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                     ’that madeshipping fast and
                        service fast and easy.
               call and put us to the test. Wethink
like getting an answer instead of a runaround.

              Whatwe did for shipping
              we’re doing for service.
                                                              ANOTHER FINE
                                                              ORGANIZATION IS:

                                                                  Drought,   Disease
                                                                   in EAST AFRICA
       Our many satisfied    and                                                                  MILLIONS
       loyal customers know of                                                                    STARVING
       our harbor tug service in                                          ii!iiii~!iii!ii!!i         and
       Houston and other Texas                                                                       SICK
       We can please       YOUR shipowners,
       shipmasters, pilots, and agents. Give
       us the opportunity.
                                                                                 Your Now
                                                                              Send Help
       We offer  the safety,   know-how,
       promptness and dependability   you                                           (~ARE~

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                                                                                                  109 N, Akard Street
                                                                        (~ABE                     Suite 917
                                                                                                  Dallas, TX 75201
                                                                        EAST AFRICA APPEAL

              _~    _           .- _ ~               ~       ,i
                                                                                       ITT TUGS pleased to donate this
                                                                                        space to tell others about something
                                                                                           besides our superior tug service.

                   INTRACOASTAL                                                    TOWING
                                      &.      TRANSPORTATION                   CORP
                            Houston        ¯ Galveston   ¯   Freeport     ¯   Corpus    Christn

May, 1981                                                                                                                        3
                                                                                                      facilities ontheHouston Channel
                                                                                                    Our                    Ship

Cut downtimewith full topside repair,
    cleaning, and oil spill services!

        We’vegot the experiencedpersonnelto solve your problem.., any day, any time, in port or at sea.
Gulf coast service         Full service: dockside,        Complete  facilities for     Full stockof portable
representativesfor:        at sea, overseas.              any job.                     equipment.
Diesel Propulsion          Foreign diesel repairs         Machine and boilermaker      Generators
  SULZER                   Centrifugal rebabbitting       shops with large             Compressors
  M.A-N                    Electronic and automated       lathes, mills and presses    Gangways
                &          systemsrepairs                 Bearing shop                 Pumps
Refrigeration              Motor and generator            Electrical and motor         Welders
  EMAIL                    rewinding                      rewind shop                  Boom and winch trucks
  CARRIER TRANSICOLD       Boiler repairs and steelwork   Layberthwith utilities       Vacuumtrucks
Cranes                     Certified geartesting          Cranebarge, tug, and
  LIEBHERR                 Tankcleaningandoil spill       workboats
                           recovery                                                                ~fSlNCE 1910

 Marine               PC. 5455
              Industries Box ¯ 8201       at
                                     Cypress Broadway,
                                                    Houston, 77012(713)
                                                          Texas    ¯           ¯ Telex 769 TWX 881
                                                                         928-5911    792 ¯   910 6225
                                     1802       Galveston, 77550 (713)
                              Galveston Mechanic,       Texas   ¯     762-7785
                         Divisions: HARRISBURG COMPANY    ¯ CLEAN       INDUSTRIES

     Marine Maintenance industries
            1713) 928.5911
                                 The Port of Houston Magazine
          Port Commissioners                              Volume 25                           Number5                              May, 1981
               And Staff

W.D.HADEN, II, Commissioner
                                                                                         IN THIS ISSUE
JOHN n. GARRETT, Commissioner

RICHARDP. LEACH, Executive Director
J.R.CURTIS,Director of Port Operations                    GrowingWith C.N.A.N.--CompagnieNationale
  TED WALTERS,Manager of Marine Department
  W.D. DUNNAHOE,     Manager of Port Operations
                                                          Algeriennede Navigationserves as the "national-flag"
                                                          steamship  agencyof Algeria as well as operatingships
  Turning Basin
  CAPT. R.G. EGAN,Manager of Port Operations,
  Barbours Cut and Bayport Terminals
                                                          itself.                                                                               11
  W.E. GREER, Manager, Grain Llevator
  LESLIE J. SANDERFER,     Manager, Bulk Materials
                                                          Port Industrial Parks--ThePort of Houston’stwo In-
                                                          dustrial Parksharbormany    businesses other than foreign
  Handling Plant
  A. MONROE     BEAN, Manager, Storage Warehouses
  A.J.M. VANDE VEN, Maintenance Superintendent
                                                          car importers.                                                                        14
                     JR., Manager, Safety and lnsurance
            BARTH, Manager, Security
                                                          Silver Anniversary--Itwas 25 years ago this month    that
                                                          the first ship loadedwith containerssailed into its
C.A. ROUSSER, R., Director of Trade Development
   BASIL J. FINN, General Sales Manager
   LEONUTTERBACK,     Eastern Sales Manager
                                                          destination, the Port of Houston.                                                     17
   JACKWOJEWNIK,    Asst. Eastern Sales Manager           Defense Department  Visitors--Students of the Industrial
   ROBERTPERROTTA, Midwestern Sales Manager
   DAVIDW. SIMPSON, Western Sales Manager
                                                           College of the Armed Forces, National DefenseUniversity,
                                                          visited the Port of Houston recently to study its
   TED SUMERLIN, Communications       Manager
   DONZULLO, Assistant
                           to Communications               operations.
   EDWARD HORN, Public Relations
NORMAN HUENI, Director of Engineering
                                          Manager          It’s In TheBag--And   someof the bags packedat Mirrer’s
                                                           with thermoplasticpellets for exportare as large as
    TOM KORNEGAY,Chief Engineer
F. WILLIAM     COLBURN,Director of Administration
   LINDA REESE, Controller
                                                           intermodal containers.                                                               22
   ALTONB. LANDRY, Personnel Manager and                  Checkingthe Export-ImportBank--It could do much        moreto
   World Trade Building Manager                           encourage  exporting by small-to-middlesized
   C.Q. SEAMAN,    Manager of Real E~tate
   BETTY GARRETT,Manager of Purchasing
                                                          companies.                                                                            26
MICHAELSCORCIO, Direetor        of Community              Port Tidings--A page of news and notes on what’s happening
Relations                                                 to people and companiesin and aroundthe port of
 JOE F. FLACK, County Auditor
                                                          .ou~ton                                                                               31
                                                          Transportation Observation--Afederal court has established
                                                          deadlines for submission of briefs in the COFC/TOFC
  EXECUTIVE OFFICES                                       de-regulationcase.                                                                    33
 1519 Capitol Avenue,Houston,Texas77002
   P.O. Box2562, Houston,Texas77001
        Telephone:(713) 225-0671                                                                 The Cover
                TWX: 910-~81-5787
                                                            The M/VBABOR Compagnie Nationale Algerienne de Navigation loads
      TERMINALOFFICES                                     at an open dock in the Port of Houston. For details on how C.N.A.N. has
          Turning Basin: (713)      672-8221
                                                          grown into a major line and national shipping agency, please see Page 11.
          Barbours Cut: (713)       470-1800

      60 East 42nd. Street, New York 10165
           Telephone: (212) 867-2780
                                                                        The Port of Houston Magazine
                                                                                              TEDSUMERLIN,   Editor
                                                                                            EDHORN,  Associate Editor
                                                             THE       OF
                                                                  PORT HOUSTON                (ISSN
                                                                                    MAGAZINE 0032-4825) is published by the Port of Houston
                                                           Authority is distributed                   industrialandtransportation
                                                                                      free to maritime,                           interests in the United
                        Official     Publication                                                                         and            is
                                                           States andforeign countries.Thispublicationis not copyrighted permission given for the
                                                           reproduction use of anyoriginal material, provided   credit is given to the Port of Houston.
                           Port of Houston                 Additionalinformation,extra copies or advertising rates maybe obtainedby writing the PORT
                              Authority                    OF HOUSTON  MAGAZINE.    Controlled Circulation postage paid at Houston, Tx. and at
                                                           additional mailing offices. Sendaddress changeto Port of Houston   Magazine,P.O. Box2562,
                                                           Houston,Texas 77001.
    May, 1981
                                                                                      t,S. GULF
                   U.S.                                                               SERVICE

                   Hapag-Lloyd U.S. Gull
                       Our New Face
                         in the Gull
                                With super service
                                     as usual!
               We’renowHapag-Lloyd    U.S. Gulf Service. Andwestill offer first-class container
               service on our first-rate     containerships: ERLANGEN    EXPRESS,    HOECHST
               Sailing weekly between Houston and NewOrleans and major Europeanports.
               Serving Miami and Mobile every other week. Wehave plenty of containers of
               all types. Strongintermodaland thru-traffic capabilities. Expert cargohandling
               skills. Andwe’re still teamed                        a
                                               with Biehl & Company, leading Gulf agent for
               manydecades. Hapag-LIoydU.S. Gulf Service. Alwaysready to serve you
               dependably, efficiently and quickly!

              General Agent: Biehl & Company
                   NewOrleans (504) 581-7788 ¯ Houston (713) 688-7700

    Agents:United States Navigation,Inc.    United States Navigation (Pacific) Inc.
            NewYork (212) 269-6000          San Francisco (415) 956-0500
            Chicago(312) 346-8360           Los Angeles(213) 627-9051
               Additional agents in key U.Soand Canadiancities.

6                                                                                        Port of HoustonMagazine
                               The Nedlloyd Fridge.
                       your goodname-intact.
  It keepsyour goods-and
       If yourfrozenpoultry-oranyotherrefrigerated                                        the
                                                                              Wedeveloped Nedlloyd     fridge for a good
       cargo-arrivesthawed,you’re a deadduck.                                     if
                                                                          reason: weshould    deliver yourcargowarm,
       Damaged pilfered shipments     won’tget a                          you’d giveusthe cold shoulder.
       warm welcome  either.                                                  Nedlloyd’s Ro/Ro              sail
                                                                                              containerships with
          Nedlloyd completelyeliminates  theserisks to                    impeccable regularity every22 daysto the Mid-
       yourcargoandto yourreputation.We      store your                   dle East.Call usor oneof ourreliable agents
       goods our own           20
                        separate and40 ft. reefer                         for specifics.
       containers.Onboardthey are monitored    contin-
       uously,checked logged     regularly, protected
       alwaysby backup
               off-loaded, yourcargois under    con-
       stantNedlloydsurveillanceuntil it is receivedby
       your customer.

   General agent:              FaroviShippingCorp.:         Newport News 804/623-4525 StrachanShipping:           Transpacific
   NedlloydInc.,                 Miami Area 305/373-4765     Philadelphia 215/448-4000  Chicago312/427-2908                    Co.:
   NewYork, N.Y.,              International                 Pittsburgh412/281-7825     Dallas 214/747-0648         Los Angeles213/629-4192
   212/432-9150                Great Lakes:                Patterson-Wylde:             Houston 713/683-3500        Portland 503/222-3235
   CarolinaShippingCo.:          Cleveland216/696-2612       Boston617/338-0400         NewOrleans 504/527-6600     SanFrancisco415/986-0786
     Atlanta 404/953-3191      LavinoShipping:             Patton Steamship:            St. Louis 314/231-3389      Seattle 206/624-7393
     Charleston 803/577-7880     Baltimore 301/962-7000      Detroit 313/353-6611       Tulsa 918/492-2721          Vancouver 604/688-0611

May, 1981                                                                                                                                  7
  Announcing                 more middi(


            When  you ship on SalOn’s new’tween deck
vessel to the MiddleEast, you can be absolutely sure of
the safety of your cargo.
            Because  with the FreedomMarkII ’tween deck,
we can create two holds from the space of one.
            One your sensitive cargo.
            One the other guy’s bulldozer.
            Plus, our openhatch construction means  every.
body’s break-bulk cargo can be loaded with significantly
greater efficiency.
to the Middle East.

                              el                                                   NT

           For full details on how    can
                                  SalOn get yourcargo
             Eastquickly safely, call or write:
 to the Middle           and

 SalOn ProjecULiner                                                                  Services
                                                          General Agents
                                   International Cargoand Ship Chartering Consultants, Inc.
                                      17 Battery Place, NewYork, NY 10004 (212) 344-1225
 In Houston:                           In Chicago:                        In New  Orleans:
 InternationalGulf Chartering          AceAgencies  Inc.                                              and
                                                                          International Ship Management AgencyServices Inc.
 710 Cotton Exchange Building          2 North RiversidePlaza             2302 I.T.M. Building
 Houston,TX77002,(713) 224-4435        Chicago,IL 60606,(312) 648-0083    New Orleans,LA 70130,(504) 581-1970
     We’re strong    on
     double coverage.
       Yale &Taylor.
        You’vegot a wholelot to pick from with Briggs-Weaver.
        Becausewe’ve got the largest and most diversified
     line of lift trucks in the southwest.Yale andTaylor. To
     buy, financeor leasewith a variety of rental options.
        But Briggs-Weaver not just lift trucks. Ourinventory
     includes railcar movers,spotting tractors and personnel
     vehicles to name   only three. Andwe supply special en-
     gines, transmissions,tires, heavy-duty cleanersand
     special lift attachments pipe, steel, lumber,concrete
     and containers.
        With six Texaswarehouses our inter-store over-
     night delivery, over 90% the parts orderscan be filled
     within 24 hours from stock on hand.             :~
                       So if you’re in the mar-
                   ket for lift trucks, or only
                   lift truck parts or service,
                   choose best of the lot.
                   Briggs-Weaver. Texas’
                   largest materials handl-
                   ing equipment    dealer.

                  CARRIES LOT OF WEIGHT.
            OURNAME     A
            ¯                            °
      BeaumontDallas ° Fort Worth¯ Houston Jasper¯ SanAntonio

10                                                         Port of Houston Magazine

            Break-bulk      Cargo   Awaits     Loading     Aboard     M/V BABOR at   Port   of   Houston

        C.N.A.N.     Leads In Shipping
         To Algeria,    Services There
    A  record of which any steamship       modate     up   to   700    compact      The future routes in Europe for
company could be proud has been            automobiles.                          LNGtankers operations will be to
established   by C.N.A.N. (Compagnie                                             Spain and Northern France. C.N.A.N.
                                            C.N.A.N. operates heavy lift car-
Nationale Algerienne de Navigation).                                             is participating in most of the natural
   The company bought a well-used        riers with lifting capacities up to 180 gas contracts.
vessel in 1964 and started sailing be-   tons and fully containerized vessels        C.N.A.N. currently has under con-
tween Algeria and Southern France. In    with 450 t.e.u, capacities. The balance
                                                                                 struction one additional LNGtanker
only six years the service demanded      of the fleet consists of wine tankers,  with a capacity in excess of 125,000
that the company expand to seven         dry bulk carriers and general cargo cubic meters. The company also main-
secondhand vessels. Today, at 17 years   vessels from 3,000 deadweight to        tains a construction program for con-
                                         26,000 deadweight tons.
of age, the company operates approx-                                             ventional cargo and bulk carriers.
imately 150 vessels of all types, of
                                            In the U.S. Gulf service C.N.A.N. than 100 vessels by 1985 totoparticipate
                                                                                    The company’s goal is        own more
which 75 are fully owned. C.N.A.N.
also provides a variety of maritime ser- operates the German Trampco type        to the fullest in the foreign trade of
vices in Algeria.                        vessels    of approximately      8,000  Algeria. C.N.A.N. presently carries
                                         deadweight tons, and 17,000 to 20,000
                                                                                 approximately 25 per cent of Algeria’s
     With a growth record like that      tons deadweight multipurpose cargo      import and export of dry cargo com-
you might expect the management sit
                                  to     liners. Shippers from the U.S.A. are modities.
                                          familiar with these ships: DJORF,
back and smile. But that’s not the case.
The company has a well-planned con- DJURDJURA,              IBN KHALDOUN,             Besides being steamship owners,
struction programthat will give it more KSAR EL BOUKHAR T and BABOR. C.N.A.N. acts as the only steamship
than 100 company-owned ships by             In 1971 C.N.A.N. started its LNG agent to foreign carriers trading to and
1985.                                     operations with one small tanker of from Algeria. In the company’scapaci-
   C.N.A.N. operates a variety of ships 40,000 cubic meters from Skikda to ty as a "national steamship agent" it
from 250-vehicle capacity ferries to      Fos, France. The operation of the operates its own towboat company,
LNGtankers with capacities        up to   LNG tankers to the United States       utilizing more than 24 tugs in Algerian
129,000 cubic meters and tankers from Commenced December, 1978. In the ports. The companyalso acts in behalf
30,000 to 140,000 deadweight tons. It     summer of 1981, C.N.A.N. will ex- of all cargo interests as a foreign and
also operates 19 roll-on/roll-off         pand its LNGprogram to service the domestic forwarder and customhouse
vessels,   some of which can accom- U.S. Gulf with three new LNG        vessels.            Continued on Page 45

May, 1981                                                                                                             11
          SCHEDU     Maersk              containerships
                           Line’s 9 modern              coverall of the Far East.
                      Withfast, dependable transit times.Wealways      a
                                                                  keep date.
                                        more                      Line
                    Butregularity is much thanthat. WithMaersk it’s a word
                          that hasto do with many              fast
                                                  thingsbesides ships.

                                                      Maersk  Line hasmany exclusiveterminal
                                                   facilities. Thatmeans ashore. for  Also
                                                   truckers.We       how         it
                                                                know important is to give
                                                   fast, regularserviceto truckerswhen  receiving
                                                                           is       for
                                                   or deliveringcargo-time money truckers,

                                                        the protection a
                                                   Maersk   Line container
                                                  all theway,  whetherit’s
                                                     going bytruck,rail or
                                                ship. Meaning goods
                                                 don’t run the risk of dam
 THE MAERSK                                              physicalhandling.
                                                     It receives  complete
     ASHORE.                                          protectionfromthe
     What’s useof fast
            the                                              and
                                                   weather pilferage,
 shipswith regular,weekly                                      it       no    if
                                                     too. And makes difference yourshipping
 sailings-if the work                                        are           or    in
                                                      needs oncea week- only once a while.
 ashore slow?     Thatis
 the reason our
 so much service-
 a wordwell-known
 to all the Maersk
 know impor-                                           MAERSK LINE
 tanceof watching details andthe need                     SERVICE ALL THE WAY
 to lookafter thelittle things.With    Line,
 it’s all partof theservice.                                3 D/International Tower
                                                       1900 WestLoop South, Suite 1090
                                                     Houston, TX. 77027 (713) 960-1011
12                                                                             Port of Houston Magazine
                                                                il   ill

                                                                                 NEW           NEW YORK
                                                                       HOUSTON ORLEANS       BA~|MORE

                                         of both                                                        WARRI


                                              COMBINED MARITIMEAGENCIEStNC
                                                50 Broadway,NewYork NY 10004
                                                      Tel [212:785-9460

                 NortheastCoast/Canada                      Gull                        South Atlantic
            SMITH& JOHNSON   [SHIPPING), NC          BIEHL & COMPANY                            &
                                                                                   HARRINGTON COMPANY
                New York (212) 344-4500            Houston(713) 222-9961             Miami [305) 358=5621
                 Chicago(312) 325-7560            NewOrleans (504) 581-7788         AtLanta (404) 321~5546
                 Montreal (514) 845-5201
                                                  HANSEN TIDEMANN,INC
                                                   Oakland(415) 569-5750

May, 1981                                                                                                          13
                                                                                          The 115-acre Industrial Park East,
                                                                                      also known as the Old Dickson Gun
                                                                                      Plant, has four buildings containing ap-
                                                                                      proximately 438,000 square feet of

 Industrial Parks Yield                                                               space. Located on the east side of Loop
                                                                                      610, the area was purchased by the
                                                                                      Port of Houston Authority with the is-
 Cargo, Revenue, Services                                                             suance of $11 million in junior lien
                                                                                      revenue bonds in September 1977. The
                                                                                      buildings, constructed during the early
                                                                                      1940s, were used as a foundry by the
                                                                                      Hughes Tool Company to manufac-
                                                                                      ture gun barrels for the war effort.
                                                                                         The property has 2,800 feet of
                                                                                      undeveloped channel frontage--the
                   "Whyare all those cars parked down                                 only spot left in the Turning Basin area
                      there? Is it a giant sports car rally?"                         where new wharves could be con-
                                                                                      structed. Port of Houston Authority
                                              The two industrial parks cover about engineers have already prepared draw-
  Not quite. The automobiles are im-        315 acres on the north side of the chan- ings for docks 32-34, but the plans may
ports parked on huge marshalling            nel, sections of which are leased or have to wait until funds are available
yards in the Port of Houston Authori-       rented to such auto import giants as: for such an undertaking.
ty’s Industrial Park East and Industrial    Gulf States Toyota, Inc.; Volkswagen
Park West. The hundreds of brightly         of America, Inc.; and Nissan Motor           Industrial Park East has rail access
colored autos are visible to motorists      Corporation. But the industrial parks served by the Port Terminal Railroad
traveling on the Loop 610 bridge over are more than just a staging area for Association, and the area is patrolled
the Houston Ship Channel.                  imported autos.                           by Port Police regularly. In its ongoing
                                                                                     program to improve the property, the
                                                                                     Port Authority recently paved 20 acres,
                                                                                     and has received bids on a contract to
                                                                                     pave an access road. Tenants in In-
                                                                                     dustrial      Park East engage in:
                                                                                     warehousing; container and chassis
                                                                                     storage, maintenance and repair; the
                                                                                     handling of import steel and iron; and
                                                                                     the servicing and distribution of import
            iii                                                                          The 200-acre Industrial Park West
                                                                                     adjoins the wharves on the west side of
                                                                                     Loop 610, and currently has 25 com-
            !i Ji
                                                                                     panies leasing space. Many of these
                                                                                     companies operate businesses similar
                                                                                     to those in Industrial Park East, with
                                                                                     the addition of stevedoring and truck-
                                                                                     ing. This property has been owned by
                                                                                     the Port Authority since the 1920s and
                                                                                     is generally leased for a period of up
                                                                                     to 10 years.
                                                                                        With excellent security, rail and road
                                                                                     access, most of Industrial Park West is
                                                                                     usually leased as unimproved land at
                                                                                     the rate of $5,000 per acre per year.
                                                                                     Improved lands, which are paved or
                                                                                     have buildings, generally rent or lease
                                                                                     for 18 cents per square foot.

                                                                                             Imported automobiles as seen
                                                                                          through a straddle crane in In-
                                                                                          dustrial Park West.

                                                                                                Port of Houston Magazine
                                                                                                      Loop 610 bridge spanning the
                                                                                                    HoustonShip Channel. Industrial
                                                                                                    Park Westis to the immediate left
                                                                                                    of the bridge, while part of In-
                                                                                                    dustrial Park East can be seen on
                                                                                                    the right handside.


   When renewing or issuing a new
lease the Port Authority is primarily
concerned with three issues:         the
amount of tonnage a firm handles or
expects to handle; the services a com-
pany can provide to the port area; and
the amount of revenue the Port
Authority will receive as a result of the
lease agreement.
    "We have to utilize our acreage to
the best of our ability for the move-
ment of volume tonnage. Leasing pro-
perty to companies or individuals who
generate very little cargo through the
port does nothing to improve our
overall tonnage picture," said Greg
 Seaman, Manager of Real Estate.
    "The industrial parks are important
because the shipping industry as a
 whole benefits from the services of
 some of the companies which locate
 in them. But the Port of Houston
 Authority’s primary goal concerning
 the industrial parks is to promoteaddi-
 tional cargo tonnage," said Seaman.
                                                The old Dickson GunPlant, now knownas Industrial   Park East.

Stackedcontainers and the chassis to movethemsitting   in Industrial Park West.
        Whatever your shipping needs, Transoceanic can
        handle them--quickly, efficiently and economically
           mfrom  any part of the world to any other.

                 SHIPPING COMPANY, INC.
                     Suite 239, Houston World Trade Center, Houston, Texas 77001
                  Telephone (713) 224-9587 ¯ Telex: 76-2534 ¯ Cable: Transocean Hou

                            PARIS ¯ TOKYO ¯ ROTTERDAM ¯ SAN SALVADOR
                               And Agents at All Other Major World Ports

     SERVICES:     ¯ CUSTOM HOUSE BROKERS                    OPERATORS
                   ¯ VESSEL CLEARANCE AND ENTRY            ¯ EXPORT PACKING
                   ¯ AIR CARGO AGENTS                      ¯ WAREHOUSING AND DRAYAGE

                   Suite 239                      Suite 1505                   ProjectsShipping
            Houston                         International    Mart
                                                         Trade                 340AdrianRoad
             HOUSTON, 77001                NEW           LA.
                                               ORLEANS, 70130                MILLBRAE,  CAL.94030
                (7t3) 224-9587                  (504) 524-3341                  (415) 697-0488
                 Telex: 762534                  Telex: 58-4242                   Telex: 17 1504
             3039 JeteroBlvd. West            P.O. Box20108                       Suite 1323
           Houston             Airport       1432Kenner  Ave.             WorldTradeCenter Baltimore
             HOUSTON, 77060                  ORLEANS, 70141
                                           NEW         LA.                    401 EastPratt St.
                 (713) 443-8080               (504) 721-2936                            MD.
                                                                           BALTIMORE, 21202
                 Telex: 76-2534               Telex: 58-4242                   (301) 752-7304

16                                                                                Port of Houston Magazine

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