Adding an Adjustable OPV to a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe by yaofenji


									     Adding an Adjustable OPV to a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe
              This easy modification allows adjustments to brew pressure.
          The procedure also requires replacing the Coffee’s stock steam valve
                    with a steam valve that does not have a bypass.

Parts needed:

Gaggia # B0147/A, water inlet with adjustable
over-pressure valve (OPV)

(Gaggia # DM0041/022, gasket red)

Gaggia # EF 0045/A steam valve

(Gaggia # DM0041/081, O-ring)

Tools needed:

Phillips head screwdriver                          Ratchet wrench
4mm hex driver (Allen wrench)                      17mm socket
5mm hex driver (Allen wrench)                      Channel-lock pliers
Small adjustable wrench

Author’s disclaimer:

Attempting this modification will void your buyer’s warranty. The vendors of these parts will
not condone their use on machines for which they were not intended. Working with electrical
devices is dangerous. Therefore, you are on your own: if you harm your espresso maker, your
residence, or yourself while conducting this very simple procedure, do not blame me. I’m only
documenting what I did to my own machine in about 30 minutes work.

1. Unplug the machine.

2. Remove the top cover and warming tray by
   unscrewing the two Phillips head screws at
   the back of the plastic reservoir hatch. |

   Lift off.

3. Familiarize yourself with the interior of the
   machine. Here’s what you’ll find, or
   something similar.

    Page 2. Adding an Adjustable OPV to a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe   (Dennis Harper, 2009)
4. Another view inside, from the back looking
   toward the front of the machine.
   Note the steam valve at top with black
   plastic control knob, left. The water inlet is
   near the center of the photo, covered by a
   red rubber cap. Those are the parts that you
   will be replacing.

5. Yet another illustration, from the Gaggia
   Coffee Deluxe exploded parts diagram.
   The steam valve is highlighted in pink, the
   water inlet in blue.

    Page 3. Adding an Adjustable OPV to a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe   (Dennis Harper, 2009)
6. The steam valve will be removed first.
   Pull the clear hose from the valve’s ribbed
   nipple fitting.
   Loosen the brass nut that holds the steam
   pipe in place, and pull the pipe free.
   Remove the 2 bolts that attach the steam
   valve to the boiler, using a 5mm hex
   Slide the steam control knob off the valve
   stem from outside the housing. The steam
   knob has 2 parts; an inner black plastic
   flange will remain on the stem inside the
   housing for now.

7. The valve may be a little tight to pull off
   easily, due to scale or oxidation. Don’t
   seesaw it up and down. Instead, wiggle it
   left and right to loosen it as you try to pull
   it straight up and out of the hole on the
   boiler top.
   (Steam valve removed.)

8. Place O-ring on the valve tube.
   Remove plastic steam knob flange from
   old valve and place on new valve stem.
   Insert tube into boiler opening.
   Replace bolts and lightly tighten.
   Replace steam control knob onto valve
   stem from outside of the housing. Hold the
   knob in the center of the opening while
   fully tightening bolts.

    Page 4. Adding an Adjustable OPV to a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe   (Dennis Harper, 2009)
9. Reattach the steam pipe and tighten nut.
   Reserve the clear hose for use with the new
   water inlet/OPV.
   The new steam valve is now in place.

   (Note: this photo was taken slightly out of
   sequence, after the OPV mod was done.
   The new inlet and pressure release hose are
   visible behind the steam pipe connection.)

10. Now, do the OPV mod.
   Pull up the soft rubber cap to expose the
   water inlet.
   With a 4mm hex driver, unscrew the 2
   bolts that secure the inlet to the lower
   boiler. It’s a tight squeeze inside the
   housing at that point, so a 90º offset ratchet
   wrench may be the easiest tool to use, or
   possibly just a simple L-shaped Allen
   wrench will do.
   Detach the water line assembly from the
   inlet by unscrewing the brass nut. Leave
   the hose connected to the brass fitting.

11. Attach the hose and fitting to the threaded
    connection. Tighten nut.
   Place gasket (not pictured) into recessed
   circular area on the underside of the flat
   mounting bracket.

   Place bolts in bracket and position OPV
   over the boiler opening. Tighten bolts with
   4mm hex driver or Allen wrench.

    Page 5. Adding an Adjustable OPV to a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe   (Dennis Harper, 2009)
12. Here is where you will make adjustments
    to the brew pressure. With the relief hose
    removed, as shown here, unscrew the top
    fitting with 17mm socket wrench. Inside
    the valve shaft is a 5mm hex socket screw
    Turn the hex screw counter-clockwise to
    lessen pressure, clockwise to increase it.
   But, first fit the remaining parts together
   and you can test the existing pressure at the
   group head before making any adjustments
   to the OPV.

13. Reattach pressure relief hose to ribbed
    nipple on top of the OPV.
   Slide rubber cap over the lower fitting.
   Make certain the relief hose is inserted
   fully into the water reservoir.
   The new water inlet with adjustable over
   pressure valve is now in place.

14. Plug the machine back into an electric
    receptacle. Flip on power switch. With the
    housing cover/warming tray still removed,
    test the brew function. Test the steam
   Any leaks? (If so, make certain all the
   connections are tight.)
   Most likely, you have none. Replace the
   cover. You are now ready to test the brew
   pressure with a gauge attached to a
   portafilter. (And that’s another project.
   Here’s a picture of mine, sans portafilter.)

15. Congratulations, and enjoy!

    Page 6. Adding an Adjustable OPV to a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe   (Dennis Harper, 2009)

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