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									                                    SEO Case Study
                                                                                  Professional Services

Outsourced HR Company Dominating The Marketplace With SEO

                                                                     End2end Business Solutions provides
                                                                     outsourced HR solutions for small to medium
                                                                     sized companies. Providing outsourced
                                                                     Human Resources Consulting for SMEs
                                                                     nationally as well as overseas clients who want
                                                                     to expand to Australia, an outstanding
                                                                     presence online is part of the marketing and
                                                                     expansion strategy for End2End Business

                                                                     Combining SEO and Videos

                                                                       Together with professionally produced videos,
                                                                       a YouTube channel and an up-coming social
                                                                       media presence, SEO is an essential part of
                                                                       the mix.
After an intitial 4 month SEO package, End2End Business Solutions are continuing with a monthly SEO services
contract because they are so impressed with the results. After the 4 month SEO package, these were the initial
                                    results we got for their major keywords:

                                    Main Keyword                    Ranking    No of Competitors
                                    Business Human Resources        2          285 mio
                                    Human Resources Consulting      5          56,9 mio
                                    Human Resources Strategy        7          101 mio
                                    HR Strategy                     7          7,8 mio
                                    Human Resource Planning         8          43,2 mio

                                   “I totally recommend Janna and the team at Eminent Online Marketing. They are
                                   completely professional in how they deal with their clients, keep you updated on
progress, and meet their deadlines within a project. They will follow through to ensure a smooth running project.”

Annette Dixon
End2End Business Solutions http://www.end2endbusinesssolutions.com.au

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