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					                          GREAT MID-ATLANTIC
                          Generating Recovery by Enhancing Active
                          Transportation in the Mid-Atlantic Region
This application seeks $35 M to design and construct 30 pedestrian and bicycle trail
segments in 10 regional trail systems that span urban, suburban, and rural areas in
three states, 17 Congressional districts, and would serve over 8 million Americans.

Cumulative Length: 65 miles
Total Cost: $51 Million
Funding Available: $16 Million
User Benefits: $18 Million per year
Economic Impact: $416 Million per year                                                      NJ
                                                                                DC    DE

Submission to the United States Department of Transportation - TIGER 2 Grant Application - August 23, 2010
                                                              The main applicant for this grant
  Main Applicant Contact Information                          request will be the Pennsylvania
                                                              Department of Conservation and
                                                              Natural Resources (DCNR), with co-
                                                              applicants Camden County NJ, City
                                                              of Newark NJ, and Wilmington Area
                                                              Planning Commission (WILMAPCO).

                                                              In addition to the applicants listed
                                                              above, multiple other partner organi-
                                                              zations are currently involved in the
                    Diane Kripas                              ongoing design and approval process
                                                              for engineering documents. They
          Chief, Conservation Partnerships                    include:
Pennsylvania Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources
                                                                      Allegheny Trail Alliance
                    P.O. Box 8475
                Harrisburg, PA 17105                                  Bensalem Township, PA

                   (717) 772-1282                                  Borough of Marcus Hook, PA
                                 Cooper’s Ferry Development Association

                                                               Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage
    Co-Applicant Contact Information                                   Delaware County, PA

                                                                   East Coast Greenway Alliance
                              Michel Gelin, Principal Engr
                              Department of Engineering        Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority
                              City of Newark                        Lower Merion Township, PA
                              255 Central Avenue
                              Newark, NJ 07103-3607                  Montgomery County, PA
                              (973) 733-6452                           Montour Trail Council
                                                              Oil Region Alliance of Business, Industry
                                                                              & Tourism

                                                                Pennsylvania Environmental Council
                              Caren Fishman, Director
                                                                     Rail-Trail Council of NEPA
                              Camden County Parks
                              1301 Park Boulevard                              Riverlife
                              Cherry Hill, NJ 08002-3752
                              (856) 795-7875                       Schuykill River Heritage Area
                                    Somerset County, PA

                                                                 Susquehanna Warrior Trail Council

                              Heather Dunigan                  GREAT Mid-Atlantic edited by:
                              Principal Planner                Spencer Finch & Jeffrey Knowles
     WILMAPCO                 Wilmington Area Planning
                              Council (WILMAPCO)
                                                               Pennsylvania Environmental Council
Wilmington Area Planning      850 Library Avenue, Suite 100    Sarah Clark Stuart
                                                               Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia
        Council               Newark, DE, 19711-7170
                              (302) 737-6205 Ext. 118          Diane Kripas
                                PA DCNR
                                TABLE OF CONTENTS
A Vision for a Complete Mid-Atlantic Pedestrian & Bicycle System   1

Introduction                                                       2

GREAT Mid-Atlantic Overview                                        3

GREAT Mid-Atlantic Overview Map                                    4


   Urban Construction Projects Detailed Descriptions               5

   Rural Construction Projects Detailed Descriptions               10

   Planning Grant Projects Detailed Descriptions                   13


   State of Good Repair                                            14

   Economic Competitiveness                                        15

   Livability                                                      16

   Sustainability                                                  17

   Safety                                                          18

   Job Creation                                                    19

   Innovation & Partnership                                        20


   Project Management Structure                                    21

   Project Schedule                                                22

   NEPA Status                                                     23

FUNDING                                                            24

                                                    A VISION FOR A COMPLETE MID-ATLANTIC PEDESTRIAN & BICYCLE SYSTEM
             Erie                                                                                                                                                                                                   Binghamton
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             N E W YO R K
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Delaware & Hudson
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    36th Most Bike
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Friendly State

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ri v                                  Lackawanna River Heritage Trail
                                                                            Making Connections Between Walkable and
                                                    Oil City                Bikeable Communities, Large and Small                                                                                                                Scranton





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     To Maine

                                                    he n y

                                                                                                                                                                            Susquehanna                                                           De
                                                             ve                                                                                                              Warrior Trail
                                                                                                  P E N N S YLVA N I A

                                                                  Erie to Pittsburgh Trail                                                      Ri                                                                                Delaware &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Newark New York
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Lehigh Trail

                                                                                                  42 Most Bike Friendly


                                                                                                  State - Trying to Change That!

                                                                                                                                      qu e
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       East Coast Greenway
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2nd Most

                                                                                                                                     Su s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Allentown                                                                 Walkable
    Pittsburgh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           New
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      City in

                                                                                                                                                                                                             S chu l k i
                                                                                                                                                                                   Reading                          l R
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        iv e r                               Trenton

                                     Yo u g h o g

Montour Trail
                                                                                                                                     Harrisburg                              Schuylkill River Trail
                                             h en
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Philadelphia 5th Most Walkable City in America


                                                         ve r
         o n g a h e l a R iv e r

                                                                                                Great Allegheny
                                                                                                   Passage                                                                                                                                                          JERSEY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 8th Most Bike
                                                                                                                                                              East Coast Greenway
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Friendly State
               Bike Friendly Cities
               in the Mid-Atlantic                                                                                    MA RYL A N D
                                                                                                                         11th Most Bike Baltimore                                                                                                                                   Atl anti c
                                     Silver Level
                                                                                                              Harpers    Friendly State                                                                                          Dover
         •                          Arlington, VA                                                              Ferry                                                                                                                                                                 O cean
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          D el aw are
                                                                                                                                                                   C h e s ap e ak e B ay

        Bronze Level
      • Alexandria, VA
                                                                                Most Bike Friendly State
                                                                                Rankings by League of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             B ay
         •   Franklin, PA                                                       American Bicyclists
         •   Newark, DE                                                         Most Walkable City Rankings                    Washington DC                                                                                                                                Trail Segment Designations
             New York City
                                                                                by                        7th Most Walkable City in America                                                                  D E L AWA R E                                 Complete Trails

                                                                                                                        7th Highest Bike Commute Rate                                                                                                                    Under Construction
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           10th Most Bike                                Proposed Route
             Washington, DC
                                                                                             VIRG I N I A            ECG                                                                                                   Friendly State                               0      10      20        30      40 miles

        League of American Bicyclists                                                                             To Florida           1                                                                                                                                        Scale 1: 2,100,000
                                                                                                                             Courtesy of Kyle Gradinger, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

A    s home to one of the nation’s strongest bicycling
     communities, the Mid-Atlantic United States also
has the most complete and widely utilized pedestrian
infrastructure network in the country. Residents of
the region’s dense, historic urban centers such as New
York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington,
DC benefit from walkable downtowns and neighbor-
hoods. Mid-size cities and suburban communities in
the region are also hard at work to build walkable,
more livable neighborhoods and commercial districts.
However, without transportation alternatives such
as buses, rapid transit, bike lanes or bike trails, the
historic urban centers and their suburban and rural           from urban to rural segments, and from construction
neighbors will remain disconnected and dependent on           to Planning Grant requests.
automobiles for transportation.
                                                              At the regional and interstate scale, two sub-segments
Amid the many historic, walkable downtowns and                in Bucks County, PA when built would complete the East
neighborhoods, the Mid-Atlantic also has a network of         Coast Greenway from New Brunswick, NJ to Bristol, PA, a
under-used or abandoned right-of-way corridors, many          length of nearly 50 miles1; and two sub-segments in Al-
of them formerly used by 19th Century railroad and            legheny and Somerset Counties in PA when built would
canal companies; and underused or abandoned former            complete the Great Allegheny Passage from Duquesne,
industrial riverfronts. What at first glance might seem       PA to Cumberland, MD, a length of nearly 150 miles.
like another burden to Mid-Atlantic communities is in
fact a great redevelopment opportunity that currently         At the urban core, one of the projects in this application
is being seized to create a great regional pedestrian         will create the first-ever integrated bicycling network
and bicycle network. These new green transportation           in Newark, NJ, while completing a key gap in the East
corridors are helping redevelop old historic towns,           Coast Greenway; another will help redevelop one of the
suburban neighborhoods and downtown riverfronts –             most distressed neighborhoods in one of the poorest
making all these communities more livable and more            cities in America: Camden, NJ.
sustainable in the long run.
                                                              As examples of “Last Mile” projects, a sub-segment in
Generating Recovery by Enhancing Active Trans-                Wilmington, DE will be designed to connect the city’s
portation in the Mid-Atlantic (GREAT- Mid-Atlantic)           redeveloping downtown riverfront with several subur-
is a unique project – a coalition of Pennsylvania, New        ban bedroom communities and the historic New Castle
Jersey and Delaware state, regional and local agencies        downtown; and the Manayunk Bridge will be repur-
that aim to create an integrated regional trail, urban        posed to put to good use a historic (but abandoned)
bikeway and pedestrian network that will have large           railroad bridge for pedestrian and bicycle users.
and immediate impacts even beyond the borders of
these three states.                                           When complete, these corridors will bring multiple
                                                              public benefits to urban, suburban and rural regions in
This project works at different scales, advancing             the form of increased active/affordable transportation
completion of both the Mid-Atlantic’s regional and            by area residents, healthier lifestyles, increased number
interstate bicycling network; and of completing the           of transportation choices, and more livable communities
“last mile” pedestrian and bicycling connections,             that attract and retain residents. The next section will
building the critical sidewalks, trail gaps and urban         explore these thirty sub-projects in detail.
bikeways that connect the densest urban areas in the
Mid-Atlantic to the larger network. Thirty different
                                                               A third gap in Trenton, NJ must also be built. The City of Tren-
sub-projects are included in this application, ranging        ton is seeking separate TIGER II funding for this project, which
                                                              GREAT Mid-Atlantic supports.

    Each sub-project meets or exceeds the requirements of the TIGER 2 Federal Notice, as does the conjoint
    package of 30 projects. The GREAT Mid-Atlantic sub-projects fall under three categories:

    •     Urban Construction grant requests (15 projects)
    •     Rural Construction grant requests (11 projects)
    •     Planning Grant requests (4 projects)

    Urban Construction Requests              Rural Construction Requests            Planning Grant Requests

The 15 Urban projects in the             The 11 Rural projects collectively     The four Planning projects have
application collectively have a          have a total of 4 percent state and    a total of 36 percent State and
total of 28 percent state and            local match (with an additional        Local match.
local match (with an additional          14 percent Federal contribution
15 percent Federal contribution          already available, thus being 18       The four Planning projects are
already available, thus being 43         percent already funded).               located in the counties of:
percent already funded).
                                         The 11 Rural projects are located      •   Bucks, PA
The 15 Urban projects are located        in every corner of Pennsylvania,       •   Delaware, PA
in the following metro areas:            from NE to SW, from SE to NW.          •   Camden, NJ, and
                                                                                •   New Castle , DE.
•       Philadelphia, PA – Camden, NJ    Each would create new economic
•       Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, PA   development and sustainable            The four projects have in
•       Newark, NJ, and                  development opportunities in           common a focus on bringing
•       Pittsburgh, PA.                  surrounding rural communities,         redevelopment to some of the
                                         and would complete key gaps in         most economically-distressed
Each of these segments would             these regional and interstate trail    communities in America
complete a critical gap or the           systems:                               (including Camden NJ and
“last mile” connection for regional                                             Chester PA) and to abandoned
pedestrian/bicycle and interstate        •      East Coast Greenway,            industrial riverfronts (Bensalem
trail systems, including:                •      Great Allegheny Passage,        PA and New Castle County DE,
                                         •      Delaware & Lehigh Trail,        in addition to Camden and
•       East Coast Greenway,             •      Delaware & Hudson Trail and     Chester). These projects will
•       Great Allegheny Passage,                Lackawanna River Heritage       provide the final details and the
•       Delaware & Lehigh Trail,                Trail (eventually connecting    final engineering designs to
•       Camden Greenway Network,                into a fourth state, NY)        reintegrate these Delaware River
•       Newark NJ Greenway Network,      •      Susquehanna Warrior Trail       waterfronts into the surrounding
•       Montour Trail, and               •      Erie to Pittsburgh Trail, and   communities, finally reconnecting
•       Schuylkill River Trail.          •      Schuylkill River Trail.         them to a river that many
                                                                                generations have seen as merely a
                                                                                backyard. Of course, they will also
          GREAT Mid-Atlantic Project Naming Convention
                                                                                “tee-up” for construction several
                             ECG - 1 - R                                        critical gaps in:
                                                                                • East Coast Greenway in PA and
             Trail System Prefix    Unique        Rural (R) or Urban (U)             DE, and
                                   Identifier                                   • Camden Greenway Network.

                                                                       GREAT MID-ATLANTIC PROJECT OVERVIEW
    Erie                                                                                                                                                                               Binghamton
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               N E W YO R K
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Delaware & Hudson
              F                                                                                                                       Su
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   D&H - 1 - R
                                          Erie to Pittsburgh Trail                                                                              ue
                                                                                                                                                      an                                                           Lackawanna River Heritage Trail

                                          EPT - 1 - R                                                                                                          na
                                                                                                                                                                    Ri v                                           LRHT - 1 - R
                                          EPT - 2 - R                                                                                                                      er
                                          EPT - 3 - R
                           Oil City
                                                                                                                                                                    D                                                               r

                                                                                                                                      SWT - 1 - R                                     Wilkes-Barre


                     l eg

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        To Maine

                                                                                                                                                          er                                                               l
                          he n y

                                                                                                                                                 R iv                                                                 De
                                   v                                                                                    Delaware & Lehigh                                                           Delaware &                                    B
                                                                          P E N N S YLVA N I A                                                                                                      Lehigh Trail   East Coast Greenway

                                                                                                                        D&L - 1 - R
                                       Erie to Pittsburgh Trail
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Newark New York
                                                                                                                        D&L - 2 - R                                                                                ECG - 4 - U
                                                                                                                        D&L - 3 - U                                                                                                                                      City
                                                                                                                    a                                                                                                   NEW



                            Great Allegheny Passage                                                                                    SRT - 1 - R                                                Allentown

                                                                                                       Su s q

                                                                                                                                                                                S chu l k i
                            GAP - 2 - U
                            GAP - 3 - U                                                                                                                                                                                                    Brunswick
                                                                                                                                                      Reading                          l R                                                 East Coast Greenway
                                                                                                                                                                                           iv e r     C                          Trenton

                            Montour Trail
        Yo u g h o g

       M                    MT - 1 - U                                                                                                                                                                                                     East Coast Greenway
                                                                                                         Harrisburg                              Schuylkill River Trail                                    Philadelphia
             on o a h e

                            MT - 2 - U
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ECG - 1 - R
                    h en

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ECG - 2 - U
                             Ri                                                                                                                 Schuylkill River Trail

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ECG - 3 - U
    l a R iv e r

                                                                                                                                                SRT - 2 - U                                                                                ECG - 5 - U
                               ve r

                                                        GAP - 1 - R                                                                             SRT - 3 - U                                                         Camden                 ECG - 7 - U
                                                                                                                                                SRT - 4 - U                                                                                ECG - 8 - U
                                                             Cumberland         Great Allegheny                                                                                                                                            ECG - 9 - U
                                                                                   Passage                                     East Coast Greenway
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Camden Greenways
                                                                                                                                                                                              ECG - 6 -U
                                                                                                                                                                                                           CAM - 1 - U
                                                                                               MA RYL A N D                                                                                                CAM - 2 - U
                                                                                                                                                                                                           CAM - 3 - U
                                                                                                                         Baltimore                                                                                                                     Atl anti c
                                                                                     Harpers                                                                                                         Dover
                                                                                      Ferry                                                                                                                                                             O cean
                                                                                                                                                                                                               D el aw are
                                                                                                                                       C h e s ap e ake B ay

W EST VIRGINIA                                                                                                                                                                                                    B ay

                                                                                                    Washington DC                                                                                                                              Trail Segment Designations

                                                                                                                                                                                              D E L AWA R E                                Complete Trails
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           TIGER 2 Trails
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Gap Area
                                                                      VIRG I N I A        ECG                                                                                                                                              0      10         20     30      40 miles
                                                                                       To Florida               4                                                                                                                                  Scale 1: 2,100,000
   URBAN CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS                                              A                                        PITTSBURGH METRO
                                                                                                                                                    PA 04 A
                                                                                                                                                          B                                                                     New

 GAP-2-U        Steel Valley                                         A                                   Park
The Steel Valley section of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) is                              A
                                                                                              B   79

one of the final remaining gaps between Washington, D.C. and                                                                                                                                     iv e r
Pittsburgh. This project will construct 3,500’ of trail in the City of         O hi
                                                                                                           A   279
                                                                                           iv e

                                                                                                                                                                                   Al l e g hen
Duquesne, which connects to existing trail at Grant Avenue and a pe-                                   Emsworth                                                                                   Erie-to-Pittsburgh Trail
destrian bridge at Port Perry (under construction). Trail construction                                                                          Sharpsburg
will include bituminous paving, grading, fencing, trail protection and
                                                                                 Pittsburgh                                                                                            Penn Hills
signage. This trail segment will provide dedicated ROW and much
safer alignment, by moving bicyclists off the shoulder of SR 837.
                                                                                   Airport                                     Pittsburgh                   PA 14
                                                                                                                                                      Great Allegheny

                                                                                                                       Monongahela                          nga
                                                                                                                      Wharf Switchback                   no h e l a

GAP-3-U         Monongahela Wharf Switchback                                                                                   GAP-3-U                              ve

This project in downtown Pittsburgh would construct a vertical                                                                                                                                      Steel Valley
pedestrian and bicycle connection from the reconstructed Monon-                                            PA 18                                        West Mi in

gahela Wharf Landing to the Smithfield Street Bridge and would
complete the link between the Monongahela Wharf and the Eliza                       Bridgeville
                                                                                                                             Bethel                                                           McKeesport
Furnace Trail. It will provide a direct connection for trail users,                                                           Park                                                                                               PA 18
residents, commuters and visitors to the Monongahela Wharf Land-
ing and Point State Park with safer safer crossings across highway                                                                The Montour Trail
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Great Allegheny
off-ramps, and close one of the last gaps on the Great Allegheny                                                                                                       Clairton                                    Passage
                                                                             Valleybrook                                                                                                                                                  A

Passage.                                                                       Bridge                                                                                                                           Buena
                                                                                    MT-2-U                                        Piney Fork
                                                                                                                                      MT-1-U                                                                     Vista

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Yo u g hi

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   oghe n y R

MT-1-U          Piney Fork                                                                                                                           o ng
                                                                                                                                                                      a R iv er
This project will complete a mainline section (8E2/8) of the Montour

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              iv e r
Trail in South Park Township, PA. Bicycle traffic is very heavy on exist-     Trail Segment Designations
ing off-road sections of the Montour Trail, and on this unfinished          Complete Trails
section bicyclists are currently forced to share a narrow, curving          TIGER 2 Trails                            B
                                                                                                                      A 70

roadway; while pedestrians and hikers have no dedicated spaces.
                                                                            Under Construction
                                                                            TIGER 1 Trails                                                                                                          PA 12
The new section will provide trails on both sides of the Piney Fork         Gap Area                                                     Map
                                                                                                                                         Area                                      Long
                                                                            On Road Trails
Bridge (Ph 8E3) and represents a significant step towards connecting                                                                                                              Branch
the GAP to the Pittsburgh International Airport.                                0      1     2         3   4         5 miles
                                                                                             Scale 1:330,000                                                                                      To Washington

 MT-2-U         Valleybrook Bridge                                   A
This project will build a critical missing bridge to carry the Montour
Trail over Valleybrook Road in Peters Township, PA. It will provide
                                                                            B            NEWARK/NYC METRO
grade separation from a dangerous stretch of road with limited sight                                             Clifton
                                                                                                                                                                                 N Bergen
distances, a large traffic count, and high vehicular speeds. The bridge
will connect two lengthy open sections of off-road trail. This represents                                     NJ 08                 NJ 09                                  B

a significant step toward connecting from the GAP to the Pittsburgh
International Airport. This project is five miles east of the downtown
                                                                            NE W JERSEY                                                                                     NJ 13
Pittsburgh Amtrak station.                                                                     B
                                                                                                                                    Pedestrians and
                                                                                                      East                                                                   East Coast
                                                                                                     Orange                        bikes use PATH rail                       Greenway
                                                                                                                                   connection to NYC
 ECG-4-U        Newark Greenway Network                              B                   Newark Greenway
This project will construct a continuous dedicated public access route                                  Newark                                       Jersey
for pedestrians and bicyclists within each of the wards of New Jersey’s                                          Newark Penn                          City
largest city. The Network addresses a recognized lack of direct intra-                                                                                                      New York
city non-motorized linkages among significant activity centers. It will

consist of a paved, signed, lighted and landscaped pedestrian way and               Union
bikeway through many neighborhoods and parts of the Central Busi-                                             Newark Liberty


ness District, linking numerous recreational, cultural and educational          NJ 07                             Airport
resources. This system provides intermodal access to Newark Penn Sta-                                         NJ 10                     Bayonne                  Uppe r

                                                                                                                                                                Ne w York

tion, where users can transfer to trains and buses headed to New York                         Elizabeth
City and additional destinations. The routes are proposed to integrate                                                                                             B ay

with NJIT and Rutgers’ beautification of Washington Street and Univer-
sity Avenue, and with a proposed esplanade over Route 21.                         East Coast

 CAM-1-U        Haddonfield Greenway                                C                                                                           B
                                                                                                                                                A   278

The existing Cooper River Trail will soon connect to the Delaware River
                                                                                                                                                                    L ow e r
waterfront in Camden, NJ, with funding from TIGER 1. Haddonfield sits                                                      NE W YORK                               Ne w York
at the eastern end of this trail, a prosperous community with a state
historic district, a walkable downtown commercial area and open
                                                                                              NJ 13                                                                   B ay
spaces areas that are under significant development pressure. Growth                                                                         Trail Segment Designations

has increased traffic congestion, encouraging motorists to use residen-
                                                                                                                                         Complete Trails
                                                                                                                                         TIGER 2 Trails
tial streets at high speeds. Residents in turn now are often unwilling to                                                                Under Construction
let their children walk or bicycle to school or nearby parks. The Had-                                                                   TIGER 1 Trails

donfield Greenway will provide a new and safer alternative transporta-                                                                   Gap Area
                                                                                                                                         On Road Trails
tion option, will increase connectivity among borough neighborhoods                                                        Are a         PATH connection to NYC
and local historic and cultural resources, and will extend the reach of
the Camden Greenway and the Cooper River Trail system deeper into                                                                        0      1           2         3          4   5 miles
                                                                                                                                                          Scale 1:220,000
Camden County.

 C                                         PHILADELPHIA-CAMDEN-WILMINGTON METRO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      NJ 12

 Pottstown                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Trenton
                                                                            Lansdale                   P E N N S YLVA N I A                                                                                       B

                                                                                                                                                                   PA 08                                                                            Delaware Canal Trail
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Conrail RR Crossing
               S ch


                                                                                                          PA 13

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Delaware Canal

                                                                                                                                                      Willow                                                       Levittown
                                                                                                                                                      Grove                                                                               Trail on Route 13
                               Towpath                                                                                                                                                                                                         ECG-7-U
                                 SRT-3-U             Trail Widening

                                                     King of                                                             Pennypack Trail Bridge

    PA 06
                                                     Prussia                      Conshohocken
                                                                                                                   PA 02                                                                                                            A
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    B                      NJ 04

                                                                                                                                                                                               Bensalem Trail

                                                                                                                                                                                        r             ECG-8-U




                                   Paoli                                      Manayunk Bridge                                                                                aw
                                                                                   SRT-2-U                                                                            D el

                                                                                                                                              PA 01
                                                                                                       30th St
                                                                                                       Station                                             State St. & Harrison Ave.                                NJ 03
     Chester               PA 07                                                                                                                    Camden                                                         NEW JERSEY
                                                                                                                                                                              Haddon eld

                                                                                                                                                                                  Haddon eld Greenway
                                                                                                                                  R iv
                                                                                         Philadelphia                        re
                                                                                         International                  wa
                                                        Title Search                        Airport           D   ela
                                       Marcus Hook
                                                                                                                                                                    NJ 01                                                                 Trail Segment Designations

     DE 01                               ECG-5-U                                                                                                                                                                                      Complete Trails
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      TIGER 2 Trails
                                                                                       295                                                                                                                                            Under Construction
  DEL AWARE                                                                                                                                                                                    Berlin
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      TIGER 1 Trails

  New Castle
                                                                                                                                                                    M ap
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        NJ 02         Gap Area
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      On Road Trails

Industrial Trail
                      Wilmington                                                NJ 02                                                                                                                   Great Egg Harbor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          0   1       2    3        4    5 miles
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Scale 1:308,000

                                                URBAN CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS
 CAM-2-U        Great Egg Harbor                                                                                                                              C
This project will construct a multi-use trail on County-owned land along Great Egg Harbor River, connecting New Brooklyn Park in Winslow Township to Berlin
Park in Berlin Borough. Winslow is the largest municipality in the County in terms of area and has great potential for population growth, but it is one of the
lowest-income communities, with few resources to properly address future growth. This trail eventually will connect to the Camden County Greenway system,
providing residents in economically-distressed areas of the county access to thousands of acres of public open space.

 ECG-2-U        East Coast Greenway Signage                                                                                                        NOT MAPPED
The East Coast Greenway (ECG) signed an agreement with PennDOT to install signage along the interim on-road and completed off-road trail sections of the
ECG in Bucks, Delaware and Philadelphia Counties, which generally follows the Delaware River through communities with a recent industrial past. These com-
munities are in varying stages of reinvigorating their economies—building more livable neighborhoods and attracting residents and businesses. The new
signage will provide a new overlay for orientation and connect local cyclists and pedestrians to the ECG and the larger regional trail network. The signage will
direct bicyclists to and from intermodal connections within ¼ mile of the route, including 10+ transit and rail stations, numerous bus lines and the Philadel-
phia International Airport.

 ECG-5-U        Marcus Hook                                                                                                                                   C
This project will provide an off-road bicycle/pedestrian area along 10th Street/Post Road (State Route 13) and Market Street (State Route 452) through the
Borough of Marcus Hook to the Delaware state border. At that point the East Coast Greenway will continue on to Wilmington, DE, passing Fox Point and Bel-
levue State Parks. This project will provide streetscape improvements along three sections. The industrial section will include an off road multi-purpose path,
reduction of the existing cartway, landscaping, signage and restriping. The business section will include landscaping, brick pavers and share-the-road signage.
The residential section will include landscaping, signage and striping for a dedicated bicycle lane. Traffic signals will be replaced throughout the project area.
This blue-collar town will thus be reinvigorated, showcasing a new more walkable/bikable downton and becoming a gateway between Pennsylvania and

 ECG-7-U        Delaware Canal Trail on Route 13                                                                                                              C
US Route 13 is a major obstruction for users of the Delaware & Lehigh Trail/East Coast Greenway in Tulleytown Borough, PA. This Limited Access Freeway splits
the trail along the Delaware Canal (a National Historic Landmark). Un-informed trail users frequently attempt to jump the guide rails and cross four lanes of
traffic (at a posted speed limit of 55mph) to continue on the path. PA DCNR has proposed two precast reinforced concrete box culverts to provide safe bike/
ped access beneath Route 13. These culverts would be approx. 100 feet ± south of the existing trail, providing a new S-Shaped alignment that will reconnect
multiple communities in Bucks County.

 ECG-9-U        Pennypack Trail Bridge                                                                                                                        C
This project will build a bridge to connect more users in a large and rapidly developing suburban county to the Pennypack and regional trail systems. This
bridge will fill a gap to make the Pennypack Trail accessible from the Fox Chase portion of Philadelphia and from Voigt Park in Rockledge Borough.

                                                 URBAN CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS

 SRT-2-U        Manayunk Bridge                                           C
The Manayunk Bridge, a historic concrete open spandrel arch bridge on a
reverse curve, was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1918 and has sat
abandoned since SEPTA ceased regional rail operations on the Cynwd line
to Manayunk in 1986. The paving of the extension of the Schuylkill River
Trail atop the bridge will make a connection between the Cynwyd Trail
in Lower Merion Township (fully funded, construction to be completed
in 2011) with other sections of the Schuylkill River Trail in Philadelphia.
Construction activities required are fairly simple: the ballast surface of the
bridge will be cleaned and paved, and appropriate stormwater control
measures will be installed. Once complete, the connection along the Mana-
yunk Bridge will become a new highlight along the Schuylkill waterfront,
and will provide connections that will be quicker than driving between
affluent and poor neighborhoods and bedroom communities and employ-
ment centers in Montgomery County and Philadelphia.

 SRT-3-U        Schuylkill River Canal Towpath                                                                                                                    C
The Schuylkill River Trail/ Canal Towpath Restoration project near Phoenixville, PA will provide an historic off-road trail experience along one of the last re-
maining intact Schuylkill River canal segments while gradually restoring the original character of the canal. The project is expected to be completed in 2010
and will span 1.5 miles along the canal connecting to the main stem of the Schuylkill River Trail at the Longford Road Trailhead and at Route 29 navigating
into Phoenixville. It is one of the last remaining unfinished links in the Schuylkill River Trail from Philadelphia to Phoenixville. An existing signed on road trail
segment parallels the tow path will remain in use after the tow path is open in order to accommodate some of the bike traffic inappropriate for the tow path.
The county will maintain the trail as part of the over 60 miles trail system. Additionally the county will work with the Schuylkill Canal Association to continue
efforts to restore and enhance the historical canal elements along the tow path trail section.

 SRT-4-U        Trail Widening                                                                                                                                    C
This project will resurface and widen (from 10’ to 12’) the Schuylkill River Trail (SRT) from Norristown to Betzwood, in a large and rapidly developing section of
Montgomery County. These enhancements will improve safety and enable greater use of one of the most heavily traveled portions of a trail that serves over
400,000 users/year. This section connects to Valley Forge National Historical Park, the Norristown Farm Park, and the Norristown SEPTA rail station.

 D&L-3-U        Northampton to Catasauqua                                                                                                                         D
This project will close a critical gap along the 165-mile Delaware & Lehigh Trail in Catasauqua, densely urbanized former industrial community located along
the Lehigh Canal and River, just north of the City of Allentown (an economically distressed community as recognized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania).
This connection will open up new commuting alternatives into downtown Allentown, and suburban and commercial areas along US Route 22. Construction
will include trail surfacing, a trailhead at the former Deily Coal Yard, drainage, a landing area at the North Catty trailhead, and a pedestrian bridge at Dry Run.

   RURAL CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS                                               D                                    LEHIGH VALLEY
 GAP-1-R         Garrett Underpass                   SEE OVERVIEW MAP        PA 10                                                   Luzerne County National

This project will install a concrete arch culvert to allow the GAP to               Susquehanna
                                                                                                                                         Recreation Trail
                                                                                                                                                                             PA 10
pass below grade of State Route 2037 in Garrett Borough, PA. The                     Warrior Trail                              A

trail currently utilizes an on-road detour that involves a diagonal at-                                                         B
grade crossing of SR 2037. With trail user safety a paramount con-                                      Wilkes-
cern, the goal is to restore the trail to the original rail ROW, separate                               Barre

                                                                                                                             Mountain Top to Oliver Mills
vehicular and trail traffic with the culvert and connect the culvert             Susquehanna                                            D&L-2-R
                                                                                 Warrior Trail
via 1800' of trail construction to completed trail on each side of the
crossing.                                                                                                                            A
                                                                                                                                     476                                                  Mt Pocono

 ECG-1-R         Delaware Canal Trail Conrail RR Crossing             C                                                              B
This project will complete a critical link in the ECG and significantly
increase user safety by separating rail and pedestrian and bicycle                                                                                                             A

traffic along the Delaware Canal Trail. It will replace an existing cul-                                                       Haven                                           B
vert to create a tunnel and underground trail through a 30’-high em-              A80

bankment and enhance approach and re-entry to the trail. Current
users frequently attempt a hazardous climb up the embankment                      B                                                                   PA 11
and across the active CSX rail freight line to continue on the trail. This
project will also alleviate a major roadway flooding issue.
 D&L-1-R         Lock 25 at Walnutport                                 D                                                                        D & L Trail - Lehigh Gorge
                                                                                                                                                     State Park Trail
The Delaware & Lehigh Canal once was the major transportation link
for transporting coal from Northeast PA to industries in the state’s
southeast. Today, canal Lock 25 in Walnutport, PA, is in imminent                                                              Jim Thorpe
                                                                                                                                                        D & L Trail -
danger of collapse—which would destroy not only an important                   A    81
                                                                                                                                                     Lehigh Canal North
historic and cultural resource but the adjacent trail as well. This proj-
ect will stabilize and rehabilitate the lock and address the causes of
                                                                             PAB                                                       Lehighton

erosion along the canal.                                                                                                                                           Lehigh River Water Trail
 D&L-2-R         Mountain Top to Oliver Mills                         D                                                                               Slatington
                                                                                 Trail Segment Designations
The D&L has been converted to trail uses from Allentown, east to             Complete Trails
                                                                                                                                           Lock 25 at Walnutport
                                                                                                                                                  D&L-1-R                           PA 15
Easton, then south to Morrisville and Bristol, PA. Yet, near WilkesBarre     TIGER 2 Trails
                                                                             Under Construction
only very short sections are complete. This project will build a trail       TIGER 1 Trails
                                                                                                                                                   M ap
segment from Mountain Top to Oliver Mills, passing through Ha-               Gap Area                                                                           Northampton to
nover (an economically distressed community as recognized by the             On Road Trails                                                                       Catasaqua                Lehigh Valley
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) and Wright Townships, providing                                                                                                                                 Airport
                                                                             0          2      4       6      8   10 miles
the closest link to Wilkes Barre yet and help to complete the 165-                          Scale 1:500,000                                                           Allentown
mile Delaware & Lehigh Trail.

E                              NORTHEAST PA                                                     SWT-1-R        Susquehanna Warrior Trail
                                                                                               This project would finish Phase 2 of 2, and complete the Susque-

                                                            Starucca                           hanna Warrior Trail (SWT) by constructing three trailheads and seven
                                                                                               miles of gravel trail and rehabilitating one bridge. The SWT extends
            New Milford                                                                        18.5 miles along the old Delaware, Lehigh and Western Railroad
                                                            Thompson                           beds from the PPL Riverlands Recreation area to Larksville, PA.
                                                                                               This scenic route provides access to the Susquehanna River Trail at
                                                                                               Hunlock and Union Townships. This trail segment will serve the eco-
                                                               Delaware & Hudson Phase 2       nomically distressed community of Plymouth, PA , and connect via
                                                                                               existing and planned trails to the Delaware & Lehigh Trail through
                                                                                               Kingston and Wilkes Barre. This project is included in the Luzerne
                                                                                               County Comprehensive Plan, which is being finalized by the County
                                        PA 10                                                  Planning Commission. The PA State Comprehensive Outdoor Recre-
                                                                                               ation Plan (2009-2013) identified this as a priority gap.
                                                                                                D&H-1-R        Delaware & Hudson Phase 2                          E
                                                                                               This project would construct Phase II of a 38-mile rail trail on the
                                                                                               abandoned Delaware & Hudson rail ROW. The trail connects urban
                                                                                               population in and around Scranton, PA, to rural communities north.
                                                                                               It parallels State Route 171, which PennDOT has designated as
                                                                                               PA Bike Route L, but which sees little bicycling activity because of
                                                                      Forest                   auto and truck traffic conflicts. Phase II would add a fifth trailhead
                                                                       City                    and would link to urban trails along the Susquehanna River. It will
                                                                                               connect to Main Street businesses in Forest City, an economically
                                                                                               distressed community as recognized by the Pennsylvania Depart-
                                                                                               ment of Community and Economic Development.
                  M ap
                                                      Carbondale                                LRHT-1-R       Archbald Trail                                     E
                                                                                               This project will fund construction of an off-road pedestrian and
                                                                 Bicycle PA Route L
                                                                                               bicycle trail in the Borough of Archbald, PA, which is located mid-
  Trail Segment Designations                                                                   way between the Cities of Scranton and Carbondale. This project
Complete Trails                                                                                completes a key 6.25-mile segment that serves as an alternate trans-
TIGER 2 Trails
                                                             Lackawanna River Heritage         portation route among six municipalities in the heart of a National
Under Construction
TIGER 1 Trails     Clarks Summit                               Trail - Archbald Section        and State Heritage Area. Economically distressed areas that will
Gap Area                                                                                       be served include Jermyn, Mayfield and Jessup Boroughs, Carbon-
On Road Trails                             Scranton                                            dale Township, Carbondale City, and the City of Scranton . The trail
                                                      Lackawanna River                         project will be within a short walk of business districts, residential
   0    1    2     3     4    5 miles                   Heritage Trail
                                                                                               neighborhoods and several major regional employers, including
                                            PA 11
            Scale 1:310,000

                                                                                               LRBSA, General Dynamics, and the Co-Generation Plant.

 EPT-1-R         Queen City Trail                                        F
This project will construct two lanes of fully-accessible, multi-use trail
as part of the Queen City Bike Trail (QCBT) along the Oil Creek Valley.
                                                                               F                                  NORTHWEST PA
This dual lane system (8’ asphalt and 8’ crushed stone) will serve bike/
pedestrian travel and Amish horse and buggy use respectively; thus
significantly increasing safety for all types of users. Perry Street Station
in downtown Titusville, PA , will be the main trailhead, with another
at the Wal-Mart Superstore in Oil Creek Township. Perry Street is the                  PA 03                                         Erie to Pittsburgh Trail
boarding station for seasonal rail excursions through the birthplace of
the worldwide petroleum industry.

 EPT-2-R         Missing Link                                           F
This segment will extend the OCSP trail south toward the proposed
McClintock Trail to Oil City. The OCSP is a 9.7-mile asphalt trail on                                                          Queen City Trail      Titusville
historic railroad grade running parallel to Oil Creek through a scenic
valley. The devastation of the early industrial boom is now a spectacu-
lar example of natural resource recovery providing extensive travel                                                                                                Oil Creek
opportunities. Existing trails in the Oil Heritage Region have produced                                                                                         State Park Trail
substantial economic benefits ($4.31M in 2006) for an area struggling
with the loss of industry.
                                                                                                                                                                          PA 05
 EPT-3-R         McClintock Trail                                        F
This project will construct the second phase of a fully-accessible                                                                   Missing Link
multi-use asphalt trail and complete a section of the Erie-to-Pittsburgh                                                                EPT-2-R

mega-greenway. It will include drainage, landscaping, signage and                                                                                                                               ghe
                                                                                                                                                                                                      ny R i v
                                                                                                                                                                                       Al l e                    er
other trail related site improvements. In January 2009, McClintock Trail
Phase I was completed. This 1.8-mile section of trail travels along Waitz                                                                             McClintock Trail
                                                                                                                 McClintock Trail -                        EPT-3-R
Road in Cornplanter Township extends from Rynd Farm south to the                    Sugarcreek
                                                                                                                Oil Creek Connector               Oil
historic McClintock Well #1; it's open now to bicyclists, walkers, and
drivers along the west shore of Oil Creek.
                                                                                                                      Samuel Justus                                  Trail Segment Designations
 SRT-1-R         Auburn Bridge                         SEE OVERVIEW MAP                                               Recreation Trail
                                                                                                                                                                 Complete Trails
This project will install decking over existing bridge piers and fill a gap                                                                                      TIGER 2 Trails
across the Schuylkill River between existing trail segments in Hamburg                                                                                           Under Construction
                                                                                                                                                                 TIGER 1 Trails
and Auburn, PA. This bridge will connect to the Bartram Trail, which                                         heny R i v                                          Gap Area
currently ends at the Schuylkill River just before entering the Borough                               l eg                er         Map
                                                                                                 Al                                  Are a                       On Road Trails

of Auburn. The Borough has a median per capita income of less than
$20,000. This trail connection would bring visitors and economic ben-              Allegheny                 PA 03                                                    0    1       2       3      4       5 miles
                                                                                   River Trail                                                                                 Scale 1:330,000
efits to an area severely underserved by active and passive recreation.

                                                       PLANNING GRANT PROJECTS

 CAM-3-U        State St & Harrison Ave                                                                                                                          C
North Camden is one of the most distressed neighborhoods in Camden, NJ, one of the poorest cities in America. This project will complete planning, and
conceptual and final design of major streetscape improvements of the neighborhood’s main corridors (State St and Harrison Avenue); of reconnected streets
(such as the reconnection of State Street to the Delaware waterfront); and of a trail around North Camden, across the Cooper River, toward the neighborhood
of Cramer Hill and the soon to be built Salvation Army Community Center. Residents of the City of Camden are predominantly young and low-income and
more than 40% do not own an automobile. With reconnected streets, new sidewalks, new bike lanes, and new trails, fewer residents will struggle to access
employment, services and amenities in downtown Camden, in Philadelphia and in the relatively more prosperous neighboring NJ suburbs. The proposed im-
provements will also improve access to multiple transit connections, including the NJTransit River LINE light rail (connecting to Trenton), the PATCO Speedline
(connecting to Philadelphia and NJ suburbs), and the Walter Rand Transportation Center in downtown Camden (a major hub for Greyhound and NJ Transit
buses). Finally, the reconnection of North Camden to its waterfront and to the existing redevelopment further south (which includes the NJ State Aquarium ,
the Camden Riversharks baseball stadium, a riverfront promenade, and new and rehabbed mixed-use buildings) will be a fundamental component of a suc-
cessful revitalization strategy for the City of Camden as a whole.

 ECG-3-U        Title Search                                                                                                                                     C
Delaware County, PA, remains one of the largest remaining gaps in the Mid-Atlantic ECG. This project will fund title and deed searches to identify parcels in
Chester City and Ridley Park and Eddystone Boroughs for potential acquisition and addition to the ECG. The area included in the search is urban, industrial-
ized and includes the economically distressed City of Chester . Significant redevelopment efforts (completed or underway) to which future trails can connect
include the PPL Park soccer stadium and a waterfront casino.

 ECG-6-U        New Castle Industrial Trail                                                                                                     SEE OVERVIEW MAP

This project would fund design of a segment of the East Coast Greenway in New Castle, DE. The Wilmington Riverwalk extends over a mile south from down-
town Wilmington towards the Russell Peterson Wildlife Refuge, where it currently terminates in a dead-end. Similarly, the New Castle Industrial Track Green-
way, recently funded by ARRA, will run north from old New Castle to a little beyond Boulden Blvd., where it will terminate in a dead-end. This project would
connect these now isolated paths, leveraging recent investments and providing a non-motorized connection between Wilmington and New Castle. This
project is in a Recovery Zone, an area designated by the county as having significant unemployment, home foreclosure, and general economic distress.

 ECG-8-U        Bensalem Trail                                                                                                                                   C
Identified as a priority segment for implementation by Bensalem, by Bucks County, by the PA DCNR, and by regional and national stakeholders of the East
Coast Greenway (ECG), this 5-mile long gap in the East Coast Greenway in Bucks County PA can be completed at relatively low cost and quick schedule. With
a conceptual design phase currently underway, design funds are needed to engineer an off-road path along State Road on the historic southern half of the
project (where historic mansions, once owned by early PA settlers such as William Penn, still stand); and a new trail along formerly industrial parcels on the
northern half of the project. The project will significantly increase the safety of multi-modal use along State Road (which acts as a reliever and distributor route
parallel to, and carrying significant traffic from, I-95), will connect to the SEPTA Park-and-Ride facility of Cornwells Heights; will reconnect the river wards with
the center of Bensalem township, and will create the main spine for a pedestrian and bicycle network in a section of the county that utterly lacks this type of

   STATE OF GOOD REPAIR                                             LONG TERM OUTCOMES
   GREAT Mid-Atlantic will connect existing transportation assets to create for the first time a regional network
   with last-mile connections into existing communities. Funding and long-term O&M plans are in place.

T   he main goal of the project is to create a new, con-
    nected network where none exists; and provide the
“last mile” pedestrian and bicycle links that can make
                                                                Eight of the segments are critical gaps in the national
                                                                East Coast Greenway alignment map. Three Great Al-
                                                                legheny Passage, 4 Schuylkill River Trail, and 6 of the
each community more livable and more sustainable. As            Southeast and Northeast PA projects are included are
such, GREAT-Mid-Atlantic will be providing some of the          included in their respective county’s or region’s Re-
minimum levels of infrastructure needed to make the             gional Transportation plan and/or Comprehensive Plan
existence of this basic network possible. In the future,        – where they are not, it is because a county does not
multiple other gaps, linkages, and improvements can             have such plans.
be made to bring the entire                                                              As described in the Funding
network up to a higher stan-                                                             table on Page 26 and in the
dard.                                                                                    Appendix, the 30 sub-projects
                                                                                         all have significant sources of
Another way the GREAT-Mid-                                                               match and other contributions
Atlantic will have a positive                                                            already available, many signifi-
impact on the state of good                                                              cantly exceeding the TIGER 2
repair of transportation infra-                                                          grant requirements. In addi-
structure is that many of the                                                            tion, multiple organizations are
sub-projects propose reuse,                                                              in place, from the PA DCNR to
rehabilitating, and repurpos-                                                            county and municipal govern-
ing of abandoned transpor-                                                               ments, from the local MPOs to
tation assets. For example,                                                              the many non-profit organiza-
many of the trails reutilize                                                             tions who are Project Partners,
abandoned railroad rights-of-                                                            which will provide long-term
way; while several projects will                                                         maintenance and stewardship
repurpose and rehab aban-                                                                of these facilities.
doned bridges (and in one
case, a canal lock) to provide                                                            If one analyses the list of 30
critical links in the regional network.                         sub-projects, many of these are relatively shorter
                                                                length gaps in the trail, bikeway, and sidewalk systems.
Finally, the majority of the projects included in GREAT-        If the capital costs can be found to complete these
Mid-Atlantic cross or intersect other existing transpor-        critical gaps, existing operational and maintenance
tation assets, be they highways, roads, streets, railroads      funds will not be significantly impacted and in several
or other types of assets. These crossings and intersec-         cases will suffice for maintenance of the new facilities.
tions will be significantly upgraded, enhancing the
safety of pedestrian, bicyclists, drivers, and other users.     In the cases of the longer trail segments (such as the
                                                                Delaware and Hudson Phase 2, the Susquehanna War-
The 30 sub-projects are all included in local, regional,        rior Trail Phase 2, or the Delaware and Lehigh Mountain
state and even interstate plans, and in many cases are          Top to Oliver Mills segments), existing state agencies
included in a region’s or state’s TIP as well. All of the 25    (such as DCNR) and non-profit trail management orga-
segments in PA are contained in the PA DCNR’s State-            nizations have already started efforts to secure addi-
wide Greenways Plan and long term trail development             tional maintenance and operations funding.
plan. The PA State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation
Plan (2009-2013) identified all PA segments included            Finally, maintenance costs were taken into consider-
here as high-priority gaps that should get preference           ation in a Cost-Benefit analysis, which can be seen in
for funding.                                                    the next section.

   GREAT Mid-Atlantic will generate $156 million in NPV
                                                                              LONG TERM OUTCOMES
   Benefit-Cost Ratio: 3.17 (with Recreational Benefits: 72.2)
   Projects in economically-distressed areas: Seven (7)

T  ransportation engineers and policymakers are focus-
   ing more and more on inter-modalism. However,
bicycling and walking are still too often an afterthought
                                                                  the Camden, NJ waterfront all happened because of their
                                                                  connection to riverfront trails and parks.

on transportation priority lists. From the point of view of       A Cost-Benefit Analysis was conducted for the 26
economic efficiency, a robust bicycling and pedestrian            Construction projects included in GREAT-Mid-Atlantic.
network makes viable the following benefits:                      Because some of these benefits are hard to isolate and/
Shorter Trip Benefits – instead of having to drive to a           or quantify, the analysis only examined Mobility Benefits,
grocery store or commute 20 miles each way every day,             Health Benefits, and Decreased Auto Usage. Recreational
trips to shop and work can be shorter and non-motor-              Benefits were calculated separately to provide an ad-
ized;                                                             ditional estimate of the impact of these projects for the
                                                                  communities alongside the projects. Costs included in
Enhanced Mobility Benefits for Existing Users –                   the calculation were construction and estimated main-
with new facilities, bicycle commuters will save time             tenance costs for 30 years. The NPV and the Benefit-Cost
and money in commuting                                            Ratio (BCR) were then calculated (see graph on next
Health Benefits for New Users – existing bicycle and              page).
pedestrian commuters already conduct healthier transpor-
tation trips; new users will accumulate health benefits in        Estimates showed that the Net Present Value of Benefits
addition to other benefits                                        (Mobility, Health and Decreased Auto Usage only) of
Decreased Auto Usage Benefit – with a modal shift                 these projects over 30 years will be $228 million, while
from auto to pedestrian and biking modes, benefits will           the Net Present Value of Costs (Construction and Main-
include reduced automobile congestion, reduced air pol-           tenance, over 30 years) will be $72 million, giving a total
lution, and decreased user costs                                  NPV of $156 million and a combined BCR of 3.17. Twenty
                                                                  sub-projects had BCRs exceeding 1; BCRs for individual
Recreational Benefits – research has documented ad-               sub-projects ranged from a low of 0.02 for a very rural
ditional transportation and economic activity benefits            segment (where sparse populations and low walking
from recreational users, beyond the pure transporta-              and bicycle commuting rates were present; and where
tion and health benefits of commuters                             recreational and economic benefits were not considered)
Reverse Commuting Benefits – public transit often has             to a high of 18.11 for the Manayunk Bridge project, which
difficulty providing reverse commuting options; a bicycle         will reuse a historic, but abandoned railroad bridge to
network can provide an additional alternative for reverse         connect two densely populated communities in Philadel-
commuters, especially those with lower incomes;                   phia and Montgomery County. By including Recreational
Additional Modal Shift / Decreased Transit                        Benefits in these calculations, the NPV of Benefits would
Congestion Benefits – a shift to walking and biking not           be $5.2 billion, the NPV of Costs would remain the same,
only has some impact in reducing auto congestion, but in          and the total BCR would then be 72.20.1
some cases has an even greater impact in shifting users
from short trips on transit. In some cases, that is a benefit,    Finally, seven of the 30 sub-projects are located in eco-
reducing transit corridor congestion.                             nomically distressed areas: Newark (1), Camden County
                                                                  (3); Delaware County, PA (1), New Castle County, DE (1),
Riverfront and Neighborhood Revitalization                        and Schuylkill County, PA (1).2 These projects will repre-
Benefits – finally, and perhaps more significantly, trails        sent a significant infusion of capital and economic vitality
and greenways have already shown their economic                   into these distressed areas.
redevelopment potential. For example, it can be argued            1
                                                                    For more details on the calculations, the methods and assump-
that the commercial strip in Manayunk in Philadelphia,
                                                                  tions used, and a sensitivity analysis, please refer to the Cost-
the relatively new “Edge City” of office towers in                Benefit Analysis Attachment to this application.
Conshohocken, and the stabilization of decaying                   2
                                                                    These determinations were based on guidance from Section
industrial communities, such as Bristol Borough, PA and           301 of the Public Works and Economic Development Act of
                                                                  1965, as amended (42 U.S.C. 3161)

   LIVABILITY                                          LONG TERM OUTCOMES
   GREAT Mid-Atlantic will increase transportation choices by building new connections with the existing
   pedestrian and bicycle, transit, and automobile networks. It will greatly enhance transportation alternatives
   for economically disadvantaged workers, non-drivers, seniors, and those with disabilities; and be recog-
   nized as a national model for public outreach and engagement.

N    ature has provided major rivers and basins that were
     the initial corridors for settlement in the Americas
(for both Native Americans and European settlers), and
                                                                   bicycling network in northern New Jersey; and the plan-
                                                                   ning and design of Camden’s State and Harrison project,
                                                                   which will redesign the streetscape of North Camden,
which to this day remain major transportation corridors:           and design new trails along its riverfront, helping redevel-
the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers; the Po-               op the neighborhood whose almost only tangible asset
tomac and Susquehanna Rivers, whose waters sustain the             is the amazing view of the Philadelphia skyline across the
Chesapeake Bay; the Delaware River and Bay; the Raritan,           Delaware River.
Passaic and Hudson Rivers, and Newark Bay and Upper
New York. Beyond the water routes, these watersheds                Another direct effect will be the creation of commuting
today contain transportation corridors ranging from high-          alternatives. A demand user analysis was performed for
ways to freight rail to passenger rail. What is missing is an      each sub-segment, and it is expected that each project
interconnected network for pedestrians and bicyclists – at         will increase the number of bicycle commuters ranging
the regional and interstate level, the trail corridors are still   from 21 percent to over 50 percent. These are obviously
under development; at the local scale, many neighbor-              low-cost transportation alternatives as well – insurance,
hoods and even commercial districts do not even have               gasoline, or depreciation costs are typically not concerns
sidewalks.                                                         for those who walk or bike to work.

The other major system that defines the region is the              Modal connectivity will also increase, with many of the
man-made communities that dot the Mid-Atlantic. Eight              sub-projects including connections to transit and im-
million people reside in just the communities nearest              provements to bus shelters. A few of the projects even
the GREAT Mid-Atlantic projects, many of them some of              include connections to airports, such as the Newark
the oldest in the nation’s history. Some of them are still         Greenway and Newark International Airport; the ECG
prosperous, and are still considered the “capitals of the          segment in Chester, PA and the Philadelphia International
World” (Washington DC, the political one; New York City            Airport; and the Montour Trail’s eventual connection to
the financial one).                                                the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Many others are still trying to survive the transition from        Accessibility will improve for communities around every
the Industrial Age into a 21st Century Economy (from               project, since all segments were designed with ADA Com-
large cities such as Newark and Pittsburgh, to medium-             pliance and livability principles in mind. Non-traditional us-
sized cities such as Wilmington, DE, Camden, NJ, Allen-            ers are a major influence in the design of the network. For
town and Erie, PA), to small towns all across the landscape        example, many non-drivers will now bike or walk to work
(such as New Castle, DE, Berlin, NJ, and Auburn and                using greenways; senior citizens will now have additional
Garret, PA). These are the communities that are hard at            opportunities and infrastructure at which to take a leisurely
work to improve their pedestrian and bicycle networks,             stroll; and those with disabilities will be able to enjoy the
and which are the backbone of this GREAT-Mid-Atlantic              safety of new trails and the new, enhanced pedestrian
application.                                                       crossings just as much as fully able bikers and joggers.

Part of the challenge is to transform the hardscape and            Beyond that, many of these improvements will be made in
abandoned spaces of the Industrial era into greener, more          economically disadvantaged areas; and will also improve
inviting spaces for generations to come. The projects in           the safety in the vicinity of areas of pedestrian, bicycle, tran-
GREAT-Mid-Atlantic will have both direct and indirect              sit, and auto interaction. By providing new mobility routes
impacts on this landscape. One direct effect will be the           for economically disadvantaged populations, this project
transformation of entire neighborhoods in distressed               will spread the benefits of a connected greenway along
communities, such as with the construction of the New-             riverfronts to a wider sector of the region’s population.
ark Greenway, which will create the first-ever integrated
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  Livability Continued

Recreational bicycle use will also increase, in even higher     tion.1 Ranging from grassroots campaigns, to professional
rates. It is expected to increase from 19 percent to over       planning, to region-wide engagement from both govern-
1,000 percent, depending on the success of each individual      ment and non-profits, the GREAT-Mid-Atlantic network,
sub-project. (For more details please refer to the Demand       it could be said, has been “planned and outreached to
User section of the Cost-Benefit Analysis, in an Attachment     death.” Now is the time to implement these transformative
to this application.)                                           projects and start building more livable places.

Finally, the entire process of developing the network has       1
                                                                 The Appendix contains links to several examples of relevant
been one of incredible public involvement and participa-        outreach efforts.

   SUSTAINABILITY                                        LONG TERM OUTCOMES
   GREAT Mid-Atlantic will reduce VMTs and GHG emissions in the region, increasing an incipient modal
   shift to pedestrian and bicycle uses; provide additional opportunities for non-motorized transportation,
   thus reducing dependence on oil; and be the catalyst for additional ecological restoration and recre-
   ational infrastructure along the many Watersheds in the region.

P   ittsburgh has a goal of Being America’s most Livable
    City, Newark NJ the greenest city in the Garden State,
Philadelphia the greenest one in America. The Common-
                                                                The environmental impact of an integrated greenway
                                                                network on the region will be even greater. The Great
                                                                Allegheny Passage and Schuylkill River Trail have shown
wealth of Pennsylvania was recently awarded the merit           the impact that riverfront stabilization can have, even
of having the best State park system in the nation, while       from segments that were already located within green
Delaware’s state parks receive nearly 6 million visitors per    areas, such as Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. Trails can
year, nearly seven times the state’s population.                have immediate and significant impacts on stormwater
                                                                management, brownfields reclamation and even cre-
All these municipal and state governments are trying            ation of wildlife corridors.
to target additional investments to open space preser-
vation, creation of green economy jobs, and greener             The brand new Delaware River trails in Pennsylvania are
transportation alternatives. Yet, in the current economic       facilitating the remediation of abandoned brownfields
conditions, many of these same governments are having           all along the river, tearing down old bulkhead walls, and
to make tough economic choices and make budget cuts.            bringing back more natural shorelines to the PA side of
                                                                the Delaware (frankly, emulating the better protected
The TIGER 2 funds can be a catalyst for leveraging ben-         NJ side of the river). These efforts, along with decades-
efits not only in transportation, but also in open space        long effort to enhance the water quality of the Delaware,
preservation and enhancement of the surrounding                 today have brought the river back from the brink – to the
environment.                                                    point where residents and tourists can kayak along the
                                                                Tidal Delaware Water Trail ( or float
In the Cost-benefit Analysis conducted for the GREAT-           down the river in New Hope (www.delawarerivertubing.
Mid-Atlantic project, the Benefits derived from De-             com).
creased Auto Usage (which included GHG reduction)
ranked third after general Mobility and general Health          Another benefit is the recovery of migratory species and
benefits. That probably reflects both the conservative          of ecological restoration sites – projects that, like Lard-
nature of the Cost-Benefit model used, and the initial          ner’s Point Park, and the Pennypack Creek Mouth wet-
reluctance from Auto users to shift to walking and biking       land, are restoring the ecological capacity of the region’s
– at least for short trips. Yet, with the increasing density    watersheds. Species such as flat-nosed sturgeon and the
of the pedestrian and bicycle network, increased modal          red-bellied turtle are making a comeback because of all
shifts and increased benefits are expected to accrue.           the ongoing work. The trails are the catalyst that make
Future models will thus be modified based on empirical          additional recreational uses and additional ecological
data which is not yet available, and greater GHG reduc-         restoration projects possible.
tions are expected to be seen.

    SAFETY                                      LONG TERM OUTCOMES
    With an emphasis on safety and ease of use, GREAT Mid-Atlantic will provide new on-road and off-road
    facilities for pedestrians, bicyclists and other users across three states.

I n 2008, Philadelphia and Camden had 597 bicycle
  crashes, 579 bicyclists were injured and 3 killed. That
same year, 2,117 pedestrians were injured and 46 were
                                                              GREAT-Mid-Atlantic will start to provide the infrastruc-
                                                              ture resources necessary to improve safety for bicy-
killed. As the number of bicyclists and pedestrians           clists and pedestrians. All of the projects in the applica-
increases with the growth of the regional trail network,      tion will provide safety improvements for pedestrians
one might expect these numbers to increase, but in            and bicyclists, while several will have specific focus on
fact, the best way to decrease these figures is to im-        safety improvements. For example:
prove the bicycle/pedestrian network to encourage             •   The two Delaware Canal Trail segments in Bucks
more people to bicycle and walk.                                  County, PA (part of both the Delaware & Lehigh and
                                                                  ECG) will connect existing trail segments that are
A study published in the September 2003 issue of                  effectively disconnected, since users have in one
Injury Prevention found that the likelihood that a given          case to dash across two two-lane, 55-mph limited
person walking or bicycling will be struck by a mo-               access highways with no marked crossings; in the
torist varies inversely with the amount of walking or             other case to climb a 40-foot high embankment
bicycling. This pattern                                                               and cross an active freight rail
is consistent across                                                                  line, before trying to negotiate
communities of vary-                                                                  the descent on the other side.
ing size, from specific                                                               Two tunnels, at each project
intersections to cities                                                               location, will finally make the
and countries, and                                                                    Delaware Canal Trail usable.
across time periods.
In other words, if the                                                                 •       The Newark Greenway
amount of bicycling                                                                    (part of the ECG) will imple-
and walking doubles                                                                    ment the first phase of a city-
in a community, the                                                                    wide bike lane and bike trial
individual risk of a                                                                   network, installing new pave-
crash with a motor                                                                     ments markings and signaliza-
vehicle decreases by a                                                                 tion, and improving intersec-
                                   Monongahela Wharf Switchback (GAP-3-U)              tions throughout the city
                                                                                         •       The Marcus Hook PA sec-
Other cities have shown that increased bicycling can              tion of the ECG will create bike lanes and off-road
reduce bicycle fatalities or reduce their rate as com-            paths (where possible), as well as doing major pe-
pared to mode share. Bicycling in Portland, Oregon has            destrian crossing improvements in both the indus-
increased 148% while driving recorded a 5% decrease.              trial section of town (which has many refineries and
In 5 of the last 10 years (1998-2008) the City of Port-           heavy truck traffic) and the commercial downtown
land recorded zero bicycle fatalities. 2008 also marked           section (which currently does not accommodate
the lowest number of all traffic fatalities (20) on record        cyclists. In effect, this section will become the ECG’s
since 1925. In Amsterdam, which has a population                  gateway for tow states, at the PA and DE border.
figure similar to Philadelphia’s, 30% of all trips are on     •   The GAP’s Garret Underpass project will provide a
bicycle and that city averages only 6 bicycle deaths a            new safer crossing for trail users, across the busy
year.                                                             State Road 2037.

To reach safety figures such as these, the region will        •   Both the Montour Trail segments will remove cy-
have to count not only on this “Safety in Numbers”                clists from sharing the road on treacherous curves
factor, but will also have to provide the level of high-          with limited sight distances; and from dangerous
quality infrastructure that cities like Portland and              crossings; and place them in dedicated trails with
Amsterdam have.                                                   safe crossings.

    JOB CREATION                                      LONG TERM OUTCOMES

T   he Executive Office of the President, Council of Eco-
    nomic Advisers, issued a memorandum in May 2009
on “Estimates of Job Creation from the American Recov-
                                                                   doned or under-used industrial sites along the river-
                                                               •   Additional tourist numbers at existing tourist nodes
ery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.” Table 5 of this memo-           such as Jim Thorpe, New Hope, Manayunk, Valley
randum provides a simple rule for estimating job-years             Forge National Park, Phoenixville, John Heinz Wildlife
created by government spending, which is that $92,000              Refuge, and Penn’s Landing in eastern Pennsylvania;
of government spending creates one job-year.                       the Laurel Highlands, Pittsburgh’s riverfronts, and
                                                                   the rural areas of Crawford and Venango counties in
Utilizing this rule of thumb, the GREAT Mid-Atlantic               western Pennsylvania; the Christina and Delaware
project is expected to create 550 to 575 job-years for all         Riverfronts in Delaware; and the Passaic Riverfront
projects. Job creation starts in the first quarter of 2011         in Newark and Cooper and Delaware Riverfronts in
with only about 25, quickly ramping up to 125 in the 2nd           Camden County, in New Jersey;
Quarter and the peak of 160 in the 3rd Quarter. New jobs
created are then expected to drop to 60 in the 4th Quar-       •   Additional recreational-support services, such as
ter, while remaining at a steady pace of between 35 and            bicycle repair shops, equipment providers, trailhead
50 per Quarter throughout 2012. In the first Quarter of            services, tourist information services, cafes, bars and
2013, new Job Creation will then start to peter out at 20,         restaurants along the route;
and then get closer to null in the 2nd Quarter of 2013. Of     •   Additional sales of recreational equipment, and thus
this, 64% of the job-year estimate represents direct and           local manufacturers (such as Advanced Sports and
indirect effects and 36% of the job-year estimate repre-           Fuji Bicycles);
sents induced effects.                                         •   Additional jobs for planners, scientists, biologists, and
                                                                   non-profit staff who will work on related ecological
The project will also have multiple indirect benefits that         restoration projects; and
are not included in the calculations above. For example,
the completion of the network will help spur additional        •   Additional jobs for park managers and interpretive
economic development opportunities. Specific opportu-              staff, and amateur and professional sports coaches
nities include:                                                    and leagues, by increasing the accessibility of exist-
                                                                   ing amateur sports facilities (such as the baseball and
•   Increased real estate values of properties along route,        Pennypack Park, Cobbs Creek, and Cooper River) and
    and thus increased local tax generation;                       by construction of new facilities (such as the new
•   Making viable the redevelopment of multiple aban-              Lardner’s Park).

    INNOVATION & PARTNERSHIP                                         LONG TERM OUTCOMES

E   ven though the GREAT-Mid-Atlantic project does not
    necessarily utilize innovative technologies, it does
innovate in two major areas. First, it has established a
                                                               the capacity or the resources to implement a project of
                                                               this scale. The decentralized but collaborative nature of
                                                               the project management structure was developed in
closely-aligned web of partners, ranging from state to         consultation with PennDOT, NJDOT, and DVRPC for the
county to municipal agencies; from public to non-profit        TIGER 1 GREAT-PA/NJ application, and will be expanded
to private sponsors and supporters; from top-level to          should the GREAT-Mid-Atlantic project be funded. Lessons
grass-roots. This gamut of support and an incredible level     learned are currently being documented, and will be put
of public involvement for each of the 30 segments can be       in place if and when they are needed. Hopefully, these
hallmarks for any type of transportation enhancement, or       lessons learned will also reach other projects across the
even larger transportation projects.                           United States.

Second, the second innovation is at the project deliv-         This project exemplifies an unprecedented multi-jurisdic-
ery level. No single agency or organization would have         tional and public-private collaboration among a broad
                                                                                            More on Next Page
  Partnership Continued

range of partners. This TIGER 2 application capital-                                        Pennsylvania Environmental Council
izes on the years of planning and public education                                          and the East Coast Greenway Penn-
about the compelling need and pent up public                                                sylvania Committee have been work-
demand for a seamless, connected set of riverfront                                          ing since the 1990s to get the 60 miles
greenways and bicycling and pedestrian facilities in                                        built through Bucks, Philadelphia and
communities across the Mid-Atlantic United States.     pennsylvania   environmental council Delaware counties. This committee

                                                                                            held a summit in May 2009 to high-
The state agencies, counties and municipalities who                                         light the potential for finishing the
are the owners and planners of these public properties                                 ECG through Pennsylvania. Many of the
and the numerous non-profit corporations and organi-                                   ECG segments in Pennsylvania are cur-
zations who are the stakeholders of these different trail                              rently undergoing final design and going
segments, along with the region’s MPOs collaborated to                                 under construction; several have been
knit together a package of trail segments that meet the                                included in the GREAT-PA/NJ project.
eligibility requirements of the TIGER 2 program and make
a significant difference in realizing a completed regional                       At the same time, a coalition of Southeast
trail network through Pennsylvania, New jersey and                               PA non-profit organizations, develop-
Delaware, and extending north and south into neighbor-                           ment corporations and municipalities
ing states.                                                                      formed a coalition and campaign called
                                                                                 Complete the Schuylkill River Trail. This
In addition to cities, four state agencies (Pennsylvania                         multi-municipal coalition launched a
DOT, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and                                 campaign to raise public awareness
Natural Resources, New Jersey DOT and Delaware DOT),                             about the potential for completing the
two MPOs (DVRPC and WILMAPCO), several municipal                                 trail by identifying the needed segments,
agencies (City of Newark Planning Commission, Lower                              coordinating outreach to local, state and
Merion Twp Planning Commission, and Philadelphia’s                                federal decision makers, and provid-
Park and Recreation and Streets Departments) are                                  ing a way for the public to express their
directly working together on this project. Stakeholders                           support. This project is also supported
include Schuylkill River Heritage Area, Schuylkill River                          by non-profit groups and foundations
Development Corporation, Pennsylvania Environmental                               such as the Bicycle Coalition of Greater
Council, , and the Coopers Ferry Development Associa-                             Philadelphia, the Schuylkill River Park Al-
tion. All of these trail segments have some construction                          liance, the Schuylkill Project, the Friends
funding in place and have spent local or state dollars to                         of Ivy Ridge Trail, the East Falls Devel-
conduct feasibility, planning and design. Here are just a           opment Corporation, the Manayunk Development
few examples:                                                   Corporation, the Van Stone Foundation, the William Penn
                                                                Foundation and the Pew Charitable Trusts.
First, the Schuylkill River National and State Heritage Area
(SRHA), designated in 2000, covers the watersheds of three      This proposed project is an example of a transportation
of the six counties (Schuylkill, Montgomery and Philadel-       project that is designed specifically to make the region a
phia) covered by this proposed project. The SRHA coor-          more livable community that is supported financially by:
dinates cross-county trail projects identified by the 2002
SRHA management plan and hosts a Trail Council with             1) State-and municipal level parks and planning agen-
county and municipal partners. Individual counties and          cies, who have environmental, recreational and long-
towns also work to implement trail segments within their        range planning missions,
own jurisdictions.                                              2) Local non-profit development corporations whose
                                                                priority is economic development, and
Second, the East Coast Greenway Alliance is working to
implement the Greenway from Florida to Maine, but state         3) Community organizations and user groups who are
chapters made up of non-profit organizations and local          seeking to make the region’s transportation system
public planners and officials work together to get specific     more accessible and safer for non-motorized forms of
trail segments planned, design and constructed. The             transportation.

 Project Management Structure
 The GREAT-Mid-Atlantic project, as the GREAT-PA/NJ project before it, will have broader geographic impact than
 a typical highway or Transportation Enhancement project – but that impact also comes at the cost of needing a
 well-thought out Project Management Structure. The GREAT-Mid-Atlantic Coalition has held extensive discussions
 with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, New Jersey Department of Transportation, Delaware Valley
 Regional Planning Commission, and WILMAPCO (two of the metropolitan planning organizations) and has proposed
 the continuation of the project management arrangement that has been put in place for the TIGER 1 grant secured
 in February 2010. The project management structure differs slightly amongst the three states, as follows:

                               Three levels of management are being used in the GREAT-PA/NJ TIGER 1 grant, and
      Pennsylvania             it is expected that same approach will be similarly used in a successful GREAT-Mid-
                               Atlantic TIGER 2 grant. At the top level management, a Program Manager consultant
(subcontractor Kittelson Associates, with Program manager Mary Raulerson) was selected by PennDOT to man-
age the TIGER 1 financial and administrative reviews of the segments; and the interaction with the FHWA. The
disbursement of the funds to the next tier of administration is being made directly from FHWA through PennDOT
to the City of Philadelphia, the primary applicant in the GREAT-PA/NJ TIGER 1 grant. At the middle layer of man-
agement, Project Managers for blocks of project segments are providing support to final engineering and design
approvals, coordinating with individual project sponsors; and will help prepare and review bids for construction
through PennDOT’s electronic bidding systems. At the bottom tier, each segment will also require the hiring of an
independent Construction Inspection firm (again, according to PennDOT requirements, and through PennDOT’s
ECMS bidding process). To help expedite and simplify the process, there will not be separate Construction Inspec-
tion contracts let out, but a smaller number of consolidated contracts. If successful, the TIGER 2 grant will be man-
aged in similar fashion – in this case, the main difference will be that the PA DCNR will be the primary applicant;
and that a different Program Manager might be selected by PennDOT and DCNR.

                                 Two levels of management are being used in the GREAT-PA/NJ TIGER 1 grant, and it
       New Jersey                is expected that same approach will be similarly used in a successful GREAT-Mid-At-
                                 lantic TIGER 2 grant. At the top layer of management, the NJDOT Central Office and
its Local Aide Office for Camden County are managing the financial and administrative reviews of the segments
and the interaction with the FHWA; are providing support to final engineering and design approvals, and will help
prepare and review bids for construction through NJDOT’s electronic bidding systems. At the bottom tier, each
segment will also require the hiring of an independent Construction Inspection firm (again, according to NJDOT
requirements, and through NJDOT’s electronic bidding process). If successful, the TIGER 2 grant will be managed
in similar fashion – in this case, the main difference will be that in addition to Camden County, the City of Newark
will also be a co-applicant.

                               Two levels of management are also expected to be put in place in Delaware. At the
        Delaware               top layer of management, DelDOT will manage the financial and administrative
                               reviews of the segments and the interaction with the FHWA; provide support to final
engineering and design approvals, and will help prepare and review bids for construction through DelDOT’s elec-
tronic bidding systems. At the bottom tier, each segment will also require the hiring of an independent Construc-
tion Inspection firm (again, according to DelDOT requirements, and through DelDOT’s electronic bidding process).
The WILMAPCO will be the co-applicant and ultimate recipient of TIGER 2 funds.

                            In addition to the key roles of the respective state Departments of Transportation,
     Project Support        the existing metropolitan planning organizations (DVRPC, WILMAPCO, SPC, LVPC,
                            NJTPA) might provide additional support to the project as it goes forward. Finally,
the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, and the national East Coast
Greenway Alliance (ECGA) will continue to serve a function of project coordinators, facilitating exchange of infor-
mation and of lessons learned amongst project partners. Spencer Finch from the PEC, Sarah Clark Stuart, from the
BCGP and Michael Oliva from the ECGA will be the individuals responsible for this task.

  As can be seen in the overall Construction Schedule, most projects would kick-off construction early in 2011, with the busiest construction season being the Summer of 2011,
  with a second smaller peak in the Summer of 2012. All construction is planned to be completed by the Summer of 2013 (with exception of the construction of the projects
  funded by the Planning Grant Requests, which, if construction funding is later made available, are projected to be completed between 2013 and 2015).

                    Prelim                             NEPA Approval
                                   PE Complete (ac-                      90% Design            PS&E          Construction      Construction      Construction
                  Engineering                          Date (actual or                                                                                             Open to Travel
                                   tual or expected)                       Plans            Submission      Advertisement        Award              Start
                    Started                              expected)
   CAM-1-U         12/31/1972         12/1/2010           7/1/2011        8/1/2011           9/1/2011         10/1/2011         11/1/2011         11/15/2011         4/1/2012
   CAM-2-U          9/1/2010           3/1/2011          10/1/2011       11/1/2011          11/1/2011         1/1/2012          1/15/2011          2/1/2012          7/1/2012
   CAM-3-U          3/1/2010           7/1/2011          12/1/2012        2/1/2013           5/1/2013            n/a               n/a                n/a            1/1/2015
   D&H-1-R         10/1/2005          10/1/2006          1/1/2009         1/1/2009           6/1/2010         11/1/2010          1/1/2011         5/11/2011          9/1/2011
   D&L-1-R          8/1/2010           3/1/2011           2/1/2012        2/1/2012           6/1/2012         6/1/2012           7/1/2012          8/1/2012          4/1/2013
   D&L-2-R          7/1/2010           4/1/2011           3/1/2012        3/1/2012           4/1/2012         5/1/2012           6/1/2012          7/1/2012          4/1/2013
   D&L-3-U         Complete           Complete           12/1/2011        1/1/2012           3/1/2012         4/1/2012           5/1/2012          6/1/2012          3/1/2013
   LHRT-1-R         4/1/2008          4/1/2009           4/30/2010        9/1/2010          11/1/2010         1/15/2011         2/15/2011          4/1/2011          7/1/2011
   SWT-1-R          1/1/2000         12/31/2007          12/1/2010       Complete           Approved          Complete          Complete           3/1/2011          9/1/2011
   ECG-1-R         Complete           Complete           11/1/2010       11/1/2010          12/13/2010        3/1/2011           5/1/2011          6/1/2011          10/1/2011
   ECG-2-U          1/1/2010           6/1/2010             n/a             n/a                n/a               n/a               n/a            10/1/2010          10/1/2010
   ECG-3-U          1/1/2010           6/1/2011             n/a             n/a                n/a               n/a               n/a                n/a            1/1/2015
   ECG-4-U         9/20/2007          3/17/2009          9/14/2009       Complete           7/16/2010         1/20/2011         3/21/2011          5/1/2011          7/1/2011
   ECG-5-U          1/1/2006          9/1/2009           4/30/2010       10/1/2009           1/1/2010         11/1/2010         12/1/2010          2/1/2011          10/1/2011
   ECG-6-U          1/1/2007           1/1/2011           1/1/2012        1/1/2012           2/1/2012            n/a               n/a                n/a            1/1/2014
   ECG-7-U          5/1/2010           5/1/2010         12/31/2010       11/5/2010          12/31/2010        3/1/2011           5/1/2011          6/1/2011          10/1/2011
   ECG-8-U          1/1/2010           6/1/2011          11/1/2011        3/1/2012           5/1/2012            n/a               n/a                n/a            3/1/2013
   ECG-9-U         Complete           Complete            7/1/2011        8/1/2011           9/1/2011         10/1/2011         11/1/2011         11/15/2011         4/1/2012
    EPT-1-R        12/31/2010        11/30/2010         12/31/2010       11/30/2010         12/31/2010        3/15/2011          6/1/2011          7/1/2011          1/30/2012
   EPT-2-R         4/20/2010           8/1/2010           9/1/2011       10/30/2011         12/31/2011        1/15/2012         2/28/2012          4/1/2012         11/10/2012
   EPT-3-R          1/1/2003           7/1/2003         12/31/2010       10/11/2010         1/14/2011         6/9/2011          7/20/2011          8/9/2011          7/1/2012
   GAP-1-R         Complete           Complete           5/10/2010       Complete           Approved          1/1/2011           3/1/2011          4/1/2011          9/1/2011
   GAP-2-U          3/1/2010           5/1/2010           3/1/2011       12/15/2010         1/15/2011         3/15/2011         4/15/2011          6/1/2011          8/15/2011
   GAP-3-U          4/1/2009           9/1/2010          10/1/2010       11/30/2010         12/15/2010        1/15/2011          3/1/2011          5/1/2011          2/1/2012
    MT-1-U          1/1/2006           8/1/2011          10/1/2011       12/1/2011           2/1/2012         3/1/2012           5/1/2012          7/1/2012          12/1/2012
    MT-2-U          1/1/2004           2/1/2011          6/30/2011       10/1/2011          12/1/2011         2/1/2012           3/1/2012          5/1/2012          11/1/2012
    SRT-1-R        6/15/2010          3/30/2011           3/1/2011       3/15/2011          4/15/2011         6/15/2011          9/1/2011         10/1/2011         12/31/2011
   SRT-2-U          1/1/2009           6/1/2011           1/1/2012        4/1/2012           5/1/2012         6/1/2012           7/1/2012          8/1/2012          4/1/2013
   SRT-3-U          5/1/2009           6/1/2010           9/1/2010        5/1/2010          11/1/2010        12/15/2011         1/15/2011          2/1/2011          6/1/2011
   SRT-4-U          5/1/2009          Complete           11/1/2010       11/1/2010          11/1/2010         1/15/2011         2/15/2011          4/1/2011          6/1/2011
Italics = Planning Grant Request
The segments included in this application underwent a preliminary screening, conducted by the Pennsylvania Environ-
mental Council with the assistance of DVRPC and PennDOT Environmental Review staff. Several other segments had
been submitted for review, and were not included in this application because those performing the screening did not
consider that those segments could meet the permitting requirements and timeline set in the TIGER 2 program. Below
are the details of the NEPA status and environmental permits for the segments that did pass this screening proces.

                                                                                                    Date Environmental
                                               Type of Environmental
 Code                     Title                                                Current Status       Review Completion
                                                 Review Expected
                                                                                                    Obtained / Expected
CAM-1-U    Haddonfield Greenway                     CE2 / NPDES                    Started               7/1/2011
CAM-2-U    Great Egg Harbor                         CE2 / NPDES                    Started               10/1/2011
CAM-3-U    State St & Harrison Ave                 None, Planning                    N/A                   N/A
D&H-1-R    Delaware & Hudson Phase 2                CE2 / NPDES                   Complete                 2009
D&L-1-R    Lock 25 at Walnutport           CE2 / PADEP Gen Permit / NPDES          Started               2/1/2012
D&L-2-R    Mountain Top to Oliver Mills    CE2 / PADEP Gen Permit / NPDES          Started               3/1/2012
D&L-3-U    Northampton to Catasaqua        CE2 / PADEP Gen Permit / NPDES          Started               12/1/2011
                                            CE 1b / NPDES for Constr / Sec
LRHT-1-R   Archbald Trail                                                         Complete               4/30/2010
SWT-1-R    Susquehanna Warrior Trail           CE 1b / NPDES for Constr       Approval pending           12/1/2010
           Delaware Canal Trail Conrail
ECG-1-R                                             CE 2 / NPDES              Approval pending           11/1/2010
           RR Crossing
ECG-2-U    East Coast Greenway Signage             None, Planning                    N/A                   N/A
ECG-3-U    Title Search                            None, Planning                    N/A                   N/A
ECG-4-U    Newark Greenway Network                   CE / NPDES                   Complete               9/14/2009
ECG-5-U    Marcus Hook                      CE 1b / NPDES Constr / Sec 106        Complete               4/30/2010
ECG-6-U    New Castle Industrial Trail             None, Planning                    N/A                   N/A
           Delaware Canal Trail on Route
ECG-7-U                                             CE 1b / NPDES             Approval pending          12/31/2010
ECG-8-U    Bensalem Trail                          None, Planning                    N/A                   N/A
ECG-9-U    Pennypack Trail Bridge          CE / NPDES for Constr / Sec 106        Complete               7/1/2010
EPT-1-R    Queen City Trail                         CE 1b / NPDES                In progress            12/31/2010
EPT-2-R    Missing Link                             CE 2 / NPDES                 In progress             9/1/2011
EPT-3-R    McClintock Trail                         CE 2 / NPDES              Approval pending          12/31/2010
GAP-1-R    Garrett Underpass                        CE 1b / NPDES                 Complete              5/10/2010
GAP-2-U    Steel Valley                             CE 2 / NPDES                   Started               3/1/2011
           Monongahela Wharf               CE 1b, Jt 404/105 w/Coast Guard
GAP-3-U                                                                          In progress            10/1/2010
           Switchback                                   Permit
MT-1-U     Piney Fork                      CE 2 / PADEP Maint / USACE Joint        Started               10/1/2011
                                           CE 2 / USACE Joint, Section 404
MT-2-U     Valleybrook Bridge                                                      Started               6/30/2011
                                                   and PADEP 105
                                                                              Previous approval /
SRT-1-R    Auburn Bridge                    CE 1b / PADEP General Permit                                 3/1/2011
                                                                                Review needed
                                           CE 1b / Sec 106 / PADEP General
SRT-2-U    Manayunk Bridge                                                         Started               1/1/2012
                                            CE 1b / PADEP Maint / USACE
SRT-3-U    Towpath                                                                Complete               9/1/2010
                                                                              Previous approval /
SRT-4-U    Trail Widening                           CE 1a / NPDES                                        11/1/2010
                                                                                Review needed


Type       Code              Project Name                    Cost       Match (State & Local)    Other Sources        Total Available          Request
           CAM-1-U            Haddonfield Greenway         $1,500,000     $750,000        50%        --        --      $750,000     50%         $750,000
           CAM-2-U                  Great Egg Harbor       $3,000,000    $1,800,000       60%        --        --     $1,800,000    60%        $1,200,000
           D&L-5-U        Northampton to Catasaqua          $500,000      $100,000        20%        --        --      $100,000     20%         $400,000
           ECG-2-U      East Coast Greenway Signage         $36,000        $8,000         22%        --        --       $8,000      22%          $28,000
           ECG-4-U        Newark Greenway Network          $2,161,612    $500,000         23%        --        --      $500,000     23%        $1,661,612
           ECG-5-U                      Marcus Hook        $4,200,000     $840,000        20%    $1,507,000   36%     $2,347,000    56%        $1,853,000
           ECG-7-U   Delaware Canal Trail on Route 13      $5,000,000    $1,000,000       20%    $1,680,000   34%     $2,680,000    54%        $2,320,000

           ECG-9-U             Pennypack Trail Bridge       $300,000      $60,000         20%        --        --      $60,000      20%         $240,000
           GAP-2-U                       Steel Valley       $550,000     $150,000         27%        --        --      $150,000     27%         $400,000
           GAP-3-U   Monongahela Wharf Switchback          $3,700,000    $1,000,000       27%    $1,000,000   27%     $2,000,000    54%        $1,700,000
           MT-1-U                            Piney Fork     $968,000     $221,000         23%        --        --      $221,000     23%         $747,000
           MT-2-U                  Valleybrook Bridge      $1,432,500    $286,500         20%        --        --      $286,500     20%        $1,146,000
           SRT-2-U                  Manayunk Bridge        $1,620,000    $375,000         23%        --        --      $375,000     23%        $1,245,000
           SRT-3-U                             Towpath     $2,300,000    $600,000         26%        --        --      $600,000     26%        $1,700,000
           SRT-4-U                      Trail Widening      $300,000      $60,000         20%        --        --      $60,000      20%         $240,000
                      Urban Construction Sub Total        $27,568,112   $7,750,500        28%    $4,187,000   15%    $11,937,500    43%       $15,610,612
           D&H-1-R       Delaware & Hudson Phase 2         $3,798,793     $84,000          2%     $976,120    26%     $1,060,120    28%        $2,738,673
           D&L-1-R             Lock 25 at Walnutport        $300,000         --            --        --        --         --            --      $300,000
           D&L-4-R       Mountain Top to Oliver Mills       $750,000         --            --        --        --         --            --      $750,000
           D&L-2-R                       Archbald Trail    $1,039,782    $207,957         20%        --        --     $207,957      20%         $831,825
           D&L-3-R          Susquehanna Warrior Trail      $1,650,000        --            --        --        --         --            --     $1,650,000

           ECG-1-R    Del. Canal Trail Conrail Crossing    $3,200,000        --            --    $1,500,000   47%     $1,500,000    47%        $1,700,000
           EPT-1-R                     Queen City Trail    $2,100,000     $38,020         2%         --        --      $38,020          2%     $2,061,980
           EPT-3-R                        Missing Link     $4,500,000    $195,000         4%         --        --     $195,000          4%     $4,305,000
           EPT-2-R                   McClintock Trail      $1,200,000    $205,000         17%        --        --      $205,000     17%         $995,000
           GAP-1-R                 Garrett Underpass       $1,407,000    $185,000         13%     $482,000    34%     $667,000      47%         $740,000
           SRT-1-R                     Auburn Bridge       $1,800,000        --            --        --        --         --            --     $1,800,000
                     Rural Construction Sub Total         $21,745,575    $914,977          4%    $2,958,120   14%     $3,873,097    18%       $17,872,478
           CAM-3-U            State St & Harrison Ave       $900,000      $450,000        50%        --        --      $450,000     50%         $450,000

           ECG-3-U                        Title Search      $10,000        $2,000         20%        --        --       $2,000      20%          $8,000
           ECG-6-U          New Castle Industrial Trail     $500,000      $100,000        20%        --        --      $100,000     20%         $400,000
           ECG-8-U                     Bensalem Trail       $300,000       $60,000        20%        --        --      $60,000      20%         $240,000
                        Planning Grant Sub Total          $1,710,000     $612,000         36%        --        --     $612,000      36%        $1,098,000
                                             TOTAL        $51,023,687   $9,277,477        18%   $7,145,120 14%      $16,422,597    32%       $34,601,090

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