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Board of                                                   BUILDING
 St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation
                                                          Firm Foundations
 Board of Directors set the pace for                      Recently St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center’s Board of Directors and the St.
 a year filled with successes. Each                       Joseph’s Hospital Foundation Board have boldly stepped forward to embrace change
                                                          and have gone as far as utilizing it as one of the pivot points of upcoming strategic
 Board member is committed to
                                                          planning. Though generally, each of the groups would be addressing far different
 the mission of St. Joseph’s Hospital                     issues, currently they are focused on like matters.
 and Health Center, and serves
                                                          Alignment has been a key goal of both Boards. Physician alignment, employee align-
 with a heart of stewardship. We
                                                          ment and community alignment are all areas that have increased in focus. Times
 thank them for their dedication to                       have changed greatly in the world of healthcare. Nationwide hospitals struggle with
 ensuring that the care at St. Joseph’s                   inadequate reimbursement for services while trying to provide a high level of care
 Hospital remains accessible and                          to their patients. Quality care is necessary and requires a commitment to investing
 affordable to all members of the                         in top-notch technology, well-trained and qualified staff and a line of services which
 community.                                               best meet the needs of the community. St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center’s
                                                          Hospital Board of Directors and Foundation Board are moving forward purposefully
                                                          to address these challenges.
           St. JOSePH’S HOSPital
             & HealtH center                              The Hospital’s Board of Directors is developing its plan with an emphasis on creat-
          BOard Of directOrS
                                                          ing firm foundations for future growth and on-going financial stability. Members
              Mike Lefor, Chairperson
                                                          have reached out to Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) and built strong relationships
           Vaune Cripe, Vice Chairperson
                                                          with the regional and national board members. Additionally, they have utilized the
            Jon Hendrickson, Treasurer
                                                          knowledge base available on the city and county level government while inviting in-
     Paul Steffes                Dr. Mark Hinrichs        put from community leaders and area residents. These relationships have netted the
    Jon Frantsvog             Sr. Marie Damian Glatt      purchase of a parcel of land intended as the future site of a new hospital, as well as
   Scott Meschke                  Eugene Jackson          guidance to services that best meet the needs of those who make this area their home.
   Dr. Tom Arnold
                                                          In a supporting role, the Foundation’s Board has focused on helping build the
         Jeffrey Drop, Senior Vice President,
                                                          resources that best support the goals of the hospital. The Foundation’s plan targets
Division Executive Officer, Catholic Health Initiatives
            Reed Reyman, President/CEO
                                                          increasing our fundraising capacity to support the growing capital and service area
                                                          needs of the hospital. St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center is an essential benefit
      Medical Staff PreSident                             to our community. Our goal is to develop partnerships with every business, organi-
                Dr. Cory Rathgaber                        zation, group and individual who wishes to supports
                                                          our hospital and
   fOUndatiOn BOard MeMBerS                               its mission.
          Jim Ozbun, Chairperson
      Scott Meschke, Vice Chairperson
        Jon Hendrickson, Treasurer
    Jason Hopfauf                Shirley Dukart
      Craig Steve                Monica Peterson
   Lisa Kostelecky                Deb Kudrna
   CB “Buck” Haas                Shawn Fitterer
     Irene Schafer               Lloyd Schnaidt
      Susie Lefor                  Ryan Beck
    Roene Hulsing                 Reed Reyman
     Jodi Bosch, Interim Foundation Director
       Kathy Long, Administrative Assistant
        Brent Hanson, Assistant Director
     Cynthia Rooney-Olson, VP North Region
            Catholic Health Initiatives

   page2                                                                                                FirmFoundations
  tAKING CArE of

  our Community
  St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center is a non-profit organi-   pay for it without assistance. Many of the recipients of Char-
  zation. A requirement to maintain that status is to provide       ity Care insist on paying as much as they possibly can, and are
  service to the community in which the organization is set.        uncomfortable accepting the support.
  Charity Care is one of the many ways that St. Joseph’s Hospital
                                                                    Further, the Mission of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health
  gives back to the community.
                                                                    Center and Catholic Health Initiatives is “to nurture the heal-
  Last year, St. Joseph’s Hospital provided $987,905.00 in Char-    ing ministry of the Church by bringing it new life, energy and
  ity Care to those who qualified. Individuals who are eligible     viability in the 21st century. Fidelity to the Gospel urges us to
  to receive Charity Care are what one may consider those who       emphasize human dignity and social justice as we move toward
  “fall through the cracks.” Usually they have a job and are        the creation of healthier communities.”
  making a living. However, their job generally does not offer
                                                                    In brief, our mission is to take care of the people who come
  insurance and they cannot afford it on their own. They often
                                                                    through our doors and to reach out to those who do not, to
  make too much to qualify for services like Medicaid. When a
                                                                    make our community a better place for all of us to live.
  major medical event occurs in their life they cannot afford to

         Thank You
             for your ongoing
                  support and
  commitment to
               St. Joseph’s
              Hospital and                      St. JoSEPh’S hoSPItAL DoNAtES tImE to LAUNDEr for
             Health Center
                        and to the
                                                St. Joseph’s Hospital staff laundered over 1000 coats to be
  FOUNDATION                                    donated to “Coats for Kids” this last September for area kids in need.

   We hope you enjoy reading
      our headlines for 2010.

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  New Technology
                                                                    Patients save time and money
  The Hyfrecator 2000 sounds like something out of a futuristic science fiction movie, but in fact, it’s the newest piece of tech-
  nology in St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center’s Surgical Care Clinic. Although it’s not futuristic, it is cutting edge and very
  scientific. “We jokingly refer to it as “the lumps, bumps, mole, cysts and warts remover,” says Reine Kulish, Director of Clinic
  Administration at St. Joseph’s Hospital. “Hyfrecator is kind of hard to say.”
  Whatever it’s called, the new technology offers a wide variety of services that simplify and enhance patients’ visits to the Surgi-
  cal Care Clinic. Its main purpose is to cauterize tissue to stop bleeding caused by surgical procedures, so that patients are able
  to have minor outpatient office procedures and return home. The Hyfrecator 2000 saves patients time and expense, and reduces
  scheduling challenges where otherwise multiple visits would be necessary.
  “It will often allow a procedure to be done in a single visit, or even possibly            St. JoSEPh’S EmPLoyEES
  during a consultation,” Kulish explains. “Naturally, each case is individual,                      CoNtrIBUtE to

                                                                                      Amen Food
  but it’s wonderful to have the option and the capability.”
  Additionally, it will allow simple outpatient procedures and surgeries that

  once required scheduling up in the St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center
  Surgical Unit, to be performed right inside the St. Joseph’s Surgical Care
  Clinic, another convenience to patients.
  More involved surgeries and procedures such as appendectomy, gall blad-              Each year the Christian Effectiveness Com-
  der, colonoscopy, breast biopsy and other general and specialized surgeries          mittee which is part of the Mission Depart-
  will continue to be performed in St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center’s           ment at St. Joseph’s Hospital, sponsors a
  Surgery Unit.                                                                        food drive for one of the local non-profit
  If you’d like to know more about the Hyfrecator 2000, you can call St.               agencies or organizations in need. Employ-
  Joseph’s Surgical Care Clinic at 701-456-4258. You can visit the clinic with         ees of the hospital donated several boxes of
  or without a referral.                                                               food this year to Amen Food Pantry.

                                                          In July, the Foundation hosted 144 golfers              2010
                                                                                                           cOMMit tee MeMBerS
                                                          and more than 20 volunteers at Heart River
                                                                                                                 DJ Charbonneau
                                                          Golf Course for the Foundation’s 19th
                                                                                                                     Tom Fath
                                                          Annual Golf Sports Classic. It was perfect
                                                                                                                   Shawn Fitterer
                                                          golfing weather as the group of golfers head-          Jeremy Heidecker
                                                          ed out for the day filled with fun and lots             Mike Staudinger
                                                          of sun. The 2010 Golf Sports Classic raised            Teri Lynn Steckler
                                                          over $13,000 to support medical equipment                Danielle Wahl
                                                          in our Surgical Care Clinic and also syringe           Ken Weisenberger
                                                          pumps for Babykind. Save the date for our               Dennis Cannon
                                                          upcoming event on July 9th, 2011.                         Jodi Bosch

page4                                                                                       FirmFoundations

    New lab
    St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center’s new GeneXpert            cultures, which could take several days to produce results. In
    analyzer is on-board and running, which makes St. Joseph’s         the case where a patient’s infection must be treated immediately
    the first hospital in the region to offer molecular diagnostics    reduce risk. Waiting 24 hours for a sample to grow and then
    and advanced on-site laboratory tests to detect the DNA            allowing up to an additional 24 hours to identify the bacteria,
    of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus),             became an unacceptable wait time.
    Clostridium difficile (C-diff) and Vancomycin-resistant
                                                                       Molecular testing is a different way to identify bacteria. The
    enterococci (VRE), in mere hours of receiving the specimen.
                                                                       GeneXpert takes a DNA sample and then sets off a chain
    This method provides analysis of infectious disease at least 12
                                                                       reaction to quickly produce millions of copies of it. As the
    times faster than previous methods.
                                                                       quantity increases, color indicators identify the bacteria
    “Current infectious disease testing involves a typical turna-      present in the sample. Within an hour or two, lab results can
    round window of 24-48 hours,” explains Crystal Robinson,           be provided to the physician so an accurate diagnosis and
    Director of Laboratory and Respiratory Care at St. Joseph’s        course of treatment can be quickly implemented.
    Hospital and Health Center. “MRSA, C-diff and VRE now
                                                                       The GeneXpert eliminates multiple challenges. For example,
    will be tested in less than 2 hours of receiving the specimen
                                                                       since doctors now have quick and correct answers to their pa-
    using the GeneXpert. This faster and more accurate molecu-
                                                                       tient’s infection status, prescribing antibiotics that might not
    lar testing platform is a welcome addition to our patient care
                                                                       work, or that may cause severe or unwanted side effects, or
                                                                       quarantining a patient unnecessarily, can be avoided. It also
    The GeneXpert tests for the presence of bacteria, including that   reduces the costs in terms of health and finances. Addition-
    of infectious life-threatening diseases like MRSA, which enables   ally, doctors can now be armed more quickly and accurately
    doctors to make quicker and more informed treatment deci-          with the information they need to begin patient treatment.
    sions. Before molecular testing, samples were used to grow lab
                                                                       “It’s a nice tool because it allows us to take care of our pa-
                                                                       tients faster,” states David Kuylen, MD. “It improves patient
                                                                       health outcomes by getting us results in a couple hours rather
                                                                       than a couple of days. A primary benefit is that it allows us
                                                                       to give patient’s answers in a quicker time frame and to reas-
                                                                       sure them and put their minds at ease. It’s important to keep
                                                                       “the care” in patient care, and this new technology helps us
                                                                       to do that.”
                                                                       Lab staff at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center has been
                                                                       trained in the use of the GeneXpert and was prepared for
                                                                       doctors to begin requesting molecular testing March 1. If
                                                                       you would like more information about the GeneXpert you
                                                                       may call 701-456-4476.

Spring2011                                                                                                                        page5

 Old Hollywood Style
                                        The 2010 Charity Ball was a glamor-          around by lovely Charity Ball Commit-
                                        ous event and an overwhelming success.       tee members.
                                        With an Old Hollywood theme of red,          The Elk’s provided a delicious meal
                                        black and white, and cardboard cut-outs      which included edible flowers that re-
                                        of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and            ally tickled some of the guests who had
                                        John Wayne, guests could be seen min-        an entertaining time eating them. The
                                        gling in costumes and outfits that ranged    evening finished off with the return of
                                        from flappers and saloon girls, to mafia     a back-by-popular request band, “Betty
                                        dons and dashing gentleman. There was        Does.” The dance floor stayed full the
                                        also the usual combination of stun-          entire night.
                                        ning ensembles and dapper suits, with a
                                        strong dash of color added into the mix.     The goal of the event was to raise dollars
                                        Over 250 guests attended.                    toward a fetal monitoring system for
                                                                                     Babykind at St. Joseph’s Hospital and
                                        Cigarette girls walked among guests          Health Center. The system monitors
                                        offering candy cigarettes and chocolate      mother and child during labor and de-
                                        cigars with the added bonus of a ticket      livery, allows the physician instant access
                                        for a raffle good for a trip to Cancun.      to the patient’s progress, and enhances
                                        The hours that Charity Ball commit-          positive outcomes for both mother and
                                        tee members dedicated to decorations,        child.
                                        menu planning and design, paid off in
                                        full with numerous compliments of ap-        “We’re so pleased with every aspect of
                                        proval and appreciation for their efforts.   the Ball,” says Jodi Bosch, Develop-
                                        Centerpieces of old-fashioned film reels     ment Coordinator. We’ve heard repeat-
                                        and film were accented with red plumes       edly how much fun everyone had, how
                                        nestled in elegant white gladiolas.          delicious the food was, how great a
                                                                                     selection of auction items we provided,
                                        The Auction Committee took a bow             how impressive the decorations were,
                                        for the varied selection of items they       and at the heart of it, it’s our pleasure to
                                        collected for the Silent and Live auc-       provide it as a committee and a Hospital
                                        tions, and individuals and businesses in     for our community. It’s exciting to work
                                        the community received a well-deserved       in partnership with our community to
                                        salute of recognition for their creativity   ensure the quality healthcare that we all
                                        and generosity in providing items, time,     deserve.”
  2010 cHaritY Ball cOMMittee           services and monetary donations.
   Starla Odegaard     Tara Bieber
                                                                                     Next year’s plans for the Charity Ball
                                        In addition to the fun turn out of com-      are already in the works, but for now
   Brenda Bonnet      Irene Schafer
  Laurie Strommen    Candace Smith      munity members, the St. Joseph’s Hos-        everything is hush-hush. One thing is
     Kathy Bren       Garnet Tisor      pital and Health Center Senior Manage-       no secret, the date is set for November
     Kathy Olin        Tara Laber       ment team, medical staff, hospital staff,
   Phyllis Cannon      Jodi Bosch                                                    19, 2011. If you would like information
  Bryan Kostelecky   Dennis Cannon      and the dedicated Hospital and Founda-       about supporting or attending the Char-
     Susie Lefor                        tion Board members were in attendance.       ity Ball, you may call the St. Joseph’s
cHaritY Ball aUctiOn cOMMittee          Bidding was snappy and entertaining,         Hospital and Health Center Foundation
 DJ Charbonneau    Teri Lynn Steckler
                                        as pictures of the items were simultane-     Office at 701-456-4363.
   Susie Lefor      Cebe Schneider
                                        ously broadcast on a screen and carried

page6                                                                                  FirmFoundations
          with                       gratitude                        to oUr DoNorS
       The following donors generously supported St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation during calendar
       year 2010 (January 1, 2010-December 31, 2010). Their contributions helped the Hospital
       continue its tradition of excellence by providing funds to purchase new equipment, support
       healthcare education and community health programs and provide care for those in need.
       It is with pleasure and deep gratitude that we recognize the following donors:

                                           annuaL giVing
    partnerS        ($1,000-$4999)              Ladbury Funeral Service               CorporationS, FoundationS & organizationS

    Dennis and Phyllis Cannon                   Marathon Oil Company                  Allan’s Decorating Center, Inc.
    Paul and Gail Ebeltoft                      Medora C Store                        Baker Boy
    Shannon and Audra Galster                   Medtronic                             Bank of the West
    Pat and Lisa Giese                          Missouri Basin Well Service           Berger Electric, Inc.
    Jamie Glasser                               Pizza Ranch                           Braun Distributing
    Patrick and Jill Healy                      Quality Quick Print                   Britton Jewelers, LTD
    Dr. Mark and Michelle Hinrichs              Ramada Grand Dakota Lodge             Bull and Bear Resources, LLC
    Ashley Holmes                               Rehab Visions                         Charbonneau Car Center
    Susie Lefor                                 Riddle’s Jewelry                      Consolidated Telcom
    Scott and Tammy Meschke                     SDI Health LLC                        Dakota Bone and Joint
    Tim and Jackie Priebe                       Stevenson Funeral Home                DCI Credit Services, Inc.
    Reed and Sandra Reyman                                                            Denny’s Electric & Motor Repair, Inc.
    Dan Sandaker                                SupporterS ($500-$999)                Dickinson Park & Recreation Dept.
    Ivan and Beryl Sievers                      Mike and Connie Armstrong             Dickinson Press
    Paul and Laurie Steffes                     Jil Baird                             Dickinson State University
                                                Troy and Jodi Bosch                   Elks Lodge
    CorporationS, FoundationS & organizationS
                                                Nate Bouray and Jen Grosz             Horace Mann
    All American Travel
                                                Judy Brackel                          I-Keating Furniture
    American Bank Center
                                                Tyson and Teresa Bren                 Irsfeld Pharmacy
    Applebees’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar
                                                DJ Charbonneau                        KQCD TV-STC Broadcasting. Inc.
    Big K Industries
                                                Richard and Shirley Dukart            Mortenson Construction
    Bison Pipeline, LLC
                                                Dennis and Nancy Jo Johnson           Mystical Minds
    Blackridge II, LLC
                                                Frank Karsky                          Parkway Ford Lincoln & Mercury
    Bosch Lumber Company
                                                David and Barb Kitzan                 Pound ‘Em Productions
    Branson Consulting
                                                Quentin and Carol Kitzan              Southwest Wireless
    Dakota Community Bank
                                                Bryan, Dorothy and Twila Kostelecky   St. John’s Lutheran Church
    Dickinson Ready Mix Company
                                                Stacey Milanovich                     Stallion Oilfield Service
    Ebeltoft. Sickler. Lawyers
                                                Guy and Sandy Moos                    Theodore Roosevelt Medora Found.
    Fisher Industries
                                                Jim and Sonja Ozbun                   Tooz Construction, Inc.
    Freestyle Framing
                                                John and Sue Prange                   Viking Glass of ND, Inc.
    Helmerich & Payne, IDC
                                                Jeff and Marya Skaare                 Western Cooperative Credit Union
    Kirkwood Bank and Trust
                                                James and Teri Lynn Steckler          Western Edge Aviation
    Knights of Columbus Council 6308

Spring2011                                                                                                                    Page7
   FriendS ($1-$499)                        Rae Lynn Binstock                        Helen Christianson
   Earl and Sue Abrahamson                  Greg and April Bishop                    Beth and Kevin Clyde
   Frances Adams                            Greg and Jacqueline Blikre               Bobbie Coffee
   Lidia Anchondo                           Margie Blunt                             Katherine Conaway
   Duane and JoAnne Anderson                Jill Boch                                Gary and Debra Conlon
   Paul Anderson                            Karen Boehm                              Gloria Conlon
   William and Tamala Anderson              Terry Boehm                              Dorothy Crandall
   Bill and Shirley Andrus                  Melvin and Marie Boeshans                Gregory Cray
   Jack and Judy Anton                      Jory and Tonya Boltz                     Roger and Paula Cymbaluk
   Jackson and Marissa Armstrong            Ronnie and Barb Boltz                    Katherine Dassinger and Family
   Mike and Connie Armstrong                Mike Brost and Brenda Bonnet             JoAnn Decker
   Dr. Thomas and Marie Arnold              Floyd and Lucille Borchert               Martha Decker
   Margaret Aspenleiter                     Sandra Botteicher                        Patricia Decker
   Friends of the Assumption Abbey          Robert and Caroline Bovee                Don and Esther Deen
   Emanuel Auch                             Karen Boyer                              James and Claudia Diefenderfer
   Greg and Melissa Bachmeier               Judy Brackel                             Alvin and Ida Mae Dietz
   Rebecca Bailey                           Kevin and Amy Braun                      John and Kimberly Dixon
   Jil Baird                                David and Shirley Bray                   Leona Dolechek
   Michael and Tami Ballard                 Dean and Kelly Bredeken                  Kent and Ramona Dressler Family
   Glenn Baranko                            Harvey and Barb Bren                     Jacquelyn Duerre
   Rick and Kay Baranko                     James and Lorraine Bren                  John and Grace Dukart
   Tom and Darla Baranko                    Lillian Bren                             Rosemary Dukart
   Faron and Laureen Barnhart               Roger and Linda Brew                     Arlys and Milo Dullum
   Ken and Leona Barnhart                   Wayne and Debby Brock                    Charles and Gertrude Duttenhefer
   Bob Bartle                               Ray and Mary Pat Bruels                  Gary and Betty Duttenhefer
   Ryan and Christy Beck                    Raymond Brydl                            Eddy Dvorak
   Linda Beitelspacher                      Janet Buchholz                           Robert and Elaine Dvorak
   Pauline Berger                           Leon and Angie Buckhouse                 Rose Dvorak
   Sally Berger                             Gene Buehner Trust                       Harley and Josie Dyer
   Todd and LuAnn Berger                    Don and Janice Bullinger                 Elizabeth Dykema
   Cindy Bergman                            Frances Bullinger                        Ann Eberts
   Scott and Tara Bieber                    Bob and Marge Buresh                     Edwin and Gwen Egly
   Edward Biel                              Valerie Casciato                         Jon and Kathy Ekblad
   Diana Binstock                           Loran and Bernette Casey                 Vivian Elkins
   Ethel Binstock                           Alvin Chalupnik                          Everette and Kim Enno

                                     SALUtE to             Volunteers
                                     The Volunteers Services Department at      in caring for our patients and their
                                     St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center    families. Additionally, over 6,000 hours
                                     recruited 44 junior and adult volunteers   were contributed by college students
                                     in 2010, and brought the total number      and medical students interning and
                                     of volunteers at St. Joseph’s to over      completing rotations this last year.
                                     200. Based on a national standard,         Volunteers gave not only of their time,
                                     the volunteers contributed more than       but also of their personal resources. In
                                     15,000 hours in 2010 at a contribution     the last two years, they purchased over
                                     of $257,504.12. The Volunteers at St.      $13,000 in hospital needed items. For
                                     Joseph’s Hospital fulfill many important   more information about our Volunteer
                                     roles and are a critical component         Program, call 456-4463.

page8                                                                                FirmFoundations
    Jason and Angie Erickson        George and Eileen Gunderson   Martha Jablonsky
    Jared and Brenda Erie           Calvin and Nancy Gustafson    Bradly Jaeger
    La Del and Pam Evoniuk          Kurt and Bertie Gustafson     Jeremy and Tesha Jahner
    Dwight Faiman                   Elsie Guthmiller              Archie Jalbert
    Carmen Faller                   Amber Gwin                    David Janz
    Tom and Nicole Fath             Dora Gwin                     Brian Jennings
    Ralph and Judith Fegel          Norman and Vonnie Haakenson   Dr.Thomas and Joyce Jensen
    Bernard and Charlotte Ficek     Travis Hafner                 Leona Jilek
    Charles and Judith Finck        Mary Haich                    Irene Jirges
    Dan Finken                      Jake Haider                   Mike and Teri JK Foods, Inc.
    Donald and Eleanora Fischer     Chet and Michelle Halvorson   Janet Johanson
    Brian and Amanda Fisher         Alan Hannah                   Larry and Ruth Johnson
    Edwin Fitterer                  Dale Hansen                   Richard Johnson
    Gregg and Melanie Fitterer      Rose Hatzenbuehler            Richard and Doreen Johnson
    Ruth Fitterer                   Melfrieda Hauck               Tom and Arlys Jorda
    Vernon Flegler                  Beata Havelka                 Edna Jorde
    Ryan Found-it-Now               Aaron Hawkinson               Ronald Jorissen
    Rodger and Sharlene Fraase      John and Kathy Hebert         Arnold and Patricia Jost
    David Franchuk                  Lee and Rhonda Hecker         Curt and Darla Jost
    Elsie Franchuk                  Lynn or Jeanne Hecker         Susie Kapelovitz
    Mary Franchuk                   Victoria Hecker               Cindy Kary
    Anna Marie Frank                Blanche Heidt                 Magdalene Kathrein
    Betty Frank                     Caroline Heidt                Vickie Keller
    Carol Frank                     Clement and Mary Ann Heidt    Agnes Kelly
    Michael and Marcia Frank        Margaret Heidt                Andrew Kennedy
    Tillie Frenzel                  Rosemary Heidt                Christ and Terry Kessel
    Frank and Linda Fridrich        Clint and Jodee Heim          Gary and Jayleen Kessel
    Marlene Friedt                  Verla Heim                    George and Irene Kessel
    James and Donna Fritz           Eileen Heinert                Goldie Kessel
    Larry and Linda Fritz           Mildred Heinle                Greg and Stacey Kessel
    Patrick and Coralie Frohlich    Blaine and Barb Herauf        Pauline Kessel
    Janet Fugere                    Evelyn Herold                 Roger and Lynette Kessel
    Bob and Linda Fus               Phyllis Herold                Larry and Roberta Ketterling
    Gerald and Anita Galloway       Vince and Georgiann Hibl      LaVonne Kinney
    Dan and Lori Galster            Gerty Hinsz                   Al Kisse
    Burke Gardner                   Verlin Hinsz                  Howard and Leatrice Kitchen
    Donald and Janis Gartner        Glen and Renee Hochhalter     Denver and April Kitzan
    Casey and Colette Gjermundson   Leona Hoff                    Betty Kleeman
    Bryan and Tanya Glass           Thomas and Rita Hoff          Kyle or Denay Klein
    Shirley Godes                   Gregory and Jennifer Hoffer   Arlene Kloefkorn
    Victor and Gail Goetz           Kerry and Carol Hoffman       Virginia Knaup
    Lona Gordon                     Laurie Hoffman                Hubert Knopik
    Todd and Janice Greenwood       Bruce and Vicky Honchorenko   Bethol Knutson
    Salmina Greff                   Albert and Effie Hondl        Reuben and Phyllis Knutson
    Ray Gress                       Larry and Rhonda Huizenga     Loretta Koch
    David Gresser                   Dennis and Roene Hulsing      Arnold and Margaret Koffler
    Melissa Gross                   James and Mary Irsfeld        Rodger and Shirley Koffler
    Duane and Bea Grundhauser       Gladys Isaak                  Curtis and Janel Kolar
    Jerry and Mary Guenther         Dwight Iverson                Arnie and Sue Kopp
    Mary Guenther                   Angeline Jablonsky            Kathy Koppinger
    Marge Gulbranson                Larry and Shirley Jablonsky   Eddie and Angie Kostelecky

Spring2011                                                                                       page9
 Timmy Smith Kostelecky          Diane McConnell                    Ardyce Palaniuk
 Drs. Gregg and Simin Kovacs     Kelly McCormick                    Charles and Ursula Palmer
 Maggie Krance                   Sidney McMahen                     Joe Pasicznyk
 Bernie Krebs                    Elaine Mead                        Sam and Donna Pasicznyk
 Louise Krebs                    Jerry and Frances Meduna           Lee and Corrine Pavlicek
 Luella Krebs                    Melvin and Dorothy Meduna          Hilda Pavlish
 Wayne and Rose Krebs            Mike and Becki Mehrens             Ken Pavlish
 Tim and Amy Kreidt              Pete and Clara Mesling             Frank and Louise Pearson
 Harley and Gloria Krein         Pauline Messmer                    Janet Pender
 Morton Krieg, DDS               Dean and Shirley Meyer             Pete and Edna Petersen
 Karla Krueger                   Kay Mikkelsen                      Agnes Peterson
 Robbi and Trina Kudrna          Stacey Milanovich                  Monica Peterson
 Cleo Kulish                     Martin and Margaret Miller         Rose Pflepsen
 Carol Kuntz                     Mary S. Miller                     David and Marjorie Polanchek
 Florian and Deborah Kuntz       Eddy Mitzel                        Roger and Carol Pottorff
 Leo J. and Mildred Kuntz        Martha Monke                       Alena Praus
 Magdalena Kuntz                 LeRoy Mosbrucker                   Ervin Praus
 Dr. David and Larae Kuylen      Nancy Mosbrucker                   Paulette Praus
 Constance Ladbury               Jane Muggli                        A. James Privratsky
 Sandra Lammert                  Russ and Marci Murphy              Mary M. Privratsky
 John and Venita Lampl           Jane and Page Myers                Ralph and Mary Jo Privratsky
 Ava Lanes                       Chuck and Connie Nasello           Rudy Privratsky
 Stanley Lang                    Dr. Jay and Jamy Nelson            Marcie Propst
 Marvin and Marie Lantz          Palmer Nelson                      Amanda Putala
 Ramona Larsen                   Pet Nichols                        Jean Putman
 Alan and Judy Larson            Arlone Nordby                      Vranna Quinn
 Greg and Beth Lefor             Arlinda O’Brien                    Wayne Rau
 Kenneth and Carol Lefor         Bill and Lana O’Brien              Perry and Alicia Redmond
 Mike and Sherryl Lefor          Birdie O’Brien                     Karla Reindel
 Theodora Lengowski              Darnell O’Brien                    Cody and Julie Reis
 Dr. Eric LeVeen                 Chad and Kim Obrigewitch           Gladys Reisenauer
 Rod and Janet Lindbo            Maurice and Bernette Obrigewitch   Brian, Lisa, Austin and Lance Reiter
 Larry and Geraldine Lippert     Regina Obritsch                    Warren Rhodes
 Scott Lippert                   Wesley and Julie Obritsch          Byron and Kathleen Richard
 Donald Loh                      Ardene O’Connell                   Ray and Rita Richard
 Joe and Lorraine Loh            Michael and Starla Odegaard        Frances Ridl
 Levi and Kathy Long             Randy Olheiser                     Jean Ridl
 Rosemary Lothspeich             Sharon Olheiser                    Martha Ridl
 Dale and Tammy Luhman           Jack and Velma Olin                Marian Ringwall
 Todd and Denise Lutz            Scott and Kathy Olin               Gene and Marge Robinson
 Helene MacDonald                Sherri Olson                       Arnold and Colleen Rodakowski
 Henry and Cherie Mack           Arden Omlid                        David and Karen Rodakowski
 Roman and Mary Ann Malarchick   Inga Omlid                         Luke Rodakowski
 Tamra Maltese                   Ronald and Helen Ostby             Irene Rohde
 Deborah Mann                    Kyle Kuznia                        Mardella Rohde
 Frances Marsh                   Ardean Ouellette                   Barbara Rohr
 Helen Marsh                     Dan and Kathy Oukrop               Dean and Roberta Rolle
 Kim and Mary Anne Marsh         Eric Owen                          Charles and Jeannie Roshau
 Anna Marty                      David and Renee Paasch             Karen Rowe
 Mary Massad                     Leona Pachl                        Jan Rustad
 Lynn and Robyn McChesney        Harold and Joanne Pahlmeyer        Dennis and Dava Rustan

page10                                                              FirmFoundations
      Kenny and Shirley Sample         Tracy and Nichole Tooz              George and Arlene Zarak
      Dr. Narciso Samuy                Willard and Laune Tormaschy         David and Delores Zastoupil
      Edna Sand                        Walter and Bev Turbiville           Georgianne Zastoupil
      Eleanor Sand                     Germaine Ueckert                    Gladys Zastoupil
      Leona Sand                       Brian and Gail Urbanec              Melvin and Janet Zent
      Roberta Sand                     Larry and Linda Urbanec             Ralph Zent
      Gwen Sauvageau                   Jerry and Glenda Vennes             Dorothea Ziegler
      Catherine Sayler                 Kathy Voegele                       Brian and Carrie Zubke
      Irene Schafer                    Anthony and Beverly Giese-Volesky   Sharon Zubke
      Larry and Vicky Schaff           Roger and Darlene Volesky           Carmen Zuroff
      Gilbert and Josephine Scheeler   Jeff or Dorothy Renner Vranna       CorporationS, FoundationS & organizationS
      Jared and DeAnn Scheeler         Marco and Mary Vrem                 3rd Ave Floral
      Julie and Gerald Scherr          Doris Wagner                        A-1 Sprinkler
      Rose Schiltz                     Jerry and Julie Wahl                ACE Hardware
      Agnes Schmeling                  George and Irene Wald               AC Mortgage Money Works
      Anneleise Schmidt                Corinne Walter                      Advanced Collison Center
      Ronald and DeAnn Schmidt         Delores Walz                        American State Bank-Williston
      Bruce and Cebe Schneider         Susan Walz                          Anytime Fitness
      Janet Schobinger                 Delores Wanner                      Badlands Brew Coffee Bar & Roasterie
      Steven and Jacqueline Schuler    Gary, Dawn, and Brent Wanner        BEK Business Solutions
      Randal and Kristi Schwartz       Jean Wanner                         Benedict Court
      Larry and Gayle Selle            Marilyn Wanner                      Better Vision
      D.R. and Cheryl Senescall        Mary Ann Wanner                     Big Sky Athlete, Inc.
      Carol Sharp                      Thomas and Gayleen Wanner           Brickhouse Grille
      Randall and Laura Sickler        Elaine Warner                       Checkers, Inc.
      Laudie Simek                     Richard and Evelyn Wehner           Chiller Systems, Inc.
      Kenneth and Toni Skinner         Sharon Wehner                       Church of Latter Day Saints
      Damian and Suzanne Sobolik       Elmer or Esther Weigum              Clean Sweep
      Shawn and Denise Soehren         Gladys Weiler                       Coca Cola Bottling Company
      Mike and Colleen Sondeland       Diane and H. Patrick Weir           Cornerstone, Inc.
      Jon and Robin Stang              Dr. John and Deb Weir               CR Auto Glass
      Scott and Jill Staudinger        Lynn and Connie Weishaar            Dacotah Banks, Inc.
      Georgiana Steffan                Curtis and Deloris Wells            Dakota Farm Equipment
      Dorothy Steier                   Kathy Wendel                        Dakota Sports
      Betty Steiner                    Kay Werremeyer                      Dan’s SuperMarket
      Norma Stickel                    Roberta Westbee                     DHS Caring Committee
      Irene Stieg                      Marilyn Wheeler                     Dickinson Catholic Schools
      Wilbur Stone                     Gene Wilhelm                        Dickinson Dental Center
      Marcella Storseth                Dr. James Williams                  Dickinson Women of Today
      Robert and Linda Striebel        Ed and Janie Williams               DJ’s Amoco
      Carl Svendsen                    Sam Williams                        DL Jones Construction
      Dr. Sheldon and Mitzi Swenson    Deb Winch                           DMS Health Group
      Laudie and Lorraine Sykora       Vi Woehl                            DSU Foundation
      Curt and Juanita Talkington      Edwin Wojahn                        EmBody Massage
      Allan and Joyce Thompson         Darin and Danielle Wold             Euphoria Salon & Spa
      Clarence and Barb Thompson       Albert and Donna Wolf               Everett Real Estate, Inc.
      Kenneth and Marie Thompson       Duane (Bucky) Wolf                  F5 Equipment
      Kevin Thompson                   Pat Wolf                            Fleck’s Furniture & Appliance
      Troy and Crystal Tieszen         Rod and Mony Wolf                   Floor to Ceiling Carpet One
      Darrell and Rhonda Tooley        Jerry and Claudette Yantizer        Flying Y
      Todd and Laura Tooz              Darlene Zarak                       Fraternal Order of Eagles

Spring2011                                                                                                        page11
 Gaffaney Floral                                    Logo Magic, Inc.                             RoughRider RV’s, Inc.
 Gate City Bank                                     Massage Therapy Clinic                       Savanna Well Service
 Great Plains Clinic, PC                            Masterpiece Gifts & Floral                   Sax Motor Company
 Great Plains National Bank                         Medcenter One                                Simply Flowers
 H & H Electric, Inc.                               Memories by Joey                             Sisters’ Gifts and Antiques
 Heart River Golf Pro Shop                          Mercy Hospital                               Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross
 Hendrickson Financial Services                     Mitzel Tax and Consulting Service            Spa Studio
 Herberger’s Dept. Store                            ND Pharmacy, Inc.                            St. Benedict’s Health Center
 Hess Corporation                                   Nitro-Green                                  Steiner’s Pharmacy
 Highlands Engineering & Surveying PLLC             Northern Improvement Company                 Tastefully Simple
 Hilltop Heritage Foundation                        Not-Half-Bad                                 Taylor W.M.F.
 JB’s Window Cleaning                               NXC Imaging                                  Town & Country Liquor Store
 JD’s BBQ                                           Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery                 Twin City Roofing, Inc.
 Jeannie’s Candy Kitchen                            Ouellette Chiropractic                       Ulteig
 Jerome Distributing, Inc                           Parties Plus                                 Wal-Mart
 Just-In Glass                                      Pizza Hut Delivery                           Weiler Photography
 Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson, PC                         Premier Fence, LLC                           Wells Fargo Bank
 K-Hook                                             Pump Systems, Inc.                           White House
 Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing                    Quintessential Jewelry Designs               Wyoming Casing Service
 Kovash and Dasovick, PC                            Real Deals                                   Body Kneads
 Lawon Products, Inc                                Reichert Armstrong                           Brady Martz & Associates P.C.
 Legend Auto Body, Inc                              Rock Star Party Bus                          Theodore Roosevelt Nature
 Liquid Assets                                      Roers Construction & Development             Third Creek Ranch, LLC

                           2000 BuiLding addition
                                        CanCer Center donorS
 FounderS            ($50,000 - pLuS)               Otto Bremer Foundation                       Great Plains National Bank
 Palmer and Ethel Nelson                            Steffes Corporation                          Kadrmas, Lee, & Jackson, PC
 Willa Rustan                                       Wells Fargo Bank                             Land O’Lakes Foundation
 CorporationS, FoundationS & organizationS
                                                                                                 Montana Dakota Utilities Company
 Baker Boy                                          7th Street patronS ($10,000 - $24,999)       Parkway Ford Lincoln & Mercury
 TMI Systems Design Corporation                     Richard and Shirley Dukart                   West Plains Electric Cooperative
   and Employees                                    Howard and Barbara Freed
                                                    Dr. Dale and Glenice Hanson                  piLLarS      ($5,000-$9,999)

 BuiLderS        ($25,000-$49,999)
                                                    Bruce and Wava Howe                          Larry and Elaine Bares
 Ray and Shirley David                              Ed and Toni King                             Dr. Joel and Marie-Anne Blanchard
 Lefor Family                                       Delores Klein                                Frederick and Judith Fleener
   Bob and Carol Lefor                              Constance Ladbury                            Greg and Stella Hanson
   Mike and Sherryl Lefor                           Alex and June Stockert                       Bill and Belva Jansen
 Gust Mittelstadt                                   Clarence and Marcella Storseth               Ray and Kathryn Jilek
 William (Billie) Rase                              Kay Werremeyer and Family                    Willis and Inez Johnson
 Bob and Alice Stranik                              CorporationS, FoundationS, & organizationS   Mike and Kathy Kiedrowski
 George and Lynnelle Unruh                          Bosch Lumber Company                         Dr. Danuta Komorowska
 Dr. Michael and Lori Wolf                          Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation      Dr. Bruce and Irene Olin
                                                    Coca Cola Bottling Company of Dickinson      Jack and Velma Olin
 CorporationS, FoundationS & organizationS
                                                    Consolidated Telcom                          Jim and Sonja Ozbun
 American State Bank & Trust
                                                    Dakota Community Bank                        Don and Donna Schultz
 Bank of the West (Community First National Bank)
                                                    Dickinson Ready Mix Company                  Herbert and Lodema Spurgeon
 Dickinson Auto Dealers
                                                    Farmers Union Oil Company Dickinson          Dr. Sheldon and Mitzi Swenson
 Fisher Industries
                                                    Gate City Bank                               Jerome and Julie Wahl

page12                                                                                            FirmFoundations
                                                                                   Lois Hinrichs

    Year at a Glance
                                                                                   Jim and Jackie Hope
                                                                                   Thomas and Georgia Huschka
                                                                                   LaVern and Donelda Jessen
                                                                                   Don and Peggy Jones
     Fiscal year 2010, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center:
                                                                                   Tom and Arlys Jorda

     • Served 43,759 admissions, outpatient and observation patients               Joe and Mildred Kadrmas
                                                                                   Susie Kapelovitz
     • Delivered 361 babies                                                        Timothy and Nancy Kelly
                                                                                   Robert and Priscilla Keogh
     • Completed 1,857 surgeries                                                   Arnold Kesting
                                                                                   Debbie Kinzel
     • Average Daily Census was 17.6                                               Bob and Becky Kitchen

     • Treated 12,692 patients in the Emergency Department
                                                                                   Kelly and Judy Koppinger
                                                                                   Arthur and Gladys Kostelecky

     • Made 5,947 home health visits and provided 1,744 days                       Daryl and Sheila Kostelecky
                                                                                   Drs. Gregg and Simin Kovacs
        of hospice care                                                            Harley and Gloria Krein
                                                                                   Helen Kuhn
                                                                                   Arlene Landgrebe
  CorporationS, FoundationS & organizationS    Clarence and Joanne Dahl
  Berger Electric, Inc.                                                            Patrick and Denette Lothspeich
                                               Dale and Pat Dassinger
  Border States Electric Supply                                                    Kathleen Lubiniski
                                               Duane and Bonita Decker
  Edward Jones-Barbara Adams-Bleth                                                 Joan Madler
                                               Charles B. DeHuff
  Electric Sales & Service, Inc.                                                   Joseph J. Matasovsky
                                               The Dorsey and Whitney Foundation
  Optimist Club of Dickinson                                                       Steve and Kelly McCormick
                                               Kenneth and Rhonda Dukart
  Remco Software, Inc.                                                             Robert W. McDanold
                                               Dr. Ralph J. Dukart
  Senior Citizens Activity Club-Belfield, ND                                       Arthur and Lila McNamara
                                               Ray and Margi Dukart
  Sax Motor Co.                                                                    Arvid and Cindy Mittelstadt
                                               Milo and Arlys Dullum
  United Building Center                                                           Glenn and Jan Mitzel
                                               Geri Dvorak
  US Bank                                                                          Catherine Moore
                                               George and Myrtle Dynes
                                                                                   Dr. Winsor and Florence Morrison
                                               Paul and Gail Ebeltoft
                                                                                   Gene and Joyce Myers
  CornerStone             ($1,000 - $4,999)    Neil and Bonnie Eckelberg
                                                                                   Roger and Peggy Myers
  Ray and Martha Adcock                        Dr. Mark and Kim Emmerich
                                                                                   Arlone Nordby
  Mavis Allan                                  Cleon and Laurine Engle
                                                                                   Pete Oberfoell
  Emil and Marcia Baranko                      Jane Everett
                                                                                   James A. and Leona M. Odermann Family
  Dr. Floyd and Barbara Barnhill               Connie Fichter
                                                                                   Marlys Paulsen
  Don and Carol Beckert                        Charles and Judith Finck
                                                                                   Robert Pavel
  Linda Beitelspacher                          Ruth M. Fitterer
                                                                                   Frank and Louise Pearson, Jr.
  Allen and Jeannette Berger                   Hank and Gen Fleck
                                                                                   Jerry and Mildred Perdaems, Sr.
  Ann P. Bertie                                Dr. Robert and Joelle Fruh
                                                                                   Dr. David and Dorothy Pokorny
  Roger and Louane Beyer                       Dr. Del and Joyce Gab
                                                                                   John and Sue L. Prange
  Dr. Edward and Patricia Biel                 Donald and Janis Gartner
                                                                                   Monica Reichert
  Dr. Generoso Bigornia                        Cora Gilsdorf
                                                                                   Susan Robbins
  Clayton Blomseth                             Tammy Grosulak
                                                                                   Leona Sand
  Edsel and Marty Boe                          Marge Gulbranson
                                                                                   Winston and Barbara Satran
  Joseph Bohlman                               Calvin and Nancy Gustafson
                                                                                   Ida Schafer
  N. C. Brademeyer                             James and Sylvia Hartford
                                                                                   Irene L. Schafer
  Edwin Breum                                  Ron and Sheila Hartl
                                                                                   Arnie and Pattie Schaff
  Dr. Leonard and Barbara Conradson            Della Heid
                                                                                   Henry and Angie Schank
  Dr. Robert and Rogina Cusic                  Evelyn Herold

Spring2011                                                                                                                 page13
 Marleen Schnaidt                               CorporationS, FoundationS, & organizationS          Irsfeld Pharmacy, PC
 Bob and Ann Schneider                          All American Travel                                 K & D Motors, Inc.
 Gordon and Sandra Schnell                      Badlands Board of Realtors and Affiliates           Knudson Appraisal Service
 Dennis and Sharon Seifert                      Charbonneau Car Center                              Kovash and Dasovick, PC
 David F. and Roberta B. Senn                   Clinic Pharmacy, Inc.                               Logo Magic, Inc.
 Ivan and Beryl Sievers                         Dan Porter Motor                                    Minot Builders Supply Association
 Mike and Peggy Steed                           Dave Netzer Painting & Decorating                   Peters Chiropractic, Inc.
 Mr. and Mrs. Charley Steffan                   Dickinson Charities, Inc.                           Price Agency
 Craig and Linda Steve                          Dickinson Lions Club                                Queen City Beverage Company
 James and Susan Stolt                          Dickinson Noon Lions Club                           Reichert, Fisher & Company, PC
 Dr. Thomas and Cheryl A. Templeton             Dickinson Press                                     Southwest Business Machines, Inc.
 Cassie Jo Thompson                             Dickinson Roughriders Kiwanis Club                  St. John’s Lutheran Church Trust
 Mary Ellen Veigel                              Duraclean Cleaning Services                         State Farm Insurance-Todd Otto
 Gene and JoAnne Weinreis                       Ed’s Honey Company                                  Steiner’s Pharmacy
 L. Dan and Kathleen Wilhelmson                 German Hungarian Lodge                              Western Cooperative Credit Union
 George and Arlene Zarak                        Heiser Motors, Inc.

                                    a LegaCY oF giVing
 LiFetime donor                                 Montana Dakota Utilities                            LiFetime donor
 grande CLuB                                    St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center Auxiliary   BeneFaCtorS CLuB
 ($100,000-$499,999)                                                                                ($10,000-$24,999)
                                                Wells Fargo Bank
 Louise Anderson                                                                                    Pat and Beverly Altringer
 Frederick Messersmith                                                                              Dr. Carl Carlson
                                                LiFetime donor
 Gust Mittelstedt                               paCeSetterS CLuB                                    John and Gerry Dinsdale
 George Schreiber                               ($25,000-$49,999)                                   Richard and Shirley Dukart
 Loretta Schreiber                              Cleon and Laurine Engel                             Paul and Gail Ebeltoft
 Dr. Dennis Wolf                                Ray and Shirley David                               Howard and Barbara Freed
 CorporationS, FoundationS & organizationS      Myrtle Ericson                                      Emma Gilliam
 Baker Boy                                      Eckert and Della Heid                               Cora Gilsdorf
 Edward Jones Investments-Barbara Adams-Bleth   Bob and Carol Lefor                                 Dr. Dale and Glenice Hansen
 TMI Systems Corporation                        Mike and Sherryl Lefor                              Bruce and Wava Howe
 United Way of Dickinson                        Jacob and Elizabeth Weiler                          Bill and Belva Jansen
 West Plains Electric Cooperative, Inc.         George and Lynnelle Unruh                           Dennis and Nancy Jo Johnson
                                                Dr. Michael and Lori Wolf                           Joe and Mildred Kadrmas

 LiFetime donor                                 CorporationS, FoundationS & organizationS           Edwin and Antonia King
 preSidentS CLuB                                Badlands Orthopedics                                Delores Klein
 ( $50,000-$99,999)                             Bosch Lumber Company                                Harlin and Marie Kling
 Dr. Harlan and Betty Larsen                    Dickinson Auto Dealers                              Dr. Danuta Komorowska
 Palmer and Ethel Nelson                        Dickinson Rotary Club                               Drs. Gregg and Simin Kovacs
 Jim Nistler Family                             ESP Computers & Software                            Leo and Constance Ladbury
 Harriet Olson                                  Gate City Bank                                      Albert Maxner Trust
 William (Billie) Rase                          Howe, Hardy, Galloway, & Maus, PC                   Mike Obach
 Willa Rustan                                   Imaging Plus, Inc.                                  Dr. Bruce and Irene Olin
 Gary Schwartz                                  KQCD TV- STC Broadcasting, Inc.                     Jim and Sonja Ozbun
 Robert and Alice Stranik                       Kadrmas, Lee, & Jackson, PC                         Gilman and Monica Peterson
 CorporationS, FoundationS & organizationS      Otto Bremer Foundation                              John and Sue Prange
 American Bank Center                           Steffes Corporation                                 Dr. Douglas and Michelle Roise
 Bank of The West                               U.S. West Foundation                                Craig and Linda Steve
 Fisher Industries                                                                                  Alex and June Stockert

page14                                                                                               FirmFoundations
  Clarence and Marcella Storseth                   Frederick and Judith Fleener                Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar
  John and Doreen Studsrud                         Joe and Sandi Frenzel                       Badlands Barbecue & Barn Dance
  Jerome and Julie Wahl                            John and Patricia Gaffaney                  Berger Electric, Inc.
  Kay Werremeyer                                   Shannon and Audra Galster                   Border States Electric Supply
  CorporationS, FoundationS & organizationS        Lona Gordon                                 Britton Jewelers, LTD
  All American Travel                              Delroy and Yvonne Gorecki                   Charbonneau Car Center
  Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation          Greg and Stella Hanson                      Climb4Acure, Inc.
  Coca Cola Bottling Company                       Patrick and Jill Healy                      Collection Center, Inc.
  Consolidated Telcom                              In Memory of Diane Heidt                    Dan Porter Motors
  Dakota Community Bank                            Ray and Kathryn Jilek                       DCI Credit Services, Inc.
  Dickinson Charities, Inc.                        Willis and Inez Johnson                     Dickinson Press
  Dickinson Clinic                                 Tom and Arlys Jorda                         Dickinson State University
  Dickinson Elks Lodge                             Mike and Kathy Kiedrowski                   Electric Sales and Service, Inc.
  Dickinson Ready Mix Company                      Ray Ann Kilen                               Fleck’s Furniture and Appliance
  Farmers Union Oil and Land O’ Lakes Foundation Bob and Becky Kitchen                         Floor to Ceiling Carpet One
  First American Bank West                       Frank and Doris Kubik                         Harvest States Foundation
  Fraternal Order of Eagles                        Susie Lefor                                 Herberger’s Department Store
  German Hungarian Lodge                           Catherine Moore                             Johnson & Johnson
  Great Plains Clinic, PC                          Dr. Brian and Stacey O’Hara                 Kirkwood Bank and Trust
  Great Plains National Bank                       Jack and Velma Olin                         Knights of Columbus Council 6308
  Heart & Lung Clinic Foundation                   Shirley Osborn                              Ladbury Funeral Service
  Irsfeld Pharmacy                                 Gordon and Marlys Paulsen                   Missouri Basin Well Service
  Knights of Columbus, Council 1515                H. L. Reichert Family                       Northern Improvement Company
  Mackoff Kellogg Law Firm                         Dean and Danita Rummel                      Optimist Club of Dickinson
  ND Pharmacy, Inc.                                Donna Schultz                               Real Estate Trust Account Committee
  Parkway Ford Lincoln & Mercury                   Herbert Spurgeon                            Rehab Visions
  Quality Quick Print                              Ken and Lee Steier                          REMCO Software, Inc.
  Reichert, Fisher Company, P.C.                   James and Susan Stolt                       St. Benedict’s Health Center
  Senior Citizens Activity Club, Belfield, North   Sebastian and Celestine Stoltz              Sax Motor Company
  Dakota                                           Dr. Sheldon and Mitzi Swenson               Sodexho Marriott Management Service
  Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross               Mary Ellen Veigel                           Southwest Business Machines
  St. Anthony Club                                 George and Arlene Zarak                     Surveillance Data, Inc.
  St. John’s Lutheran Church                       Dr. Darrell and Mary Fran Zeller            Tooz Construction
  Stevenson Funeral Home                           Monty and Audrey Zins                       United Building Center
  Stockmen’s Livestock Exchange                    CorporationS, FoundationS & organizationS   Wal-Mart
  US Bank                                          Allan’s Decorating Center, Inc.             Weir Eye Clinic
  Western Cooperative Credit Union                 American Enterprise Investment Services     Western Eye Clinic, LTD

  LiFetime donor
  LeaderShip CLuB                                     Every donation you make to St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation makes a
  ($5,000-9,999)                                      difference in the quality of healthcare and services we are able to offer. Here
  Lawrence and Elaine Bares                           are a few examples of how we put our donor dollars to use this past year:
  Dr. James and Ellen Baumgartner
  Roger and Louane Beyer                              •     Hyfrecator 2000 for                  •     Syringe pumps for Babykind
  Dr. Joel and Marie-Anne Blanchard                         Surgical Care Clinic                 •     Scholarships were awarded to four
  Paul and Jackie Bosch                               •     Replacement of current                     of St. Joseph’s employees in the
  Leo and Maxine Braun                                       air-conditioning unit in                  total amount of $8000.00
  Alvin and Emma Chalupnik                                  Emergency Department                 •     Refrigerator in Laboratory Services
  Dr. Kenneth and Jeanette Delap
                                                      •     Protective glass in Emergency        •     GeneXpert machine for
  George and Myrtle Dynes                                   Department and ICU
  Charles and Judith Finck
                                                                                                       Laboratory Services

Spring2011                                                                                                                           page15
                                                                                                                                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                                                                PERMIT #30

St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation                                                                                                                                                                DICKINSON, ND

30 SeVenth Street WeSt diCKinSon, nd 58601

                                                         Firm Foundations
     The St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation was established in 1983 to benefit the health care mission of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center. St. Joseph’s Hospital
     Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of community leaders. The Foundation supports programs and projects related to the improvement of
     healthcare in our communities. The ultimate recipient of your participation could be a member of your family, a close friend, or a neighbor receiving care at St.
     Joseph’s Hospital and Health Center.
     St. Joseph’s Foundation is a tax-exempt corporation pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
     Please contact Jodi Bosch or if you’d like more information about making a tax deductible donation to St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation at 701.456.4363

 St. Joseph’s Hospital foundation
 Offers a Variety of Ways to donate
 As you contemplate charitable plans, you want to be sure that your favorite charity benefits
 to the highest degree possible. In addition to gifts of cash, donors may provide support to
 the Foundation and personally benefit from their contributions in other ways. We would
 be pleased to talk with you about the many giving options.
 •       real estate                                                        •     Gift annuity
 •       Personal Property                                                  •     charitable remainder trusts (crts)
 •       life insurance                                                     •     Publicly traded Stocks or Securities
 •       Bequest
 Deferred giving, such as a bequest or charitable trust, is one of several available opportunities to contribute to the St. Joseph’s
 Hospital Foundation. Deferred giving allows for immediate tax and estate planning benefits and is an attractive vehicle for
 donors who need the ongoing income from those assests or trusts. We thank you for considering investing in the future of our
 community’s health by considering St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate.
 Professional planning allows you to make a larger gift now and witness the impact of your gift during your lifetime.
 Contributions are tax deductible and all contributions are officially acknowledged by the Foundation. For further information
 about planned giving opportunities, please contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation at 701-456-4363.
 The Foundation staff cannot offer legal advice concerning tax benefits and legal documents. The Foundation encourages you
 to seek advice from a financial planner or attorney. Please let us know if assistance is needed in selecting a professional advisor.

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