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  results at the
highest levels
Mastering Strategic
Leadership workshop

The challenge: ensuring senior managers know how to leverage
their leadership effectively, energizing their organizations from
top to bottom to drive improved business results.
The answer: Hay Group’s three-day workshop for high-potential
and senior managers – a structured progression of insights that
unlocks your managers’ full potential as leaders.
Uncovering the links between
leadership instincts, behavior
and performance

The Mastering Strategic Leadership workshop brings
together Hay Group’s proven leadership concepts
for improving organizational performance with
eye-opening insights into the values and motives
underlying individual leadership behavior –
unraveling the personal challenges of leadership
at a high level and helping managers expand their
potential and improve business performance.
In more than 60 years of experience working with hundreds of organizations, Hay
Group has shown repeatedly that performance can be improved by effective leadership
behavior that creates a positive workplace climate. For senior managers, who influence
the climate and results of large organizations, highly effective leadership behavior is
especially crucial to energize subordinates, and in turn motivate their work teams to
deliver the extra effort – entirely voluntary – that is so essential to competitive success.
The most effective leaders make conscious use of a full range of leadership styles,
responding differently to different situations and needs and providing appropriate
guidance and motivation. But few managers understand how their own motives and values
shape their instinctive responses to workplace challenges and influence their effectiveness
as leaders and motivators. Have they adapted the values that drove their initial business
successes to the increasing responsibilities that come with successive promotions?
For success in the senior ranks, managers must understand how to engage their
own motives and values to fulfill the requirements of their position, expand their
effectiveness as leaders – and ultimately create the climate that will allow their
teams to perform at a consistently high level.

           Senior managers must engage their motives
 and values to expand their effectiveness as leaders
Mastering Strategic Leadership workshop

                                          Results that drive success

                                          In today’s intensely competitive markets, few
                                          organizations can afford the consequences of
                                          poor or even middling performance in the ranks of
                                          senior management. The stakes are simply too high.
                                          Through mastering strategic leadership, senior
                                          managers and high-potential mid-level managers
                                          gain the crucial insights to inspire and lead improved
                                          performance throughout their teams.

                                           n Leadership drives climate: Hay Group studies have shown that employees
                                             in a positive climate outperform their peers in a negative climate by ten to
                                             thirty per cent – and that roughly seventy per cent of the variation in climate
                                             is the result of leadership

                                           n Climate drives results: regional offices of a major global technology with a strong,
                                             positive climate – in part the result of effective leadership from the regional
                                             manager – averaged $700 million more in sales than offices with poor climates

                                           n Motives drive leadership and results: and Hay Group experience shows
                                             that managers whose values are aligned with the leadership requirements
                                             of their positions are more effective in creating positive climates and driving
                                             improved performance.
Our program

The Mastering Strategic Leadership workshop
concentrates into three days the most important
actionable findings from more than 60 years of
research and experience in helping managers
become more effective leaders.

 The program explores in detail how leaders create conditions for success, and
 helps managers untangle the factors that may be obstructing their potential,
 by covering key concepts of effective leadership.

 n The conditions that impact business performance: a positive workplace
   climate, driven by effective leadership styles

   The program offers objective data on the importance of a positive workplace
   climate, and how it contributes to improved business performance. More
   importantly, it focuses on how individual leaders can create a positive climate
   through their behavior, specifically their use of varying leadership styles to
   channel and motivate the work of their direct reports and their teams, in
   alignment with organizational objectives

 n The factors that most influence a manager’s leadership styles: the values
   that influence their behavior, and the requirements of the position they hold

   Every manager finds some aspects of their work more satisfying than others.
   These natural inclinations strongly influence the ways in which a manager
   leads – often without the individual even knowing it. In this program, managers
   gain a clearer understanding of their own motives and values, and how they
   mesh with the objective responsibilities of their position – enabling them to
   consciously improve their leadership behavior, and the influence they exert on
   their organization.

Three days that
change your world

The Mastering Strategic Leadership workshop is a
focused, carefully structured program that provides an
objective framework for understanding the business
potential of effective leadership, then helps each
participant understand and unlock their own potential
to achieve superior results. For many, the program delivers
an “Ah-ha!” experience that will alter their vision forever.
For participants, learning starts ahead of the program, with a special eLearning module on organizational
climates and leadership styles. The program itself builds on that content through team exercises and
guided discussions – with time to relate lessons and insights back to the real-world business challenges
that each participant faces. Managers forge a deeper understanding of their own motives and values
in the workplace, and how they support – or obstruct – their job responsibilities and professional goals.
Participants receive extensive personal guidance and feedback from experienced Hay Group professionals,
as well as their colleagues in the workshop. In addition, they review survey data gathered from their direct
reports and senior supervisors regarding their leadership styles and managerial competencies. These
candid insights from colleagues – combined with personal discoveries during the workshop – create a
synergistic and often profoundly transformative learning experience. Participants conclude by creating
a personal plan to integrate their insights into their daily work life, creating concrete professional goals
linked to business results.

                 Managers learn how to consciously
                   improve the influence they exert
            on their organization
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