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					                                                    MSN Entertainment Skin Deluxe with Overlay
                                                                                                Last Updated - April 18, 2011

Creative Acceptance Policy
All creative must meet the requirements of the MSA Creative Acceptance Policy

 The User Experience
The MSN Entertainment Rich Media Skin Deluxe with Overlay Takeover execution is a combination of a Sliver, Skin and a
Overlay takeover. The initial user experience is a non-user initiated overlay resolving into the 970x66 Sliver unit and
Skins. Upon user interactions from the Sliver ad unit, the overlay is launched again revealing advertiser’s branding and
content. If the user opts to close the overlay element, the unit seamlessly retracts to the Sliver returning to the initial ad
experience of the Sliver and Skins.

The MSN Entertainment Rich Media Skin Deluxe with Overlay Takeover runs on the MSN Movies, MSN Music, or MSN TV
sites. Or all three sites at the same time, plus the MSN Entertianment Homepage. It runs on the site homepage and
select section pages. The ad product media plan also includes roadblocking the associated 728x90, 300x250 and
160x600 impression media ad units to provide 100% share of voice on the included pages.

Product Demo

Ad Specifications

Element Element Ad Placement                   Dimension       Downlevel       Max Initial     Max Initial     Max Polite         Audio
        Type                                                   Image           Flash           Video File      Download           Specific
                                                               (GIF/JPG)       Download        Size            File Size          s/ Limi
                                                                               File Size                       (Flash)

Sliver     Flash     1x1 on Homepage,          970x66          30k             50k             N/A             N/A
                     728x90 on Section

Overlay    Flash     1x1 on Homepage,          1280x870        N/A             150k            2.2mb           1.5mb              user clic
                     728x90 on Section                                                                                            Duration
                     pages                                                                                                        sec

                                                                                                                         1 of 7
Skin     Flash     1x1 on Homepage,         309x800       N/A             50k per rail   2.2mb          N/A               N/A
                   728x90 on Section        recommended
                   pages                    for each rail

Skin     Image     1x1 on Homepage,         1600x1080                     100k           N/A
                   728x90 on Section

All Elements

      All Flash elements must be the same Flash specs:
             o Flash 9 minimum
             o AS2 or AS3
             o 24 FPS or less
      Must provide user with opportunity to close any float and/or expanded panel with “Close X” button contained
       somewhere within flash stage area
      Replay button for any video/float/expanding unit is suggested, but not required
      If click to open, must be click to close. If rollover to open, must be roll off to close.
      Frequency capped at one per user per day

970x66 Sliver Ad Unit

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      Limited to 8 seconds of animation after Overlay element has resolved
      Limited to 15 seconds total animation including Overlay animation
      Any areas along the edges that are white must feature a 1 pixel border (gray [#666666] or black recommended,
       though any color that clearly distinguishes the ad from the content may be used)
      Full Sliver unit should initiate the UI-Panel
      Sliver Alternate Image:
            o Dimension: 970x66
            o Format: .GIF / .JPG
            o Max file size: 30k

1280x870 Overlay Element

      The animation may resemble the demo or may be a variation of an overlay revealing the advertiser’s branding
       and content.
      Max file size 150K, including creative elements behind the overlay
      Must contain a clearly defined “Close” button
      Overlay experience has a frequency cap of once per user per day
            o If multiple site sections are included in the media plan, auto-initiated executions must be frequency
                capped at once per user, per day, per section front.
            o For the content behind the overlay, it is recommended that the animation and interaction be limited to
                branding that will encourage the user to interact with user-initiated expanded panel.
      900x500W pixels - the dimension of the creative elements behind the overlay
      It is recommend that the ad contain a “Replay” button – feature in Sliver

Side Rails Skin Element:

      Dimensions: 1600 x 1080 total image size, with left and right side sponsored segments at 314 x 1080 each,
       and center section white at 970 x 1725
      File Weight: 100k max
      Can animate for up to 7 seconds upon page load (non-UI), can be video or interactive flash
      Down-level experience required. Please provide static JPG image.
      Skin can be clickable

Overlay Experience (Non-User Initiated - part 1)

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Overlay Experience (Non-User Intiated - part 2)

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Experience with Sliver Ad / Contracted Overlay plus Side Rails Skin

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        Audio must be user-initiated and never automatic.
        Audio controls must be present.
        If audio is used, creative must include an On/Off switch for users.
        Audio insertion into Flash file may begin no earlier than the second frame.


        Video is streamed, not progressively
        Video Controls must be present: Play/Pause, Volume Control or Mute/Unmute buttons are required
        Time Scrubber & Replay button are suggested but not required

CPU Usage:
Idle CPU usage typically falls within 8-12%. When testing a Flash file for this ad, CPU usage after the initial loading of the
file must be between 20% and 30%. An initial spike of up to 60% is acceptable in the first five seconds. (Idle CPU usage
devised upon computer with a 1.8GHz Intel Pentium Processor and 512 MB of RAM running standard programs.)

Browser Support:

        Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6.0 through 9.0 are supported.
        Firefox is a supported browser on a case-by-case basis (dependent upon test results and execution design).
        Limited support may be provided for Safari based on test results.
        In cases in which a browser is not supported (i.e. Firefox or Mac browsers), users will receive the backup image.

Downlevel .gif Impression Serve Rate:
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      Expected Back-up .gif Impression serve rate varies from 8-12%.

Ad Specifications

Ad Choices is hard coded to the MSN Movies, MSN and MSN TV sites, placed below the ad unit. It is not featured or ad
served within the ad unit. No action needs to be taken to feature Ad Choices within the ad unit.

Certified Rich Media Vendors

      Unicast
           o For any questions regarding this ad unit, please contact Unicast at

Data Reported

           o Ad impressions
      3rd Party Partner
           o 3rd party partners will typically provide impressions and click-through data, as well as enhanced metrics.
               Please consult your rich media partner of choice for more detail.

Data Collection

      Microsoft permits advertisers to collect user-provided personal identifying information (for example, through web
       forms embedded in ads).

      Advertisers may be required to modify ad units or provided additional disclosure in order to be acceptable for
       advertising on Microsoft sites.
      Advertisers wishing to collect personal information within advertisements (according to specifications above) must
       follow these guidelines:
            o Clearly identify organization
            o Provide link to privacy policy (usually adjacent to the web form’s “submit” button)
            o Identify purpose for collecting information

Ad Submission Guidelines
All creative must meet the MSA Ad Submission Guidelines

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