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									            Background                    Corporate Strategy
•   established on June 18, 1951
•   Universal Bank since 1994             F.I.R.S.T. Priorities
•   publicly listed as “SECB”         Focus on Customers
•   has one of the lowest non-
                                      Innovation and Speed to Market
    performing loan ratios (NPL)
•   capital adequacy ratio superior   Results Oriented Quality and
    to industry standards                  Productivity

•   among the top ten banks in the    Stakeholder Value Enhancement
•   major subsidiaries include: SB
    Cards (Diners Club), SB
    Equities, SB Capital, SPFSI
Biometrics – The Emerging Technology
• "Biometrics" is derived from the Greek words bio (life) and metric (to
• It is the automated use of physiological or behavioral characteristics
  to determine or verify identity.
• Physiological biometrics is based on measurements and data derived
  from direct measurement of a part of the human body.
• Behavioral biometrics, on the other hand, is based on measurements
  and data derived from an action, and indirectly measure
  characteristics of the human body.
• Biometrics are automated in as much as the processes involved in
  sample acquisition, feature extraction, record retrieval, and algorithm-
  based matching are computerized or machine-based.
• The result is that biometric decision-making is very rapid, and in most
  cases occurs in real-time.
• The fast response time makes it ideal for accurately identifying people
  quickly and reliably. It is therefore ideal for banks.
    Biometrics – The Emerging Technology
                                        How it Works
1. Building the template
     •   Enrollment of the users of the system
     •   Collection of initial fingerprint
     •   Processing and the algorithmic encoding of unique defining characteristics of
         the fingerprint
2. Decision making using the template
     •   Scanning of the sample fingerprint
     •   Searching the template
     •   Returning the decision if the fingerprint matches the identity of the person

                            Biometrics Industry at Present
•   Citibank N.A. is developing biometrics for banks since 2002
•   Emergence of companies specializing in biometrics
•   New technological developments that will bring hardware costs down
Biometrics and F.I.R.S.T. Priorities
Focus on Customers – The customers will directly benefit from the ease of using the
system. Instead of having passwords or PINs to memorize, they just have to come and
bring themselves. They can be also sure that as long as their finger is still attached to
their hand, no one can access their accounts. It will also reduce waiting time in the
branch since response from the system is real-time.

Innovation and Speed to Market – This is a very innovative technology that will
clearly define Security Bank. Developing a biometric system soon will ensure that
Security Bank would be the pioneers of this technology. This will also streamline
backroom processes and improve internal control.

Results Oriented Quality and Productivity – Results will be immediately felt
when congested branches will be freed-up. Tellers will be more productive and reduce
the risk of errors of identification to almost zero. This will minimize, if not totally eliminate
losses from fraudulent acts.

Stakeholder Value Enhancement – The above stated benefits will ultimately trickle
down to the bottom line. Not only is it in form of additional income that the bank
generates but also the honor and prestige of being a pioneer in a new emerging
Biometrics and F.I.R.S.T. Priorities
Teamwork – Biometric technology will strengthen teamwork within the
organization. Vital information can be shared to concerned parties with reliance.
Distance will no longer be an issue and various business units can refer to a single
data warehouse.

Security Bank will be raising the bar of the total banking experience!


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