John Gibbons

            Security Bank USA
           Lois Anderson
           Tiffany Paine

         Security State Bank
          Dinah Heneman
           John Heneman
         Roderick Heneman

       St. Stephen State Bank
            David Knopick

        State Bank of Delano
           Steven Gilmer

        State Bank of Easton
          Patricia Loonan
          Thomas Loonan

        State Bank of Lucan
          Richard Kramer
          Raymond Thull

        The Bank of Elk River
           Patrick Dwyer

       The Buffalo Ridge Bank
           Larry Deutsch

The First National Bank of Moose Lake
            Larry Peterson

  The First National Bank of Osakis
            Steven Olson

         Think Mutual Bank
            Paul Horgen
         Wayne Jasperson

       Ultima Bank Minnesota
            Arnold Skeie

        United Bankers' Bank
           Kevin Bostrom
            Ben Eskierka
          Charles Hokans
         William Rosacker

    First American National Bank
           K. S. Segars Sr.
           Michael Webb
The First, A National Banking Association
              David Johnson

           The Peoples Bank
           Chevis Swetman

               Adrian Bank
              Jack Wagner

      America's Community Bank
            Wes Condron

             Bank of Bolivar
             Lawrence Boyd

          Bank of Old Monroe
             Roger Krieg

         Citizens Bank of Eldon
              Jean Harrison
              Scott Harrison

      Citizens Bank of Rogersville
            William Breedlove
             Charles Ruyle
              Nancy Ruyle

          COMMUNIQUE, Inc.
            Stephen Veile

      Community Bank of Raymore
          William McDaniel

Country Club Bank, National Association
             Josh Kiefer
            Peter Menihan
           Robert Schuyler

              Curtis 1000
            Steve Lawrence
            Mark Thompson

      First Missouri National Bank
               Mark Smith

     First National Bank of Clinton
             Elaine Paxton

        First State Bank of Joplin
              Alden Buerge
               FMB Bank
             Corwin Ruge Jr.

        Martinsburg Bancorp, Inc.
               Robert Darr

       Martinsburg Bank and Trust
            James Atkinson Jr.
              Robert Becker
               Paul Bertels
                John Cline
            Clarence Deimeke
             Mike Fennewald
             Willard Leverett
               Dudley Miller

         Metz Banking Company
             Beulah Buerge
              M. E. Buerge
              Scott Buerge
            Everett Forkner
             Marvin Forkner

       Midwest Independent Bank
             Brian Cook
            Robbie Fuchs
            Donna Harden
           Michelle Lawson
           L. D. McDonald
              Kim Morff
             Matt Sinnett
              Larry Taft
           Mark Thompson
           David Vandeven
             Daniel Ward

Missouri Independent Bankers Association
             Trudy Carpenter
               Jarrett Sage

      Northeast Missouri State Bank
              Randy Riley

        Peoples Bank & Trust Co.
           Donald Thompson

 Polsinelli Shalton Flanigan Suelthaus PC
              Joseph Porter Jr.

         Regional Missouri Bank
             Don Reynolds
    Security Bank of the Ozarks
           Glen Williams

    Southern Commercial Bank
         Melanie Kniffen

St. Johns Bank and Trust Company
          Jack Burleson

       The Bank of Advance
           Harold Miles

       The Bank of Missouri
            R. Crader

        The Callaway Bank
          Bruce Harris

The First National Bank of Carrollton
            Jamie Ward

  American Federal Savings Bank
         Don Campbell
          Lynn Dickey
          Larry Dreyer
            Rick Hays
         Peter Johnson
           Jim Maierle
         Tom McCarvel

            Eagle Bank
           Martin Olsson

        First Interstate Bank
            Dan Jordahl
           Angela Wong

     Flathead Bank of Bigfork
           Jerry Bygren
           Larry Jochim

   Montana Independent Bankers
          Steven Yeakel

    Peoples Bank of Deer Lodge
          Mark Anderson
        Sherman Anderson
         John Hollenback
          Kirk Sandquist
            Ron Scharf
 Ruby Valley National Bank
     Kenneth Walsh

The State Bank of Townsend
      Michael Richter

Three Rivers Bank of Montana
        Sherry Baker
         Larry Bauer
        Gina Blocher
        Kristy Bungay
         Greg Foley
         Dan Gorton
         Allen Himsl
         Tyler Hodge
          A. J. King
         Ashley King
          Jack King
          John King
        Tim Kluesner
          Rick Malta
       Nancy Nesseth
         Ivan O'Neil
       Jennifer Pound
          Kay Ross
      Steven Stoecker
       Keith Valentine
       Monte Weisser

   Valley Bank of Kalispell
       Daniel Hensley
        Mark Hensley
       A.J. (Jack) King
        Derek Pevey
       Joel Rosenberg
       Ron Rosenberg

    Valley Bank of Ronan
         Allen Buhr

 Western Bank of Wolf Point
       R. J. Doornek
        Carl Karge
     Duane Kurokawa
      Jerald Petersen
     Cathy Wanderaas

       Bank of Mead
        Scott Selko

   Bank of Newman Grove
           Georgianne Gerhart
             H. L. Gerhart Jr.
             Jeffrey Gerhart
              Kyle Gerhart
             Patrick Gerhart
            Rebecca Gerhart

              Arnold Lowell

         Citizens National Bank
           Steven Ausdemore

           City National Bank
           William McQuillan

   Farmers & Merchants National Bank
             Robert Fricke

           Farmers State Bank
            Kathleen Thuman

      First National Bank of Omaha
              Jesse Kreycik
              Natalie Mason
                John Meier
               Chris Reiner

     First National of Nebraska, Inc.
              Daniel O'Neill

    First State Bank & Trust Company
              Ron Weaklend

              FirsTier Bank
              John Nelsen

            Lisco State Bank
             Thomas Olson

        Nebraska Bankers' Bank
            David Ochsner

Nebraska Independent Community Bankers
               Kurt Yost

           State Bank of Odell
           James Stanosheck
            Paul Stanosheck

   The First National Bank of Valentine
            Joanne Shephard
                Wahoo State Bank
                Robert Couton Jr.
                  Cynthia Hohl
                  Gregory Hohl
                  Robert Hohl
                 Ronald Sabatka
                  Kevin Thiele

              Nevada Security Bank
                  David Funk

               New Hampshire
        Community Guaranty Savings Bank
               Richard Burgess
               Michael Conklin
              Danny Desrosiers
               Frederick Kelsey
                 Michael Long
              Barbara McCahan
              Brenda McKenzie
                Keith Philbrick
                Richard Piper
                Ronald Sibley
                Eldwin Wixson
                 Brian Young

   Connecticut River Bank, National Association
                   Gary Gray

                   New Jersey
              New Millennium Bank
               Chris Van Der Stad

                  Sussex Bank
                 Donald Kovach

                  New Mexico
             Centinel Bank of Taos
                 Angel Reyes
             Rebeca Romero Rainey
                 Chris Romero

Independent Community Bankers Assn of New Mexico
                 Jerry Walker

         James Polk Stone National Bank
               Richard Bradfute
                 David Stone
                  Doug Stone
               Robin Willingham
   The First National Bank
       Zane Bergman
         Joe Bullock
      David Campbell
      Mike Casabonne
        Judy Cassles
        Michael Clute
        Laura Conniff
         Karlon Cox
      Everett Crawford
       Crawford Culp
       Russell Foddrill
       Gilbert Gomez
            R. Guy
      Tommie Herrell
       Susan Holmes
       Roetta Hudson
        Sam Lagrone
      Nikki MacDonald
         Greg Marrs
      William Mershon
         Raye Miller
        Amy Munson
        William Pope
      Aurora Sanchez
         Peggy Scott
         Rusty Smith
       Vicky Townley
     Raymond Welborn

 1st National Bank of Scotia
      John Buhrmaster

Bankers Healthcare Group, Inc.
       Albert Crawford
       Robert Doolittle

  Cattaraugus County Bank
       Dennis Adams
          Bert Dohl
          Peter Illig
         Robert Irwin
     Salvatore Marranca
       Janet Mattison
        Robert Pease
         Gail Rogers

 Cayuga Lake National Bank
      George Ryan

Deluxe Financial Services, Inc.
            Brandt Tefft

         Modern Bank, N.A.
         Jonathan Weinberg

     Northeast Community Bank
             Jeff Read

 Savannah Bank National Association
          Thomas Ganey

            Solvay Bank
           Paul Mello CPA

      The Lyons National Bank
            Clair Britt Jr.

The National Union Bank of Kinderhook
           Bruce Sowalskie

             Bob Dowd

           North Carolina
           Carolina Bank
         James (Jim) Hooper

  Four Oaks Bank & Trust Company
           Max Ashworth
         Pamela Ashworth
            Lynsi Barker
           Bruce Behrendt
            Wanda Blow
           Paula Bowman
            Kim Boyette
           Betty Bradshaw
         Charlene Browning
          Tammie Calcutt
           Marie Campos
           M. S. Canaday
          Aurelia Cardenas
              Fred Dees
             Justin Dunn
          Charlotte Ferrell
             Ann Fowler
            Martha Garris
            Michael Gay
            Brent George
           Donna Godwin
            Gene Griffin
           Martha Grimes
            David Hall Jr.
     Norman Hargrove
        Deanna Hart
        Lisa Herring
        W. L. Hiatt III
        Rose House
     Paulette Jackson
      Blenda Johnson
     Shannon Johnson
       Mattie Keene
       Ayden Lee Jr.
        Jean Lender
       Linda McKeel
       Darnell Miller
        Amy Overby
        Judith Page
       Clifton Painter
       Stephen Pearl
         Rosa Pell
         Jeff Pope
        Roger Pope
         Chad Potts
       Barbara Price
        Lynn Raynor
      Nancy Remaley
        Lori Renfrow
        James Riley
        Christy Spell
    Amanda Strickland
        Lori Tanner
        Marie Taylor
    Amanda Thompson
     Marie Thompson
      Jerry Thornton
       David Tobin Jr.
      William Turner
      Michael Weeks
         Judy West
        Joy Whaley
     Barbara Williford
        Nancy Wise
         Polly Wise
       Joanie Wood
        John Wood
      Michael Wooten
     H. T. Worthington

Select Bank & Trust Company
       Joseph Edwards
        James Glen Jr.
         Alicia Hawk
         Mark Holmes
         Gene Minton
              Collice Moore
            James Norville Jr.
               V. Overton
           Donald Southerland
              Alex Speight
               K. Stallings

          The Bank of Currituck
             Sam Moore Jr.

             North Dakota
          American Bancor, Ltd.
             George Ehlis

          American Bank Center
               John Ehlis
            Franklin Fridrich

            Bank of Hazelton
              Dave Kusler

            CountryBank USA
             Nancy Baerwald
                Tim Dodd
               Terry Jorde
             Richard Kunkel
              Larry Larson
                 J. Martz
            Eugene Nicholas
              Donald Foss

     First International Bank & Trust
             Kristen Stenehjem
            Leland Stenehjem Jr.
              Peter Stenehjem
            Stephen Stenehjem

First National Bank & Trust Co of Williston
               David McAdoo
                Rick Nichols

             First State Bank
             Dennis Haugen
              Ronald Kloster
              John Marchell
              Paul Marchell
             Donald Newman
              Steve Swartz

        First State Bank of Harvey
               Paul Barstad
                Stan Buxa
              Archie Lindseth
              Clinton Lindseth
                 Carl Lunde
              Howard Schaan

            Heartland State Bank
              Scott Tewksbury

Independent Community Banks of North Dakota
               Don Forsberg

              Merchants Bank
             Stanley Koppinger

          North Country Bank, N.A.
              Hannelore Davis
               John Davis Jr.
               Richard Davis
             Gerald Peerboom
              Robert Sorenson
               Robert Larson

            Peoples State Bank
             Richard Beall Jr.
              Richard Beall

     Security First Bank of North Dakota
                   A. Goetz
                James Goetz

              Starion Financial
              Renee Daffinrud
               Vernon Dosch
            Timothy Erlandson
                Mary Erman
               Kirby Evanger
                   Jay Feil
               Dee Anne Gall
            Randy Hatzenbuhler
               Darren Haugen
             Carol Hendrickson
                Steve Heydt
             Toddy Humphrey
                 Jean Kaiser
                  Dale Klein
                Craig Larson
                Frank Larson
                 Paul Lindell
                 Gary Mantz
                Scott Nielsen
               Gordon Rauser
                Jon Ravnaas
           Janice Richter
             Tami Rust
        Connie Sprynczynatyk
             Tim Stern
           Sharon Ternes
            Dean Thiery
             Curt Walth
            Mark Weide

    State Bank & Trust of Kenmare
            Alma Jorgenson
          Cynthia Jorgenson
           James Jorgenson
          Leonard Jorgenson
            Karen Neidhardt
             Marvin Thom

   The Citizens State Bank at Mohall
             Kent Ferguson

     The Copper River Group, Inc.
            Dan Fisher

United Community Bank of North Dakota
           Ken Anderson
          DeWayne Streyle
             Jo Streyle
            Keith Streyle

Community Bankers Association of Ohio
           Robert Palmer

         Community Savings
           Barry Parmiter

           DEI Incorporated
            Jeff Boehmer
              Neil Kool

       Fort Jennings State Bank
        Lawrence Schimmoeller

      Great Lakes Bankers Bank
         Raymond Campbell
           Charlotte Martin
         Thomas Tenwalde

         Home National Bank
           Arthur Nease

             Minster Bank
              James Siefring

             Peoples Bank Co
             James Chesser
               Jack Hartings
              B. Hogenkamp
              Stephen Lefeld
             Eugene Reichert
                Bruce Slavik
              V. Westerheide
               Floyd Winner

               Sutton Bank
             John Augenstein
                Eric Gillett
              Jane Schropp

            The Citizens Bank
             Robert Yeager

       The Citizens Bank of Ashville
              Calvin Gebhart

      The Killbuck Savings Bank Co.
               Luther Proper

      The Old Fort Banking Company
              Karl Kerschner
            Michael Kerschner

          Western Reserve Bank
            Edward McKeon

             Advantage Bank
              Randy Smith

             AmeriState Bank
             Charles McCall III

Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma
             Craig Buford

           Farmers State Bank
           Christopher Jordan

            First National Bank
               Phillip Dickey

              Legacy Bank
             Nancy Carmack
              R. Carmack
                 Rob Carmack
                 Sam Carmack
                  Dan Haynes
                    Paul Hill
                  Gary Jones
                Minnalee Stewart

              Quail Creek Bank, N.A.
                   Bert Olah Jr.

               Security State Bank
                  Roy Yowell

            Southwest National Bank
                Jack Dickey Jr.

             The First National Bank
                  Kirk Pittman

      Welch State Bank of Welch, Oklahoma
                 Ernest Callison
                Arthur Cousatte

                    H. Brittle

              Ambler Savings Bank
                Martin Brown

                Brentwood Bank
                 David Hrycko

               C & G Savings Bank
                 William Ritenour

                 East Penn Bank
                  Brent Peters

First Federal Savings & Loan Association of Greene
                   John Mariner
                    Scott O'Neil

          First Savings Bank of Perkasie
                   Todd Hurley
                 Frederick Schea

             First Star Savings Bank
                  Joseph Svetik

                 Fleetwood Bank
          Walter Christ
           Ronald Frey
          Franklin Hoch
         Richard Meares
          Peter Merkel

   Fleetwood Bank Corporation
          Donald Kreps

 Harleysville National Corporation
         Walter Daller Jr.

        New Tripoli Bank
        David Hunsicker
         Willard Snyder

      Peoples National Bank
           Scott Andre
          Gerald Burke
          Donald Button
      Thomas Chamberlain
         Roger Doolittle
          David French
       Richard Hennessey
           Lynn Joines
        John Kwiatkowski
        Richard Lochen Jr.
            John Ord
          Bill Robinson
         Russell Shurtleff
           Helen Smith
        George Stover Jr.

Phoenixville Federal Bank and Trust
           David Evans
        Richard Kunsch Sr.

     Sewickley Savings Bank
        Alex Castracane

       Standard Bank, PaSB
       Timothy Zimmerman

          South Carolina
           Susan Bready
           Wess Brewer
         Tony Brookshire
          Judy Buchanan
         J. Glenn Cantrell
        Harold Clinkscales
         Elaine Crawford
                  Robert Depree
                  William Harter
                 Patricia Hartung
                    Tim Howell
                  Patricia Howie
                 William Hughes
                 Wayne Justesen
                  Marshall Keys
                    Bill Knapp
                    Julie Lamb
                   Tony Lawton
                    Elaine Lee
                      Lee Lee
                Clinton Lemon Jr.
                  Phil Livingston
                  Miles Loadholt
                   James Lollis
                Thomas Lynch Jr.
                Donna Patterson
                   April Prince
                Cindy Pugh Pruitt
                 George Rodgers
                   Don Sherard
                 James Simpson
                W. Gerald Stevens
                 William Stevens
                  Taylor Stokes
                   Lex Walters
                   Randy White
                   Steve White
                  Charlie Wilson

                 First South Bank
                    Barry Slider

            Heritage Community Bank
                   Curtis Tyner

       Independent Banks of South Carolina
                  Chris Smith
                   Kelly Smith

Islands Community Bank, National Association D/b/a
                  Liz Gossett

          Palmetto Heritage Bank & Trust
              C. Ronald Christmas

               Palmetto State Bank
                   Jim Gibson
                Gray Henderson
                Charles Laffitte Jr.
               Charles Laffitte III
                H. L. Laffitte Jr.
                  H. L. Laffitte
                 Henry Laffitte
                   M. Laffitte
                 M. T. Laffitte
                 R. M. Laffitte
                Russell Laffitte
                Sterling Laffitte
                 J. Malinowski

               South Dakota
             American State Bank
               Wayne Olsen

Black Hills Community Bank, National Association
                 Jeff Watson

      CorTrust Bank National Association
                 Vicki Adams
                Virginia Adams
                  John Aman
                Cyndy Anstine
                  Chris Bauer
                 Richard Beck
               Brook Begeman
                 Werner Berg
                 David Brooks
                 David Brown
                Kevin Bruscher
                Steve Burleson
                 Anji Burnham
                Craig Calhoun
               Todd Clabaugh
               Wendy Clabaugh
                  John Clarke
                Jared DeBoer
              Diana Descombaz
                Heath Driscoll
              LaVonne Dunham
              James Grotenhuis
               Diane Guthmiller
                 Kari Harrison
                 Rick Herrold
                   Arlo Hintz
              Elizabeth Hoffman
                Dody Hopkins
                 Jack Hopkins
                 Donna Kaiser
                   Dave Kelly
                   Ron Knust
                 Erik Koenigs
               Dave Kowalczyk
                  Wade Lager
                  Sheryl Loes
                  Trina Lyons
                 Robert Macy
                Nancy Metzger
              Barbara Metzinger
                   Rick Miller
                 Diane Mulloy
                 Peggy Ninke
                  Lori O'Keefe
                 Darrell Olson
                   Joel Parrill
                 Deb Peterson
                Lynn Peterson
                Lynn Peterson
               Roger Peterson
               LaVonne Schultz
              Barbara Schuster
             Kimberly Schwenke
                 Jeffrey Smith
                  Jim Snyder
                Scott Sommers
                 Audrey Stahl
              Diane Steckelberg
                Jennifer Steele
                Steve Stillman
                   Barry Stotz
              Lonnie Struckman
                Tyson Theeler
             Donald Threadgold
                Casmir Tomac
                 Steve Tongen
               Terry Torgerson
                   Lisa Tripp
               Sherri Van Beek
            Darwin Van Den Oever
                Michael Vehle
                   Ken Vietor
                 Roger Weber
                 Robert Young

          First National Bank in Philip
                 Raymond Smith

             First PREMIER Bank
                  Gary Junck

          First State Bank of Roscoe
                Glenn Blumhardt

Independent Community Bankers of South Dakota
                  Ginger Adams

              Merchants State Bank
                  Emily Hofer

               Peoples State Bank
                Kimberly Banks

                Reliabank Dakota
                  Hugh Bartels
                 James Benning
                 Susan Benning
                  David Ebbers
                Merlaine Eisnach
                  Cindy Goette
                 David Johnson
                 Janet Johnson
                  Claire Konold
                  Donald Miller
                Gail Olson-Duck
                   John Roers
                 Michael Sonne
                 Jane Swenson
                  Mark Tetzlaff

      The Farmers and Merchants State Bank
                   Dick Behl

         Valley Bank National Association
                  Robert Fylling
                   Chris Haugo
                 Houston Haugo
                  Judith Haugo
                   Robert Laird

                  Bank of Halls
                   Chris Nunn
                  Warren Nunn

                 Citizens Bank
                Walter Birdwell Jr.

           Farmers and Merchants Bank
                 George Atwood
                     J. Cary

         First National Bank of Tennessee
                   Thomas Lynn

Gerrish McCreary Smith, PC Attorneys and Consultan
                  Jeffrey Gerrish
           Philip Smith

     Mountain National Bank
        Michael Brown

          Security Bank
          David Hayes

        Vining-Sparks IBG
            Jim Vining
         Judy Ann Vining

 Bank Compensation Consulting
         Bob Lyneis
       Kenneth Schultz
        Randy Smith

        Bank of the West
       Cynthia Blankenship
        Gary Blankenship
         John Eastwood
          Anita Gossett
         Scott Holyfield
          Mike Pearce
            Bill Wood
           Bertie Yost

          Citizens Bank
           Jeff Nunn

      Citizens National Bank
          Milton McGee Jr.
           Brad Tidwell

Colonial Bank, National Association
           Brad Hanley

  Commerce Street Capital, LLC
         Gayle Earls

       Dallas National Bank
        Michaux Nash Jr.
           Paige Nash

          ERF Wireless
          Mike Moehle

        First National Bank
           Mary Reeves
          Glen Thurman
         Mace Thurman III
         Mace Thurman Jr.
         Russell Thurman
          Karen Welch
           Brian White

          First State Bank
         Ronald Adamek
           David Barnes
           Michael Ebie
          Deborah Edney
           Debbie Gandy
         Mitchel Harbus Jr.
         A. G. Hermann III
          John Hermann
        Marioano Hernandez
           Claud Jacobs
           Sherri Kusak
          Dennis Kutach
          Kenneth Kvinta
           David Lindsey
          James Lindsey
           Debbie Miller
             Tish Price
             Todd Price
             Jim Range
         Brenda Sanders
         G. E. Thompson
            Briggs Todd
            Janice Todd
             John Todd
            Carol Travis
            Ron Tribble
         Cindy Weatherly
          Jamie Weaver

       Fort Davis State Bank
           Lawson Allen

       Gilmer National Bank
          Gary Patterson

     Golston Product Solutions
           Misty Staten

       Grand Bank of Texas
          Michael Casey

 HCSB, A State Banking Association
            J. Williams

Hometown Bank, National Association
         Dotsy Balentine
          Maurice Estlinbaum
             Sid Farmer III
             Gary Gilliland
              Bob Pagan
          Jimmy Rasmussen
               G. Rider

Independent Bankers Association of Texas
             Janey Holstien
             Ramona Jones
           Stephen Scurlock
        Christopher Williston CAE

       John M. Floyd & Associates
             Gary Gilman
             John Cohron

         Lubbock National Bank
            Greg Garrison

        Medina Valley State Bank
             William Bain
            Robert Bendele
             Tom Graham
              Jack Morris
            Carla Muennink
              John Ward
          Herbert Weinstrom

          Muleshoe State Bank
               Edwin Cox
               R. D. Dale
             Robert Finney
               Carl Hahn
               W. Hutton
               Bill James
              Fred Locker
               Kay Mardis
              Don McElroy
            Jay Messenger
          Robert Montgomery
              Merlyn Neel
             Jerry Redwine

          J. Raymond David Sr.
           Raymond David Jr.
              Robert David
              Wallace Lynch
              JoAnn Powell
          Charles Redfearn Sr.
            David Strittmatter
            Paul Sturm

       Preston National Bank
           William Martin

    Security State Bank & Trust
         Gordon Bjorg Sr.

          Southwest Bank
           Larry Kilgore

  Texas Bank and Trust Company
         Rogers Pope Jr.

    Texas First Bank - Texas City
           Charles Doyle
         Christopher Doyle
          Stephanie Doyle

The American National Bank of Texas
          Robert Hulsey

  The First National Bank of Baird
           Scotty Lindley

 The First National Bank of Hereford
            Wade Easley

TIB-The Independent Bankers Bank
          Charles Phelan

      Town and Country Bank
        James Chambers

           Gary Edmiston

          Sam Armstrong
         Harlan Heitkamp
         R. Scott Heitkamp
           Claude Lewis
            James May

            Bob Tountas

           Bonneville Bank
       J. Douglas Christensen

                Union Bank
              Kenneth Gibbons

               Bank of Essex
              George Longest Jr.

    Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company
              Charles Collum Jr.

            Central Virginia Bank
               Ralph Lyons

          Community Bankers' Bank
             William McFaddin

            Highlands Union Bank
               Samuel Neese

        Summit Community Bank, Inc
               Ronald Miller

   Virginia Association of Community Banks
               Katharine Garner
               Patricia Satterfield

          Virginia Community Bank
                   A. Stone

              Bank of the Pacific
                John Van Dijk

              Bank of Whitman
               James Tribbett
               Tracy Tribbett

                Banner Bank
                 D. Jones

          Coastal Community Bank
                 Lee Pintar

      Community Bankers of Washington
               John Collins

Eastside Commercial Bank, National Association
             Maryann Nelson

            NCW Community Bank
              Melvin Hansen
North Cascades National Bank
       Scott Anderson

     North County Bank
        Cliff Henning
        Andi Hudson
      Ron Huitger DVM
         Lou Jonson
         Harv Jubie
        John Myles III
        Lisa Olander
       Ralph Schapler

  Prime Pacific Bank, N.A.
      Glenn Deutsch

     Security State Bank
       Dwayne Aberle

       Shoreline Bank
         Jeff Lewis

    State Bank Northwest
      Gregory Deckard

    Thurston First Bank
     Michael Edwards

        Venture Bank
        Jim Arneson
        Leigh Baxter
      Joseph Beaulieu
         Keith Brewe
       Lowell Bridges
        Cathy Bryant
       Linda Buckner
        David Cherry
        Becky Cleary
        Patty Graves
       Judith Johnson
        Mary Kendall
     Jewell Manspeaker
        Bruce Marley
        Patrick Martin
       Michael Meyer
      Catherine Mosby
       Rick Panowicz
      Ken Parsons Sr.
     Sandra Sager CPA
       Larry Schorno
       Dennis Shade
        Tracy Siebert
           Mark Spaulding

     Venture Financial Group, Inc.
          Sharon Weinberg

          Washington, D.C.
 Conference of State Bank Supervisors
             Neil Milner

   Luse Gorman Pomerenk & Schick
            Kent Krudys

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP
            Leonard Rubin

        Tim Rupli & Associates
              Tim Rupli

          Kenneth Guenther

             Badger Bank
            Steve Dehnert
           Jeffrey Johnson

         Bank of New Glarus
            Kent Dalsing
              John Ott
           John Thomson

         Bank of Sun Prairie
            Tom Tubbs

           Bankers' Bank
         Thomas Papenthien
            Ronald Slater
            Randy Steig

            Banner Banks
            Robert Ortloff

     Citizens State Bank of Loyal
              Julie Abel
             Alan Billings
           Thomas Brussow
            Wayne Gross
             Wayne Kuhl
             Kathy Pieper
            Thomas Roth
             Wayne Short
            Gary Sipiorski
            Gary Weirauch
Community Bankers of Wisconsin
         Daryll Lund

     Community State Bank
        David Albrecht
         Steven Bell
         Peter Huck
       William Martin Jr.
       Richard Swantz
       Thomas Whitley

         Coulee Bank
        Dirk Gasterland

     Evergreen State Bank
        James Farrell

    Farin & Associates, Inc.
          Dave Koch

   Farmers & Merchants Bank
         James Judd

   Great Midwest Bank, S.S.B.
         Dennis Doyle

        Heritage Bank
       Randolph Malueg

 International Bank of Amherst
       H. Butch Pomeroy

     ISB Community Bank
         John Eimon
        Philip Holland

       Mortgagebot LLC
         Jim Beran

Nekoosa Port Edwards State Bank
         Robb Sigler

      Oostburg State Bank
          Chuck Berg
        Gary De Master
      Sally Den Hollander
          Eric Glewen
        Shirley Hartman
         Terry Katsma
        Barb Lawrence
        Larry Le Mahieu
              Philip Ongna
          Steven Vander Ploeg
            Gordy Veldbloom
            Rachel Weavers
            Robert Zajkowski

        Premier Community Bank
           Richard Pamperin

          PyraMax Bank, FSB
          Theodore Gurzynski

              Royal Bank
             Richard Busch

            Southport Bank
              Karl Ostby

       State Bank of Cross Plains
              Wayne Esser
               Jan Hogan
             Robert Kopras
            Charles Saeman
            William Saeman
             Barbara Schutz
            Harold Swanson
              Lee Swanson
             Vernon Wendt

          Stratford State Bank
               Allie Knoll

The American National Bank of Beaver Dam
             Duane Weed

           The Pineries Bank
             Paul Adamski

            The RiverBank
           Douglas Wynveen

           Union Bank of Blair
              Carl Axness
           Dennis Stephenson

           West Pointe Bank
            David Krumrei

            West Virginia
   Community Bankers of West Virginia
            Donna Tanner
         MVB Bank, Inc.
         James Martin

Northern Hancock Bank & Trust Co
            John Ash
        Colleen Butterfield
         Jennifer Lemley
         Mark Mangano
         Peggy Mangano
         Tracy Mangano
          Bart McIntosh
          William Miller
          Russell Slack
          Gordon Todd

   Pendleton Community Bank
         T. J. Bowman
         Roger Champ
         Michael Estes
          John Glover
        Carole Hartman
        Richard Homan
         Marvina Irvine
         W.A. Loving Jr.
          Jerry Moore
          R. C. Phares
          Dolan Irvine

    Summit Community Bank
        John Harper

      The First State Bank
           Robert Dilley
        William Hughes
      Stephanie Mayberry
     Andrew Vallandingham
     Jeanne Vallandingham
      Philip Vallandingham
     Samuel Vallandingham
       William Wagoner
       Ronald Wooddell

  First National Bank of Buffalo
          Scott McBride

      Hilltop National Bank
           Robert Sutter

           State Bank
          Mark Borders

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