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									                          Calumet Region, Model “A” Restorer’s Club

Volume 50 Issue 5                                                                                                                            May 2009
Fiftieth Anniversary Edition                                                                                            John D Marshall– Editor

                                                                  President’s Report

                                              he trees are green, the        check the cars.                        17th. This promises to be a great
                                              flowers are coming up                    April 26th was our Spring    tour so plan on attending and
                                              and the cars are on the        Dust-Off tour. 7 ‘A’s, 2 moderns       show your support.
                                              road. It must be May so        and 18 people began the day at                   Please notice the date
                                    sit back and check your calendar         the Monee Reservoir, site of our       change for White Fence Farm. It
                                    because we have a busy season            50 th Anniversary celebration.         is now a luncheon show on Thurs-
                                    planned for you.                         There they were given a 50th Anni-     day, May 21st. Contact Judy for
      Club Purpose                             Our monthly breakfast         versary decal to put on their car in   more information and to make a
                                    will be a little different this month.   preparation for the big day which      reservation.
• “The general purpose of the
                                    We will start with breakfast, as         will be September 26th. Also in                  Don’t forget Sharon
  Calumet Region of the
                                    always, and then take a short tour                                              Days and the Crete Car show,
  Model “A” Restorer’s Club
                                    to the Community Veterans Me-                                                   both coming up in June. More
  shall be to encourage its mem-
                                    morial in Munster.         Community                                            information will be available next
  bers to acquire, preserve, re-
                                    Veterans Memorial is a 6.5 acre                                                 month.
  store, exhibit and make use of
                                    park featuring bronze and granite                                                         Last, but not least, the
  the Ford Model “A” automo-
                                    sculptures, and life-size monu-                                                 2009 National Meet is just around
  bile, model years 1928 through    ments to depict the major military                                              the corner. There is still plenty of
  1931, and all things pertaining   conflicts that shaped the 20th                                                  time to get your registration in and
  to the Ford Model “A”, and to     Century. It should definitely be         attendance at the reservoir was        to volunteer a few hours of your
  promote the introduction of       worth seeing. Please check the           Jim Etchison, a founding member        time. This will be a wonderful
  ideas and fellowship among        box for the breakfast location.          of the Calumet Region, and his         meet.
  M.A.R.C. members.” You need                  Our annual safety check       daughter and son-in-law. Jim is                  Have a great Memorial
  not own a Model “A” Ford!         was held on April 11th and was           still a member and enjoys our          Day but let’s all remember the
                                    quite successful. 17 cars were           Chatter every month. It was a          reason for the holiday!!
    Inside this issue:              given the ‘thumbs up’, many hot          treat for him to see the cars. Many                 See you ’A’round the
                                    dogs were consumed and a good            thanks to Wally and Jack for plan-     block,
National Information           2    time was had by all. Our thanks to       ning our first 2009 tour.
                                    Al Bachman for organizing this for                   Our next event is Jim
                                    us and to all those who helped           and Gail’s garage tour on May
Minutes from the               3
April Meeting

2009 Calendar of Events        4
Breakfast Run

Wally’s Tech Tips              5
From the Editor
Garage Tour                    6
Swap Meet
Fashion History Part 4         7
Calumet Region History
National Member Apl.           8
Mechanic’s Questions
“About Time”                   9
Crete Car Show
PAGE 2                                                 “ T HE C HATTE R”                                     V OLUME 5 0 IS SUE 5

                                           “The Chatter”
         A monthly publication of the Calumet Region of the Model “A” Restorer’s Club, Inc.

The Calumet Region of the Model “A”        Normally, business meetings are held
Restorer’s                                 on the first Thursday of every month at
Club is a                                  the Chicago High School for Agri-                 Appointed Chairpersons
non-profit                                 cultural Sciences, Library, 3857                  Regional Director-Art LeMere
organization                               W. 111th Street, Chicago, IL. Call
dedicated to                               to order is at 7:30 P.M. sharp.                      Greeter– Ron Gerhardt
the restora-
                                                                                                  Safety– Al Bachman
tion and
preserva-                                                                                       Mileage– Jerry LeMere
tion of the                                         Elected Officers                         Refreshments– Pat Marshall
Model “A”
Ford auto-                                 President– Carol Healy                            Lady’s Raffle-Diane Zuidema
mobile. Total yearly dues for local and
                                                                                                 Property– Art LeMere
National membership is $58.00 of which     Vice President–John Marshall
$38.00 is sent to the National organiza-                                                          Web Site– Ed Blaha
tion for National dues and $20.00 is
retained by the Calumet Region to pub-
                                           Treasurer– Bud Vetterick                             Historian– Art Steinberg

lish “The Chatter” and to cover operat-                                                         Technical– Wally Healy
ing expenses. Want ads are published       Secretary– Al Bachman
                                                                                          Region Correspondent– Karyn Blaha
free to members only in “The Chatter”.

                                                                                     Trouble at the Top
National News                                                      My wife sat down on the couch next to me as I

                                                                   was flipping channels.
           n the National news front, contracts have been          She asked, “What’s on TV?”
           signed for the 2010 Business and National
                                                                   I said, “Dust.”
           Meets. Both will be hosted by the Sycamore
           A’s Region.
         The Business Meet will take place on April 9-11,          And then the fight started……….
2010 in Terre Haute, Indiana. The host hotel is the Holi-
day Inn, phone 812-232-6081. the room rate is $98.00 per
night for a single, double or king. Use code “MARC Mem-           2009 National Meet

bership” to get the discounted rate. The encourage you to
arrive early for tours starting on April 6th.
         The National Meet will take place on June 13-18,
2010 in French Lick, Indiana. There are two hotel listed,                    he 2009 MARC National Meet is now less than
The French Lick Resort, phone 888-936-9360. the rate                         90 days away! The Henry’s A’s Region is still
there is $119.00 per night for a single, double or king. Or                  looking for volunteers to work at the Meet so
you can opt to stay at the West Baden Springs Resort,            contact Art LeMere for
use the same phone number as the French lick resort.             times and jobs that are
The rate there is $169.00 for a double or king. The regis-       still available. If you
tration code for both of these hotels is “0610MAR”. There        haven’t done so already,
will be a shuttle service between these two hotels running       please send in you Meet
at 20 minute intervals.                                          registration as soon as
         You will probably                                       possible so you don’t
want to book your rooms                                          miss any of the events
early as they are already                                        you would like to attend.
taking      r es e r v a t i o ns .                              Go to
Watch for more informa-                                
tion here and in the Model                                       for additional details on
“A” News                                                         events, activities and
V OLUME 5 0 IS SUE 5                                      “ T HE C HATTE R”                                   PAGE 3

       Calumet Region M.A.R.C. Business Meeting, April 2, 2009
•   The meeting was called to order at 7:33pm by President Carol Healy. Other officers present were Vice president, John
    Marshall; Treasurer, Bud Vetterick; Secretary, Al Bachman. The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Ron
    Gerhardt announced that there were no guests at the meeting.
• The minutes from the last meeting were presented. There were no corrections. A motion to accept made by Karyn Blaha,
    seconded by Nancy Kiefer. Motion carried.
• The treasurer’s report was read by Bud Vetterick. Beginning balance was $1177.88, additions $1052.00, expenses
    $694.79, balance $1535.09 A motion to approve was made by Art LeMere and seconded by Mike Haverty. The motion
• President Carol recognized The Chatter Editor (and VP) John Marshall for winning the MARC Newsletter Award, “Best
    Newsletter.” Congratulations to John, and we all know what a fine newsletter it is that John continues to publish.
• The President reported on the monthly breakfast run to Skyline in Chicago Heights, at Dixie Highway and 10th Street, at
    9:00am on April 4.
• International Model A Day AND the Calumet Region 50th anniversary will be celebrated together on September 26 with a
• We need a Chairperson for next year’s banquet. If interested call Carol. The Banquet will be held at the Oak Forest Senior
    Center on Saturday November 14.
• A reminder was made regarding the upcoming MARC National meet in Merrillville.
• We received correspondence from Diablo A’s regarding the availability of DVD’s for various repairs that they have made
    and are available for purchase.
• Chairperson Reports: Sick call, Ginny Ventura.
• Badge fines were collected by Karyn Blaha.
• There was no Historians report.
•         Art LeMere gave a report on the membership meet from Marietta, GA. The weather was wet. The 2010 membership
    meet will be in Terre Haute, IN and the National Meet will be in French Lick, IN, June 13-18, 2010.
• Jerry LeMere gave out mileage awards: Wally Healy 2000 miles for his Truck and 2000 miles for his car. Also, Art LeMere
    had a 15000 mile award. Congratulations!
• The Safety report was to forewarn members of a pending bill in the Illinois House, regarding leaving your trailer hitch in the
    receiver, when not towing a vehicle. This may result in a fine. Secondly, don’t put grease in the steering box, even though
    there is a grease fitting on the box. Use 600 weight oil or STP/600 weight combo. Lastly a reminder was made to attend
    and participate in the Safety Check on Saturday April11.
• The website is up and running. You can read The Chatter before the meeting on-line.
• Technical Chairman Wally Healy introduced the tech talk topic for tonight, Jim Koenigsmark will talk about the Sector Shaft.
Old Business:
• Engine Raffle, John Marshall said we are still waiting to get the line boring performed.
• Jack Ventura reported on the Souper Bowl. This was the 25th year for this event and it was well attended, about 75 people.
• The Balmoral Race Day was well attended by 26 people. Good Food, Good Weather and two of our members, Nancy
    Kiefer and Bob Marshall rode in the Pace car for one event.
New Business:
•    Safety Check. Bring the food items that you signed up for and bring your car… or just come out to learn. The Safety Check
    will be on April 11 at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. If you are a worker please be there at 8:00 am and
    we will do inspections from 9:00 am till whenever (perhaps noon – 1PM-ish). A picnic lunch will be provided.
• The dust-off tour will be a trip south with a drive and lunch. See The Chatter for more info or call Wally Healy. The trip will
    go to the Monee Reservoir and to Farm & Fleet, ending with food at Coyote Canyon.
• Sunday, May 17 will be the Garage Tour, chaired by Jim Hedderman. Bring desserts for this event.
• Karyn Blaha was interviewed at the MARC Membership meet live on the radio as were the Koenigsmark’s.
• Bud Vetterick was polling for a date for the Senior Citizen Tour (when we go to Senior Citizen homes, not Senior Citizen
    members). September 20 at 1PM seems to be the best opportunity.
• May 24 Swap Meet & Car show at Sandwich, IL
• Hawk-A Model A Day, Amana, IA on August 22.
• A reminder that hotel reservations for Sharon need to be made soon. Call the Save Inn in Richmond and ask for the Model
    A discount rate. Phone 815-678-4711.
• Dues are Due…
• The meeting was adjourned at 8:22 on a motion by Marge Vetterick and seconded by Bud Vetterick.

                                                                                               Respectfully Submitted,
                                                                                               Al Bachman, Secretary
PAGE 4                                                “ T HE C HATTE R”                                          V OLUME 5 0 IS SUE 5

Calendar of Events-2009
MAY 2009                                 16th– Annual Region Picnic, Chuck &            DECEMBER 2009
                                         Diane Zuidema, Hosts
7th-Business Meeting                                                                    3rd- Business Meeting/Christmas
                                         SEPTEMBER 2009                                 Party, Chesterine Wisniewski, Host
9th- Monthly Breakfast Run
                                         3rd- Business Meeting                          12th- Monthly Breakfast Run
17th– Garage Tour, Jim Hedderman &
Gail Brida, Hosts                        12th- Monthly Breakfast Run                    TBA– Christmas Light Tour
21st– Dinner Show at White Fence         13th– Quad Meet, Naper “A’s”, Hosts            27th- Holiday Social, Pat & John Mar-
Farm, $39.00/ person, Contact Judy                                                      shall, Carol & Wally Healy, Hosts
Gerhardt if interested, Note date        20th– Senior Citizens Home Tour, Bud
change from the 22nd                     & Marge Vetterick, Hosts                       Events listed in italics are not neces-
                                                                                        sarily club sponsored events but
24th– Annual Sandwich, Illinois Car      20-23rd– MARC National Tour-                   listed for informational purposes
Show                                     Virginia, Mount Vernon Region,                 only. Watch “The CHATTER” for de-
                                         Hosts                                          tailed descriptions and information
JUNE 2009
                                         26th– Int’l Model “A” Day/Region 50th
4th- Business Meeting                    anniversary Celebration at the Monee
7th– Model “A” Day, Sharon, WI, Al
Bachman, Host                            OCTOBER 2009
13th-Monthly Breakfast Run               1st- Business Meeting
20th– Crete Car Show, all day fund-      2nd/4th– Newport Hill Climb, Art & Mar-
raiser for the Crete Fire Department,    sha LeMere, Hosts
Jeff LeMere, Host
                                         7-10th– Hershey!!!
21-26th– MARC National Meet, Mer-
rillville, IN. Henry’s A’s Region, Hosts 10th- Monthly Breakfast
                                                                                  Monthly Breakfast Run
JULY 2009                                                             The May Breakfast Run date will be
                                         17th– Hillbilly Hayride,
2nd- Business Meeting                    John & Pat Marshall,         on May 9th. The location is Gabe’s
18th-Monthly Breakfast Run “Grub at
                                         Hosts                        Place, 9 E Main, (State St & Main)
the Gerhardt’s”                          18th Fall Color Tour,        Glenwood, Il 708-757-7171. The time
                                         Andy Honiotes, Host          is 9:00 AM as usual. After breakfast,
12th– Ford’s Fabulous Follies, Carol &
Wally Healy, Hosts                       NOVEMBER 2009                we will be going on a 4 mile tour to
AUGUST 2009                              5th- Business Meeting        the Veterans Memorial at 9710 calu-
                                                                      met Ave, Munster, IN. Look for more
6th- Business Meeting                    7th- Monthly Breakfast
                                         Run                          info on this tour in the editor’s col-
8th– Candlelight Bowl, Bob & Nancy
Keifer, Hosts                            14th- Annual Region
                                                                      umn. Be there or be square!
                                         Awards Banquet
8th- Monthly Breakfast Run

                                                                          Thanks to Diane Zuidema for supplying the treats for the
                                                                          May Business Meeting!
V OLUME 5 0 IS SUE 5                                 “ T HE C HATTE R”                                PAGE 5

Wally’s Tech Thoughts                                                                                by Wally Healy

Did you ever stop to think why your Model A performs so well? Here are some interesting facts,
boiled down for easy comprehension.

•   Using the 1930-31 stock 19 inch wheel, which turns about 700 revolutions per mile (the 21"
   wheel a little less) with a 3.77 ring and pinion, means the motor turns about 2650 revolutions
   per mile and 2650 rpm at 60 mph.
• If you take a 100 mile trip, the engine will have made over 1 1/4 million
   revolutions. The points open and close half a million times. If your "A"
   has been driven 10,000 miles, ... Well, don't think about how many
• If you drive 45 mph, the points open and close 5300 times per mile, or
   about 4000 times per minute. This is why good ignition in the Model A
   is important.
• An "A" in good condition gets about 18 mpg. At 45 mph you are using
   2-1/2 gallons per hour. A full tank gets you four hours of driving with a
   small reserve.
• Getting it to "bite size", at 45 mph you would use 20 pints per hour or
   about 1/2 pint to go a mile. That's about a water glass full. This would
   be like using one coffee cup full per minute.
• Reducing it further to layman's terms, one glass full per mile would be
   about the equivalent of enough bourbon to make one round of drinks
   for four persons.

From The Editor
         Art and Marsha LeMere have volunteered to lead us on a short tour after our breakfast on May 9th. We will
be touring to the “Community Veterans Memorial, a 6.5 acre park featuring bronze and granite sculptures and life-
size monuments to depict the major military conflicts that shaped the 20th Century.
         the memorial imparts a reflective and provocative vision for peace. From the trenches of World War I through
the Pacific beaches and European battles of World War II, the extreme weather and combat conditions of Korea, the
rugged brutal fire fights of Vietnam and the sandy sea of desert Storm, the memorial pays the highest tribute to all
Veterans. Admission is free”. It is an appropriate tour as we approach Memorial Day!
         The time is getting short until the 2009 National Meet in Merrillville. If you haven’t already done so, please
send in your registrations NOW! If you have never attended a National Meet, this is the perfect opportunity for you. It
will never be any closer.
                                                 The Meet host, The Henry’s A’s Region, are still looking for a few work-
                                        ers to help out at the Meet. If you could volunteer some time to sell raffle tick-
                                        ets, collect tickets at the door for seminars, work the registration table, etc.
                                        please talk to Art LeMere so he can sign you up with a job and time slot con-
                                        venient for you.
                                                 For those of you planning on attending Model “A” Day In Sharon, Wis-
                                        consin and staying overnight, contact the Save Inn in Richmond at 815-678-
                                        4711 and ask for the “Model “A” rate.

                                               See you all on the road,                   John
PAGE 6                                              “ T HE C HATTE R”                               V OLUME 5 0 IS SUE 5

Garage Tour 2009

                                         May 17th 2009
Garage #1   The Healy’s                                      Garage #3    The Koenigsmark’s
8:30-9:15AM 2510 Spruce Rd                                   11:00-11:45AM 12204 S 87th Ave
            Homewood, IL                                                    Palos Park, IL

Garage #2    The Kiefer’s                                    Garage #4             The Brida/Helwig’s
9:45-10:30AM 6635 W 167th St                                 12:15- ?              9748 S 55th Ave
             Tinley Park, IL                                                       Oak Lawn, IL

                     ** Lunch will be served at the 4th Garage**
                     Any questions or for more information call:
                      Jim– 708-484-7696 or Gail– 708-952-0538


        FOR SALE– Distributors,       shirts, white with gold lettering, large-
Carbs,32 Ford Horns, small Model A    XL-$20.00, 2X- $22.00. In stock now
Parts for sale. Call with needs. Craigthe new MARC books “Technically
at 630-964-6891                       Speaking” #1,2 , 3, & 4, save the
                                      shipping cost. For these or any of
          FOR SALE– 1929 21” wheel- your other Model “A” parts or carbure-               FOR SALE-L rear fender for
$45; 2-1929 Front shock arms com-     tor needs, see Howard Taylor or call sedan, needs work, $15.00, L rear
plete with bolts, $25.00 each. 1924   him at 708-499-5622                       fiberglass sedan fender, new, $25.00.
Illinois License plates, $50.00, used                                           Contact bob Kiefer at 708-633-1558
U-joint, $50.00, Klaxon horn, 100.00.          FOR SALE– 220V Dayton
40’s hot water auto heater with fan,  welder with cables and helmet,                     FOR SALE-1931 Illinois li-
$35.00. #15 Waltrip “T” shirts        $125.00 or best offer. 2-15” snow         cense plates, good condition, $50.00
pressed into the shape of a race car  tires on rims for 60’s GM car, like       for the pair. Call John Wisniewski at
$5.00 each. Call Jack Ventura at 708- brand new, $100.00 for both. Call Jim 773-582-8266
389-7776                              Agnos at 708-448-9322

         FOR SALE– L.E.D. 3rd Stop               FOR SALE– 1982 Chevy
Light, 6 or 12 volt. Also metal car      Blazer 6.2 Diesel, 1987 Blazer with
trunk, $49.95 O.B.O. Call Art LeMere     Meyer plow, 1977 Honda 550 Super
at 708-672-4269                          Sport, 1978 Honda 550K, Make offer,
                                         Call Tom at 708-720-4087
         FOR SALE- Model A polo
V OLUME 5 0 IS SUE 5                                    “ T HE C HATTE R”                                  PAGE 7

Fashion History, Part 4
           In 1935, as a result of President Roosevelt's         breasted and the Kent double-breasted. (They were
New Deal, some signs of good fortune were restored.              named after the Duke of Kent and the Prince of Wales.)
This gave you, as well as many others some relief and
hope. The economy demanded a redesign in                                    Another suit you wanted was the famous "Palm
the business suit. This new style of the busi-                              Beach" suit. It had the similar style of the sin-
ness suit was designed by a London tailor                                   gle-breasted jacket. It could be made from cot-
(Frederick Scholt) and was known as the                                     ton, seersucker, linen, gabardine, or silk shan-
"London Cut." Its features were sleeves taper-                              tung. This suit quickly became the American
ing slightly from shoulder to wrist, high buttons                           summer suit, and was named as the Wall Street
and pockets, wide, pointed lapels coming from                               Businessman's outfit for hot summer days.
the top instead of the middle buttons and hav-                              During this particular time in the 1930's, blazers
ing a roll rather than the flat lapels. This suit                           became a popular summertime item. You de-
had shoulder pads that brought the tip of the                               manded one for summer wear because for you
shoulders in line with the triceps, additional fab-                         it was just a must have item. (Like a must see
ric filled the armholes, making a drape in the                              movie today.) The blazers descended from
shoulder area. As a result of this last addition                            coats worn by tennis and rowing teams of the
the suit also became known as the "drape cut"                               Universities in England. You as an American
suit or "London drape." Another version of this                             find these suits are popular in the colors of blue,
new suit (which you desperately wanted, and                                 tobacco brown, buff, bottle green, and cream.
hoped to get) had four buttons instead of six. It                           These blazers were worn with linen or cotton
also had a longer hem and sloping lapels. This                              slacks and shorts.
new version of the suit was called the Windsor double-

Calumet Region History—-1958
The following article is reprinted from the Meet Book published meal and the home style service. New officers were elected:
for the 1999 MARC Business Meet that was hosted by the Re- Harold Boehm as President, to be aided by Norm Ohlschlager,
gion.                                                             Paul Moller, Ron Johnson, and “Doc” Carmichael. This was the

                                                                  night that Larry Nielson GAVE his “A” to the Chapter to use as
         uly, 1958 is a memorable month for members of the they saw fit. ( He “up and joined” the Navy for seven years) A
         calumet Region of MARC. It was then that Harold few of the original twenty one members are still active in the
         Boehm of Lansing, Illinois places an ad in the Chicago club.
         Tribune asking all Model “A” enthusiasts of the Chi-              The Calumet Region has been an active club both lo-
cago-Calumet area interested in forming a local club to call him. cally and Nationally. The Calumet Region has had many of it’s
           On August 6, 1958, Mr. & Mrs. Boehm with “Doc” members become National Officers and active on National com-
Carmichael attended an “Ahooga Night”, sponsored by the Illi- mittees. There were three National Presidents, two National
nois Region, at Riggions Pizza Place in Niles. That night it was Vice Presidents, two National Secretaries, one National Treas-
arranged for Russ Gerritt to come out and help set up a chapter urer, one Regional Organizer, one National Director of Member-
for the Calumet area members and those from the Gary- ship & Public Relations and one Director of Regions. There
Hammond, Indiana area.                                            have been at least six members on the Judging Standards Com-
          Their first formal meeting was held on August 28th at mittee and four on the Touring Class committee.
the Lansing, Illinois Ford agency. Harold Boehm was given the
job as acting director. Other officers listed were: W.L. Geiger,
Jim Dykstra, Ron Johnson, Norman Ohschlager and “Doc” Car-
          The first family get together of the newly formed Calu-
met Chapter was held on Sunday afternoon, September 14,
1958 in the Cook County Forest Preserve in Calumet City, Illi-
nois. The ten Model “A’s” lined up along Wentworth Avenue and
Schrumm Road attracted much attention from passing traffic. A
couple of new members that signed up that day were people
that were driving by, saw the cars, stopped and got bitten by the
Model “A” bug! The club now consisted of twenty one members.
          On Jnauary 14, 1959, the Calumet Chapter held it’s
first Annual Banquet at the Lincoln Stagecach Inn. There were
approximately thirty people enjoying the delicious home cooked
PAGE 8                                            “ T HE C HATTE R”                                     V OLUME 5 0 IS SUE 5

                                            MODEL “A” RESTORERS CLUB
                                                6721 Merriman, Garden City, Michigan 48135
                                                        Membership Dues: Regular Mail: U.S. $38;
                                           Air Mail: U.S/Canada $50, International $56 for the calendar year.
                                   Includes 6 issues of Model “A” News over a calendar year. U.S. funds only

                                                  Name (Print) ______________________________________________
                                                  Spouse’s Name ____________________________________________
                                                  Address __________________________________________________
                                                  City _________________________ State ________ ZIP ___________
                                                  Phone Number ____________________________________________
                                                           Is it ok to list phone number in club roster (yes or no)? _____
                                                  Signature _________________________________________________
                                                  EMAIL address ___________________________________________
                                                          Is it ok to list email address in club roster (yes or no)? ______
                                                  Circle one:                Check | Visa | Master Card | Discover Card
                                                  Card Number______________________________________________
                                                  EXP. Date _________ last 3 digit code on back of credit card: _______

Mechanics——Can You Answer These Questions?

1. What type of fan is used on the new Ford? What type of fan was used on the model “T” Ford? How
   much more efficient is the new type of fan?
2. How much air does the new fan deliver? At what speed?
3. What is the length of the connecting rod on the new Ford? What was the length of the connecting rod
   on the Model “T”? What are the advantages of the longer rod?
4. What is unusual about the bolts of the new Ford connecting rods? Why are they made in this man-

1. The fan used on the new Model “A” Ford is of the 2 blade aeroplane propeller type which, because of
   the “thickness” of the blades 9like that of the blades of an aeroplane propeller) is 14 percent more effi-
   cient. A 4 bladed fan was used on the Model “T”.
2. The new Ford aeroplane type fan delivers 855 cubic feet of air per minute at an engine speed of
   1000revolutions per minute.
3. The new Ford connecting rod has a length of 7 1/2 inches. The length of the Model “T” rod was 7
   inches. The longer rod gets a more directly downward push and there is less side thrust on the pis-
   tons, reducing wear and friction.
4. The bolts of the big end of the new Model “A” connecting rod are made “integral” with the rod. And
   the cap is clamped on with two nuts. This makes the rod lighter than if bolts were used, reducing
   weight at a very important point
V OLUME 5 0 IS SUE 5                            “ T HE C H ATTE R”                         PAGE 9


             few years ago Sam bought a Model A Ford. For a while things seemed normal but soon he be-
            gan to sense a time distortion of unknown origin. As he was discussing this with a friend a solu-
            tion was discovered. They always thought there
            were two types of time: (1) Standard Time and (2)
Daylight Savings Time. For most people this is true, but there
seems to be a time warp around the Model A Ford. This is
known as "Model A Time.” That's where each 30 minutes
equals three hours, as in "I'm going to Jimmy's house to work
on his Model A. Be back in 30 minutes.” You see, it really
isn't their fault that they never get home on time . They are
operating in a time-space continuum that is not aligned with
"normal" time. Now that Sam and his friend have explained
this, I'm sure they will no longer find clothes on the back
steps, dinner in the trash can, or any “Dear John" letters. They
thank you for your understanding.

Crete Firefighter’s Association Car Show

                                     June 20, 2009

           Scott Patrick’s Bar & Grill
             1361 Benton Street – Across from Crete Fire Station #1

                        Registration fee for Vehicles: $10.00 per car

                Raffles and Prizes
          Food and drink will be available

                           Proceeds benefit the
                       Crete Firefighter’s Association


   To Acquire, Restore, Preserve, Exhibit and Use
                the Model “A” Ford

            We’re on the web at

           Members that attended the Dust off Tour on April 26th at the Monee Reservoir

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