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									                                Cosmetics                                                                        Client: Elizabeth Arden
                                                                                                    Campaign: Britney Spears Curious

                                Case Study                                                                                    Agency: Direct

     Challenge
      Launching a new product during the cluttered lead up to Christmas,
       and promoting Curious as a totally new product, and being unable
       to rely on brand loyalty or recognition to drive sales.
      Additionally, Elizabeth Arden needed to differentiate from
       Farmer’s, the exclusive distributor, and attain a ‘cool’ image
       amidst the negative PR that Britney Spears (the person) was
       receiving at the time.

 Objectives
      To establish new product awareness, and meet a specific attitudinal target.
      To meet a specific sales target. Elizabeth Arden benchmarked the success of this launch by the
       previous best result of a fragrance launch: $65,000 sold in one month.

 Why Radio?
      Advertisers can choose a national brand with a personality that works with potential consumers.
      Radio promotions generate interest, build urgency and initiate sampling.
      Personality-driven adlibs can create brand credibility with the listener.
      Radio is real time - live crosses from stores generated foot traffic and excitement with listeners.

 Media Strategy
      To use media heavily used by young women, such as radio, text messaging and internet advertising.
      To step away from traditional visual media in order to differentiate the brand and engage the
       younger, edgier, more media-savvy female audience, and to use sampling to focus consumers on the
       scent, not on the personality of Britney Spears.

 Radio Strategy
      Media activity linked up to promote the “text to win a day in the life of Britney Spears” contest.
      The radio campaign ran exclusively on ZM, with spots placed in all day parts. Simultaneously, ZM
       ran promotional trailers about the contest. ZM Black Thunders did “out and about” activities at
       stores, including a spritzing campaign in all markets. On-site broadcasts in the five main centres,
       on-air giveaways and website activity all pointed consumers to the ‘text to win” promotion.
      The campaign’s high frequency reinforced the Curious image and resulted in the message persisting
       in the minds of the target audience - invaluable for a product competing in a cluttered market.

 Results
      An unbelievable $225,000 of product was sold in November, outselling the previous best by
      The Curious range was the most successful of several “celebrity fragrances” just before Christmas.
      Curious finished in the top 10 selling fragrances (worldwide) for the year, despite a late launch.
          “Elizabeth Arden strongly attributes this outstanding result to the great work done by all the various media involved, but
          we must heap special praise on radio. We were impressed by the vigorous nature of the promotional elements, and the way
          in which the on-air team handled all aspects of the competition and giveaways”.
                                                                                           Valerie Riley, General Manager, Elizabeth Arden

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