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TR Miles               Technical Consultants                             Phone: (503) 292-0107

                       1470 SW Woodward Way Portland OR 97225            Email:

T.R. MILES TECHNICAL CONSULTANTS, INC., is a private consulting practice formed in 1997
to provide technical assistance primarily to industry for complete system design, product and
process development for the wood and wood products, food, agricultural and energy industries.
The firm continues the innovative consulting design engineering started by Thomas R. Miles,
P.E., in 1947. T. R. Miles, Technical Consultants, Inc., retains specialized engineering firms when
necessary for detailed design. T. R. Miles, Technical Consultants, Inc., and T. R. Miles,
Consulting Design Engineer, have designed equipment that is used throughout the world.

The special expertise of the firm is the development of energy conversion and materials handling
systems for wood, straws and food processing residues.

      Harvesting and processing of Field Crops and Residues
      Harvesting and processing of Forest Residues and Urban Wood
      Boilers, Combustion and Gasification
      Biodiesel, Bio-oil and Liquid Fuels
      Other Materials Handling


Converting Wood and Straw to Biochar for Agriculture, North American Biochar Conference,
Boulder, CO, August 9-12, 2009.

Converting PNW Wood and Straw to Biochar for Agriculture: Where Do We Go From Here,
Pacific Northwest Biochar Initiative, Corvallis, OR, April 2, 2009.

Gasification – Past, Present and Future. 2008. 8th Annual Harvesting Clean Energy Conference,
Portland, Oregon, January 29, 2008.

Collection, Storage and Preprocessing of Switchgrass for Power Generation – the Ottumwa Co-
firing Experience 1998-2006. T.R. Miles. Biomass and Bioenergy Technical Sessions American
Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), Louisville, Kentucky February 13, 2007

Corrosion and Deposit Investigations During Large Scale Co-combustion of Switchgrass at a
Coal-fired Power Plant. 2006. T. R. Miles et/ al. Presented to Impacts of Fuel Quality on Power
Production, October 29 – November 3, 2006, Snowbird, Utah, Electric Power Research Institute.

Energy and Nutrient Recovery from Combustion of Swine Solids and Turkey Litter. 2005. T. R.
Miles. B.R. Bock. Presented to the 2005 Animal Waste Management Symposium
October 5-7, 2005 , Research Triangle Park.

Sponsor and host for bioenergy websites and discussion lists – gasification, bioenergy, biomass
cooking stoves, bioconversion, biochar, anaerobic digestion. 1994-2009,

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                                                                           September 1, 2011

THOMAS R. MILES                                                              Personal Profile

1470 SW Woodward Way, Portland OR 97225
Business Phone: (503) 292-0107 Cell Phone: (503) 780-8185 Fax: (503) 292-2919

University of Washington, Seattle, WA Graduate studies in Wood Technology, 1975
Tunis, Tunisia, London, England, MA with Distinction, 1972
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, BA 1969

Agricultural Fiber Association, Air and Waste Management Association, American Chemical
Society, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers,
Forest Products Society, TAPPI (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry)

Mr. Miles is the principal consultant responsible for business and project management, process
and product design and development, economic and financial analysis, engineering analysis and
research, laboratory and pilot testing, industrial controls, start-up supervision and testing. Since
1990 he has been president of Willing Company, a Japanese affiliate.

Technical Fields of Experience
Utilization or natural fibers for fuel, fiber (pulp and board) or feedstocks for chemicals
Biomass sizing, screening , drying and densification
Straw handling, processing and utilization
Fuel preparation and feeding for biomass combustion, gasification and co-firing with coal
Energy: alkali deposits on heat transfer surfaces
System layout and planning
Product and process development for feeds, fuels and fibers
Economic and feasibility analysis

Previous Employment History

Thomas R. Miles, P.E., Consulting Design Engineer June 1975 – May 1997

Position:   Project management, process and product development, project management and
            process and product development, economic and financial analysis, engineering
            analysis and research, laboratory and pilot testing, industrial controls, start-up
            supervision and testing.

Mexican Forest Service, Mexico City, Mexico December 1972-June 1975

Position:      Sawmill and wood industries development for the Mexican Forest Service and
               regional forestry organization.


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                                                                         September 1, 2011


Fuel preparation and handling for 1.5 MWe gasifier for railroad ties. 2009 (Harris Group, WA)

Fuel preparation and handling system for fuel bricks and pellets. 2009 (A3 Partners, OR)

Assessment of 1 MWe systems for biochar and power. 2009 (Ecotechnologies, HI)

Fuel system for 200 kWe gasifier for greenhouse heating. 2006-2009 (Calforest, CA)

Development of feed system for pilot indirectly heated gasifier. 2009 (Thermochem Resources
International, MD)

Assessment of 2 MWe system for distributed power generation (Canada, 2009)

Lead Reviewer, USDOE Feedstocks Platform. 2009. Reviewer, Biomass Program. (U.S.
Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Office of
Biomass Program)

Fuel handling and feed system for solar gasifier. 2009 (Sundrop Fuels, CO)

Gasification for remote heat and power in Southeast Alaska, 2009 (Sealaska, AK)

Gasifier feed system for cellulose to ethanol plant.2008-2009 (Harris Group/Coskata, IL).

Design of plasma melter feeder for municipal and hazardous waste. 2008 (AlterNRG, Canada)

Review of feeder designs for various feedstocks.2008. (Enerkem, Canada)

Design of fuel preparation and handling system for cellulose to ethanol facility, 2007-2008
(Abengoa Bioenergy, MO)

Gasifier and boiler improvements:15 - 30 MMBtuh. 2008 (Woodgrain, VA)

Design of Biochar production system. 2007-2009 (Alterna Energy, BC, Canada)

Design of pressurized feed system biomass syngas gasifier pilot facility. 2008-2009 (University of
Utah, Provo, UT)

Design of waste wood gasification system. 2007-2008. (Innovative Energy Inc., Missouri with
Fluidyne, NZ)).

Technical assessment of gasification and biochar technology. 2008 (Investors Circle)

250 kWe Gasifier selection for invader bush conversion to electricity, 2008 (Consulting Services
Africa, Namibia)

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                                                                          September 1, 2011

Assessment of preparation and firing system for sewage sludge melter. 2008. (North Shore
Sanitation District, Chicago, IL)

Assessment of slagging and fouling in sewage sludge incinerator. 2008. (Brown and Caldwell,

Design of fuel receiving for 100 tpd bio oil facility. 2008 (Ensyn Technologies, Ottawa, CAN)

Review of commercial gasification systems for 1-3 MW combined heat and power applications in
Colorado. 2007 (Strategywise Energy Solutions, Inc., OR)

Commissioning of 300 kWe CHP wood gasifier at sawmill in Connecticut. Modification of gas
cleaning system. 2007-2009 (Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, CT)

Design gas and char burner for pyrolysis for whole tree chips and forest residues. 2007
(Renewable Oil International, AL)

Design of pressurized feed system biomass syngas gasifier. 2007 (Gas Technology Institute,
Birmingham AL)

Design of high pressurized feed system for coal and biomass. 2007 (RTI, Durham, NC)

Pressurized biomass feeder for concurrent digester. 2007. (National Renewable Energy
Laboratory, Golden, CO)

Assistance planning biomass co-firing and re-burn applications for coal boilers. 2007. (GE Energy
and Environmental Research, CA)

Assessment of shredding and grinding options for hog fuel and Old Corrugated Rejects (OCCR).
2007. (Smith Monroe and Gray Engineering, WA)

Testing and assessment of biomass fuel handling and preparation system for pulp mill boiler.
2007 (Sonnichsen Engineering/Genesis Energy, New Zealand).

Assessment of commercial updraft gasifier with reformer for application to boiler and potential
engine applications. 2007 (Antares Group/Johnson Controls, Inc.)

Assessment of convection pass fouling from urban wood waste and agricultural residues. 2007
(Tracy Biomass, Tracy, CA)

Preliminary design and specifications for feed system for fluidized bed gasifier. 2007. (Taylor
Biomass Energy, NY)

Evaluation of 300 MWe of renewable energy proposals for CCEF Project 100 solicitation,
including biomass, landfill gas, anaerobic digestion, wind and fuel cells. 2007 (Connecticut Clean
Energy Fund, CT)

Opportunities for Utility-Owned CHP at Dry-Mill Fuel Ethanol Plants, 2007 (EPRI, Unifield
Engineering, MT)

 Page 4                                                  T. R. Miles, Technical Consultants, Inc.
                                                                          September 1, 2011

Phase I engineering for gasification facility for syngas production at existing RDF plant. 2007
(Unifield Engineering, MT)

Feasibility Study of Potential for Biomass Co-firing with Lignite in North Dakota. 2006. (ND Lignite
Energy Council, Unifield Engineering Inc., ND)

Design of feed system for pilot indirectly heated gasifier. 2006 (Thermochem Resources
International, MD)

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