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                                                                                                                                                                       Te Waha Nui, 28 September 2007           3

      Limited fish for your chips
                                                         The panel agreed with Forest and Bird          Wells says Forest and Bird’s view of                           ried about declining stocks, but blames
      By Eloise Gibson                                that hoki should have been given a lower       sustainability is at “one end of the contin-                      environmental conditions, not over-fishing
                                                      score, saying it had been certified “by the    uum”, and it is up to the New Zealand                             for the drop.
         New Zealand’s biggest commercial fish        skin of its teeth”.                            Government to decide what sustainable                                He says the fishing industry has acted
      species has been given the tick of sustain-        However, it could not overturn the          means.                                                            responsibly by complying with reduced
      ability, despite one of its two stocks dwin-    marine council’s decision because the             “Everyone’s idea of what sustainable                           hoki quotas.
      dling to less than 20 per cent of what it       appeal was limited to procedural issues.       means is different.”                                                 “The industry has been prepared to
      was in the late 1990s.                             Forest and Bird spokesperson Kevin             “There will always be some who say [a                          accept quite draconian cuts because we
         The hoki industry’s sustainability rat-      Hackwell says the decision shows there         fishery] is not sustainable.”                                     recognise it is needed,” he says.
      ing was renewed last week for another five      are not enough checks and balances to             But Hackwell says leaving it up to the                            “There has been a reasonably sudden
      years, after a failed appeal by the Forest      stop “dodgy” decisions.                        Government is a “cop out”, as the industry                        change [in stocks]. So we need to back off
      and Bird Society.                                  The marine council relies on assessors      has chosen to seek a sustainable rating                           the gas.”
         The renewal comes as Fisheries               hired by the fishing companies to assess       from the marine council and should meet                              In July, big fishing companies Sealord,
      Minister Jim Anderton announced he was          fisheries against the council’s sustainabil-   its standards.                                                    Aotearoa Fisheries and Sanford called for
      reducing the hoki quota by 10 per cent          ity criteria.                                     “We want them to have the certifica-                           the hoki quota for 2007/08 to be cut to
      overall, and requesting the fishing indus-         “[The assessors’] client is the fisheries   tion, but it has to mean something.”                              80,000 tonnes from the current level of
      try to reduce its catch of dwindling west       company, not the marine stewardship               Hoki stocks have declined drastically                          around 100,000 tonnes.
      coast stock by nearly 50 per cent.              council,” says Hackwell.                       since the fishery was first certified by the                         Hackwell says greed is to blame for
         New Zealand hoki is one of only two             When the hoki fishery was assessed          marine council in 2001.                                           falling stocks, and consumers need to be
      large scale fisheries of white fish to carry    last year, the assessor reduced its scores        Hackwell says the catch has reduced                            aware of what they are eating.
      the Marine Stewardship Council’s sus-           on some criteria after hearing from Forest     from 250,000 tonnes in 2001 to about                                 Forest and Bird publish a Best Fish
      tainable tick, giving it preferred access to    and Bird and the World Wildlife Fund.          80,000 tonnes, “and all while it has been                         Guide for consumers worried about sus-
      overseas buyers like Sainsbury’s, Marks &          However it then increased hoki’s scores     certified as sustainable”.                                        tainability, ranking fisheries from a sus-
      Spencer and McDonald’s.                         against other criteria to give it an overall      Of New Zealand’s two fisheries, the                            tainable ‘green light’ to the worst, ‘red
         But Forest and Bird says the certifica-      pass, a decision Hackwell says was “suspi-     west coast has declined more than the                             light’ species.
      tion was “shoddy” and sends the wrong           cious”.                                        east. West coast stocks are now thought to                           There are currently no fisheries in the
      message to the fishing industry.                   Richard Wells, of the Deep Water            be less that 20 per cent of late 1990s lev-                       sustainable ‘green light’ category, but
         The society appealed the decision by the     Group of fishing companies, says the deci-     els.                                                              Hackwell says concerned consumers
      London-based marine council to an inde-         sion to certify hoki was fair.                    “We need to close down the west coast                          should eat fish from the top of the ‘orange
      pendent review panel, after the fishery            “It passed. You could say only just, and    fishery or it will not recover,” says                             light’ list, such as terakihi.
      scraped in with a score just 0.01 per cent      that would be correct, but let’s not forget    Hackwell.                                                            “I still enjoy terakihi on a Friday night,”
      above the pass mark.                            the pass mark is 80 per cent.”                    Wells says fishing companies are wor-                          he says.

      AUT rookies stun Iconic K’Rd
      industry topdogs cafe closing                                                                                                                                                  Jamie Ritchie was a cycle
                                                                                                                   PHOTO: JAMES LITTLE

       By Lauradanna Radesic                                                                                                             By Justin Henehan
                                                                                                                                                                                 courier when Brazil opened 12
                                                                                                                                                                                 years ago and has been a regular
         Air New Zealand Fashion Week was the culmination of                                                                                Café Brazil on Karangahape           ever since.
      a year’s hard work for AUT fashion and design students                                                                             Rd has been party to many of                “I’m really gutted. I don’t
      and launched their work to international acclaim.                                                                                  Auckland’s growing pains during         know where else I’m going to get
         Australian fashion bible Karen labelled the ROOKIE                                                                              its 12 years in business.               coffee that good and strong. No
      show as one of the highlights of this year’s fashion week,                                                                            A hangout for cycle couriers,        one else’s coffee even comes close
      and also proclaimed the student designs to be the best the                                                                         students, artists, local workers        and it’s the only place that plays
      writer had ever seen.                                                                                                              and K’Rd regulars, Brazil has           decent music.”
         Mandy Smith, head of fashion and design at AUT, said                                                                            been a haven away from the                  Ritchie says Brazil was an
      this year’s show was the best the school had ever put on.                                                                          tumult of the city, but is set to       icon and its closing will take
         “We’ve had some great feedback. People really enjoyed                                                                           serve its last coffee.                  something away from the feel of
      the show and I’ve had some of the country’s top designers                                                                             On September 30 the iconic           K’Rd.
      contact me to offer students work at the end of the year.”                                                                         Karangahape Rd café, situated               For a number of years the
         ROOKIE, now in its fifth year, provides students with                                                                           in the Norman Ng building, will         brothers ran a coffee roasting
      industry contact and interest as well as inspiration for                                                                           close permanently.                      business from the café basement.
      future careers.                                                                                                                       In 1995, brothers Simon and              The roasting machine was a
         This year’s garments were well made, consisted of good                                                                          Dominic Taylor and Ben Harris           feat of creative improvisation,
      designs and had plenty of interesting cuts, said Smith.                                                                            (who left in 1997) opened Brazil        says Taylor.
         Annabel McAleer, communications manager for the                                                                                 as a “place to just serve great cof-        “It was real fly-by-the-seat-of-
      Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies said the                                                                               fee”.                                   your-pants stuff operating that
      show went off without a hitch.                                                                                                        Over time it became a commu-         machine.
         McAleer said the ROOKIE show is a coup for AUT                                                                                  nity, says Dominic Taylor.                  “Once the fire department had
      because it generates realistic industry experience for the                                                                            Taylor’s partner Lili Ahken          to come out: We thought they
      students.                                                                                                                          has been involved in the day-to-        were going to shut us down, but
         For student Rebecca Spratt, being a part of ROOKIE                                                                              day running of Brazil from its          the guy just said ‘I think you can
      was an amazing experience.                                                                                                         inception.                              get that going again.’”
         “It went really well. It’s great to be able to get your                                                                            Many people made best                    But fo Taylor, Brazil has done
      name out there and get recognised. It offered an opportu-                                                                          friends at Brazil and it has            its dash.
      nity that other design schools didn’t get,” she said.                                                                              become part of Karangahape Rd,              “I think we’re done with the
         Grace Min, another student who débuted her designs,                                                                             she says.                               hospitality industry. Hospitality
      felt honoured they were chosen to appear at fashion week.                                                                             “It’s seen a lot in its time, like   is a finite thing – you can only do
         Although the lead-up was hectic, Min said seeing her                                                                            Auckland’s power crisis – we had        it for so long.”
      designs strutted down the catwalk made the whole                                                                                   generators running the coffee               Each of the current owners
      process worthwhile.                                                                                                                machine and tea-candles all             has their own reasons for closing
         “Having people see your work for the first time was an                                                                          through the café.”                      Brazil, but agree if they can’t
      amazing experience. My friends and family were so proud                                                                               Brazil has also been the site        give 100 per cent, they would
      of me.”                                                                                                                            and subject of many creative            rather it came to an end.
         One guest who was particularly impressed was                                                                                    projects, from music videos, to             Brazil was named after former
      Virginia Brown, fashion and beauty editor for Crème                                                                                theatre performances, to archi-         Python Terry Gilliam’s 1985 film
      magazine.                                                                                                                          tecture studies. “We even had a         set in a stylized Orwellian
         As an ex-AUT fashion and design student, Brown’s                                                                                fashion show once,” says Ahken.         future.
      own designs featured in the ROOKIE show three years
      ago.                                                          ollhfbW=^rq råáîÉêëáíó=Ñ~ëÜáçå=~åÇ=ÇÉëáÖå
         “ROOKIE has come a long way since I participated.          ëíìÇÉåíëÛ=ïçêâ=ï~ë=ãçÇÉääÉÇ=~í=íÜÉ=^áê=kÉï                            Correction
         “The designs were more cutting edge, more modern,          wÉ~ä~åÇ=c~ëÜáçå=tÉÉâK=dê~ÅÉ=jáåÛë=ÇÉëáÖåë                             In issue 19 of Te Waha Nui an article headlined “Native bush flour-
      and the workmanship looked impeccable.”                       ~êÉ=ÑÉ~íìêÉÇ=~ÄçîÉK=pÉÉ=é~ÖÉë=NOJNP=Ñçê=ãçêÉ                          ishing on island, thanks to volunteers” spelt Lawrence Thoms’ sur-
                                                                    çå=íÜÉ=^rq ollhfb=ëÜçïK=                                              name Thomas. Te Waha Nui apologises for the mistake.

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