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					                                                            Praise Reports:                                                 back is broken due to the cancer. To date, no
         Central Europe                                                                                                     treatment has been found for him. Your
Please Pray For:                                               Tim and Lauri Inman (Northern Ireland) report               continued prayers for this very serious physical
                                                                great success with the “I Love Derry” project               condition are so appreciated.
    Several individuals in Dresden, Germany, who               which included 225 volunteers reaching out to
                                                                                                                        Praise Reports:
     have recently prayed during evangelism out-                the city over several days. They report that 135
     reaches to give their lives to Christ. Missionary          children gave their hearts to Jesus during this
     Mike Tyler is praying they remember their                  outreach week.                                             Praise God that new missionaries, Steve & Dawn
     decisions and begin to pursue life as a follower of                                                                    Robertson, have made it to the Canary Islands.
     Jesus.                                                    Bruce and Joy Page (Wales) have identified a
                                                                pastor-in-training to partner with their church            Missionaries Randy & Diane McGehee (Italy) are
    The Jeff Staudte family (Austria) as they begin            plant in Cwmbran, Wales.                                    praising God for the July 1 opening of the new
     itineration in August.                                                                                                 ICF Ministry Center in Florence, Italy.

    Greg & Lisa Kuechler (Germany) as they begin
                                                                Southeastern Europe                                        Missionaries Jacob and Julie Bock (Spain) are
     the task of becoming familiar with a new city of       Please Pray For:                                                thanking God for restored opportunity to continue
     ministry in Halle, Germany. Their intentions are                                                                       preaching in the Puerta de Sol, Madrid. We thank
     to plant a church.                                        Unity among the Pentecostal pastors in Serbia.              the Lord for continually sending us Christians to
                                                                Pray that the students at Grace Pentecostal Bible           help with the prayer house and evangelism on
                                                                                                                            the street six days a week.
    More workers for the German harvest field. More            School will seek His will and have a deep desire
     church planters are needed, along with people              to reach the lost of Serbia. Pray also that the
     who will share Christ through their lives with             revivals taking place among the Gypsy churches             Missionaries Steve & Patti Gray (Italy) would like
     other people. Steve & Christina Walent are also            will continue and that more churches will be                to report that during their 100 Days of Prayer five
     asking the Lord to continue to give them His               planted—submitted by Joe Lear (Serbia).                     people recently received the baptism in the Holy
     guidance and wisdom as they assist others                                                                              Spirit.
     through discipleship, mentoring, leadership               Terry Janke (Macedonia). He had brain surgery
     consultation, and coaching. Y                              for a cancerous tumor and now faces radiation
                                                                and chemo. A miracle is needed for Terry in that
                                                                                                                               Western Europe
Praise Report:                                                  the prognosis is a 98 percent return rate of            Please Pray For:
    I want to thank the Lord for the major blessings                                                                      Kerby & Sheila Rials’ (Belgium) church plant in
     we have received from those who are taking                The four interns from the Evangelical Theological           Marche. They need assistance with the church
     ownership of their ministries in Rhein-Main                Bible College (ETF) in Albania. May their                   plant and are praying that God will supply the
     Christian Fellowship, especially the worship               ministries be effective and their adjustments be            right workers.
     team. Ben Varvaro (missionary associate in                 smooth.
     Germany) also wants to give the Lord praise for                                                                       April Foster's (Belgium) mother who is
     the instant healing that took place in one of their       The jewelry project that is trying to be developed          undergoing treatment for cancer.
     recent Sunday services.                                    in Romania for the mothers at the Hager
                                                                Maternal Center. This type of project could help           The community event in Sint Genesius-Rode,
      Culturally Diverse                                        the mothers earn much needed income, but
                                                                according to missionary Raegan Glugosh, they
                                                                                                                            Belgium, on August 27, 2011, with Convoy of
                                                                                                                            Hope Europe and Christian Center Brussels
       Communities                                              are running into some legal barriers and various
                                                                tax law hurdles. May the missionary team be
                                                                                                                            working together. Please pray for future events in
                                                                                                                            Montenegro, Bulgaria, Moldova and Macedonia
Please Pray For:                                                given much wisdom and favor as they work                    (
                                                                through this situation.
    The vision to plant a culturally sensitive church in                                                                  The Master's Commission Europe director's
     Paris by Said and Fatima for reaching and                 Gloria Pickett’s (Romania) mom and dad.                     retreat scheduled for August 29-September 1,
     discipling Muslims for Christ.                             Gloria’s mother has recently fallen and broken              2011.
                                                                her hip. She had surgery and is currently in
                                                               rehabilitation. Her father also fell and hit his
     All the planning and details for the September
                                                                head. They have found a brain bleed, and he                The Espoir Wallonie (Hope for Wallonia)
     CDC conference in Belgium. May God’s                                                                                   evangelism outreach in Arlon, Bastogne and
                                                                currently is in the hospital. Please pray for the
     purposes be fulfilled.                                                                                                 Marche, Belgium to be held August 1 & 2.
                                                                family in the States that is providing care for
                                                                Gloria’s parents, as well as continued peace for
Praise Reports:
                                                                Gloria as she goes through this situation from             The Students for Christ campus ministry training
                                                                very far away.                                              week to be held July 31-August 6, 2011.
    Praise God for the workers God has sent to lead
     the Oasis Center in Madrid during this year when Praise Report:
     the Cannons are in the States for itineration.
                                                                                                                           Churches in the Paris, France, area that are
                                                                                                                            looking for buildings to house their growing
                                                               Three new missionary candidates were approved               congregations.
    Praise God for the two new couples preparing to            out of Romania, according to missionary Rick
     join the ministry to Muslims in Madrid.                    Cunningham (Romania) and will begin itineration Praise Reports:
                                                                to minister in Macedonia.
    Praise God for the 150 new attendees at the                                                                           The Convoy of Hope Europe community event in
     regular church service after the Convoy of Hope
     outreach in Melilla, Spain.
                                                                   Southern Europe                                          Cergy-Pontoise, France, ministered to more than
                                                                                                                            a thousand people.
                                                            Please Pray For:

       Northern Europe                                         Funding for needed renovations for the new ICF
                                                                                                                           Leslie Linneweh (Netherlands) is appreciative of
                                                                                                                            the prayers that went up for her father recently.
Please Pray For:                                                Ministry Center in Florence, Italy. Pray also for           He is now doing well after a delicate heart
                                                                teams and workers to help with both physical and            surgery.
    Bryan and Misty Elliott (Wales) as they need the           evangelism work at the Center, as well as the
     Lord’s direction in their first month as they get          upcoming outreach to 15,000 U.S. university
     settled in Cardiff, Wales.                                 students coming to Florence for the Fall
                                                                semester—submitted by Randy & Diane
                                                                McGehee (Italy).                                           “A perfect summer day is
    Larry and Ann Dimond (Ireland). Larry is battling
     inoperable cancer.
                                                                                                                          when the sun is shining, the
                                                               The son of Mike & Loretta Hopkins (Italy).
                                                                Stephen is now back in Afghanistan and needs            breeze is blowing, the birds are
    Tim and Marketa Southerland (Northern Europe)              lots of prayers for the challenges ahead. Your
     who are requesting prayer for a church-planting            prayers will be appreciated for his continued
                                                                                                                         singing, and the lawn mower
     opportunity in the Bristol-Fishponds area.                 physical safety.                                                   is broken.”
    Crista Bailey’s (Ireland) father who is now bed-          Cyndie Jeter’s (Spain) brother, Curtis. Cancer                    James Dent
     ridden from a motorcycle accident.                         has been found in his liver, sternum, pelvis, and
                                                                left hip. It is also thought that another bone in his