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Markel Transportation


									Markel Transportation
Primary Products
Markel knows transportation insurance–
we practically invented it!

       ur experience and reputation for providing excellent underwriting,
       loss control, and claims services allow us to offer a dynamic range
       of superior products for:
• Commercial Specialty • Commercial Truck • Public Vehicle

Our products include:
• Admitted and non-admitted primary Vehicular Liability and Physical Damage
• Stand-alone non-admitted Auto Physical Damage
• Markel proprietary Truck Broker Liability and Contingent Cargo
• Motor Truck Cargo/Contingent Motor Truck Cargo

We can provide up to a $2M CSL for our admitted primary products on Markel
American Insurance Company (A XIII) and Markel Insurance Company (A XIII).
All products can be packaged with Automobile Physical Damage and Motor
Truck Cargo. Large Deductible and excess SIR risks accepted.

Limits available:
• Primary - $1M CSL ($2M on select accounts)
• Motor Truck Cargo limits per type of cargo
• Vehicular Physical Damage limits up to $25M

Specialty Markets

Buses and Coaches         Paratransit                Taxi

Dump Operations           Trucking and               Waste Haulers
                          Private Fleets

Major Segments                               Professional Staff
• Minimum fleet size is 10 units,            Our transportation professionals have
  strongly prefer over 25                    been selected and strategically placed
                                             nationwide throughout our five regional
• No maximum size restrictions
• Taxi not subject to these restictions
                                             Underwriting – Our underwriting
Commercial Specialty                         professionals have an average of 25 years
• Truck Broker Liability (package policy     of experience in Transportation, with
 available with physical damage and/or       each individual having expertise in both
 contingent motor truck cargo)               admitted and non-admitted coverage
• Freight Forwarders                         forms. These individuals are dedicated
                                             to providing the best coverage possible
• Hired and Non-Owned Automobile
                                             with pricing commensurate with the
• Drive-Away Contractors                     exposures.
Commercial Truck                             Claims Services – Markel has extensive
Local and Intermediate Haul (<500 mile       experience and expertise in the handling
radius, strongly favor <300 miles)           of Transportation claims. We have
• Dry Van Fleets                             dedicated claims professionals who
• Moving & Storage                           possess an average of 20 years of
                                             transportation and specialty claims
• Agricultural Haulers
                                             handling. Markel also utilizes a network
• Sand/Gravel Haulers                        of experts necessary to provide prompt
• Dump Trucks                                customer service and meet the unique
• Flatbed Haulers                            demands of the Transportation industry.
                                             Our Claims department includes
• Refuse Haulers
                                             examiners who specialize in handling first
• Mix-in Transit
                                             and third party commercial automobile
• Oversized Loads/Special Riggers            claims, cargo and freight claims, and
                                             excess and umbrella exposures.
Public Vehicle
• Taxi Liability                             Loss Control – Our Fleet Loss Control
• Limo (pre-arranged travel, airport cars,   efforts are coordinated by experts, many
 funeral/hearse, corporate vehicles)         with 20-35 years or more of fleet-specific
                                             experience including backgrounds with
• Non-emergency Ambulance
                                             leading transportation entities such as the
• Other Healthcare Vehicles                  USDOT and Motor Transportation for
• Airport and Non-airport Shuttle Service    the National Safety Council.
Loss Control Services:                          On-Site Surveys and Consultations
A Proactive Approach                            On-site surveys are available to assess best
                                                practices, due diligence, and compliance
The goal of quality Fleet Loss Control
                                                with regulations. Surveys are available
is to provide useful information to assist
                                                dependent on account expectations, size,
insureds in reducing losses. Regulatory
                                                and needs. Insureds are informed of the
compliance is the minimum guideline for
                                                scope of all surveys prior to any visit in
safety and loss prevention: a quality fleet
                                                order to eliminate or minimize disruption
will be in compliance; a fleet in compliance
                                                in their normal business routines.
does not necessarily make a quality fleet.
                                                Recommendations for improvement will
Effective loss control is achieved by           be made and results evaluated. Survey
reviewing programs, controls, experience,       depth is dependent on insured request,
records control and retention, and work         fleet size, sophistication, and needs.
practices; creating a mutual understanding
and awareness of potential loss issues;         Phone Surveys and Consultations
assisting insureds in creating cost-effective   One-on-one phone loss control assessments
programs to assist in these endeavors;          are available when size or location
and then following through with                 makes an on-site visit inappropriate or
professional services.                          when requested. Prior to phone surveys,
                                                insureds are typically requested to provide
Our team of experienced Fleet Loss Control      copies of materials and documents from
specialists is ready to provide support         a prepared list, as well as a cell phone or
through:                                        digital camera tour of the facility. That
• On-site Surveys and Consultations             information and a multilevel review of
• Phone Surveys and Consultations
                                                SafeStat statistics provide operational
                                                insight during the survey.
• Fleet Loss Control Management
• Large Loss Analysis
• Fleet Safety and Management
• Driver Training

  For your convenience, claims may be reported
  via email, phone, fax, or regular mail:
  Phone: 800-362-7535
  Fax: 804-747-9367
  Markel Transportation Claims
  P. O. Box 3870
  Glen Allen, VA 23058-3870
Fleet Loss Control Management             Other Services Available
Our Fleet Loss Control management         In addition to recommendations for
includes services for insureds in the     improvements, whether compliance-based
following concentrations:                 or best practices-based, Markel offers
• Educational Services                    insureds use of training materials such as:
• Custom Training                         • Videos, booklets, and pamphlets
                                           through a large national training library
• Customer Training Materials
                                          • Markel guidelines for compliance and
• Safety Services and Programs
                                           best practices in specific fleet areas such
• Job Safety Analysis Training             as driver selection, driver control, driver
• Aggressive Strategies for Controlling    incentives, and safety and loss control
 Costs                                     programs
• Fleet Health, Safety, and Evaluation    • Regularly distributed Markel
 Programs                                  management safety tips
• Specialty Evaluations                   • Regularly distributed Markel driver
                                           letters that can be used as payroll-
                                           stuffers or as the basis for safety
                                          • Loss and SafeStat analysis focusing on
                                           cited and uncited violations and repeat
                                           problem drivers
                                          • Development of custom programs
                                           on request
Misson: Markel Transportation strives to be the market leader for
a broad niche of vehicular transportation insurance business and
 be respected for our depth of knowledge and the quality of our
    products. We will be disciplined and opportunistic in our
  approach to this business in order to be a stable, predictable
      market of choice for our producers’ long-term needs.

  For more information about Markel Transportation’s Primary
      Products, please contact your Regional Markel Office:

        Southeast Region                 MidSouth Region
         Richmond, VA                      Plano, TX
         804-273-1400                    866-681-6691

        Northeast Region               Markel West Region
         Red Bank, NJ                  Woodland Hills, CA
         800-243-6869                    818-595-0600

      Markel Midwest Region            Markel West Region
          Deerfield, IL                 Scottsdale, AZ
         847-572-6000                   800-243-1782



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