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									                                                                                                                  Winter 2005

   I N S IDE IS S UE S                       Harry Chapin Humanitarian
                 T       his New Year
                         marks the twenty-   Awards Dinner Raises $177,000
                    fifth anniversary of
                    Long Island Cares        for Long Island Cares
                    which as most of you
                                                  n Thursday, November 11, over

 Lynn Needelman,
                    know was founded in
                    1980 by Harry Chapin     O    500 guests gathered at the Crest
                                             Hollow Country Club to “Eat, Drink and
                                                                                       efforts on behalf of the Long Island
                                                                                       community. The event Sponsor was
                                                                                       Skansa USA Building.
 Long Island Cares shortly    before his
 Executive Director
                    untimely death on the    Fight Hunger” at the 13th Annual Harry        Rick Stacy of the Rick & Ru Show
Long Island Expressway.                      Chapin Humanitarian Awards. In the        on WNEW 102.7 was the evening’s
    Harry once described himself as a        ballroom, transformed into “Harry’s       celebrity auctioneer and the silent
“third rate folk singer” yet he was so       Broadway Bistro” for the evening,         and live auction raised almost
much more than that. He touched peo-         guests enjoyed a New York City            $35,000. Singer and Mistress of
ple in many ways: through his music          Skyline, a New York menu (steak,          Ceremonies Jen Chapin and donated
certainly, and through his tireless work     cheesecake) and danced the night          a personal in-house concert which
for the many human causes he cared           away to the sounds of “True Blue.”        fetched $3,000!
about. Few others spent as generously           Honorees Charles J. Bartha, P.E.,          The dinner raised $177,000 to help
from their “account” of fame, fortune        Commissioner of the Suffolk County        Long Island Cares in its effort to fight
and good will as he did, and, he did it      Department of Public Works and John       hunger on Long Island. Our thanks to
before it was fashionable. He per-           Jack Kennedy, President of the Building   all who contributed to making this the
formed 250 times per year and donated        and Construction Trades Council were      most successful dinner in the history of
the proceeds from half of those events,      recognized for their humanitarian         Long Island Cares!                    ■
more than half a million dollars a year
to a wide array of causes in which he
believed. But Harry gave more than
money. Harry gave of himself. Often, he
would be found testifying at a legisla-
tive hearing in the morning, dashing to
an organizational meeting in the after-
noon and appearing at a performance
that same evening.
    Most notable among Harry’s pas-
sions was his crusade against hunger,
out of which grew World Hunger Year,
the Presidential Commission on World
Hunger, and of course Long Island
Cares, the food bank that bears his
name. He once said,“America stands for             (L-R) Honorees Jack Kennedy (center) and Charles Bartha
two things; aiding and abetting the                (2nd from right) with (L-R) Committee Co-Chair Jeffrey
quest of every human being for human               Stern, Skanska Building; Lynn Needelman, Long Island Cares
rights, human dignity and human needs              Executive Director; and Committee Co-Chair Susan Miller,
and proving that individuals can make a            Susan L. Miller Art Associates.
                            cont.on page 8
Vignettes of Need and Helping                                                           Hometown Heros
L   ast issue we began a new column with stories from the front
    lines…our member agencies. Some are moving, some inspiring,
some are sad. But whatever they are, they are real stories about our
                                                                                    Recently 15 year old Albert Miller raised
                                                                                    $1,250 to purchase turkeys for the holiday
neighbors in need.                                                                  season. After hearing about the shortage of
                                                                                    turkeys for his less fortunate neighbors, Albert
                                                                                    wrote the letter below and then presented
         “Okay, I have the rent,                                                    Long Island Cares with checks totaling
    but where is a trusting landlord?”                                              $1,250. Our thanks to Albert who has joined
            As told to Walter Stern by John Clark,                                  the ranks of our “hometown heros!”
             Director St. Peter’s Social Ministry
                                                                                     My name is Albert Miller and I am a boy
    One pantry client, a single mom of two whose                                     scout with Troup 641 in Amityville. One of
                                                                                     my community services this year is to help
    estranged husband “walked out one day” has been
                                                                                     eliminate hunger on Long Island. I am work-
    employed since she was sixteen and has successfully                              ing with Long Island Cares and I need your
                                                                                     help in meeting our goal.The goal we would
    negotiated the government housing program to
                                                                                     like to reach is $1,000.
    obtain a monthly stipend to supplement her weekly                                5,000 TURKEYS NEEDED–CAN YOU HELP?
    wages.The problem is that she cannot find a landlord                             1.Turkey certificates from your local super-
    willing to “take the risk” in providing her an apart-                              markets
                                                                                     2.Cash donations. Our buying power can
    ment. Her 30 year work history and civic volunteer
                                                                                       currently purchase 16 to 18 turkeys for
    experience in the local community do not seem to be                                every $100 donated!
    enough to change a negative stereotype. She contin-                              Checks should be made payable to Long
                                                                                     Island Cares.
    ues to “double-up” with relatives but longs for the day
                                                                                     On behalf of those Long Island Cares serves,
    that she can move into her “own” apartment and have                              thank you for your support in our mission to
    enough spare time to become a pantry volunteer at                                eliminate hunger on Long Island.
    St. Peter’s to “give something back.”                           ■
                                                                                     Albert Miller

                                                             Long Island Cares Board of Directors
                                Sandy Chapin              Don A. Corrao                    Thomas J. Murray              Advisory Board:
                                The Harry Chapin          Saint Anthony’s High School      Albrecht,Viggiano,            Frank Crivello
                                  Foundation              Past President                     Zureck & Co. P.C.
                                Chairperson                                                                              John Kominicki
                                Jim Lennon                Bill Ayres                       Elena Perez                   Thomas Lackmann
                                Brenner Lennon Photo      World Hunger Year                Bank of America               Linda Machado
                                  Productions, Inc.                                                                      Anne Mead
                                President                 John Glozek, Jr.                 Richard J. Scholem
  Founder                                                 Long Island Golfer Magazine      New York Times                Betty Miller
                                David Schneidman                                                                         Vera Rivers
  Harry Chapin                  Vice President            William Hartnagel                Brian L. Seidman              John Sterbenz
                                Kenneth Shanahan          Stop & Shop                      Bank of America
  Executive Director            North Fork Bank
                                                                                                                         Michelle Di Benedetto
  Lynn Needelman                Treasurer                 Michael Mannetta                 Jeffrey S. Stern
                                                          The Spector Group                J. Stern Construction Group   Grassroots Production:
                                Rudy Becht                                                                               Cochran Designs Studio
  (631) 582-FOOD (3663)
                                King Kullen               Susan L. Miller                  John L. Sullivan
                                Corresponding Secretary   Susan L. Miller Art Associates   Testing Machines, Inc.        Masthead Design:
  Fax: (631) 273-2184           David E. Paseltiner                                                                      Harrison Leifer DiMarco
                                Jaspan Schlesinger        Robert Murray                    Howard Weiner
  WEB site: www.licares.org       Hoffman LLP             Graham Capital                   Holtz Rubenstein,             Editor:
                                Recording Secretary         Management                      Reminick, L.L.P.             Robin S.Amato, CFRE

        Harry Chapin Humanitarian Awards Dinner

  Guest Mistress of Ceremonies Jen Chapin
  (2nd from left) with husband Stefan
  Crump with Lynn and Bill Needelman.               (L-R standing) Clare Weiner; board members Bill Ayres
                                                    and Dick Scholem; Donna & Richard Cirincione; (Front
                                                    seated) board members Howard Weiner and David
                                                    Paseltiner with his wife Joyce.

Silent Auction Chair Eileen
Supran with her husband             Georgiana Sena with special guest
Lowell of Charmer Industries.       Rick Stacy of The Rick & Ru Show         Committee member Alex
The silent auction raised           on WNEW 102.7 FM                         Canaan (Checkpoint HR) and
almost $35,000 thanks to                                                     his wife Susan, winners at the
Eileen’s efforts.                                                            Restaurant Exchange.

                                                   (R-L) Co-Chair Jeff Stern with Long Island Cares
                                                   board president Don Corrao and board member Bill
      Ed Lowe with Betty Miller and Susan          Hartnagel, (Stop & Shop) and his wife Karen.
      Miller (R).

                                                  ~ 3~
Thank You...

                                                               Kevin Cooper, Enterprise Rent A Car’s
                                                               Regional Long Island Vice President,
                                                               who delivered over 20 turkeys for
Members of Girl Scout Troop 656 from Hauppauge who             Thanksgiving.
spent an afternoon sorting food and participating in a
Hunger Awareness presentation. Here they show off their
“Hunger Heros” bookmarks.

     American Medical Response for their holiday “Stuff An
     Ambulance” Food Drive

                                                                Andrew Hasenzahl & Zach Rotter
                                                                who collected over 100 pounds-
                                                                seven cases- of new school supplies
                                                                for distribution through Long Island
                                                                Cares member food pantries.

             CEO of Suffolk County National Bank Tom
             Kohlman and Vice Presient Jeanne
             Hamilton-Kelley presented a $2,500 dona-          Volunteers from First Data Corp sort
             tion to Lynn Needelman.                           food at Thanksgiving.

                                                        ~ 4~
    Long Island Cares, Inc.
   “Fresh Pickings”Arrives at
  ARC Senior Center in Coram
      n Tuesday, September 14, Long Island Cares, Inc., The Harry
O     Chapin Food Bank distributed 15 cases of fresh fruit to the
American Red Cross (ARC) Senior Nutrition Program at Homestead
Village in Coram. Apples, Oranges, Grapefruit, Honeydew Melons,
Mangos and Pineapples were all distributed as part of Long Island
Cares Fresh Pickings Program, designed to bring more fresh fruits and
vegetables to at risk populations in Nassau and Suffolk counties. The
American Heart Association recommends five servings of fruits and
vegetables daily for good heart health, as does the National Cancer
Institute, for general health. Funding for the Fresh Pickings Program,
is a result of the Salton, Inc. Antitrust Litigation settlement adminis-
                                                                                ur thanks to WALK Radio 97.5 for an
tered by the NYS OAG. Long Island Cares will be distributing fresh
fruits and vegetables to their network of over 600 food pantries, soup     O    incredible Thanks for Giving Food Drive
                                                                           held on November 18 at the King Kullen in
kitchens, senior sites and shelters throughout the coming year.
Shown (at right) (L-R) Long Island Cares Executive Director Lynn           Commack. Over 4,000 pounds of food and
Needelman; Rose Marie Marano, Director and Rose Surinaga Assistant         $4,000 in donations was collected to help
Director,The ARC Coram Nutrition Program.                            ■     feed our less fortunate Long Island neighbors
                                                                           this holiday season. Special thanks to the
                                                                           WALK Breakfast Club with Mark & Cindy,
                                                                           Scott Miller and K.T. Mills and of course a
                                                                           huge thank-you to all of WALK’s listeners
     select few and very notable personalities have given approval to      who showed that Long Island really does
A    have their art/doodle reproduced on a unique ceramic tile col-
lection to help raise funds for Long Island Cares,The Harry Chapin
                                                                           care!!                                     ■

Food Bank. This collection of Celebrity Ceramics™ is produced by
Duffy, Barrett & Taggart, Inc.,™ with the participation and coopera-
tion of Long Island Cares.
    Each unique ceramic is an authentic and approved reproduction
of a noted public personality’s art/doodle.These Celebrity Ceramics
will be sold by Duffy, Barrett & Taggart through the Long Island Cares
website, among other places, to help them in their fight against
hunger on Long Island. 15% of the sale from each tile will be donat-
ed to Long Island Cares. Each tile measures 6” x 6” and comes with a
5” tabletop easel. Ceramics are $18.00 each, plus $5.00 for shipping
and handling and applicable sales tax.                                         Lynn Needelman with Mark Daniels of
    Please see below for how to order. Keep checking the Long Island           the WALK Breakfast Club
Cares web page (www.licares.org) for new ceramics to come soon. ■

   Currently available are:

                                                                                     To order:
                                                                                     1. Call (516) 541-8959, or
                                                                                     2. E-mail barrett1204@yahoo.com, or
                                                                                     3. Print the order form and mail it to:
                                                                                        Duffy, Barrett & Taggart, Inc.
                                                                                        16 Argyle Place
                                                                                        Massapequa, NY 11758

       Phil Collins               Nelson DeMille                Dion DiMucci

                                                               ~ 5~
Thank You...

    The KOC 5th District for their donation of $2,500 to                 The Knights of Columbus Suffolk County Council
    Long Island Cares.                                                   for their donation of $7,000.

Long Island Cares Asked to Serve on Welfare To Work Commission
   n March of 2003 a resolution was signed into law
I  creating the Suffolk County Welfare to Work
Commission. The legislation provided for the establish-
                                                                     sions to a review of the Suffolk County Department of
                                                                     Social Services draft biennial Temporary Assistance and
                                                                     Food Stamp Employment Plan which is the County’s
ment of an eighteen member commission which is part                  blueprint for moving people from welfare to work. Since
of the Health & Human Services Committee of the                      many of the proposed changes in the biennial plan could
Suffolk County Legislature. Long Island Cares was asked              significantly impact service to current and former food
to participate on this Commission.                                   stamp and welfare recipients, the Commission declared
    The Commission meets monthly and was created to                  March 2004 “Welfare Reform Awareness Month” and held
evaluate and make recommendations of Federal, State                  two public hearings at two separate locations, attended
and County policies and procedures designed to move                  by over 100 people. Welfare experts provided briefings
people from welfare to work. While the Suffolk County                on the proposed TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy
Welfare to Work Program has proven to move individuals               Families) reauthorization changes and State regulations
from a climate of dependency to a climate of self-suffi-             changes. Twelve clients and eighteen agency representa-
ciency, some of the other effects that this commission               tives testified on the proposed changes.
addresses are homelessness; an increase in the number of                 In June 2004 the Commission reported to the full
those who are hungry; and an increase in the number of               Legislature the results of the Welfare Awareness hear-
those who are without healthcare.                                    ings and made a number of recommendations regarding
    Through our participation on the Commission, we are              the proposed state reduction in public assistance, food
able to keep our member agencies abreast of legislative              assistance and health care services. The legislature
changes related to hunger and poverty, and urge their                adopted those recommendations and most of the reduc-
involvement in and their attendance at the mandated                  tions opposed by the Commission were rejected by the
public hearings held by the Commission to ascertain the              New York State legislature in their August 2004 budget
views, wishes and opinions of those which welfare                    resolution.
reform affects. The Commission is charged with taking                    The eighteen-member Suffolk County Welfare to Work
this information and making recommendations to the                   Commission is recognized as a viable and serious group
Suffolk County Legislature to assist the County in improv-           with a strong commitment to helping those living in
ing its programs to individuals in need, while also helping          poverty in Suffolk County. Long Island Cares is commit-
it effectively transition to the new federal welfare reform          ted to remaining a part of this new voice for those we
reauthorization act now pending in Congress.                         serve and will continue to keep our readers informed
    This past year the Commission devoted two full ses-              about its activities.                                 ■

                                                              ~ 6~
                               Thank You to All of Our Food Drive Donors!
■ ONE TON CLUB                      Marchon Eyewear – Melville            Bank of America                       Josh Greenberg                       North Shore LIJ Health System
Ms. Dagmar Phillips                 Nassau Coliseum Home Show –           Baycrest Auto Service                 Group Home-Selden                    North Shore LIJ Health System
                                      DMG World Media                     Bearings Limited                      Mrs. Guardino’s 5th Grade Religion      Foundation
Mr. William Olson
                                    Nesaquake Middle School               Bed Bath & Beyond – Farmingdale          Class                             North Shore Surgi Center
H & D Maintenance
                                    Plainedge Middle School JHS           Bellport Middle School                Half Hollow Hills East Honor         Northport/East Northport
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Weinstein
                                    Glen Ross                                                                      Society                              Community Theater
Mr. Bruce Harris                                                          Big Bobbie’s Blow Out
                                    Mr. and Mrs. David Schneidman                                               Harmon Associates                    NYS Department of Health
                                                                          Boyle Road Elementary School
■ SCHOOL TOOLS                      Schwartz Family Chiropractic          Brennan High School
                                                                                                                Health Partners of NY                Ohrenstein & Brown
American Physical Society           Super Enterprises                                                           Hollywood Salon & Day Spa – East     Omega Molding
                                                                          Brownie Troop #1869
Astoria Federal Savings Bank –                                                                                     Setauket                          Park Avenue Meats
                                    Town of Oyster Bay’s 21st Annual      Brownie Troop #649
   Lake Success                       Holiday Concert – Tilles Center                                           Hollywood Salon & Day Spa –          Peycke
                                                                          Bruno, Gerbino & Soriano                 Miller Place
Bed Bath & Beyond – Farmingdale     Valley Stream North High School                                                                                  Philips Avenue Elementary School
                                                                          Calling All Kids Again                Huntington Arts Council
CNA Insurance                       Wakefern Food Corporation                                                                                        John Poulos and Linda Miller
                                                                          Campers At Sportime – Kings Park      Huntington YMCA
Congregation Sons of Israel                                                                                                                          Professional Group Plans
Jan Becker
                                    ■ 500+ lbs.                           Cantiague Elementary School           Independent Business Women’s
                                                                                                                                                     Protex International
                                    Amica Insurance                       Cardworks (CMS)                          Circle
Jennifer Bosella                                                                                                                                     Proto Dental
                                    Bay Shore High School                 Castle Rock Mortgage                  Indian Hollow Primary School
The Hain Celestial Group                                                                                                                             PTK Honor Society – SUNY
                                    Charles Petraske, Tiki Guerrant,      Centennial Avenue Elementary          Industry One Realty
Andrew Hasenzahl                                                                                                                                        Farmingdale
                                      Suzette Rivera                         School                             IPSOS
Sarah Kasman                                                                                                                                         Qosina Corporation
                                    Coach Realtors                        Central Mechanical                    John Mauro Dell Olio Memorial
Lancer Insurance                                                                                                                                     Quantronix Corporation
                                    Curves for Women-Watermill            Chi Sigma Iota – Hofstra University      Foundation
Locust Valley Middle School                                                                                                                          Randstad N A
                                    Enterprise Rent-A-Car                 Christina’s Place Hair Salon          Dr. Andrea Kaplan
Kathleen Martorana                                                                                                                                   Ridge Fire Department
                                    Forest Park School                    Church of Jesus Christ and            Zachary Keshet
Jessie and Diana Miller                                                      Latterday Saints                                                        Rosicki, Rosicki, & Associates
                                    Girl Scout Troop #3089                                                      Kiddie Academy – East Setauket
New York Sports Club –                                                    Citibank – Melville                                                        Roslyn High School-Stretch and
                                    Half Hollow Hills East High School                                          Kiddie Academy of Brightwaters
   Huntington                                                                                                                                           Tone Class
                                      Guidance Department                 Citizenship & Immigration Service     Kiddie Academy of Flowerfield
United Way of Long Island                                                                                                                            Royal Health Care
                                    Harding Avenue School                 CK Post                               Kristin Hale
S. Weber                                                                                                                                             Kehillath Shalom
                                    Hauppauge High School                 Coldwell Banker – Smithtown           L.I.A.R.S. Club
Weight Watchers International –                                                                                                                      Signal Hill Elementary School
                                    Jazzercise of Middle Place            Commack Middle School                 Lab Corp of America
   Woodbury                                                                                                                                          Pat & Ed Sives
                                    Long Island Board of Realtors         Commack Public Library                Land Escapes Ltd.
■ 5000+ lbs.                        Mandracchia Sawmill Middle            Comtech PST Corporation               Law Offices of Marc A. Zirogiannis
                                                                                                                                                     Smith Barney – Garden City
Hauppauge Industrial Association      School                                                                                                         South Shore Water Fowlers
                                                                          Concord Mortgage                      LI Community Day Care &
  (27,472 lbs)                                                                                                                                          Association
                                    Northport VA Medical Center           Connetquot Chiropractic                  Preschool
Stop & Shop                                                                                                                                          Sportime – Kings Park
                                    Parker Hannifen                       Corso Physical Therapy                Sonia Lieppe
                                                                                                                                                     St. Gregorios Orthodox Church
■ 3000+ lbs.                        Peak Performance Fitness –            Corso Rehabilitation Center           LI Labor Relations Coalition/CSEA
                                                                                                                                                     St. Paul’s Reformed Church
Arumdaun Church                                                           Costco – Commack                      LKGS Marketing
                                    Peak Performance Fitness – New                                                                                   St. Paul’s Travelers Insurance
Berner Middle School-GO Club                                              County Fair                           Long Island Railroad
                                      Hyde Park                                                                                                      Star Community Publishing
Lynbrook High School                                                      CT Networks                           Long Island Rebel Teams
                                    Plainview Middle School                                                                                          Sterling & Sterling, Inc.
■ 2000+ lbs.                                                              Cygnus Business Media                 Loving & Learning
                                    Point of Woods Association                                                                                       Suffolk Community College
                                                                          Darby Group Co. Inc.                  Magna Care
St. Joseph’s Parish – Garden        Shaolin Kung Fu Studios                                                                                          Suffolk County Bar Association
                                                                          Direct Marketing Advertising          Manhasset Community Reformed
St. Paraskevi Greek Orthodox        Sterling & Sterling                                                                                              Suffolk County PAL Jr. B & NY
                                                                             Distributors                          Church
   Church                           Swimwear Anywhere, Inc.                                                                                             Bobcat Jr. Hockey Teams
                                                                          Dix Hills Junior Fire Department      Massapequa Steelers Soccer Team
UFC Aerospace                       The Zucker Hillside Hospital                                                                                     Suffolk County Treasurer’s Office
                                                                          Doug Drotman                          MBS Insight
■ 1000+ lbs.                        Total Physical Therapy                                                                                           Suffolk Federal Credit Union –
                                                                          Dr. Linda Eisen                       Patricia McKinnon                       Medford
Accompsett School                   Vytra Health Plans
                                                                          Drs. Guida, Savino, Sica and          MDS Group Inc.                       Sunrise Assisted Living – Plainview
Aeroflex Labs                       West Hempstead Middle School-            Gigante                            Metro 1 Communications               Syosset Hospital
                                      National Junior Honor Society
Allstate Insurance Claims –                                               Drs. Mitchell Greenbaum & Elliot      Mid-Island PD & C – U.S. Postal      Temple Beth David - Commack
   Hauppauge                        ■ Other Food Drives                      Rosensweet                            Service
                                                                                                                                                     Temple Beth El – Huntington
American Medical Response           ADECCO                                E Commerce Exchange                   Modular Device
B’nai B’rith Youth Organization –                                                                                                                    Temple Beth Torah-Chavurah Chet
                                    Administrators for the                Earl L. Vandermeulen High School      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moskowitz
   Plainview                           Professionals                                                                                                 Tender Loving Care – Lake Success
                                                                          East Middle School-National Junior    Mt. Sinai Yacht Club
C.W. Post Learning Support Center   Albrecht Viggiano Zureck & Co.           Honor Society                                                           Terryville Fire Department
                                                                                                                Muslim Charitable Organization
Centereach High School              Alexan Brookhaven                     Eastern Suffolk BOCES                                                      Robert Trudell
                                                                                                                Mutual of America
Charles Leonard Co.                 James E. Allen                        Emerson Reid & Co.                                                         The Schatten Group
                                                                                                                Nassau County Federal Credit
Curtis Wright Flow Control &        Alliance Mortgage                     Estee Lauder                                                               Tilles Investment Co.
                                                                                                                   Union – Garden City
   Peerless                                                               Fashion Bug Stores                                                         United States Luggage
                                    American Institute of Physics                                               Nastech
Data Device                                                               Finley Middle School Honor Society                                         Veeco Instruments
                                    Andre’s Hair Salon                                                          National Association of
John DeGeorge                                                             Fortunoff’s                              Professional Mortgage Women       Vincent J. Russo a& Associates
                                    Andrew Buchbinder
E Home Credit                                                             G. Smith Electrical                   Nature’s Bounty                      VIP Advertising
Farmingdale High School                                                   Gentiva Health Services               NCO                                  VM New York, Ltd.
                                    Arbor Commercial Mortgage LLC
Fenn Family Provisions                                                    Gersh Academy                         New Hyde Park Jewish Center          VMC Corporation
                                    Arista Air Conditioning Corporation
Hick’s Nursery                                                            Girl Scout Troop #1039                New York Sports Club –               WascoMat of America
                                    Arrow Electronics
Lancer Insurance                                                          Girl Scout Troop #3126                   Huntington                        West Babylon Fire Department
                                    Arrowhead Elementary School
Liberty Travel                                                            Girl Scout Troops #3622 & #3317       NIKE Factory Store – Tanger Mall     West Islip Tutor Time
                                    Art Rep
Long Island Rail Road                                                     Gold’s Gym – Port Jefferson           North Ridge Primary School           Willets Elementary School
                                    Ascension Lutheran Church
Long Island School for the Gifted                                         Greater Long Island Dental            North Shore Day School               Diane Woodhouse
                                    Austin Stern

                                                                                       ~ 7~
                                                                                                                 U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                 Permit No. 28
                                                                                                                Brentwood, NY

10 Davids Drive,
Hauppauge, New York 11788-2039


 Cars, Trucks, RV’s
           (Running or Not)
                                           Calendar of Events
                                      March 1-April 30 – The Feinstein Challenge!
                                      All donations to Long Island Cares that mention the
       “Help Feed                     Feinstein Challenge during March and April will have a portion of the proceeds
                                      matched by the Feinstein Foundation. Mark your calendars!
      Long Island’s
        Hungry”                       May 14 – National Association of Letter Carrier’s Food Drive
                                      Non-perishable food items picked up by your local mail carrier
   • Fast, Free Towing                May 16 – Ninth Annual Long Island Cares Golf Classic
  • IRS Recognized Org.               Engineers Country Club and North Shore Country Club, Roslyn Harbor. For more infor-
  • Maximum Allowable                 mation call Lillian Congello in the Development Office at (631) 582-3663 Ext. 104.
                                      June 2 – National Hunger Awareness Day
     Serving L.I. for over 20 years
 LONG ISLAND CARES                    June 4 – Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon
 1-877-872-2127 (toll-free)           November 17 – Long Island Cares 25th Anniversary Celebration
                                      at the Annual Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award Dinner, Crest Hollow Country Club,
                                      Woodbury. For more information call Lillian Congello in the Development Office at
Inside Issues                         (631) 582-3663 Ext. 104
cont. from page 1

    I had the good fortune of working with Harry at the            to helping people not go hungry and better yet, give them
Performing Arts Foundation in Huntington and came to               back their self-esteem and self-confidence.
understand his deep commitment to local cultural arts as              I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to each and every
well as his passion for ending hunger “in his own back yard.”      one of the dedicated and hard working board members,
He personally challenged me to make the world and Long             volunteers and staff members who have been a part of
Island a better place. It was a challenge that I took seriously.   Harry’s vision and the mission of Long Island Cares over
    Now, twenty-five years later, for better or for worse, Long    the last twenty-five years. I also which to thank our thou-
Island Cares is feeding more Long Islanders and their fami-        sands of supporters who have become our partners in the
lies than ever before. We are helping more people now              fight against hunger on Long Island. We look forward to
because the sad truth is that more people need help now. I         the coming months and, in the light of this milestone
do not know what Harry would think about that. But I do            anniversary, commit ourselves with renewed energy to our
think he would be glad that we have kept his vision at the         mission and to all of the individuals, families and children
forefront of our mission. We are more committed than ever          that we serve.                                             ■

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