Challenger Badminton Championship 2010

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					The objective of Challenger Badminton Championship 2010: -

    -     To create awareness for our new sports centre in Kepong towards people from all walks of life.
    -     To maintain the competitiveness and also to serve as a ground for juniors to gain more exposure.
    -     To foster greater friendship & sportsmanship among our future generations.
    -     To unearth talents and potentials for the better of Malaysian badminton sport.

Organiser              Challenger Badminton Academy (CBA)
                        st   nd
Date                   1 & 2 May 2010, (Saturday & Sunday)

Venue                  Challenger Sports Centre, Kepong (Branch)

Time                   9.00am to 9.00pm

Events                 1.    Boy’s Singles: U-11, U-13, U-15, U-17        [Strictly Not Eligible for Current Bukit Jalil Sports
                       2.    Girl’s Singles: U-13, U-16                     School (BJSS) Player]
                       3.    Boy’s Doubles: U-11, U-13, U-15, U-17
                       4.    Men’s Doubles Open: Public [Strictly Not Eligible for Current & Former NATIONAL / Bukit Jalil
                             Sports School (BJSS) / STATE level player]
                       5.    Ladies Doubles Open: Public [Strictly Not Eligible for Current NATIONAL & Bukit Jalil Sports
                             School (BJSS) player]
                       6.    Men’s Doubles Veteran: Public [Age 40 and above]
Entry Fees                                      Categories                 Singles         Doubles
                                       U-11, U-13, U-15, U-17
                                                                            RM20            RM30
                                               U-13, U-16
                                                                            RM20             -----
                                         Men’s Doubles Open                  -----          RM50
                                         Ladies Doubles Open                 -----          RM50
                                        Men’s Doubles Veteran                -----          RM50
Age Calculation        For this championship, age of player is calculated by subtracting the year of birth from 2010, i.e. age of
                       player = 2010 – Year of Birth

Entries                1.    Each player can participate to a maximum of 2 events only.
                       2.    Each player must submit their own entry form; entries for doubles are considered ‘received’ upon
                             receipt of BOTH partners’ entries.
                       3.    A player is eligible to enter an event for players younger than the age group he or she qualifies to
                             play in.
                       4.    If there are less than sixteen entries in a given age group, the organiser reserves the right to cancel
                             that age group and make appropriate changes.
                       5.    Entries will not be accepted without a player’s date of birth. Photostated copy of
                             Passport/MyKad/Birth Certificate has to be submitted and will be checked against the dates of
Format                 1.    Preliminary rounds of all Junior Events will be played in a Knockout Format of 1 set, 30 Points Rally
                             Scoring System. (15 Points change sides)
                       2.    Quarterfinal rounds onward will be played in a Knockout Format of Best of 3 sets, 21 Points Rally
                             Scoring System.
                       3.    All Senior Events will be played in a Knockout Format of Best of 3 sets, 21 Points Rally Scoring
                       4.    Events with insufficient entries may have format altered or may be cancelled.
Prizes                Categories                                          Singles                    Doubles
                                                                       Cash RM200,                 Cash RM300,
                                                   Champion        Racquet, Bag, Hamper,       Racquet, Bag, Hamper,
                                                                    Trophy, Certificate,         Trophy, Certificate
                      U-11 & U-13
                         [Boys]                                         Cash RM100,                 Cash RM150,
                                                                      Trophy, Certificate         Trophy, Certificate
                      U-13 & U-16
                     [Girls Singles]            Semi-Finalists
                                                                         Cash RM50,                  Cash RM80,
                                                                      Trophy, Certificate         Trophy, Certificate

                                                                       Cash RM300,                 Cash RM400,
                                                   Champion        Racquet, Bag, Hamper,       Racquet, Bag, Hamper,
                                                                     Trophy, Certificate         Trophy, Certificate

                      U-15 & U-17                 Runners-up
                                                                        Cash RM150,                 Cash RM200,
                         [Boys]                                       Trophy, Certificate         Trophy, Certificate

                                                                         Cash RM80,                 Cash RM100,
                                                                      Trophy, Certificate         Trophy, Certificate

                                                                                                   Cash RM600,
                                                   Champion                 -----              Racquet, Bag, Hamper,
                                                                                                 Trophy, Certificate
              Ladies Doubles Open
                       &                                                                            Cash RM300,
                                                  Runners-up                -----                 Trophy, Certificate
              Men’s Doubles Veteran
                                                                                                    Cash RM150,
                                                Semi-Finalists              -----                 Trophy, Certificate

                                                                                                   Cash RM800,
                                                   Champion                 -----              Racquet, Bag, Hamper,
                                                                                                 Trophy, Certificate
                                                                                                    Cash RM400,
                  Men’s Doubles Open              Runners-up                -----                 Trophy, Certificate

                                                                                                    Cash RM200,
                                                Semi-Finalists              -----                 Trophy, Certificate

Appeals      1. All appeals/protests must be submitted with proof in writing by the player(s) or team official(s),
  &             before / within thirty (30) minutes after the match to the Referee Table.

Protests     2. Such appeals/protests must be accompanied by a fee of RM200 which is REFUNDABLE only if the
                appeals/protests are upheld otherwise it will be forfeited.
             3. The decision of the Jury of Appeal is final.
Terms &      1.   If at its discretion the Committee should accept entries after the closing date, a late fee amounting to
Conditions        RM30.00 will be charged for each entry.
             2.   The championship is bound to all rules & regulations set by BWF.
             3. Only Entries accompanied by the ENTRY FEE, photostated copy of MyKad / Passport / Birth
                Certificate will be accepted.
             4.   Incomplete Entry Form will automatically be rejected.
             5.   The Organiser shall not be held responsible/liable for any cause of injuries/death/medical expenses
                  incurred or loss of property during and after the Championships.
             6.   The Organiser reserves the exclusive rights to change, amend, delete or add on to these Terms &
                  Condition without any prior notice.
Payment           Payment is by Cash. If Cheque, please made it payable to LIEW GAVIN at our Challenger Branches:
Method            The Challenger @ Kepong Branch
                    (THE CHALLENGER SPORTS CENTRE)
                     Jalan Metro Prima,
                     Kepong 52100,
                     Kuala Lumpur,
                  Office :
                  HP     : +6014-621 9192 [Ms. Fang], +6016-277 4030 [Mr. Heng]

                  The Challenger @ Taman Cuepacs Branch
                     (THE CHALLENGER SPORTS CENTRE)
                     Lot 997, Jalan Koop Cuepacs 3F,
                     Taman Cuepacs,
                     Cheras 43200,
                     Selangor Darul Ehsan,
                  Office : +6016-901 7979, +6016-365 9211
                  HP     : +6012-787 3354 [Mr. Heng]

                  The Challenger @ Petaling Jaya Branch
                     PETALING TIN BERHAD
                     (THE CHALLENGER SPORTS CENTRE)
                     118, Jalan Semangat,
                     46200, Petaling Jaya,
                     Selangor Darul Ehsan,
                  Office : +603-7955 3311, +603-7955 0033
                  Fax : +603-7954 5575
                  HP      : +6017-3355 812 [Mr. Liew]

                  Payment can be also made directly to our bank a/c: -
                  Maybank      A/C: 1148-5101-6361 LIEW GAVIN

                  A copy of the bank-in slip/receipt must be faxed to us for verification purpose.
                   (Fax : +603-7954 5575)
                  *Please also check with Mr. Liew Gavin to ensure that we have receive your fax slip*
Entry Deadline    Sunday, 18 of April 2010, 11.00pm sharp.
Draw Date         Wednesday, 21 of April 2010, 12.00pm.

Tournament        1.   The tournament website is (Entry Forms can be downloaded)
Website           2.   Draw and schedule shall be available for viewing at the hall or at the website on Friday, 23 of April
                       2010. It is the players’ responsibility to check their play schedule, as notification by mail will NOT be
                       sent individually.
                  3.   Any discrepancies must be reported before Monday, 26 of April 2010, otherwise will be deemed
                       correct and NO CHANGES will be entertained upon the aforesaid date.

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