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                                                                                                                                  HARLEM AGAINST THE DRAFT
                                                                                                                                        LETTERS FROM HANOI
                                                                                                                                  HOW DO WE STOP THE WAR?
                                                                                               VOLUME       3 NO:5

       Across the country and particularly in the South a new black student move-
ment. is taking shape. Howard University s,tudents ran General Hershey off a
speakers platform at their school in protest of .the Vietnam War and the draft.
They are now fighting compulsory ROtC. At Southern University in Louisiana
black students have been demonstrating for changes .in dorm rules, rules about
cars, and for changes in faculty hiring practices. During one of" the d'emonstra-
tions a campus cop went berserk and shot artd wounded five students. He is being
charged with aggravated assault. Below we give accounts of the' activity in Nash-
ville and at Texas Southern University.                        . '
                                                                                                 RIOT COPS bust black student after police attacked Fisk dorms.
       Hopefully, this new militant black student movement 'will have the effect
of giving new vitality t~' the predominately white student movement. Already, we
think the students at Howard University hav~ taught something to activists at
Berkeley and elsewhere. You don't sit still for Government speakers so they can
give their side. The Howard students realize clearly that the governJIlent's point
of view 'completely dominates all the news sources ,of the country. Has the Pres-.
ident ever given ·equal time to the anti-war movement on any of his prime tele-
casts to the nation? To speak of free speech, when the government has control
of all sources of communication, is to play the fool. The Iioward students .under-
                                                                                              COPS ATTACK
stand this, now maybe a-lot more people will see it too..

       In the next year black students will be building a strong movement. SNCC
plans to take several hundred black students off the campus and into the field
this summer. There they can gain some organizing experience, and in the fall
they can begin to move effectively on their campuses for' student control.
                                                                                              BLACK STUDENTS
                                                                                                   NashVille, Tennessee           Jefferson        riot squads and began shooting. The cops
                                                                                                street is the main drag in this city. It           claimed they shot into the air. However,

                                                                                                runs for about a mile with Fisk Uni-               two students were shot in the neck: sev-
                                                                                                versity on one end and Tennessee state             eral were wounded in the arms and legs.
                                                                                                College on the other. All along the strip          The riot squad tJ:1en surrounded the entire
                       ,                                                                        are restaurants, bars, and motels. On              two campus are and drove around with
                                                                                                Saturday night April 8 the manager of              guns and other riot equipment ready for

                                                                                                the University Dinner Club called the              use.
                                                                                                police on one black student over a personal        COPS LIE
                                                                                              . dispute. The other students around felt               Back a Fis!t. a Dean had entered the
                                                                                                that the arrest was uncalled for and set           dorms and asked the students to move
  HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Texas Southern University is an all-black college controlled                up a picket line around the place. This            to their respective dorms. The students
by whites. Six blocks up the street is the University of Houston. Cops at TSU carry guns,       attracted many more studen~s to see what         . refused, claiming that they would only be
cops at the U. of H. do not. The curfew for girls at TSU is 9 p.m., at the U. of H. it is       was happening.                                     attacked by the cups who were stationed
11 p.m. The food is better at the U. of H. Texas Southern offers no courses in the modern          The owner of the restaurant, a black            outside. The dean went out to speak with
branches of engineering and technology. Last month the racist control of Texas Southern         man, came down and seeking to avoid                the cops. He came back to the waiting
was seriously shaken by a Black Student Power movement on campus.                               trouble began discussions with the pickets.        students and told them the police bad said
  The TSU Friends of SNCC group had                                                             By this time the street was blocked off            it was alright for them to go to their
been thrown off campus and its faculty                                                          by onlookers. Police had begun to reroute          own dorms. When the students emerged
                                                   Increase all salaries of' TSlJ faculty       traffic.                                           from the dorms, the police ruthleScsly
advisor fired, because of its mflitancy.
                                                and maintenance personnel to the level·                                                            attacked them again.
Demands' that they be reinstated were
                                                ot white campuses,                             'THE SET-UP
turned down by' the Administration. On                                                            Then it begun. For an "unkownreason"             SNCC WORKERS ARRESTED
                                                   Remove Dean James B. Jones from the
March 28 a boycott was called, closing                                                          the' cops let a bus pass through their                By Sunday evening, over 100 black stu-
                                                Draft Board. "We feel that Dean Jones
down th~ school. Doors 'were barricaded                                                         blockade of the street rather sending it           dents and citizens were in jail: over 50
                                                uses his power on the Draft Bo<).rd to put
with 2 x 4' s borrowed from a nearby                                                          . around the demonstration. The white drive,         people had been injured by police gun-
                                                the fear of death into young men and as
construction project. 200 students sat                                                          rather than "feeling'" his way through the-        fire and billy clubs. Three SNCC workers
                                                a disciplinary practice to further oppress
down in the middle of Wheeler Street,                                                           crowd, forced his way through.' This               (E'rnest Stephens, George Ware, and Sim-
                                                the entire male student body!'
a busy thoroughfare passing through. the                                                        angered the students and they began booing          muel Schutz) who were returning to Nash-
                                                   Disarm the 'campus police.
center of the campus.                                                                           the bus driver and the cops.                       ville from another city were stopped in
  The Administration's response was to           STUDENTS PADLOCK DOORS                           At that point a black plainclothes officer       their car and questioned by the riot cops.
ask that a warrant be issued for the arrest        On the morning of April 3 a mass             ran out into the middle of the street,             The police spotted SNCC literature in the
of Lee Otis Johnson, who had been sus-          rally was addressed by Reverend F. D.'          pulled out his gun, and began firing into           car, and on that evidence arrested two
pended from TSU for organizing a SNCC           Kirkpatrick, Co-Chairman of the Friends         the air. Enraged and confused by this              SNCC workers for "inciting to riot".
demonstration against Mayor Louis Welch         of SNCC; Lee Otis Johnson; and Franklin         action, the students began to throw rocks          They were placed under $2,500 bond each.
of Houston. The police explained to John-       Alexander, national chairman of c.le Du '       and bottles at the cops, who began to               The third SNCC worker was charged with
son's father that the charges would be          Bois Clubs.                                     move on them with the first shots.                 "vagrancy" apd also taken to jail.
dropped if J ofinson .promised to stay away        Around noon, groups of students placed                                                             By Monday night April 10 the black
from the TSU campus. This act of political                                                      ItSHOOT~NG IN      THE AIR!'
                                                chains and padlocks on the doors of all                                                             students had learned a lot about dealing
intimidation caused the movement to             class buildings. Others stood at the doors       The shooting had alerted a nearby riot            with cops. A demonstration was hdd at
broaden its demands. New demands were:          with picket signs. 500 students gathered       squad, which entered the area. 'Swinging            Tennessee state College protesting the
  Drop all charges against Johnson and          in the middle of Wheeler Street and sat        clubs the cops forced the students into              presence of the occupation forces on their
reinstate him in school,                        down, blocking the traffic. The police         the dorms of Fisk University. The' cops              campus and in their part of town. The.
   Change the curfew hours to the same          riot squad set up roadblocks around the        claimed that they were also shooting into            students also began to raise demands
as en the white campuses,                       campus.                                        the air, but several girls were wounded              about .kind of education that they were
   All disciplinary action to go through a                                                     in their dormitory. The cops forced their          . getting. "What kind of a "Negro" college
                                                 DUMP FOOD
student court whose powers shall be at             Inside the cafeteria, students dissatis-    way into the men's dorms through the                 is this, that will not permit a course on
least equal to that of the Dean of Students,    fied with the "present slop" began dump-       the windows.                                         Afro-'American history to be taught?"
   Replace the present slop served in           ing trays of food on the "flo?r. Others           Meanwhile a sympathy demonstration
the cafeteria with edible nutrition,                                                           formed at Tennessee State College a mile
                                                          CONTINUED ON P ..10                                                                      :   i'   ..    CONT.INUED ON P. 10
                                                                                               down the s+reet. The cops moved their .
PAGE 2                                                                            THE MOVEMENT                                                                                   MAY.1967

"·"·"-I·..•.. ·~       ·E'D IT0 R I A L S                             11     11          ..

                                                                                              • •• ~i ••• ~ ••••• ~i •••••••••••••••   LETT-=: R S······~·,i~
                                                                                                                                                               •   '   I   "

            SAVE THE MOVEMENT....
                                                                                                 LETTERS ON THE DRAFT
                                                                                              To the Editor,                                       Dear MOVEMENT:
 Dear Readers,
  The Movement is up tight - We may not be able to put out our next issue. We are                   A friendly letter of criticism to The .           Here is a $5.00 donation to the be·st
already two months behind on our printing bill.                                                'Movement, one of the best revolutionary            paper on the West Coast. Please renew
  In the past the bulk of our income came from Friends of SNCC groups, bu~ much of             rags around. '. .                                   my ,sub also'.
that has been lost lately as Friends of SNCC gtoups become less active.                       :' We can expect our rulers to see'k more                I would like to ask some questions
  If we are to continue publishing we must have increased support from'other areas.           , and more men for their army.                       about your "Hell No 'to the Draft" edi-'
  So this is a plea to all of you who write us the great letters saying    The
                                                                          Movement is               The $64 question is wh~ther we can             torial,. and make some comments of my
the best paper around: Bend money; give gift subscriptions; urge friends to 'subscribe:         get enough young guys White and Black,             own.
sell the paper on your campus.                                                                  to stay out of the Army. I don't think we              I agree with you that the draft is a
  The need is urgent. We must almost double the present number of paid subscriptions.           can. In this April issue, along with your          terrible, racist institution that is used to
Please contribute today. Help keep the Movement alive. . .                                      editorial "To Hell With The Draft" there           force men to murder for American ag-
                                                                                              ,was an article which indicated that eco-            gression. But I wonder if the draft is the
                                                                                                nomic pressures... and social pressures            main problem. Sh0uld it be our main

 BLACK MISSISSIPPI STRUGGLES ON                                                                 figures strongly in the decision of going'
                                                                                               'in. And economic pressures are getting
                                                                                                heavier, not lighter. On the other hand,
                                                                                                                                                   target? Or even a'target at all?
                                                                                                                                                       It seems to me that the draft is just a
                                                                                                                                                   tool that could be easily eliminated and
    During the past month the Movement has received serveralletters from,projects m             more and more guys with a conscious                replaced with another evil just as bad or
 Mississippi. These remind us very vividly that, while Mississippi is largely silent            understanding of the oppressive nature             worse. The draft takes those unemployed,
 these days, a great deal is still happening there. Projects struggle on m3?Y communi-          of the system are prepared to make sacri-          and those who are working; as, opposed to
 ties, manned by local people, without access to the resources of SNCC or any other             fices. The question is, or should be, where        those going to college or those who have
 civil right organization. They are also without even that slight protection which the          can I - andthe guys I'm wor,king with -            a job "vital to the ·national interest."
 publicity of 1964 and 65 gave them.                                                            best apply our understanding? Where are,           But couldn't the draft be eliminated and
    Negroes are still brutalized and murdered with horrifying regularity. We just don't         key weak points to hit at? Should we               replaced ,with a system of high paying
 hear much about it anymore.                                                                    advocate staying out when it means: a)             •'incentives'" ? Couldn't the Army become a
    Economic conditions for blacks grow steadily worse. There are black people starving         splitting to Canada, b) going under-'              source of high paying jobs for those of
 in Mississippi.                                                                                ground or, c) going to jail? I think not.          us who otherwise would be out of work?
    The much applaUded civil rights legislation of f964 and 65 has made little change.              For the majority who are not going to          Then the Army would be made up of pro-
  Most Negroes still don't vote, and even where they do vote, their candidates don't            be prepared for these steps ...we will             fessional soldiers (some Army brass favor
 win. Most schools are still segregated. All the work of the early 1960's barely cracked        be irrelevant in our individualistic               this, plan as more economical).
  the surface of the racist South.                                                               morality play. Furthermore, we will be                Probablyi:hen even more black men
    These determined people deserve and need all the support you can give t!tem. Read            saying that going in is a defeat, y.rhereas       would join for the "better standard of
  their letters. See what you can do to help. •                                     '            if we concentrate on the nature of the            living." Then it would look like they had
                                                                                                 war and the system in our con-                    a "free choice" and the Army policies
                                                                                                frontations and stress the necessity of            would be hal>der to oppose.. because it
                                                    j                                                                                              would look like: we ·were trying to put '
                                                                                                 collective effort to smash the system,
 MOSS POINT, MISS.                            MARKS, MISS.                                       we will be raising the political lever of         them out of a job.
                                                                                                 those going in and ·still l1)aintain for them ,       Also the Army could 'say,"lf a man
 Dear Movement,                               . Dear Friends,                                    and for revolutionary organizers the Per-         doesn't want to fight in Vietnam, he can
                                                                                                 spective of hitting the monster in his',          get some other job someplace else." But
   I recently returned for a few days to        We are writing you asking for help!              belly. In his vital armed forces, so              whe'n civilian jobs are not available, the
Moss Point, Mississippi,' where I previ-      All the poor Negroes here 'are starVing.           necessary to him in this epoch.                   "choice" becomes one big hoax.
ously had worked with the Freedom Demo-       They need food and' clothing.        'So
                                                                                     will          'It seems to me that the Movement                   And what if another Watts comes up?
cratic Party. A handful of local people       you please send us ,some money. Send it            (paper and people) should reconsider our           It will. Wouldn't it be easier to convince
remain active there, and have been sub-       direct to me and I will see that all of            present perspective of StayOut:We should          unwilling draftees to your side than highly
jected to increased police harrassment,       them get help that need it.      '                 pay more' attention to the importance of ~        paid mercenaries? In, South America th'ey
which has resulted in several beatings          We have an' adult school. And we need            working in the factories in the period'           have found this to be true.
and arrests. They are now working and         money to help run it. We have 10 volunteer         which is' bringing greater oppressions to             Would it hot be better for Stokeley to
making plans to form a stronger organiz-      center's to run the adult schools.                 most working people. We ShOllld expose            accept the draft and organize the sentiment
ation involving a greater portion of the        If you need any more information call            and organize' against union sell-outs as          of the Gl's against the war? Than to be
local people and would very much like         326-9441 and ask for Rev. L. C. Coleman            well as the owners. While supporting              stashed in a dark prison cell?
volunteers to come down.                      here in Marks, Mississippi.                        people who fightthe draft from a position             It seems to me that the war itself should
   Most likely I will be returning to Moss      There are peoples here who do not                of opposition to the system, we should            be the main target. We should get out -
Point within the next few months and          have a place to stay. We need your help.           shift to a Resist Outside/ReSIst Inside'          no matter how the Army gets its men,
would appreciate anyone interested getting    Weare fighting for freedom.                        within the priority of exposing the nature            Some of these ideas I thought up on my
in touch with me. I would then be able          On April 19, 1967 we had a county-               of the war and the system. Don't get me           own, and some I got, from' others. I still
to give your more information and put         wide meeting. We ask for the Valley                wrong, I'm not advocating that we advise          do not know all the arguments,on all sides,
you in touch with Moss Point people who       Green Church but the pastor Rev. L. H.             guys to enlist or that we enlist our-             and I would like to know more about your
could tell you about the projects they        Hills wouldn't unlock the doors. Mrs.              selves I But when revolutionaries get             position. Could you~ give me some more
have in mind and the exact needs volun-       Fannie Hamer was suppose to have been              drafted, we should seriously consider              answers? Thank you.
teers could fill.                             here. Mr. Lawrence Guyot was here.                 where our talents can best be utilized.
                            J ody Ramsland                         In Freedom                                                      Earl Silbar.    And best of luck to the MOVEMENTI
                        R. F. D. 2 Box 301                      I  L. C. Coleman '                                                Chicago, Ill.
                      Mt. Kisco, New York                          519 Cotton Street                                                                                               Sincerely,
                                                                   Marks, Mississippi                                                                                            Dave Warren

WELFARE GROUP                                                                                  MOBILIZATION

                                                                                                  The April, gives the complete silent
                                                                                               treatment to the Spring Mobilization
                                                                                                                                                        THE MOVEMENT
                                                                                                                                                        is published monthly by
                                                                                                                                                        The Movement Press

BOYCOTTS STORE                                                                                 against the War in Vietnam. Why? Is                      449 14th Street
                                                                                               the killing and murdering over?                          San Francisco, California 94103

Los Angeles, California-
                                                  Picketing began at 10:00 a.m. on Thurs-
                                               day, March 30,1967 at the market. Leaf-
                                                                                                                   Max Mandel
                                                                                                                   Berkeley, California

                                                                                                                                                        EDITORIAL GROUP
                                                                                                                                                        Terence Cannon Joe Blum
                                                                                                                                                        Bobpi Cieciorka William Mandel
  On March 30, 1967, members of Citi-          lets distributed by the group on Saturday ,                                                              Mike Sharon      Ellen Estnn
zens for Creative Welfare, a group of          asked patrons to boycott the store but                                                                   Brooks Penney, . Dave Wellman
Pueblo del Rio housing project residents,      "don't burn" it. Thirty (30) persons dem-                                                                Hardy Frye,      Carolyn Craven
continued their boycott of Gambo's A&T         onstrated at the store asking passerbys'         HOLLY SPRINGS, MISS.
market at 55th Street and Holmes Ave.          not to burn it - as the owner would only                                                                 LOS ANGELES STAFF
Under an agreement reached the previous        collect insurance and move to another           Dear Friends,                                            Karen Koonan
Saturday, the store owner was to have          place to continue the exploitation. Three                                                                399-8734
cut prices, cleaned up his store, and          hours of demonstrations were sufficient           Weare still here trying to get peoples                 Bob Niemann
improved meats and vegetables. Accord-         for the owner who proceeded to negotiate        registered to vote. We are also working
                                               the following agreement:                                                                                 P,O. Box 117
ing to Mrs. Turner, president of the or-                                                       on the election trying to get Negroes in
                                                                                                                                                        308 Westwood Plaza
ganization, the changes were to have been         1. Cut prices on 50 major items from         offices, and we need your help again. So
                                                                                                                                                        Los Angeles 24, California
made by Tuesday but the owner did not live           10-3010.                                  please come to our aid by, helping us.
up to his part of the bargain. Only a few        2. Upgrade the fresh meat department.         We need food, clothing, shoes of all sizes               CHICAGO STAFF
prices, she said, were dropped. "Unless           3. Start to provide fresh vegetables.        large and small and money. ·So please
                                                                                                                                                        Mike James
there are changes made we will have no           The group is also working to determine        don't let us down. Tell your friends about
                                                                                                                                                        4533 N. Sheridan Rd,
alternative but to picket the store," said     what policies govern evictions from their       us and ask them to help us out by sending
                                               public housing project.                                                                                  Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Turner, "and this is not Jhe only                                                         us something to'help support this election.
market in' Los Angeles that overcharges                                                        Freedom,
poor people." Puebio del Rio housing           Citizens for Creative Welfare
                                                                                                                                                        $2 per year, individual copies,
pro,iect is located in the Avalon area,        1825 E 51st Street                               Annie Bogard

                                                                 ..                                                     ..
                                                                                                                                                        $7 per hundred per month, non-
which is one of the areas which rates          Los Angeles, California                          200 Rust Ave••                                          commercial bulk subscriptions
lower on economic scales than Watts.           Phone: 582-4698 (Mrs. E. Jones)                  Holly Springs, Miss.                                    Advertising: $4 per column inch
MAY 1:967"                                                                          THE MOVEMENT '                                                                                 PAGE 3

    LOS ANGELES, CALIF. -- At the head          Affairs is mostly a waste of taxpayers
 of some 40 school 'groups in the South         money. They are supposed to help solve                                                                      -           -    - -
 Central Los Angeles area, Mrs. Margaret        problems but what they do is sweep             MRS. WRIGHT (CENTER) stands with a coffin at L.A. City Hall demonstration of United Parents
 Wright is leader by concensus of the           them under a rug. There are maybe 5            Council.
 United Parents Council. The group force-       good ones in the whole bunch -- who really
 fully demonstrated earlier this month on       know the community-- the money for             principals would clam up and I couldn't         of stupidity that makes me know 1 have
 the question of crossing guards for the        the rest of them (there are twenty eight)      get nothing out of them. I got awfully         ,to fight."
 black schools of LOs Angeles. The group        can go to the kids for materials and           suspicious about that.                             Mrs. Wright, a youthful appearing
 appeared, 100 strong, at Los Angeles City      textbooks.                                                                                     grandmother of three, describes herself
 Hall to express their 'concern about the                                                                                                      as "just a housewife:' She deals with
 lack of crossing guards in the elementary
                                                                                               NEGRO HISTORY
                                                                                                                                               school problems for United Parents jn,
 schools and to tell the city Council to stop   ADVISORY BOARD                                                                                 her spare time, while her major job is
 passing the buck on the issue.                    "I serve ort the Compensatory Edu-            "Once I asked the Board to conSider           operating a nursery school of her own,
 WARRAlnS                                       cation Advisory Board, but the Adminis-        putting Negro History into the curriculum.      The entry-w.3Y to the school is covered
                                                tration just tries to keep us divided.         One member told me "lf you had any              with pictures of black heroes -- from
    Mrs. Wright states that the issue
                                                There is supposed to be one board --           histor.y W~ might put it inl It's that kind     Garvey to King. •
 revolves around' 'warrants", which turn
 out not to be laws at all, but policies        they break us up into three -- then do
 set by a sub-committee of the Police           their damndest to keep the three groups
 Commission. • 'They tried to make us           fighting. I keep trying to unify them so
 think it was law, but we found out for
 ourselves." The group may be forced to
 get those warrants changed. "Our demon-
 strations have brought the issue out into
 the open", she says, "Its been in the
                                                that we can have some say in how that
                                                 Federal moriey is spent."
                                                   Asked how she got involved in these
                                                issues, Mrs. Wright stated, "1 just got
                                                 mad -- one day the children at one
                                                 ghetto school were sitting outside in the
                                                                                                     HEAD START PROTEST
                                                                                                by L<l!u,Gothard                                   Walter Robinson of the Potrero Hill
 Police, Fire and Civil Defence Com-
                                                 rain eating lunch. The principal and the       SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.                           Community Action Committee, presented
 mittee for a month and half while our
                                                 PTA people were warm and dry at a                                                              Mayor Shelley with a copy of a resolution,
 kids' have been getting killed in the
                                                 luncheon meeting inside. I was so mad 1          A group of some 100 persons converged         directed to Sargent Shriver, Office of Eco-
                                                 knew I had to get rid of the Principal         on the office of Mayor Shelley on April 17,     nomic Opportunity head, which stated in
 PTA                                             and some teachers. I got some others           1967 to protest the ridiculously small          part:
    "The PTA's are' finks. About. the..only      together:, made a stink and got that school    ($375,000) allocation of funds for local           "The amount of funds presently alloca-
 thing they are good for is fund raising--       straightened out fast. Then I started going    Head Start programs. The group, repre-          ted for San Francisco's Head Start Pro-
 and even then they tend to exploit kids.        to the Board of Education meetings.",          sented the Head Start Parents Policy Ad-        gram is totally unrealistic and perpetuates
 We need independent citizen power to            she continued, "two days a week. There'        visory Committee, delegate agencies, as         the farce of goodwill and 'help' from the
 fight this school board."                       were very few people there -- and no           well as Head Start parents from across the      government, •• :', -and, •'These children
                                                 other black faces. I used to visit white       city.                                           are suffering irreparable harm, educa-
 COORDINATORS                                   'schools too, and when I did, I could find                                                      tionally, culturally and physically due to
   ".The School-Community Coordinator            out ,anything I wanted to, but when I                                                          lack of involvement in a Head Start Pro-_
 Pr0!:7am 1.!ride~ the, D~partment of ,Urba,n    went to schools in my own ,area the                                                            gram."

                                                                                                :LOWNDES                                           The Mayor responded to the group after
                                                                                                                                                they threatel~ed to sit-in at his office. He
                                                                                                                                                placed calls to Congressmar, Philip Burton

                                                                                                   CHURCHES                                      (D-S.F.) and to Shriver's office, and suc-
                                                                                                                                                ceeded in passing the buck to the Regional
                                                                                                                                                Office of the OEO. Daniel Lueveno, lame

                                                                                                         BURNED                                 duck Regional Director of OEO, pointed to
                                                                                                                                                "Congressional gUidelines" for the na-
                                                                                                                                                tional Headstart programs as the major
                                                                                                                                                hangup. The gUidelines in question limit
                                                                                                  LOWNDES COUNTY, ALABAMA --                    the re-funding of applications to levels
                                                                                               White violence has broken out again here.        set by existing programs. In practice, it
                                                                                               On Sunday morning, March 12, a reno-             means that 'them that has, gets'.
                                                                                               vated church which had been rented to the           Luevano seemed a bit confused about his
                                                                                               Lowndes County Christian Movement,               role in formulating those guidelines - at
                                                                                               parent to the Lowndes County Freedom             first stating that' 'this office did participate
                                                                                               Party, burned to the ground.                     in making up the gUidelines'" later, asked
                                                                          ,          ,            The church was to be llsed by the             by Eugene Haggarty ofthe Montessori Head
                                                                                               LCCM for its anti-poverty program. The           Start project what recommendations were

                                                                      leg~                     fire destroyed the building, equipment
                                                                                               and materials. The FBI made a routine
                                                                                                                                                made, he stated' 'no specific recommenda-
                                                                                                                                                tion has been made on this program, but
                                                                tll' t t        ""\i           investigation and "took notes."
                                                                                                  Early the following morning the Mace-
                                                                                                                                                we have often done so in the past."
                                                                                                                                                 Luevano's resignation becomes effective
                                                                                               donia Baptist Church in Fort Deposit was         June I, 1967.
                                                                                               burned, after a mass meeting of the
                                                                                               LCCM. Whites had warned black resi-
                                                                                                                                                ROLE OF EOC
                                                                                               dents of the area for some time that               The San Francisco Economic Oppor-
                                                                                               they would burn the church if it was used,       tunity Commission was also blamed for
                                                                                               for such meetings.                               the problem. It seems that they chose to
 ATLANTA, GEORGIA -Over 600 pieces                Several black postal employees told             Stokeley Carmichael, in a statement           gamble their money on the more potent
 of SNCC mail wer~ 'cha'pped to' piece,S last   SNCC that they had never heard of this         attacking the permissiveness of the              Community Action Programs rather than
 month in the Main Post OfJke here, On          happening to anyone's mail before and          government that allows these burnings to         HeadStarL The implication is that unless
 March 30th the SNCC Natioqal Office re-        that this was the first such incident they     take place, said, "White America is              a community can foresee the direction of
 ceived a tip from a black postal worker that   could recall.                                  tightening its noose around the necks            this so - called War on Po .erty. 27,000
 the Atlanta postmaster had oraered his .         Among the600 pieces of mail destroy-         of black people here just as she is doing        black childr'='1 mllst pay the price,
 workers to destroy a sack of SNCC mail,        ed last month was the first issue of the       in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This
   SNCC officers were told by Tom J ack-        "SNCC Newsletter." In the second issue,        fact is also becoming clear and evident
                                                                                                                                               OTHER SCHOOLS
 son, the Post Office Supervisor, that in       SNCC says, "Many of our friends and            to black people across the nation, as               "The San Francisco Unified School Dis-
 the past two months at least 2 sacks of        supporters have said over the past few         proven by the rebellions breaking out in         trict is in trouble too," according to Robin-
 SNCC mail had been destroyed due to            months that they have never received           all American cities, and the unifying surge      son, "and the lac:< of concern for black
 "lack of sufficient postage:'                  any of our mail. A friend from overseas        of support which black people from all           chil&.-en is appalling:'
    The Post Office claimed that they were      recently visiting our office said he had       walks of life are giving to Congressman             There is currently no major, concerted
 legally justified in destroying the mail,      NEVER received any of the many letters         Powell. •.•                                      group effort designed to achieve education-
 since SNCC had not reclaimed it after ten      we have mailed to him. We wonder how              "Black people are now serving notice          al rights in the San Francisco area,. The
 days. However, SNCC had not been notified      many of you have not been receiving            that we will fight back. The bombing             Head Start parents involved in this grQUp
 of the lack of postage, and the second batch   our correspondence, news items, etc,           of our churches and homes will only              have become acutely aware of the wh'itll a
 of mail was' destroyed before the iegallO-     because such letters were chopped in the       unify us more, and make us more deter-           man's school programs - of which Head
 day limit was up;                              Atlanta Post Office:' . .                      mined than ever to fight back:' . .              Start is but a taste, ...
 PAGE 4                                                                            THE MOVEMENT                                                                                                            MAY 1967

          FROM' CONFIDENTIAL GOV'T FILES                                                                                                                            -


   MEET YOUR LOCAL WAR CRIMINAL,                                                                                                                                    A PROJECT OF THE WORK/STUDY
                                                                                                                                                                 PILOT PROGRAM AT SAN FRANCISCO
                                                                                                                                                                 STATE COLLEGE

      LOOK HIM UP IN T.A.B.                                                                                                                                        The Work/study Pilot Program is run
                                                                                                                                                                 by students at San Francisco State College
                                                                                                                                                                 for stUdents and non-students who want to
                                                                                                                                                                 do volunteer community work in the com-
 SPECIAL FROM OUR WASHINGTON CORxESPONDENT                                                                                                                       munities of San Francisco. It is an out-
                                                                                                                                                                 growth of the work .for four student pro-
                                                  Non-lethal agents). (*Non-lethal agents.       the nature of the research. ,(3) The names                      grams at S.F. State: Black Student Union,
     Came across a publication recently           Dissemination). Army operations.               of the researcher(s) provide a clear                            Community Involvement Program,
  which :should prove to be invaluable for        (TAB dated Jan. 15, 1967, page A46)            investigative avenue.                                           Tutorial Program and the Experimental
  people interested in researching the         Item:                                                 TAB is by no means definitive, but it                       College. The program is an expression
  activities of scientists engaged in re-         AD-377 847 Fld. 15/7 .                         does suggest, in addition, the staggering                       of the concern that students ip. these, pro-
  search for the military. It's called the        RAND CORPORATION SANTA MONI-                   scope of defense research activities. This                      grams have had to .try to structure the
  Technical Abstract Bulletin -- "TAB"            CA CALIF ALTERNATIVE 1970-72                   is important.                                                   contents of a relevant. education, and ,to
  to the military/scientific community.           USAF TACTICAL FORCE POSTURES                       Item:                                                       involve the .comm~nity outsipe the college
     It is published twice a month (on the        IN MAJOR CONVENTIONAL WARS                         AD-378 399 Fld. 15/7                                        as a pll;rUc1PaIJt' ,in tl:tis new pattern of
  1st and 15th) by the Defense Documen-           by Sorrel Wildhorn and P.M. Danant                 STANFORD RESEARCH INST MENLO.                               education.                     .   '
  tation Center, the address of which is          Dec 66 56p. Rept. no. RM-5206-PR                   PARK CALIF ALTERNATIVE COM-                                    T~e program consisfs ·of- a series of
  c/o Dr. Robert B. Stegmaier, Jr., (Ad-          Contract AF 49 (638)-1700                          MUNIST CHINA TIlREAT POSTURES                               Seminars organized and taught by stUdents
  ministrator), Cameron Station, Alexan-                                      Secret report          AND ANNUAL COSTS, 1961-1985                                 with faculty advis~r,s who gr~t academic
  dria, Va. 22314. But don't write him,           Descriptors: (*Warfare, Tactical war-              Technical rept.                       '                     credit for 'the. work stu'dents do in the
  unless you have an official •'need to           fare). (*War games, Air Force). Air-               by M. B. Summers. May 66, 234 p.                            course's. "Aclldemic work"," consists of
  know," because TAB is not available to          craft. Shelters. Effectiveness. Tactical           Rept. no SRI-TR-5205-15, SRI-S-2616                         work projects. in one of six communities
  the general public.                             Air Command. Defense systems. Dia-                 Contract DA-49-092-ARO-I0, Proj.                            in San Francisco. This summer students
     If, however, you can inveigle your way      ,grams. Landing Fields.                             SRI-ETU-5205                                                and ~0!.1 - student,S wid ,work in' either
  around this "need to know" nij;ety, you'll      (TAB dated Feb. 15, 1967, page A47)                                                     Secret report          ~untE!rs Point, Western Additon, Central
  find that the TAB is a comprehensive            Item #1 is pretty clear. Researchers                                                  Restricted data          City, Haight-Ashbury, Mission ,or the Sun-
  collection and index of all reports, in-     at the W.R. Grace Company, a big U.S.                 Distribution: No Foreign :without ap-                       set. pr6jec~s,v~ry. "There are tqtorial
  terim and final, on defense contract re-     steamship line with a subsidiary called               proval of office, Chif of Research and                      programs for elementary school age kids
  search in 22 "subject fields" ranging        the Davison Chemical Company, have                    Development, U.S. Army, lWashington,                        and for high school 'stude~ts; teachil).g
  from agriculture to space technology,        done research on how to use "agents"                  D.C. 21301                                                  arts, crafts and athiet~cs in COmml,lnity
, and, taking in every conceivable scien-      (probably chemical) to clear out a tun-               Descriptors: (*China, War potential)                        centers; organizing seminars.~ arouI).d
  tific field.                                 nel 'and deny its use. Thefiveresearchers             (TAB dated March 1, 1967, page A7l).                        themes of black co~sciousries$; serving
     Item (verbatim):                          are listed, as well as the date of the                "Need to know" is a catChy phrase.                          as 'community $d~s .iQ' improve 'l~gai,
     AD-377 386 Fld. 15/2                      report.                                           It should be obvious' by ndw' diai:' there                     - heait~,'> ed~cat\on'_ ~<t wei~if;~ ,Pt:.~IP'~s
     GRACE r:'N R)AND CO CLARKSVILLE              Three of these researchers are listed          is a' great "need to kI1ow" ()Il'the 'part                     , fot lovi:'inco~e people;' lJiiUating a'iQJddie
     MD RESEARCH DIV RESEARCH ON               in the Baltimore phone directory and              of all United States citizens, 'not ju:;;t                        ci~s orgai}i~iilg: PTc?JeCt; apd~doing ppw~r
     NEW CONCEfYfS FOR WE DIS-                 are, presumably, available for (some            "the kept scientists, the whores of the                             stru'cture research concerning San Fran-'
     SEMINATION OF AGE TS FOR TUN-             sort of) comment. Edgewood Arsenal is             military establishment, the •'privileged                          cisco's administrative departments, such
     NELDENIAL                                 the Army's chemical center. We leave              few" who have sold their brains.                                  as the Board of Health or the Public
                                               it to your imagination to figure what                 The Technical Abstract Bulletin is an                         Housing Authority.
   Final rept. May-Aut 66                      this research project is all about. (Per-         excellent source from which to learn the                             Previous experience in! . '
                                                                                                                                                                      I         't
                                                                                                                                                                            "....   ,. l -"  "
                                                                                                                                                                                                           .  ._

   by j. A. Cogliano, G.L. Braude, L.E.        haps the five researchers are nicknamed           direction(s) of _milit~y, PlarpUng. ; The                      , i~ . nO~:I~e:~e~s,~qr, 'f'-l~ ~f<' r:<1,u!tn il>,La
   Campbell, E. W. Lard and M. Cock.           the "tunnel rats" by their fellow re-           J~~mslr li;>ted ,herlj! are,.o~)y tbr~~Jj)/.1~ of                'coml}1,itment Jp -wQl:;k~~;:;'to_~tW;J_ia.Jlt.Q-
                                                                                                                                                                                               1 ,i   ,'" ~.         _       ... _ ..... ~   .-4

   15 Nov 66 47 p. Rept. no. Res-66-114        searchers.)                                      ,.;literally (1=h.9usilnd:;;~ r, " " -i "" ,,~ ', .... "'?S~"    , je~~~.~-"it" t~ro~glt; t~!{~ s!;1~Ill~;" j~d
   Contract DA-18-035-AMC-747 (a)Proj.            Item #2. We don't have a Santa Monica              NOTE: We' repeat -- th~ TAB is nqt                            to ~ ,~t~eJld l' ~gula,r' pieetin(1;s, with Qther
   DA-1B522301A081                             phone book. Perhaps some West Coast               available on your local newsstand. It is                          students involved in the' same work to
                       Confidential report     partisans will track down Messers Wild-           however, available (if you can ferrat                             discuss common problems.
   Distribution: No Foreign without ap-        horn and Danant.                                  it out) wherever. defense research is being                          For more information, and an applica-
 proval of Commanding Officer, Edgewo'od          The Technical Abstract Bulletin is an-         conducted. We stole ours.                                        Uon blank, please write to:
   Arsenal, Md. 21010. Attp.: SMUEA-           other intelligence sourc-eabOl£the U.S:               Good hunting.                                                                    WORK/STUDY PROGRAM

   TSTI-T                                      military. (1) It lists the research facility.                                                                                         3744 20th Street '
   Descriptors: (*Underground structures.      (2) The title and •'descriptors" suggest                                       • ,   .                                                   --San'
                                                                                                                                                                                            Francisco, .Cal. 941 ~O

MARK COMFORT                                                                                     SNCC WORKERS INDICTED
                                                                                                  ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Seven SNCC                                unconstitUtional: After \\rilson's la\vyer

   FOUND INNOCENT -                                                                             workers have been 'ndicted here on
                                                                                                charges of "injuring government prop-
                                                                                                erty" and •'interfering with the Universal
                                                                                                Military Training and Service Act." They
                                                                                                                                                                prote/?ted, the charge was dropped. Wil-
                                                                                                                                                                son, charged with assaulting an officer,
                                                                                                                                                                was sentenced on Feb. 3, to three yea'rs
                                                                                                                                                                on a Georgia chain gang.         '
                                                                                                                                                                   While in' the' city prison, they suffered.
                                                                                                and five others had been arrested' on

   OAKLAND, CALIF -- Mark Comfort,             the bar, police had pUlled uP, and arrested
                                                                                                August 17, 1966 while demonstrating
                                                                                                against the war at the Atlanta induction
                                                                                                  One of the youths, Johnny Wilson, was:
                                                                                                                                                                 continual' harassment "oy the white prison
                                                                                                                                                                guards, who - forced 'the;' to' spend 'long
                                                                                                                                                                periods of time in the isolation 'boxes.
                                                                                                                                                                These are concrete boxes? feet long, 4
                                                                                                charged with "Insurrection", a state'                           feet wiGle and 7 feet from top to bottom.
militant black organizer in East Oakland,      Comfort for havinga"concealedweapon."            charge carrying the death penalty. The                          Prisoners in the bOl{es are given only
won his second court victory last month.         One of the arresting officers testified        Supreme Court has twice ruled this law                          bread and water. Th~ only toilet facility
Testimony at the trials revealed that a        at the trial that the head of the Criminal                                                                       was a seven gallon can.' . '       "
police informer had led him into a trap        Investigation Department gave him a war-                                                                            In the prison, black women were made
resulting in his arrest.                       rent and told him that Comfort would be                                                                          to work in the kitchen for. as long as
   Comfort's first arrest was on charges       at Jim's Place within an hour. "I had
                                                                                                                     There is no title                          12 hours, while white women prisoners
of Interfering with an Officer and Resisting   never been to Jim's Place before," Com-
                                                                                                                     for this book. '                           strolled in the prison grounds. On male
Arrest. He had run out of his house at         fort told THE MOVEMENT. "It turns out                                                                            work details, whites drove the tractors
night to defend a neighboring family who       that the bar is owned by a white Oakland                                                                         while blacks. cut grass with a sickle.
were being assaulted by the Oakland            cop. When my attorney asked the cop on                               It is not finished.
                                                                                                                                                                   After serving their sentences, seven
police. A jury found him innocent.             the stand if he knew Gil Williams, he                                                                            of these young Black men have been
   But the Oakland Police seem determined      didn't say a word for a long time and                                 When Black America's                       indicted by the federal government. These
to get rid of him. Shortly after the first     then said 'uh, no, I dont believe I know                              struggle is finished.                      charges stem from the August 17 demon-
incident, Comfort was called up by a man       the name.' We're pretty surehe'sworking                                                                          stration. The police, the army and the
named Gil Williams. Williams toldCom-          with the cops. He's gone into hiding now;                             Then                                       courts think these young men are traitors
fort that he knew some people in San           we can't find him."                                                   this book will                             and have tried to give them the maxi-
Francisco who would give Comfort money            A hung jury ended the trial.                                       be finished                                mum sentence on whatever charges they
for his legal defense. He offered to drive     4 MONTHS TO GO                                                                                                   can trump up. They now' face a maxi-
Comfort there. Then he asked Comfort             On May 9 or 10, Comfort must go back                                                                           mum of six years and $11,000 fine on
to bring a gun "because the neighborhood       to prison on a sentence given him last                          THE SECOND                                       the two charges.
is pretty rough."                              year, for his activity at the Oakland
   Comfort, very aware of gun regulations,                                                                 FLUTE PUBLICATION                                       They need bail money. Funds can be sent
                                               Tribune demonstrations. Comfort's appeal                                                                         to SNCC, 360 Nelson Street, Atlanta,
brought a small derringer pistol, which        to the U.S. Supreme Court was not con-                 The cost of this book by Charlie
                                                                                                                                                                Ga. 30313. Make checks BAIL FUND.
he stuck in his belt, Visibly. Williams
asked to see the gun and showed it to
                                               sidered. He has over 4 months to serve.
                                               "We haven't stopped fighting," Mark told
                                                                                                   Cobb, SNCC Field Secretary is $1.00.
                                                                                                      It can be ordered from Flute
another man in the car. Williams drove         us. "My lawyer is filing a writ, so I               Publications, Box 109, Tougaloo,                                 THE MOVEMENT recommends:
home, stayed inside for several minutes        may be in and back out again. R.J. Engle,           Mississippi, 39174,
and reappeared with a shotgun. He then         my lawyer is a beautiful cat. He's handled             It contains poems and photo-                                  Earl's Auto Sales and Service
suggested that they go to Jim's Place,         all three of these cases and he's been              graphs.                                                          1830 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
an Oakland bar, before going to San Fran-      great." . ;
cisco. Within 15 minutes after they entered
                                                                                                                                                                    Th 1-5755
MAY 1967                                                                            THE MOVEMENT                                                                                  PAGE 5


               LETTERS FROM HANOI
   Julius Lester and Charlie Cobb, SNCC         neck, I'm a rich American to them. And
field secretaries, are in NorthVietnam as       they're right. As poor as laminAmerica,
representatives of SNCC and as investi-         here I'm rich and they want money. C. and
gators for the War Crimes Tribunal. Fol-        I are, of course, oddities and crowds
lowing are excerpts from letters which          gather whenever we stop on a corner.
they si:mt back to SNCC.                        First place I've been where I couldn't
                                                hang out on the block.
                  *****                         Well, off to Hanoi tomorrow, Take care,
16 March 67                                                                Julius
Dear SNCC,
                                                Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    The people with the Tribunal seem dis-      March 16, 1967
organized and untogether. We have to watch
 ourselves in terms of how much we let          Dear SNCC,
 ourselves be used. They don't know how
to deal with me and Charlie, which is good.        Julius and I arrived this morning from
We deliberately keep 'them off balance in       Paris at 9 A.M. temp, was 80 and getting
 order to keep from being used. The,            hotter. We had some trouble with visas
 Tribunal's a good thing, if for no other       because our names had been mis-spelled
 reason than it has the American govern-        so we weren't expected --- and because
 ment scared. I think SNCC people should        we were "Americans" therefor not to be
 be aware of what our participation means:      liked, and certainly not to be trusted and
                                                                                               A KINDERGARTEN in the prOVincial town Nam Dinh south of Hanoi. It was bombed on Sept. 15,
 (1) I guess it's our first big move into       to. be given a hard time. We got over the      1965. The words above the entrance mean: "Make our children healthy". (photo from Felix Greene's
 the international arena. It is one thing to    hump by explaining what we were here           VIETNAM VIETNAM.)
 talk against the war, demonstrate and it       for and were placed on a bus whicn tarried
 is another to send two people to Hanoi         us into town.                                    The war seems and is very close. The               Because we were in an official car,
 to collect evidence against the war., We          We got a look at the countryside through.   Cambodian/Vielnam bord~r is only 36               people who noticed us looked in with
 are the only American political group doing    the bus window. It looks like the Missis-      miles away. Just walking through the city         FRIENDLY curiosity (the difference quite
 so" The U.S. of course will seek to use        sippi delta --- it really does only wetter;    I can sense the fact of war, and we are           striking from Phnom Penh where they
 this to isolate us from the black com-         but I knew that I had traveled the roads       considered (and we are in fact) aggressors.       are trying to figure how to hustle you!)
  munity and it is our responsib1l1ty to see    and paths and fields lsaw. The houses of       There has been bombing on the Cambodian            At the hotel, talked with some DRV
 that this does not happen. This can be         course were differently styled but still       side of the border, which is a major              (Democratic Republic of Vietnam) people
 more easily discussed when Charlie and         share cropper shacks in the Mekong Delta.      factor in Cambodian anti-americanism. So,         and learned that our stay in Vietnam will
 I return. (2) We became more vulnerable           The people in the countryside have very     while nobody yet' has yelled "Yankee go           be divided in 3 periods: 1. general or-
 as individUals". C. anc~ r we:re. aware of     sad eyes and work very hard. They are          home", the fact of war can be felt.               ientation in Hanoi, 2. travel to the prov-
  at least one agent keeping tabs on us. We     also a very brown people --- some almost        VIETNAM PLANS                                    inces, and 3. return to Hanoi for dis-
 were stopped briefly by French inteli-         black. They would look into the bt ; as it       Tommorrow we leave for the north.               cussion and statements.
 gence on leaving Paris this morning.           passed with a hard-to-take mixture of           We had hoped to get into the south, but             We met an english doctor who talked
 Thus, 'each person in SNCC is being            deference and hate. On top of the diffi-        a major push taking place there makes            to us very briefly as he was on the way
 watched, since C. and I are viewed as          culty at the airport, the ugliness of being     that 1mpossible and the whole area is            to one of the provinces. He said that th2
  representatives of an organization; not as    "American" was driven home.                     sealed off. We expect to be north for about      U.S. was systematically bombing schools,
  individuals. This points up more and more                                                     a month, and you won't be hearing from           medical fac1l1ties and exposed villages.
 the need for theoretical' discussions, and
                                                URBAN POVE RTY                                  us while we're there, but will write you         All documentary materials we have read
                                                  There is no poverty as ugly and op-                                                            so far bear him out.
  organizational dlscinline. No longer are we                                                   as soon as we can.
                                                pressive as urban poverty. Phnom Penh
.watched by the- c~a~kei COilS -in the south                                                      We will be traveling, looking at the              Woke up early the next morning. Bombs
                                                is the capitol city of Cambodia, which                                                           or shelling in distance.' Thought I was
  alone. Cracker cops the world over now                                                        effects of the war; particul arly investigat-
                                                is governed by a prince. While I grew up                                                         dreaming, but Julius heard them too.
 watch. We must understand with our                                                             ing U. S. war crimes. Also will be engaged
                                                in the urban east of the U.S. which is
  hearts what -we mean                  when                                                    in extensive dialogue re: parallels of our        ROLE IN VIETNAM
                                                perhaps the center of urban poverty in the
  we say revolution: It sounds radical and                                                      two (not independent of each other I feel)           We are playing a dual role, investigat-
                                                U.S., there is nothing quite like what I've
  that's SNCC's tradition, but revolution is                                                    struggles and generally getting a sense           ing U.S. war crimes and representing
                                                seen this day in Phnom Penh.
  a total kind of committment and way of                                                        of what the country aspires to be.                SNCC. The SNCC thing is our political
                                                   Julius was offered a girl before he got
  seeing and there is no plea you can cop                                                          HELLO TO EVERYBODY,                            task. We w1ll have a chance (we have been
                                                out of the bus here in the city. Getting'
  if caught.                                                                                    Regards,                                          informed) to talk with victims from the
                                                into the gotel was a matter of constantly
                                                shaking your head saying no to people           Charlie                                           South; with stUdents, with women (who
PARIS                                                                                                                                             play important roles here); and learn about
   Tried to make contact with some              approaching you with various hustles and
Africans in Paris --- in a bar, which           "services".                                     Dear SNCC,                                        Vietnamese movement: The DRV War
seemed to be an African hangout, but              What cuts most is the children: asleep                                                          Crimes Commission is hosting us, our
their heads seemed to be totally inhabited      in alleys, begging in the streets; working         Being greeted at the airport by beautiful      first talk with them was good if a bit
by the desire to be French, while talking       in some of the dingiest, dirty places in        vietnamese women handing us a bouquet             stiff and formal, but after all this is
black. Charlie and I got on the plane after     the city.                                       of the most colorful collection of flowers        a country at war. It will get easier as we
much hl1-ssle with the French who were             The city smells of urine, rotting food,      I've ever seen can only be inadequately           stay (our visa's are good until May 4th).
very upset about us going to Cambodia           and sweat. There is not enough of any-          described as wonderful. The garrish                  Very little about SNCC is known. stoke-
(still don't know why) and kept talking and     thing basic and what there is is ridicu-        americanization of much of Asia that we           ly's name is known, but again, very little
finally pUlled out   a  big thick book and      lously high. We walked around at midday
                                                with camera equipment probably worth
                                                                                                had seen was completely washed away in
                                                                                                the warmth of that moment. We were
                                                                                                                                                  about him. We need to have some long,
                                                                                                                                                  serious discussions with DRV about SNCC.
turned to a page marked POLICE. Now I
don't know no french, but !figured POLICE       more than the yearly income of most of          escorted into a reception room to wait            Aside from the problems of language :md
 didn't refer ~o a recipe for gravy.            the people we saw. We went back to our          for ourbaggage to be checked through,             having to talk through an interpreter, the
                                                room to leave it there.                         and I sipped tea.                                 fact that they only know of us through
                                                                                                                                                  U.S. press, etc., there are problems of
CAMBODIA             ,                                                                                                                            terminology (e.g. "field secretary" has
   Phnoum Penh (Cambodia) has been a
lesson in neo-colonialism. The first thing                                                                                                        little or no meaning, but "organizer of
we saw coming off the plane were French                                                                                                           community," "cadres," CLICKS; or" im-
army officers. Inside the airport it was                                                                                                          perialist landowner" means "plantation
weird to come up against french speak-                                                                                                            owner.") I· can get pretty complicated.
ing orientals. It seems that outside the                                                                                                             We must be the first blacks in gener-
U.S., you must know french. Their in-                                                                                                              ations to visit Hanoi; the hair throws them
fluence is everywhere. The Cambodian                                                                                                              I think.
chicks with their hairdos, western dress                                                                                                          STATISTICS
and heels. The entire day was just seeing                                                                                                           Here are some statistics which you may
how the west rules the world. We looked                                                                                                           or may not have: More bombs than were
out the window of our hotel room and                                                                                                              used in Africa and Europe during world
there's a big Shell station. A little further                                                                                                     war 2 have been dropped on Vietnam--
a huge sign that says HOWDY! It is hard                                                                                                           over 300,000 have been dropped in the
to feel that you're out of America. --- the                                                                                                       North alone. Here in the North, 88 hos-
movie theatre showing Davy Crockett and                                                                                                           pitals and medical fac1l1ties; 296 schools;
Elvis Presley flicks, the cigarette stands'                                                                                                       80 churches and 30 pagodas have been
selling Phillip Morris, Marlboros, etc.,                                                                                                          bombed. On the other side of the picture, .
the Come Alive You're in the Pepsi Gen-                                                                                                           7000 american planes have been shot
eration calendars, Coke signs, the Avenue                                                                                                         down. We have seen bombed areas right
Charles deGaulle.                                                                                                                                 in the midct1f' of Hanoi. A lot of our
   Essentially they feel the same problem                                                                                                         stay w1ll be investigating these bombings.
we do (1) learning how not to think white                                                                                                           It has just occured to me that Afro-
and (2) controlling the economy of their                                                                                                          Americans were historically the first
country --- racism and exploitation. Yet,                                                                                                         colored people of the world to be sub-
you see very few whites on the street. It                                                                                                         jected to U.S. aggression (over 400 years
is apparent that the world will have to go                                                                                                        ago, continUing right up to today.)
through a long period of de-Americaniza-                                                                                                          Regards,
tion --- a long, bloody, period.                                                                                                                  Charlie
   There is much poverty here and because                                                                                                         P.S. Expecting war to expand greatly in
I walk around with cameras around my            THE MAIN street of Hanoi, today. (photo from Felix Greene's VIETNAM VIETNAM.)                     north during next few weeks....·
                                    The enemy is

                                                           HARLEM AGAINST THE DRAFT.
                                                              By Flo Kennedy                   thetic persons who can offer support to the   tablishmentarian New York Times bust
                                                                                               draft refuser.                                right out crying if a fly and speck should
                                                    Three thousand or more black men,            Following is a list of steps to be taken    land on either the Peace Movement, news
                                                 women and youngsters cut a path through      by any young man who is conscientiously        about which the Times seldom sees "fit
                                                 the hundreds of thousands who packed New      opposed to war:                               to print," or the civil rights movement,
                                                 York City's parks and streets at the            1. Write a letter to draft board asking     which, from reading the Times, one might
                                                 Spring Mobilization Against the War In       for Form 150 immediately.                      suppose was composed of boogie man
                                                 Vietnam, on Saturday, April 15, 1967.           A. If you are religiously opposed to        stories about Stokely Carm~chael and
                                                    It was a raw, damp day, and the "for-     war fill out form.                             Floyd McKissick and Uncoln Lynch, and
                                                 ward march" for the groups assembled            S. If you are morally or politically        Uncle Remus tales by \Vhitney Young and
                                                 was an hour or so behind schedule. The       revolted by the war, write out objections      Roy Wilkins.
                                                 marshals were having a time keeping the      and submit to lawyer to see if objections        So big has become Roy Wilkins as an
                                                 thousands of people who had assembled        meet test of U.S. v. Seeger, 85 S. Ct.         apologist for go-slow techniques to dis-
                                                 before eleven to hold their positions.       850.                                           courage galloping racism, that 1 am fully
                                                    Impatient thousands of marchers began        C. If board rejects objections appeal to    prepared to go anywhere, meet anybody,
                                                 streaming around the classified clusters     State Appeal Board (in New York, Col.          and suffer any penalty to join in an NAACP
                                                 of women's groups, academies, many           Boughton, Selective Appeal Board, Al-          card burning. (My this year's dues prob-
                                                 in caps and gowns, political groups, Mid-    bany, N.Y.)."                                  ably haven't been paid. Anyway, let's
                                                 west and Southern contingents, and pro-         The other notable contributor to the        keep it that way).
                                                 fessional groups who were impatiently        newsletter, which emanates from 139 West
                                                 waiting their marching orders.               l25th Street, where jim Haughton has his       LIKE HAM AND RYE
                                                   Suddenly, hundreds of black people came    Harlem Unemployment Center, is Bob
                                                                                                                                                There's nothing wrong with General
                                                 tearing through the grumbling, chilly        Browne, whose excellent speech to the
                                                                                                                                              Westmoreland making speeches to the
                                                 marchers. The crowds parted like the         aforementioned Black Anti-Draft Confer-
                                                                                                                                              press assembled to hear the Establish-
                                                 Red Sea divided for the children ofIsraei.   ence of january 21, 1967, is printed in
                                                                                                                                              ment "party line" at New York's Wal-
                                                 Some of the blacks were singing, not the     full.
                                                                                                                                              dorf Astoria. Militarists and media go
                                                 usual freedom songs, but different chants.
                                                                                                                                              hand-in-hand like ham and rye. No great
                                                 "Hell, no, we won't go," and "Down with      DOVIE SUE AND MARTIN LU
                                                                                                 Almost more interesting than the me-         howls of angUish were heard when Cardi-
                                                 LBj" reverberated through Central Park.
                                                                                              chanics of rousing the black community          nal "Killer" Spellman or "Bloody Billy"
                                                                                              was the reaction of the American public         Graham traveled 'round the worid to
                                                 ANTI-DRAFT CONF,                             as reflected, possibly distorted, by the
                                                                                                                                              encourage the slaughterers of non-whites
                                          ~       Back in january of 1967, the first anti-    media, to the ·coalition of the barely          in Southeast Asis. Conceding of course,
                                          ...J draft conference of a regional or national     breathing civil rights movement and the         that it's only coincidental and/or irre-
                                          0::                                                                                                 levant that they and the Dominicans and
                                           < character of which I'd heard (and I'd been       thriving anti-war protest. If blonde Dovie
                                                                                                                                              Congolese, are non-white, what do Es-
                                           J:  listening) was held. The conveyors were        Sue had married black Martin Lu, you
                                           < called The Black United Action Front. I                                                          tablishmentarian religious hustlers care
                                                                                              wouldn't have heard greater rage, indig-
                                           U.                                                                                                 about the "Thou Shall Not Kill" com-
                                           o wouldn't have missed it for the world.           nati0'1 and dismay than you did when the
                                                . In its newsletter of April 4, 1967. the                                                     mandment?
                                           I-                                                 Reverend Martin Luther King dropped the
                                                                                                                                                The name of the game is the same:
                                               Coordinating Committee of Black Organi-        heavy, clammy, hand of the Establish-
                                                                                                                                              Keep the nigger in his place, put him in
                                               zations Against The Draft described the        ment, momentarily, and reached out
                                          4 Harlem movement and its plans for join-           toward the pale, wan hands of the (barely
                                                                                                                                             jail or kill him. But the late news is that
                                               ing the peace march. The following is                                                         the black people have had the game, and
                                                                                              integrated) peace marchers, or the
Why Amol In Vietnam?                           part of jim Haughton's article:                "peace-niks," as the ever so clever
                                                                                                                                             they're getting almost smart enough not to
                                                  "The Black United Action Front, a           Establishmentarians are most wont to call      get into a pOSition to be put in jail and/
                                                                                                                                              or killed in sufficient numbers to be
         My Enemy 19-                          coalition of many gral1s-roots organiza-
                                               tions, is once again in full swing. Inprep-
                                                                                                If milky-white Dovey Sue had become
                                                                                                                                             "kept in place," set up for them by their
                                               aration for the April 15th Anti-War Mobi-                                                     racist government and its mistress, big
                                                                                              bethrothed to Black Martin Lu, the tones
• A GOVERNMENT THAT KEEPS ME POOR              lization, thousands of leaflets are being                                                     business.
                                                                                              would be easily classified. There would
                                               distributed and posters pasted up through-                                                       The "breakthrough" of the marchers
• THE SLUMLORDS                                                                               be sounds Signifying outrage, hostility
                                               out the community. Sound trucks are going                                                     "for Harlem is symbolic of the growing
                                                                                              to Martin Lu, and accusations of betray-
• THE SYSTEM THAT DOES NOT EDUCATE ME          up and down side streets and avenues,                                                         impatience with the war in the black
                                                                                              al directed to Dovey Sue. But here, there
                                               and Black people are being informed of         is an attempt to pretend concern both for      community. May it thrive and flourish.
                                               their responsibility, nay, obligation, to      the peace movement and the civil rights                            •
   AGAINST ME.                                 march in protest against johnson's racist,     movement. Couldn't you die?                      ATLANTA, GA.-- Cleveland Sellers,
                                               genocidal war in Vietnam.                        joke Number One:- A New York Times           Program Director of SNCC, has refused
                                                  Through the work of BUAF thousands          editorial allowed as how Martin Luther         induction into the army. He is challeng-
                                               of Black people will march on April 15th       King's attempt to join the civil rights        ing the decision of the Selective Service
 MY FIGHT IS IN THE U. S.A. . and for the first time in New York Gity                         movement and the peace movement will           System on the grounds that blacks are
                                               give massive organized expression to their     result in a disservice to both move-           systematically excluded from th.e draft
   U.s. GET OUT                                deep disgust at racist U.S. imperialism's      ments.                                         boards• •
                                               aggression against the heroic people of
 OF VIETNAM NOW!                               Vietnam who are in a great .armed strug-
                                                                                                Wouldn't the racist, segregated, Es-

                                               gle for their political independence. Their

                                               stn.;ggle is inseparable from our struggle
                                               for Black liberation. American imper-
                                               ialism and its stooges, black and white,
                                               is the common enemy to the colored
                                                                                                BLACK STUDENTS
  Frank Greenwood, producer of "Burn
  Baby Burn", is beginning a phone-
  in radio program on KPFK in Los
                                               peoples of all continents."
                                                  That same issue included an interesting
                                               article by Conrad Lynn, which also bears
                                                  "Young Black men who are opposed to
                                                                                                 TO BE C.O. S                                over 100 black students ofthe Atlanta Uni-
  Mr. Greenwood will discuss Afro-                                                            ATLANTA, GEORGL'\. - Seventy More-             versity Center. Georgia Representative
                                               the draft or the racist war in Vietnam         house Colleg€. students announced at a         julian Bond and Dr. Martin Luther King
  American and African History, and            should take immediate steps to fight being      press conference here March 31 that they      endorsed the petition. Over half the facul-
  the problems of the American black           inducted ~nto the U.S. Army. By appealing      will apply for conscientious objector sta-     ty of Morehouse College signed a petition
   ghetto.                                     within the Selective Service System it is
                                                                                              tus.                                           endorsing the action taken by the students~
           TUESDA Y NIGHTS                     possible to fight the draft' 'with a minimum      Several black student leaders circulated      The black students ~xpressed hope that
            11 porn. to 1 a.m.                 of expense. If the young man decides to        a petition asking that black men become        similar action would take place on other
                                               refuse induction when he must enlis the •      conscientious objectors and work within        black college campuses throughout the
             KPFK-FM 90.1                      services of a lawyer and be prepared to        the country ".to regain control over their     south. Over 150 Spelman College women
                                               undertake the costs of a trial. These          individual lives and dest!nies,"               have signed petitions supporting the action
                                               costs may be offset by organizing sympa-          The press conference was attended by        of the Morehouse men. +

 EDITORIAL                                             I III II HUWOO WE STOP THE WAR?
      Many readers have asked us why THE MOVEMENT did not publicize or                        more "dangerous" forms-civil disobedience, draft refusal, "We Won't Go"
discuss the April Mobilization Against the War in Vietnam. One reason is that                 rallies. They are very afraid that we will get the mass support that will enable
we felt it would be given full (though not necessarity accurate) publicity in the             us physically and politically to PREVENT the furthering of this war. They saw
commercial press. The other reason. more important, was a sense of uneasiness                 the path that the Black Revolt took from the March on Washington to Black Power,
on the Editorial Board, a feeling that though the Mobilization was "good", it                 and they are determined that the peace movement, now clearly allied with the
was somehow not enough, off base, inadequate. One Board member bitterly de-                   movement, will not follow this path.
scribed it as "dancing in the streets. having fun while Vietnamese are being                         Mobilizations are not the most we can do; they are not news; they are
roasted to death."                                                                            background. Mark Twain, who wrote essays opposing the American imperialism
      Others backed it strongly, but most of u's were afraid that it was futile.              in the Philippines in the last century, said, "If this is traitorous, then I am a
We'd seen it before-the march on Washington, the marches during the Cuban Mis-                traitor and proud of it." We say it again:. The mass marches are the least we can
sle Crisis, the March into Cicero-people marching, but not getting anywhere.                  do. If they are "traitorous," then the actions to come, will be traitorous ten
      THE IMPORTANCE OF MASS MARCHES AND RALLIES IS THAT THEY                                 times over. We must stop the war, not by protesting alone, but by PREVENTING
TRULY THREATEN THE GOVERNMENT'S POLICY. Without the tacit support                                   Several readers (see LETTERS) take issue with our opposition to the draft.
of the black community, SNCC's radical actions would be impossible. Stokely                   We don't think that by refusing to go into the Armed Forces we will force the
Carmichael would be just an alienated "firebrand" and Muhammed Ali a lone                     government to create a professional army. We think .the Administration wants to
hold-out who could be dismissed. It is the active, a1).dpassive, support they are             take America's young people and mold them into supporters of our increasingly
given that makes them political threats.                                                      aggressive foreign policy by subjecting them to military and other government-
      Let us therefore look with pleas.ure on the mass mobilizations, not because             controlled programs at an early age. The government needs popular support in
100,000 or 200,000 is a magic number that will make politicians and military men              order to survive. Draft refusal is an effective way to deny it that popular support.
crumble, but because they represent the sentiment that will make more "danger-                politically and physically, at the present time.
ous" actions possible. The peace movement WILL escalate. It will develop to
the point where the government must either stop the war or crush the movement.
The groundwork for repression is always laid by men like Westmoreland who at=
tack "defeatists" and "traitors at home".
                                                                                                    We must strike at the source' of manpower for the Armed Forces. (Anti
       We must not forget that when Westmoreland denounces peace marchers as                  Draft Unions). We must expose the individuals involved in war research (see
traitors, he is speaking the-words which President Johnson wants the public to                FROM THE CONFIDENTIAL GOVERNMENT FILES, this issue). We must
hear. As we were marching, our Armed Forces were dramatically escalating the                  prevent the movement of war goods (Port Chicago). We must prevent their manu-
war, not in response to "North Vietnamese aggression," but clearly in response                facture (sit ins and strikes at the plants). We must educate the members of the
to the marches in America. Columnists and editorials repeated Washington's'                   Army and let them know that though we sympathize with them as friends and
message: Peace marches only lengthen the war; they are self-defeating and                     citizens, we do not support the actions they are forced to carry out. We must
traitorous. And the Administration is trying to prove in blood that this is true. It          unseat the politicians that promote the war. We must deny tacit public approval
is attempting to label as traitorous the inoffensive, legal and undangerous forms             to those who make money out of the slaughter.
of protest in order to scare us off from escalating the anti-war movement into                      We have the support. Now we must end the war."

     !!HELL NO, WE WON'T GO!"
          .:.      I'   ;.0.'   M   .'   J:"   ~
                                                       DRAFT REFUSERSTO MEET
    BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA - On May 14 at the Walden School a conference to discuss             those who have taken the pOSition of non-cooperation by means of such acts as civil dis-
 total non-cooperation with the draft will be held. Total non-cooperation with the draft      obedience and deliberate, massive violations of the Selective Service Act.
 means that a man of draft age will refuse any def.erment. such as 2-S or l-Y. and will         "The lesson of the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials was that a fundamental 'law of
 refuse to be inducted if he should pass the physical and mental tests of the Selective       humanity' exists," the statement continued: 'which transcends the law of the state. 'Ibe
 Service System.                                                                              individual has the obligation and therefore the right to fight against his nation's inhuman
   The conference will discuss the different reasons for taking such a position. Men who      activity .by whatever means are at his disposaL The War in Vietnam is such an activity.
 have served time in jail for this sort of activity will explain the nature of prison. The    The massive destruction of the Vietnamese crop lands, the burning of villages, the na-
 legal aspects of non-cooperation will be talked about. Plans for the following months will   palming of men, women and children, the torturing of civilians and prisoners of war all
 be announced and explained. There will be an opportunity to meet men from around the         atest to the inhuman and cruel nature of the American Government's policy in that country.
 West who will be coo'rdinating activities in the month::; ahead. Work for these activities     .. As each man incurs guilt to the extent that he fails to engage in active opposition to
 will be divided up among those who decide or who have decided to make this commitment.       his country's inhumane policies, we as men refuse to take part in. that war and totally
   The conference will not be a forum for every view on the draft and the war. It will be a   dissociate ourselves from that war and the institutions -- specifically the draft - wflich
 place for men to gather who are thinking seriously of non-cooperation and participating in   enable the United States Government to can'y out its policy of genocide in Vietnam."
 a movement which centers around that activity.                             .                   For more information call Steve Hamilton or Lenny Heller in Berkeley at 849-4950.
   In a statement to THE MOVEMENT .the group said; , 'We realize that dissociation from       Address: 2502 Telegraph, Berkeley, California. Or David Harris or Dennis Sweeney at

 this country's war of genocide on the Vietnamese people carries with it the risk and         323-0529 in East Palo Alto. Address: 2269 Cooley Street.
 probability of a severe prison sentence. The perils of non-cooperation. however, do not        These men are organizers of the Bay Area Organizing Committee for Draft Resistence .
require passive acceptance of individual or collective martyrdom. We intend to Eupport

                             SDS FORMS
                        ANTI-DRAFT UNIONS
  CHICAGO, ILL. - Students for a Democratic Society has begun a nation wide move to
organize anti-draft unions. The activity began back in December at the SOS National
Council Meeting. The results are that at least 20 campuses (listed below with people to
contact) now have an anti-draft union. Each union decides how it will oppose the draft, so
                                                                                              DRAfT UNION CONTACTS
that all around the country many differenLtactics for draft refusal and avoidance are being   Here is a list of national and regional contacts for those interested in draft resistence
developed.                                                                                    work. Following that is a list of campuses where there are currently draft resistence
   For example, at Michigan State University the SDS Chapter has set up a three part          groups. For those of you interested in contacting the groups on the list, you may do so by
program:                                                                                      writing to the national office.
   1. To provide counselling and information to draft age men who oppose the Vietnam war      Jeff Segal (national draft resistence coordinator)
and are looking for alternatives to the draft, This includes political or religious Con-      1608 W. Madison St., Chicago, llL 60612
scientious Objectors or emmigration to Canada.                                                Tom Bell
   2. To mobilize opposition to the war through an Anti-Draft Union. The Union has two        107 Dryden Rd., Ithaca, NY
petitions. One reads "We, the undersigned, are young Americans of draft age opposed to        Mark Harris
U.S. intervention in Vietnam. We hereby form an Anti-Draft Union and declare our in-          Peace and Freedom Center, 221 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs, Ohio
tention to: Refuse to fight against the people of Vietnam; refuse to be inducted into the     Levi Kingston (national draft resistence traveller)
armed forces of the U.S.; resist the draft; and aid and encourage others to do the same."     SDS National Office or 4319 Melrose, Los Angeles, CaliL
  The other petition, which is being circulated among women and non-draftable males           Mark Klieman (Northern Calif. field secretary)
reads: "We th~ undersigned citizens of the U.S. declare our support and encourage-            1079 San Pablo #1, Albany, Calif'., 94706
ment of all men who will: refuse to fight against the people of Vietnam: refuse to be         Morty Miller (New England draft resistence traveller)
inducted into the armed forces of the U.S.; and resist the draft."                            27 Day St., New Haven, Conn.
  3. To carry out a draft project for the general purpose of publicizing protest against      Doug Norberg (Southern CaliL field secretary)
the war.                                                                                      4319 Melrose. Los Angeles, CaliL
  More information on SDS activity can be gotten from the 3DS National Office at 1608         Bob Pardun (Texas-Oklahoma field secretary)

West Madison. Chicago, IlL 60612 or from the contacts given below. Also the March             POB 8519, University Station, Austin, Texas
27, 1967 issue of New Left Notes. the newspaper of SDS has further information and            Mendy Samstein
discussion of the anti-draft movement ......                                                  338 E. 11th St., New York, NY
     PAGE 8                                                                                  THE MOVEMENT'                                                                                         MAY 1967

     GETS 6 MONTHS                                                                                                        JR. HIGH STUDENTS STRIKE
                                                                                                            Los Angeles, California

              SUPREME COURT                                                                                   Students at Bancroft Junior High School
                                                                                                            in this city protested and sat-in over com-
                                                                                                            plaints about the student code of be-
                                                                                                            havior. Most of the complaints concerned
                                                                                                                                                             torial that appeared in that pUblication's
                                                                                                                                                             third issue called on the students to pro-
                                                                                                                                                                The editorial reads in part: " •••W·ear

             DENIES BLACK PLEA
        The Supreme Court of the United States,            A Greenville police officer, a Negro,
                                                                                                            the rules governing dress and grooming,
                                                                                                           which the protesting students would like
                                                                                                            to see radically altered.
                                                                                                               Protests started Wednesday, April 19,
                                                                                                                                                             whatever the hell you please, and do
                                                                                                                                                             whatevery you want, you have to show the
                                                                                                                                                             administration that you want to be your-
                                                                                                                                                             self. • ." Many Ces*red staff members
     in full retreat from its role as protector         told MacLaurin to move on ·01' be arrest-           when· a leaflet (printed secretly at the         are among those suspended.
     of civil rights .. has refused to hear the case    ed. Believing i~ his right to spe~k freely,       . school printshoP) announced a protest               The Code of Dress Which the students
     of a SNCC Field Secretary. Charles Mac-            MacLaurin kept on speaking, and when ar-         . rally and called for a sit-in strike in           a're protesting contains the following stand-
     Laurin, organizer in the Delta region of           rested, went limp and was dragged off.              the courtyard ~fter lunch. During the            ards: Girls: natural hair, modest dresses,
     Mississippi, was arrested in July 1963 on             He was tried in the Greenville Muni-             morning a Mr. Engel, head of the L.A.            tie shoes, and bobby socks. Forbidden
     charges of "disturbing the peace" and              cipal Court, without legal representation,          School Board's Secu.rity Section, was at         are casual clothes such as shifts, stock-
     "reSisting arrest."                                and found guilty. He appealed the case              BancrOft checking the situation.                 ings of any kind, tennis shoes, and make-
        The day before his arrest, MacLaurin            and was tried again, in the Washington                                                               up other than lipstick.
                                                                                                                                                                Rule #1 for boys states, "Hair should
     had attended the trial of several black            County Court, which held TWO TRIALS,              Reaction                                           be cut closely at the sides and back."
     Greenville residents on trial for playing          one on each count. MacLaurin was sen-                By eleven 0' clock another leaflet an-
     ball in a •'for white only" public park.           tenced to 90 days and a $50 fine on each                                                             Sunglasses are forbidden for all. Last
                                                                                                          nounced "The Protest's A Bust" - the
     When they were found guilty, MacLaurin             count. Charging t;hat the count of "dis-          principle of Bancroft, Mr. Paul SChwartz;          week the administration made a concession
     addressed a group of 50 black persons              turbing the peace" was in defiance of his         had accomplished a last minute cancella-           on the girls' rules: buckled shoes are now
     gathered in front of the courthouse. He            right of freedom of speech and that he                                                               promitted.
                                                                                                          tion by conSUlting with some of the more
      told them that the conviction was unwar-          did not resjst arrest, MacLaurin appealed         militant students and inviting those in-              Some students would also like to revise
      ranted and suggested that blacks register         to the Washington County c;ircuit Court.          terested to meet with him after school             Rule '#4 of School Discipline Policy which
     to vote in order to correct this injustice.        This court upheld the earlier conviction.         for dIscussion.                                    states, "Do not indulge in fondling or
                                                           A further appeal before the Mississippi           More than a hundred students came to            handholding."
                                                        Supreme Court was decided against Mac-            the after school discussion, but the militant
                                                        Laurin. Finally an appeal          forCer-        students were not satisfied by the results.        More Protests
      SOMALI TRIBESMAN                                  tiary was placed before the U.S. Supreme
                                                        Court, requesting that the case be re-
                                                                                                          Mr. Schwartz repeated earlier assurances
                                                                                                          that dress and grooming code revision
                                                                                                                                                                On Thursday, the students, convinced
                                                                                                                                                             that the administration had not showed
                                                        viewed. The Supreme Court, with three             was under consideration and asked the              any concrete willingness to act upon'
!    CLASH WITH FRENCH                                  justices dissenting, refl5ed the review that      students to use established channelS to            urgently felt student grievances, passed

I                                                       decision of the racist courts that had
                                                        acted in clear violation of MacLaurin's
                                                                                                          voice their complaints - the Student Coun-
                                                                                                          cil, elective leadership class, homroom
                                                                                                                                                             out another leaflet, saying "Sit in today.
                                                                                                                                                             Don't go to 5th period."

I    AFRAMERICAN NEWS SERVICE                           civil and human rights.                           discussions, etc.                                     That nQon about 125 students chanted
                           -- The divide-and-              On February 1 of this ye<m, Charles                                                               "We Want Rights" as at least 100 other
      conquer tactics of the French colonialists        MacLaurin was ordered to surrender to
      in French Somaliland came to light here           the City of GreeJlville. He did, and began
                                                                                                          Leadership                                         students milled around. Most of the par-
                                                                                                             The sbrike has no formal leaders~               ticipanfs left the rally after lunch to go
      last month.                                       serving a sentence of 180days. MacLaurin                                                             to class. But about 40 stayed outside for
                                                                                                           Some of the students named as influential
          This French colony was the scene of           is one of SNCC's best organizers and was                                                             most of 5th period.
                                                                                                           activists say that they discourage formal
     'violent clashes between the Somali people         attempting to build a strong black political                                                            About ten students were suspended as a
                                                                                                           leaders because amorphous leadership
      and the French occupation troops. The             organization in the Delta region. In a                                                               result of the strike. By Monday the num-
                                                       statement on his case, SNCC said, •'This            prevents the emergence of vulnerable
      Somali tribesmen, a proud people who                                                                 martyrs who could be heavily disciplined          ber had risen to 38. The suspended stu-
      have been fighting for independence              is· still another example of the fact that                                                            dents may be reinstated only after the
                                                       the courts and the governmental officials         . by the administration.
      through massive demonsirat~s and civil
1     disobedience, are being isolated from            across this country are engaged in a con-
                                                                                                                                                             school administration sits in conference
I                                                                                                         Cause                                              with their parents. So far, there has
j'    the Afar tribesmen, the other tribe in           scious conspiracy to frame up and deny
                                                                                                           Mr. Schwartx tends to lay much of the             been no unified response among the
      that area. The French. have used the             justice to black men who dare to fight for                                                            parents.
i                                                                                                        blame for the unrest on the school's
      traditional hostility between the Somali         their human rights and seek justice."
                                                                                                         underground paper, the Cens*red. An edi-
      and Afar groups to perpetuate French
                                                                          •                                                                                  Aftermath
                                                                                                                                                                Mr. Schartz has stated that he considers
          After allowing more Afars to register
      to vote than SomaliS, the French held a
                                                                       ON BEING FUCKED OVER                                                                  the militant students entirelyunrepresen-
                                                                                                                                                             tative of the student body of over 1600.
      rigged plebiscite to determine whether                            i don't know bout you, but for me                                                    He thinks that the students have "learned
      the colony was to remain French. The                              i think it's better ,braver to cry out, be angry, shout...                           a lesson."
      Afars, courted by the French and offered                                                                                                                  The activist cadres at Bancroft hold
      special privileges over their Somali                              i think it's harder,· nobler to utter a tone of indignation                          that the communication channels that now
      brothers, dutifully, voted to remain a                            than be silent, moan ...                                                             exist are unrepresentativ~ and dominated
      French colony. The Somalis voted for                                                         (unlike the t.v. indian)                                  by the administration. The central com-
      independence.                                                                                                                                          plaint is that these "regular channels"
          The Somalis, dissatisfied with the                            if my hands, legs were tied                                                          do not guarantee any real student voice
      • 'election" results, held mass demon-                            I'd scream, yell                                                                     in the regulation of student. behavior,
      strations in protest. These were met                                                                                                                   that is, in the setting of student policy.
                                                                                        ,   spit
      with violence by the French. Thousands of                                                                                                                 Late word from Los Angeles has it that
      Somali tribesmen were arrested and                                and if my mean mouth were fused shut
                                                                                                                                                             three more students have been expelled
      shipped off to "camps" in the desert.                                                        (for the sake of a scene)                                 from the school. . .
      The French claim they are "trouble-                               dammit I'd grunt like hell.
      makers" who must be isolated. The Afars                                                                                                                E                    n
      have been promised "special privileges,"
      "increased educational facilities" and
      "more and better jobs" by the French
      governor for serving their French mas-
                                                                        BY FRANI( JONES
                                                                        Member of JOIN Community Union, Chicago                                                     SUNFLOWER
      ters so faithfully. It appears that the
      French may have another Algeria on their                                                                                                                    ELECTIONS' LOST
                                                                DAMN VIETNAM
      hands . . .
                                                                                                                                                               SUNFLOWER, MISS. -- Otis Brown,
                                                                                                                                                             Jr. lost the mayorality election in this
                                                                                                                                                             town by a vote of 194 to 123. However,
                         MARK                                   Mark Comfort; victim of many unjust j ailings and arrests, father of four,
                                                                                                                                                             the black voter registration is 185 com-
                                                                                                                                                             pared to 153 for whites.

                      COMFORT                               Black Power advocate and fighter for Human ldghts has long been against
                                                            the war in Vietnam.
                                                                                                                                                               A Federal court suit is being pre-
                                                                                                                                                             pared to challenge the election on the
                                                                                                                                                             grounds that it was not "fair and im-
                      ARRESTED                                  He has put his feelings on a 45 record, a Folk song against the war in
                                                                                                                                                             partial". The federal gov't appointed two

                                                                                                                                                             white poll watchers for the election.
                                                                He needs money for defense, Help fight injustice. Get your organization
                                                                                                                                                             The Sunflower MFDP is filing the suit.
         Mark Comfort, organizer of the Oak-                to help by selling this record.
      .and Direct Action Committee, was ar-                     Organizations can order 100 for a $75,00 donation and make money for                                    'to-      ,e          ,c
      'ested as THE MOVEMENT went to press.                 their treasury while helping Mark Comfort fight his legal battle.
      -Ie was arrested in Sacramento during                                                                                                                                      Advertisement
                                                            Please make checks payable to-Mark Comfort Defense Fund.
      I  demonstration by the Black Panther
                                                            Mail to 6914 Lockwood St., Oakland, Calif. 94621                                                     'ORDER NOW
      :larty for Self-defense. Comfort and others
     Nere protesting a bill by Assemblyman
     Don Mulford that would disarm the black
     ::omminity, allowing only police and armed
                                                       -                                                          ' --
                                                       ; •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• " ••••••••••• 1 •••• I ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ~
                                                       _ .
                                                       :     Here is my order for "Damn Vietnam" by Mark Comfort.
                                                                                                                     -                                   :
                                                                                                                                                                               SPARTACIST #10
                                                                                                                                                                            (May~June 1967 issue)
     forces to carry loaded guns in public.
     :;ince black communities are under con-
                                                       :                                                             -
                                                             Proceeds to go to Mark Comfort Defense Fund and/or Oakland Direct                           :
                                                                                                                                                                   Special Supplement this issue:

     ~inuous attack by the police and militia,
     :his measure denies black citizens the

                                                             Action Committee.

                                                             1 @$1.25 don.    or   100 @$75.00
                                                                                                                                                                               BLACK AND RED
                                                                                                                                                                            Class Stru.E8le Road
     dght of self-defense.
        Total bail set for the demonstrators           ·
                                                       ::    Name                                                  Address                           _                       to Negro Freedom
     ~s $30,000.00. Donations are urgently
     1eeded. Send checks to Black Panther              ·
                                                       ::    CITY                                  STATE                      ZIP                _               single copy,10¢            12-issue sub. $l.

     Party Bail Fund, c/o Comfort, 6914
     ~ockwood      Street, Oakland, California
                                                       :: ALLOW 4 to 6 Weeks for delivery
                                                                                                                                                                 Order from:
                                                                                                                                                                                 SPARTACIST LEAGUE
     )4621. (see article on Comfort, page 4,
      his issue):.-
                                                                                                                                                                                 Box U77 G.P.O.
                                                                                                                                                                                 New York, N.Y, 10001
                                                                                                                                                                    "   I
                                                                                                                          -'   -

      MAY 1967                                                                                           THE MOVEMENT                                                                                     PAGE     ~

                                      LONELY STRUGGLE
                                       IN- APPALACHIA

      _ ~~_.,                                                                ,
  THE HOM£oHhe union's shop stew~(i:1 burned mysteriously after the strike began.                                                                  THE UNION strike office
                      . ''''l   J.~   ,   =...;   '~-t   'I      :.r'.,   ,,'4

  "vie haveri't'received one'dime from the international; and the company can't understand
I •                                                                                                                       Workers were forbidden to be absent         before the strike. The Blue Ridge plant
why we're still on strike. Th~y 'don't understand that we're not' asking for more money;                               without a doctor's excuse. After three         used to be more, efficient than any of
we just want to be treated like humans. If you lose what self respect you got, then it seems                           unexcused absences, they were fired.         , Levi's other 11 factories. Now, a large
to me you don't have much of anythi~g,left."                                                                           Inability to find a babysitter so 'they could  part of the slacks they produce are sent
                                                                                                                       work overtime on Saturday was no ex-           back to be redone, because the workman-
     BLUE RIDGE, Ga, -Seven months ago,                              company, and a key phrase in most of its          cuse. They were forbidden to talk to           ship is so poor.
  450 workers walked out of a clothing fac-                      .' clauses is' 'in the opinion of management:~        each other during working hours. In one            Levi has filed suits against both the
  tory in this small north Georgia communi-                      - ·TIiis makeif·managemell:t the' Sole jU'dge of '    section, they were-forbidden to use the         ILGWU and the Chemical Workers' inter-
  ty. They were membersidf'tfiE!f{t'i;J~ion                          its own fairness except in cases involVing        bathroom without a doctor's note saying        national uniotl$~',charging they have con-
 ,ever organized in,thec8unty,~ndtheywere                          . local or federal laws, a~d it nullIfies most      they had a kidney infection.                    spired to deprive the company of its pro-
  refusing to put up any longer with un-                             complaints.                                          And always the section heads picked on      fits. Both suits are for five million dollars.
  bearable working conditions.                                           Another problem is that, in order to have     the y.'omen who had to work and couldn't       The company ha$ also filed $250,OOOsuits
     Since then, they have been fighting                              a grievance arbitrated, management must          fight back. After the contract was signed,     against both local,S. It seems unlikely that
  lilone. More than 400 have still not re-                           sign the grievance form. The plant man-           they began to pick on the strongest union      they can win any 6f these.
  turned to work in ,the fact~ry' and 225                             ager claims he has no au~hority to do so.        members too.                                       There is speculation ,that if the strike
  have been unable to find. other jobs. There                        During the two years the contract             The workers put up with this. They          is not settled soon, the company will close
  has been no pUblicity in the local or outside                      force, only two grievances actually came to       had no alternative, under the contract,         down the plant and move out of Blue Ridge,
  press. 1 'Their union' - 'the lllternational                       arbitration.                                      and they hoped to negotiate 1f better one       and many of the women think this is prob-
  Ladies Garment Workers' Union (lLGWU)                                 .The women say they knew the contract          in 1967.                                        ably the best thing that can happen. But al-
  - has given no financial or moral support.                         was weak, but they accepted it in the hope                                                        though they have learned they can manage
  They claim they cannot legally do so, be-                          that when it expired they would be in a            THE WALK-OUT                                   without the plant, thE;ly are still determined
  cause the contract is still in force.                              good, bargaining position to demand a                 The breaking point came when manage-        to try to win.
     During this period, the company claims                          stronger one.                                      ment violated the seniority clause by             "The reason I'm still fighting is, Ihope
  to have lost an average of $15,000 a day.                              But the company had no intention of co-,       bringing in an inexperienced worker to         that our kids never ha'(e to work there -
     But neither side will give in - because                         operating with them, or even of allowing           operate a new machine. "We knewthere'Q         or anybody, as far as that goes. I'd like to
  the fight is really about more ,th~n the                           the union to exist. Only minutes after he          be no end to the dirty tricks they'd pull      think that something I do now wouldbetter
  fate of one factory and a few hundred                              signed the first contract, the area manager      , if we put up with this," one woman said.       that place for other people that have tc
  workers in a small mountain town. The.                             told the union committee that he would             All 300 union members and 150 people           work there, in years to come," says Mrs.
  question .:is wheth~ co'mpanies are to                             break the union before the agreement ex-           who had never joined walked out. The com-      Davis.
  be allowed ,- to come into Appalachian                             pired.                                             pany promptly labelled it a wildcat strike.       " Why, the colored people in any part of
  commllnities tq exploit c4eap l~bor and                                Working conditions at Levi had always             Looking back, Mrs. Davis says she           the country have ~ore rights and are
  low tax rates. -And ;the answers' found                            been bad. "I reckon they found outthatthey         thinks the company was deliberately trying     treated better than we were at Levi. And
  here may aff~Ct lalior' relatio~s 'in sim-                       . could make people mad, and they'd work             to provoke a walkout:                          that's all we ask - to be treated as well
  Bar toW/lS and factories thrOUg!lOUt the                           harder to' let off steam, I I one woman               "They was bound and determined to           as the colored people. I don't have any-
  mountains.                                                         said. "So they tried to keep us mad all the        break the union, and that's the only reason    thing )against them; I believe in them
                                                                     time."                                             they pulled the caper that they did and        getting their rights. And that's all we're
 HISTORY OF THE STRIKE                                                   After the contract was signed conditions       we came out on strike. They wanted             asking for, to be treated fair."
    The seeds ot' the struggl~ were planted                          became even worse.                                 us to come out on a wildcat strike, and            (All the workers at the Blue Ridge plant
 seven years ago, when Levi Strauss and                                  Some of the harassment was also de-            if we had of known it then we could have       are white - it is in a virtually all-white
 Company (the firm which makes levis)                                signed to keep the workers from earning            sued them for breaking the contract. But       county. This is one of the counties in the
 first moved i~to Blue Ridge. They had                               more than the minimum wage. First, an              we didn't know. They had everybody work-       hill country of the South which flew the
 their pick of workers because few jobs                              "average" production level was set by              ed up in such a state of mind that you·        Union flag throughout the CiviI War).
 for women are available in the region.                              timing the fastest workers" In order to            couldn't think straight."                          A settlement' of the strike would not
 During the last seven years, the com-                            . earn more than the minimum wage, a                     The strike has becom~ a fight to the        be expensive, since the strikers are not
 pany has sifted through 3,800 employees                             worker had to beat this production level           finish. According to the women, the com-       asking for more money - just for better
 to select the 560 highly skilled workers                            five times a week. If she failed to top            pany boasted it would starve or freeze         working conditions. Why, then, does Levi
 - including about 500 women - who                                   production even once, she forfeited the            them out - but the workers have set up an      refuse to negotiate?
 were on the job when the strike began                          - increase, although she might have turned              around - the - clock picket from a small           One woman suggested the answer when
 August 10.                                                          out 150 per cent each of the four pre-             trailer, a few hundt"ed yards from the ' she discussed city officials' attitudes.
   The job shortage also meant that work-                            ceding days.                                       factory gate, that showsno'signofflagging.     , 'The mayor of Blue Ridge is against us
 ers had to put up with bad working con-                                 Management usually saw to it that no-             Many women who thought they needed          because he's manager of a hosiery mill
 ditions, because if they were fired there                           body beat production five days running.            their salaries have discovered they can       .down the road," she said. "He's afraid
 was nowhere else to work. The workers                               A section head would toss back work with           manage without them. Those who can't have      if we win this s~ike that his plant will
 say the factory has been run like a sweat                           no visible mistakes, over and over, to             found other jobs, or are being helped by       organize."
 shop since it opened.                                               be redone. A machine would mysteriously            fellow workers with jobs. Some of the             In a sense, Levi is a bulwark of anti-
    By 1965, the women had decided they                              break down and need repairs. A woman               women have' to travel as much as 100           unionism. If the strike is crushed, labor
 needed a union. Many are married to mem-                            would be given an unfamiliar job to do on          miles a day to work, but they are deter-      organizing in the mountains may be set
 bers of the Chemical Workers' Union,                                a strange machine.                                 mined not to go back to Levi until the        back for years. Workers who already have
 who are employed at Copperhill, Tenn.,                                 One of the best workers said she only           strike is settled.                            contracts may stop making serious at-
 just across the state line. Chemical work-                          managed to beat production eight.weeks                                                          _tempts to enforce them. But if the women
 ers did .the organizational leg work, and                           out of, 50 last year. The shop steward,                                                           win, it will provide an example for work-
 emPloyees voted two-to-one to become a                              Mrs. Darlene Davis, has worked at her              PRODUCTION SLUMPS                             ers through Appalachia.
 local of the ILGWU.                                                 job for six years. But her income for                Meanwhile, the company has only man-
   "In the Opinion of Management. . :'                               eight months of work last year was only            aged to recruit 290 scabs. Most are not
   But the uniolL cop-tract did nothing to                           $1,531 - less than the minimum wage,              very skilled - people who had already                         CONTINUED ON P. 10
 improve conditions. It was drawn up by the                          since she worked 54 hours most weeks.             been rejected when they applied for jobs

     PAGE 10                                                                            THE MOVEMENT                                                                              MAY    1967

                                                     NASHVILLE                           _
      CaN'T. FROM P. 1                               CaN'T. FROM P. 1
     started smashing tables and chairs and
     breaking dishes~ Rev ~ Kirkpatrick, hear-      BLACKS FIGHT BACK
     ing of the action in the cafeteria, ap-           The riot cops again broke up the dem-
     pealed to the students with a megaphone,       onstration and billy-clubbed the students
     saying, "This movement must remain             into the dorms. But this time when they
     within the bounds of reason~ ~ ~ We do         tried to enter, they were forced to with-
     not support the destruction of State proper-   draw at gun point by the students inside.
     ty. We do support students when they           After that the cops were content to just
     dump s lop on the floor because we support     cordon off the area.
     their just demand for decent food, but we         The incidents just described came out
     do not support the destruction of State        of more than just the arrest of the one
     property."                                     black student at the University Dinner
                                                    Club. They began when Stokley Carmichael
      GIRLS BOYCOTT CURFEW                          was invited to speak at Vanderbilt, a
        The gir Is decided they would boycott       white college in Nashville. The Tennessee
     the dormitories until 11 p.m. in protest       State Legislature passed a resolution
     against the curfew. Being 15 minutes late      demanding that Vanderbilt withdraw its
     results in automatic expulsion. They set       invitation to Carmichael. The students at
     up a record player in the street and brought   Vanderbilt protested that resolution on the

     out sandwiches and soft drinks. A street       grounds of "academic freedom". They won
     dance was held until 1L                        the battle and the invitation was not
        The result was clear. As Rev, Kirk-         withdrawn.'
     patrick said, "We have overcome the
                                                                                                  SNCC WORKERS, Ernest Stephens, George Ware, and Simmuel SChutz, were Charged with "inciting
                                                                                                  to riot" upon entering town,
     fear of the white man's puppets, the Uncle      VIGILANTES
     Tom TSU administration. We have brought           Then the Nashville newspapers began        The Banner, claim that black people               just struggle for betterment". And just to
     about unity among the sisters and brothers     rapping about Carmichael and how he           organizing for control of their communi-          prove it, they send a bus through a student
     on TSU campus, which is something the          would cause a riot if he came. One news-      ties and their lives means that there will        demonstration to set everything into
     white man h5ls always tried to prevent.        paper, The Banner, even called for vigi-      be a riot which will prolong the "negro's         motion• •
     We have let the white man's adminis-           lante groups to be formed to handle the       •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I ••••••••••••••••••••••• • "
     tration know that they are our servants        "nigras". For two weeks the Banner rap-
      and not our masters."                         ped on impending riots in their editorials.
                                                       During those two weeks before the          LONELY STRUGGLE-_                                             SDS
     LEADERS ARRESTED                               V anderbilt talk on Saturday afternoon
        At midnight, Houston police, together                                                     CaN'T. FROM P. 9
     with FBI and Harris County deputies,
                                                    April 8, Carmichael and other SNCC
                                                    field secretaries began an organizing                                                             ANTI-DRAFT
     raided the YMCA and arrested two of            drive on the two black campuses --
     the movement's leaders, Rev. Kirkpat-          Fisk and Tennessee state. The SNCC/
                                                                                                      DON'T BUY LEVI'SI
     rick and Franklin Alexander. Alexander         workers were refused access to meeting
     first went into hiding, but gave himself       halls at both campuses. They held meeting       We call on interested persons and or-              SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. -- The
     up voluntarily when he heard of Kirk-          and workshops at people's homes and out       ganizations. to:                                  Northern California Region, of Students
     patrick's arrest. Bail was set at $25,000      on the fields at the campuses. Finally,         - stop buying levis                             for a Democratic Society will be picket-
     for each man. Among the charges was that       without official permission, meetings were      -form local boycott committees. Pub-            ing the S.F. Draft Board on May 8. The
     "the defendents met unlawfully and did         permitted inside the Tennessee State gym.         licize this by demonstrations, leaf-          draft board is at 100 McAllister Street.
     the rea f t e r seriously and pub Ii call y                                                      lets, mailings, etc. and pressure your        The picket will begin at 3:00 and con-
     threaten to kill any police officer who                                                          local stores to stO? carrying Levi pro-       tinue till 5:00.
     might undertake to arrest any demon-           ISSUES                                            ducts til the strike is settled                  The demonstration is being held on _
     strators."                                       The SNCC workers talked about who             - money is urgently needed both to sus-         the opening day of Congressional hearings
        When the news of the arrests hit the        controlled' black colleges, the fact that         tai!! ~e.,:workers and he~pcarry.onthe_.-.    on the draft. An SDS leaflet says. that
     campus after midnight a meeting was            over fifty percent of the department heads        boycott. Make cheques out to the              the' hear~ngs will be part' ~f o'a~ ad-
     held to decide strategy. The girls, locked     at Fisk were white, the fact that the             Committee for the Blue Ridge Strik-           ministration program to divert and con-
     in their dorms, broke down the doors           faculty at State did not receive tenure           ers and mail them to the committee's          fuse issues."
     and left to join the meeting.                  and thus could be fired at any time, and          office at 610 West 116th Street, #53,            The leaflet goes on to say that the
        The following day an open letter from       the fact that neither college would allow         New York, N.Y. 10027                          draft must be opposed not only because
     the Administration to the students was         any cours't:! on Afro-American history.         - keep in touch. Let us know what is            of the immoral war in Vietnam, but
     circulated, saying in part, "The student         Then the discussions centered on the            being done in your area and send in .         also because the government uses the
     organizations, including Friends of SNCC,      restrictive dorm rUles, the throughfare           your address so we can mail bulletins         draft to carry out its aggressive foreign
     should appoint three representatives to        that passed down the center of campus              and action memos to you                      policy. That policy needs a standing army,
     confer with the very top echelons of the       and the girl that was runover by a truck                                                        but "the American people see no reason
     University concerning the student de-          recently.                                     The Committee for the Blue Ridge Strikers         to voluntarily support this foreign policy
     mands. Friends of SNCC will be included                                                            610 West 116th Street, #53                  and must be coerced•. :~
     as a student organization if it turns in a     STUDENT CONTROL                                       New York, N.Y. 10027                         Furthermore, the government uses the
     list of its leaders to Dean Jones..."            The speech at Vanderbi~t was to con-                                                          draft to stifle dissent. Students at the
        The students, who were occupying the        clude this organizing drive. At the begin-      This story is reprinted from the South-         University of Michigan in Ann Arbor
     main auditorium for an all-day meeting,        ning of the speech Carmichael talked about    ern Patriot, published monthly by the             were punished for Sitting in at a draft
     instead decided to invite the Admin-           The Banner editorials and read one of         Southern Conference Educational Fund.             board ~n protest of the Vietnam war and
     istration to come there and present its        the worst calling for Vigilantes. He talked   Subscriptions to the Patriot are $3; they         the draft by being reclassified I-A delin-
     position to the assembled student body.        about how colleges were instruments of        may be ordered from:                              quent which,made them immediately liable
     A delegation of 200 students from the          social control and not education. He talked                     SCEF                            for induction.
     University of Houston marched to the
     auditorium to express their support.
        TSU President Pierce, "visably
     shaken", appeared and reread the Ad-
      ministr ation letter. Asked if he would do
                                                    about the need for black students and
                                                    white students to tak~ power in their coll-
                                                    eges and to begin to direct their own ed-
                                                                                                             3210 W. Broadway
                                                                                                            Louisville, Ky. 40211
                                                                                                                    •                   Advertisement
                                                                                                                                                       During the S.F. demonstration there may
                                                                                                                                                    be some form of a civil disobedience.

                                                      The speech got a standing ovation from         "Persistently challenging,
      anything to get Rev. Kirkpatrick and          both the black and white students. Some
      Franklin Alexander released, he replied,      blacks were surprised that the white,
                                                                                                                   Nat Hentoff
     "No."                                                                                            it
                                                    mostly southern, students received Car-            ATROCITY LITERATURE HAS                      fIowever, homPetics, like "peace re-
                                                    michael with such enthusiasm. That en-           BECOME A SURROGATE FOR                         search," are no substitute for the
     BLOCK COURTHOUSE                               thusiasm also gave them hope, for it            PORNOGRAPHY among members of                    politicizations of opposition. Serious
         At that point the students walked out      was also these same white students that          the American peaCe movement set.               doubts must surround the efficacy of
      and started marching down Wheeler Street,     roundly boo'ed Senator Storm Thurman                                                            atroc1ty~poniography in reaching the
                                                                                                       Internally divided over matters of
      As the march passed the north side of         when he came to speak.                                                                          larger public. The question arises as
                                                                                                    interpretation and approach, as well
      the University of Houston campus, 20            One thing is clear about the Nashville                                                        to Whether such doting on torture
                                                                                                    as just generally frustrated, the anti-
      police cars with six cops in each car         rebellion. The cops and the newspapers          war activitists have retreated from             and terror do not mistake the sym-
      pulled up beside the line. A squad car        set - up the whole confrontation. They          foreign policy issues, leaving a burn-          bols of American arrogance and the
      pulled in front of the marchers and           wanted a riot and they made sure they           ing concern with napalm, bombings,              signs .of 'brutalization for the deeper
      stopped them. Two policemen got out,          got one. On Saturday night before any           and immolations.                                syndrome of dehwnanization, the
      one armed with a shotgun, the other           incidents had occured, the "riot squad"                                                         union of technos and thanatos that
                                                                                                       Instead of public rhetoric to expose
      with a submachine gun, grabbed Lee            was formed up at a farmers' market a                                                           pervades the present eta,
                                                                                                    the Administration and attraet a
     Otis Johnson and pushed hi m in a patrol       quarter of a mile from Fisk. The press,                                                           There is mounting evidence to sug-
                                                                                                    broad foHowing, much of the move-
      car.                                          radio, and television were there too.                                                          gest that both peace-niks ~md the
                                                                                                    ment has become fixated on moraliz-
        The demonstrators moved to the Harris                                                       ing condemnation of the rain of fire           polity in general have become jaded
      County Courthouse and sat down, block-                                                        American planes drop daily on Viet-            by constant exposure to the "brutali-
      ing the entrance. At 7, it was announced      VIETNAM AND NASHVILLE                           namese villages. Moral outrage has'            zation of violence." Though their re-
      that President Pierce would drop all            The parallel between the action of the        provided morale for the movement,              actions take different forms, the basic
      charges against the three arrested men.       white power structure of Nashville and          a hook to beat the horse of U,S. in-           psychic undertone remains much the
     The student remained in front of the           that of the Johnson Administration's in         volvement, and the kicks of catharsis,         same, ••
     courthouse all night.                          response to the April 15tH Mobilization                                                                        From the current issue
        The next morning, Pierce dropped the        Against the War in Vietnam is instructive.
     charges and the demonstrators returned
     to the campus. Later they learned that
     the D,'\ had filed the charges again and
                                                    Johnson claims that the anti - war move-
                                                    ment is actually prolonging the war, and
                                                    just to prove it he escaltes the bombing
                                                                                                                        THE ACTIVIST
     ref~sed to release Kirkpatrick, Alexander                                                       27Y2 West College,                                         .$2 a year (3 issues)

                                                    of Hanoi - Haiphong several days after
     and Johnson from jatl. However the bond        the mobilization. The city fathers of            Oberlin, Obio 44074                                         Samples on request
     was reduced from $25,000 to $1,000 each.       Nashville and their newspapers, especially
MAY 1967                                                                           THE MOVEMENT                                                                              PAGE 11

By Ellen Elizabeth Estrin                                                                                                                      nizes her boy and claims him for decent
and Michael B. Folsom                                                                                                                          burial, she would admit that she was
                                                                                                                                               associated with the" enemy." The soldiers
   The last issue of WE MOVEMENT                                                                                                               say, •'Look at him. Youknowhim?" Mother
reported the activities of the JOIN (Jobs                                                                                                      Courage shakes her head. "What?," say
Or Income Now) theater project in                                                                                                              the soldiers, "Lift him up. Throw him on
Chicago. This theater is made up of                                                                                                            the, garbage dump. He has no one that
community people involved in organizing'                                                                                                       knows him."            .
group welfare rights, jobs, and other is..-                                                                                                       You cannot escape war. If you join it,
sues. They improvise skits, based on                                                                                                           like the son, you get killed. If you oppose
the everyday experience of the poor. These                                                                                                     it, as the mother's mute daughtE)r does
short "dramas" are simple in plot and                                                                                                          by trying to warn a town which is about
language; the "actors" are organizers                                                                                                          to be attacked, you get killed. And if you
and community people with little or no                                                                                                         go along with it like Mother Courage,
experience on the stage.                                                                                                                       you lose everything meaningful to you.
   The JOIN theater is political, not only                                                                                                     The mother sings:
because the skits deal with political and                                                                                                         The war takes hold and will not quit.
social problems, but also because the                                                                                                          But though it last three generations
theater itself is a political tool.   This                                                                                                        We shall get nothing out of it.
is "radical theater" because it immedi-                                                                                                        Starvation, filth and cold enslave us.
ately serves the organization of radical                                                                                                          The army robs us of our pay.
politics. It is amateur theater, cre,ited                                                                                                         But:
for the moment without pretentions to art,
                                                                                                                                                  Christians' awakelThe winter's gonel
 sophistication, or permanence. It is what
                                                                                                                                                  The snows depart, the dead sleep on.
used to be called" agitprop" (agitation
                                                                                                                                                . And thbugh you may not long sur:vive
 and propaganda) theater.                                                                                                                         Get out of bed and look alivel    '.
                                                                                                                                                  Brecht presents us with an intolerable
MIME TROUPE                                                                                                                                    situation (which in many ways is our own
    Another kind of "radical theater" is                                                                                                       intolerable situation), and he offers it so
 Ronnie Davis' San Francisco Mime Troup.                                                                                                       clearly stated and complete that we have
 The Mime Troupe -- the world's largest                                                                                                        all the equipment for understanding how
 permanent floating radical theater project                                                                                                    and why it is intolerable. Brecht does
 in California -- has a professional com-                                                                                                      not tell us how to change the situation,
 mitment to the craft of theater as well                                                                                                       (that is our job) but insists we mustl
 as to the politiCs of revolt. The Mime                                                                                                           Mother Courage is a play for those
 Troupe often adopts the tactics of political                                                                                                  people who most need it, and who are
 organizers. It takes its theater into parks,                                                                                                  least likely to see it. The fact that
 into the streets, and to political rallies.                                                                                                   Brecht is not shown in the parks,
 Its repertory of full-length dramatic                                                                                                         rather in a th~ater for a middle class
'pieces, like the JOIN project, are often                                                                                                      audience, severly hampers his purpose.
 simple, popular, and impromptu in style--                                                                                                     Brecht can teach people a hell of lot
 though more ambitious. The Troupe's                                                                                                           about the disastrous limitations of their
 "Civil Rights in a Cracker-Barrel" and                                                                                                        world and their everyday actions because
 "Vaudville Show'" use the conventions                                                                                                         his art makes tfiem understandable.
 of old-time mass entertainment to talk
 and act out radical politics. When the                                                                                                        OTHER RADICAL THEATRE
 Troupe tackles an established drama, like                                                                                                        In conclusion, there are other kinds
 Moliere's Tartuffe or Sartre's Condemned                                                                                                      of radical thearer which are not so per-
 of Altoona, it shamelessly cuts, revised,                  CAROL CAMPBELL as "Mother Courage", Evann Walker <!s "Kattrin"                     tinent. In their differing ways, Barbara
 or blows up the original to suit its political                                                                                                Garson's MacBird and Peter Weiss' Marat
 intentions.                                      crime. For it is a kind of silence about      truck, the longshoreman loading tanks,         Sade, the most notable recent "radical"
    The Mime Troupe has, not yet at               injustice I" During Germany's rise to         and her children are cannonfodder. For         dramas, fail because they are works of
 least, created new and lasting dramatic          fascism, and her final. capitulation to it,   such people morality is not simple. They       self-indulgeance. They are, respectively,
 works, radical or otherwise. It is still         Brecht could not talk just "of trees"         do not burn draft cards or go to jail or       a lot of fun and grotesque challenge to
 more like the JOIN project than "pro-            because his obligation to mankind would       starve their children for principle. Neither   the imagination of .a radical audience.
 fessional" theater. When Ronnie Davis,           not allow it. He wrote some simple            can they escape. Brecht's play speaks          But they speak only to the educated, only
 and company are acting in the park, or           didactic plays for workers to perform,        to their problems, not to the problems of      to intellectuals. You can't enjoy the fun
 fighting the Commissioner of Parks for           but most of his energy went into putting      the activist with his moral questions about    of Barbara Garson's essentially trivial
 permission to play outdoors, then the            all the wisdom, skill and understanding       burning draft cards, paying income tax,        parody of Shakespeare if you haven't read
 radical and commercial press takes note.         of his art into the creation of dramas        and asking workers to go on relief instead     Shakespeare. You cannot begin to ap-
 That's news and/or politics. But we sel-         which require' the best professional          of building bombers.                           preciate the involuted complexities of
 dom consider what the Troupe is trying           actors, yet at the same time speak of the                                                    Weiss' drama, if you know nothing of the
 to do on stage. We have never dared              most elementary human problems.               FACTS OF LIFE                                  French Revolution, if you have not been
 suggest that it might be just as important          Brecht's is a rational theater, which         Brecht would find no paradox in the         trained in the philosophical squabbles of
 to urge people to attend this theater as         demands that the audience understand          fact that Harry Bridges' longshore union       the last 150 years, and if you have not
 it is to urge them to organize politically.      their problems, not to discourage people      officially condemns the Vietnam war while      _~e intellectual patience and conce;:-n to
 The political movement has done precious         but to make them more able to overcome        its workers benefit from increased mili- .
                                                                                                                                               watch a confused radical work out his
 little to feed talent into such activity or      those problems. Brecht never condes-          tary shipping. Brecht does not preach
                                                                                                                                               confUSions. MacBird is a joke for radical
 to encourage a great audience for such           cended to preach easy solutions. He as-       morality which defies the facts of life;
                                                                                                                                               intellectuals, MaratjSade a puzzle. Both
 art.                                             sumed that the least educated of his          the facts of life are insufferable --
                                                                                                                                               treat issues of .terrible concern for life
                                                  audience could tackle perplexing realities.   "courage" can't solve the problems of
                                                                                                                                               of mankind, but neither treats those issues
GREAT ART                                         Brecht sought to propel his, audience         mankind. It just won't work.
                                                                                                                                               as they are discovered in the. daily lives
  The closer "radical theater" comes to           into action by making them understand            At one point Mother Courage's son is
                                                                                                                                               of men. The same limitations are often
great art, the less relevant the movement         the world, he never tried to mystify          caught by the "enemy," and is to be
                                                                                                                                               true of the works of Ronnie Da.vis' Mime
seems to think it is. Very often radical          his audience.                                 executed. She has the choice of selling'
dramatists unintentionally encourage this            Mother Courage, which Brecht wrote         her canteen wagon to ransom the son,
                                                                                                                                                  Brecht is the example. A theater is
opinion by writing plays which do not             in 1939, is playing now in San Francisco,     or letting him die. If she sells the wagon
                                                                                                                                               possible which is radical in its con-
speak in the language or about problems           at The Playhouse Theater, Beach & Hyde,       she and her daughter are left with no
                                                                                                                                               cerns, political in its effects, and con-
meaningful in the street. Political activists     Friday & Saturday, and it deserves to         way to live. She tries to compromise
                                                                                                                                               summate in its out. We should not settle
often have .a very narrow conception of           be seen. It is at the same time high          and bargain down the price of ransom, so
                                                                                                                                               for less.
what the "common folk" can understand             drama and relevant. It is the best kind       both she, her daughter and her son might
or consider relevant. We live in a sociery        of "radical theater" because it is great      survive. Brecht constructs the scene so
                                                                                                                                               "No restless ideas
which, has taught most people to enjoy            art which speaks to everyone.                 that the audience has no clear way to
only the shoddiest of dramatic "art"                 Mother Courage is a story of war, The      make a moral judgment for or against           can break down the walls
through TV and Hollywood. The "theater"           Mother and children live off war, They        the Mother. As time runs short she             I never believed the pen alone
with its high prices and its sense of being       sell goods out of a canteen wagon to          finally decides to pay all the ransom. The.    could destroy institutions
a thing for the elite, is no longer a vehicle     soldiers during the religious wars in          audience breathes relief. The son is savedl   However hard we try to bring in the new
for popular art. But there is such a              Europe during the seventeenth century,         But the decision is too late, the drums       it. comes into being only
thing as great "radical theater," and'            Mother Courage hates war, but her only        roll and the execution of the son takes        in the midst of clumsy deals
we give in to the anti-intellectualism of         morality is survival. She has her chil-       place. The prostitute who tried to arrange     We're all so clogged with dead ideas
our society by failing to insist that this,       dren & herself to support, and has no         the deal runs on stage and yells, "Now'        passed from generation to generation
too, is important socially, politically and       choice.                                       you've done it -- with your haggling. You      that even the best of us
aethestically.                                       The Thirty Years' War through which         can keep your wagon now. He's got eleven      don't know the way out
                                                  she lives is every war -- the Second           bullets in him." And the audience feels       We invented the Revolution
MOTHER COURAGE                                    World War Brecht saw coming, the Viet-         a second relief. The, son is dead, but        but we don't know how to run it•••
  Bertold Brecht was the greatest                 nam War we struggle against now, Mother        the others can survive.                       We stand here more oppressed than when
dramatist of this century. He was a fine          Courage is the People, the only important        Mother Courage's grief is great, but          we begun
poet and a Communist.                             hero and also the victim, who find ways        her ordeal is not over. The soldiers          and they think that the Revolution's been
  "Ah, what an age it is," Brecht wrote,          to live whil~ their masters botch up the       carry the body to the canteen wagon for         won"
"When to speak of trees is almost a               world. She is the driver of a napalm           identification. If Mother Courage recog-      Marat/Sade by Peter Weiss.
PAGE 12                                                                            THE MOVEMENT                                                                                 MAY 1967

 "'~1i~~ ~~~~ C=~IC=~~~                                                                                                         1 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••   ~Ic=~~~jl JJ~~~

  The March issue of WE MOVEMENT reported on Chicago's new Union of Organizers                       cannot support themselves. This is the way
and the' School Qf Community Organization it has established to train new organizers.               that members of Chicago's community or-
sea is currently recruiting" students" for the first organizer training session beginning           ganizations and the staff of SCO support
July 1st.                                                                                           themselves. Some people have found that
  The Center for Radical Research (CRR) of SCO has been set up to involve University                friendly professors or older radicals who
students and professors in the slow process of building independent radical organizations           are now in business can provide good part-
of poor people in Chicago. More importantly, CRR will begin to develop an efficient                 time jobs. Others work one or two days a
information 'and intelligence network that the Movement here in Chicago so desperately              week for day-labor agency. SCO has a staff
needs.                                                                                              member currently arranging part-time
  Movement activists know about the "power structure," "slum lords," "rotten welfare,"              work. We feel that we must begin to support
WIld "police brutality." And we know the names of people who are spokesmen for the com-             ourselves, for we cannot depend on sym-
plex of institutions we attack -"The Daley Machine," "Johnson's War," etc. But we do                pathetic liberals to provide all the re-
not yet know enough specifics about how these institutions really work. It is hoped that            sources for the moveme"nt we are trying
CRR will begin to translate what we generally refer to as "The Power Structure" into a              to build. Here in Chicago organizers are
concrete body of knowledge that can constantly develop and contribute to a larger and               attempting to become financially self-
more effective Movement that attacks that "Power Structure."                                        sustaining. It seems to be working•.
                                                                                                       We need people to join with us in
FOUR INITIAL TASKS                              munitY union of the many that the Union of          laying the groundwork for bUilding and
                                                Organizers hopes to establish in the next           sustaining a growing Movement. We need
   CRR has set forth four initial tasks:
(1) To develop an information manual            few years.                                          people to do research, work for the             tion, and the summer seminar and re-
covering the institutions that community                                                            summer as volunteers with existing or-          search program of the Center for Radical
organizations attack. and the many specific     SELF SUPPORT                                        ganizations, and come to work as full-          Research are available from either WE
problems organizers encounter daily. The           Participants in the research program or          time organizers for at least 15 months.         MOVEMENT, 449 14th St., San Fran-
manual, which will constantly grow and be       the organizer training program will be              Brochures on both the training program          cisco, or from sea, 3100W. Warren Ave"
improved, will be of great aid to organizers    helped in finding part-time jobs if they            of the School of Community Organiza-            Chicago, Illinois, . . '
in their work. (2) To create a dIspatching
service for all Movement groups in the
city that can distribute news on organiz-
ing efforts, information on the Movement
in other places, and report on the research'
being conducted by CRR. Out of this serv-
ice is planned the establishment of a
citywide Movement newspaper by the fall.
                                                IiIAnT. POSTERS!
(3) The production of research papers on
the most oppressive and obnoxious city                   M~jlC=~jlM Xand C~E ~UEVARA
agencies and departments that community
groups deal with. These papers will include
studies of the Welfare, Police and Urban
                                                                                                            $1.00 EACH.
Renewal Departments, as well as all agen-
des and institutions that attempt to coiltrol
Chicago's "restless ghetto you t h:'                                                                           ONLY 75¢
(4) CRR will also initiate specific research                                                                   "to   Movement
projects to be used by individual com-
munity organizations to help them make
their organizing efforts more effective.
Such projects will include title searches
('just who owns such and such a block")
and power studies of specific wards.

 A FREE UNIVERSITY                                                                                             (22 X 28 inches)
   CRR is attempting to recruit 200 univer-
sity students for its program, beginning                                                                  .SPECIAL BULK RATES
June 13, and ending August 25. Participants
will spend. a lot of their time helping the
four tasks listed above become a reality.
They will also participate in a sort of
Free UniverSity - to be a student you
must be doing research. Everyone par-
                                                                                                                                                         ON THE
ticipating in the research program will
take .three "courses" or "seminars" a
week. The courses, with a "class" size of
10-15, will run from 3 to 10 weeks, each
meeting once a week. Free housingwillbe
guaranteed for all those who apply before
May 15th.
   The courses and teachers include: His-
tory of the Civil Rights Movement: Draft·
Counseling (Alice Lynd, author of a new
book on the subject): American History
from the Bottom Up (Jessie Lemish, re-                                                                                                    16 PAGES OF
cently refused tenure at the University of                                                                                                PHOTOS AND ANAL YSIS
Chicago): Power in America (foddGitlin):                                                                                                  OF A SOUTHERN "'"LIBERAL"
Organizing the University (Gre~g Calvert):
History of Radical Movements (Staughton                                                                                                   CITY.   35c
 Lynd): The War in Vietnam: Negro History:

Organizing the Poor: Radicalism and Mod-
ern Theology: Contemporary Women in
America: Class in America (Richie Roth-
stein), etc.                 .
                                                                                                                       TO THE MOVEMENT!'
  The School recently sent a staff member                                        ADDRESS
on a tour of Southern Negro Colleges to re-
cruit 50 Black college students to work with                                     CITY                                           STATE                                ZIP
existing community organizations t his
summe"r. Volunteers will receive a ten-day                                           Please send me:
orientation session in an effort to train'                                                                           Next 12 issues of THE MOVEMENT ($2)
them in Welfare Union organizing. The                                                                                Malcolm X posters
expressed intent of this summer volunteer
project is to help organizations of the poor                                                                         Che Guevara posters
develop a city wide offensive in order to                                                                            ATLANTA REBELLION booklets
seek havoc this summer with Chicago's                                                                                                                            -
oppressive Welfare Department.                                                           I enclose $- - - - - -                                      check if
  sea is also looking for 15 Blacks who
want to be among the first 30people trained
                                                     Xi------                                                                                        Movement                    ~
as organizers during the first session of
the School (July 1st). These people should               .
                                                        .-. -=-.._-----------,...,                          MAIL TO THE MOVEMENT
                                                                                                                                                     449 14th STREET
expect to stay in the city for at least 15
months as members of the first new com-          SEND ONE TO A -FRIENDI
                                                                     '.      f    -'.,   l   . ~.                     ..   ,                         SAN FRNtISCO, CALIF. 94103

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