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					                        Human Anatomy Lab - Practical 4 Review
                                                IPHY 3415 - Mike Pascoe


                    3                            4                                    5            6

                                    7       8


                                                                10        11


               13                                14   15



                        18                                                                                          19



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Across                                                               Down
1. The posterior segment of the eye is filled with ________          1. The utricle and saccule are located within which structure
humor.                                                               of the bony labyrinth?
2. Which extrinsic eye muscle is innervated by the trochlear         3. Which of the lobes of the cerebrum is contained in the
(IV) nerve?                                                          posterior cranial fossa?
4. The anterior _______ of the eye is further divided into           6. Each trunk of the brachial plexus has an anterior and
two.                                                                 posterior ________.
5. The __________ is a c-shaped structure found on the               7. This nerve innervates the biceps brachii, brachialis, and
posterior aspect of each testis.                                     coracobrachialis.
Across                                                            Down
8. A lacrimal __________ connects a lacrimal punctum to           9. This nerve bifurcates in the popliteal region into the
the lacrimal sac.                                                 common peroneal and tibial nerve.
10. This terminal nerve (branch) of the cervical plexus           11. The dorsal and ventral ____s leave the spinal cord,
innervates the diaphragm.                                         converge and continue as spinal nerves.
13. Which auditory ossicle articulates with the tympanic          12. The name of cranial nerve VIII
membrane?                                                         15. The _______ horns of spinal gray matter are found at
14. The name of cranial nerve IX                                  the thoracic and lumbar regions of the spinal cord.
18. The conus medullaris is anchored to the sacrum via the        16. What kind of matter is dominated by myelinated axons?
_____ __________.                                                 17. The _______ artery supplies blood to the pons, and
21. The ________ hemispheres are associated with the              medulla oblongata.
telencephalon.                                                    19. The precentral _____ is a prominent fold of neural
22. The _____ _____ is the distal enlargement of the              cortex.
corpus spongiosum.                                                20. The septum __________ separates the two lateral
23. Four arteries of the brain contribute to the Circle of        ventricles.
______.                                                           24. What are the tiny fingers of the fallopian (uterine) tubes
25. Does the abducens (VI) nerve function for sensory,            called?
motor, or both?                                                   27. There are thirty ___ pairs of spinal nerves.
26. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is formed by what structure?        28. Renal cortex found between renal pyramids is known as
29. The ____________ fissure separates the two cerebral           a renal ______.
hemispheres.                                                      29. Which brain ventricles are located within the cerebral
30. The cerebellar cortex is similar to cerebral cortex in that   hemispheres?
the ____ matter is located superficially.                         34. The name of the cranial nerve that vacates through the
31. The ______s carry the urine produced in the kidneys to        optic formina.
the urinary bladder.
32. The ___ mater (soft mother) is closely adherent to the
surface of the brain.
33. The ___________ plexus is a venous network within
the spermatic cord.
35. The cerebral ________ connects the third and fourth
36. The ____________ is the stalk that connects the
pituitary gland to the hypothalamus.

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