COPPET WEEK PRIZES 2008 by yaofenji


									COPPET WEEK PRIZES 2008
Special Prizes.
Over 120 + 60 Crew        Taser        John & Linda Taylor                    Bartley
Over 100 + 50 Crew        Fireball     Keith McDonald & Andy Brittain         Blithfield
Over 60 Helm              GP14         Mike Whittaker                         South Staffs
Over 50 Helm              Merlin       Richard Dee                            Blithfield
Under 18 Helm             Topper       James Hill                             Sutton
Under 18 Crew             Rocket       Ben Torrens                            Blithfield
Under 10                  Rs Feva      Ben Fryatt                             Llandegfedd
Lady Helm                 Laser R      Katy Wilis                             Broxbourne
Lady Crew                 Enterprise   Sioban Pearson                         Blithfield
1st Local Helm            Solo         Paul Griffiths
Class prizes for boats not in the top 5 overall of the slow or fast handicap fleets.
1st Canoe     12th overall              Robin Wood                             Llandegfedd
2 Laser       18th overall              Robert Whitehouse                      Waldringfield
 st              th
1 Laser       15 overall                John Shoesmith                         Staunton Harold
2nd Solo      21st overall              Matt Robinson                          Sandwell Valley
 st              th
1 Topper      39 overall                James Hill                             Sutton
Slow Handicap Fleet
5th   12th overall        RS Feva      Ian & Ben Fryatt                       Llandegfedd
4     9th overall         Enterprise   Niall Campbell & Jane Smee             Arden
3rd   7th overall         Solo         Paul Griffiths                         Saundersfoot
2     6th overall         GP14         Mike Whittaker & Marty Beenen          South Staffs
1     5th overall         Enterprise   Paul Young & Sioban Pearson            Midland
Fast Handicap Fleet
5th   8th overall         Fireball     Lyndon Beasley & Tim Dicker            Greensforge
4     4th overall         Merlin       Chris Martin & Ben Torrens             Blithfield
3rd   3rd overall         Fireball     Alex & Jon Bales                       Spinnaker & Chew
2     2nd overall         Fireball     Keith McDonald & Andy Brittain         Blithfield

                           Congratulations to Coppet Week Champions 2008
                          Merlin     Richard Dee & Phil Scott     Blithfield

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