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                                                                                                        Volume 1, Issue 4

                          A Time to Celebrate
                                                                                                        Spring 2010
                                                                                                        Hope, published by the Redemptorists of the
                                                                                                        Denver Province’s Mission Advancement
                                                                                                        Ministry, is distributed quarterly to friends
                          In June we celebrate a very significant anniversary.                          and supporters of the Redemptorists. With
                                                                                                        this publication, we hope to inspire an even
                          It will be 50 years since the creation of the                                 larger following of friends and supporters
                                                                                                        eager to help because they know our cause
                          Co-Redemptorist Association, arguably the longest-                            is all about providing love and hope to the
                                                                                                        poorest of the poor.
                          running seminarian support program of its kind in
                          the country today.                                                            Very Reverend Thomas D. Picton, C.Ss.R.
                                                                                                        Provincial Superior
   Since 1960, thousands of apostolic-minded        Hirsch, Fr. Jack Willett, Fr. Bernard Rooney, Fr.   Editor
people from around the country have enrolled        John Paul Andree, and Fr. Peter Schavitz. Broth-    Bruce Crane

to help ensure that those men in training realize   er Robert Ruffing and staff members Rosemary        Director
                                                                                                        Mission Advancement Ministry
their dream of becoming Redemptorist Priests or     Andrews and Lois Schenfeld also deserve to be
                                                                                                        Joseph A. Roos
Brothers. Their perseverance in prayer and per-     recognized for their years of dedicated service.
                                                                                                        Letters to the Editor:
sonal sacrifice is manifest today in the hundreds   We also remember Marion Carpenter, Sophie           Hope
of Priests, Brothers and seminarians that repre-    Wechselberger, Brother James Bohr, Mary Dav-        Redemptorists/Denver Province
sent the Denver Province around the globe.          enport and Sister Mary Dolores Musial as spe-       Mission Advancement Ministry
                                                                                                        1230 S. Parker Road
   The original idea for the program came about     cial members of the Co-Redemptorist family.         Denver, CO 80231
in 1954, when Julia Flanagan, the sister of            And, on behalf of our men in formation, thank
                                                                                                        Toll Free: 866.788.0343
Fr. Joseph Flanagan, started the St. Joseph Aux-    you to our many Co-Redemptorist benefactors         Denver: 303.565.5450
iliary in Kirkwood, MO, site of our former minor    who are making it possible for these men to per-    Email address:
seminary. She recruited people from all over        severe in their vocations.                          advancement@redemptorists-denver.org
the St. Louis area to donate a dollar a month to       For those who don’t know, we offer the           redemptoristsdenver.org
help support the Redemptorist seminarians at        Co-Redemptorist preaching program, where
St. Joseph College. At one point the Auxiliary      Redemptorists visit parishes around the coun-
numbered over 1,000 members!                        try to talk about the program and to invite oth-
   In the fall of 1959, the new St. Joseph Col-     ers to become Co-Redemptorists. If you would
lege was opened near Edgerton, WI. The follow-      like to schedule a Co-Redemptorist preaching        Keep God’s
ing year, the St. Joseph Auxiliary became the       event in your church, please call our Mission
Co-Redemptorist Association with Father             Advancement Ministry at 866.788.0343 and            Earth Green
Thomas William Murphy its first director.           ask for Mary Pelikan. She’ll make it happen!        Receive Hope by Email
   Over the past 50 years, the Co-Redemptorist         On the back cover you’ll find the Co-Re-         Let us know by sending your email
Association has grown and prospered due to          demptorist preaching schedule for the next few      address to:
the tireless efforts of Redemptorists, Religious,   months. If your parish happens to be on the list,   bcrane@redemptorists-denver.org
and lay people who labored faithfully together      we would encourage you to attend and to bring
to build this remarkably successful fundrais-       a friend or family member. Our Church needs
ing apostolate. Special thanks must be paid to      more Redemptorist Priests and Brothers, and                       Follow the Redemptorists
former directors Fr. Thomas William Murphy,         we need you to help them persevere in their vo-                   on Facebook
Fr. James Kelly, Fr. Frank O’Neill, Fr. Leo         cations. Thank you.

The Very Reverend Thomas D. Picton, C.Ss.R.                                                             Moving?
Provincial Superior, Denver Province                                                                    If you have moved and would like to
                                                                                                        continue receiving Hope magazine,
                                                                                                        please send your new address to

2   HOPE
                                                                                                         Redemptorist REFLECTION

The Birth Of A Priest                                                               Fr. Paul J. Coury, C.Ss.R.

   One of the great Easter experiences           alized that it was their sacrifices and their        Easter is a season of new births. Let us
of my own life, as a Redemptorist, took          prayers that brought me to this moment. I         take the time to give thanks to God for
place after celebrating my first Mass in         felt so very humbled to realize how many          those who have given birth to us, either
my home parish of Holy Redeemer in De-           people of my parish had a stake in my life.       physically or spiritually. Let our joy be set
troit, Michigan. After Mass I was led to         I knew then that I was connected to these         free to roam the universe!
our parish hall. There was a line of people      wondrous people by a thousand golden              Superior of the Redemptorist Community
that extended into the street. I thought it      threads of love and caring. They truly gave       Renewal Center at Picture Rocks,
was the line for food and coffee. I was told     birth to my Priesthood. The beauty of life        Cortaro, AZ
that these people were actually lined up to      is that we do not give birth to ourselves.        desertrenewal.org
receive my first blessing!                       Someone else has to give birth to us and it
   So there I stood for three hours blessing     is to these people that we owe a great debt
each person who came forward to congrat-         of thankfulness.
ulate me. These were people who knew                St. Alphonsus Liguori, our founder,
my family or who knew me since I was             said that “at the birth of Jesus, joy was set
a small child. Some of them were class-          free and now freely roams the universe.”
mates; others were just parishioners who         It is this joy that I felt knowing that so                      On the Cover
were honored to have a new Priest from           many people, like you, had supported
                                                                                                                 Photo: Fr. John Paul Andree, C.Ss.R.
their parish.                                    me through the years by these “golden
                                                                                                                 with his mother, Loretta, who just
   Many of them who came forward told            threads.” You have all given birth to                           celebrated her 87th birthday in
me that they were Co-Redemptorists. I re-        my Priesthood!                                                  March. Loretta Andree is one of the
                                                                                                                 original members of the Co-Redemp-
                                                                                                                 torist Association. Father John was
                                                                                                                 its director from 1983 to 2005. Photo

Redemptorist headline news                                                                                       by Focal Point Studio of Photography
                                                                                                                 (Farmington, MI).
                                                                                                                 Saint: St. Alphonsus Liguori founded
Haiti Relief                         torist Priest (1819-1867) who        waged a 30-year campaign of            the Congregation of the Most Holy
                                                                                                                 Redeemer (Redemptorists) in Naples,
Shortly after the devastating        spent most of his time in New        violence against Northern Ire-
                                                                                                                 Italy in 1732. He is a Doctor of the
earthquake in Haiti on January       Orleans caring for the poor, sick    land’s Catholics has become a          Church and the official patron of
12, the Mission Advancement          and neglected. While caring for      Catholic. The revelation that Ian      moralists, confessors, vocations and
Ministry in Denver established an    yellow fever victims, he con-        Stewart, a member of the Ul-           people who suffer from arthritis.
online fundraising drive to help     tracted the disease himself and      ster Volunteer Force, is Catholic
the 40 Redemptorists stationed       died there from it on October        came in Belfast Crown Court
in Haiti get food, water and medi-   5, 1867. His cause for canon-        February 26 during the trial

cal supplies to the poorest of the   ization is under consideration.      of nine men charged with mur-
poor caught up in this deadly        seelos.org                           dering a fellow Loyalist paramili-
natural disaster. As of March 31,                                         tary member. While the Ulster
we have raised $40,355.              2010 SCRupulouS                      Volunteer Force is party to a

SeeloS CenteR
                                     anonymouS RetReat
                                     Slated for May 14-16, 2010 and
                                                                          cease-fire agreement, it claimed       4 A Class Act
                                                                          responsibility for the murder of
DeDiCation                           presented by Fr. Thomas M.           381 Catholics during a violent         6 The Apostolate Today
On January 30, 2010, nearly          Santa, C.Ss.R. at the Redemp-        campaign against the minority
200 guests gathered at the           torist Renewal Center in Tuc-        Catholic community that began
                                                                                                                 7 A Labor of Love
new Seelos Welcome Center, in
New Orleans, LA, to take part
                                     son, AZ. For more information,       in 1965 and ended with the 1998        8 Membership Drive
                                     visit desertrenewal.org and          Good Friday peace agreement.
in the official dedication and
                                     click on “Events Calendar” or        The court was told that Stew-          10 St. Joseph Mass League
blessing of the new structure.
Archbishop Gregory Aymond
                                     call 520.744.3400.                   art, 35, became Catholic after
                                                                          receiving spiritual advice from
                                                                                                                 12 Rachel’s Vineyard
                                     BRitiSH loyaliSt wHo
of New Orleans presided at the
blessing and dedication cer-         onCe fougHt CatHoliCS
                                                                          Redemptorists at the Clonard           15 Jubilarians
                                                                          Monastery in Northern Ireland.
emony. The building is named         emBRaCeS CatHoliCiSm                                                        16 The Music of Mary
for Blessed Francis X. Seelos,       A member of a banned Loyal-
C.Ss.R., the great Redemp-           ist paramilitary organization that

3   HOPE                                                                                                                                  HOPE      3
50 Anni                          th

      A Class
                                                      In June we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this
                                                      singular fundraising program that combines prayer
                                                      and personal sacrifice to help our seminarians perse-
                                                      vere in their vocations.

              For nearly 75 years (1888-1959), St. Joseph College in
           Kirkwood, MO, served as the Redemptorist minor seminary
                                                                           Paint it Black
           for the St. Louis Province. By the 1940s, the buildings were       William Davidson of St. Louis was a key figure in the early
           starting to show their age. Continuing deterioration forced     development of this program. He was a painting contractor
           the leadership to make a decision: either remodel or look for   by day and fundraiser par excellence when he wasn’t holding
           another site.                                                   a paint brush. For years, he would volunteer his time to help
              Eventually, they decided to purchase land near Edger-        churches and other religious organizations in the St. Louis
           ton, WI. The projected cost came in at twice the amount set     area find ways to fund their various capital projects.
           aside by the Province. So, to help make up the difference,         In his meetings with Fr. John McCormick, the Provincial,
           the leadership decided to recruit the financial help of every   and Fr. Ray Schmitt, the Provincial Consultor, Davidson laid
           parish, relative and friend.                                    out a plan he claimed would raise at least $100,000 a year,
              In the end they were able to raise $1.4 million dollars;     but only if the plan was “painted” as an essentially spiritual
           that, together with the sale of the Kirkwood property for       one; that as Catholics, we all share in the responsibility of
           $415,000, brought a smile of relief to the face of Fr. John     encouraging our sons and Brothers, friends and neighbors
           Diederich, Procurator at the time for the St. Louis Province.   to consider religious life and then supporting them through
              In September of 1959, the new St. Joseph College outside     both prayer and personal sacrifice. He saw this program as
           Edgerton opened its doors.                                      an opportunity to help a lot of families realize the dream of
               With the new seminary, however, came the realization        having one of their own become members of the Redemptor-
           that other sources of revenue would have to be pursued          ist Congregation.
           if the Province was going to be able to maintain this new          Davidson believed the program had to embrace three
           facility and the other formation houses here in the States      spiritual elements for it to be successful: Prayer, Sacrifice
           and overseas.                                                   and Reward. People who sign up must commit to pray daily
                                                                           for vocations, be willing to make some moral or material

4   HOPE
contribution to help support the men           Fr. James Kelly (1962-1964); Fr. Frank
in formation, and accept as reward             O’Neill (1964-1967); Fr. Leo Hirsch
inclusion in the larger good works of          (1967-1972); Fr. Jack Willett (1972);
the Redemptorists.                             Fr. Bernard Rooney (1972-1983);
   It was Fr. Ray Schmitt who first coined     Fr. John Paul Andree (1983-2005); and
the term “Co-Redemptorist.” Next, what         Fr. Peter Schavitz (2006-2008).
to ask of the new Co-Redemptorists as            At the height of the program, in 1985
far as financial support? Again, it was        through 1986, roughly 21,000 people
Fr. Ray who came up with $1.42, the            called themselves Co-Redemptorists.
amount he calculated would be needed           Thousands of Redemptorist seminar-
to cover the expenses of one seminarian        ians have benefited from this program
for at least one day a month.                  since its inception in 1960.
   It has remained $1.42 for the last            Since 2008, the program has been
45 years.                                      managed from Denver, CO under the

Q:                  what turns 50 years old this June, has raised
                    over $27.4 million,* and boasts a membership
                    today of over 8,000 people?

A:                  the Co-Redemptorist association, arguably
                    the most successful fundraising program ever
                    conceived by the Redemptorists.

   In May of 1960, Fr. Thomas Wil-             leadership of Joseph A. Roos, director of
                                                                                           (left column)
                                                                                           Fr. Thomas William Murphy, C.Ss.R. (1960-1962)
                                                                                           Fr. James Kelly, C.Ss.R. (1962-1964)
liam Murphy moved into the new                 the Mission Advancement Ministry.           Fr. Frank O’Neill, C.Ss.R. (1964-1967)
Co-Redemptorist office at St. Joseph’s           To find out more about the Co-Re-         Fr. Leo Hirsch, C.Ss.R. (1967-1972)
                                                                                           (right column)
College as its first director. He served for   demptorist Association or to become a
                                                                                           Fr. Jack Willett, C.Ss.R. (1972)
two years.                                     member please call 866.788.0343 and         Fr. Bernard Rooney, C.Ss.R. (1972-1983)
   Seven Redemptorists would fol-              ask for Mary Pelikan.                       Fr. John Paul Andree, C.Ss.R. (1983-2005)
                                                                                           Fr. Peter Schavitz, C.Ss.R. (2005-2008)
low Fr. Murphy in the role as director:          * Including wills and bequests.

                                                                                                                                 HOPE       5
The Co-Redemptorist
Apostolate Today
Fr. John Paul Andree, C.Ss.R.
Director of the Co-Redemptorist Association from 1983 to 2005

I am personally so very thankful and gratified to know that the                                 tive to prayer and sacrifice is through
                                                                                                the monthly letter and the sharing in
Co-Redemptorist Association continues to be an apostolic activity                               the Redemptorists’ spiritual and pas-
for so many of you, our beloved Co-Redemptorists; that so many                                  toral efforts. There has always existed
                                                                                                the firm conviction that Co-Redemp-
of you still regard the education of our seminarians as a worthy                                torist is not a financial project, but
                                                                                                a spiritual reflection whose conse-
cause and one for which you are willing to make both a personal
                                                                                                quence brings forth spiritual and
and financial sacrifice.                                                                        material cooperation.”
                                                                                                   As a Redemptorist Priest and for-

                 or 50 years (June 1960 to          cluded indicating the number of days        mer director of the program, I would
                 June 2010), our Redemptorist       they have sponsored one of our semi-        encourage you to seriously consider
                 Formation Program has never        narians and the total amount of their       supporting one or more of our men in
       refused a student for economic reasons.      donation for that month, quarter, etc.      our seminary program. We need these
       This is in large part due to the sacri-         The continued success of the Co-         men to go on to become Redemptor-
       fices of our Co-Redemptorists. Every         Redemptorist Apostolate will depend         ist Priests and Brothers. Our Church
       Co-Redemptorist has a definite hand          on the following four factors: the yearly   needs these men. God willing, they
       in shaping and educating Redemptor-          preaching done by Redemptorists             will become the living presence of
       ists for the future. Your title is indeed    about this apostolate in every Redemp-      Christ in your lives.
       well deserved: Co-Redemptorists!             torist parish; the continued preaching         With the Church struggling today
          It is also gratifying to know that the    in non-Redemptorist parishes; the           to attract men to the Priesthood and
       program has not changed substantially        quality and relevance of the monthly        Brotherhood, we cannot afford to forget
       over the last 50 years, except, of course,   spiritual letter; and the continuance       those men already in formation who
       for the original $1.42 per month contri-     of the Co-Redemptorist Association’s        have chosen to become Redemptorists.
       bution. That may not sound like much         ‘special intention prayer program’ and      So please, if at all possible, make an
       today, but I know from the lived experi-     the five annual novenas.                    investment in the future of our Church.
       ence of my dear Mom and Dad, it rep-            The late Bishop Thomas William           Sign up today to become a Co-Re-
       resented a huge sacrifice for so many of     Murphy, the first director, said this of    demptorist. Let’s keep this wonderful
       you who could have very easily used that     the Co-Redemptorist Association:            program going for another 50 years!
       money for something else but chose in-          “Co-Redemptorist was inspired,              On behalf of all your Redemptorists of
       stead to support a future Redemptorist.      founded and built on Christian co-          the Denver Province, thank you Co-Re-
          Thankfully, every Co-Redemptorist         responsibility. Vocations to the Priest-    demptorists – past, present, and future!
       continues to receive a monthly spiri-        hood must be a preoccupation for all           If you would like to become a mem-
       tual letter. Depending on whether they       Catholics; first, by faith in prayers and   ber of the Co-Redemptorist Association,
       send their sacrificial offering monthly,     secondly, through sacrifice. The result     please fill out the coupon on page 8
       quarterly, semi-annually, or annually,       of this sacrifice in a material dimension   and mail it back in the enclosed enve-
       a return envelope and reminder are in-       is the monetary offering. The incen-        lope. Thank you.

6   HOPE
A labor of Love
by Rosemary Andrews

I began working for Fr. John Paul Andree when he moved                                   intentions, which often times included
                                                                                         their animals.
the Co-Redemptorist office from Edgerton, WI to the con-                                    Our staff was small but our task was
vent of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Chicago, IL.                                 huge. At times we were mailing over
                                                                                         20,000 pieces a month. But every

        ome years later, we had to move     had to acquaint himself with a new           month it got out on time. We had many
        again when the Sisters were         labeling machine which never seemed          machines to keep maintained and
        asked to vacate the building        to be in a ‘good mood.’ Brother James        cleaned. I had been known to raise my
which also meant losing one of our most     smiled through everything, even emp-         voice on occasion to let repair people
faithful volunteers, Sister Mary Dolo-      tying our trash! When we lost him in         know how important it was to get this
res Musial. She would quietly come up       1990, it truly took a toll on us.            mailing out. Sometimes I wondered
to our office early in the morning to be-      Besides our computer files, we also       where we found the energy to do what
gin her rituals of opening the mail and     kept a file card for each and every          we did. But I realized that what we did
stuffing the envelopes along with many      member. Each card contained the              was not just a job but rather a mis-
other jobs. We all admired her spirit       donor’s name, address, etc. and also         sion. The Holy Spirit always seemed to
and her great sense of humor.               ‘little notes,’ or specific requests made    be with us and we were always happy
   Along with the geographical move         by the donors. In these notes we also        about what we accomplished and the
from Edgerton, the Co-Redemptorist          recorded personal details the donors         way we accomplished it.
members’ data were being transferred        shared with us. Along with opening              There were many people who were a
from huge file cards to a newly-acquired    the mail in the morning came reading         great help to us: Sophie Wechselberger,
computer system. Their donations were       all their notes to us, asking for prayers    Marion Carpenter and Sister Mary Do-
no longer posted manually to cards but      or perhaps requesting a change in the        lores Musial. Some of our Redemptor-
to the computer. Lots and lots of data      amount or regularity of their pledge         ists even helped out when they could:
input! Labels were generated by the         due to many different factors going on       Fr. Richard Thibodeau, Fr. Norbert De-
computer taking the place of Brother        in their lives. We remained ‘close’ to       lort, Fr. Joe Morin, Fr. Jim Farrell, Fr.
James Bohr’s little address plates. He      them in this way and they were nev-          Albert Castellino, and Fr. Dick Quinn.
                                            er just names to us. They were our               Fr. John Andree taught us that the
                                            Co-Redemptorist family.                      Co-Redemptorists should be our only
                                               One afternoon I took a call from a lady   focus, and we brought that attitude to
                                            in Kansas City, MO. She was asking very      our work every day. These good people
                                            humbly if it would be all right if we in-    give as much as they are able and ex-
                                            cluded her dog’s illness in our prayers.     pect nothing in return. We made sure
                                            She wondered if that was too silly of a      to thank and acknowledge them as best
                                            request. I reminded her how much Saint       as we could for all they did through
                                            Francis of Assisi loved animals and to       their generosity and humility. It was
                                            pray to him as well. She sounded very re-    a real honor serving this wonderful
                                            lieved by the time we hung up and called     group of people.
                                            me many times afterwards. I would write         Thank you, Fr. John, for the experience
                                            the monthly prayer list to send to the       and thank you, Co-Redemptorists, for all
                                            seminarians and add the donors’ special      you do and all that you have done!

                                                                                                                                      HOPE   7
500 for 50                                                                                                                    th

Co-Redemptorist Membership Drive
     “Witness Awakens Vocations”
         As we approach the end of Pope Bene-          members, we are hoping to increase our
       dict’s year-long observance, Year for           membership rolls by at least 500.
       Priests (June 2010), the Holy Father is            If you know someone who might like to
       asking us to “awaken in others a desire         join this unique lay apostolate, in this our
       to respond generously to Christ’s call” as      50th year, please pass along this maga-
       part of the 47th World Day of Prayer            zine to that person and have him/her fill
       for Vocations, to be celebrated on April        out the form below and return it to:
       25, 2010, Good Shepherd Sunday.                   Redemptorists Denver Province
         To that end, we are launching our first-        1230 South Parker Road
       ever Co-Redemptorist Membership Drive,            Denver, CO 80231
       to awaken in others the call to help sup-         Attn: Mary Pelikan
       port and educate our Redemptorist semi-            To show our gratitude, we will be
       narians by becoming members of the Co-          offering a Mass for you and also sending
       Redemptorist Association. By extending an       you a blessed medal of Our Mother of
       invitation to our current Co-Redemptorist       Perpetual Help. Thank You.

       I’d like to become a Co-Redemptorist and answer Christ’s Call
       Yes, I would like to help educate future Redemptorists by:
       A gift of ( ) $10 month /$120 year ( ) $25 month/$300 year ( ) $50 month/$600 year ( ) $100 month/$1,200 year
       Please send me a reminder or charge my credit card automatically:
       ( ) Monthly ( ) Quarterly - (Jan, April, July, Oct)   ( ) Semi-Annually - (Jan, July) ( ) Annually - Select a month:
       Check One: ( ) Visa ( ) MasterCard
       Card #                                                     Expiration Date                     3 digit security code
       Name on Card                                                           Signature
       Billing Address
       City                                                           State                 Zip
       Email                                                              Phone
       Return this completed form in the enclosed envelope to the attention of Mary Pelikan.

       Referred by (Please print clearly):
       First / Last Name
       Home phone #                                                   Cell phone #
       Email address

8   HOPE
The Redemptorists reach out
to many multicultural commu-
nities in an effort to bring the
Redeemer’s message of love
and compassion to those who
are made to feel at times un-
loved and unwanted.
• Kmhmu (Thailand): Providing im-
  migrants with special Redemptorist
  assistance in assimilating into
  American culture.
• Vietnamese: Raising money for mis-
  sionary work, vocational training and
  education as a labor of love for the

                                          Author Hits the Road
  Hmong people.
• Laotian: World-wide, Laotians find
  spiritual refuge in the presence and
  ministry of Redemptorists.
                                             Greg Barrett, the Pulitzer-nominat-         like an al-Jummhurriya street. “You’re
• Hispanic/Migrant: Providing spiritu-    ed author of The Gospel of Father Joe,         never there by choice.”
  al services and a sense of community
                                          the riveting and poignant story of our own        But he’d been living on that catwalk for
  to the migrant workers of America’s
                                          Fr. Joe Maier’s work in the slums of           three decades. By choice. A squeaky-clean
  farms and fields.
                                          Bangkok, Thailand, is working on a new         room in an air-conditioned Redemptorist
• African-American: Missions, soup        book, The Gospel of Rutba: Christians,         monastery was his for the asking a few
  kitchens, food banks and sum-
                                          Muslims and the Good Samaritan Story           miles away on a shaded street across from
  mer job training programs for youth
                                          in Wartime Iraq.                               a 7-Eleven. He never asked.
  have     served    African-American
  populations in some of America’s
                                             To help promote both works, Barrett is         Leaving his slum in 2000, I couldn’t
  poorest neighborhoods.                  taking his stories on the road. If you would   decide if choosing to live in muck and
                                          like Barrett to speak before your parish       sewage with the poorest of the poor made
To support one or more of our
                                          or church group, feel free to write him        Fr. Joe a madman or just madly devoted.
many good works, visit our web-
site poorandmostabandoned.org to
                                          at greg@thegospeloffatherjoe.com or call       But in the long run, perhaps it didn’t mat-
make a secure online donation.            him at 703.599.4979.                           ter — masochist, saint, or masochistic
                                              “No one chooses to live in a slum,” Fa-    saint — because in a void notorious for
                                          ther Joe told me in 2000, the first time I     starving one’s spirit, he was feeding it. And
                                          saw his shack in a Bangkok shantytown.         in the act of feeding, he’d been fed.
                                          Its catwalk was planted in a canal that           From The Gospel of Father Joe
                                          looked like a Basra landfill and smelled         thegospeloffatherjoe.com

                                                                                                                            HOPE    9
The Redemptorists welcome
anyone who is looking for the
Lord. And our many renewal,
educational and inspirational
choices combined with new
media can help guide the way.
• Mission Preaching: Bringing the
  Gospel to the world, one spiritual re-
  newal at a time.
• Retreats: Motivational “days away”
  focused on spiritual and educational
  messages in natural locations sur-
  rounded by God’s beauty.
• Pilgrimages: Exploring the roots of

                                            St. Joseph Mass League
  our faith in places made famous by the
  Church and her saints and martyrs.
• Seminaries: Bringing the Redemptor-
  ist faith to students around the world.
• Faith-Filled Correspondence: Keep-
                                            In the wake of war and disease, a
  ing Redemptorists and benefactors
  current with website, electronic com-     memorial fund is created for the ages
  munications and direct mail.
• CDs: The music and prayers of             The St. Joseph Mass             Catholic churches throughout the
                                                                          country saw a huge spike in requests for
  St. Alphonsus beautifully rendered        League was created in 1919    prayers and Masses. At our Redemptorist
  for the first time on CD for your home
  or car.                                   in the wake of war, death     parishes, the lists of names grew so long
                                                                          that many people feared their requests
• Liguori Publications: Books, maga-        and disease. The twin
  zines and other devotional items                                        would not be heard for weeks or even
  to help believers bring their faith       catastrophes of World War I   months later.
  to bear on the decisions they face.       and the influenza epidem-       To prevent this delay, Fr. Christopher
To support one or more of our                                             D. McEnniry, C.Ss.R., the Provincial Su-
many good works, visit our website
                                            ic of 1918 left millions of   perior at the time for the St. Louis Prov-
poorandmostabandoned.org to make            people grieving the loss of   ince, created the St. Joseph Mass League,
a secure online donation.                                                 a Province-wide initiative that included
                                            loved ones.
                                                                          Redemptorists at every parish in the of-
                                                                          fering of Masses and prayers for those

10   HOPE
who submitted names of loved ones, ei-         communities for their efforts in a suc-
ther living or deceased, to the St. Joseph     cessful launch and to proclaim that                  PErPEtual enrollment allows a
Mass League. This way, as a member of          the St. Joseph Mass League would be                  person to enjoy the spiritual benefits of
the League, the parishioners – and their       blessed with a long life.                            the Masses and prayers offered by the
loved ones – would be able to share im-          How right he was!                                  Redemptorists of the Denver Province
mediately in the prayers and Masses be-          Ninety years later, people are still en-           for the rest of the person’s life and into
ing said by the Redemptorists around           rolling in this unique memorial service to           eternity. People who want to remember
the Province.                                  remember their loved ones while enjoy-               a family member or personal friend
  In a letter dated February 14, 1919,         ing the benefits of membership at three              will enroll that person in this perpet-
Fr. McEnniry urged Redemptorist Pas-           different levels: Perpetual, All Occasion,           ual prayer league.
tors throughout the Province to establish      and Healing.
                                                                                                    all OccasiOn prayers can include
Ninety years later, people are still enrolling                                                      special days or events, such as wed-
                                                                                                    dings or a grandson’s first birthday or
in this unique memorial service to remember                                                         the death anniversary of a loved one.
their loved ones while enjoying the benefits                                                        These members also receive the spiri-
                                                                                                    tual benefits that come with Masses and
of membership at three different levels.                                                            prayers offered by the Redemptorists.
the St. Joseph Mass League in their par-         If you would like to remember some-                HEaling is a special prayer card
ishes. He encouraged them to promote           one as a member of the St. Joseph Mass               sent to friends or family members who
its benefits and “to faithfully carry out      League, simply fill out the form below               have had surgeries, illnesses, relation-
the obligations involved.” He determined       and return it in the enclosed envelope.              ship problems, or financial difficul-
that the St. Joseph Mass League would          Thank you.                                           ties. These members receive the spiri-
begin on Passion Sunday, April 6, 1919.                                                             tual benefits that come with prayers
   The following year, Fr. McEnniry                                                                 said and good works performed by
wrote to thank his confreres and their                                                              the Redemptorists.

A Prayer to Remember – St. Joseph Mass League
Dear Redemptorists,
Please remember this special person in the St. Joseph’s Mass League (please print clearly):
His/Her name                                                                                             ( ) Living ( ) Deceased
My name is:

Enclosed is my offering for:
Perpetual Membership Enrollment           All-Occasion Enrollment                                      Healing Card
( ) Individual $20  ( ) Family $30        ( ) 2-year enrollment $10     ( ) 5-year enrollment $25      $

Check One: ( ) Visa ( ) MasterCard
Card #                                                      Expiration Date                 3 digit security code
Name on Card                                                          Signature
Billing Address
City                                                     State                    Zip
Please return this form in the enclosed envelope or call Margi Doyle toll free at 866.788.0343 to enroll over the phone.
Please send me             additional cards.

                                                                                                                                    HOPE   11
No matter how desperate the
situation, Redemptorists can al-
ways be found offering hope to
those in need in the form of a
meal, a bed or a prayer.
• Food Banks: Packaging food to
  the hungry in locations where it’s
  needed most.
• Soup Kitchens: Helping to nourish
  the body and renew the spirit.
• Senior Services: Helping the aged
  and infirm to grow old gracefully.
• Prison Ministries: Preaching the
  Gospel to those who are cut off
  from society.
• Marriage     Preparation: Helping
  couples understand and appreci-
                                            Rachel’s Vineyard
  ate marriage as a sacrament of the
  Church and their responsibility to
                                            A place of renewal for those struggling
  one another.
• Youth/Young Adult Ministries: Help-
                                            with loss and grief after abortion.
  ing youth to reflect on the life Christ      Fr. Larry Sanders, C.Ss.R., a staff mem-    other was a computer consultant; and so
  led as they begin to make choices
                                            ber at the Redemptorist Retreat Center in      on; ordinary people looking for help
  for themselves.
                                            Oconomowoc, WI, provides counseling            and answers.
• Deaf Ministry: Serving the hearing-       when he’s in Denver to clients of Rachel’s       What brought them all together that
  impaired and deaf.                        Vineyard. Rachel’s Vineyard is a national      night was a terrible secret, one that they
• Fallen-Away Catholics: Many for-          retreat movement for those who have been       had not shared with anyone else. They all
  mer Catholics find their way back         affected by the emotional loss and spiri-      had or were in relationships with some-
  to the Church after attending one or      tual pain of abortion.                         one who had had an abortion. Some of
  more Redemptorist parish mission             This is Fr. Larry’s personal account of a   the abortions were recent; others go back
  preaching events.
                                            recent session:                                years before abortion was legalized in this
To support one or more of our                  One cold Friday in February, a small        country. Most of the women had multiple
many good works, visit our web-             group of men and women met with me             abortions. More than 20 children were lost
site poorandmostabandoned.org to            and two other retreat directors in a hotel     among the people there that evening.
make a secure online donation.              in Denver. One was a grade school teach-         After introductions, they received the
                                            er; another was a receptionist; still an-      Sacrament of the Sick. On Saturday they

12   HOPE
shared their stories. They talked about          to see me. She was in her sixties. She was
what life was like growing up, what their        bent over and leaning heavily on her cane,
parents and family life were like. They          taking very small steps so as not to lose her
shared experiences of high school and dat-       balance. Her confession lasted more than
ing and the people they met along their life     hour. She confessed much, starting with
journeys. Sharing and listening to others’       the abortion she had when she was 28. She
stories, they began to realize that they are     talked about how her life fell apart after
not alone. They began to explore the possi-      that. She had been carrying this weight
bility of forgiving the people who had hurt      around for over 30 years. When we fin-
them in their lives and with that they be-       ished she stood up to leave. Her feet barely
gan to feel that they could be forgiven.         touched the floor. It was not until the next
   They were then asked to think of their        morning when she came downstairs that
children not as lost but here in the present     she realized she had left her cane on the
and to give them a name and a gender.            floor of the confessional.                      Fr. Larry Saunders, C.Ss.R., provides counsel-
After giving them names they acknowl-               On Sunday we held a memorial service.        ing to clients of Rachel’s Vineyard.
edged their children to God and through          The letters written by the participants to
                                                                                                 decides to have the child; fear of facing
                                                                                                 family and friends pregnant, unmarried,
=================                                                                                and perhaps still a child herself.
                                                                                                    This secret has taken a toll on their lives.
May is the month of Mary, Our Blessed Mother. On this                                            Counselors refer to it as post-abortion syn-
Mother’s Day, we celebrate and honor the mothers in                                              drome. Many women who have had abor-
                                                                                                 tions punish their bodies, somehow trying
our lives and all the soon-to-be mothers among us. We                                            to recreate the abortion process as a way
also remember the women who have lost a child either                                             to come to a different decision this time
                                                                                                 around. It exhibits itself through eating
through miscarriage or abortion, and pray that one day                                           disorders, promiscuity and low self-esteem.
they may give birth to this great gift from God.                                                 Others experience periods of depression
                                                                                                 around the time of the abortion or on the
We pray that St. Gerard Majella, the Redemptorist patron                                         day the child would have been born. Wom-
                                                                                                 en who have had abortions can experience
saint of mothers and the unborn, will intercede in the                                           an overwhelming sense of guilt when they
lives of those who have lost children and guide those                                            hear children crying or laughing, a guilt
                                                                                                 that seems to have no focus and no end.
who are struggling with the decision to bear children.                                           Men also suffer from post-abortion syn-
                                                                                                 drome but they tend to receive less support
a guided meditation met their children in        their children were shared with the group       than the women.
the presence of Jesus. They were then given      as part of the memorial. The dolls were            On Fridays at the retreat, people arrive
a doll for each of the children they lost and    wrapped in shrouds and placed in a              full of darkness and despair and feeling
asked to bond with them. The rest of Sat-        crib. The participants were each given a        isolated from others. On Sundays, they
urday night was taken up with adoration          rose and an angel ornament to remember          leave with a new sense of worth, feeling
before the Blessed Sacrament, writing let-       their children. A Mass of the Resurrection      confident that God has forgiven them
ters to their children asking for forgiveness,   was celebrated.                                 and continues to love them. They know
and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.               The reasons used to abort are usually         the journey will be long and hard. But
   The Sacrament of Reconciliation is one        these: fear of a future with a child they       they also know now they don’t travel it
of the most profound experiences a Priest        know they cannot support; the boyfriend         alone anymore.
can have. One of the older women came            or husband threatens to leave if the woman      rachelsvineyard.org

                                                                                                                                     HOPE   13

Co-Redemptorists – Supporting
The Next Great Priest or Brother                                                                           Tom Shaw
                                                                                                           Co-Redemptorist since 1977
   I am a proud member of the Co-Redemp-         honor among the Redemptorist family.        of the Co-Redemptorist Association hope-
torist family, and have been since 1977.           The Catholic Church needs fine young      fully helps seminarians to continue their
I had attended the Redemptorist mi-              men to continue the work and I believe      journey in the hopes of achieving their goal
nor seminary in the late 1960s and saw
first hand the positive impact the                          I had many fine teachers during my high school
Co-Redemptorist family had on the lives of
many seminarians.
                                                            years, but none were more dedicated and influential
   I had many fine teachers during my high                  than the Redemptorist Priests at the seminary.
school years, but none were more dedicat-
ed and influential than the Redemptorist         the Redemptorist Priests and Brothers       of becoming the next great Redemptorist
Priests at the seminary. And now, several of     are the finest and most respected leaders   Priest or Brother.
my classmates maintain this long-standing        in the church today. My continued support

Faith in Numbers: Co-Redemptorist Association Revenue
                             Co-Redemptorist Association Revenue
            The chart below reflects the cash revenues for the Co-Re- wills and bequests) Note: In 1984 the recording of gifts was
          demptorist program starting in 1960 to the present (excluding changed from a calendar-year cycle to a fiscal-year cycle.






























                                  We do a lot.                                                             Name the
                                  But we can’t do it alone.                                                in your will…
                                   We are involved in a variety of ministries, all of which depend         or bequest as a way to
                                   upon the generosity of our supporters. Please help us by
                                                                                                           establish   a   permanent
                                   donating to one or more of the many good causes described at
                                   poorandmostabandoned.org. Make a secure donation by selecting           legacy of support for our
                                   Donate Now or sending a check (your chosen mission written in the       missions. For more infor-
                                   memo section) to mission advancement ministry, Redemptorists            mation, call Dan Welte at
                                   Denver province, 1230 South parker Road, Denver, Co 80231.              303.565.5435.

14    HOPE
                                    Redemptorists Celebrating Ordination Anniversaries
                                    Diamond Jubilee 60 Years                                Fr. Victor Karls, C.Ss.R.
                                                                                                June 26, 1970
                                    Fr. Francis Gautreaux, C.Ss.R.
                                        June 29, 1950                                       Fr. Gregory Mayers, C.Ss.R.
                                                                                                June 27, 1970
                                    Fr. Robert Martin, C.Ss.R.
                                        June 29, 1950                                       Fr. Andrew Meiners, C.Ss.R.
                                                                                                Dec. 26, 1970
                                    Fr. Henry Novak, C.Ss.R.
                                        June 29, 1950                                       Fr. Mark Scheffler, C.Ss.R.
                                                                                                June 20, 1970
                                    Fr. James Nugent, C.Ss.R.

Getting to                              June 29, 1950                                       Fr. John Phairot Somngam, C.Ss.R.
                                                                                                Aug. 20, 1970
                                    Fr. Gerard Pecht, C.Ss.R.
                                        June 29, 1950                                       Silver Jubilee 25 Years

know our                            Golden Jubilee 50 Years
                                    Fr. Alton Carr, C.Ss.R.
                                                                                            Fr. Francis Ahpichart Natipravat, C.Ss.R.
                                                                                                Aug. 12, 1985
                                                                                            Fr. Vaiyakol Joseph Suksawat, C.Ss.R.

                                        June 29, 1960
                                                                                                Aug. 12, 1985
                                    Fr. William Wright, C.Ss.R.
                                        June 29, 1960                                       Fr. Edward Vella, C.Ss.R.
                                                                                                Nov. 9, 1985

Mother                              40 Years of Ordination
                                    Fr. Joseph Butz, C.Ss.R.
                                        June 26, 1970
                                                                                            Fr. Peter Charoen Viensirinantachote, C.Ss.R.
                                                                                                Aug. 12, 1985

   In the summer issue of Hope      Fr. Robert Halter, C.Ss.R.
(July / August / September) we          June 26, 1970
will be devoting a considerable
amount of space to one of the
most recognizable works of reli-
gious art in all of Christendom.
Millions of Catholics around
the globe pay homage to Mary
                                         Not Your Father’s Websites
under the title, Our Mother of             Combining the old with the new to create              • Download a copy of St. Alphonsus’ 12
Perpetual Help through this              a very different visual experience online.                Commandments for Lawyers.
most beloved icon.                          • Light the “virtual” candle to Our Mother           • Read through the only entire list, any-
   We will explore its long and               of Perpetual Help while listening to                 where online, of the complete works of
tumultuous history, and exam-                 Salve Regina.                                        St. Alphonsus Liguori.
ine each artistic element that              • Watch our much-talked-about                        • Flip through our E-books to learn
makes up this most celebrated                 inspirational videos on becoming                     more about our specific ministries
image. We will also share with                a Redemptorist.                                      and needs.
you the story of how this icon              • Listen to the voice of the great Irish-            • Browse through the latest issue of
came into the care of the Re-                 American actor Liam Neeson while                     Hope magazine online.
demptorists and what we’re do-                listening to the beautiful sacred                  • Check out our Facebook page and
ing today to “make her known                  hymns of St. Alphonsus Liguori.                      become a fan.
throughout the world,” the spe-             • Watch and listen to one man’s account              • Travel back through Redemptorist
cific responsibility given to the             of his vision of St. Alphonsus Liguori,              history in the Memorabilia.
Redemptorists by his holiness,                and how that vision cured him of a                 • Watch a very funny, yet thoughtful,
Pope Pius IX back in 1866.                    terrible affliction.                                 interview with one of our long-
   Look for this very special               • Sign up to receive daily reflections on the          time donors.
devotional issue in your snail                Scriptures written by our Redemptorists.          And feel free to make a donation online.
mail or email in early July.                • Take a virtual pilgrimage of the Amalfi         Just click on ‘Donate Now.’ Thank you.
Share it with those you know                  coast in Italy and other sites in and           redemptoristsdenver.org
who have a very special devo-                 around Naples made famous by                    poorandmostabandoned.org
tion to our Blessed Mother.                   St. Alphonsus Liguori.

15   HOPE                                                                                                                         HOPE      15
Preaching & Events                                                                       Redemptorists/Denver Province
April                                  April                                             Mission Advancement Ministry
                                                                                         1230 S. Parker Road
2       good friday                    10-11     St. alphonsus,                          Denver, CO 80231
4       easter Sunday                            Minneapolis, MN
                                                 Fr. Allan Weinert                       Email: advancement@redemptorists-denver.org
10-14   our lady of the lake
        Branson, MO                              24-25 Holy ghost                        Toll Free: 866.788.0343
                                                 Houston, TX                             Denver: 303.565.5450
10-15   St. patrick                              Bro. Lujan, Fr. Hoang
        Andalusia, IL                                                                    redemptoristsdenver.org
                                       25        St. alphonsus                           poorandmostabandoned.org
10-15   immaculate Heart of mary                 St. Louis, MO
        Houston, MS                              Fr. Pat Keyes                           National Catholic Development Conference (NCDC) Member
        St. michael
        Delta, CO                      May                                               This magazine is printed on FSC Certified paper.
17-21   St. mary                       1-2       mother of Sorrows
        Villa Ridge, MO                          Biloxi, MS
        Holy Redeemer                            Fr. Gary Lauenstein
        Odessa, TX                     16-17     gerard majella
        St. elizabeth ann Seton                  Baton Rouge, LA
        Odessa, TX                               Fr. Jim Shea
17-22   St. patrick
        Tipton, IL
                                       5-6       our lady perpetual Help
17-22   St. matthew                              Kansas City, MO
        Ripley, MS                               Fr. Allan Weinert
        our lady of lourdes
        Pittsfield, NH

1-5     alexian Brothers
        Chattanooga, TN
1-6     St. peter the apostle
        N Bay, Ontario
1-6     St. Rose
        Longview, WA                   • Co-Redemptorist Preaching
        St. peter’s                    • Chicago Mission Preaching Team

                                                                                      Make her known,
        Kansas City, MO                  312.642.1669
13      ascension                      • Liguori Mission Preaching Team
15-20   St. James the apostle            636.464.6999

                                                                                      through his music
        Kenosha, WI                    • Holy Days

Statistics Show Increase in                                                              On June 27, Redemptorists around the world will
Catholics, Priests and Seminarians                                                    celebrate the feast day of our patroness, Our Mother
                                                                                      of Perpetual Help. In 1866, Pope Pius IX entrusted
   VATICAN CITY (CNS) – The lat-             it said. The number of Priests stood     this most recognizable image of Our Blessed Moth-
est Vatican statistics show a slight in-     at 409,166, an increase of 1,142         er to the Redemptorists with the stipulation that we
crease in Catholics as a percentage of       from the end of 2007. Since the year     “make her known throughout the world.”
the world’s population, and a slow but       2000, the Vatican said, the number          Praying the Rosary with St. Alphonsus Maria Lig-
steady rise in the number of Priests         of Priests has increased by nearly       uori is the first CD produced in the U.S. to feature the
and seminarians worldwide.                   4,000, or 1 percent.                     music and prayers of St. Alphonsus. He is well-known
   The Vatican said the number of               Looking at the way Priests are dis-   among the saints for his lifelong devotion to Mary. Ex-
Catholics reached 1.166 billion, an          tributed worldwide, it said: 47.1 per-   perience the love this great saint of the Church had
increase of 19 million, or 1.7 per-          cent were in Europe, 30 percent in       for Mary by listening to the hymns and prayers com-
cent, from the end of 2007. During           the Americas, 13.2 percent in Asia,      posed in her honor.
the same period, Catholics as a per-         8.7 percent in Africa and 1.2 percent       To order your copy for this great Marian feast
centage of the global population grew        in Oceania.                              day, go to littlelambmusic.com or call toll free
from 17.33 percent to 17.4 percent,                                                   at 888.753.0333.

16    HOPE

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